One Fish, Two Fish, Red Tomato, Blue Egg

Yokohama - Research and Development
Tomes of digital information line the walls of the Research and Development Center, allowing any working in or visiting the station to delve into the history of Terra and all leading to the day of landing. A large screen on the far end of the room has been set before a long table provided for those that observe lectures or on assignment. To the left and right of this observation area are shatterproof windows alternating with bookshelves of files, texts and information. Apposing are a series of computers, lights flash from their screens, cast a faint glow to the walls or those before them as they continue the life changing research beneficial to Pern. On the right is a modestly sized testing facility whose windows are doubled panned not only for sound proofing but also to prevent impact into the Library.

It's possibly one of the last days up here on the Yokohama. ka-el's not sure, but now there are only one or two places that he hasn't been, which surely marks the end part of their tour. He doesn't really want to think about that. He likes it up here, way above everything. A part of him misses practicing his craft, but the other half is glad to be away. Away from injured eggs that sadden his friend. Away from the few faces he's happier not seeing. Here in the research room, he's listening to one of the researchers talk, though Kale himself is wandering, glancing at computer screens and books This isn't the most exciting of places, but still sort of interesting.

Idrissa is there with the group hanging near the back, she came in at the tail end of the group and hung around the back as she didn't want to go interrupting anyone or the talk at hand. Willow is settled upon her shoulder, a faint cooing escaping the little green while she peers out at the group. Interesting things going on now! Well no not really but that's not the point! Rissa's gaze drifts over the group as the talk seems to have hit a slow point one again, and even she is haven't trouble keeping herself up with it. She soon catches sight of Kale, a soft smile seen and she turns slowly inching away from the group and onwards towards where he happens to be. Once close enough she reaches out to give his arm a slight poke.

The researcher continues on, holding up a book of records as he talks about them. Kale glances over for a moment, but he's finding an old, ooold book with Terran photographs inside a little more interesting. He carefully flips through the protected pages, eyeing the different pictures of landscapes, trees, and odd animals he's never seen before. The poke to the side has him glancing that way, and he grins a greeting to Idrissa as he spies her. "Hey, look at this," he says, pointing to a desert picture complete with cacti and a sort of avian that's on the ground as opposed to in the air. "D'you think Yokohama is the only place with books like these?"

Idrissa offers him a soft smile back and nods to him. "Hey." She says before leaning close to peer at the pictures he is pointing at. A soft oh escaping her. "Well.. I bet they have like it at the harper hall." Well that would be the place she would assume things like these here books could be found. And why not? Harpers are rather history like. "Though I suppose they use scrolls and computers now."

"Yeah maybe… I'll have to check when we get back," says Kale as he turns a page, this one showing an underwater photograph of sealife and lots of words and paragraphs to describe where it was taken. He smirks a little, lightly shaking his head in disbelief. "It's like.. it's hard for me to believe there was a whole other world y'know? M'glad we got to come here. I never thought about this kind of stuff before. It's kinda feelin' like I’ve been kept in the dark and there's a lot of awesome things to learn about."

Idrissa nods while peering more at the picture of the sealife, a soft oh escaping her as she ponders what that is! "I know.. Funny when you go about learning it you never expect half of it to be true. An then you come to a place like this and figure.. Well it must be true if this is real." She leans upon the table while reading the few paragraphs near the pictures. "Seems this is a picture of a …shark?…" There is a pause while she peers at the 'large' looking animal, it's mouth open and going for a fish it seems. "Wonder what a shark is. Looks like it has sharp teeth. Maybe a fish?" Possible!

