Where the Firelizard Are

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern

It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

Even mid-morning there is brisk business being done in the Wanderin' Wherry Tavern. Residents and visitors alike are enjoying food and drink, made to order unlike the standard fare in the caverns. And this cool morning finds Moria amidst the many patrons, enjoying a hearty breakfast of chili and ale. A sketchbook is spread across half the table, and her bronze and green firelizards perche beside her arms, daintily eating from a bowl of scraps.

F'yr comes into the tavern with one thing in mind, and that's a hot meal. She undoes her riding helmet, letting her hair loose with a shake. "Sharding crowds," she mumbles, tugging a few locks out of her face. "In the caverns, here…" She hesitates in walking in. And just who if she talking to? Well, that gold firelizard curled around her neck of course. She moves to the bar to order a hot soup and gets herself some juice, making sure to specify /just/ juice. "This seat taken?" she asks Moria, sitting down almost immediately at the table to await her meal, not really paying much more attention to the rest of the tavern.

Cenlia is in the tavern. This is not unusual. What /is/ unusual is the bright red bandana she's sporting to keep her hair back in a bun, and the fact that she's… wiping down tables? Yep. Apparently, Beldar didn't take too kindly to her last visit - which not only had her running out without paying, but running out flashing her bare bottom at the patrons. Not that many of the patrons /minded/, of course, and likely more than a few in here now are eyeing the girl and snickering a bit. Cenlia, though, just makes a face and finishes wiping down the latest table in the back, not really noticing who's coming and going. At least, not until she notices F'yr walk in the door, and then Cenlia's cheeks blush enough to practically match her bandana. Eheheh. Seems someone remembers some of what happened on the beach. She hunches her shoulders a little, eyes darting around as if looking for some corner to hide in. Unfortunately, Cenlia's five firelizards are about, and bronze Charmer recognizes a familiar golden lady. Giving a sweet (and loud) trill of welcome, he swoops over when F'yr approaches Moria's table, crooning delightedly. Cenlia groans, and raises a hand to Moria at least, with a sheepish, "Hey," in greeting. That greeting probably includes F'yr as well, though the gardener girl refuses to look at the brownrider just now.

Moria glances up as F'yr asks about the chair and nods, gulping a mouthful of ale to clear her mouth. "By all means," she says waving to the chair as she pulls her sketchpad back to clear some room. "Sorry, didn't mean to clutter up the whole table," she says as she shoos Trina and Mulgrave into a chair instead of being on the table itself. The bronze descends regally, but the green tumbles and flops onto the chair, muttering sourly for being dislodged from the tabletop. Moria shushes the green before waving back to Cenlia. "Hello," she calls in return, smiling warmly.

F'yr didn't seem to notice Cenlia at first, too busy now shucking off more of her riding gear. Helmet does down on the corner of the chair, followed by hanging her jacket, and then stuffing her gloves in its pockets. Her eyes to wander towards the sketching pad as it's being pulled away. "Nah, feel free to clutter. I ain't here for a feast, just a bite. And you were here first anyway." Her attention finally seems to be caught by the gardener, and she tries to keep her face perfectly expressionless. Too bad it's glowing a faint red. "Hey yourself. What're you doing cleaning tables?" Yes, she's going to play dumb, though obviously she remembers /something/. Chu returns the greeting more happily to Charmer, though she doesn't leave her perch yet.

Charmer has manners, really. He's just not using them right now. The little bronze lands on the edge of the table, crooning at everyone, though especially at the girls. He throws in a cheeky little tail-waggle in F'yr's direction, too, though it's probably meant more for Chu than the brownrider. With a firelizard like that, Cenlia doesn't have much choice, and tucks the cleaning rag in her belt as she wanders over, mumbling to Moria a still-sheepish, "Sorry 'bout him. He's spoiled rotten, he is." At F'yr's question, Cen manages to look even more sheepish, muttering without looking directly at the rider, "Beldar said I had to. Ran out on the bill last time. Or something." Cough.

