Got Milk?

Xanadu Weyr - Craft Complex
The large area has been separated into a variety of smaller sitting areas, couches and chairs organized into rings and squares, tables set where they can be used easily. A few desks for studying are pushed against one wall, while another has a variety of doors spaced along side it, opening into private quarters for the ranking crafters posted at the weyr. A set of double doors opens to the general apprentice dorms, and a long hallway stretches outwards, providing access to the various workshops.

K'as is wandering around the depths of Xandau Weyr, looking for the Healer's quarters. When she finds it, she gives a small knock on the door, beore she pokes her head inside. "Hello, is there a healer here?" She asks

Phylicia is here. Here being the craft complex main lounge room. The teenage girl looks up from a book in her lap as she sits on one of the couches meant for comfort and uncrosses her legs to stand up, closing the book and putting it on the couch where she just was. She heads to the door, so as not to distrub anyone else here. "I'm an app- senior apprentice healer, if that'll suit your needs?" Is her question in the form of an almost-statement.

"You should be fine." K'as offers and opens it up and she looks at the girl before her, giggling. "You are quite young, however.." She shrugs. "I have somewhat of a private, and personal question to ask of you. I do not know the answer. Do you have a room we can head to that is more private? A exam room or something of the sort?" She asks.

Phylicia's cheeks flush slightly at the mention of her age, though it doesn't stop a grin from spreading across her lips. "Not the first time I've heard that. But I started young, so it balances out, right?" She says softly, her features falling into a look of thoughtfullness, motioning K'as to follow her. "Here, this room-" She cracks the door open and peeks inside "-is empty." And she holds the door open for K'as. The room is like a class room version of an exam room, but there's no other people there.

"Ah, there is nothing wrong with youth." K'as says, giving a little bit of a giggle as well. "Talent waits for no age." She says before she moves over to the bed and hops up onto it. "Blushing suits you." A deep intake of breath. "Now, the issue is that I would like to help a lover of mine feed her children. The issue, of course, is that I do not have any children…Do you have any herbs, or any massage techniques or any advice aside from having a child, that would stimulate milk flow?" K'as looks down at her chest. "I mean, I got the rack, they're just empty."

Phylicia looks at K'as with fairly critical eye. What K'as says is pretty true: she does have the rack, but its just empty. Though the flush from her cheeks haven't faded, she does take a few long moments to think, perching on one of the tables that is usually used as a desk. "I wouldn't call myself overly talented." She disclaims off-handedly. "She currently has an infant?" Comes a rather brisk question from the apprentice. Well, best to have the knowledge before making a call. If she makes one.

"Indeed she does." K'as offers, leaning backwards as she places her hands on the bed behind her. "Well, talented is talented…" She tells her in turn. "She just doesn't have a lot of time, as her wing keeps her fairly busy." She tells her. "Plus, it's something I just wanted to share…if you understand." She pauses and gives a little giggle which causes her rack to jiggle. "Although I do loath to think how big they'll get."

"And tender." Phylicia adds in with a chuckle. But the healer nods. "Now, just also realize that my word may not even be /right/." Disclaimer! "I mean, I /am/ still learning. But I just had a lesson not too long ago on birthings and such. So.." She falls back into a little bit of silence. "There's always the option of letting the child suckle. You may not have any milk /now/, but let him - or her - suckle, and you should start to produce." Her eyes roll up to the ceiling and concentrate there as she tries to think of any other ways, that might let her get started sooner. "Aaahm… Well.. I can't really say I understand personally, but I think I can understand the idea?"

"There is no other way to start sooner? I fear that the baby with become quite fussy with that, it would be like getting all worked up by a lover and them leaving in the middle of it." K'as giggles again at that. "They're already sensetive… I'd hate to see them at tender." She laughs, tapping her chin slowly.

That alternative is /exactly/ what Phylicia is trying to think about. "Having a kid. Suckling." There's a long pause for a moment. "There's another…" And the girl is muttering to herself as if this will help her remember. "OH!" The exclamation might startle K'as as the girl hops off her table. "Oh drat. This isn't one of the rooms for herbs." But the rider's question gets a nod. "There is. There's a .. a… legume. That you can eat. It's a bit sweet though." Like maple-syrup type sweet. "Mothers use it to increase milk flow. I'd imagine it would produce milk flow too." Another look is given to the rider's large chest. Faranth be praised she won't ever be /that/ big. "I've got nothing for you about that one, the tenderness."

"It's alright. How long does it take for the legume take to work, do you have any?" K'as wonders, chuckling. "And would you care to inspect them to make sure that I can take the milk and that there is nothing wrong." She asks the young healer. "I would trust you a great deal on this.. but I do not wish to hurt myself on the way."

Phylicia's lips quirk a little downwards at the talk of inspection. "It's not that I wouldn't love to inspect your chest, miss. But that's one thing they won't let apprentices do. Only with a ranking member around are we allowed to get … err… hands on." The girl starts to blush a bit again. Healer talk is just so amusing sometimes. "But the borage - that's what it's called - should work pretty quick, since nursing mothers use it."

"I see.." K'as scoffs at the rules. "I'm a rider, and you are my healer, apprentice or not. YOu can say that this would be on your 'off time' and I'll pay for you out of my own pocket." K'as tells her in turn, her fingers going to undo her top slowly. "I wont tell if you wont, but I want to be very sure."

