It's Hot in the Hot Springs!

WARNING: Sexual content


Xanadu Weyr - Hot Springs
The warmth that flows from this cavern is almost overwhelming for some, the steam rising from the shimmering pools as thick as the morning fog that rolls in off the ocean. Numerous pools are scattered here and there with ribboned walls that are natural in their construction. The water has a somewhat green cast to it, but it is merely a reflection from the ethereal light which is the glow down here that was so noticeable from the Lower Cavern Tunnel. People can often be found down here washing themselves or just relaxing.
Situated along the walls are various racks covered in fresh towels ready for those who step out of the warm waters. A set of shelves have been installed towards the back wall, allowing people a place to put their belongings while they rest in the pools, and despite the white color that these have been painted, they are cast with that eerie green glow. Then, it's obvious. The ceiling of this cavern is covered in the fluorescent phosphorous matter that glows are made off. The mossy substance almost glitters and appears quite lovely.

Thud. Thud. Thud. By now those who know Datsun the Teenage Journeyman Woodcrafter knows that those sounds precede his arrival thanks to his heavy soled boots. By the time the sounds are loudest, the teen has arrived! However, he's bare to the waist, wearing only his boots and a pair of swimming shorts that extend past his knees. The Crafter's boots are already unbuckled, quickly kicking them off in a nook and tosses his towel on top of them before heading over to the hot springs.

Wakua comes into the hot springs after a long day at the forge. She stretches out a little and she rubs her sore arms and shoulders. She is quick to get undressed, no bathing suit for her. She spots Datsun and waves to him before she slips into the water, "Hello Datsun."

Zaala was already in the hot springs, soaking her body to condemn the cold from her muscles. Her hair is pinned up on her head and her neck is the only part of her out of water, head resting back and eyes closed. She's a weyrbrat but she's prone to modesty, deciding to wear a one-piece suit. She's used to people being naked and while it doesn't effect her, she's deciding not to participate in the display. Her eyes flutter open at the noisy approach, only, she doesn't really stretch to see who it is, eyes languidly closing again as the steam curls around her face.

Idrissa had been out in the snow for a ratehr long amount of time, at least in her book on the matter! She has a towel wrapped around her though like another in the springs already she isn't going about naked either. With her blue green bikini on she feels that is safe, and gives her a chance to put it to good use other then just down at the beach! Her hair is pulled back losely and she humms a faint tune to herself while she wanders along, voices are picked up and she blinks catching the few here she knows, or has met. "Ah.. Hey guys." Is said with a soft, almost sheepish tone.

Datsun walks to the edge of the pool, dipping a toe in to test the water first while peering at it. After deeming it appropriate enough for him, the Crafter steps off the edge and falls into the water to send waves rippling out across the entire pool. A wave is sent to Idrissa, "Hey, 'Rissa! Wakua. And the girl from the Sasscraft." The last is noted to Zaala. "This is the best place to go swimming since we can't out there." And swim he does, setting off to swim laps back and forth across the pool.

Wakua smiles, "Better than swimming inside than swimming in the snow." She shivers, "I don't know how those dragons and riders can stand it." She smirks a little bit, "Oh can I join the sasscraft?" She asks to Zaala and gives a smile, "I'm Wakua, Apprentice Smithcraft."

Zaala cracks open an eye at the noisy splash the young man makes, "Oh, I didn't think a blockhead like you needed to bathe…" She notes with a wry humor about her tone, playful and friendly, considering their introductions the other day. She stretches out her legs underneath the water and lifts her head from where she was resting it, watching absently as the young journeyman decides to go swimming, "You know this -is- a bathing pool." As in, don't splash her and make waves. She seems to like taunting him, before he gaze turns to Idrissa and Wakua, shortly on Wakua because well the other girl likes to flaunt it, Zaala doesn't need to see it. "Hello again," this to Idrissa, "Hi…" to Wakua.

Idrissa ahs softly and chuckles a bit while she slowly slips on over to the springs and once her towel is removed she slides on intot he lovely warm water! "How.. is everyone?" She questions doing her best to look at the water instead of towards the other people. Well at least not towards the ones that are well, nude..

