The Gold and the Tuber...(aka Risali makes an impression)

Xanadu Weyr - Shore of Lake Caspian
The cliffs that run along the shore come and go, various weyrs nestled along the tops of them or dug into the walls, but eventually they recede enough to expose a beach. The white sand echoes the rise and fall of the cliffs with a multitude of sandy dunes, endlessly creating tiny valleys that are constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of dragons. The dunes smooth out as the gentle slope approaches the edge of the deep blue water. The sand darkens, and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect.
The beach narrows to the southwest, leaving a path barely wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to a smaller, more sheltered cove. The sands are the same white, the waters the same blue, but they're calmer and more tranquil, more protected from the winds that ruffle Lake Caspian and the currents that tug beneath the surface.
//Rough, wide stairs lead up to the meadow above and the road that runs along the top of the cliffs, passing through the fields and heading for the river mouth that can be just barely seen from here. The largest of the staircases up the cliff is located near the docks that jut out onto the peaceful blue waters.

It's another day, and Risali is still in that hazy mindset that Leirith's subtle glow influences. She has too much energy, too damn much of it, and it's the reasoning behind the little hellcat being out on the beach now, hair tied up and out of her face while she runs in clothes really not meant for running: a corset over a tunic that falls mid-thigh as a makeshift shift, bare feet, no pants (but that tunic is long enough, shhh). Leirith? Well, she is parading around the beach with a complete lack of grace and the much-too-loud overreach of her mind, all bass and drums and excitement that can hardly be contained and so aren't because she's projecting for the whole damn weyr to hear. « Keep running, minion! They'll realize you're the fiercest then, and then maybe they'll want to make babies! » MUAHAHAHA. MUAHA. MUAHAHAHAHA.

It's another day and with another day comes another danger and here in Xanadu, L'gan is no stranger to this. Granaeth unfurls his wings as he turns about in the waves, moving for deeper water now that his rider is done with a very long and thorough scrubbing. He rumbles deep, tilting his head down the shore a bit before conveniently wading where the poor man can't catch up. The bronzerider's eyes open wide, his mouth pulled down into a scowl and he quickly turns to look out for the source of impending doom. TRAITOR. « NOT MY FAULT YOU'RE TOO SLOW. BAAAHAHAHAA. » "Oh… fuck. Faranth, help me." With a groan and rolling of those light brown eyes, he quickly packs up his grooming supplies before they make it out to sea. AGAIN.

And it was turning into such a nice morning, Triven had his Klah and a large bag full of pastries to snack on as he sits out on the drawing in a note book. When the brass band that was the gold dragon appeared he was safely hidden away in some of the sand dunes he as sculpted into a lounge chair. When he hears the other man calling for help he will look up and down the beach to actually see what on Pern is happening today.

NO ONE IS SAFE. Not Triven, not Risali, not L'gan, and DEFINITELY NOT GRANAETH. Leirith zeros in on the poor bronze like he's an honest-to-Faranth piece of meat, and the queen literally charges into the water like she is an honest-to-Faranth rhinoceros, and Granaeth is in her TERRITORY. Her BREEDING territory. NOTHING IS MORE SERIOUS THAN A RHINOCEROS ABOUT TO CHARGE YOUR ASS. « YOU! » It comes with a primal beat so at odds with the effervescent quality of the queen. « YOU LOOK LIKE A DRAGON THAT KNOWS ABOUT BABIES. » This is totally how you come on to another dragon. « I LIKE DRAGONS THAT KNOW ABOUT BABIES. » Yeah, she's taking advantage of her bulk to hop in the water and eat up that distance separating them. RUN, GRANAETH. Or L'gan? L'gan should really //probably run, because Risali is squinting out at the water, watching Leirith's horrible attempts at flirting and - KAPLOW - right into the much hated bronzerider she goes. Shoulda packed that up faster. One, two, SHRIEK: "WHAT ARE YOU - " A beat, a pause, as Risali's brain seems to reboot and then it just gets worse, doesn't it? Because Risali's arms are suddenly around L'gan's middle and she's pressing against him so that she can smell him. This isn't creepy at all. NO. SHE WILL RESIST. SHE DOESN'T LIKE THIS MAN. "GET AWAY FROM ME." Which would be easier if she'd let him go and stop sniffing him. This, Triven. This is what's happening at Xanadu today.

