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Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs.

Seated at a table laden with numerous sheets and one pencil in hand is Datsun, a plate of half-eaten food and a forgotten mug of klah has been shoved away from him to make room for his papers. The Journeyman is peering down at the records, making marks and correcting, reading and re-reading, glancing from sheet to sheet. His coat hangs over the back of his chair.

Idrissa is making her way on into the cavern, she's not left much like many of the weyr, even less when other people are falling asleep. A glance is sent over the area and she takes in a breath before a yawn escaping her in the process. Hot cider is got, a plate of food stuffs like meatrolls and cheeseybuns befoer she is off to find a table. Datsun is spotted and she makes her way on over towards where he happens to be and sits down. "Hey Datsun.."

Datsun glances up as he hears his name and someone sitting down at his table, seeing who it is. "Oh, hey, 'Rissa. How goes?" The Journeyman pauses for a moment, pencil hanging in midair before coming down to rest on the table. Blinking as he sees his klah, he seems to remember it and reaches out to take a drink from it.

Idrissa offers him a faint smile. "It goes, won't complain or nothing." This said softly. "How you doing?" She questions curiously while sipping from her mug.

Datsun raises an eyebrow, "Where does it go?" As for her question, he shrugs, "Just doing the monthly paperwork. Processing orders, keeping up with apprentices, checking and rechecking bills, what needs to be repaired, checking and rechecking the math, which is the part I hate most about the Woodcraft. Math is a necessary negative." A shrug, glancing at his unfinished food, deciding not to eat it. "Boring stuff, really."

Idrissa ponders the question while watching and ahs while nodding. "Yes I suppose so. Math is sorta a needed thing in all well..things.." She's never been thrilled over dealing with math herself. She peers over though. "Do you want some help or something?"

Datsun begins to gather the papers into a stack, glancing at them as he puts the done ones at the bottom, the undone ones in the middle and his current ones on the top. Once they're stacked, the pencil is put on top and pushed out of the way, sighing as he criticizes his food. "Basic math is, yeah. The easy stuff, addition, subtraction, multipilication, all that. Some of these Woodcraft equations can be complex, though, mostly with projects." A shrug, looking over at Idrissa, "Nah, I'm good. So tell me what's up with you. You seem a bit quiet."

Idrissa smiles a moment and nods while she shifts and wiggles back into her chair, anotehr sip of cider is taken. "I'm just tired.. After everything last night. Worrying about the eggs.. Worrying about the queens.. It was a crazy night." Well that is one way to put it. She rubs at her eyes a few times.

Datsun glances in the direction of the Hatching Sands, "Oh, yeah. I'd never heard a dragon scream like that before. It was quite unnerving." A visible shudder, shaking his head. "Not a sound I'd care to hear again. Did they put you Candidates to work moving the eggs? Or something?"

Idrissa nods slightly at the htought. "Ya I've never heard anything like it before in my life. Hope I don't again to tell you the truth." She ehs softly. "Yes. Once the two queens was calm enough to allow people to even get near the eggs."
Datsun watches Idrissa, raising one eyebrow as he finishes off his klah, "So you were up all night moving eggs… What time did you get to bed? What'd they feel like? Heavy?" It seems he's curious about the dragon eggs.
Idrissa nods at this. "Yes, all us was doing what ever we needed to do to help anyway we can." She ponders this and glances to Datsun. "Was was really heavy. One girl dropped one on her ankle and it broke it. The egg is fine at least but it was crazy." A soft ah escapes her. "Heck if I can remmeber. Was late, light was just starting to be seen for the morning."

You say "/Broke/ it?" echoes Datsun, "They're /that/ heavy? Wow. Now I don't think I want to be a Candidate." A shake of his head, moving to other subjects as he sits closer, "Tell me something. Did I mess up with Zaala and Wakua? Was I wrong to say what I did?""

