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Xanadu Weyr - Feeding Grounds
Sparse trees are scattered through this field on the western edge of the forest, not far north of the clearing. The pen extends partly up the hills to the southwest, and the trees grow sparser the further west one goes. Within the large corral are a variety of beasts - ovines, bovines, and wherries - free to roam and graze. The appearance of a dragon may send them one way or the other to try and escape. A small pond is set near one corner of the enclosure, and at times it reflects the low, bordering mountains.
Just at the forest's edge, set under the tree line, is a guest weyr for use in mating flights, a simple cottage made of weathered planking and grey stones.

Kera is standing with Moncerath near the feeding pens, the woman is removing her dragonmate's straps and draping them loosely over the railing while she waits for the weyrling pair. The nearest pen has about a dozen herdbeast that Moncerath is eyeing critically. Bleating sounds come from another paddock, no doubt smaller snacks for the large dragons or a happy meal for the young ones. Kera moves to lean against her lifemate's shoulder, hand rubbing gently back and forth along the well oiled hide as she waits.

Kivshiralth lumbers towards the feeding grounds with Is'ac alongside the bronze. One hand on the solid built dragon, he lifts his other into a salute once they arrive within a close distance of Kera. Kiv's eyes are swirling slow now but building quickly in anticipation as he swings his head towards the bleating sounds. Is'ac himself looks quite ready to watch his dragon hunt for the first time as his head too swivels in unconscious imitation of his life mates, looking towards the pens.

Kera smiles when she spots the pair coming closer and moves away from the green a few paces. A quick wave to the pair soon has her waving off the salute, though she acknowledges it with a slight dip of her head. "G'morning Weyrling Is'ac. I see you got my note. I hope it was before you had to cut up meat." She looks to Kivshiralth as Moncerath rises casually from her lounged position, moving into a rather feline stretch, yawn included. "Big day for you Kivshiralth." She doesn't say just why it will be a big day, he can probably figure that out with help from his rider.

Is'ac's head bobs up and down a few times. "Got it. Didn't cut up meat yet, Kiv was more interested in exploring the forest." a quick glance is cast to the bronze who merely gives a level look back. « There are trees there » there remarks Kiv casually towards Moncerath. Nudging his rider with his head he paces a bit closer to the pens.

Kera nods agreeably and chuckles softly "There'll be plenty of time for exploring." Stepping closer to the bronze pair, "He's the one who tries to climb everything? You're supposed to keep him grounded ya know." Kera gives Is'ac a mock scolding finger of doom to go with her words, but smirks with an amused wink and blows the whole thing. "No matter." Walking around the growing bronze, "I guess if he's a good climber, then you've been working on building his muscles up. Keep up the training." Nodding as she finishes her visual observations, she gestures towards the beasties ambling about on the other side of the railing. "Today we'll be doing ground hunting." Well, duh, the dragons aren't flying yet, so what other kind of hunting would they be doing. "The best hunt is quick and efficient. A quick hunt doesn't overly panic the herd and lessens the chance of an injury. Your dragon should choose his prey before beginning the attack." Kera pauses and turns to make sure Is'ac is paying attention to what she says.

Is'ac merely gives a 'hey, I try!' look at the mock scolding on keeping his dragon grounded. "Every day training." he says firmly. "He wouldn't let me miss a day even if I wanted." Kiv poses as Kera walks around him, preening a bit. Isn't he handsome? Belatedly Is'ac turns his attention away from Kiv to focus completely on Kera once more. "Ground hunting. Quick. No panic. Got it."

Kera continues on as Moncerath finishes stretching and loosening her muscles up. "Don't be upset if the first couple of hunts don't go quite as planned. All the little things that need to come together for a successful hunt don't always go as they should. Your prey could spook and dart off the wrong way, causing a stampede in the process." A gentle smile slips onto her face as she looks back to Moncerath as the dragon settles her wings loosely along her back and rest forepaws on the railing. Head canted just so to watch a specific beast. Briefly, the draconic head swings around toward the big bronzeling «The brown one with white head.» is broadcast for Kivshiralth's benefit. Attention goes swiftly back to the milling beasties and with very fluid movements, Moncerath does a wing assisted hop over the fence and pounces the beasty she targeted. Landing on the herdbeast's back, talons grasp securely as she snaps the neck between her jaws. Some rather unsettling crackling sounds that is best not given too much though about. As her dragonmate settles down to her meal, Kera looks back to the weyrling pair. "She made it look easy, but her first few hunts didn't go that smoothly at all." With an amused chuckle and gestures towards the next paddock over where a hand full of sheep have been culled for the weyrlings, some freshly sheared others in dire need of shearing. "Now, take your time, have him pick the one he wants. And it's perfectly alright if he has problems at first. He'll get the hang of it." Kera gestures towards the pen encouragingly.

