Xanadu Weyr – Archives

The walls and ceiling of this large, windowless room have been fitted with wooden paneling and flooring. Kept polished, the dark finish gleams, covering cold stone, the thick tapestry on the floor muffles footsteps and further insulates from unwanted noise. Set with tall shelves that contain ledgers and tomes, maps and diagrams from the first founding of Xanadu to the present, arranged by topic, one can find records of domestic Weyr management, wing statistics, weyrling management, diplomatic efforts, weather reports, events and vital statistics all dating back over one hundred and fifty turns.

Though kept scrupulously clean and in glass-fronted cabinets, it's impossible for the older tomes not to have gathered some dust and mold over time, so the scent upon entering is of antiquity, musty, earthy and rich. Electricity provides ample lighting with which to see. A large wooden table sits in the center of the room with several seats arranged around it. Placed on the polished top is a stack of paper, a container of writing instruments, a large magnifying glass and basket of emergency glows.

On one shadowy corner, almost invisible behind the panel that forms the door, is a service access, given away by the brass key hole set at waist high in the wood. As it is kept locked, one would need a very good reason for wanting admittance and seek the appropriate person having the key to unlock it - the steward, the headwoman or one of the weyrleaders.

Dinner time nears and the caverns are beginning to fill up. Thea has been in her office, but now she seeks the steward. Having looked for him in the caverns where she's left him, found the couch where he'd been sitting occupied by a small family group awaiting dinner. So now she's returned to the administration hallway. She's knocked on his office door, received no answer and so the archives are her last stop before heading to the infirmary. She doesn't knock on the archives door, just opens it and pokes her head in.

Jethaniel sits in one of the more comfortable chairs present in the archives. He does not sit in the wheelchair; while that seat is more effective for moving between locations, it is not comfortable. It is, however, visible, set next to the chair he is currently occupying where he stood on one foot and rotated between the two. Had he expected company, he might have asked it be set behind the chair or otherwise obscured - as it was when he sat in the caverns, earlier. There are a wide variety of places it might be concealed, in this room; the shelves would serve that purpose admirably. Jethaniel is not, however, expecting company - particularly not given the proximity of the hour to dinner. As such, his wheelchair is visible, and while his clipboard is set on the reading table next to him, he is not currently regarding it. He is, instead, sitting in the chair with his eyes closed and his breathing deliberately even. As he is not expecting company - and Thea does not knock - she may note the tension, unhidden, on his face.

Thea's mouth is open, just about to say something to the effect of, 'ah there you are' but she takes one look at his face and decides the better of that. She takes one quiet step back into the hall, eases the door soundlessly shut and then knocks on it. She'll wait until he calls, hands behind her back playing with that single sheet of paper she's holding and bouncing on her toes in uncharacteristically nervous energy. She's not safely locked behind her office door and who knows where that mindhealer has gotten himself?

Jethaniel does not hear the quiet entry. Nor the quiet exit. It is the knock which causes his eyes to open, and they regard the door with some amount of question as he takes a breath slightly deeper than the previous and composes his expression. He was not expecting the archives to be otherwise occupied, but those who might make use of the archives do not ordinarily knock. If he truly wished privacy, he should have gone to his office… but there, he might have been reminded of all the work he has fallen behind on. As such, he is here, and there is a knock, so after a moment, Jethaniel lifts his voice to say, "Come in." The wheelchair remains unmoved. He cannot effectively hide it. He can, however, ignore it and present a calm expression that nearly conceals the pain, unless one knows to look for it.

Thea re-enters the archives. "Jethaniel." She does not feign surprise to see him there, even if she faked the entrance. There's a wary glance over her shoulder before she steps fully into the room, shuts the door behind her and then feels around the doorknob, most likely looking for a way to lock it. She could use her key but… she doesn't. If there is a way to lock the knob, it eludes her and she gives up after a fumbling few tries. She leaves it to walk towards the steward, snags a chair as she passes the table and drags it closer to the man. She sits and only then does she ask, "How are you holding up?" The paper has, meanwhile, been absently rolled up. Hopefully it's not an important document.