Idrissa she chuckles and nods. "Ya.. She'll be alright. Doesn't stop me really. But then I've been kicked by runners before." She blinks while looking to Datsun pondering. "As for Wakua… I'm not to sure what to say about her." Really, is there a reason for her to answer? She doesn't think so. "Dealing with Zaala.. She seemed alright. Maybe it's just me, you know how I am. Quiet and I don't say nothing bad about anyone..normally.."

"Yeah, but I don't know why Wakua would start talking about that… I'm still surprised she thought it wasn't against the rules." Datsun shrugs, "But I feel bad about Zaala. I think I went over the line… but I guess I'll apologize when I see her next. Yeah, I know you, but you weren't like that the first time I saw you. Remember?" A grin. "Am I keeping you up?"

Idrissa hums softly and nods with a smile to Datsun. "Talk to Zaala.. Tell her your sorry an all. I'm sure she is the understanding type." It's an idea. "Naw.. Gona try to stay up a bit more so I can sleep all night."

Datsun nods, "I will. I was surprised she suddenly went shy and tried to run off on us when she'd been ragging on me the entire time. She's a bit odd, that one…" Then he moves on to the subject he really wanted to talk about, "What did she say to you? When I was zoning out?"
"Everyone is strange to some degree I suppose." Idrissa offers while munching on a bit of cheese roll. She blinks and glances over. "Well.. She was talking about the talk you and Kale was having the day before. ABout how Kale hadn't made me a honest woman or osmething like that."
"I know I am to some people. Sometimes it seems like people think I'm strange because I prefer Holder type relationships…" answers Datsun, "That's all she said? Yeah, I was asking Kale why he hadn't started a relationship with you yet but he reminded me you're both Candidates. I keep forgetting that white knot means Candidate." Shrug, "Kale mentioned that I keep mentioning you two, so I told him I'd stop. Do I do that?"

Idrissa nods slightly. "Well.. I'm sorta there as well. I'm from a hold too after all." She points out softly at the idea. An she ohs and blushe slightly. "Yes well.. Ya I sorta forgot about that whole thing with Harlin." Well she tries to anyway! She hums. "I don't think so. You didn't now after all."

Datsun raises a finger at Idrissa, "Point there. I wonder if Kale shares the same thoughts as you." Maybe this is his way of being nosy. The Journeyman half-grins, "That's because I said I wouldn't mention you two, but since you brought it up…" Not his fault! There was something bothering Datsun as he watches Idrissa, blinking as he realizes what it is. "Where's your firelizard?"

Idrissa hums osftly at this and nods. "Well that is possible I suppose.. I mean he is from a hold too." Makes total sense! She chuckles, a soft smile seen. "Well that is true too." She grins and then blinks pondering. "Ah.." Pause… She is quiet for a moment checking for Willow and a chirrrrup is heard up from the rafter. A glance is sent upwards. "Up there.." She grins.

Datsun eyebrow raises, "I don't know. Not all Holders share the same beliefs… I recall something about him and Soriana. I don't know the details, though." At the chirrup, the teen cants his head up, "Why, you sneaky little thing. C'mere, I haven't had a chance to properly meet you." His stack of papers is picked up and stuffed into the unseen pack under the table before he wriggles one finger at the flit, ready.

Idrissa nods a moment. "Well that is true.." This said softly at the talk of holders. She chuckles softly and grins up at Willow. The little green soon hops down and flutters to the table, she hops up onto her haunches and sits there. Wings pulled back and she coooos out at Datsun, head tilting and her eyes swirling happly. "She's happy to meet you." Willow bounces forward and right up onto Datsun's shoulder even.

Datsun reaches to try and pet Willow as soon as she's on the table but she's too quick for him before she's on his shoulder, causing him to cant his head sideways to try and get a good look at the flit. "Well now, this one certainly isn't shy at all. Maybe she'll rub off on you." A grin as he reaches up and pets the flit, fingers searching around Willow for a good spot to stritch.

Idrissa chuckle softly and smiles as she watches Willow bouncing around. "Well… Ya I was wondering if it worked that way with firelizards." This said softly at the thought. Willow churrrrs and leans into the scritchings once the spot is found. "She likes that spot scratched the most."

