Introductions are in Order

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

The dinner rush is on, but D'son navigates it fairly nimbly and gestures around the cavern as he enters with a young woman who bears at least a passing resemblance to him. Those in the know would recognize her as his sister, come to stay for a long-term visit. "So this is the caverns, it's a little different from back home, but it should probably be pretty familiar. I think one of the things that took getting used to when I moved here was how so much of Xanadu's outlying buildings were freestanding," the bronzerider is saying to Desri as he leads the way toward the service tables. "Food's pretty good, if a bit standard."

Nicca is one of those settled in the caverns, an already mostly cleared plate infront of her as she lingers, subtly eavesdropping on the conversation at the next table, the young woman there looking rather flustered as she whispers with a young man in a Senior Weyrling's knot. Slowly, she contemplates the roll left on her plate, turning it this way and that, breaking off small pieces and buttering them individually to kill time, apparently on the lookout for some juicy tidbit or other of information, her attention attuned to the job.

The young woman playing me and my shadow with D'son is not quite so nimble. The dinner crush here is full of unknowns, and Desri comes close to treading on the rider's heels more than once while trying to avoid jostling anyone else. A few murmurs of apology are made though she's so far avoided any collisions, leaving her needing to hurry to catch up again. "I might be awhile getting used to it too. It doesn't seem right," she answers with a small, rueful smile. "Are you hungry? We could break, finish the tour later?"

Normally a latecomer or a misser of dinner, today Amelia managed to arrive more or less on time. She's in the midst of filling up a tray with a meal of hearty stew, soft bread, steaming klah and cold water. In general, she manages to avoid being crushed- possibly because she does happen to be in the Beastcraft, just off work, and, as usual, probably smells of manure and sweat- both hers and the animals. Not to mention the odd splotch of blood here and there on her pants.

"That was kind of the plan," D'son says with a little laugh to Desri and nods towards the tables. "Let's get a couple of plates? And there's some seats there," he points over near where Nicca is sitting with that other fellow. "It's a big place, a lot bigger than Ista," he concludes and spots Amelia ahead of them at the serving tables. "Amie!" he calls out with a thread of excitement in his voice. "That's Amelia," he tells Desri in a slightly lower voice, beaming fondly toward the apprentice beastcrafter. "My girlfriend I was telling you about earlier."

Nicca is then dropping her napkin on the floor, 'accidentally' of course, the young woman slowly leaning over to retrieve it, trying a bit harder to catch the thread of conversation next to her. Unfortunately for the wannabe reporter, it seems that the Weyrling says something wrong, for his companion is quickly slamming her fork down on the table, vacating through the crowd in a rush, tears spilling down her cheeks as she heads towards the exit. The Weyrling, however, just sits there dumbfounded, leaving Nicca to sigh as she straightens back up, redepositing the napkin on her lap as she sulks, eyes slipping over the caverns for another possible vic-er… Story.

Desri slides a glance towards the indicated table, spending a moment in studying Nicca before nodding agreement to D'son's plan. Thoughts of carrying it out are put on hold when he interrupts himself to point out the Beastcrafter. The young woman's first impulse, as shown by the light in her eyes, is to make a quip; something teasing, no doubt, though colored with fondness. But she thinks better of it, instead adopting a polite smile while raising her hand to wave. "I remember, yes," she murmurs with mild amusement, distracted by the commotion occurring near Nicca. She watches briefly, smile fading, then gives her head a shake. "I'll go fetch those plates, D'son, if you want to go say hi."

Amelia only just manages to hear her name and pauses in line, twisting around to peer curiously through the crowd. She doesn't notice D'son right away as someone stands in her line of vision, but she does see the unfamiliar woman's wave. She tilts her head curiously, shrugs, and turns back to filling her plate. A mental tug of recognition reaches her belatedly and she twists around again, earning a disgruntled comment from the person directly behind her in line. This time she sees D'son beside Desri, and connects them. She doesn't have a free hand to wave at them, but does offer a big smile of hello before she gets back to the line.

