Rain or Shine! (Tahryth Rises)

Xanadu Weyr - Feeding Grounds
A large portion of the eastern edge of the meadow has been fenced off, the corralling on three sides is located on the rolling meadow, while the fourth is located a short way up on the eastern hills. Within the large corral are a variety of beasts - ovines, bovines, and wherries - milling around, though the appearance of a dragon may send them one way or the other to try and escape. A small pond is set near one corner of the enclosure, and at times it reflects the low, bordering mountains. Just at the forest's edge set under the tree line is a guest weyr for use in mating flights, a simple cottage made of weathered planking and grey stones.

Winter does little to slow down flights, especially when greens are starting to look like glow sticks. Tahryth is one of those greens that was starting to glitter and glow which actually looks rather nice across her green hide. Still snowy icy weather most likely isn't the best conditions for a flight to actually happen, not that it is going to keep Tahryth from doing just that. The young green was off near the coastal road just leaving the lake edge and that is when the mood seemed to take her with a leap into the air she is flying towards the feeding ground bugling out as she goes seeming attempting to get attention as she goes. Any that was at her last flight knows how flighty she can be, and at the moment she is in a right bad mood. Idrissa wasn't that far off from the meadow, leaving the cavern in order to head home and try to beat the colder weather that is looming over head in the thick fluffy snow clouds that cling to the early evening sky. She doesn't need to hear her dear green as the feeling creeps in which makes her pause and she catches sight of Tahryth heading of course towards the feeding grounds, of all times she picks now when it is freezing.

Kalsuoth is here, soaring in to land just outside the grounds, flicking his wings against his spine with a little snap. Mur'dah is not far behind, the brownrider hustling down towards the grounds, eyes scanning the gathering group of riders and dragons, searching for a few key folks.

Those alluring bugles, no matter how violent or angry, seem to wake Zhaoth up from where he was resting in the meadow. A tongue rolled out of his mouth from a large yawn as the brown watched the glowing green streak by. Lazily, crawling up out of the snow, the dragon seemingly goes through the process of making his stretches, back legs extended out and toes pads wiggled, repeated and rinsed with all limbs, including wings that expand and flex. Shaking his head with a loud snort through nostrils, the brown leaps up from the meadow vantage point and follows, intrigued enough to consider a chase. Zhaoth makes a few circles in the sky before perching a distance away from the green, preening himself absently while he waits for her to do something. Isn't he handsome? His rider, yeah well, he's not around. Not yet.

Also from the coastal road comes the lean and nimble cerulean form of Ujinath, silent and swift to arrow in on the feeding grounds. He will give Tahryth a wide berth, though his rapid whirling eyes will keep a near constant watch on that glowing green. So easy to spot in the wintry weather! All the better — at least in that way! There is no challenging call from the young blue, only a quiet folding of his wings as he dives down to the scattering herds and falling onto the back of one that floundered in the snow. Clamping down on his kill, Ujinath drags it away to the side, strangely dark outlined wings fanned out and tented protectively and defensively as he bloods and his hiss of warning to any approaching suitors barely audible. All the signs his gives is purely by body language for now! As for his rider? Kiena makes up for her blue's silence, her swearing and cursing likely heard clear throughout the Weyr as the bluerider hastily dons her winter gear and dashes from her personal weyr. "Shardin' timing of these things! Why now and why this green and not the others…?" she growls and mutters, stomp and storming her way in. She's forgot her gloves too and promptly shoves her cold hands into her pockets as she walks up towards the pens, blue eyes scanning. Who's here?

Tahryth sends out another set of bugles to catch the males attention before she is gliding down across the feeding ground, her wings stretch out as she does a circle of the pens and then sweeps back around to see whom if any that has come to her calls. She plans on putting them in their places now it seems. Her swirling gaze settles on Ujinarth and turns to land with easy upon the ground a few dozen feet from the blue. A deep snarling hiss escapes her while her wings unfurl slightly. She is eyeing his kill it seems, naughty green. Idrissa grumbles as she works on making her way through the snow towards the feeding around, half sliding in a few spots as she goes. Why hello ground, fancy meeting you here, a sting of curse words escape her as she finds herself half sliding across a bit of ice and falling to her knees in the process.

Mur'dah spots Kiena and he looks a little relieved, stomping through the snow to her side. "Hey," he says, watching the dragons for a moment. Kalsuoth hops the fence to snatch a buck, tearing eagerly into it and drinking the blood before most of it can stain the snow crimson. "You okay, Idrissa?" Mur'dah calls with a frown of concern when he sees her go down.
J'son walks into the Feeding Grounds, from the Forest.

