A Different Kind of Fall

Xanadu Weyr - DragonHealer's Annex

An entrance way which would allow admittance to even the greatest of Queen Dragons leads into a chamber which would house half-a-dozen of the same size. To one side is a shallow pool which constantly clears itself of grime and is used is washing wounds. Nearby is a shelf with a generous supply of clean bandages and clean sheets upon stone shelves. The other side of the chamber is taken up by an alcove with multiple banks of computers to house medical records and help to diagnose illness and injury in the Dragons who come for aid. Within this alcove is a small medical laboratory where medicines and herbs can be prepared and experiments can take place. The far wall houses two dozen Dragon couches, each separated above by a rail which supports a thick curtain allowing the patients an option of privacy as they rest and recover.

Idrissa glances back to Zaala and blushes slightly, did she catch how she was looking at a certain smither? Most likely. "Well.. Just talk to him and see what he says, ya?" She questions softly before looking back to Kale. Once he ic closer she is about to ask him something but doesn't get the chance as there is another dragonhealer waving him over to speak with him and point this way and that with where to places the boxes in question. "So i can see.. so super important and secret that only you could handle it huh?" Zaala and Rissa are standing off to the side talking, Kale is in the process of carrying boxes from one side of the room to another. It is eveningish around dinnertime, but there is still plenty of things going on here!

Zaala definitely did see that glint in Idrissa's eyes, speaking in a low tone, "You really like him…" a statement more than a question. Zaala is still dressed in her grey fur coat, looking as if it were from some large canine or some sort of bear-pernese like beast. The fur was soft and she was continuing to dip her chin down into the collar, not wanting to part from it even if she was inside and in the dragon annex where it was likely warmer still. It's new, by the looks of it. "I'll try…" Zaala doesn't make any promises on that accord, not when it comes to talking to the red head. Instead she quiets as she watches Kale strut on by with his secret package, observing the way Rissa oh so wants his attention.
Put it down where? Over there? No over here! And do what now? Ugh. Why is he always the one that gets roped into these things? Kale has placed the Super Secret Box of Sekrits on a low shelf and is about to be on his merry way. But wait…now he has to /unload/ the box? A dull look flashes across his face but, lo! He's saved! By whom? By a senior apprentice who job is it to do these types of things! And so luckily, candidate Kale does in fact slip away, returning to Idrissa and Zaala with hands stuffed smugly in his pockets. "Belatedly," he says to Idrissa, "yes. Y'see how no one else was asked to carry it? They knew it was somethin' worthy of only me. Entrusted, only to me an' my capabilities." He flashes her a grin, then adds, in lower tones though not exactly secretive, "I almost had'm I think today. Felt somethin'. I think he's tryin' to come back." Blue eyes shift to Zaala now, and he dips his head to her. "Nice seein' you again."

Datsun comes strollilng into the DragonHealer's Annex, humming tunelessly. The sound of the Crafter's boots precede him, as always, but this time he wears no coat. Instead, it's normal clothes for him… with the exception of a spinner's cobweb sticking to one shoulder. However, the Journeyman doesn't seem to have noticed it as he gazes up at the ceiling and the rather large entrance, one hand resting on oen of the hilts of his knives on his belt.

Idrissa blinks and glances over to Zaala, there is another blinks. "What?…" Is questioned back with an equally soft tone. "Um.. maybe.." Ya sure that always works. Let's just skate around this answer and question session shall we? A soft chuckle escapes her while see hears Kale once he has moved on over to her. "Oh really?.. Well I'm glad that you was around to take care of this! I know I wasn't qualified for such things." There is a slight roll of her eyes most likely seen. Her gaze drifts over to Zaala every now and then, and the look from the other girl to her makes her blush and fidgit at times. Though at the low tone from Kale she ohs. "I still bet Willow could find 'em.." She actually scent Willow searching for her wayward clutchmate through out the day! Not that the little green found anything. More movement is caught and she catches sight of Datsun, a slight wave of her hand seen. "Zaala, there's Datsun." Is offered with a soft murmur to the other girl.