"Okay," D'son says with a grin, "get the plates started and I'll let Amelia know we're going to eat and maybe she can sit with us. But I'll drop back in line to come help out," he tells his sister and then steps away for a moment to catch up with Amie. "Hey, we were thinking of sitting there, near Nicca," he tells Amelia. "Want to grab the chairs while we're getting food?" he suggests to her even as he leans in to kiss her cheek gently.

With her name drifting from somewhere, Nicca's glancing around, gaze ending up on the bronzerider in line, arching an eyebrow as she watches him and the beastcrafter, hazel eyes then turning to the young woman he had temporarily abandoned, mind sorting through the possibilities before there's a little smirk crossing her face as D'son leans in, eyes glinting a little as she sits up straighter, smoothing her skirts, settling her hands on the edge of the table as she is quickly schooling her expression, already leaning to push the chair opposite her out with her foot, smiling sweetly as she waits.

Fresh from the docks, Quila is not looking her most refined as she slips into the cavern, dodging this body and that with the occasional grunted apology as she bumps into someone's shoulder and steps on someone else's toes. The line seems more bother than it's worth, and after standing there for a moment, shifting on her feet, she'll take advantage of Amelia's twisting and turning to dart in front of her - just for a moment, mind, she's not that rude, but long enough to sieze a nice tall cool glass o' something, with a sideways smile of apology to anyone who is now grumbling behind her.

"Right, I'll…ah. Yeah, I'll do that." Her idea, and yet she sounds suddenly less enthused. It isn't that Desri wanted to be left. Alone. Stranded in a crowd of strangers. But there are some things that wise siblings know better than to fight. She steels herself to push through the gathering on a rough course towards the stack of plates, turtling her head towards her shoulders and giving a series of quiet apologies every time she connects with someone else. She makes it. Eventually. Of course, now she's at the end of the line, plus one. But there are plates to be had and cutlery gathered; the prospect of waiting in well-mannered fashion while playing fetch-it for her brother doesn't appear to bother.

"I'll do that, sure!" Amelia agrees, beaming at D'son and squeaking a little as Quila is suddenly in front of her, "Full tray here!" she musters a little indignation, but she's not really bothered by the cutting, though she shrinks away from the grumbles behind her as if it were her doing the cutting. Getting a glass of water is her final item to collect and that done, she manuvers around through the crowd towards Nicca. Her way is not particularly blocked, again owing to the dirty smelly state of her barn attire. Once at the table, she offers Nicca a little smile. "May D'son and I and his er, sister, sit with you?"

"Whoa," D'son agrees as Quila cuts in line and smiles at Amelia again before dropping back in line to rejoin Desri. "Amelia's going to save us seats," he announces to his sister and nods politely to whomever has joined the line behind Desri. "How's it looking so far?" he asks his sister, finally taking a moment to eye what's on offer for dinner tonight.

"Of -course-." Nicca says hurriedly as Amelia joins her, glancing sidelong at the Senior Weyrling once more, the young man seemingly too lost in his own thoughts to even mutter something incriminating, before her gaze drifts back towards Amelia once more. The chair across from her is given another nudge with her toe, the Weyrwoman's daughter leaning forward - arms braced on the tabletop - as she offers quietly. "Meeting the family… Nice." And then there's a wink to the greenrider's daughter, Nicca hurriedly leaning back, looking innocent once more.

Quila is already drinking from her glass as she nods wordlessly at Amelia as she caaarefully steps aside, avoiding bumping the tray in question, and with a sweeping gesture indicates the serving table, as though saying 'all yours.' Then she moves away, dropping a wink at some flustered young teenage boy in line not far behind Amelia as she passes him, and she goes to find a seat - conveniently right by where Nicca sits, if not at the same table. There she sits, props her boots up on the chair beside her, and with her spare hand starts fingercombing her long hair with a low sigh of satisfaction.