"Why're ya ah fired a sudden interested in wha's going on out here?" J'son says as he wanders in after his brown. Tzalerajanath comes marching on into the Feeding grounds like a ship rolling over breakers. He pulls up nearby and gives a soft croon to those around

Zhaoth isn't making a kill this time, nope. No stealing from him this time Tahryth! Though it's not like the brown would likely remember that for his dragonic mind needs not to. Flipping his wings aside, he settles to watch the prowling green. A twitch of his jaw leaves it half open, teeth exposed, shown off. They're sharp see, don't come near him.

Ujinath's attention is already caught though he offers no answer to Tahryth's bugles. He will sink his teeth and talons all the deeper into his kill when the green is suddenly there and hissing at him. Naughty green? Naughty blue! He curls his lips back and growls low and threateningly in his throat. Pretty and alluring though she may be, this is HIS. His wings mantle again, body tensing and posturing in an obvious display of dominance … that does not last. Dropping the kill, though not before tearing into it and mangling it, he will shove it towards Tahryth with a snarled hiss and his wings sweep back as he half-hops backwards as well before launching into the sky. He's not about to tango with the green yet, not wishing to test her temper. Leave that for the skies! Another herdbeast is sought, singled out and promptly taken down by the blue and he repeats the process of dragging it as far as he can from the others. Kiena's blue eyes narrow in on Mur'dah as he greets her and there is a brief flicker of relief as well from her. "Hey." she mutters, only to start a bit as Idrissa goes down and she winces. "Shardin' weather." Grumble mutter. Her gaze lingers on the greenrider for a moment as if to check on her well being… only it's not quite that and Kiena quickly ducks her head away. Ahem.

"I'm fine." Idrissa offers with a sigh escaping her once he is up and making her way towards where the others are, brushing off snow that is clinging to her in the process. A curious glance is sent to the ones that are here, a few she knows and then someone she doesn't. The new brownrider gets a slight look as she ponders who he is before her attention is back to the pens. Tahryth is now about to give in to the blue it seems, the green snarls out, wings fluttering, tail lashing and her eyes a swirl, she wants his kill and means to get it /somehow/. There is a stare down it seems and soon enough she wins! Her talons latch onto the kill and she drags it over grabbing hold of it and goes about blooding it of what is left. As for the other males she will eye them over soon enough.

J'son sighs and looks around. "A flight, Ah should of known." The young man waves towards the others even as the large brown sails over into the pen and pounces onto his prey, easily capturing it. He doesn't posture or pose, he simply bloods it and looks to the others in the pens.

Mur'dah tosses his drained buck aside, crouching and watching Tahryth with keen, intelligent interest. He is still except for the subtle flexing of muscles, the twitch of his tail and the whirl of his eyes. "Okay," Mur'dah says to Idrissa, watching for a moment before he glances back at Kiena, and then turns to look at the flight unfolding before them. Grunt.

Ers'lan has approached the scene underneath a layer of fur, prepared for the weather, he doesn't look as disturbed by it, as if he were in fact, out in it prior to the flight. It could be something to do with the new posting he has. Regardless, the man is quiet on his appearance, greetings given in cold stares from blue eyes and a stern half growl of lips. He's not impressed. Zhaoth makes a sharp recoil of movement, as if stung by something, flipping his wings out to the side, snapping his mouth together several times in annoyance. The battle lines are drawn and it seems for now, the brown is the victor. He remains and thus, Ers'lan closes in on the group, arms folding across his chest. The harsh lines that create the brown are wiry and bony, an impression that makes him look almost a Wher as he creeps across the feeding grounds and charges at the green, wanting to -STEAL- her meal, just for… vengence or something. HISS.

Ujinath crouches low over his second kill, whirling eyes focusing with a mixture of stung pride and desire as Tahryth claims his first kill after all. Rankled, he bloods quickly less he lose this one too and as more male suitors arrive, he becomes more and more defensive and edgy. Wings mantle, tail lashes and his body is rigid and tense, relaxing only when he needs to move. Which he will do when Zhaoth goes on to charge Tahryth for claim of the green's kill (HIS!) and he launches skywards again. Greedily a third herdbeast is claimed, further down the pens and dragged. Now he will blood again and watch, coiled and waiting and offering low, near silent hisses and growls to any who approach too close. Kiena looks on with a twisted grimace set on her features and she sighs, shoulders hunched against the cold and hands jammed down deep into her pockets. She shifts her weight, fidgeting and restless but also cold. She did not grab the right gear at all! "Why is it always durin' the worst weather?" she mutters again, darting a look to Mur'dah, though her gaze turns to J'son and Ers'lan. Both are given a smirk, followed with a narrow eyed once over.