Jethaniel inclines his head to the Weyrwoman's arrival. She is assuredly among the set of people who might be expected to arrive here. She also has no reason, in the general case, to knock. That, in combination with the fact she did, may be responsible for the slight rueful smile which Jethaniel produces. "Thea." He watches her attempts at the doorknob, though if there is a means to lock it, he did not employ it himself. Jethaniel's gaze tracks her arrival, but at the question, he exhales and lowers those grey eyes. "I would advise you to find me an assistant," he says quietly, then lifts his eyes once again. "Unfortunately, I am still not aware of a suitable candidate for the role."

For once Thea ignores the smile, pretends not to see it. Maybe she always knocks before entering the archives, how does he know? She's suitably grave in return, considering his advisement. She's seen the healer report, she knows the extent of his injury. So the pain, it's that bad is it? She doesn't ask that, she doesn't flutter and she doesn't fuss. "How long do they project you are to be on medical leave?" she asks calmly. Her eyes remain on his face. If she's noticed the wheelchair she doesn't comment on it. Instead she nods agreement; she doesn't either. "Any projects I gave you may be delayed, you know that right? There's no rush for those." And the mention of them brings a guilty look to the rolled up paper in her hands. She sighs, then slowly offers it over to him. "Might as well put this with them."

Perhaps she does. Jethaniel makes no claims of expertise as to Thea's modes of entering rooms. The means she uses might be specific to the room; it might vary by time of day or… a wide variety of other factors. Jethaniel's interpretation is - as always - biased by his own mental state, though he may make attempts to limit that influence on his conclusions. The healer report likely included the part where he chose to depart the infirmary after receiving an initial asessment. It may also have included other commentary as to his behavior. It is unlikely to have given much detail as to the precise time of the incident compared to that assessment, nor the ordering of treatment and assessment - but Jethaniel has not been asked about that. What he has been asked is his expected duration on medical leave, and he frowns before answering. It's that bad. "I am likely to be able to resume my duties within the month." By which, evidently, he means a more complete range of his duties than he has nevertheless been attempting to fulfill. But wait, there's more. "Full recovery may take half a turn." His hands move, a restless gesture that ends when he puts the one in the brace down and sets the other one on top of it. As for those projects, he nods. "I have been attempting to prioritize." Which is to say, making deliberate decisions which of his duties and assignments he intends to fail, in order to complete more important ones. The offered paper is met with an arched brow, and he reaches out to take it. Unrolling it to read is a somewhat slow process, given his unwillingness to use his injured hand. He makes no sign of acknowledging this fact.

Uh, yeah. Let's go with the variety variable. Though lately any door the Weyrwoman can lock behind her is locked. That's a constant. The healer on duty gave her a very bland rundown of ice-storm related injuries and out-of-commission names. Though, "Darsce told me some very interesting things about the infirmary," she says with a lift of an eyebrow. "I'd like your input on your experience there." The surprise she shows about his disclosure on the length of recovery time is genuine. She hadn't gotten that update, no. Her own dismay is swallowed, but very evident in the way she rises to pace. She doesn't want- With a breath out she stifles that line of thinking. "You shouldn't be working at all," she finally says kindly. "I'm unaware of anyone at Xanadu that is qualified to assist you. Do you know anyone from Landing that might work with you on a temporary basis?" That paper will be easy to read once he unrolls it. It's a simple bullet list:

Problem: Wingleaders ready room - too small

  • Solution A: Use the Observation Level
  • Solution B: Use the Council Chambers
  • Solution C: Use the Caverns
  • Solution D: Enlarge the ready room.

That's it. Remarkably untechnical, but maybe not so remarkably since it is in Thea's handwriting.