Zaala's expression for Kale is of a dubious nature, not entirely captivated by his box lifting antics, nor his flashy grins and secretive tones. After a moment of him whispering on those tones, she does eye him as if he were a strange creature indeed. Boys. There's a bit of an eye roll too, reflective instead over something that has her attention tuned elsewhere, except for when Kale acknowledges her, she remembers to return the favor, "It seems as if I'm lucky to see you, what with all your highly entrusted duties keeping you busy." Her tone is sarcastic as usual, a little niggling doesn't harm anyone. If Idrissa is worried about being watched, Zaala has meandered on passed her curiosity over the matter for the lacklustre answer she got - so not fun! She needs to put her head together with a girl who liked to gossip. Alas! Idrissa does get her revenge when she points out Datsun in a murmur. "Ooooo…noooo…" Zaala hisses, absently trying to pat down that wild hair a bit and tuck her face behind some of that fur ruffling from the collar, no need for anyone to see the color on her cheeks now! So much for being brave about it. Zaala doesn't look like she's willing to move, feet stuck to the floor proper, eyes dipping down toward the floor. What a pretty floor.

"I think Willow would find anything that reminds'er of him," remarks Kale. "The blanket, maybe a stick. His carryin' bucket. The throwin' disk.." Aw. There's that old pang of loss. A sharp pain in the chest followed by a hollowness. He shakes it off, focusing on the good news of a near contact, which most assuredly means that the lost will soon be found! "Not that I don' appreciate her efforts," he adds kindly. "I know…er, well rather, I read that goin' between takes a bit've energy for a firelizard to do." He smiles a little, though seems curious about all the blushing going on. And the figiting, though that's less noticed than the blush. He begins to grin, but the look slows in the making as he glances to Zaala as she responds to him. Er, huh? What'd he do? Last he remembers, she was nothing but friendly! His eyes linger a moment before departing from her and returning to Idrissa. "Soriana isn't here, is she? Came to see how she was doin'. An' her mother an' Yumeth, I suppose."

Datsun misses Idrissa's wave as he's still on the other side of the Annex, lingering at his entrance for a couple of moments before he moves on to wander along the shelves of medicine and the like, only to come upon the alcove. Blinking, the Journeyman comes closer to peer at the computers, coming up behind a DragonHealer to peer over her shoulder at the screen. Seeing things moving, the Crafter's startled for a moment, jerking his head back. Deciding that these folk had best be left alone to their work rather than pester them with endless questions about this odd technology, the teenage begins to walk backwards, turning sideways then forwards. However, he's still looking at the computers over his shoulder which takes him on a course that may or may not result in an collision with the floor-staring Zaala…

Idrissa is not known for being in the gossip mill, well she just doesn't do it. Point end! No gossiping from this beastcrafter. She glances to Kale, a soft smile seen. "Well ya I know.." There is a slight pause as she doesn't press the matter it seem. Her hand lifts to give Kale's shoulder a soft pat. "He'll turn up. You know he likes everyone here too much. Just keep trying to call him." This said softly. A slight point is offered towards the sleeping Soriana over /there/. "Brought her some dinner and found her sleeping, figure waking her wasn't a good idea as I'm sure she's tired." Well good reason to be sleeping then isn't it? She can't help but look over to Zaala noting the way she is acting now that Datsun is here.. OH.. Well looking here! Rissa isn't one to gossip but she'll have to poke at the other girl later about her actions at the moment. She blinks while watching the scene unfold. "Hey, Datsun. Watch out for Zaala." Which may help, or knowing her luck make things worse.