"Well, I hear dragons change their riders a lot. Why not firelizards too? Do you feel anything?" Datsun asks as he stritches the little green, "She's got some claws on her." He comments with a slight wince as the flit bounces around on his shoulder, "Come on down. I don't have a padded shoulder for you." Gently he attempts to lift the green down to the table, returning to the stritching. "Have you taught her anything?"

Idrissa ponders this and nods. "Well that is what I was wondering." She has been more talktive at least. Willow hops down to the table once more. "Working on getting her to carry messages. Have a little harness for her and even something to hold onto the message all rolled up and weather proof. She keeps trying to chew the harness off though." Willow bounces around on her paws there in front of Datsun for a few moments and then she flutters up into the air and zips out. Rissa blinks and sighs. "She has a very short attention span.."

Datsun blinks as the flit just up and leaves him high and dry. "Story of my life." A sigh, watching the green leave before turning back to Idrissa, "I was going to offer her my leftovers." A shrug, "A harness, huh? That's a pretty good idea. How about soaking it in something bitter tasting so she won't chew it off?"

Zaala meanders into the Caverns, from the Hot Springs.
Zaala has arrived.

Idrissa shakes her head slightly and is about to say soemthing before there is a *pop* and Willow is back, upon the table once more. She smirks while peering at her firelizard. "Where did you go?.." Not that she get's a real answer. "I thought about doing something like that. Need to try a few things to see if it'll work."

Datsun jumps a bit at the unexpected *pop* before realizing it's the little flit who's returned. "Come crawling back, huh? You're lucky I like you." is said to Willow, smirking a bit as he reaches for his cold leftovers. Picking up a meatroll, it's offered to the green, looking up at Idrissa, "I don't know much about them. What's bitter for them? Oh, I know! Put numbweed on the harness." A grin.

Idrissa chuckles and grins at Willow. "Yes she came crawling back indeed. maybe she figured out that you had food for her." It's an idea! "Numbweed.. I didn't think about that." Willow cooos out while she looks at the meatrool and happly takes hold of it, eagerly munching away as her eyes swirl about all happy like.

Zaala has a towel over her shoulder and looks over her shoulder curiously as she wanders out of the hot springs, a hair over her shoulders and curled around the bottom lengths of her hair. She pauses once at the entrance of the hot springs, as if to contemplate someone or something she left behind. Rubbing the top of her head with the towel, her patience seems to run out or she's ensured the blind man can actually get out the way he came. There's something more important than some blind guy though, it's called her hunger. She meanders her way over toward the food, being rather selective of what she takes though, salads and a bit of white meat, pouring over warm sauces and sprinkling it with spices available.

"Just on the top surface so it doesn't rub against her body and turn her numb. Just so when she goes to bite it, her mouth will become numb and taste bad. I'd imagine that would taste pretty horrible…" Datsun yucks, smacking his lips as if he's imagining the taste. The meatroll is gladly let go of, folding his arms on top of each other to watch her eat, "I don't get to see them eat often."

Idrissa ponders while looking at Willow. "I'll have to try and get that to work out I think." This said with and nod. Willow chirrups out and makes short work of the meatroll. Her gaze drifts around a moment and she ohs softly before pointing over to Zaala. "There's Zaala." She says softly. A wave is seen and she smiles. "Hello Zaala!"

There's a balancing act taking place when she finally decides upon her dish selections, because she now has to carry her plate, try to keep her towel from falling off her shoulders, and pour out some hot mint tea for herself. Better than klah, for those who don't like the heavier taste. Pale hazel eyes are focused on not spilling that tea, glancing up however at her name. Did someone actually call to her? Which one of her beautiful friends is it! Oh she needs the comfort of their laughter and instead notes Idrissa. Surprised needless to say but not in a bad way. She carefully picks her way through the tables and chairs, only happening to spill a drop of her tea on the way over. Totally not meant to serve as a kitchen staff, that's apparent if she's struggling with just a plate and a mug, granted that towel is slipping off. With a breathy noise of relief as she sets down her plate and mug onto their table, she flings off the towel and spreads it over the back of her chair. "Hi you two…" she is polite as she settles herself into one of the chairs.