GRANAETH SAYS NO AND DIVES DEEPER. RED ALERT. RED ALERT. DIVE. DIVE. « DON'T BREED WITH IT, WHATEVER YOU DO. » Risali closes in faster than L'gan has a chance to react to and when her arms of DANGER and DEATH wrap around him, only for a second, he's grateful there's no bucket of mop water in her hands. STILL. He's gonna try to get free, even if it means partially dragging her in the process! "LET GO OF ME, YOU CRAZY BATSHIT WHERRY." HISS. The bronzerider tries to keep at least one arm free while he shoves as hard as he can. If not to pry the creature of the deep off of him before she consumes his FACE, at least to fight to the DEATH. "GRANAETH!" « I DON'T KNOW A DAMN THING ABOUT BABIES. BOTHER SOMEONE ELSE. »

Triven will see the gold rider and do his best impression of a sand sculpture. HE doesn't remember how he escaped last time from the strange woman with the need to smell tall men. But he is pretty sure it involved distracting her with a bronze rider. Oh look there is one now, it seems that unlike the last one this one is intent on running for his life. Yup time to be very still and hope they dont notice until there is a way to bury himself in sand and hide.

A CHALLENGER. EXCELLENT. « HAHAHA! MINION! THIS ONE IS PLAYING HARD TO GET. LOOK AT HIM GO. » And yeah, Leirith is totally taking a moment to admire Graneath like hot damn you a hot bronze dragon and then she's DIVING IN AFTER HIM. BECAUSE THERE IS NO ESCAPE. « DON'T BE SHY. I FIND ALL THE PARTS OF YOU THAT ARE COVERED IN HIDE EXQUISITE. » … Which is all of him. Nice come-on there, Leirith. 10 points from Leirithdor. Meanwhile, Risali is getting partially dragged because L'gan is RUDE and is RE-ESTABLISHING THAT HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO TREAT A LADY. "Crazy batshit - CRAZY BATSHIT - I WILL SHOW YOU A CRAZY BATSHIT WHERRY YOU CRAWLIE-LOOKING SONOVA - " L'gan shoves, and Risali finally lets the man go - except not, because she's tripping, and going down and she's TAKING HIS PANTS WITH HER. Maybe. Maybe not. MYSTERY. "DON'T CALL HIM FOR HELP, COWARD. FIGHT ME LIKE A MAN." And yeah, maybe the goldrider is trying to catch his ankles and take him down with her if the pant-grab didn't do it. Maybe you should uh… intervene or something Triven. L'gan probably needs the help. He's weak to these levels of womanly wiles.

Did he lose her? Maybe he did! It took awhile but the bronze waded out as far as he could, only bringing his snout up to get a breath of air before going back up the beach in the direction she came in. Hopefully she thinks he kept trying to go in the opposite direction. DUNDUN. DUNDUN. ONLY, THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM THE TERROR OF THE DEEP. « THE ONLY PART OF ME YER GONNA FIND IS THE PART OF ME NOT THERE. ALL OF ME. GIT BACK YA CRAZY MONGREL! » And minus 100 points for Leirithdor on the account that Risali's face is too close to VITAL ORGANS. He might want more than one kid! HE'S GONNA NEED ALL OF THOSE ORGANS, RISALI. ALL OF THEM. The bronzerider feels his pants slipping and he refrains from shoving her off, working to keep them up instead while he's still back pedaling. Those pants are the only layer of protection he has against the goldrider. For a split second, he thought about having Granaeth try to get Meirath to beat back the beast but knowing the Senior Weyrwoman, she'd bring booze out here, point and laugh at L'gan's expense. Because Calisi is Calisi. Marel? NOPE. Taking no chances. "WHY DON'T GO YOU RAVAGE SOMEONE ELSE," L'gan snarls in her face right before he falls flat on his back. CRAP. SHE'S GONNA EAT HIS SOUL. RUN TRIVEN. ONCE SHE GETS TEH SOWL, SHE GETS TEH BAWLS.

