Breakfast to Go

Xanadu Weyr - Hatching Sands

The large circular "stage" is surrounded on one half by a towering wall, thin slit windows high overhead letting in some light without truly endangering the objects on the sands, though plenty of lights are spaced at human-level all the way around. The other half is ringed by the dark blue seats of the observation level, rising upwards towards the back wall. The circle itself is filled with a mix of red and white sands, deep enough to cover the largest of dragon eggs with ease. To one side, a small door is visible, hidden away behind a platform meant to provide a place for the clutch parent's lifemates to stand during the on goings.

Early morning Xanadu time Seryth awakens not only her rider to let her know that she's heading for the sands now, but Jraireth as well, sending a rain-cloud of gentle mist the bronze's way, an invitation if he so chooses to be there, « The time has come. » With the indication that there's no huge rush, she is in the mood to lie on the warm sand and it won't be afar off before she clutches.

Jraireth has been snoozing away the very early morning hours at Ierne WeyrHold, but when Seryth's mindcall had reached him, he's snapping awake, and hustling his rider out so they can make the trip to Xanadu. Tae's still yawning and rubbing blearily at his face as the bronze enters the gold's presence with a bob of his head, nudging his rider forward with his nose as he does so. « It is time? » the bronze greets Seryth. « It is so exciting. »

It isn't long before Thea follows the queen, having taken the time to don her customary thin cotton clothes that she saves for such sands-heated times as these - a sleeveless tunic and matching trous of midnight blue, her tumbled dark hair done up in a neat twist at the back of her head so for the time being anyway, she's looking cool, calm and collected as she steps into the arena. Passing Jraireth, she pauses at the nose-nudged rider to greet him with a gentle smile and a quiet, "Good morning, ah it would be… T'vas?" There's no move made to offer him her hand for she's got a small cooler in one and a cloth-wrapped basket in the other. She's made a stop at the kitchens first, apparently. Seryth, already lying out on the sands on her belly soaking up the warmth, raises her head to greet the younger bronze with a welcoming croon, her raindance reply amused, « That is one way to put it. I am… uncomfortable. »

"Couldn't y'have come without me?" the bronzerider looks sleepy, cranky and just a little put out. But as warmth seeps into him, and he scrubs at his face a little more, T'vas seems to be grudgingly rousing to a more conscious state than 'zombiefied' There's another nudge from his dragon, rather forceful before Tae realizes the goldrider is beside him, and he shakes his head, clearing it more to offer her a tentative smile. "Good morning .. Weyrwoman," he returns the greeting, holding out a hand. "Uh, yes, it's T'vas. Or some people still call me Tae. Need any help with that?" Satisfied that his rider's at least aware enough to respond, Jraireth paces forwards to inspect the queen, his long neck arched as he turns his muzzle towards her belly. « You look uncomfortable. » he says in agreement. « Will you be feeling better? »

Thea's smile deepens, the ice-green in her eyes glimmers with just the barest hints of merriment at the sleepy exchange between rider and dragon as she offers over the cooler. She's pleasantly cordial in her reply, "I would, thanks. The ice makes this a bit heavy. And it's Thea, please T'vas." Definitely more composed than when he last saw her. She indicates the raised platform over against the far wall with a tilt of her head, "Shall we? The heat is already getting through the soles of my boots, I don't know about yours." As they walk, assuming he's beside her, she sends him a sidelong look with a chin to indicate Jraireth out there, "Is this his first clutch?" Seryth extends her head towards the bronze, a serene chuff of appreciation that he's come, offering an affectionate nuzzle if she can manage while considering her reply, « When these are on the sands rather than in my belly? I shall, yes. » The thought is as clouds piling up, heavy with the unease before a storm.

T'vas claims the cooler with a cheerful enough smile, tension easing out of the set of his shoulders as the warmth of the hatching sands seep into his boot soles. "All right," he says then, a little bob of his chin in a brief nod given. "Thea." he glances at her, "I don't think we really had much of a chance to talk … after.." there's a long pause, the bronzerider hefting the cooler a little more, and rapidly changing the subject. "Oh, ice. Fantastic. I was still asleep when Jraireth dragged me out. A snack would be welcome indeed." he inclines his head, the gesture an acquiescence as he walks beside her to that platform. A glance is taken out at the bronze, studiously regarding the queen. "Oh yes," Tae nods. "He's only chased a few times so far." Jraireth is content enough, it seems, nuzzling back at Seryth before he rumbles softly. « When will they come? » he's curious.