Zaala isn't sure what the situation is but something is apparently lost. And Kale just needs to get used to her, she's perfectly friendly… Her remark was a play off his own highly over exaggerated comment about being entrusted with all the top secret duties. Since Zaala is floor watching, she misses Kale's reaction. Instead she goes on as normal, flickering her eyes up briefly, "So, what's missing? Or who?" That might smooth things over, totally normal now right? Idly her hand plays over the fur of her sleeve, eyes darting toward the last spot she saw the woodcrafter, pointed interest in checking on where he is in relation to -them- … to her. She doesn't spot him either in her initial sweep, drawing her hair over her shoulder to play the ends of it through her finger. Idrissa earns a stare that reads 'what, don't look at me like that, I'm innocent.' Zaala is about to say something or maybe excuse herself, when instead Rissa is telling Datsun to watch out… for her? What?! Her head's on a swivel then and she see's the big lug coming her way. "Heeeey-" she begins and likely that's all she'll manage if he fully collids into her.

Wait, she is here? Ooh, she /is/ here! Kale follows the direction in which Idrissa gestured, and sure enough, there is the aforementioned slumbering weyrbrat. "Oh hey, she found a cot after all," he comments, sounding pleased. "Might be her mother's…" he muses. Speaking of which, he glances around for her, though the Jr. Weyrwoman seems to be…well, not here at the moment. Idrissa's assurances are met with a nod and grin that comes much easier today than it did a day prior. "Well aren't you a good friend? Here I am, not bearin' any sort of gift or food or anything." A pause. "Anything other than conversation, an' jokes about clocks." He smirks at that, looking Zaala's way at her inquiry. "A friend. He'll be back," he answers simply, seemingly not wishing to delve into too many details as details aren't forthcoming. His gaze now shifts to Datsun, then from him to the various array of dragonhealers. "Hey," is spoken to Idrissa, "I'm gettin' out of here before they start getting any /more/ ideas." Or annoyed, as none look all too generally happy. "If you're stayin' and she wakes up, tell her I said hi?"

Hearing a familiar voice saying his name reach his ears, Datsun turns his head just as he runs out of steps before he collides into Zaala. The Woodcrafter bumps her, sending both himself and her off balance, causing his hand to come up off that hilt and his free hand to flail wildly before reaching out for something, anything to correct his balance. The result is Zaala's fur coat is grabbed and yanked, using the poor girl to keep himself on balance just as he manages to get one foot back in enough time to correct his almost-fall. However, this has the unexpected result of bringing him nose-to-nose with the girl. "Oh."

Idrissa chuckles as she hears Kale. "I bet you would have brought osmething if you didn't have your mind on other things." This said softly to Kale. An as he doesn't give in and tell Zaala whom is missing she figures now is not the best time either to do such things! Her gaze drifts over the room, picking up on some looks headed there way. "Ya.. maybe we should thinking about going elsewhere.. Cavern maybe?" Is questioned with a soft tone before she is looking back towards Zaala and Datsun. Ah.. she peers at Datsun and Zaala about to say something else but can only blink at the sight of the movements of Datsun. "Nice move.."

It's a good thing that Kale wasn't forthcoming about the details of who or what was missing, considering that Zaala's suddenly being run into by the woodcrafter and all thoughts of conversation are driven from her from the sudden impact and a slight squeal of surprise. Unfortunately, it wasn't really the impact but the following grappling that has her world spinning. Her foot initially stepped forward and the other moved to take her weight off so she could move out of his way before he toppled over her. Instead, his hand is grabbing onto her fur coat and she's abruptly lurching toward him as her hands flail some and a foot steps on his to balance herself out. It's a chaotic looking instant with the end result being quite mortifying for the girl. Nose to nose to him, pale greenish hazel eyes frozen on his face jammed in front of her own. Oh my… Her awkwardness turns into straight out redness of cheeks, lasting for mere moments frozen like that. It's hidden next second by an intended shove and flourish of hands to dismiss his grip on her and put an end to that close proximity. Seems like there's no smart ass retorts, just an odd stare at him…

Sure he would've brought something, and it would've been grand! Kale is fortunate to have friends who think so highly of him, for he's sure even if he had a clear mind… the thought still wouldn't've crossed it. But now he's given a second chance to do things right! .. Not that it matters, as the only one who could fault him for it is asleep. The collision earns a snerk and Idrissa's suggestion a nod. "Sounds good. I feel as if the welcome has been worn.." As he's sure an audience of four is less tolerable than the two that was initiated. "Though, no thank you, from me," he says, nodding his head. Though usually social, this evening he appears less willing to insert himself within the din and chatter of the cavern, or anywhere else for that matter. Though polite he is, as usual.