Datsun somehow hears Zaala's comments while he does his laps, ducking his head underwater and swims all the way until he reaches Zaala, popping his head out close to her face, "BOO!" A smirk is given to her, "I don't need to bathe. This blockhead always smells great, no matter what I do." The tip of his tongue is stuck out, "How observant of you. It is indeed a /pool/. Pools are for swimming. Ergo." His logic is flawless, raising hand up out of the water to hit the surface and send splashes at her before kicking off the wall, swimming over to the center of the pool.

Wakua gets into the water up to her neck and she ahs softly as she relaxes, "Tiring…another long day of pumping the bellows in the forge and standing close to the hot fire." She looks over at the two others, "There are other pools."

Zaala lowers her eyes at Wakua's remark of joining the sasscraft, rolling her eyes afterward with a slight shrug, "I don't care, ask the block head over there if you're welcome in the craft." She brushes her hand through the water, rippling it between her fingers, eyes lifting back to Wakua, "Name's Zaala." No craft, no titles, just her name. Her cheek twitches slightly, mirth twinkling in her eyes. Her pale hazal gaze shifts back to Idrissa, noting the girl's shyness or avoidance of looking at anyone, answering in a higher pitched non-chalant cheeky tone, "I'm good." Yes see, while she was distracted with Wakua and Idrissa, Datsun pops up beside her. She startles with a soft yelp, twisting to face him with a sudden splash from her hand sent his way. "-Don't- do that." She pushes off the wall where she had found an underwater seat, back paddling some away from him, "Oh reeeeally? Your shit doesn't stink? I would bet you it does, but I wouldn't want to be privvy to -that-…" Fingers reach out to make a pinch for that tongue, pointing a finger at him in silent warning before she's splashed. Her nose wrinkles up as she stares at the red haired youth, her hand trying to rub her brow free of the water now beading off it. "Don't start something you can't finish," she watches him move to the center, eyes flashing back toward the other girls, weighing if they'd get involved.

Idrissa nods and smiles to Zaala. "I'm glad to hear that you are good." An the only reason she is so shy at the moment is cause of where they are… An well it is Rissa. She blinks seeing Datsun popup near the new girl. "Just shove him under the water.. Maybe he'll learn to behave then." Well it's an idea? As for getting involved, well.. She might but she isn't making any move to do just that yet.

Datsun wrinkles his nose at Zaala, "I can alway shit in the pool and let you find out for yourself." Best not tempt him, because he /will/ do it… The crafter lets his legs up to float on the water's surface, his face sticking up out of the water as he treads, "And as Wakua said, if you don't like my shit, there are other pools." His feet kick gently, letting himself drift across, destination unknown, "As for how I am, well, that's to be determined."

Wakua looks over at Datsun, "I was speaking to you too Datsun and you better not do anything like that in the pool or else I will drown you and I'll make you eat it." She sits up a little bit to see if Datsun is going to do something that gross and if she'll have to deal with him.

Zaala's hair is still up in that messy bun on the top of her head, although a few wet pieces are now hanging around her face, and it's with a hand grazing the pieces back behind an ear that she smirks at Rissa's suggestion. "Do boys ever learn to behave?" Boy, not a man! Even despite himself calling him one the other evening. A mischievous look grips her features as she starts to slink further toward Datsun, until he mentions taking a crap in the pool! She laughs at him, "As if you would. The Weyrwoman would have you scrubbing toilets until you knew how to use one." Crafters aren't safe from the Weyrwoman's wrath, are they? She gives a bit of an eyebrow arch to his attitude. That deserves some kind of pummeling. She swims toward him, intent. As he's drifting, she disappears underneath the water, trying to return the favour. Except, when she surfaces she will try to flop on him to shove him underneath the water. If she fails, she'll at least try to splash him…

Idrissa blinks at Wakua and smirks. "How can he eat it if you drown him?" This questioned with an unjoking tone. She peers at Zaala and snickers as she hears that. "Good one.." Is murmured out softly before she goes about watching thet wo in teh splashing contest and shakes her head slightly.