"I expect she did," Jethaniel says of Darsce's tales about the infirmary. "Her report may, given the circumstances, be more accurate than my own." His tone is almost excessively calm, for that. Most likely, it is a psychological defense mechanism to distance himself from the memory - but there's no mindhealer here, despite the door not being locked, and Jethaniel certainly does not seem surprised. When Thea rises to pace, he watches her, eyes following as she indulges in a vice that he currently cannot. The numbers from the healers are approximations, of course. Jethaniel is well aware that schedules are not always maintained. Sometimes things run long. Occasionally, they run short. (Running is another thing he cannot indulge in, at present.) Every injury is different; these times are approximations, though the Galaxy healer he saw had some rather impolite things to say about his use (abuse) of the injured leg. That healer might agree with Thea's assessment that he should not be working. In fact, Jethaniel himself agrees with it, if one is to judge by the nod he gives Thea. But, the arch of his brow begins - and she continues. There is nobody who - to their knowledge - is qualified to assist him at Xanadu, let alone take over the job entirely. In theory, the tasks Jethaniel has taken on could fall back to the state they were in prior to his assignment to this role, however… that is not precisely the same as having the job done. The mention of Landing draws his consideration. "Perhaps," he says. "I can make inquiries." His first may be to the healers, as to whether he is permitted to between. It's that, getting someone to write a letter for him, or typing one-handed. None of these options are very efficient. Jethaniel lowers his gaze to read the document he's managed to unroll, resting it against the brace of his wrist. The lack of technical information is likely advantageous, at the moment, and he nods slightly. "I suggest the use of the Council Chambers as a short-term solution. It is the least likely to result in an undesired flow of information."

Someone more accurate than Jethaniel? Thea shoots the man a startled look for that one. "She didn't say much and a lot of it was sprinkled with cussing." She shakes her head with a rueful grin. "She said the infirmary was unstaffed for a period of time, when she arrived you hadn't been treated and the healer on duty in the morning is incompetent." She's summarizing but she'd like his opinion on that. "Who was the healer? Darsce didn't name him." His calmness does not seem out of the ordinary to her. He's always calm? "We have been," says the Weyrwoman about the council chambers. "And we can continue for now." She is back where she started, stands behind her chair with her hands gripping the back. "I can get you a cleric," she says briskly. "But you shouldn't be working." Oh wait. She's talking to the man who had to have days off written on his calendar. She sighs. "I'll be honest. I don't want to replace you, Jethaniel. Is there… what do you feel you can do comfortably? Or would like to do?" And just how, given the clearance to go *Between* is he getting aboard a dragon?

Jethaniel remains quite calm, despite that surprised look. He has been carefully adjusting his dosages of fellis, in an experimental procedure designed to determine just how little he can take and still have the pain sufficiently controlled as to not overly interfere with his actions. What this means is that he is continuously aware of both the fellis and the pain. They serve as mutual reminders of what will happen if he permits either to become excessive. That first night is an apt description of excess, when it comes to pain. He smiles slightly at the information that Darsce's report was filled with profanity. He is not surprised, but Thea is (implicitly) requesting a report from him, so Jethaniel takes a deep breath and begins. "I arrived at the infirmary approximately two hours after midnight; I do not have a precise record of the time, but I arranged for departure from the substation at one hour past." He checked the records. "On my arrival, I was placed in a cot. I have no recollection of further interactions with healers until morning." There is a slight downturn of his lips, but his tone remains level as he continues. "At that time, the healer on duty wished to dispute the nature of my presence. After the conclusion of said dispute, he provided assessment and treatment." Jethaniel does not provide a name, though Thea has explicitly asked him for that. He has forgotten. She may blame - as she sees fit - some combination of the fellis, the pain, and his dislike for this subject. His shoulders have tensed, though his voice has remained level, and as he finishes, he takes in a breath and lets it out slowly. He nods to her mention of the current solution for the wingleaders, drawing his thoughts back to more pleasant logistical matters before they once more involve his personal situation (and how it interferes with his work). He nods to her mention of a cleric - Jethaniel can learn to give dictation effectively - then arches a brow. "Shall I stop?" he asks, because Thea is quite capable of ordering him to do so. She may take away his knot and lock the door to the steward's office. Jethaniel only argues with her orders when he sees reason to do so. In this case… the arched brow lowers, and he frowns slightly at the fact that she does not wish to replace him, then nods. "The difficulty," he says, and his voice is a quiet one, "is that the work remains to be done. I would likely heal faster, given full rest. It is not advantageous to the Weyr. I can attempt to prioritize. There are several projects which can be deferred. I will look for an assistant." As for getting aboard a dragon… Jethaniel could commandeer one of the winches used for construction work?