"S'hard to figure anything was ever real if it doesn't exist anymore," says Kale, eyes still on the large pages of the book. His gaze shifts to the words that she read, glancing up at the picture of the alleged shark once more. "Shark. .. What a queer word," he snickers, glancing up to the presenting researcher a moment later, though he's moved on to computer screens. And really, even if he were to notice a couple of candidates hanging back, they're so engrossed in relevant things, he couldn't possibly complain, could he? "Definitely fish," he agrees with a nod. "Anything in the sea like that is a fish, unless it isn't." He grins, touching a finger to those teeth. "How would y'like to have a mouth like that, huh?" He opens his mouth wide and uses his hands to act like extended teeth, chomping his fingers at her. Chompchomp!

Idrissa smirks as she hears Kale. "Harhar.. An what makes it a 'queer word'?" She questions with a curious tone while she goes on looking at another picture. Oh yes this book really has her attention now it seems! "Cuttlefish.." She murmurs the word out softly as if sounding it out to herself. It looks sorta well cuttlefish like. Has a striped red pattern, with large eyes and wiggly looking tentacles and the like. She hums and glances over to Kale blinking before a soft chuckle escapes her. "I'd rather not have anything with 'em teeth near me. Looks like they would be painful." She gives his hand a swat.

"Say it again. 'Sh-ark'." Totally queer! At least, to him it's strange, as foreign words tend to be. And here's another. "Really? Cuttlefish?" Kale snickers as he leans to peer at the picture, brows lifting. "…How is that a fish? Looks like…" he trails off to think. What can he compare this strange looking creature to? Well, nothing that he knows of! "Teeth eh? Then you wouldn't want to swim next to this thing." He point to another picture of a fish with fangs! "Fangtooth fish… Huh. At least that name makes sense." He grins a little, turning the page to just scan. "Y'think we have anything like these things here? The sea's a big place."

Idrissa shrugs and ponders. "Sh-ark…" There is a pause, she crosses her eyes and then peers at him with a soft giggle escaping her. "I dono." She glances back to the picture of the cuttlefish pondering. "Heck if I know.. Doesn't look like a fish to me at all." This said while a faint hum escapes her and she taps the photo and then looks at the fangy fish. "My father said there was a whole vast different types of fish and the like found out at sea. I'm sure there are some that may look like 'em?" She's quiet for a moment after bringing that up, her gaze lingering on the pictures of the sea animals and she smiles after a moment. "Look at this dolphins.. There black and white." Her eyes narrow slightly at the name. "Common dolphins.."

Kale looks over at her at the mentioning of her father. Rarely is he ever brought up in conversation! "That's right, he was a seaman, wasn't he? I suppose he would know, an' I can't help but wonder how much we don't know, y'know?" There is still so much to learn and discover! Maybe someday, one of them will be mentioned in a book for some profound discovery. The mentioning of common dolphins has Kale looking back at the book. "Heh. They look .. happy," he says, smirking at the seemingly smiling faces of the … fishy looking things. Even back on the real world of Pern, he doesn’t see much of them. "Wonder what the Royal dolphins look like. Maybe they swim with knots on their tails. Or they're blue an' green' an' yellow an' purple."

Idrissa doesn't tend to bring up her father often, it is sort of a sore subject still for her, not that she'll admit it. Perhaps even a bit more sore with everything dealing with her mother. "Ya.. He was. Would come back with all sorts of stories to tell me and my brother." A faint smile seen. She chuckles and grins peering over at him. "Knots on their tail? My father said they are interesting to watch. He’s seen some out in the wild." A soft huh escapes her. "Maybe we could take a trip to the dolphin hall sometimes. I bet they would tell us lots."

"Maybe," Kale agrees. "S'one place I never had any reason to go to. Their craft an' mine don't really work together on anything." Metal and water usually don't mix anyway! "Could be fun. An' if dolphins are the same, then maybe some've these creatures really /are/ down in the sea somewhere. Think about that next time you go swimmin' on the beach," he says with a devious grin. "Y'never know if a…" he pauses, flipping back a few pages to where they saw the fish, "cuttlefish or fangtooth fish are gonna think your toes are their next meal."