"I? How… Yeah, what 'Rissa said. You got the order messed up, it should be the other way for it to be effective, Wakua." answers Datsun, smirking as he eyeballs the others from the corners of his eyes. Zaala's movements are noted, "If I did indeed shit in this pool, it would end up smelling so terrific the Weyrwoman would /thank/ and /pay/ me to do my business in here from now on." Okay, now this is becoming too much. When Zaala breaks the surface of the water, he splashes at her first before he's shoved underwater by being flopped on. Instead of breaking away from Zaala, he reaches to try and grab and hold on to her to keep her underwater…

Wakua smiles at Datsun, "Not if I drown you first and revive you only to shove shit in your mouth and make you eat it." She laughs, "Go get him Zaala."

Zaala doesn't respond to the topic of shit, likely because she was playing crouching tiger hidden dragon - or leaping dragon. Either way, as she breaks the surface she does get pelted with a burst of water before she's taking him under. So much for floating Datsun! Yet, she doesn't expect to be dragged under with him. She only gets a mouthful of air before the pool water rushes in over her head. Realizing she's being kept underwater, fists start to beat on him… but in water, well, they don't have much energy behind them. She squirms and struggles underneath the water, bubbles frothing and rising all about her. If she could yell at him, she would, but if she tried now she'd just earn a mouthful of water for her efforts.

Wakua starts to move over towards the pair and she tries to get behind Datsun so she can pounce on him and tickle him so that he'll let Zaala up.

Datsun is pounced on and tickled by Wakua, causing him to indeed release Zaala. It was already time to let go of her, anyway. The teen kicks off from the bottom of the pool, breaking the surface to swim away. Once he reaches the edge of the pool, the underwater seat is found and sat on, slinking his face down until only his nose and eyes and hair are above water. Eyes narrow and squint at the others.

Zaala gets to the surface the moment she feels that she's released, sputtering and then splashing to the side of the pool, flopping her arms over the side of it to hang there, putting her chin on the ledge. She's taking a breather now, winded or something, looking back over her shoulders at the red head and the other girl, who was suddenly there splashing around with them. A hand lifts to her head, remembering her pins that had kept her hair in. She plucks what remains of them out and lets her hair slop down wet against her back.

Wakua splashes at Datsun, "No drowning others." She fells him as she makes sure to swim a bit away from him so he can't just pounce on her.

Datsun remains where he is, glancing at Wakua as her splash hits him but he doesn't move, not even to wipe his face. All he does is blink several times to clear his eyes before he's back to watching the others through narrow eyes. Each girl gets an equal time of observation, wary now.

Idrissa blinks as she watches both Datsun and Zaala, a slight shake of her head is seen and she smirks a moment. "Do we need a timeout or something children?" This questioned while she grins a moment.

Zaala looks uninterested with the way she's shaking out her hair… but she wasn't going to let him get the last laugh again! In a heart beat, she's twisting around and diving with aquatic grace under the water, slipping into the frothing pool and disappearing for a time. But there's only one place she's going and it's to POP up in front of Datsun again, giving him a moment to notice her before she splashes him with a giggle. "This is -so- not over," and then she's back stroking to get away from him, kicking more water at him as she goes.

Wakua splashes at Datsun as Zaala goes to twist around and dive back under the water. She continues to splash at him as Zaala comes back up as Wakua moves closer to Datsun and as he gets splashed she tries to dunk him.

Datsun simply sits there, letting the splashes wash over him, blinking whenever water gets into his eyes. It's only water! The teen knows if he just sits and takes it, these sillyhead girls will simply give up on him, with only his eyes and nose above water. However, as Wakua dunks him, he doesn't go down far since he's sitting on the underwater seat, ducking his head out from under her hands and returns to what he was doing before, hair, eyes, and nose above water and watching. Boring.

Idrissa chuckles softly and shakes her head before looking over to Zaala and ponders at the splashing from her, and the giggles? She tilts her head and shrugs a bit while she shifts to lean back and happly relax in the nice warm water!

Zaala seems to regard Datsun after swimming back into the middle of the pool and then looks victorious. She won. Haha. She sticks out a tongue at him and then wades over toward Idrissa, settling down beside the other girl. Her eyes turn to her, settling there, "Hi." Another quiet smile as she starts to sort out her hair, twisting it and piling it over her shoulder, "What was all that trouble about the other day, with your canine?"