Thea listens intently to Jethaniel's report, her nods likely meaning that it corresponds with the gist of what Darsce told her. The expression on her face does not bode well for the infirmary…er procedures. Those will have to be reviewed. She says nothing to that, however, because she's noting the tension - mild as it seems to her - where she's never, ever seen it before. Hrm. It must have been a traumatic experience and so she lets it pass. If it is a chronic problem, she'll be hearing from others and will act then. For now, she doesn't press. To the question, she laughs with a vehement head shake, her hands slide off of the chair and she steps around it to sink into it. Earnestly, "You misunderstand. I feel guilty wanting you to work. You just said you'd heal faster given full rest. Is this what you would rather? Or will you be bored out of your mind? I would be! The Weyr… will survive. It might be chaotic, but it will survive. We went turns without a Steward." Of course that was with Hisolda and then Ocelara as headwomen, not cough Darsce. And trust Jethaniel to find a mechanical way to mount a dragon! He could mechanize a wheelchair too?

Definitionally speaking, the experience did involve trauma. From a psychological perspective… but Jethaniel is not overly inclined to consider psychology in that context. The procedures will have to be reviewed. He may wish to gain some personal distance before doing so himself; fortunately - barring further complaints - it is not of that high a priority, and he has many tasks of greater urgency. Assuming, that is - his brows arch at Thea's laugh, but then she explains. "Ah." Jethaniel lowers his head slightly, regarding his injuries. For optimal healing, he should be elevating the ankle. He is, at present, not. "It will survive," he agrees, still looking down. "I expect things will be chaotic," he says as his head lifts once more and his eyes return to Thea. "I would, however, like to do what I can." Jethaniel could likely find something to occupy his time, but as he is not going to be reclining on an infirmary cot taking his ease, he might as well occupy it with something productive and useful to the Weyr. "It… will not be a full set of tasks." Obviously, and yet Jethaniel reiterates that fact. "Nor am I operating optimally. I am currently taking fellis." In as small doses as he can manage, but Jethaniel is aware of the effects. They are mild during the day, when he minimizes the drug's use, and strong at night when he takes enough to let him sleep despite the built-up pain of a day's exertions. A certain mindhealer might have comments to make regarding those prescriptions, but Jethaniel has not asked him for input. He does, however, provide this information to Thea, as input to her own decisions. "I encourage you to provide oversight." He could, perhaps, provide a mechanized system for powering a wheelchair. It would permit him to move less awkwardly than using one foot and one hand on ground and wheel. Jethaniel would prefer to avoid the wheelchair altogether, but that is unlikely to be an option until at least one of his injuries has healed. Within a month. Unless unduly aggravated.

Thea remains in the dark about the particular stresses underwent in the infirmary, although she can assume the sprained ankle and wrist were not pleasant to suffer. She's in no rush to swoop down upon the infirmary unless things change and a major crisis there claims her immediate attention. It's set on her mental back burner. She waits for Jethaniel to voice his preference, and even after he has, she regards him thoughtfully. "I won't lie. I'm relieved to have you maintaining your Stewardship even if in partial capacity. I'll allow you to set your own pace," she says at last, "on one condition." She levels a look at him, "Let me know what you have difficulty with and I will see that you have the proper assistance. I will find you a scribe, an attendant (yes, she's noticed that wheelchair - and really it's a wonder she hasn't run into him in the back hallway trying to creep awkwardly with a one-foot-push and one-hand-pull), a non irritating private healer (because most of them are) and you," she knows her limitations, "will find an able assistant with technical experience from Landing…" She regards him unblinkingly about the fellis. "Good!" she says tartly about his taking it. And then very dryly, "I know people who would rather suffer pain." She doesn't say who. "N'shen can provide the oversight," she assures him firmly. For now.