Datsun's hands quickly lets go of Zaala's fur coat once he realizes what he's done and who this is. However, as she shoves him, he's forced backwards and would have stepped backwards to recorrect his balance except for one thing: Zaala's foot on his own. Once again he's in the danger of falling and does the same thing he did before: reaching out to grab something, which would be Zaala. Except this time he fails, his fingers brushing the individual fur hairs before his butt hits the floor, then his back, then the back of his head. Immediately his hands dart to the back of his head, holding it, letting out a pained grunt.

Zaala didn't mean to! The horror struck teen can only watch as Datsun falls to the floor, too late to remove her foot to keep him balanced. He tries to reach for her again but fails, and she can only watch as he goes down hard and fast enough to hit his head. Her hand lifts to her mouth, stunned, muttering, "But I… I…" She hesitates and bites her lip, "I'm… sorry…." she looks almost in tears at that point, backing up from where he fell and smoked himself. At least she said that much before her instincts cause her to peel away from the group and flee the scene.

Well how about that. Idrissa has gone off, perhaps to seek food, and Zaala is running off like a madman. Madgirl. Whatever. That leaves solitude seeking Kale and a fallen Datsun. He cocks a brow, eyeing Zaala's retreating back for a second before turning his attention to Datsun. Is there blood? A cracked skull that shows brainparts leaking through? If not…well, he's in the right place. Dragonhealer. Humanhealers.. Can't be too big of a difference, right? But the dire situation looks less deathly than one would think, considering the fleeing of at least one, and Kale moves towards him, offering a hand. "You'd think you were dying. Or dead," he remarks with a brow arch. "You alright?"

Datsun blinks as little dragons seemingly fly around his head, rubbing the sensitive spot. Seeing a hand offered, it's taken, pulling himself up with Kale's help, turning to see the two girls disappearing. Anger flashes in his eyes as he gingerly turns back to Kale, "What's her shardin' problem?" A grunt at Zaala's retreating form, testing the bump already beginning to form. "I think I'll have a bump but I'll live. What's up? I didn't expect to run into you guys here."

Kale pulls back to assist the fallen crafter, releasing his hand once he's back on his feet. "Asked myself the same question earlier," he remarks with a mild smirk. "'ve got no answer for ya, sorry." He narrows his eyes a bit and turns to move around him, asking no permission before peering at the back of his head. "Yeah. I can see it comin' through the hair. Looks mountainous," he says, an obvious exaggeration. "I don' know what they were doin' here. Eh..well, I know why Idrissa came. Same reason as me: To see how Soriana's holdin' up," said as he moves back around to his front. "Zaala? Dunno if she even knows Sori. Maybe she jus' came hoping to find you and knot your head."

Datsun lets Kale check out the knot on his head, snorting at his exaggeration, "Shells, now I'm gonna look funny until it goes down. Thanks to that Sasscraft girl." It seems the Journeyman believes the Apprentice, frowning a bit as he moves on the subject… until Kale brings it up again, "How would she even know I'd be here unless she was stalking me? I went exploring the Lower Caverns since I haven't been to all of the Weyr yet and ended up here or else I wouldn't be here… Hey, maybe she /is/ stalking me." His eyes glance around at Soriana's name, "Soriana? Did something happen to her? I wasn't aware anything had."