Moria is of the oblivious type, and doesn't listen to a lot of gossip, so she's really not sure why F'yr or Cenlia would be uncomfortable around each other. Moria smiles to F'yr and opens the sketchbook back up, though she keeps it close to her instead of sprawling everywhere. "Thanks. Do let me know if I get in your way?" She glances at Charmer's display with twitching lips. "I don't think there's anything wrong with saying hello, and he didn't land in anything," she replies to Cenlia. Trina, on the other hand, is determined to not be shushed, and climbs back onto the table, digging her claws firmly into the sketchbook in the process. "Trina! Stop that!" Moria cries, batting gently but insistently at the grouchy green flit. "I've spent hours putting this book together - you will get your claws off it this instant!" Mulgrave watches calmly, completely uninterested in Moria's struggle with the firelizard he insisted she Impress.

Cachucha gives another little trill, amused by the bronze's antics even as Fy rolls her eyes at him. "I think he's beyond spoiled. What about all your other firelizards? Don't pay enough attention on them, Cenlia?" She lifts a hand to flap at Moria with a snort. "Nah, go ahead. If you don't mind me peeking every now and then. The name's F'yr, by the way. Zaruath's." Introductions and all that. She giggles a little at all the firelizards, though quite happy with the quiet gold on her shoulders, giving her a scritch on the head before taking her mug of klah and taking a big gulp of it, helping to clear her throat. "I'd've thought he'd have a tab open for you or something. Bit unfair, making you clean up."

It probably doesn't help that Charmer gives a delighted croon to Trina when she crawls back up onto the table. Yay, a lady-flit! Cenlia can't help but giggle at Moria's attempt to save the sketchbook from flit claws, "'Least she ain't tryin' to eat it?" The gardener eyes the book curiously, though, before she's turning back to wrinkle her nose at Charmer. "Nah, m' other flits're just as bad. Ain't half a friendly though," the girl says, though little gold Bliss up in the rafters gives a chirp of protest and swoops down to land on Cenlia's shoulder. Cen grins a bit. And then makes a face, saying slowly, "Got a tab, yeah…" and she clears her throat a little, "Was the runnin' out part that's the problem." And though the blush has died down a bit, it starts creeping back up again.

Moria finally recovers her sketchbook from Trina and dumps the green back into the chair, where the flit proceeds to sulk. "Stupid flit," Moria mutters with a scowl, smoothing the pages of the sketchbook carefully. She fixes her glare on Mulgrave. "This is all your fault," she tells him imperiously before sighing and glancing back to F'yr and Cenlia. "Hmmm? Oh, peek away. It's nothing secret, just my project for advancement to journeyman," she explains. "And yes, it is very good Trina didn't try to eat it," she adds to Cenlia with a faint smile. "Pleasure to meet you, F'yr. I'm Moria, Glasscraft apprentice." Moria's brow furrows as she looks from F'yr to Cenlia, noting the blush the latter is sporting. "Why'd you skip out on the meal in the first place?" she asks Cen, puzzlement obvious in her tone.

Poor sketchpad. F'yr's just finding the whole process amusing up until the point that Moria says it is for work. "Now that's a problem. Have they ever ruined anything of yours before like that? Thank Faranth all Chu does is sit there, but she can't really ruin running 'round dropping stupid boxes off. She can only make that work better." The gold would get another scritch if Fy wasn't getting her soup right then, happily digging into the warm broth almost immediately. "Maybe she'll grow into being more friendly," says the brownie, pointing her spoon to Cenlia's gold. She clears her throat again, her own blush following Cenlia's soon enough, especially at Moria's question. Oh yeah, Fy remembers /that/ now. "You think he'd have been nice 'nough to let it go, or blame it on someone else."

Cenlia pulls up an empty chair and flops down in it, peeking at the sketchbook, "Glasscraft, huh? What sorta project?" Curiosity, she has it. At Moria's question, Cenlia rubs the back of her neck, "Um, was a dare," she mumbles, glancing at F'yr and then nodding quickly, "Yeah, 's not like it's the first time-" but then she cuts off that thought right there, eyes darting to Beldar briefly. Oh hey, less embarrassing subject! Cenlia reaches up a hand to give Bliss a scritch, the little gold settling on her shoulder with a soft croon. "This one's alright," the gardener girl mumbles, "Behaves. Ain't like the rest of 'em." Rogue and Trouble in the rafters get a look. Back on the table, Charmer croons sweetly to Chu and then to the displaced Trina. Aww, sulky green flit, how sad! He MUST cheer her up. Crooon, crooon!