Jethaniel is unlikely to provide further details concerning his infirmary visit unless asked - or reminded, in the case of that healer's name. Such a reminder might come either from Thea or a further action of the healer in question, but until and unless it does, the matter of the infirmary can remain at a low priority. Jethaniel is quiet as Thea considers him. Her relief receives a nod, and her condition, an inquisitive arch of his brow. What does he have difficulty with? At the moment, nearly everything. Thea would likely find it less expensive to replace him outright than pay that many support staff to surround him. His mouth moves as she enumerates the list, a protest not quite voiced but certainly considered. After the conclusion of the assistance Thea is aware of him requiring, he lowers his head for a moment, then lifts it again; an extended nod, or else an admission of his current difficulties. "Very well," he says, after a delay which is necessary to permit him to formulate the words. He cannot actually deny - in any reasonable fashion - that those things are ones which currently present him with disproportionate challenge. "I will attempt to prioritize." Doesn't he always claim to do so? And yet he finds himself working late nights and restdays. Perhaps his injuries (and limits) will provide a forcing function to cause him to actually limit himself to only those items of the highest priority - instead of also including the interesting ones whose priority is somewhat lower. Thea's comment - or perhaps her tone - concerning the fellis makes his brows lift. Her clarification, he replies to simply with a, "Mm." It is a sound of acknowledgment. It is a sound of neither confirmation nor denial, and it is certainly not a sound which admits to anything. N'shen's oversight, he nods to. "I do not believe myself overly compromised." And yet he wishes to make her aware of the fact that he considers himself so.

There are a great many matters on the Weurlwoman's plate day to day. Unless the infirmary cannot manage itself and comes to a glaring halt, it's unlikely to merit her attention. Though eventually she might inquire into things on a whim during a lull, one never knows. And so Jethaniel himself is the main concern right now. Priorities indeed! Thea continues to regard the man as he makes his methodical replies. Thea isn't worried about the marks. It would indeed be less expensive to hire another steward. Cheap is not only over rated, it's a shortcut she cannot afford. That she doesn't wish to take it speaks of how highly she values the expertise Jethaniel's developed as her steward; although this isn't spoken aloud he should perhaps grasp that. It also speaks of something else and this she does voice (and the main reason she doesn't want a replacement). "I trust your judgment, Jethaniel, fellis or not," she says firmly. She doesn't seem to be worried that he's compromised, but as always, considers his counsel. Thus, N'shen will be appointed that umbrella of secondary protection that will hopefully put him at ease. Speaking of judgment, her expression shifts from open warmth into neutral, "What did you think about this Grayden fellow?"

There are theorized to be quiet moments in administration, yes. They often result in the creation of new projects which ensure that there are not further quiet moments for some time. Jethaniel does not protest the cost aloud, though he is assuredly aware of it given the amount of time he spends dealing with ledgers. He may yet attempt to adjust his own salary to account for the part-time nature of his work. It would create a degree of compensation for the extra costs, as well as more accurately reflecting the amount of benefit he is, at present, capable of providing to the Weyr. This amount is non-zero; Jethaniel is aware that he is (at least ordinarily) effective in his role. There are statistics to support that supposition. He has reviewed them. Thea's trust receives a nod. Jethaniel considers himself capable, or he would not be attempting to retain himself in this role; he is merely aware that his self-judgment may be among the judgments which is altered via chemicals processes, and as such, intends to provide for proactive assessment. N'shen's oversight will suffice; the goal is simply to have someone capable of questioning Jethaniel, should he not do so to himself. Speaking of his judgment - and Grayden - Jethaniel frowns. "I think he is arrogant, manipulative, and self-aggrandizing. These traits are likely to make him effective in business."

The Weyrwoman's trust in Jethaniel is well-founded, but it isn't blind. She will provide a secondary oversight to some extent. She will never be able to do much with the technical side of things but they can always pull in second opinions from Landing when necessary for those projects she keeps coming up with. In her mind, the only truly pressing one is post ice storm clean-up of the shattered and fallen trees and limbs, repair of downed power lines repair - how did the substation fare? Those things have techcrafters who can effectively do them, though he'll eventually want to review the work? She does ask, "What are the most crucial matters for you then, besides the day to day running of the Weyr?" She does review the financial records of the Weyr. Changes in salary, if and when noted might make for an interesting discussion one day. She allows her concern to override her businesslike manner with, "I just don't want you overdoing. Rest when you need it. Work when you feel able. Your assistants will be apprised to be at your disposal." Yeah, assistants. That'll cover the cadre Thea assigns to him. As for Grayden, his assessment brings a smile, "He did seem cheeky." That smile fades though, "He was evasive and I'm not inclined to trust him." Still, "If you think he can turn the Treetop Cafe to profit and want to give him the opportunity, I've no objection. I know you'll be watching him."