Desri's smile turns relieved and she wastes no time in passing D'son one of the plates. Carrying two of them makes ladling out food somewhat problematic. "Good, it'll be nice to meet her." She uses her chin to indicate the options on display. "Like dinner back home, just less colorful. Less spicy too, from the look of it…" But that doesn't keep her from assembling a meal, pausing only briefly to look over her shoulder at their prospective tablemates. "Tell me this isn't going to be awkward?" she adds then, sotto voce. While awaiting an answer, she takes a glass of something wet for herself and turns, prepared to storm the beaches.

"Oh please," Amelia laughs a little at Nicca, sitting in the nudged chair. "It's not that scary," she says of meeting family, though who she's reassuring is unclear. She shrugs then and begins stirring the stew, occasionally bringing a spoonful to her mouth to test its heat level.

"Mm, yeah, it is less spicy," D'son confirms. "But still pretty good," the bronzerider claims as they get their plates loaded up. He shoots a look toward Amelia and Nicca and shrugs. "I don't think so? If it is, probably only a little bit," he reassures and fills up his own glass with water, then turns to head over to the table. "Hey there!" Dels says brightly as he and his sister near. "Amelia, this is Desri, my sister, Desri this is Amelia and this is Nicca, Niva's daughter," the bronzerider makes introductions all around.

"Little sister's aren't usually the ones you have to worry about.. They're the ones that give you things you'd never find out otherwise." Nicca says softly, leaning across the table again. "Even if they aren't close, they know things…" And the young woman certainly still appreciates Deby's input when she gets it, when it comes to O'ric. "Its the parents that you need to worry about." And then, D'son and Desri are there, and she's hurriedly straightening up, flipping her hair over her shoulder, smiling politely. "Nice to meet you, Desri.. And I haven't seen you around in for-ever-." Nicca says in a slow tone, a long, curious look given to her sister's former… special friend. But then, Quila's arrival is catching her attention, and Nicca's turning to look over her carefully, making no move to be discrete as she considers her with a soft hmm.

Quila is equally indiscreet, watching the greeting, introductions, and general socializing going on at the next table over with frank curiosity while those deft fingers comb neatly through dark curls. Nicca's look at her is returned with an arched brow and a flash of a smile, and she'll even throw out a murmured greeting, lifting her glass a little. "Good evenin'."

Desri trails behind again, but only so D'son can clear the way for her. She steps out beside him once the table is reached, mouth shaping the proper smile. Polite, warm, somewhat reserved. A nod is sent to each of the named women and then Quila as well for good measure before she sets her plate and glass down in front of one of the empty chairs. "It's nice to meet you too, Amelia, Nicca." She pauses a beat before adding quietly, "I hope it's all right that we're sitting here. It's filling up pretty quickly." That's said with a glance at Nicca and another for Quila, before the Istan gets settled in her chair.

Amelia peers at Nicca during the other girl's explanation, nodding, "I'll grant you that," she adds, and moments later D'son and Desri have arrived, and Amelia's face splits into a wide grin. "Hi! And hello, Desri. I'm glad you could visit- I know D'son misses home sometimes, it's good to have home come to him! Are you staying long?" And then she stuffs her mouth with some bread to keep from babbling.

"I've been around," D'son answers Nicca, puts his plate and glass down alongside Desri's then, what a gent, pulls out that chair for Desri with a smile for his sister. "Duties and all that," Dels claims for what's kept him low-key for a while now. "How're you this evening Nicca?" a curious glance is sent Quila's way followed by a polite nod as the bronzerider takes his own seat.

"Evening.." Nicca offers with a smirk to Quila, the young woman apparently passing the test for the time being - and likely put on Nicca's list of interesting people to keep an eye on. D'son's answer gains him a long, studious look. "Mmm, duties." She says with a little snort, rolling her eyes in a manner that shows her continued allegiance with her sister, arms folding lightly across her chest as she regards him across the table. "I'm fine. Trying to work." Though, there's no elaboration as to how sitting in the caverns is working, even as her attention turns curiously to the interaction between the bronzerider's girlfriend and his sister, lips twitching now and again.