Blame it on the trauma from the explosion he has already been a part of at Half moon, or just the fact he is still a young kid of eighteen turns. Triven will go and stick his nose or this case his arms in it, wrapping them tightly around the fire brand that is Risali and will try to pry her away enough for the man to regain some decency. "Oh that's enough of that Lass, you won you have him on the run" he will say in his tenor voice. While he is thin he is also wiry and not bulked up does have enough lean muscle to move the gold rider. Though he is pulling rather hard and they may end up in the water if someone isn't careful.

EXCUSE YOU, L'GANMORT. YOU DO NOT GET TO TAKE POINTS FROM LEIRITHDOR, OKAY. Kind of like how Granaeth can't escape because Risali is determined to not be evaded and she's bigger than him which makes her badder than him and that makes her the fiercest. HERE SHE COMES! KABOOOOOM. Dragon hide on dragon hide as two enormous beasts collide and Leirith shoves her muzzle in against Graneath's. « IF YOU WERE A TUBER, YOU'D BE THE BEST LOOKING TUBER. » She's used this before, so maybe it's a lie. Like Risali's face being near vital organs is a lie. Or maybe the goldrider just really wants it to be a lie because she doesn't want any part of her near that man's vital organs, much less HER FACE. Pants slip, the bronzerider snarls, and DOWN HE GOES. HA! "RAVAGE? YOU WOULD BE SO LUCKY, YOU WHERRY-FACED IDIOTIC - " there Risali goes again, losing her focus as she buries her face into L'gan's thigh, and exhales an almost-hysteric, "Why do you smell so good?" But then Triven is there to save Risali from her worst nightmare by putting himself in IMMINENT DANGER. See, here is the deceiving thing about Risali: she is tiny, but she is fierce. This is a woman that knows how to fight, and the moment that Triven's arms come around her, the goldrider's slamming an elbow back into his gut with force, and if she is successful in that blow, then the tiny thing will latch onto one of his arms, slip a leg behind her to try to sweep his feet out, and toss him onto the ground. She fights with bigger men on the regular. "DO NOT TOUCH ME," comes either way, the goldrider's chest heaving even if it means she done FOUND HERSELF IN THE WATER and SOAKED.

« I DON'T LIKE TUBERS. I DON'T LIKE YOU, EITHER. LEAVE ME ALONE. » The bronze snarls, jerking his body back the best he can and he tries to make it for the shore once more. If he can get JUST THE RIGHT LEAD, he can FLY AWAY. There's no rules against flying AWAY from a gold, right? RIGHT. "SMELL GOOD? NO. NONONONO. LET GO OF ME AND GO FIND SOMEONE ELSE TO DROWN IN YOUR PUTRID VOMIT AND DISEASE RIDDEN WATER YOU KEEP IN YOUR DAMN WEYRPoor, poor Triven. We knew him well. He was a man once, a man that provided the world with a skill set few possessed. Literally turning a person's flesh into a canvas baring a glimpse into the wielder's soul. He'll be survived by, uh… Hell, Risali probably won't leave anything behind. There might be a jiblet here, a bone there. Definitely no male parts, those will be the first to go. He might actually survive, if the goldrider doesn't want to feed on the gangly one. L'gan will only have a few precious seconds to FLEE WITH HIS LIFE. He even considers it, too. Glancing back at the poor man in Risali's destructive wake, but his morals say it would be an honorless thing to do so he feigns disbelief, placing his hands on either side of his face in shock. "NO WONDER SHE'S RAMPAGING. K'VIR HAS ANOTHER WOMAN RIDING HIS LEG." RIP CINNAMON ROLL. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE. L'gan tears off his robe and wizard hat because those are for special occasions and Risali's funeral would be one, and charges the tiny fury. He tries to scoop her up to THROW HER IN THE DAMN OCEAN. He'll have to explain the shredded flesh of his body to Marel when he washes up on shore a sevenday later or something. Maybe she'll call him an idiot, affectionately. No. Just call him an idiot.