Idrissa smirks at Kale and a soft huff escapes her. "Or perhaps a bloodfish." She says with an amused tone. "There are these heavily armored fish, and the latch onto someone and suck the blood of others and give them a sickness if not taken off soon enough.. Or the yellow back eels, they have fangs like them fangtooth fish and will grab hold and drag someone down under the waves in deep water." While only some bits of this is true she totally has a straight face, as if telling the truth as best to her knowledge!

.. Wait a second. Bloodfish? Yellow back eels? He doesn't recall glancing over /those/ deadly sounding seacreatures in this book! Kale gives her a squinty eyed look, as if not quite sure if he should believe her. They sound so farfetched! But so does a fangtooth fish….so maybe not. "Alright, I've an easy solution. I'll never go swimmin' at the beach again. So this comin' summer, you and Soriana won't need to bother me about goin' to the beach for anything cuz I'm not goin'. And the beach party we had is the first and last one that'll ever be had."

Idrissa smirks at him and a faint huff escapes her. "Oh please.. We don't have to worry about it at the beach. The bloodfish and yellow back eels live in deeper water then near the shore." A slight shake of her head. "I liked the beach party, and many others did to. We totally should have another one!"

"Y'never know what a fish'll do. Maybe that particular day they'll fancy a trip to shallow water." Deep sea fish totally can do that! *cough* Kale laughs a little, still keeping his voice down as to not attract too much attention, though by now most others are wandering about looking at various thing, with the researcher stopping here and there to speak to small groups. "Beach party round two, huh? I think…I think I can do that," he says, nodding. "Too bad it's not summer now. Think everybody could use a party."

Idrissa rolls her eyes as she hears Kale. "Oh sure. There just gona 'appear' one day in the shallow water and go. Hey there is that Kale fella we've been looking for, let's get him!" She grins and shakes her head before the talk of the beach party is brought up again and she chuckles. "Ya.. Could use one.." She murmurs out softly.

Kale nods. "Exactly. Can never trust a fish, I've always been told." A grin follows his words and and leans away from the book. "Alright, pick a level," he says, poking her side. "Can't imagine we'll be up here too much longer. Most've us are crafters anyway, and the assistant weyrlingmasters are gonna want to get back to see how the eggs're doing. So, before we rejoin the world, where do you want to go?"

Idrissa huffs out softly at the pokeage. "Hey.. I lived by the seas until I was about 5 turns old. Nothing ever got me." She points out with a grin. A soft ah escapes her and she ponders where do go.. "Well.. I dono." This said while she scratches at her neck and ponders. "What about level 2? Don't remember going to that one yet. Something about Hydroponics an Cryo-Storage." Cause she totally knows what that is..

"Ooh that one's pretty cool," says Kale. "I was there jus' the other day. "I didn't know what 'hydrophonics' meant, but after bein' down there, I've got a pretty good idea. I won't ruin it for ya, in case you don't already know." It's not like it's a word that's tossed around every day. Leaving the book of Terran animals behind, he gestures for her to come with him, heading towards the lift. Alloy, who has been perched in a high place this entire time, apparently having gotten over his separation anxiety, swoops down to land upon his shoulders. No firelizard left behind!

Idrissa ponders and peers at Kale, a soft ah escapes her and she tilts her head before smirking. She shifts and follows after him. "Oh gee, wouldn't want to ruin it for me huh?" A soft chuckle escapes her and she follows after Kale, a glance offered back to the others and she heads on towards the lift. Willow catches sight of Alloy and chirrups out at him!

"Uh huh. See how considerate I am?" He grins as he pushes the button to the lift a few times before reaching up to pat at Alloy, who raises his head regally, answering Willow's chirrup with one of his own. Happy images! He's getting back to his old self, and the images pulsated her way shows why! Happy thoughts of Haruhi and him, of Toral, more Haruhi and him playing on the grass. Friends who will be with him always! And here is the lift. "Ladies first," says Kale with a smirk.