J'son hates the cold perhaps worse than the rest of the other riders combined, but he was a former sailor and he can hack it… Or at least that's the projection he's trying to put out towards the gathered group even as he wills himself to not shiver. 'Janath skies upwards again, sailing almost effortlessly across the sky to down another two herdbeasts, one right after another. He bleeds them out as well, his wings spreading out like a greatship's sails and letting them shine. He moves smoothly along the ground as he bloods each animal and he waits.

Idrissa lifts her head slightly letting her gaze settle on the sky as if looking for another to appear. Her mind wanders mostly to Tahryth as the green is busy working on the kill she stole, up until the movement around her gets her attention once more. A glance is sent to Mur'dah, a faint smile seen to show she is alright, the others are given a glance, perhaps a bit longer on Kiena then the strange brownrider, up until the new movement gets her attention. Seeing who it is a faint smile is sent to Ers'lan, right up until Zhaoth is there moving in for the meal. Tahryth jumps backwards sending a wave of snow up into the air as she goes, which leaves the kill for the older brown. A snarl escapes her, bloody fangs and maw parting before she turns her attention elsewhere and is leaping upon a heardbeast that is attempting to escape one of the other dragons. The beast is brought down hard, and Tahryth is quick to latch onto it and work on blooding it, she has a better kill now so enjoy that one Zhaoth! There is even a slight wiggle and sway of her form, wings fluttering as if she was attempting to taught the brown in the process. "Because she thinks it fun to drag everyone out here in the cold. It's her moment to shine so she wants to put on a good show even if we're freezing our butts off." Rissa offers with a soft murmur, and she is a bit cold at the moment, her arms fold in front of her to work on keeping warm.

Mur'dah shakes his head a bit. "We'd enjoy it more if we were comfortable," he mutters. But then he tosses in a grin, to show there's no real hard feelings. It's a flight, whatever. They're almost routine at this point, with Kalsuoth chasing in most of them. The brown still crouches and waits.

Zhaoth puffs up his chest as he chases Tahryth off, slowing to a lumbering jog until he gets over to the location of the twice stolen kill, doing a bit of peacocking with his wings and the possessive paw over the lump beneath him. There's a snap of his jaws around the carcase, though it's more of a show than him actually having an interest in blooding it. There's some sense that the brown is tempted to steal her next kill too, the odd hitch of his body, the second glances and looks, but no, he doesn't he refrains. He simply stands over his trophy, snorting on purpose to make his presence known. That's right, feel the thunder. Ers'lan for his part, nods to Idrissa, though he doesn't necessarily smile at her nor does he participate in the conversation.

Ujinath has slaked his thirst, his greed with three kills giving him more than enough quick energy to fuel him. Now he is restless, blood heated and keeping his wings half unfurled he will begin to prowl the edges of the feeding grounds. Teeth flash, snapped at a few herdbeasts to simply send the animals scattering away from him. He wants a clear path for when the time comes! Now he focuses solely on Tahryth, watching as she taunts Zhaoth and he waits too, finally crouching down to wait not far from Kalsuoth. Kiena snorts and huddles down deeper into her jacket, sending another smirk towards Idrissa though it eases into a crooked smile. "Suppose it could be worse, huh?" Now her gaze slides to Mur'dah and the other two brownriders. "Could be rainin'. Snowing. Both!" So maybe they are fortunate?

Janath snorts and looks towards the others in the gathering. He doesn't look so impressed and he cranes himself upwards to peer and look for the small green. He puffs himself into full sail mode, showing off his sleek lines and colors before he snaps at a nearby competitor, hissing low. J'son rolls his eyes at Kiena. "Ya could ask fer ice to while yer at it.. maybe ask for all of tha above." He snorts out a small laugh.