"This is her fourth." Thea, thus far, is managing light chatter easily enough, although that falters with his comment and she coughs, her eyes swinging away from the dragon pair out on the sands only to remain firmly on the platform as they approach it. "I- yes. I know we didn't." She busies herself with the basket, placing it on the platform, pushes it back a bit and pressing the palms of both hands, she push-hops lightly up to a seat on the edge. Only then does she look his way, both apology and entreaty in her expressive eyes. "I'm sorry I ran off like that. Trust me, it wasn't you." Her eyes seek the entrance, but there is, as of yet, no one entering and this seems to relieve her if the sigh she gives is any indication. "My weyrmate took her last flight… very hard." Her gaze shifts from the doors to the sands and then back to T'vas. Seryth, meanwhile doesn't really seem to know the answer to that, but her discomfort is such that she's heaving to her feet and pacing.

"Jraireth's still young though," T'vas drawls out the words somewhat lazily, "Got a bit of a late start when he wrenched his wing just after we graduated from weyrlinghood, but he seems to have gotten the knack of it pretty easily." he pauses, swinging the cooler up onto the platform. "At least she's not a first time dam," the bronzerider observes, leaning against the platform for a moment. "I don't know how he'll behave," a nod out to the bronze, "but maybe your gold can teach him a thing or two about egg-sitting." He offers Thea a grin, scrambling onto the platform before he nods slightly. "Was he one of those …" a long trailing pause then, the young man not quite sure how to finish his thought. "Anyway," he says abruptly. "I don't blame you for running out. I'm sorry if I said anything mean about it." Because he might have just been a little unhappy to suddenly have her run off like that. Jraireth moves to the gold's side, keeping pace with her, the angle of his body such that she might lean on him for support if she needs it.

Half-indignant, but laughing in spite of her unease about the flight, Thea snorts, "Seryth's only seven turns old!" So still young in her eyes at least. Mouth still quirked in a bit of a grin, she turns to watch the pacing out there, dark brows lift, "Egg-sit, hmm? She won't require him to do that, but if he wants to stay? I know she'll be happy to pass the time with him." Back to T'vas, who is on the end of a slightly confused look for that unfinished comment, she fills in as best she can, "He wasn't among the contenders. He's a bluerider." She frowns slightly, trying to remember any sort of mean things said, "I don't think you did? Not that I would have blamed you." Her eyes twinkle in sudden mirth, "Just be glad you didn't chase me home?" She nudges the basket his way with her fingertips, "There's breakfast in here - warm pastries and klah. Cold drinks and fruit in that cooler. Help yourself." Seryth, meanwhile is having a teaching moment with Jraireth, nudging a trough in the sand with her muzzle hastily, turning as her flanks ripple and her first egg is deposited.

T'vas chuckles wryly, glancing at the indignantly laughing goldrider before he too joins in. "I didn't mean to imply that she was /old/," he comments, dark eyes mirthful before he regards her. "Jraireth hasn't even seen two full turns yet, but there we have it. He's obviously all healed up from his injury, which relieves me." he nods then. "We'll see how things go with them, not sure what he'd do, since he's never been in this situation before, but…" he shrugs, leaning forward to inspect the basket with a chortle of glee. "Oh food! We didn't even have time to stop for that, Jraireth was so insistent that we be here right /now/." There's a somber expression on his face as Thea explains the situation. "He's a bluerider and … oh, awkward." He gets it, he really does. "Guess I ought to be glad I didn't chase you home then. I went back to Ierne like a sulky boy." he winks. "That's all right though, it got me some sympathy." Of the female kind, in fact. He glances towards his dragon then, Jraireth watching as Seryth digs out that trough in the sand, the bronze's neck curved to watch. And then oh, an egg. « An egg! » the bronze chirps, stretching his neck out to nuzzle at the gold. « Our egg. »

Meanwhile with the arrival of first of those eggs the humming of the weyr's dragons begin and firelizards flit in through the door. It won't be long before the curious weyrfolk begin straggling up to the galleries to watch. "I'm glad he's-" Thea's sharply indrawn breath and wince are the only indication of her shared discomfort with the queen as that first egg is passed and she finishes in only a slightly strained voice, "recovered." As for awkward, she says dryly, "You have no idea." One finger lifts from the cloth she's lifting from the basket to point towards the door where the first person to arrive is a dark-haired man with a child on each arm, a boy and a girl. "That's him. D'had. Xanadu's weyrsecond. He won't do more than glare, I'm pretty sure." She pulls the cloth free, nodding in an understanding sort of way, "I figured if it was early here, it would be way before breakfast in Ierne." Out on the sands, Seryth nuzzles Jraireth back and admires the egg as well, her words a patter of rain on leaves, « Ours, yes. The colors are pretty. Can you bury it for me? Ouch! I'm- » She having another. Whee-fun.