Willow chitters out happly to Alloy, though if she is suppose to look impressed at how 'regal' he is she isn't showing it! Idrissa chuckles out softly while she makes her way onto the lift and waits for him to get on before pressing the button. "Righty'o let's go."

Yokohama - Hydroponics Bay
The first thing that one might notice upon stepping into the hydroponics bay is that it was in fact, not always used for this purpose. In truth this area was once home to a much larger portion of the ship responsible for the cryogenic storage of seeds, plants, and animals from Terra. Some of these did not survive the trip, others were found to be unadaptable to Pern's harsher environment. As if to give this sad testimonial a measure of hope, most of the old cryogenic equipment here has been removed, whether it was simply dismantled for research, or melted down for its precious steel and in its place has taken root a truly amazing sight.
Everywhere there is warm life giving green. Nothing is planted here that can't be pruned without killing the main body, insuring that nothing biological manages to work its way into the ship's electrical and causes unnecessary extra work for the crew. Whole sections have been dedicated to various plants by species, including trees, vast beds of flowers, herbs, and even patches for fruits and vegetables. A watering system installed over these sections allowing a light mist or spray as programmed for each plants individual needs. What moisture is not used or is created by the plants leeches away into specially designed receptacles that repurifies them through a filter either for redistribution here or elsewhere as needed.
Not only do these green growing thing provide supplements to the crew's diet, but also precious oxygen. The air in this space is crisp, clean and absolutely clear of any impurities, which is a great source of delight for those living aboard ship. Regardless of the cold steel that peeks through the foliage and present at the feet, this place is a favorite among the crew and many members can be found here for an off duty stroll.

When the lift doors open, the two candidates are greeted with crisp, clean air and the sight of much greenery. It's like a forest in here! Or at least, a very large garden area. A few other candidates are spotted here and there. Most taking advantage of the only level that reminds them of home and lounge with a book or with friends, chatting while a handful follow a worker around, listening with interest as she points out the various plantlife. "Neat, huh?" says Kale as he steps out. Alloy immediately takes flight to stretch his wings. And plus, there are trees to perch on here! He chirrups to Willow an invite to fly with him.

Idrissa blinks as she makes her way off the lift, her eyes widen as she takes in the scene. "Woah.." This said softly at the sight. "I… didn't think they would have trees and stuff on here." She is for sure taken back. Willow pulls her head back, a soft chitter escaping her before the green hops up into the air and is off, flying towards the three and turning sharply now and then to swing under some branches.

"Told ya I didn't want to ruin it for ya," Kale says smugly. "I didn't know it either. It's weird to see all this … green in space, huh? It's like a little piece've home right in the middle of everything." He glances up as the firelizards take flight, but his attention turns back to Idrissa not long after. "C'mon, let's walk. I didn't get a chance to see the whole place yesterday. I wonder if they grow…foodplants," he wonders aloud, and his question is soon answered by the sight of a fruit and vegetable patches. "ooh! Can these be picked, I wonder?" Yumyum, look at those tomatoes.

Idrissa smiles and nods while she follows along, her gaze drifting over the different planets. "Well.. I dono.. Maybe?" She questions back with an amused tone whie she pauses to look at flowering bush and pokes at a leaf. Her gaze drifts after Willow whom is busy hopping from one branch to another, and seemingly in a rather good mood around all the plants, just like being back at home!

Let's see. There are no signs that say "please don't eat the fruit/vegetables". That's encouraging. But it doesn't seem as if anyone else has helped themselves to the fresh bounty. Hmmm. Well! Maybe they just aren't hungry. Kale's always hungry. "I think it's alright. Look, those tomatoes look just ripe enough for pickin'," he says with a hungry look at the fat red … fruit. He meanders close to the tomato vines, still not seeing any signs that would classify this as a bad idea. Making sure not to step on anything, he moves in and plucks a medium sized one from the vine. He tenses a bit… but no sirens or alarms go off. Excellent! He shows her his prize before gently rubbing the skin against his shirt in efforts to clean it. "Want a bite?"

