Welcome to Xanadu?

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern


It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

Late afternoon finds the tavern quiet as usual, the lunch crowd has left and the after dinner crowd yet to arrive. Most of the tables are empty, save one over by the window. Thea is there, ledger in hand busily writing figures while her lips move soundlessly. Apparently doing nothing but that.

K'ael is finishing up a few rounds before he heads off to get some dinner. His first few days back in a wing, though he had been doing transport at Ierne as an on-again off-again type of job. He moves his way into the bar with two boxes lifted up onto his shoulders. You can hear the bottles clanking around inside of them. After dropping them off into the back, he moves out to the front to chat with Beldar and get his order signed off on.

The disgruntled bugle of a firelizard announces her arrival before she shoves the door to the tavern open, albeit with a little help from the man behind her. She's a dainty green, though that hasn't stopped her from developing a big mouth. She misses over her shoulder at the man behind her and flies over to a table, landing with a little skid. "It's just a bath, Flop," Tenebrous calls as he follows her in, sighing in exasperation. "You can't go wallowing around in that stuff and not bathe."

Clanking bottles. The sound has Thea glancing up towards the source of the sound and spotting the bronzer. Up comes that ledger as the Junior slides down in her chair ever-so-slightly. Nothing to see here. The peaceful quiet of the tavern is a thing of the past as first the firelizard, then another voice is heard. She peeks over the top of the ledger. Well, maybe the diversion will spare her? But no, there is the fact that her late lunch is now on its way across the room to her with the 'maid. "Here's yers, Miss." Plate and goblet are plunked onto the table where her ledger had been.

K'ael is here! He's even wearing a Xanadu knot, now. He's failed to notice Thea on the way in (fortunately for her, right?) But he does notice the little green nab her own table, and it's no secret that K'ael has a weakness for things that are small and cute. Once Beldar hands him a beer he moves over to look at her. "Hello there little one." Then, to her owner. "Is she friendly?" She seemed to be, usually the unfriendly ones stayed away from potentially populated areas.

Tenebrous grunts, "Only if you keep her downwind." At this, the little green hisses, waddling over and perching on the back of a chair. "I don't care how it smelled, Flop," he mutters, trying to circle around the table after her. "There's just no call for that, and you know it."

Thea slides her marks towards the 'maid with a muttered thanks, while keeping a wary eye on the pair near Flop. She scoots back in her chair, turns to lean against the wall, props her feet on the edge of the one beside her and balances that ledger on them. A wall of sorts for a flimsy sanctuary. She's failed to notice the Xanadu knot on the bronzerider, but smirking at the fact that the little green's evasions of Tenebrous has taken his attention. One hand reaches out from behind that wall to snag one of her fries and she peeks over to try an catch Tenebrous' eye with a small headshake that says, 'I'm not here.'

K'ael's clingy firelizard isn't allowed with him while he's working. He tends to get caught under stuff, or settles in places he shouldn't. Or just plain annoys K'ael while he's trying to get things done. The bronzer pats his pockets down for a moment before producing a little leather sack - the treat bag! In it is some jerky, freshly dried and yummy for both firelizards and the cats that Mike keeps. He offers a bit to Flop, afterwards catching a shaking head at the side of the tavern. There's a wave to Thea, but he doesn't seem to pay her much other attention.

Tenebrous sighs heavily at Flop's behavior, and then gestures to K'ael. "Well, go on, you little winged garbage penguin. But afterwards, we're talking to the bartender, and we're going back to the Hall, alright?" Flop actually has the dignity to sniff in Tenebrous' direction before hopping down from the chair and moving over to H'ael's hand. The jerky gets a little inspection from her nose before nipping it out of his hand. Then, without missing a beat, she turns and flaps into the air, landing on Tenebrous' shoulder with an audible 'whuff' of air. Another careful nip of her maw is pulling his hood away from his face until it falls to the back of his long coat, and she promptly hops into it, rolling around in a ball. "Thanks," Tenebrous deadpans. "No really. I put that hood on my head, and I *like* the way you smell."