Datsun suggests, "Wear gloves when you do it. Wouldn't do to make /yourself/ numb, now would it? Let me know how it turns out." Then he's back to watching the little green finish before he takes his plate and offers the flit the rest of it if she wants. Glancing up at Zaala's name, he catches sight of the girl, pausing as he considers her. That drop of tea is noted, watching with mild amusement at the overload she has. When that towel starts to slip off, automatic instinct kicks in and his eyes wander. "Hello, you one."

Idrissa nods and chuckles softly. "Well ya that would be a bad thing indeed. I bet I would hurt myself to some degree if my hands was all numb." She said while she chuckles at the idea. Her gaze is back to Zaala and she smiles to her before tilting her head and she ahs softly. "You need some help Zaala?" Though by then the other is at the table. "How are you?" Willow chirrps and is busy sniffing over plate of food things left before the firelizard is peering at Zaala peering at her plate.. Food.. chirrrp?

Zaala is wearing her one piece suit, yes, as the towel slips off to reveal, but she paused long enough in her hot spring escapades to throw on some sweat pants. She starts to mix around her salad to coat the lettuce leaves and other veggies with the light olive oil sauces and spices, getting in a good fork full of spinanch and other tasty greens. Her eyes immediately flicker over toward Datsun for his return greeting, playful exasperation mirrored back as she shakes her head and rolls her eyes. She dabs her mouth with a napkin picked up along the way, maybe it was under her plate carrying hand the whole time, considering Idrissa, "I'm ok… I guess, all things considered…" She offers a weak smile, "My mom's dragon… and her weyrmate's dragon started joining in the screams. I don't know what was wrong with her weyrmate's dragon, but he was trying to fight Kereth and go somewhere. I thought maybe his rider was in trouble." She pushes around the fork on her plate, "I didn't get a good sleep." That's an understatement. No one likely did, not with the screams of those dragons! "And you?"

Datsun's eyes lift back up to Zaala's face once he confirms the one piece suit before he turns, tilting his head at Idrissa, "How can you hurt yourself if your hands are numb? You wouldn't feel anything." He comments with a half-grin, looking over at Willow, "Feel free to eat everything." is helpfully suggested. However, at the mention of the dragon screams, again, Datsun grows somber. "That sounds horrible. Just hearing them was bad enough." A slight frown, "I don't think anyone did." As for himself, he doesn't answer.

Idrissa ohs softly while looking back to Zaala. "Who's your mom, and who's her weyrmate?" She questions with a curious tone. "Well.. I spent the night helping move the eggs and trying not to get burned on the sand." Oh ya there is a white knot on her shoulder tonight isn't there! No green firelizard perched upon her shoulder so it is seeable. She grins at Datsun. "I wouldn't be able to feel anything stabbing into my hand, chewing on my hand, or burning my hand?" Totally makes sense! "I'm sorta surprized I can hear anything seeing how close I was to it all."

"Laera…. Ers'lan is her weyrmate. I guess he's on some mission or something, if I worked out the details, with that brown clutch sire's rider," see there is some connection there. There's a little look to Idrissa then as she mentions the eggs moving, "Oh. That… doesn't sound like it was any fun…" She could almost tear up over the thought of those dragonets melting in their shells. Bad thoughts Zaa. She looks back down to her plate and starts collecting another mouthful, this time some whitefish. There's not much else to say about it. It was a depressing topic, everyone felt it. "I was approached today to … become a Harper's assistant." Heeeey! That's something positive, right? She looks between them, taking a moment to eat some more.

Datsun nods at Idrissa, "Exactly, 'Rissa, exactly. That's why it's called /numb/weed, dear." A smile, wide enough to show white shiny teeth. "Maybe your ears are just super strong." Then it's back to Zaala, seeing that she's actually quite affected by the earlier events. Falling silent for a moment, he offers a little positive encouragement, "I'm sure the eggs are okay. The Candidates probably moved them in time." One eyebrow raises, "A Harper's assistant? Not an Apprentice?"