Wakua leaves Datsun alone since he doesn't want to play any more. She sticks out her tongue at him and she swims over towards the girls. She eyes Datsun though to keep her eyes on him and she looks to the others. "What's up with Asheer now?"

It happens exactly as he expected it to, bringing his mouth up above water to speak, "Joke's on you. You girls did exactly what I thought you'd do, which was give up. So there." Zaala's tongue gets a return tonge stuck out from him. As Idrissa speaks, his eyes turn to her for her answer about Asher.

Idrissa glances over to Zaala, a soft smile and nod is seen. "Hi.." Is offered with a soft murmur back. There is a pause and she soon ohs. "He sorta tryed to tackle Ruth an.. I don't think Ruth was expecting it." This said softly while she scratches at her neck nervous like a few moments. She blinks and peers over at Datsun and smirks faintly. "He was just being his silly self.. Nothing serious.."

Zaala flicks her eyes at Datsun only briefly, as if to pretend he didn't exist anymore, as teenager girls so easily do when it comes to boys. She flips her hair back behind her, leaving it in a twisted coil, eyes returning to Idrissa as the girl speaks of her dog. "Whose Ruth?" she asks, clearly not knowing the same people anymore. She casually starts to kick her feet out in front of her, sloshing the water around her ankles, eyes noting Wakua had come over too. At least the other girl was still in the water and not sitting on an underwater ledge and half exposed at it were.

Wakua looks over at Datsun and she ignores him. She ohs, "Ruth that sounds like a dragons name right?" She asks and she keeps in the water cause it's nice and warm there.

Datsun's head slinks back underwater, leaving his nose and eyes above as he listens to the conversation.

Idrissa hums and ohs. "She is a stablehand. Lucky he knew her or who knows what could have happened." She doesn't want to think about it! A glance is offered over to Datsun peering at him. "So.. you gona ever join the conversation and just keep eyeing us?" This questioned with an amused tone before she looks back to Zaala. "So I didn't get to really speak with you last night. Are you new to the Weyr?" She questions curiously.

That explains it. Or not. Zaala seems to zone out a little bit at the explanation, pulling her hair back over her shoulder to run her fingers through it, swaying her legs out again to kick absently in the water. Pale hazel eyes consider he skulking Datsun, rolling her eyes at him before she turns to pay better attention to the girl at her shoulder. "Oh me? New…" she bats her hand in the air to guesture a dismissal of that idea, "Not at all. I've been away for two Turns, living at Western. I was born here, but you know, my father lives at one Weyr, my mother at this one. I was packed around back and forth, to" this is where she finger quotations, "experience both Weyrs. Or something like that." A flip of her shoulder, "Weyrbrat through and through."

Wakua nods a little bit, "I know how that is. I was born here too, but I was raised at a hold. Guess that didn't stick much cause first chance I'm back here."

Idrissa isn't always the most forthcoming with people. Especially ones she doesn't know or well adults. A soft oh escapes her and she nods with a smile to Zaala. "Well.. That's cool.. I'm from a colthold near Irene." Everything has been an interesting expierence for Rissa to say the least. Though she is speaking with people more then trying to blend in with the background as she did when first coming to the weyr. She peers over at Datsun, wondering why he is staring at them like that, her eyes narrow slightly in thought.

Zaala seems to regard Wakua with an upraised eyebrow, not sure what to say to the girl as her attention flickers back to Idrissa. "Wow… a cothold?" she seems to regard Idrissa with a bit of pity then, "At least you're here now. They say that holder's have their eyes opened when they come to the Weyrs." She smirks, "Must be a -huge- adjustment for you." As if she didn't pick up on the girl's shyness already. Her attention peels back to Wakua, "I don't regret living at the Weyrs. But I'm sure -half- of Pern knows who my father is." She has the name and the looks, shrugging. She follows Idrissa's gaze toward Datsun and asks quietly, "I think he was speaking with Kale last night about you. I don't know, I didn't follow much of it, but what's going on between you two… three?" Because you know, a girl has to know what triangles to avoid stepping into!