Mulgrave gives Moria a look that clearly says he's innocent. Honest. Moria shakes her head, and finishes smoothing the rumpled pages - other than a few small holes, they really aren't badly mussed. "She's normally not destructive, just grouchy, but she also doesn't like not being able to see what's going on when she's having breakfast," the apprentice explains. "I take if you run transport duties?" she asks at the mention of dropping off boxes. And Cenlia's gold gets a brief smile. "She's much better mannered than Trina, for all that they are the same age," she points out before turning her sketchpad so Cenlia can see it. "I've made blueprints for the most frequently needed items in both glassmaking and pottery," she explains, guesturing to the carefully rendered diagrams. "It's not a good idea to take that kind of a dare," she says finally, glancing at Cenlia. "But it looks like you've learned that." And she indicates the cloth Cen's been using to clean with. Trina is determined to remain sulky, and ignores the crooning bronze. Sulk sulk sulk. Mulgrave, however, mantles his wings and hisses at Charmer, obviously possesive. Crazy flits.

"One's always been 'nough for me. I wouldn't stick a piece of meat anywhere near any other firelizards if I spot a hatching. Plenty of people that want 'em, anyway." F'yr says in between bites of her soup, pausing after another bite to make a face at Moria. "Not really transporting," she answers, hesitantly. "More like practice and… shells, ain't gonna be dragging boxes 'round for /too/ long if I have any say in it." Taking a break from her meal, she pops out a soggy piece of wherry bit from it to hand over to Chu, who happily gobbles it up. "I don't remember it being /your/ dare… or was it? Should make R'zel or… or someone else be cleaning up. 'Least you brought business." She tries to smirk at Cenlia even past the light red cheeks.

"'S why I named her Bliss," Cenlia grins a bit at the comment regarding the firelizard's manners, giving her gold flit another scritch, "Gets the other ones to behave sometimes too." She does make a face and nod in agreement with F'yr, "I didn't want any of 'em. Shards, been tryin' to avoid going anywhere outside with food since the first one. Ain't worked so well.. didn't have much of a choice - all of 'em practically snuck up on me." Literally, in most cases. But the look she gives Charmer is somewhat fond as she mutters, "Kinda grew on me though. Cute little things sometimes." The gardener girl peers at the diagrams, tilting her head with a, "Huh. That's neat." She does give Moria a sheepish look, then, "Yeah… was kinda drunk." Cenlia glances again at F'yr, grinning a bit, as she admits, "Ain't sure whose dare it wasm really…" and there's a thoughtful look at the mention of R'zel, though Cen is soon snickering, "Betcha half the folks in here're hopin' I'm gonna bare my bottom again." Snickering, despite her own blush refusing to fade. Charmer is unperturbed by Mulgrave; if the green wants to sulk, well… Charmer then turns to croon cheekily at /him/. Hey there, bronzie.

Moria strokes Mulgrave's back soothingly, and the bronze settles down. "Mulgrave was a gift from my parents when I was transfered here, and he dragged me to the hatching at the Founder's Day celebration, where I Impressed Trina. Thus, she is his fault," she explains. She return's Cenlia's sheepish smile with a warm one and a nod. "Drinking does lead to a lot of foolish things," she agrees. F'yr's comments about the transport duty have sparked her curiostiy again. "So you don't normally do transport duty, then?" And then she lets out a soft 'Oh!' as several bits of information click into place. "You're the rider who's been recovering after that tornado collapsed their weyr! Is transport duty all you're allowed to work right now?" she asks.