Idrissa chuckles and shakes her head while watches Kale, she peers at the tomato. "Well, it looks good. An I don't see any signs that says 'if you touch your lose your hand' so.. I guess it's alright?" HA as if she knows such things! She blinks and tilts her head before shaking her head. "Naw, it's all yours. I don't really like them right off the view.." It's a tomato, not an apple!

Kale holds the tomato out to her even though she's already said she doesn't want any. But then.. his hand begins to tremble and shake. "Oh no… maybe there /was/ a sign that said that!" he says woefully, looking at his shaking hand like it's about to fall off. Nooo! He grins as he pulls back the tomato, apparently having no problem with eating it right off the vine. "Usually, I like'm with a little salt, but they're good plain!" he insists, wiggling it temptingly in front of her face. "You're suuuure?"

Idrissa makes a face at the thought. "I'm sure.. really." She also swats out at his hand as it wiggles the red fruit in front of her. "Better say goodbye to your hand then. Perhaps kiss it goodbye?" This said while she grins. "I wonder what else they have around here." She murmurs while starting to wander off, looking at more plants. Who would have thunk it!

"Suit yourself," says Kale who promptly takes a bite of the tomato, causing a bit of juice to go spraying. Oops! Nomnom. Idrissa doesn't know what she's missing! He wipes a bit of the juice away with the back of his hand, following after her as she begins to walk. "I think my hand does need a kiss," he says, thrusting it out towards her. Tomato juice hand! "How about you do it, huh? Pleease. Before it falls off."

Idrissa is indeed missing! She is so totally quick like that.. zipzip! "Why, did you scrape it or something?" This questioned while she glances back over to him looking utterly amused, a grin seen and she shakes her head. A half squeal escapes her at the tomato dripping juice hand. "EWWWW! I don't think so!" She turns and slides away from the evil tomato handed Kale!

"C'mon….kiss it. You said I should kiss it goodbye, but I think it'id be a million times better if you kiss it. It's just a little bit juicy… Jus' slightly slimy.." Kale grins as he waggles his hand and fingers towards her, following her. She's not gonna get away. "If you don' kiss it, Idrissa, it's gonna fall off! How will I ever be a smither with one hand? An' plus, you wouldn't like me so much with one hand. Kiiiissss iiiiittt."

Idrissa glowers at Kale and swats and smacks at his hand while she keeps trying to escape. "Kale!… Stop really!" She says with a grumble as she shifts and ducks down to move behind him, a soft laugh escaping her. "You’re just gona have to be one handed for the rest of your life! Maybe you can get a hook in place, or something like that?… Or like a nub that you can put different attachments on when working!"

Stop? Really? Uuum… no thank you! Kale grins even as he's smacked. And there she goes, ducking behind him. He turns around, keeping at it. "A hook? How in the world is a hook gonna help me, huh? I'll probably claw my own eye out on accident! He holds the bitten tomato in his juicy hand and the clean one reaches out to try to hook around her middle to catch her.

Idrissa giggles softly at the idea. "That sounds painful.. Maybe we're get you a fake hand?" She questions with an amused tone. A faint eeee escapes her as she is grabbed and she wiggles about trying to escape before he can get a good grip on her. "Kale.. I swear if you do anything with it I will so get you back SOOOOO badly!"

Nope! No getting away from him, Idrissa! Kale's arm tightens around her, holding her back to his chest like a hostage. And that tomato? It's held out to the side, and who knows what he is planning to do with it. Mwuahahaha. "Do anything with what?" he says, sounding super innocent. "Oh…oh you mean this??" He lowers the tomato down a bit, hovering it threateningly above her head. "Oh Idrissa, what could I possibly do with a tomato? It's just an innocent lil' tomato….."