Jethaniel will certainly be making some inquiries of Landing about that technical support. Not that there aren't techcrafters posted here - and not that he doesn't delegate things to them already - but technical oversight at a Weyr scale is not the same as localized expertise on individual projects. There is a coordinational aspect, one which was somewhat lacking during the storm itself and the time immediately afterward. Fortunately, the damage was not overly severe - the issues at the substation were minor and resolved promptly, perhaps due to Jethaniel's coordinational and procedural efforts there during the early hours of the storm - and while there are still certain outlying cottages without power, repairs are underway. Jethaniel's review of those repairs is - in the near term - likely to be limited to reports. The wheelchair may give him some degree of mobility within the caverns themselves, but even - for instance - crossing to the Craft Complex would present him with issues. Even with an attendant to push, wheels are not well suited to ice and snow. Actual inspections of power lines are - while theoretically possible - neither feasible nor desirable from a risk/reward perspective. That can, perhaps, be the first task for his technical assistant, once acquired. Thea's question concerning his prioritization requires a moment's consideration from Jethaniel. "The repairs from the storm," is the first item on his list, but it receives only brief mention, as it is well-understood. "The woodcraft will have reports of forestry damage soon; those may require action." Until the reports are in hand, however, there is little for Jethaniel to do - unless the reports take too long, in which case he may need to be proactive about obtaining them. There are, however, other things to keep him busy. "The arrangements for the camilids; they have a deadline, though it is not yet urgent." There will be living, breathing, spitting creatures that need a place to go and people to tend them. "The improvements to the observation level and the ready room may-" will "-wait. The arrangements for spring planting may require adjustment, depending on which usage rights Marel chooses to exercise." Of the somewhat flexible set he contractually provided her to go with her acquisition of the flower shop's lease. Jethaniel's role there is primarily as the adjucator between the various farmers and gardeners with desiderata. "There are also some pending trade discussions which require input soon." Missing from Jethaniel's report, though not his internal prioritization, is his actions toward another scheduled event, one intended to occur near the end of summer. There are certain queued tasks. Also missing from his report - until Thea prompts - is his own care. Her mention of it brings a slight smile and a nod of his head. "I will rest. I… expect my schedule may be somewhat irregular." As Thea has fairly explicitly informed him it should be, insofar as that is necessary for his recovery. Now would be the opportunity for Jethaniel to bring up the change to his salary, if he intended to discuss it with Thea. He is, however, fairly certain she would deny any such proposal, and as such, he does not make it. On the matter of Grayden, he does not smile in answer to Thea, but he does nod. "I do not trust him." Jethaniel is being quite blunt. "However. I believe that he is, in fact, motivated by profit. As such, if he is competent as well as confident, he may well be able to provide it for both himself and the Weyr." Jethaniel leans back in his chair, gaze steady and expression serious. "I have asked him for a business plan to establish his competence." This is the moment when he would steeple his fingers, but he resists - this time - the urge to do so. It is, given his injuries, a bad idea. "I do not think he will cheat us." Jethaniel will certainly be watching for such attempts, but they are not his primary concern. "I do not know if his employment practices will be satisfactory. He may choose to exercise undue manipulation in that regard."

Yeaaaaahno. Thea wouldn't want him out there were he to be taken piggaback - less so with the snow and ice, but even were it green grassy spring she'd object. That would be amongst the 'don't overdo' she'd cautioned him against. Though. To her, he's never seemed in any way reckless enough for something like that. She's thoughtful about his list, nodding slowly after each point. She interjects only for the camilids, "We'll want to transport before the breeding season begins in High Reaches' late autumn." Which is a few months away yet. He doesn't bring up his salary; neither does she refer to it. He knows her too well in some ways; it doesn't occur for her to do so. She tends to try not to intrude on his personal life, hence there has been no questions as to where he's staying; perhaps she's making an assumption there. The infirmary gave her no indication of her steward remaining as an inpatient. As the caverns emptied, so did some unused rooms. The headwoman will surely have seen to his comfort. She does recall a few things though, and so reminds him, "You're still due leave; I won't count your medical leave as vacation." And… since they've been discussing an assistant to cover for him, "You never said, though I could have asked when you told me of your engagement, when is your wedding?" Oh, her smile was all in regards to Jethaniel's assessment of Grayden rather than the elusive 'trader' himself. She is quite neutral regarding the newcomer. "I'm unsure whether he plans to rob the Weyr or not," she muses though she's paying attention to his reservations and her gaze sharpens, "Undue manipulation of what? His customers? His staff? Do you think he'll hire undesirables?" Laris has made her wary!