Idrissa pauses at the name, oh yes she knows that name! Well Ers'lan at least. "I was wondering why I haven't seen him around." He tends to be good at sneaking up when she is with her friends, and causing all sorta of crazyness to happen. Still she's actually gotten over that fear of him that she use to have at least. She smirks at Datsun. "But when it worn off it would hurt.. I'd rather not get hurt to start with." A soft oh escapes her at the talk of Harper's assistant. "Really?.."

"I hope so," she murmurs about the eggs. Then to Idrissa about the brownrider, "His brown is around, so I can't imagine he was far, but…" and her shoulders roll, going back to eating for a time. Finally, "I can't exactly sing," she answers Datsun without looking up at him, pushing around some of the food on her plate, eating another quick forkfull. It was after that she rolls her shoulder, indifferent, "What'd he call himself… a maverick… or something. I guess he's a lesser known journeyman, works more away from the Hall than at it… He was saying that I could transcribe for him, something about his lute, making appointments for him and helping keep track of his marks. Travel all over while he does small concerts. He's blind, so he said he could use an assistant…" She peers at them both, "Have you two ever heard anything like that?"
"That's when you put on /more/." Wise and sage advice from Datsun, indeed. "That brown threatened to sit on me if I didn't finish the Sands project fast enough." He tosses in helpfully about the brown sire. "…You can't?" Time for his brows to furrow, as someone unable to sing as a Harper's assistant doesn't quite work. Scooting closer, he listens to the information, "That doesn't sound like a real Harper. More like a self-made one." He decides, nodding, "Met a few of those on my travels. They go from place to place. Some get some formal training, some none at all. You sure you want to do that? You only just got here, after all."

Idrissa shakes her head slightly as she hears Datsun about the numbweed.. Moving on! "Well that's interesting." She ponders this while Willow hops up and settles upon her shoulder, the little green eagerly preening across her wings now that she seems to have a full belly for the moment. Rissa grins at the talk of said brown wanting to sit on Datsun if the sand's wasn't done. "I've not.. But.. That doesn't really surprize me." She lived at a hold before coming here after all.

Zaala puts her damp hair to one side as she tries not to get dressing on the freshly washed stringy mass, her eyes lifting up to peer across at Datsun for his brows furrowing, "I think I sound horrible." A lot of girls think that but with some training they could all find their voices. She shrugs, as if it wasn't a big deal. "He didn't say singing was a requirement." Though by the tilt of her chin, she was listening to their options as if she valued them. She did need to talk it over with someone before she leaped into something so uncertain. She spies Datsun scooting closer with a sudden brow arching, peering long and hard at him, "Can people actually make themselves a harper and get away with it? I thought you had to like, go to the Hall. He -was- blind. He almost fell into the pool, so I called him stupid for not having someone to escort him around." She adjusts the straps of her swim suit absently, hearing the talk of a brown sitting on someone, smiling quietly around small crunchy salad bites.

Datsun shrugs, "I wouldn't know. I haven't heard you. Yet. You can bet that if you do become his assistant, he might need you to sing. If you do, I'll come and find out for myself if you are or you are not." Hey, at least it'd be support! What type, though, is uncertain at this point. A nod answers Zaala's question, "They do. Usually they tend to stay away from big places like Weyrs or large Holds. They prefer to wander and go to the smaller Holds that don't get Harpers often. If I remember right, one called himself a bard, not a Harper." A moment's pause, "Send a message to the Harper Hall and find out if he really is one or not." His head tilts at her, frowning. "Maybe he's just independent. I know if I was blind, I wouldn't want someone to escort me into the /bathing pools/. Heck, I wouldn't want anyone to escort me, period. Still doesn't mean you have to call people names."

Idrissa ponders as she listens to all this. "I.. well don't know a lot about Harper's so I'm not to much help in this area." Though Datsun to the rescue it seems! "Some people with problems like that are rather independent. They don't want people to worry over them and stuff, afraid it make make them seem weak.