"For as long as he can stand having me around. We miss him too." Desri couples the remark, which could be seen as teasing, with a smile at her brother. There's no real edge to the words; they lack the heat to be an attempt at tweaking his nose. Of course, he did just pull her chair out. That would make any sibling harassment a tacky thing. Once seated, she plies fork through tubers and keeps her head lowered. Her eyes continue to move though, performing the circuit around the table. After a brief silence, she thinks to fill it by asking, "What is it that you do, Nicca? D'son mentioned you're with the Beastcraft, Amelia." As if the state of the young woman's clothes didn't make that self-evident.

Smiling and nodding at Desri's answer, Amelia faces forward to chew on her bread. That swallowed, she tests the stew again and finds it still note quite cool enough for her tongue. To keep busy she sips on her water, still swirling a spoon through the stew as if that will make it cool off faster. At the question posed to Nicca, Amelia looks up, curious how she will answer, and adds to the comment on her craft, "Yes, a healer of beasts."

D'son breaks a piece of his bread in half and quirks a curious look across at Nicca. "Needed the break from really getting into anything after being Weyrleader," he notes. "But I'm going to apply to the smithcraft for real this time and see if I can get on a fast-track for journeyman," the bronzerider continues. "And you're welcome pretty much as long as you like, Desri," D'son assures. "Just try not to get kicked out," he teases his sister a little and digs into his food, though he slants a fond smile Amelia's way before he starts stuffing his face. Discreetly, his hand slides over to find the beastcrafter's beneath the table for a moment.

"She hardly needs worry about that, she missed Mother in her mood. Everyone knows that's the only time she sends people packing." Normal, sane people at least. Nicca replies quickly to D'son's comment of getting kicked out with a smirk and a shrug. "Of course.. Who knows what that… man will do." There's a certain disdain in Nicca's voice, the young woman clearly already not a fan of the new Weyrleader, a little shake of her head before she's deeming Desri's question worth answering. "I'm a… reporter." She seems to contemplate her choice of words carefully, letting it linger before adding. "My boyfriend and I write the Newes." Which of -course- everyone will know exactly what it is - at least in Nicca's mind.

And after she'd been so nice and not teased him. Desri's cheeks color and she tilts her head enough that D'son won't miss the way she crinkles the bridge of her nose at him. "I'll do my best," she murmurs, her smile not long in following. Amelia's answer earns a nod as well before she pauses, fork halfway to her mouth, to look at Nicca. Unfortunately, Desri is not in the know. She appears to consider asking, re-considers, only to change her mind again a moment later. The question is cautiously phrased, given the other woman's mannerisms. "You collect the news here and record it? Like a Harper?"

Amelia sets her stew spoon down to meet D'son's hand under the table, and at the brief touch her expression perks up. "You'll definitely get on that fast track," she smiles at him, though, tuning into Nicca, she frowns slightly. "I don't suppose you know yet if he's much of a stable goer?" she asks, referring to G'ene. "The stable's buzzing with concern- well, Dad is anyway. Doesn't want to have another man like Toban pushing the crafters around. Speaking of Toban, what about that murder I heard a mention of, down at the hold?"

D'son sends Desri a fond grin and leans over to bump his shoulder against hers, silent apology for the teasing. "You'll do great," he says confidently. "It's a gossip rag," Dels supplies about the Newes, which is not going to earn him any bonus points with Nicca likely, but it's Faranth's honest truth. "I don't really know anything about the new Weyrleader," D'son admits. "It'll be interesting to see what he does, though it'd probably also be nice if the position could stay stable for a while," he muses then tilts a look over at Amelia, fingers tightening on hers again, before they release so they can both have two hands for eating. "Messy business it seems, that."