Idrissa squeals out faintly while she shifts and wiggles, struggles and half kicks at his leg, which she misses. "Kale!" Though she is laughing now while she tries to twist free, but so far no luck. She glares at him seeing that hand with the evil gooey tomato above her head of all things. "Don't…you…dare…"

Ha, she totally misses! But just by like, half an inch. Would he drop a tomato on her head? Would he squish a tomato in her face? Surely Kale isn't that evil! But it sure looks like he has every intention of doing both or either one of those things. "An' what would you do if I /did/ dare, huh? You' aren't gettin' away from me." He grins and moves the tomato so that it's in front of her face now instead of above her.

Oh yes.. What will she do? Idrissa ums softly while eyeing him. She leans back as far as she possible can from his hand with the evil thing called a tomato. She chews on her lip a moment and her gaze flicks around to see whom all is around before she leans in and tries to actually kiss Kale.. HA.. that is what she'll do.. Shock him into letting her go..’

Mwuahaha he has her totally where he wants her. She's his hostage! He'll… Er…what? Blinkblink! That's not fair! She's totally playing dirty by kissing him because .. Kale likes kissing, and kissing doesn't happen too much now that they're candidates, though somehow lately…. Needless to say, he's caught by surprise by her counter attack, and the hand that holds the tomato lowers. So much for that! He can be felt grinning against her lips,, but her plan doesn't go quite the way she might want it. Instead of letting go, he holds onto her and kisses her back, leaning forward.

Idrissa shifts a moment, trying to see if he maybe loosened any, so far no good it seems. She does indeed feel him grinning, little brat.. Though she doesn't try to pull away, she totally started this! She leans back into the kiss, her hand moving to rest against his shoulder, fingers pressing softly. Oh yes she has another plan in the works it seems..

The longer the kiss, the happier Kale becomes! He doesn't think anything of the hand on his shoulder. In fact, he /likes/ that hand on his shoulder. The more touching the better after all! With his eyes closed, he's not aware of who or who may not be watching. Though at this point, he doesn't really care. But luckily enough, those who are here are too caught up in their own things to notice two kissing candidates. Likely, these two aren't the first they've come across anyway! All he can do with his tomato hand is .. hold the tomato. The other one stays wrapped around her, cuz … she is his prisoner!

Idrissa is getting a bit lost in the moment herself, her eyes close and she leans more against him. Her heart is racing and her fingers grip at his shirt. She is so totally his prisoner! Can't you see how much she hates it? Well between the blushing, and smiling yes totally hatred.. As for others around them she'll be worried about that later, but so far there isn't anyone yelling to knock it off, and it is only a kiss.. That should totally be alright.. right? She keeps the kiss for another moment before slowly pulling back, a shaky breath escaping her while she lets her head tilt slightly to the side.

Awww, but it was getting so good! Well, it was already good. It was just getting so much better! But now she's pulling back and Kale opens his eyes to regard her with a boyish grin. "Cheater…" he says, quirking a brow at her. Such a cheater! He leans forward again to touch his lips to hers once more, briefly, then a kiss is given to her cheek. Then, just because he apparently can't help himself, another one is pressed to the side of her neck before he finally pulls back again.

Well of course it was getting good! That is so totally why Idrissa had to stop it, helllllooooo. Look at where they are. Might as well put up signs pointing tat them and flashing. She blushes hearing him and smiles. "Ya… But it worked didn't it?" This questioned softly. Another kiss is presses back to his lips and she tilts her head just slightly at the other kisses, that one at her neck making her blush rather hotly. "An you awful.." She says with a grin and poke at his chest.

Awful? "Only sometimes," remarks Kale, who only now glances to the left and right of them, remembering that .. nope, they're not as alone as he liked to have imagined. Leave it to a girl to think rationally. Very, very reluctantly, he finally loosens his grip from around her, letting his arm fall away. "I like it here," he murmurs. "But…there's times I wish we were back at home," he says, looking at her with a devious expression. "Y'know?" Not that there's much privacy given to them home either, but at least there are places he could drag her off to, if wanted.