"Shells, I'm glad too," the bronzerider replies dryly, glancing over at Thea for a moment as she winces and hisses. "I was worried we'd end up as permanent invalids at Ierne, but," he lifts his hands, palms out at an angle at the level of his shoulders. "We're fine and fit, makes me happy." The bronzerider tilts his head thoughtfully, glancing at the direction indicated, and then nods a bit. "But everything is fine, isn't it? Can't stay upset too long, right?" A thought occurring. "Either of you Weyrbred?" He offers the goldrider a smile. "You're safe from me, so no glaring from unhappy weyrmates is necessary. Mmm, yeah, it was still dark outside when we left Ierne. I wrote Quin a note. Meant to bring her, but Jraireth didn't want to wait. He was going to be a daddy." He chuckles again, looking over at the bronze who is oogling the very first egg he over sired. « It's so pretty. » the bronze declares, scooping sand up around it with his paws. « Oh - oh! » Seryth's discomfort is noted, the young bronze scrambling over to scoop out another trench for the queen.

With a slight cough, "He'll be like that pretty much the whole time you're here. You can tell him that? But…" Thea shrugs, not watching the irate-looking man, who is, thankfully making his way up into the galleries rather than crossing the sands to the platform; she'll worry about his mood later. "Ah, no, neither of us weyrbred. He's trader-folk, my folks are holders back of High Reaches. How about you?" A dark brow lifts as she looks his way with what is meant for a reassuring sort of smile as she reaches for a mug and the thermos, busying herself with pouring and then offering it over, "Klah, then?" Then graciously, "And if the two of you are staying," another head tilt to indicate Jraireth, "you're welcome to have Quinn brought over. We've a nice guest weyr." Seryth rumbles her thanks to the bronze and manages to drop her next egg into the trough he's dug. While the queen is calm, there's grumble of thunder in her clouds, « This may take all day. »

T'vas accepts the mug of klah gratefully, sipping at it for several long moments. "Ahh, that feels so much better," he replies, turning the tide of the conversation to mundane matters for a moment. "Weyrbred," he answers, "up by way of High Reaches. Lived there all my life until Jraireth hurt himself." He cradles the mug between his palms, glancing out over the sands. "Now, we're at Ierne. Rather like it considering how many marks we sank into making the place livable." He's in no hurry to leave. "I'm hoping we can go back and get her," he explains, grinning a bit, "provided I can coax that egg fiend there off the sands," he grins down at the bronze who's starting to pat sand around the second egg. « I will take care of you. » Jraireth is telling Seryth. « All day. » He shuffles off a little to dig a third trench. See, he's getting the hang of it.

Pleased, "No kidding, High Reaches too? We probably tithed- ah, tithe wool products to your Weyr then. Blankets, mostly, and yarn from Cold Stone Hold." He'd likely have at least heard of the oh-so-soft camelid byproducts. Thea pauses while pouring her own mug, a fine sheen of perspiration forms on her brow while Seryth out there does her thing and lays another egg. When the gold's flanks relax once more, the junior resumes pouring, caps the thermos and sips. "If he won't leave the sands, I'd be pleased to send a rider to pick her up," she offers kindly before offers casually, "If you're going to stay, I'd be happy to introduce you to our Weyrwoman." Meaning the Senior. Seryth is mollified by the bronze's promise, her discomfort minimized by his enthusiasm. More cheerfully she notes, « You are doing very well. Where shall we- oops. » She peers under one wing. « I missed. »