"Could be," replies Kale seriously. "Never had anybody ever stalk me, but I've heard stories. Stalkers are crazy in the head. The things they'd have to do to know /exactly/ where y'are, /all/ the time or where you'll end up?" He shakes his head. "It's insane, man." Does he truly believe she's stalking Datsun? Maybe not, but highly unlikelier things have happened. Especially lately. "Soriana's not hurt or anything. Heh, if she was, it'd be a hell've a story as to why she's here an' not in the infirmay," he laughs, though sobers slowly. "Nah, it's her mother's dragon. The gold, Yumeth? One've the clutches here are hers. Sori's been beyond worried about 'em."

Soriana hadn't actually meant to fall asleep, you see. She was just sitting down - okay, stretching out - for a moment. If she was going to actually sleep, she has a cot over in the barracks, where she belongs. She's even been sleeping there, sometimes - most of the time? Maybe. Also making it to classes. Just, well, she's also here a lot, for the reasons that Kale is now explaining. The voices finally manage to make her stir, to remind her that oh wait, now is not the time to sleep, and she stares at the boring ceiling for a moment as she stretches and turns to kick her legs off the bed and peer around. Hurm. While she was asleep, people happened! Y'know, besides the dragonhealers who are always here.

Datsun squints one eye at Kale at the talk of stalkers, "Are you serious? Shells, I hope she's not a stalker." A shake of his head, glancing around to make sure he's not being stalked. Leaning closer to Kale, he asks him, "D'ya see her?" As for Soriana, he tilts his head, "Yeah, I didn't think about that. Ohhh…" Realization has finally dawned on him, "I didn't even think about that." Finally Soriana's form catches his eye, "Oh, there she is."

Does he see her? Kale slooowly scans the area, searching for anyone hidden in the shadows or behind a computer screen or.. "There!" He points a finger towards one of the incubators. "Oh…no. Was just a dragonhealer. Nah, I think you're safe, Datsun … For now… Keep your wits about ya. She seems to be a sneaky one to me." A hand is lifted to rub across his face before peering at those incubators for a longer, contemplative time. But his attention is turned now by Datsun. There who is? He follows his gaze over to the awakening weyrbrat, and lightly he grins. "Mornin'. You slept through the whole day." Not really, as it's still the same day as when it was when she slept. Just…suppertime now!

There Soriana is, indeed. She hops up off the cot and comes over toward Kale and Datsun, lifting a hand to wave. "Hey," she says, and looks back and forth between the pair of them before settling on Kale with something of a smile. "So, anything I should be sorry to have missed?" Time has ironed out much of the tension from her tone, though she's still worried - but not so much she can't be something approaching herself. "I did have pretty decent dreams, bear that in mind."

Datsun's head quickly turns, eyes darting to where Kale points, squinting to see. "Ye… wait… yeah, no. Just one of 'em." THe incubators are finally noted, "Are those things what's keeping the eggs alive?" A sage nod in agreement with Kale, "Aye, my wits shall be wittier from now on." Glancing over at Soriana, who arrives to their company of two made three, "Hey, Soriana. I think someone's stalking me." He admits confidentially to her, "But how are you doing?"

It's good to see her up and chatting, as opposed to what it was before. The situation is not fixed or fogetten, but better. Slow progression, which is better than none at all. "Yes, that," confirms Kale, nodding to Datsun's stalkerish words. "Datsun must now sleep with one eye open, as he never knows who's watching. He also has head trauma, from said stalker. An'…oh, I think a herd of winged runners flew by earlier," he says, nodding. "Pink, green, yellow…all colors. Was a sight. Sorry y'missed it."

"A stalker, huh?" asks Soriana with interest, and gives the matter due consideration. "…only one?" At the question of herself, she shrugs, and her attention glances briefly toward golden dragon and incubators in turn. Her, worried? Yeah, but what she actually answers is, "I'm okay," and she seems to more or less mean it. Kale's continued explanation of the stalking gets a smirk, as she attempts to puzzle out just where things go from truthy truths to horrible lies. "Got it. Well, that beats my dreams, but I'm sure Rissa'll train some of them up for riding, so all's not lost."