Idrissa chuckles softly and smiles once she is let go, and see? No tomatoricky on her.. YAY.. "Ya I know, it's nice but.. I have to admit I'm sorta missing home." She offers softly. There is a pause and she blinks at the look and blushes. "Oh.. um.. yes… Totally.." Fidget time! Willow chirrrups out from her place under a bush near the two, someone's found something and it's not a tomato! Rissa is left watching him for a few moments though and smiles, she leans forward to give his cheek a soft kiss before turning to try and see where the firelizard of hers has gotten to.

Kale grins at the blush seen, figuring that she probably understood the meaning behind his words. But he's going to be good, because good guys always (usually) choose the route of good and righteousness. Which means no more kissing her and no more of those kinds of thoughts. So he tries to wipe his fifteen turn old brain clean, but it doesn't work so well when she's still close and she gives him nice things like that kiss to the cheek which is making him smile. He doesn't even notice poor Willow down there, though Alloy does. The bronze is on a branch, watching on curiously. Kale glances at the tomato in his hand. Maybe eating will get his mind off of kissing. He steps back, taking another bite. Nomnom. "Whatcha lookin' at?"

Idrissa is letting her mind wander, you know off the kissing of him, cause if not she'll be thinking about it the rest of the night. Which really.. She will be thinking about it anyway! Once she finds Willow she crouches down and peers at the green that is busy trying to dig something up. Is that a rock?.. Pondering she leans in and picks up Willow with one hand and then a little rocky looking thing with the other and leans back. "I dono.. Maybe a rock?" Willow tills out softly while eyeing the rock-egg.. It was a perfect place for a firelizard egg, nice warm dirt, away from any cold water and space to some degree. "Hey.. I think it's a firelizard egg.." This said the more she looks at it.

Good thing the tomato was a small one. Kale pops the rest of it in his mouth and hastily wipes his hands on the side of his trousers. He follows after Idrissa, and now Alloy swoops down to the grass, landing nearby. What's going on there? He's picked up some mighty interesting feelings! Kale crouches next to Idrissa, though he hangs back, letting her deal with Willow and…a rock? He tilts his head a little. It's a …. strange rock, if that's what it is. But Idrissa's realization has him raising his brows in surprise. "Wow…you think so?" He leans in closer for a better look. "…Y'know. I think you're right. Woah… what's it doing here??"

Idrissa shrugs some. "I've seen a few of the starcrafters with firelizards. From one of them I guess. An this place is so warm and dry in certain places. Sorta like a greenhouse." She lets Willow hop up onto her shoulder while holding onto the pa;m sized egg (which in her hand isn't that big!) that looks rather black, with blue spirals across it. "How else would it get here? I bet Soriana would know.." Cause Soriana knows EVERYTHING.. She is a walking book of everything and anything of course.

"Wow, it's so … tiny," he says with a faint grin. "Alloy, your egg wasn' so small, was it eh?" is said over to the bronze, who is now craning his neck to get a better look at the new discovery. Kale grins over at Idrissa, reaching out to gently, ever so gently touch the egg with just one finger. "Lucky you then, eh? An' lucky no one stepped on it, what with as many've us that have been through here. Gotta find a warm place for it now, don't you?" A smile replaces his grin as he straightens up to stand. "Two firelizards … up for the challenge?"

Idrissa shrugs slightly at this, pondering while looking at the egg and ohs. "Ya well.. Just think about all them firelizards out in the wild, they don't use sands. Dirt works for them." Why wouldn't it work for this one too? She blinks and um.. "Me?.. Well.." There is a pause while she lets Kale touch the egg and nods. "Sure.. Why not? I'm gona go find a pot or something to get some dirt an go from there!” An thus she is off, and hey there is someone that works in this area that missed the whole kissing part and Rissa is busy talking to said person about this firelizard egg.. Which said person seemed to know about. Well how about that! Talking is commenced and suitable stuff is found to keep the little blackish egg warm.

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