"Oh," T'vas looks surprised and intrigued at Thea's words, glancing over at her. "So that was your family's Hold that made those blankets. I was never happier to snuggle under some nice warm covers on a cold night. It's so different living down here. Much more sun." the bronzerider regards her a moment. "It doesn't feel good, does it?" he asks, gesturing at her and then out towards the queen. "I'm sure it feels …" he's once again at a loss for words. Hello, clueless male! "Your offer's appreciated, Thea," Tae nods gratefully. "I promised her we'd come here, and.." he grins slightly, "she was supposed to protect me from irate goldriders, but I don't think that's much of a problem." The second offer is met with a blanch from the bronzerider. "Your … err, she doesn't normally throw mugs at people on a regular basis, does she?" Thus implying that maybe the young bronzerider has met the Xanaduian senior. He covers this up by glancing down to observe his bronze who's chuffing softly in pleased fatherhood. « Ooops, » the bronze agrees, peeking over Seryth's wing. « What should we do? »

With a snort Thea notes, "Any place has more warmth, sees more sun than High Reaches does!" She's delving into the basket now that her discomfort has passed, pulling out a pastry with nut filling and taking a bite. Her mouth is full, so she just waves a hand at the rest of them, where it's clear there are several other kinds, some with fruit, some with a sweet cheese. Chewing still, she merely shakes her head to agree; it's not very comfortable sharing a mindlink at times like this, as he can (maybe can't) imagine. When he mouth is clear, she finally says, "Think of your worst stomach ache. But, ah, Niva? She does now and then, yes." This last part admitted to oh-so-blandly with green eyes a-twinkle before she points out, "And there are a few other irate goldriders around here though I am usually not one of them. So you just might be needing Quin's protection, hmm?" Out on the sands, Seryth isn't alarmed, her rain dances upon a still pond, « We shall just dig a trench beside it and roll it in before burying it. Unless, you have another idea. I'd consider all options right now. » She… might be teasing just a wee bit?

"It wasn't so bad when I was younger," T'vas puts in, reaching forward to help himself to a sweet, fruit-filled pastry with the enthusiasm of a young man for his breakfast — which is of course what he is. There's considerable silence for a long moment, mouth preoccupied with the act of chewing before he swallows, chasing down that pastry with a swig of klah. "Worked with my father in the stables, so all those warm animal bodies kept things pretty warm. Pungent," he wrinkles his nose at the memory, "but warm." Thea's explanation gets a brief nod. "Uh .. huh." He doesn't quite feel /all/ of Jraireth's discomforts in quite the same matter, but he can sympathize. "I guess she had reason to be like that," he remarks, referring of course to Niva. "With her gold rising and all." Boy, Tae's still glad he didn't have luck with that one. "Quin can stay with me," he nods. "In the guest weyr." On the sands, Jraireth is pawing at the sand around the egg. « I do not think we could roll it over there," he decides, nosing towards that previously excavated trench with his muzzle. « Let me dig a trench here, » And so he does.

"When you were younger." This garners a skeptical, "You're all of, what… fifteen? Sixteen?" Thea's brows hike up as if, really, she'd like to know, but there's a telltale glint of tease in her eyes, a subtle quirk at the corners of her mouth as she understates his age. She's mid-sip of her klah when he elaborates, although it takes all of her control not to choke on it, the junior manages to swallow. "Were you here for that? See, now, I went to Ierne. Had to get Seryth away." How ironic is that? Mildly, "I've never seen her proddy. What, um, happened?" Seryth is off and sniffing around that trench, leaving Jraireth to take care of that egg - she trusts him already! « Probably not, but you're ahead of the game. I can use this one. »

The goldrider's words made T'vas toss his head back, laughing uproariously for a moment. "You're actually not too far off the mark," he finally manages to say, reaching down to snag another pastry. "I'm just twenty, wasn't that long ago that I was 'younger'," he winks at her, "Yeah, we were. Jraireth took off while we were finishing up the delivery of some goods, and went tearing off after her. And wouldn't you know what he did when he lost. Got his harness all wet when he dove into the lake. I hadn't even time to take it off." the pasty is gnawed on a moment. "She threw a mug at a guy. I ended up hiding under a table." He's not too proud to admit he dove for cover like a firelizard ducking /between/. "Couldn't tell if he got hit." Jraireth snorts, pausing in his work to look up at his rider, before he goes back to patting sand around the waywardly laid egg. « Glad to be of service, » the bronze chirps out, attention turned towards the queen. "How many do you think?" Tae asks, watching his dragon before he glances at Thea.

Thea grins outright and quips, "You're still 'younger' then." Her teeth bite daintily at her pastry, eyes crinkled in laughter over it at him. At the wink she glances towards the galleries to find a dark look directed their way, swallows hastily and waves at the twins seated on his lap before she returns her attention to the recital of the goldflight. "That could be… unsettling. It doesn't get much better when she's stuck on the sands, either." She's all sympathy and then cheekily, "Shall I congratulate you for the loss then?" Seryth makes use of that trench to lay two eggs, in which time Thea has to take a few deep breaths before she can answer T'vas. "I'm not sure? That's five there. She's laid as many as twelve."