The green grass of spring tends to be slippery with mud. Jethaniel's exit from the caverns would still be ill-advised. He may, given sufficient time hidden away inside these walls, find himself incentivized to act foolishly in the pursuit of sunlight and fresh air. It would, however, be somewhat out of character for him, and is likely to be limited to impulses not actually enacted. His precise actions will depend on the circumstances, as always. The circumstantial details Thea provides about the camilids receive a nod. He already considered their transit a priority; that merely further establishes the relative priority. Jethaniel is quite used to working to deadlines; juggling various schedules is a part of being steward. Jethaniel - as he is not merely the Steward - adds other schedules to the ones he maintains. These include what may be referred to as his personal life, not that he himself often refers to it. Nor does he reference his current living arrangements, though it is certainly true that the headwoman would be quite capable of making suitable ones. There are, in fact, unused rooms within the caverns. The mention of Jethaniel's leave - also unused - brings a quirk of his lips, a faint smile as he nods. "It may have to wait." Along with assorted other projects; in the near term, his medical leave and necessary tasks will, taken together, occupy most of his schedule. The other matter of scheduling Thea inquires about is one that retains the presence of that smile. "It is not set precisely. We are planning for late summer." This timeframe may raise interesting logistical issues, if the healers' projections for his full recovery are inaccurate. Jethaniel has not fully considered that fact, though he may - after this conversation - begin to do so. While he is on this topic, he presents further information which Thea may find applicable. "It is our intent to hold it here at the Weyr." He has not asked permission for this. Nor is he doing so now. He is merely… presenting information. Perhaps he's operating under the presumption that, given his presence, he can continue to work until the day before and resume the day after? That would certainly be one reading of the situation. It is not the most accurate one. Jethaniel is aware of the (non-medical) leave he is due. He arches his brows slightly to Thea's musing about Grayden. "I do not believe him a thief. A scoundrel, possibly. A schemer, certainly… but not a thief. I may, however, be wrong." Jethaniel certainly intends to take precautions, as he usually does. As for those manipulations, the first of her suggestions makes him shake his head; the other two are not so easily responded to. "He intends to manipulate his customers into making purchases; however, as repeat business is preferable, that tendency is not necessarily undesirable." Nor undue. "As for his staff…" Jethaniel frowns. "Profit is a net value. One may increase it via an increase in revenue or a reduction in costs. Employee salaries and benefits are a cost. A reduction in them will drive away some potential employees; a proportionate reduction of standards will compensate. I do not know if he will. He has a motivation." Profit.

There's a rueful smile and a nod of acceptance from the Weyrwoman. Yes, that leave will have to wait and no, she doesn't want him counting this medical…half-leave in place of it. His wedding draws a similar nod. The wheels of her mind are working somewhere along the lines of Weyr management. "Time enough to train your assistant then," she murmurs. That may be in reference to both his planned leave and the up-coming wedding, she doesn't specify. Although a twitch in brows indicates her surprise for the location of said ceremony, she does not comment, nor does she object. Most of the bride's family live here. Both of them call it home, they both work here; it is convenient. She merely smiles and nods. "Let me know if you need anything." He is capable of obtaining things himself. He knows the procedures to order them. Nevertheless the offer is made. Of Grayden, she mms to herself. She doesn't trust people as easily as she used to. She isn't quite shrugging off her steward's concerns. She has her own reservations. "It all comes down to choices." His customers, his employees. No one is compelled to be there. "It's a business not a charity. I hope he'll be fair. I don't want dishonesty or a seedy establishment." Or, well, a drain on resources, which is why the Treetop Cafe is up for new management. She rises, preparatory to leaving. There is no one to assist his departure so she asks, "Would you like a hand getting to dinner?" Assuming he is going.