Phylicia looks panic-striken for the whole of two seconds, before enthusiasm replaces it. "Well, it's not like I haven't edited things out before…" To the craft masters at least. Ahem! She looks around, and thankfully the room does have a small supply of redwort on hand, with clean towels. "Here." She trots over to the towels, grabbing a few and fanning them out on a table top. "Lay down on those towels after you get your top off. I'm just gonna clean my hands." And the girl rushes over to a sink, first to wash her hands normally, and then to dip them in the redwort up to her wrists, gently turning them to make sure /all/ of them are covered before she gently blots her hands on a new towel. "You can be /sure/ I won't be saying a word, beyond what's necessary to get a few servings to start you off. Then you can prolly visit your normal healer to get more. Or even ask a cook. Sometimes they use it for things. Ready?"

K'as slides her top over her head and sits it over to the side. She's very large, her boobs hang down a bit but not too far down her chest. "Alright." She murmurs and moves over to lay flat on her back and her breasts rest comfortably against her chest and she gives a soft sigh. "Of course I am." She grins. "That's good, You shouldn't always follow the rules."

Phylicia is, thankfully, a girl. And thus, breasts are nothing she hasn't seen before, even if they're as large as K'as'. One thing /any/ healer (no matter the rank) learns is to hide just about any feeling except pleasantness. It ruins the whole 'bedside manner' thing. "Now, I'm just going to … manipulate your chest a bit. Make sure there's no lumps." And as she says that, she does just that, gently lifting them this way or that, and lightly pushing in to test the area starting from the outside and moving inwards, moving around each in a circle. "They're gonna get heavier. 'Cause milk does weigh a bit." She says as she moves to the other side of the table. "You might want to think about some sorta support?" It's amazing enough K'as likely doesn't have back issues.

And as K'as had warned, the sensetivity of her breasts betray her by the hardening of certain parts of her body and she nods, sighing softly.. "I bet they will be." She gives a soft giggle at that, breathing through her nose for a time. "My back is strong enough to support them, I promise. I do work out a lot." She tells the young doctor. "Do you think if I took some now, we could see the reaction?"

Phylicia almost blurts out her laughter at K'as' question, but somehow the young girl holds it in, though her eyes sparkle with what she won't let out. She ignores the said hardening of certain areas, marking that only as normal and - actually - good. "Since to have to eat it, you won't see a reaction /that/ quickly." She says, trying to keep the laughter out of her voice too. "It has to work its way through your body, and that has to react to it." And she starts to manipulate the other breast now, doing the exact same thing as she did to the other one. "Though, keep an eye on yourself, just incase your body doesn't agree with it, yeah?"

A soft moan escapes K'as' lips as she moves to answer something that Phylicia has said, but she manages to blush herself and let out a "Sorry." The young woman offers gently before she answers "You can be yourself." Her eyes flick to Phylicia as she watches her laugh with her eyes. "Well, I didn't know." She sticks her tongue out at the young healer. "That feels really damn good, by the way…" She sighs..

K'as' moan prompts an almost-red blush from Phylicia as she finishes with the second breast, and she giggles now, returning to the sink to wash her hands of the remaining redwort, though she'll have to come up with a tale for her stained hands. Scrubbing them off with a towel, she sends another clean one flying the rider's way, to wipe off her chest of any dribbles that may have happened. "Most ladies complain about cold hands and how it feels odd." She remarks, perching back on a different table top. "/I/ didn't feel anything weird when I was.. well… y'know." She says motioning to K'as' chest. "And I mean, you look healthy and everything so I don't see why it shouldn't be safe for you to try." The girl is still grinning like a fiend. She got to play Healer! After being trained to do it! "Of course if /anything/ feels weird, I want you to go see someone a bit more official than me."

"Well, of course." K'as offers giving a bit of a giggle as she notices Phylicia's blush. "Are you blushing?" She asks again. "Well, are you sure you felt around again? You Didn't seem like you were all that deep into it.." Seh admits. "You know what I mean?" She wonders and nods, taking the towel and wiping her chest off. "See what I mean?" She teases. "Leaving someone unsatisfied…"

Phylicia nearly sputters at the teasing, her blush deepening to red now. "You really don't have to press hard to feel lumps in peoples' chests." She says, looking just a little flustered, though she's old enough to realize that the rider is likely making some innuendo-like comment. Although hopefully K'as will realize the teasing is making Phy slightly uncomfortable, as the girl shifts atop the table, especially as she avoids the unsatisfied comment. "I can ahm, go get you a bit. I know we actually dropped a fair bit of the borage off with the cooks.."

"Do you want me to head to the cooks?" K'as offers, moving over to grab her tunic and she smiles at her. "Your going to be a great cook." She offers in turn, chuckling as she watches the girl fluster. "You'll make healer in no time." She brushes herself off. "I can get them from the cooks, you don't have to worry about getting any."

Phylicia's smile widens into a grin. "That'd be awesome actually. Since they might look at me funny." Since she was the one that dropped off the shipment. Ahem. "Just ask for the seed part, not the herbal part." She scrubs at her hands again, with the towel faintly stained from redwort. "I hope I helped." She says honestly, her face just a touch more serious. "And I /really/ do hope it works for you."

"Thanks, I apprecaite it." K'as offers, brushing herself off again and she nods again, moving towards the door. "Thanks again, I'll make sure and tell the healers you did a great job."

Phylicia hops off the table, heading to clean up the towels, and maybe scrub her hands again before she coughs, looking alarmed. "I thought we weren't telling them?" She squeaks as she watches the rider. Though what's the worse they could do to her? … She really doesn't want to think about that.

"No, I was going to tell you that I came to you for advice and that you told me to go to a healer that you knew at Western, who is a good friend of mine, and that's where I would say that." K'as offers, "Don't worry."

"Oh." Is what Phylicia manages after the little scare, pausing for a moment. "That'd work good." She decides with an impish grin, lifting a semi-stained hand in a wave before she bends back over the sink to scrub a little more seriously. "Enjoy the rest of your day!" She chirps to the rider, looking mighty happy with herself.

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