Ulp, is someone glowering? T'vas hardly dares glance in that direction, being rather intent on stuffing the rest of the pasty in his mouth and refilling his klah mug for a second time. "I think I'm still younger," he amends dryly, sipping at his klah before he turns to study the sands with some interest. "You know," he points out, "the same thought occurred to me. She ended up telling me to shut it." Of course, that's exactly what he did, because he lives by a simple rule: Never piss off proddy goldriders because you are tasty with ketchup. His grin is wide though. "You can congratulate me all you want. I'm glad we missed the catch. I'd make a terrible Weyrleader." On the other hand, is it possible that the victor might too? "Five," he exclaims, watching Jraireth shuffle over to tend to the two eggs. "Depends on the clutch huh?" There's a flurry of sand, Jraireth getting to work on digging out a few more trenches for the gold, just so she could go about her business. "I think Jraireth's thrilled he's even digging trenches at all." the bronzerider grins.

Thea chuckles at that, spurting a few dry pastry flakes, which she brushes off the front of her tunic without thought. Since it's so early many folks are either too tired to get up or to too busy with morning chores and drills hence the galleries aren't full to capacity and there are less to point and laugh. "She does that when she's not proddy too." With the 'shut it'. She must remind him then wryly, "And yet, here you are stuck on the very sands where she'll be egg-sitting with Kilaueth in some sevens." Adding impishly while watching him out of the corner of one eye, "Before these hatch." Watching Seryth amble towards yet another trench, she winces slightly then relaxes as the queen deposits her sixth. "Depends on the sire, I think."

T'vas laughs, his eyes watching Thea over the rim of his klah mug before he lowers it, nodding. "Oh I had the best view of the whole thing," he states, "and rather out of the line of fire." Which is what happens when one cowers under a table. "So I am," the bronzerider admits, "but, I think I can conveniently be busy enough to avoid her." That's right, he's a working man… on err … egg-sitting duty. "I'm sure she can't be here all the time, or if she's here, she can't be say, over there." he waves a hand towards the entrance. "Jraireth is a little young and inexperienced," the bronzerider admits, watching as his dragon comes up behind Seryth, scooping sand into place for egg number six. "Were all her other clutches sired by older bronzes?"

To avoiding Niva, "Good luck with that," Thea says dryly after another sip of her klah, her eyes dancing as she lowers her mug. "He tried it," a jerk of her chin indicates the Weyrsecond still sending growly looks their way (mostly T'vas' way, but hey), "And he -still- wound up with a wingleader's knot before the one he's got now." Vastly amused, she suggests in a hopeful sort of way (as if it's a real possibility), "Maybe you could get on her good side?" Then all he has to endure (avoid?) are a few other irate goldriders and one Weyrsecond. Seryth claims her attention with her seventh egg, the junior's eyes sliding closed with the queen's efforts then she breathes out a quiet sigh before she is able to answer him. "I- yes. They have been until yours. Hopefully it's not going to be a trend with the younger ones." The wince that follows that statement has nothing to do with sharing the gold's discomfort.

"I could always just lock myself in the guest weyr," Tae offers, hunching shoulders forward and trying really really hard not to look in the direction of said glaring Weyrsecond. "We're only here for a little while after all, I'd just hole up in there with Quin, get supplies sent in, stay out of trouble. I definitely wouldn't want to stay here!" That last is said somewhat strongly, and he offers an apologetic smile at Thea. "Sorry, Xanadu's a nice place, but we just got settled in at Ierne." He tilts his head. "Maybe I can try that, her good side. Does she er, have one?" Because T'vas hasn't seen it yet. He frowns a bit at the goldrider. "Must be awful inconvenient," he observes that discomfort again, "good thing this isn't the old days and she was laying dozens upon dozens of eggs." Ouch, why'd be bring that up? He watches Jraireth push sand up around that seventh egg. "Maybe we just got lucky," he offers. "Maybe it won't happen again."