The goldrider has the technique down as she clearly fights with bigger men, Triven on the other hand fights to win and survive. Her blow connects hitting him in the bony ribs, there is probably a popping noise but right now it is fight or Flight and he chooses to fight. When she latches on to her arm he will hip and shoulder roll her right off as L'gan charges and probably dropping all in the water. Once there he lets go but will come up in a ready stance elbows tucked in and hands up with his palms facing outwards and chin tucked to his collar bone, right leg is a little back he is tense and ready for whatever will happen next there is a solid bruise starting to form where she hit him in the ribs, he is skinny enough that it wont take long to show.

« BUT WE HAVEN'T EVEN TALKED ABOUT BABIES YET, » Leirith doth protest, crooning when he jerks away and then settling at the water's edge, giving up the chase as amusement bleeds in to replace ALL THAT GUSTO. There's laughter as she watches the bronze go, FREE FROM HER MINISTRATIONS as she stretches those wings out and turns her attention onto her rider and the predicament that she's found herself in. It's quite the predicament, with Triven performing a hip and shoulder roll that Risali falls into with a controlled tumble that has her rolling over her own shoulder and into a crouch on her feet, but she's not fast enough because L'gan is charging her to scoop her up and Risali's digging in nails to flesh, hitting him in the shoulders (note: she is not hitting his face) until they've hit the water and he does what she's been shrieking this entire time: he PUTS HER DOWN. IN THE RUDEST WAY POSSIBLE. Risali catches air, and there's a moment of limbs flailing before she hits the water. And the bottom. And that hit jars her enough to earn a soft sound of fleeting pain that has her tucking her chin in on a wince and taking a moment to breathe. And then she's laughing. WHAT IS DIGNITY? RISALI HAS NEVER HAD ANY, and so she's standing up in a now thoroughly see-through tunic with hair that's fallen out from the tie she had it in to hide what her corset doesn't. Well, most of it. The rest requires her pulling eager, skin-clinging fabric away from her body as she stalks barefoot to the shore looking very much the part of a drown cat. And then she keeps walking, right on past them, because the apology she had for Triven gets swallowed instead of her pride and the goldrider lifts her chin as she stumbles her way down the beach towards home. She needs to run. And dance. She has too much energy that requires burning.

FREE. FREE AT LAST. Granaeth does at least come back over to L'gan, rumbling deep as he lowers himself down, leaning to let his poor rider climb up without the help of straps. Once seated between the neckridges, he just vigorously rubs the water from his face, wondering if he has something for the possibly rabid-equivalent disease Risali just gave him. "You down there. If you ever see that one looming in your direction. RUN. RUN FAST. RUN FAR. She has a taste for you now!" OUT FOR BLOOD. Granaeth straightens up, giving his wings an aggressive flap with eyes whirling red. « At least she didn't want to mate with your face. » Gran, let's not even entertain that one with a ment-FOR FUCKS SAKE. WHY." « BAHAHAHA. » //Damn potato.

Triven watches the gold rider stalk away, looking at his now injured side and soaked clothing. looking up he hears L'gan's warning now and just watches the other man fly away. Well at least he still has breakfast, nope seems some scavengers either canine or weyrbrat, have come along and ate his meal in the process. He will limp back to his little made sand chair and collect his things time to work, at least he works in the infirmary so he can get checked out and patched up. "Well I suppose it can't get any worse than it is.." He will say to the universe which as most know, you shouldn't do that..

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