The flights may be a bit more routine for the males, but it's not for Idrissa and Tahryth, though from the way the green is acting one may think differently. "Yeah well We're a bit second fiddle here at the moment." Rissa offers with a soft tone, faintly amused as she glances to Mur'dah before she looks back to the dragons within the pen. Tahryth shifts and hops back a step as it seems Zhaoth is moving forward towards her once more, she doesn't move /that/ far and instead stands her ground. Her wings unfurling while she drains the blood still from the beast, which was rather large size from the looks. Her talons grip hard into its hide as a muffled rumbling growl escapes her, and for the moment the other males are forgotten as she has seemingly wants to keep a close eye on Zhaoth. As he doesn't move towards her she soon shifts, wings lowering and then she is leaping into the sky rather quickly, her tail slamming into her drained kill in the process. Seems the chase has started and the green is bugling out towards the males while she goes. Rissa would really rather it didn't start raining and snowing just yet! After this sure it can open up a can of snow on everything she just doesn't want to be out in it.

"Typhoon. Or a tornado. Or an earthquake. Volcanic eruption," Mur'dah drawls with a sudden laugh and a shake of his head. "Could be worse." Grinning at Idrissa, he tilts his head towards Kiena with a chuckle and then inhales softly when Kalsuoth springs aloft after the green, wings churning the frigid air as he rises.

Ers'lan has taken a few more steps forward, eyes up at the sky to see if there's another to join them. He ends up near Idrissa, in fact, beside her and if she doesn't flee from him, his hand will extend out and settle on her shoulder, a comforting gesture, nothing else. It won't last though, not if she does allow it in the first place, it'll just be a fleeting decision for human contact as the flight lust starts to win the war over logic. Zhaoth continues to expand his rib cage full of air to make him seem not as wiry as normal, impressive, a beast to be contended with, a beast Tahryth should keep an eye. Can you smell that danger zone baby? The brown lets loose another long sneezing snort, shaking his head rambunctiously, setting into a frisky jog over the ground before he surges up in a leap to follow the implusive winter flyer. Let it rain! Let it snow! Let the chaos reign! In the end it'll make no difference, the glow will guide him and he will follow, through hell or high water.

Ujinath gives no bugled cry when Tahryth calls and then launches into the air. There is only a growl and huffed exhale, breath pluming white in the cold as he flares his wings open, gathers his haunches beneath him and springs aloft. Wing sweeping in powerful strokes, the nimble blue soars after the glowing green, throwing himself eagerly and fully into the chase. Let it begin! He is ready. Up and up he goes, only to then slip back amongst the crush of suitors and into the heart of the pack. He will linger there for now, until he can sense the game and plot his next move. Kiena peers at J'son, giving him another once over with narrowed eyes as she does not recognize him. "Now why would I wanna do that?" she drawls, before adding bluntly. "And who're you, anyhow?" Brisk, a bit rude, but her blood is rising a bit thanks to Ujinath's feedback. Mur'dah's list of catastrophes earns a groan from the bluerider. "Shards, Mur'dah! You'll jinx us all you—" The rest is cut off with a grunt as the dragons take wing and she seems to shrink back, huddled now against more than just the cold.

J'son doesn't even look towards those beside him, he simply looks upwards, viewing the sky as one would a great canvas of seas…the eddies and flows currents on the great oceans to one with such in his blood. Janath raises as well, turning slowly and letting himself launch into those currents, the air splashing around the ship like brown as he sails after his target. The Pirate after the prize.

Idrissa was perhaps hoping for a certain bronze to show up, though she can't expect it to show up and save her every time. There is a moment at the touch that causes her to tense as she wasn't expecting it and she soon glances to see whom the hand belongs to, a soft breath escapes her a slight smile sent to Ers'lan and she doesn't shrug away from the touch. It helped calm her for a few moments at least. "If that happens Mur'dah you get no arm floaters to help you out of a puddle." She says with a slight grin seen before her gaze is following after Tahryth once she takes to the sky. The question towards J'son is picked up but she doesn't go looking for a answer. Tahryth isn't looking back to see whom has followed after her, wings flap a few hard as she moves higher into the sky, glittering hide easy to catch sight of across the slightly dull snowy clouds that are still to be found. Once the green is high enough she dives to the right, wings pulled close she looks to see who is following. She feels it's a good group, an not that she would stop now. Her wings flick open slightly while she moves into a few spiral turns.

Mur'dah laughs at Idrissa, shaking his head. "I can swim just fine!" he protests. Glancing around at the others, his focus is very distracted and he looks skyward again, eyes sinking closed. Posture shifts and his brows furrow, losing himself to the flight. Up there /with/ his brown and not down here as Kalsuoth flies, keeping to the middle of the pack.