F'yr's face split a little bigger into a grin. "Oh, they really are cute. Lots of cute things, but don't mean I'd want to be dragging 'em all home. Only have time for Chu anyway, and Zaru has to deal with her cause she came first." She gives a sharp little nod, looking at all the other firelizards around for a moment. Lifting her mug to her lips again, she gives a little snort. "/Kinda/ drunk? Yeah right." And then hides the blush into her mug again. Resurfacing, she leaps at the chance of a different topic. "Search and Rescue, actually. We were one of the best back in Ista." But her grin fades into a sad frown and she shakes her head. "No… I mean, that was us, too. But we crashed back in Western months 'go, and Zaru's just working his wing back into shape, finally. They say he's not good 'nough for bigger things yet."

Cenlia reaches out to give Charmer some scritches, the little bronze still crooning sweetly. "Dunno why I keep ending up with more've these guys," and she makes a face, just shaking her head. "Yea… maybe more'n kinda drunk," Cenlia admits, blushing redly, and rubbing the back of her neck again, causing Bliss to nuzzle her arm. She does manage a grin though, telling F'yr and Moria, "Done worse things when drunk, though. 'Least nobody ended up in a tree." Cenlia tilts her head then, to listen as F'yr talks, the gardener furrowing her brow a little, "'M sure 's just gonna take some more time, yeah? 'N then you guys'll be showin' up M'nol an' the rest of Galaxy wing." Cen knows nothing about dragons and healing; she can afford to be optimistic.

Moria shakes her head, blushing at her misunderstanding of the situation. "I'm sorry, that happened before I came here so I wasn't aware that was you," she explains softly. "I hope his wing continues to heal and strengthen so you can get back to doing more interesting things," she adds. It appears Trina is done sulking, and has decided Moria must be done with her chili. The green scrambles up onto the table again - missing the scrapbook this time - and grabs the edge of Moria's bowl as she balances on her haunches. With a charming chirp, she cranes her head to peer at Moria beseechingly. At least she doesn't steal food…

F'yr waves her hand at Moria, giggling a little at her apology. "It's alright, we're alive and all that. We're really tough, so you'll see us flipping in the skies in no time." So she says about a turn later since her accident. "Thanks, though. And yeah, soon 'nough!" she chirps to the two of them, beaming. Cenlia gets her full attention now, eyes widening a little. "Up in a tree doing /what/? I think I recall you mentioning and— you know, shells, nevermind. Good thing no one ended up like that. Or all of us. I think I've had 'nough with drinking and beaches and not remember," she says with a grumble, getting that out there and blushing back into her juice as she finishes off her drink, shaking it around for a waiter to refill.

If only Cenlia were so lucky; the gardener girl gives the green flit an amused look, saying, "She's better behaved than my lot. Rogue always gets in my sammiches." Grumble grumble. But for all their misbehavior, Cenlia sounds more amused than grumpy about it. After all, Rogue can be pretty cute, even when he is running off with the salami. And then Cenlia starts looking really sheepish, about the tree… "Wish I could remember," and then Cenlia does laugh, "Shards, could just see that. All of us inna tree with no clothes on." Snerk. But than she quirks an eyebrow, saying off-hand, "Dun remember much m'self. Woke up with all 'm clothes on an' went home." Yep, booring. "Ain't seen anybody else since," and she just might have been avoiding them at that, "Hope Sigam's alright." And despite her words, she's grinning from ear to ear. She remembers /that/.

Moria nods as F'yr responds to her apology and digs her spoon into her chili, offering it to Trina. "She doesn't steal food - Mulgrave made sure of that right away - but other than that, she's pretty unpredictable." Trina chirps happily and grasps the spoon, licking at the contents happily. "I'm glad I wasn't around when this happened," she comments, smiling at the others. "I'm not fond of losing track of things."

F'yr pushes aside her broth, finally full, which is just open invitation for Chu to hop down from her perch and start picking at the meaty bits she can find, licking the soup off her claws. The brownrider raises a hand to rub at the back of her neck, trying to just laugh the whole situation off but the embarassment is clear on her face. "All of us with no clothes on on the beach is just as bad. But it sounds like a real bad accident waiting to happen, all up in a tree." She looks down to her mug, refilled now, and stares at it. "Well, 'lease you found your clothes. I at least only found my important bits. Belt, knife, boots." Yes, those were important ones for her. "Haven't seen anyone either since then," she says, nodding once. "But it ain't hard to miss Sigam really. He's… alive." And colorful.