According to the precedent set by Jethaniel's appointment, no training is necessary. A steward may simply be placed within the role at will. This fact may be the cause for the quirk of Jethaniel's mouth as he nods agreement to the proposed training time for his assistant (once acquired). Despite that precedent, it is certainly true there are a variety of skills advantageous to the role. Among them is a familiarity with Thea's expressions. Jethaniel has gained this skill in his time as her steward, and as such, it is unlikely that he misses her surprise regarding his wedding's location. Nevertheless, he does not make any reference to it. His reasons are somewhat more personal than pragmatic, and Jethaniel does not make a habit of discussing his personal life. He inclines his head to Thea's offer of aid. "Thank you." Jethaniel is quite aware of the procedures for obtaining them himself. Nevertheless, he thanks her. Upon occasion, it is important for things to be said, even if they are already known - or to present counterarguments, even when they are insufficient. It is - as Jethaniel said to Grayden - interesting to know 'Why not?' when attempting to make a decision. Once all available facts have been gathered, it comes down - as Thea states - to choices. "It does," Jethaniel agrees. While the full set of information is obtainable only in theory - quantum mechanics is not directly applicable to the macroscale, but it is true that one cannot simultaneously calculate a person's mental state and their actions. This is, in the social case, more due to the fact that a mental state cannot (the claims of mindhealers aside) be accurately calculated, but the principle holds - he nevertheless prefers to obtain as full a set as feasible in the time he has available for his research. "If his business plan is reasonable, I intend to give him the opportunity." A full set of information is not possible, but Jethaniel requires more than he has at present. "He does not have to be generous to his employees," Jethaniel says to the person who has informed him he will not be taking his medical leave as vacation and provided him with multiple assistants. "Excessive employee turnover may, however, be a warning sign." Of dishonesty or ill repute - for which Jethaniel will be watching. He will, however, have to do so second-hand; actually reaching the Cafe is likely to be beyond his abilities for some time. Even aided - but Thea's offer of aid to dinner makes him frown slightly, a drawing back of the corners of his mouth. "Ah…" His eyes tilt away. "I would… prefer to avoid the crowds." They are difficult to navigate, in a wheelchair. Even more difficult are the eyes on him, in a wheelchair.

Does… Jethaniel have a twin? Because Thea might skate by on precedent, but she's not going to ever find another Jethaniel, she's pretty sure about that. Beyond that offer, Thea makes no further inquiries about Jethaniel's wedding plans, if indeed he has them. She nods, a simple agreement to his decision about Grayden and the possible business plan. Yeah, she didn't bat an eye telling him that bit about fairness, did she? But you see, Jethaniel works for her (she thinks he does anyway, so she gets to be overly generous) while Grayden's staff will work for Grayden. "Oh." says Thea of dinner, for a moment nonplussed. "I'll send a tray in for you." And off she goes without delay because she's hungry. And the clock is ticking towards the infirmary change of shift with a certain mindhealer who will likely be making the meal. Her dash for food will likely result in her taking said dinner behind the locked doors of her office. Maybe she can find the headwoman to bring that tray. She probably will. She's… not a social manipulator at allllll, not her, nope!

Jethaniel has a variety of siblings, but no twins in a literal sense. In a metaphorical one… it is possible there exists someone with sufficient applicable similarities, but he considers it unlikely. He makes no further comment concerning his wedding plans, not even to specify the proportion of aforesaid plans he has thus far revealed. That is a personal matter. The professional one concerns Grayden and business plans, and that will be reviewed by Jethaniel and used as the basis for his decision. Thea has provided him the degree of oversight which she wishes to, in that regard. It is minimal, but Jethaniel - while construing his job in the service of the Weyr - may both be countermanded by Thea and dismissed by her. The command structure does not precisely match the theoretical principles. This might, by some, be taken as an incentive to follow the command structure more precisely than the principles - but Jethaniel has his own perspective. This may be part of the uniqueness which Thea considers herself to have found in him. His frown deepens for her surprise, but his gaze remains somewhat averted. Jethaniel is not precisely proud of his desire to avoid the crowds. He nevertheless wishes to do so. His eyes return to Thea at the mention of a tray, and he nods. For a moment, he's silent, and so his, "Thank you." may come after Thea is already in motion. He does not seek to detain her.

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