Ers'lan gives Idrissa a warm look, sympathetic perhaps, understanding, encouraging. However, that doesn't last long as Zhaoth suddenly bellows out and dips low so soon after getting up there in the chase. It seems there's been some sort of collision already and the brown is the first victim. Zhaoth seems outraged but he can't keep the wind up under his sails and descends before twisting a wing or something worse. Ers'lan is leaping up over the feeding ground fence in a heart beat, snow flying underneath his boots, one armed hop over, before charging toward where his life mate is deciding to descend with a pathetic wail. Game over already! Not fair.

Kiena snorts and then snickers in a nervous-laugh sort of way for Idrissa's comment to Mur'dah. "Uh huh." she teases the brownrider, though her attempt at it is half-hearted at best. Her mind is beginning to split and then be consumed by Ujinath as the blue gives chase. She grunts again, mouth drawing back into a grim and tight line, eyes drifting closed for the moment it takes her to shake her head and clear her mind long enough to see Ers'lan standing so close to Idrissa. That earns a lingering stare from the bluerider, chin lifting slightly but beyond that she does nothing and her eyes continue to lift skywards and inwardly she is silently cursing her luck. Though luck isn't favoring Ers'lan and she follows the brownrider as he races to his lifemates side. "Shards." she swears. One down. Who's next? Ujinath keeps the acrobatics to a minimum, focusing more on keeping Tahryth's glowing hide within his sights. He moves through the ranks, flying defensively and avoiding confrontation if he can. His energy will be better spent elsewhere! Up he goes, pushing himself higher before veering away, surging ahead only to dip down a little lower than the glowing green. He keeps his distance for now, biding his time and conserving his strength though it becomes more and more difficult for the blue to restrain himself when all he wishes to do is charge ahead.

"Cause Ice is fun." J'son beleatedly answers Kiena but he doesn't take his eyes off of the sky. He feels the winds wipping around Janath as the large brown continues his path up along and behind the smaller dragon. The chase! He can feel his heart pounding in his chest, feel the wind whipping across the breeze as Janath rides and flows along the currents trying slowly to get ever closer to the green.

"Sure, that's what they all say." Idrissa offers with an amused tone to Mur'dah at the comment of him being able to swim well. She is attempting to keep up with the conversation though she isn't doing such a grand job at it for the moment. A glance is sent to after Ers'lan as she watches him leap over the fence and is off to Zhaoth's side. She frowns for a moment, clearly worried and hoping that the brown is alright. Her gaze drifts back to the sky to see what else could possible happen. Now she is worried, darn wintery flights, of all times she is wishing her dear dragon could have just waited a bit longer for nicer weather. Tahryth doesn't seem to care, one down? Well perhaps next time! She will perhaps think on it later thanks to her rider's thoughts, but for now onwards. The green turns now and swoops down to the left in a slight angle before going to move back up into the sky, wings flapping hard a few times. Though the males that are paying close attention to her may pick up on the fact that she is starting to slow just a bit.

Mur'dah winces at the collision, but his eyes don't open. He's with Kalsuoth now - he /is/ Kalsuoth now. The brown keeps up a steady chase, not looping or diving or soaring - trying to anticipate where she will end up and heading in a straight, steady, swift line for that spot.

Kiena will only semi hear J'son's reply, her eyes drifting to him but unfocused. She is up in the skies now with Ujinath, half and half with the blue and only dimly aware of her surroundings. Just enough that she knows Mur'dah is nearby and Idrissa as well, all of them close just as Ujinath is slipping back into the heart of the pack of males. Not to snap or flaunt or taunt — that is not Ujinath's style. He is simply hunting out that prime spot, jostling for position as Tahryth continues to lead on ahead. At last the restless heat coursing through him is too much and with a startling echoing roar of challenge, Ujinath is surging forwards. He sees those signs, a hint and it is enough for him. Pouring all his strength into his wings, he sweeps them in powerful strokes as he breaks away from the group and darts ahead and down, seeking to find the shortest route to the glowing green. For when she truly falters, he will be surging up from below in an attempt to snare and capture her.
Ha! These other dragons don't know how to Tack, but J'son does and so does Tzalerajanath! He knows you don't fight the wind, you go with it! He stays back, watching and ebbs up against the flow of the winds, letting it catch his sail like wings to soar him onwards. If he tacks at the right moment he can turn with the winds guiding him to cut off his prey and ensnare it… the Pirate looming closer and ready to raise the flag!

Idrissa listens to the comments but doesn't offer anymore of her own, and when there are no comments getting tossed around she doesn't even notice it. Her eyes close, though she can still see everything that is going on as she follows along while Tahryth is taking her on a wild ride at the moment. The green pulls her wings close as she reaches a certain height and soon she is diving doing a few loops in the process. Tahryth warbles out, swirling gaze settling on the three that are left as she continues on the loop before her wings snap open to stop her decent somewhat. Though she is tiring rather quickly, perhaps she was showing off a bit too much to the boys before all this? Either way it seems prime time for one of them to make a move and go in for a grab, if they so dare.