Datsun grunts at Kale's words, "As if I already don't in the Resident caverns. I'm still leery about keeping my things there so I keep 'em in the workshop instead except for my clothes. Who wants to steal clothes?" A shrug, "When those winged runners took off to fly, now /that/ was a sight." Blink, looking at Soriana, "Ain't one enough already? Have you had them before? Any advice?" As for the incubators, they earn another look, "Good to hear you're okay. I wonder what they look like now. I'd go and look, but that gold probably won't like me looking that close."
"If you've a nice wardrobe, you should be worried. I wouldn't put it past a person to steal anything. Someone stole a roll off my plate once at dinner because the kitchens ran out. Looked away from my tray a lil' /too/ long and," Kale snaps his fingers. "Was gone like /that/" Sneaky roll thieves of Xanadu! Datsun's confirmation of the flying runners earns a crooked grin and sage nod from him, and his eyes too turn in the general direction of the eggs. "We hadn't even seen much've them before now. I know Miss Keziah had talked about egg touchin' once, but I don' think Yumeth was in a good mood at the time."

"Don't suppose I have, really," goes Soriana consideringly to Datsun. Stalkers are a privilege, not a right! "So, uh, advice… mm, try and avoid head trauma. It's no fun." She's so helpful. As he mentions curiosity about the eggs, she looks entirely serious and shakes her head. "Yumeth doesn't like anyone getting near them. Even the dragonhealers, they can't really do anything unless my mom's there to hold her back." Mentally, that is. A human trying to physically restrain a dragon would be… something. Kale's comment gets a small twist of her mouth. "She's been worried all through, but… worse, since."

"/Now/ you tell me. I could've used that useful bit of advice earlier." Datsun responds to Soriana, patting the several hilts of his knives on his belt in answer to Kale's words, "If they do, they have something comin' for them. Anyway, I keep the nicest clothes, like my leather coat, with the rest in the workshop. Anything else won't be hard to replace with the marks I earn." Then it's back to the subject of eggs, "If she wasn't then, she won't be now." Soriana confirms his words, nodding, "Yeah, I think I'll give her what she wants and stay away. I do hope she and the eggs improve." Gotta stay positive! However, a sudden flash of someone who looks similar to his stalker has Datsun narrowing his eyes and taking a few steps back, "I think I see her… I'm gonna go. Catch you two later!" Then the Journeyman is beating a hasty retreat.

"Yeah, I've put egg touchin' out of my mind. Even when her eggs get better," notice the use of "when" as opposed to "if", "she probably still won't want us bein' around them, touchin' our hands an' fingers all over'm after all of this." Kale's eyes drift to Datsun's assortment of weaponry, and hd nods in agreement. "They'll need to be beyond desperate, eh? Even so, I best most'll choose goin' stark naked in the iddle of winter than face those knives." Well crafted ones, at that. His brows raise a little as the alert goes up for his stalker, and he twists in his seat to see. "I don'…" but he gets no further before Datsun is out of here! He blinks…then laughs. "Keep your head down, Datsun!"

Staying positive is a fine thing! Soriana nods to the well-wishes. So far as the egg-touchings, she spreads her hands. "We'll see, I guess." The knives get a heh, then she blinks as Datsun steps away. "Yeah. Seeya," she says, lifting a hand, then turns to Kale with brows raised. "…he actually has a stalker?" she asks. See, she'd thought… but that kind of looked like actual avoidance. So… "I just figured it was Wakua again." …but none of the figures around here match!

"Maybe.." says Kale. "Wakua?" He blinks at the name. "Other than in the barracks, I haven't seen her…much," he says, brows raising in what seems to be pleasant surprise. "Maybe she's actually listenin' to my advice. But no, not her. A new but not new girl. She's been here before, she said, but left…an' now is back." He smirks, shrugging. "Dunno if she's really stalkin' him or not, but she did knock'm over an' ran outta here like a crazy person. Didn't even ask to see if he was alright."

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