"Alright," she notes to Wakua, looking the girl up and down, "Uhm, yes well, I would hope not." Really, after what she heard the other night, that boy has already got his eyes set on someone. Pivot, turn, eyes on Idrissa, leaning in, "I hate to pry… no.. who am I kidding, I'm insanely nosy." At least she's honest. Most weyrbrats are nosy! "I've missed two Turns here and I have to figure out where are the chess pieces are on the board…" She doesn't suspect the cotholder will follow her, but she's giving a smirk regardless, "I mean between Datsun, you, and Kale. By the sounds of it, Datsun was pretty interested in why Kale hadn't made you… what did he call it… and honest girl.. or something stupid and idotic like boys often say!" A hand plays with her hair further, "I think he said something about impatiently waiting…so I take that as Kale has dibs on you and that Datsun is interested. He's a stupid blockhead, anyway." She watches Datsun, keeping her voice so that it stays between the girls. But just for his benefit, her tone raises some, "Oh. My father… L'ton. I have… over forty half-siblings cause of him." A shrug.

Wakua smiles, "I didn't say that you did regret growing in in different weyrs. I don't regret where I grew up I loved being with my grandparents, but I like it at the Weyr and I'm glad to be an apprentice." She hmms, "Don't look at me I'm not involved with Kale."
Idrissa hums softly while looking to Zaala and ohs softly, a soft smile seen. "Yes well.. It was and is still an expierence to say the least. I've learned a good amount and I'm rather sure there is still plenty left to learn." She glances at her hands, picking nervously at a nail a few moments. Nope, not shy at all! "Well.. ah.. Who's your father?" Seems she missed that part if it was given, which isn't a real surprize with Rissa actually. At the part about Kale and Datsun she blinks and then sends a faint glance towards Wakua at the part of her not being involved with Kale? She lifts a brow, wanting to say something but holds it back as her attention is back on Zaala. "What do you mean going on between us three?" Seems she is a bit confused.

Wakua ohs, "Really between Datsun and Idrissa? I thought you meant between Kale and Soriasa, I saw them kissing and snuggling a while ago." She shrugs, "I don't really care, I think they should just have fun so long as no one's feelings get hurt."

Idrissa gaze flits from Zaala to Wakua then over to Datsun and then around once more to Zaala. "The chess pieces?" Is questioned with a unsure tone. Yes she didn't follow in the least. She gives her head a slight shake, pausing to pull at her hair to try and get it out of the water once more. Though as Zaala goes on she stops and her bright gaze widens to peer back at the other girl. "Wait…what?…" Oh ya someone missed something. Rissa is now blushing and coughs faintly before she lets her gaze fall to the surface of the water because that means she doesn't have to look at any one person of course. "I didn't know Datsun thought that.." This murmured back to Zaala with a low tone. "An.. why would Kale do that? I mean.. we're um kids.." A glance is sent towards Wakua, she knows about that bit with Kale and Soriana to some degree and doesn't care. Whoopy! "Forty half-siblings?…" This steals Rissa's thought process for a moment before she shakes her head. "What all did Kale and Datsun say?" She may be saying Datsun's name just a bit loud enough to get him roped into the conversation now as well.

Zaala bats her hand again, trying to indicate to Idrissa to not pay her expressions any mind. It's Wakua who has Zaala curiously tilting her head, listening to the juciy gossip belonging to this set of teenagers. Wakua earns a laugh from Zaala, "Sure. Fun as long as there aren't forty-two kids made in the making of," see, she really has a sore spot about that. Her eyes return to Idrissa, sensing the girl's discomfort, "Sorry Idrissa. I just didn't want to walk on anyone's feet, get in anyone's way…" Nope, she's not going to explain that either. She settles back against the pool wall, sloshing her arms around, eyes over at Idrissa, "Kids? Mmm, nope. My brothers are kids. We're not." They're teens and teens -always- feel as if they're adults already. Right? She gives her a soft smile, "I could've misunderstood them. That's all. It just sounded like he had a lot of interest in you and Kale is all. I find that odd if he didn't have emotions himself." She gives Idrissa a pointed stare when the girl speaks a little louder about Datsun, moving on back to the subject of her father, "Yes. He was pretty infamous for having multiple lovers all over the globe. I think the final count was upwards of forty two kids that he fathered… or something like that. It's a little crazy, but that's how dragonriders are. One baby after the next."