Kalsuoth takes his chance when he sees it, sensing his clutchmate's tiring. He darts forward with a heavy swoop of his wings, a powerful downstroke to propell him forward. Turning, he tries to ensnare her in his embrace, mind opening up the vast jungles to her.

Aha! The Prize has turned /into/ the wind and NOW the Pirate ship sets his sails full and dives towards the small green, arching towards her with his nautical maneuvering in the skies, hoping and trying to snag the prize before the other lubbers get their claws on it. Janath uses his strength as well as his sleekness to move towards the green, reaching out!
Kiena stiffens where she stands on the ground far below, her head craning upwards as her eyes scan unfocused and distracted through the skies. Her expression is set in a grimace, mouth pressed tight and firm in determination and echoing only a fraction of what surges through Ujinath. High above, the blue's strength is dwindling, but so is that of Tahryth and he sees his chance. His wings sweep and cut through the air as he mirrors some of the glowing green's stunts, admiring her skill but studying it closely until — at last! Now! It is the final stretch of the challenge and he is fuelled by the passion and desire to snare her and claim victory, to share with her the safety and comfort that later comes with it. Soaring from below, Ujinath arcs upwards and ignores the pressure and strain put on his wings to pull such a feat but he takes that risk and as he arrows in, is white talons will seek and stretch and hope to snare that elusive green hide.

Who will it be! Two browns and a blue remain and only one glowing green hide between them. It is a test of wills, a test of swiftness a test of who can be there first really when one gets right down to it! Tahryth catches the movement from the three, all heading towards her, wings flick form shifts and she dives away from the visiting brown which leaves him with nothing by air. Sorry Captain Sparrow, perhaps next time when you're in these 'skies' it will be better! As for the other brown there is just a hint that Kalsuoth nearly grapples with the green but there is another yet to fully join the game right until the last moment as Ujinarth does indeed soar upwards and is able to grab hold of Tahryth in a awkward tangle of talons and limbs. A sharp bugling cry escapes the green as she swings around to try and lash out at her 'attacker' in some attempt to free herself. Though by this moment her wings are aching, sides a quiver as she drags in quick breaths of air, while she may try to escape there is no place for her to go save with that blue. Idrissa is following it all and right closely at that, when Tahryth is snared and rather roughly she find herself back down in the snow upon her knees, and for a moment struggling to breath. So much for not panicking, she so fails that part of it all right now.

Mur'dah grunts softly when Kalsuoth tries and misses, the brownrider turning his head to stare at Kiena when Ujinath wins. There's an odd look that flickers across his expression and then he's turning to move off, strides long and swift.
J'son shrugs and looks over at Kiena and he turns. "Come on, Janath. Golds are more our style." He offers as his brown slides down and off.

Ujinath succeeds and event hough Tahryth struggles and fights him, he only coils himself around her all the tighter. Sorry sweetheart, that doesn't work on him! This blue holds on tight when he's snared what he's sought so hard for. Off he will carry her, using what remains of his strength to support them both. Back on the ground, Kiena is jolted back to her senses and she inhales deep and raggedly and promptly swears out loud. Her expression is mixed, heavily conflicted and possibly even pained as she begins to move forwards in tense and jerking steps. Fighting. She's aware of Mur'dah leaving but can only spare a brief glance before she's honing in on Idrissa. The panicking, on her knees greenrider. Lovely. She approaches, reaching out to both help and haul her to her feet. "We have to go!" she hisses urgently, hating herself for saying it and for what she's (they are?) going to do. She won't shove the greenrider, only another insistent nudge forwards and another if needed towards the guest weyr.

Idrissa only panicked for a moment there during the hit, after that she is alright, well mostly alright at least while getting herself back up yet again from the snowy ground. "I know." Is grumbled out to Kiena once she is up and moving towards the guest weyr and she doesn't even send a glance towards the other rider. Of the three Tahryth had to pick it would be the blue. It is all totally Tahryth's fault at the moment! As for Tahryth the struggling doesn't last for long, mostly because she has no wise to kiss the ground, and really the blue did work rather hard to win her so might as well have some fun with it. So she allows Ujinath to cart her off so to speak, at least she won't be grumpy after everything is said and done and back to her happy self!

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