And that's just fine with Thea, who ducks back behind that ledger when that wave is tossed her way. There's no return wave or greeting, no. Lunch. Thea busies herself with that, reaching out for a nugget of fried fish. The figures on the page she's got in front of her face gradually regain her attention until the 'maid stops by her table asking if she wants anything more. The junior is mid-shake of her head to say no, when her eyes wander towards Flop and the other two. She nods instead and murmurs something to the 'maid, points to the trio and hands the woman a quarter-mark. This has her swinging off, only to return a moment later beside the men, placing a small shallow bowl on the table and heading off without saying a word. In that bowl? Two eggs, whole an uncooked.

K'ael chuckles a bit at the antics of the green. Firelizards were always good for a little entertainment. The bag of treats goes back into the bronzer's pocket once she's fluttered away. He turns his attention to her owner instead, offering him a hand. "K'ael, Azaeth's rider. I'm uh… somewhat new around here." There's only a blink when the waitress drops off… a bowl with two eggs in it. He peers at them, then looks to Tenebrous. "Uh. Did you order that?" Because he didn't.

Tenebrous murmurs, "So am I, depending on who you ask." He glances over at the man, offering, "Welcome to Xanadu." Then that bowl arrives, and his jaw drops. "What…" Then his eyes flicker over to Thea. Of course, that's about the time that Flop's head comes shooting out of Tenebrous' hood, her nostrils flaring. "I will absolutely reach up your scaly butt and start pulling teeth."

If there's a quiet snicker from behind that ledger, ignore it. It's simply imagined. One eye peeps above the ledger and winks at Tenebrous before sinking into obscurity once more. "Must get out of the office more often." Is the mutter that comes from behind it. Thea continues eating and, well… not working at the moment because this time hopefully Flop will not be getting pan-whacked.

K'ael nods a bit to the man, pulling his hand away and giving him a funny look. Most people responded with their own introduction after someone has introduced themselves. But this guy was already a little strange, given the bantering with the firelizard and now the eggs. "Uh… thanks." Is all K'ael manages to mutter as he's sliding away from the eggs. Until his behind bumps into Thea's table, that is. There's no where else to go after that.

The little green in Tenebrous' hood makes a surly croon, slowly inching her way out of the hood until she's on his shoulder. "Look at my face, Flop," he mutters. "This is my 'A dung-scented pot-bellied flit rolled around in my hood and is now threatening me with dragon-killing gas' face." Slowly, he turns to look at the lizard, eye to eye. "You'd look awful funny with your beak tied closed."

And there's K'ael showing Thea his best side once again. She scoots back just a bit in her seat, dragging her plate with her, in a way that suggests she expects the bronzer might just keep going and wind up on her table. Her glass of ale is rescued next, lifted and drawn in behind her ledger. "That's Tenebrous." Thea says in a matter-of-fact voice, "He's never set his own arm on fire that I know of." Or pretended to.

K'ael just keeps an eyebrow raised at Tenebrous. Not that he really blamed the man, he didn't want his flits eating eggs either. Though they usually hunted for themselves, so he wasn't sure what they were eating most of the time. The bronzer turns to look at whoever it was who introduced the man. "I see. To be fair though, I haven't either. Is he always this… uh… distracted about things?"

The little green and Tenebrous lock eyes for a moment before Flop makes a dismissive, gutteral noise, and simply curls up on Tenebrous' shoulder, opting to flick his ear with her tail, rather than continue the egg-induced stare-down. "Crazy," he calls, his voice a little louder, and he slowly turns to regard K'ael. "The word you're looking for is…crazy. Fragmented." His strange blue eyes fall out of focus, looking through K'ael to the wall beyond. "Broken." His head tilts to the side, face sober and blank, and he murmurs, "All of those things, perhaps. But rarely…distracted." His head straightens, and he starts over to the bar, Flop punctuating the odd outburst with another flick to Tenebrous' ear.