Datsun blinks as he seems to come back from someplace else in his dreamland, turning his head to look at Idrissa as she asks Zaala who her father is, eyes shifting over to Zaala to see what her response is. It seems that Crafter wants to confirm something that he thought he'd caught in between snippets of the conversation. His head lifts and a smile spreads over his lips as he gets his confirmation, "Of course.", before moving off from his seat to snake closer to the others. Zaala in particular. "Your father's L'ton." is said as a simple statement.

Wakua whistles, "Wow I hope you don't all have the same mother." She ahs a little bit, "Well that does tend to happen with riders, I mean if your dragon can go all over so can you." She shrugs a little bit as she just listens to what's going on.

Idrissa is quiet for a few moments an blinks at Wakua, another glance is sent her way. "That's why they are called half-siblings Wakua. Not the same mother more then likely. Sound like the same father." Her attention is sent over to Zaala once more. "As for Kale… I have feelings for him ya." An she is rather sure he has some for her too but she isn't getting into that here and now thank you! An the simple fact that she said she has feelings for Kale should be noted as she wouldn't dream of doing so in the past. "I'll… Have to talk to Kale later.." Is murmured out softly.

Zaala sees that movement toward her, out of the corner of her eye, abruptly seeming to recall that the boy was still in the pools with them by pinning him with a pale green hazel eyed stare. "Of -course-…?" she asks in a tightening tone, "Did I stutter or do you have your ears full of wood chips?" she puts her defenses up, even if it was just a simple statement. People don't start simple statements without ending them in some rude or snide way. Zaala let's her gaze wander to Wakua, "Thank faranth not. Ew. I don't think it's possible -for- a woman to have that many kids. You'd die before you had your tenth, I'd think." Pure weyrbrat, out and open and blunt with everything, "Laera only had one with him and you're looking at her." There's a sideways 'are you kidding me look' given to Wakua, "Mmhrm, well going all over doesn't mean you should sleep with everything you see walk passed you." What she hears from Idrissa, well, she lets it drop. She senses this is not the time or place with Datsun sliding over. Instead she looks apologetic, "Don't worry about it. I misheard is all." Oops. She didn't mean to whip things up so much already. Her cheeks flush for it, looking at the water and letting the liquid glide between open fingertips.

"No wonder you looked so familiar." Another simple statement from Datsun, his eyes searching Zaala's face, going from area to area, nodding slightly, "Yes, I see it now. I do indeed see it." A laugh escapes his lips as he shakes his head, "No wonder I'd run into another one of you. Your father cannot keep it in his pants." The Crafter floats over to the edge beside Idrissa, still watching Zaala.
Wakua nods to Idrissa and smiles, "Yah probably half-siblings at least I'd hope so." She shrugs, "I don't know some of those holder women can have lots and lots of babies. Glad I don't have to go through that any time soon, having babies until it kills you." She sticks out her tongue and she shrugs a little bit at that, "Why not? Sex feels good and as long as you are safe about it you don't have to worry about having a billion babies."

Idrissa is out and out staring at Wakua now, she just blinks and has to bite her tongue for a few moments to keep from asking something. "Wakua.. My mother had /two/ kids and I'm from a hold." She points out. "My aunt who is also from a hold didn't have kids but fostered so." An the point here? Rissa lost it and her hand lifts to rub at her eyes a moment. "I'm not gona even ask how you know that… I /really/ don't want to know.." No she doesn't. Her bright green gaze turns over to Zaala. "Well.. Um it's alright, really." At the part about Datsun's ears filled with woodchips she frowns a moment. With Datsun up next to her and peers his way now. "Datsun…" That doesn't help!

Datsun gets another pointed glare from Zaala, thinking that the boy is yet again mocking her, bristling a little at his inspection of her. She sits up a little straighter and there's a pursing of her lips, "It's not my -fault- he can't. At least he -gets- with women, unlike some blockheads I know." She trails after him with her gaze, watching him take a safe seat beside Idrissa. Smart boy. "I can make fun of him, but that doesn't give you the right too," like hands off, you have to be in the family to make jokes about him and not get your head chewed off! Then curiosity strikes her, "Who did you run into?" Which of her numerous half-siblings was she being compared too now. Wakua's statement has Zaala's cheeks flush bright red. What can she say to that, except an incredulous "You… -have- had sex?" She looks at the girl in a different light now. Really. She looks back to Idrissa, not really understanding what the point was about the kids and all that, but, wow, Zaala is stuck on the admission from Wakua.