Cenlia manages to look somewhat embarrassed, grinning at Moria nevertheless and muttering, "'M just glad I managed t' find my pants." She's not looking at F'yr, though the gardener is still grinning as her face tries to do a good impression of a redfruit, "Yea… th' beach." At the mention of clothing, Cen rubs her head, "Mighta ended up with some of your stuff… m' flits made off with a buncha things. Left 'em near my cot." She wrinkles her her nose, and the snorts, loudly, and attempting not to grin, "'S good," about Sigam being alive.

Moria smiles gently at the statements of both other women, nodding slightly. "Well, I hope it doesn't happen again to either of you - sounds like it was a rough night." Trina, having finished with the chili, chirps imperitively, which is seconded by Mulgrave. "Ah, it's time for them to be bathed and oiled. If you'll excuse me? Again, a pleasure to meet you, F'yr, and I hope Zaruath is fighting fit again soon. Take care, Cenlia," she says as she rises, gathering her sketchbook and tucking it in a carrysac. Her dishes are tidied into a neat pile for the server to clear, and she moves off to pay her bill before leaving.

"It ain't gonna happen again," says F'yr nice and serious about it. No booze touching these lips again. She watches as Moria gets ready to go, waving cheering and calling out a, "Nice to meet you too, Moria!" After the other girl leaves, Fy leans a little closer towards Cenlia. "If you did end up with… you know, I should pick that up from you so I get it back. Ain't got any of my underwear back," she mumbles a little more quietly, blushing bright red. "Stupid 'lizards… never thought I had to worry 'bout /that/ but at least it's /you/ cot and… not someone else's."

Cenlia raises a hand to wave at the departing Moria. "Think 'm glad I dun't remember much 'bout that night," she remarks to F'yr. That is a blatant lie. But she's sticking to it apparently. The gardener girl nods, saying, "Yeah, can drop 'em off at your weyr? Figure it must be yours since it ain't mine." There's a brief pause, Cenlia frowning a little, "Dun /think/ Keziah was… um, drunk." The girl nods in agreement, "Yeah, shardin' flits." Charmer just crooons. Cenlia makes a face at him, and then mutters, "'M pretty sure the rest ain't Jeffin's," and her face goes a little more pink, "Figure'll, er, have Jeffin go ask." Awkwaard.

F'yr nods her head almost immediately, just a bit too fast. "Oh yeah, completely drawing a blank." Lies. "It's just like… the tavern, and then /nothing/." Liar. But she's pushing that story really well. "Can you? I actually spend more time in the dorms if that's easier. Ain't got much furniture in the new place so figure it's easier…" She shrugs and purses her lips a little in thought. "Could be Sigam's stuff, maybe? Yeah, Keziah wasn't…" Her head drops to the table with a little thunk. She wasn't supposed to be remembering! When she peeks back up it's with a completely red face as she reaches into her mark purse and dishes something for her meal, starting to pack up apparently. Chu's plopped back on her shoulder and she starts gathering her leathers. "But… yeah, clothes. Clothes are good."

Cenlia nods, "Will drop the stuff off," and then snorts, "If it is, should make him help me clean tables in here to get 'em back. His sharding idea t' play-" right, not supposed to be remembering! Cenlia clears her throat, looking fairly embarrassed as the brownrider facetables. The girl rubs the back of her neck, mumbling something about getting back to work. Beldar, meanwhile, is giving Cenlia a look. The gardener girl sighs and grumbles, "I better go look busy," as she gets up, saying quickly, "Yeah, um, clothes," and then she's scurrying toward the bar with speed, face completely red. And Charmer just croons.

"Thanks, Cenlia," mumbles F'yr, trying not to meet the gardener's eyes at all as she shrugs back into her gear, probably to go hide somewhere far far from the Weyr now. "Yeah, he should be." That's about all she's going to mention on that again, for the moment. "Good luck on your torture here. I'll catch you 'round 'gain soon." Clothes, yeah… but Fy's got one thing in mind, and that's running out of that tavern before things got too awkward.

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