Zaala is uncertain of what type of support Datsun is suggesting, though to state he would hear her if she got training, she softly laughs, "I don't think that day would come anytime soon. Sorry." She does listen about the Harpers though, taking some interest in it but nothing too serious, adding, "Yes, he did say something about staying to the small places and once and a while taking to the Weyrs to get supplies." She finds that funny, wrinkling her nose, "You know, I -wouldn't- want to live away from the Weyrs, even if it /did/ take me away from sewing patches in clothing." Her current mission in life, as it was. The last from Datsun has her correct him, "I called him a name first and he still wanted me to work for him after. I apologized too. He was just going to walk in the pool and drown himself." She shakes his head, "Your head is stuffed full of woodchips again Datsun." She flickers a tiny smile at him and considers Idrissa, "It's… sad. But he didn't have to mope around complaining about not being able to get his way out when he should've hired someone to help him with that."

"And why not?" He straightens himself out, one hand sliding back on the table, disappearing from view only to return with a sixth mark. Placing the sixth mark on the table, the Journeyman puts one index finger on it and slides it over to Zaala, "Sing." A little smirk, "And clear the woodchips from my head. You didn't mention you apologized. If you had, I wouldn't have said anything about it." A nod goes to Idrissa, "She's right. They like to prove themselves." One eyebrow raises, "How can he hire someone? Bards like that don't exactly collect top marks. The ones I met were poor. Their instruments were in better condition than they were."

Idrissa shrugs slightly. "Well it is Datsun.. he is a woodcrafter." She points out with an amused tone. "I bet he has plenty of woodchips in places after a hard days work. Mostly his ears." This said with a slight nod at the amused tone. "He was mopy?" She ponders. "Some are like that too.. Just depends on how the person reacts to such things."

The mark is regarded with a slow suspicion for his intention, then she snarks a bit at Datsun, "You assumed I didn't and ask." She seems to have gotten them there, pushing the mark back toward him, annoyed almost with its presence there, "Wow. A sixth mark, maybe I can buy a candle with that or maybe -one- sock… Not even an earring." She looks at him, shrugging as she takes a sip of her tea, "I think he just liked me," she was being sarcastic by her tone, but it's not far from the truth, "He mostly wanted a companion to talk to." Oh yes, she left out that juicest bit of detail to last, "It's not like I said yes or anything." She smiles for Idrissa's comment, "I don't want to know where he keeps wood chips." She does nod, "Yes. He was acting helpless for a bit." She clarifies, looking across the table to spot the headwoman staring her way. "Shells…" she tries to finish up as much as she can from her plate, her tea as well since it cooled, "I'm needed…" If that crooked fingered from the headwoman wasn't enough to send shivers down her spine. "I'll see you both later sometime…" A pleasant ending right? No name calling or stalking off mad this time. "-COMING-," she can be heard huffing out at the headwoman once she's up and move away from the tables.

Datsun smirks at Idrissa, "Pity you can't find out if I really do have woodchips in places for yourself." That amused tone is returned to the girl, turning back to Zaala, "Well, you're not even an Harper's assistant. How can you command Harper prices, hmm?" Though the sixth mark is taken back and retucked back into his marks pouch. Not one to waste marks, this one, definitely not. "Nothing wrong with that, people need to talk." His eyes follows Zaala's gaze to the Headwoman, suddenly beaming brightly and giving her a wave, complete with every one of his shiny white teeth, "Hello, Headwoman!" A kiss is blown in her direction before turning back to Zaala, chuckling as he watches her storm off.

Idrissa blinks at Datsun and chuckles at the comment about the woodchips. "I'm just gona take your word for it." Willow is up once more and the little green poofs between as if soemthing caught her attention. Rissa blinks and smirks. "Everything is laving it seems." a tired yawn escapes he and she slowly stands. "I'm gona go get some sleepnow hat I'm tired enough to sleep through th snow finally I think." She waves hto him once standing an is slowly moving on out towards the barrecks.

Datsun waves after Idrissa, watching her depart with her flit before he pulls out his papers and returns to work.

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