The look on Nicca's face at D'son's comment could likely kill, the young woman having clearly inherited her mother's temper, a kick aimed kiddy-corner under the table at his legs, lips pursing in a frown. "It is -not-. Its news that people deserve to know." Still sulking, Nicca's arms fold harshly across her chest, still glaring at the bronzerider, only half listening to Amelia and Desri, though the question posed by the beastcrafter has an eyebrow arching curiously, the frown disappearing, replaced by an intrigued look. "I'll have to find out." She murmurs.

Mention of murder is more distracting than apologetic shoulder-bumps; Desri cocks in her seat and offers no recognition, seeing as how she's busy craning her neck to give Amelia a startled look. At this rate, the wide-eyed nanny is never going to finish her meal. "I picked a great time to visit," she says quietly, the look on her face saying just the opposite. A look of concern cants up at D'son before she returns to eating…only to pause again when the whiff of a foot near her own knee is felt beneath the table. Her brows lift while she returns to mildly studying Nicca. "What was your last story?"

Amelia ducks her head uncomfortably, biting her lip as though she'd meant to stop talking before she started indulging in gossip. She looks up again, shrugging over at Desri, "No, don't worry. It's just I'm from there, and I'm worried. And I mean, given Nicca's occupation I thought she might know something. Please don't feel unsafe- you're perfectly safe here, especially with D'son for a brother." Amie babbles on until she catches herself and tests her stew again. Very fortunately, it is finally lukewarm and she keeps her mouth busy another way.

"It's not that bad," D'son reassures Desri then winces visibly and shoots Nicca a /look/. "/Ow/," he says and draws his feet up under his chair a bit more, takes a bite of bread. "It really is safe, Desri," he agrees with Amelia.

There's a satisfied smirk as the kick connects, eyes darting to D'son as she gives him a look that certainly implies there's more where -that- came from if he's not careful. The young women, however, receive pleasant enough smiles, and she nods her head at the next table over, where the Senior Weyrling was spending time with the young lady. "Mmm, well, they're about to be the next one." She says simple, glancing over at the now empty table once more. "Amazing what you overhear in the caverns." She offers, before she's slowly slipping to her feet, sliding around the table. "If you'll excuse me.. It seems O'ric and I have some work to do." She offers, inclining her head to each of the group in turn, before her attention rests on Desri. "Don't let them scare you - mother really is quite harmless." And she lingers for a moment before heading towards the door.

Even with those reassurances, Desri isn't entirely able to erase signs of worry. Asking about the Newes was an attempt at distraction but it ends up being a poor one. Without the focus to follow the thread of Nicca's answer or the appetite needed to finish her lunch, the Istan gives up. Fork and knife are set neatly on the plate before she stands. "I think I'm going to get my things settled," she tells the two remaining at the table. There's an apologetic note in that remark but she avoids meeting their eyes as she steps away to return the plate to the dirty bins and then heads towards the nearest tunnel. Here's to hoping she remembers the way from the quick tour given by her brother…

Though social cues are something Amelia usually misses, this time she does catch the 'look' Nicca gives D'son before smiling at the rest of them. Expression a bit bewildered, Amie weakly returns Nicca's smile, then looks up a bit startled at Desri's abrupt exit. "Er." She mumbles, then sighs and starts back on her stew. Gotta keep up her energy, after all. "Better make sure she doesn't get lost?" she tells D'son after a swallow, glancing at him with a bit of a smile.

D'son shoots Nicca another 'wtf' type look then sits up as Desri excuses herself. "Okay, there's plenty of room in the —" he breaks off and looks over at Amelia, brow crinkled a little. "It's not far, I think she'll be okay to get back. But I'll go check as soon as I'm done," the bronzerider compromises because his plate is still nowhere near empty. As Nicca also bows out, he only nods politely and waits until she's well out of earshot before he remarks to Amelia lowly: "Nicca's probably still sore at me because of her sister. Remember how I said things could be a little iffy with Vivian?"

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