Thea's not looking surprised at the way Tenebrous is talking to the firelizard. Nothing brow-raising to her about that. She gives K'ael a look that suggests he's the pot calling the kettle black to be raising his. His correction has her responding sweetly, "Oh, that's true, you didn't. Was a chunk of wood you shoved up your sleeve and set on fire." Because THAT'S much more sane, isn't it? Her eyes shift to Tenebrous, "You are not crazy," she says firmly as her eyes pin the bronzer, her tone reasonable and pleasant, "He's not crazy and please don't ever talk about him like he's not in the room again, okay?" She smiles and adds, "Please?"

"Crazy?" The bronzer blinks at Tenebrous. "Er. Maybe fragmented, but not crazy. I've known some crazies and it would take a lot more than an argument with a firelizard to be considered /crazy/." Then he frowns at Thea. "It was just a question. I didn't mean any offense by it." He looks back to Tenebrous. "Sorry." Then he heads over to the other side of the tavern to take a seat at the bar by himself.

Tenebrous's voice is quiet, as though his comment was more for himself than anyone else. "No one ever does, when confronted." He waves the bartender over, and engages the man in a quiet conversation about a bag of fresh hops, and another of barley.

Thea grins as K'ael heads off, "Not offended." She calls to his back, lifting her ale in a salute to his departure, before sipping the stuff. The mug is quickly withdrawn and blinked at. "Shards. Dunno how D'had drinks this stuff. And it's supposed to go with fried fish!" As glance at Tenebrous has her nodding, "No I suppose not. The truth hurts sometimes." There's another look towards the sulking bronzer and a long-suffering sigh as she pushes herself back and stands, mug in hand to walk over to him. "Here. Think you need it more than I do." Her ale is plunked down beside him. "Welcome to Xanadu." It's said nicely. "I know D'son is happy you're here."

K'ael blinks at Tenebrous. "I'm distracted plenty myself." He shrugs. "Didn't really mean it offensively." But then the man is busy talking to the bartender, and Thea is headed his way. The bronzer frowns at her, then gives her a rather intense look. "I don't want your pity. If you don't like me, that's fine. I don't want any trouble. So I'm going to sit over here and you can go back to sitting over there, and that's the closest we need to get to each other."

Marks change hands between Tenebrous and the bartender before the man walks into the back room, closing the door behind him. Then he simply turns, watching the interaction between Thea and K'ael, his face curious. "No offense given," he murmurs. "You have no idea who I am. Your judgment matters little."

Thea shakes her head at the bronzer, "Trust me, pity isn't even remotely what I feel for you." She leaves the ale where she left it, but sits in stool beside him instead of returning to her own table. She adds quietly, "Don't really like you, don't dislike you yet either. Don't really know you all that well. I've -heard- through the grapevine that I hate you. That's just not true." She has nothing but a genuinely sweet smile on her face as she says it; she's trying at least. She turns her head when Tenebrous speaks, "Might not matter to you, but it matters to me how people treat and judge you." She shrugs though, willing to let it go. She asks pleasantly, "What changed your mind about Xanadu, K'ael?"

K'ael blinks a bit at Tenebrous and shrugs. "I suppose so." His nose wrinkles at Thea. "Well you certainly act like you know me." He gets up and puts a few marknotes onto the bar. "It's not any of your business what changed my mind. And who says I'm staying anyways?" Then he heads for the door. Clearly he's not staying. At least not here.

Tenebrous watches K'ael's departure with emotionless eyes, shaking his head at after several strides. "There's a perfectly good waterfall in the forest, if you need to jump off," he says in a perfectly normal tone. "If you need it." The bartender emerges from the back room then, holding a large sack, and he offers it to Tenebrous over the wall. The man receives it with a grateful nod, inspecting the contents with a steady eye. "These will do nicely," he murmurs to the bartender. "My thanks."

Thea just shakes her head again as the bronzer is rude once more, "I only have seen you three, no four times. Not the best of impressions." She shrugs as he stands. "No need to be churlish, K'ael." Again said pleasantly. She's not staying there at the bar either; she slides down and returns to her own table and her lunch.

The bartender and Tenebrous engage in another conversation, their voices low, before Tenebrous' voice raises a little. "That's a little out of season. You're sure you've identified it properly?" The two of them start towards the back room, but not before Flop hops off of Tenebrous' shoulder, waddling across the bar, and eyeing those eggs…

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