Datsun raises one eyebrow at Wakua's words, turning his eyes to her. Unlike Idrissa, Datsun doesn't bite his tongue, saying "You would know." Hearing his name and dropping his brow, the teen turns to look at Idrissa, "Hmm? Yeah?" However, Zaala's words reaches his ears, turning to lock his hazel eyes on hers, that smile coming back to break out across his lips, "Now why should I tell you when you're being a jackass to me?"

Wakua nods, "Yah, it's really fun. You should try it sometime, it hurts at first, but afterwards it feels really good." She looks over at Datsun, "I just said that I did. It's not really that big a deal Datsun."

Idrissa knew she didn't make some sense there and is now quiet once more. Oh hangnail, she is now busy picking at her nail a few times while just listening to the conversation between the three. A glance is offered over to Zaala and she nods, a faint smile seen and at the comment from Datsun a soft ah escapes her.. Though once again Wakua manages to stop her and she just looks at the girl.

Zaala is well, not stunned, but maybe just stuck between discomfort and awe for Wakua's admission. It's a good thing that Zaala has long hair that she can drape forward and hide her face because it goes beat red. Why did she have to ask?! Weyrbrat or not, sex would be uncomfortable to those who weren't there yet. Then there's Datsun's remark, it causes Zaala sucks in her breath, turning her eyes down and failing to -see- the smile on his face. Went too far this time Zaala - or so she thinks. She starts to pull herself up out of the pool, almost begrudingly saying it, "Sorry Datsun." She doesn't look at him nor does she look at the other girls, she was rightfully mortified. Hurt maybe. Where are her old friends anyways? They understood her mocking snarkiness. She slides out of the pool and steps quickly to fetch a towel and wrap it around her hips. Uncomfortable situations are better left where they couldn't touch her!

Datsun turns his eyes to watch Wakua for several silent moments, regarding her. "You are an Apprentice. It's one thing to kiss, and quite another to have sex. Remember I'm a Journeyman. It is a big deal because of that. If I wanted to, I could report you… but I won't." Then he leaves it at that, blinking as Zaala apologizes to him and is quickly out, calling out a name in the hopes of stopping her in her tracks, "Ziria."

Wakua looks at Datsun and she gives him a look, "Go ahead Datsun and report me. It's not against the rules to have sex and anyway I'm a candidate and I did ask and having sex isn't against the rules, getting pregnant is. It's not any of your business, but I've taken steps to prevent it. I'm not having sex with you so it's none of your business." She watches the other girl leave and she goes to get out as well. She heads over towards the towels to get herself one. "I don't know why you are making such a big deal about this Datsun."

Idrissa shakes her head to Wakua and her attention is back over to Zaala. "Hey.. Zaala you don't have to leave." Though she can understand why she /would/ after everything that Wakua has told them. Talk about creepyville! She hears Datsun and ponders whom Ziria. She blinks at Wakua and just eyes her a few moments, wondering for a moment who she did dod the vertical momba with but isn't about to ask that is for sure. "Did.. you not hear what he just said. Your an apprientence too Wakua that is a 'nono' if you'd recall. An he is a Journeyman." Can report you if he wants.

Zaala is picking up her clothes, towels around her shoulders, peering back at Datsun when he answers. The name earns a slight smile, one of her half-sisters in Western. "She was in healing the last time I saw her," which well, who knows, these kids are all over the darn place. Licking her lips, she eyes Wakua when the other girl also gets out of the pool. The whole topic about sex, well, at least they all know which one is comfortable with the subject beyond just joking about it. There's a look to Idrissa and then she just plunks down on a bench, rubbing her legs and arms off with the towel, pretending ignorant to the talk of sex going on around them.