With a snort, "Absolutely not staying holed up in the guest weyr! You'll be fine, I promise." And if she sends a pointed look over her shoulder in the direction T'vas isn't looking, hopefully the man up there will take the hint. Yeah, good luck with that one. Swinging her feet, which are now crossed at the ankles, Thea replies lightly, "Well, then you are fortunate you didn't win Weyrleader, aren't you? But yep, she does have one…. " with another one of her twinkling grins, "…somewhere." Her eyes follow Seryth as she makes a slow circuit of the sands and she murmurs dryly, "That's looking on the bright side of things. Less eggs." His last comment draws a bit of a confused blink, "Lu- what? Oh! Oh, it's not-" with a handwave, "It's not about you. You're fine." She coughs, "My fifteen turn old stepson impressed a bronze about a turn and a half ago."

Tae chuckles, tilting his klah mug to inspect the bottom of it for a moment before he leans over towards the cooler. "I think I've had enough klah now," he admits, "what've we got in here." Her comment about not holding himself up in the guest weyr has the bronzerider laughing slightly. "All right, it would be terrible manners after all, not acknowledging one's hosts." He shrugs, settling himself a little more comfortably before he's watching the sands again, and watching to see Jraireth send clumps of sand flying as the bronze hollows out yet another trench. "I'm really lucky I didn't win Weyrleader," he admits. "I don't want the job." But there was no way to pull Jraireth away in time, that goes unsaid. "Definitely a bright side to it. And who knows, maybe a few more and it'll be done." He looks at her solemnly for a moment. "And?" he's asking about the stepson now. Meanwhile, Jraireth's presenting his newest trench for Seryth should she happen to stop.

"It wouldn't make us very good hosts," Thea returns with hint of tartness, but more -for- him than -at- him. "I can't speak for the Weyrwoman, but he'll do nothing more than growl or glare. I promise." Hooray for reassurance? "I don't blame you for not wanting Weyrleader. It's a big responsibility." With her eyes on Seryth, who isn't clutching anything at the moment, although she does inspect those trenches in a half-hearted sort of way, sending approval in the way of nuzzles and trills for Jraireth, the junior mutters, "And it would be awkward. Very. He's like my own son." Which is all she's saying about the matter as she, with a light hand resting on her own stomach notes cautiously, "I think she's finished."

"And the last thing I'd want is to make you think you were poor hosts to a wayward bronzerider," T'vas nods slightly. "I can live with the glowering, not like I'm going to come bust down your door and expect you to keep me company, right?" he smiles, just a little teasingly although his expression looks strained. "I don't know, it's just part of Weyrlife, I guess. Flights and all. And clutches for golds." He peers out at the sands, watching as Jraireth shuffles forward to receive the nuzzling from the older gold. "Oh," Tae turns his gaze way from the bronze. "That would be really awkward. And his dad is yon Scowler there, right?" He tips his head towards the galleries. "Really awkward indeed." He purses his lips. "Oh, wonderful, Jraireth. Seven eggs. Not bad for a first clutch." He's beaming with pride, the bronze himself puffing out his chest.

"What matters is how you and Quin feel about being our guests here," says Xanadu's youngest junior earnestly and with as much reassurance as she can muster for someone not wholly in control of the situation around her. "I'll be here on the sands quite a bit because Seryth's a broody queen. You'll want to be nearby your bronze." She adds, briskly, "I for one, do not plan on dancing around trying to avoid you. And I might like to get to know Quin." In the wake of that strained expression he wears, rather than trying to explain her weyrmate, she tries for reassurance and a radiant smile, "Be easy, Bronzerider. Jraireth just sired a lovely first-ever clutch. I'm sure the babies will be something you will both be proud of." Seryth herself seems tired, for she is content to curl around those mounds with something akin to a purr for the clutchfather.

T'vas smiles. "I think she'll enjoy it," T'vas says, grinning a bit, lips twitching with inner amusement before he relaxes his shoulders, shaking tension and the long wait out of his muscles. "I think you'll like her," he nods, looking pleased. "Quinlynn is beautiful. She's smart, she's nice, she's…" he grins, clearly the lovestruck bronzerider that he is. "Wonderful." He slides off the platform, glancing towards Jraireth who rumbles softly at him. "I think they'll be a credit to him,"Tae nods, looking up at the goldrider. "I think we'll try and go back to Ierne. Get some of our things for a stay." The young bronze shuffles up close, casting a protective glance at his eggs. crooning proudly at goldrider and bronzerider alike. "We'll be back," Tae promises, coaxing Jraireth out towards the exit with a reassurance that they'll return before the end of the day.

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