Kiv's eyes swirl faster with eagerness, blue and greens deepening with hint of hungry red. As with all lessons though he pays close attention as his head swivels to spot the animal in question that the green points out. The sounds of the hunt and subsequent meal seems not to bother neither rider nor dragon. « This I will do well! » he announces proudly as he literally climbs the fence surrounding the pens. From there he perches and casts a look around to find a prey. Evidently he finds one he likes eventually for he does an awkward hop down off the fence. Stalking the beast slowly he lays in waiting, his dark tail twitching side to side.

Kera moves with Is'ac towards the sheep pens, leaning against the railing as the young bronze climbs a portion of it further along. Nodding approvingly as he seems to perch while selecting his prey, she tilts her head to the weyrling "Good, taking his time rather than rush and causing a panic." After a moment she adds "Tell him the poofy looking ones aren't as filling as they look." A little snicker slips out. "Poor Leikoirath caught a muzzle full of wool her first try." Kera winks and turns her attention back to the young bronze, stifling her amusement at the twitchy tail.

The bronze tail continues to flicker side to side as he patiently waits. His thought spiral outwards in waves towards the animal he wants then suddenly he lunges forward. It's a graceful leap with all his power behind it but the wooly creature is just a little bit more aware of the dangerous situation unfolding here for the sheep lets out a bawl of terror before running for its life. Kiv's jump lands him just mere inches too late to catch his first attempt. Naturally the other sheep catch the terror of the first and they bolt every which way in the pen. Kiv rears up on his hind legs to roar a challenge. Pure luck on his part though has his talons raking and pinning down a terrified sheep that runs straight towards him rather than away. Still though, a kill is a kill and after several messy moments the animal is dead and Kiv starts his first meal right there.

Kera winces as the targeted sheep bolts and alerts the rest. All is not lost though, Kivshiralth's frustrated actions turn the tide in his favor as a muttony meal comes right to him. Nodding when the questionable hunt turned successful. "Well done!" She looks to Is'ac with a grin. "Looks like your meat cutting days are almost over Is'ac."

Is'ac is watching, tensely, as the action unfolds. The weyrling can't help but wince as Kiv gets this close but yet so far as the intended meal bolts away. "Aaah." he utters a sound of satisfaction though as Kiv's frustration turns into a happy accident of mealtime. "Thank Farnath's itty bits." he mutters at Kera's words of no more meat cutting. "He'll be flying soon though, right? So hunting will be easier that way yes?"

Kera nods "Yea, Moncerath prefers to circle above and then swoop down for her target. He'll get to that stage, never fear. For now, you keep on as you have. Working out right along side of him. And make sure he builds his muscles up without over training himself." A smile to the weyrling as she see her lizards flying in to share what's left of Moncerath's meal as the green rises to her feet. "He's looking good though so I don't think you'll have anything to worry about."

Is'ac beams with complete pride in his life mate. "He's the best." murmurs the besotted rider. Kiv comes waddling up with a satisfied burp. "Nice, Kiv." mutters Is'ac.

Kera watches as the young bronze comes waddling back to his weyrling. "Yes, very nice Kivshiralth." Her attention goes back to Is'ac "If he's hungry, have him go for another. If not, then he'll probably be ready to sleep that meal off soon." Another thought pops into her mind "You /have/ been checking his teeth regularly I hope. Get those bits stuck between his teeth."

Is'ac stifles a long suffering sigh. "I have." he says. Perhaps not /every/ day but often enough! "He hates that part of the morning routine." so he rushes through it quickly. Briefly his eyes unfocus as he checks with Kiv and how full the bronze is. "He says he's content." a pause. "For now."

Kera grins at the pair "It may not be a favorite part of the morning, but it's a good habit to have." She leaves unsaid that it'll be Is'ac suffering from bad dragon breath. "You should go get him cleaned and oiled up." There may be a few crimson splashes along the young bronzes muzzles that need to be swiped away. "There will be a lecture in the classroom in a couple of candlemarks. Enjoy the small bit of /freetime/ til then Is'ac."

Is'ac offers a salute and a crooked grin at that release. "See you then!" with Kiv in tow they head away to presumably wash up and oil up that hide of his.

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