Datsun narrows his eyes at Wakua, "You're not having sex with me because I turned you down. As Idrissa said, you're still an Apprentice and sex is not allowed. Go and talk with your own Journeyman if you don't believe me." He waves a backhand wave at Wakua to dismiss her, turning his attention back to Zaala, "She still is. As for your comment about me, the blockhead, not getting with any women. Well, I kissed her." A smirk appears on his face, tilting his head to look sidelong at Idrissa, "And whatever she told you about me, I'm not interested in you. I leave that to Kale. But as he pointed out, you two are Candidates, so you can't do much. I just want to see you and him happy, that's all."

Wakua shrugs at Datsun, "What I do is my own business Datsun and trust me know I'm glad you did." She shakes her head as she mutters to herself. She gets dressed and shakes her head a little bit.

Idrissa blinks at Wakua and soon looks over to Datsun. She is so outa loop at this conversation it isn't even funny. A soft oh escapes her once Datsun goes about saying he isn't interested in her, though she isn't heart broken over this! She nods, and a soft smile seen. "Well.. I'd say we are happy and don't have to do anything extra to prove that or make us happy." She doesn't need to do anything silly and get in trouble to keep a certain someone at least somewhat interested in her.

Zaala doesn't even have the nerve to look up while everyone's arguing. While things are fluffy and happy, she's ok, she's ok as long as it's not her that's feeling like crap. She huddles in and around the towel as Datsun admits to kissing her half-sibling, mental note to self. "She's an apprentice…" she grumbles out, since after all, Datsun is talking about apprentices and journeymen. BUt at least a kiss wasn't as bad a sex. Still. One road leads to the other. She plays with a coil of her hair, eyes peering up to Wakua and back to Datsun. Then lastly to Idrissa as Datsun clears the air. Good, at least that's one positive.

"If it really was, you wouldn't be talking about it." Then Datsun ignores Wakua, instead focusing on the other two girls, smiling at Idrissa, "That's good. You two are my good friends, one of the first I made here at Xanadu. I'm glad you guys are happy." He stands up, putting both hands on the edge of the pool to pull himself out, "It's getting too hot in here… Aye, Ziria's an apprentice, but all we did was kiss. You can't stop apprentices from doing that, and that's harmless enough." A shrug, "Besides, I still have my Holder values. I believe in exclusive commitment. I didn't do anything more with your sister because I couldn't give her that since I was traveling at the time and I wasn't going to stay at Western." Somehow he feels the need to explain himself.

Wakua finishes dressing and she looks to the others, "How about we just let this all drop." She pauses to make sure her white knot is on right, "We've got a lot of other stuff to worry about than who's kissing who or who's involved with who."

Idrissa smiles to Datsun and nods before she is following the others on out of the pool, her towel is grabbed and wrapped around her form. As for Wakua, not much else to say there so she doesn't. "Thanks Datsun.. an your the same to Kale and I." Heck that day he got here all heck broke lose with Harlin after all.. An yet Datsun still talked to them afterwards! As for dropping the subject she is fine at that idea. "I think I'm gona go change and find some hot cider.."

Zaala is still sitting on the bench with the towel now wrapping over her shoulders, leaning forward to perch her hand underneath her chin. She looks to be zoning out again, until maybe it's Datsun's voice again speaking about her sister that draws her thoughts away from some far away place. "I'll take your word on that," since well, she didn't know why a kiss would be different from having sex, neither seemed appropriate for an apprentice and a journeyman. She starts to dab her face with her towel, before pulling her hair over her shoulder and taking the towel to it. Wakua has it right though, the situation had become awkward and now Zaala was biting her tongue over it. Though Datsun's explanation of having Holder values has her gaze lift to him, "She's old enough to hold her own." A look to Idrissa, "Nice.. talking to you…." Or something, polite smile.

Datsun shrugs, dropping everything. "Okay, then." A nod is given to everyone, moving off to his own nook where his towel is, proceeding to towel himself off, especially his feet. Once that's done, the teen Journeyman sticks his feet into his heavy boots, buckling only the top buckles to secure them. After that's done, he drapes his towel around his shoulders, giving everyone a glance before he steps off towards the exit.

Wakua waits for the others to leave before she heads out herself, no doubt to find her journeyman and give him a talking too.

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