A Burger & Another Ale

Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern
It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.
The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

The ice is finally starting to clear up. Flying and landing isn't as dangerous, as spots have cleared enough that dragons can find traction, which the senior officers of Search and Rescue have used to their advantage. Training time! How to safely land on undesirable terrain. Ka'el and Kanekith have been at it all day, with some successes and some slipups to be had, but nothing that caused injury to the bronze. They're off duty now and have been for about a candlemark. Ka'el is freshly bathed, Kanekith freshly oiled and off on his own. But there seems to be something slightly amiss. Ka'el sits at the bar, back turned to the entrance and eyes et on the single mug of ale he's ordered. His eyes are a bit out of focused, a faraway look on his face. Dragon talk time! And from the expression that now curves his lips to a slight frown, it's not a cheerful one. "No … don't.." he says, some of those mental words slipping out and spoken aloud.

With her large satchel slung over her neck and shoulder, Kera pushes her way into the tavern, a couple of totally oblivious riders block the entrance as they argue drunkenly. Thankfully, they aren't comparing anything yet, thus the apprentice's sensibilities are saved for another day. When she manages to get by the blockade, a glance around has her feet going towards the bar. Not recognizing anyone by their back, she doesn't notice Ka'el, but does spot an empty seat that has her name on it and starts that way.

Ka'el's expression relaxes for a second, and he reaches for his drink, though as his hand curls around the handle of the mug, the lines of his face return as brows lower and a sneer returns to his face. "I swear to Faranth…" he hisses, fingers curling around the handle tighter than what is necessary. His expression goes faroff away, though it's briefer this time, and when he's back in the here and now, his drink his brought to his mouth. Gulp .. gulp. His tongue slides between his lips as it's set back down, glancing sideways at movement nearby. Surprisingly enough, it's not a semi-familiar face of a random resident, but instead the face of a friend. He brightly slightly upon noticing Kera, though there's still an edge to his face. A slight tightness to his smile. "Hey Kera, sit over here," he beckons.

Kera is just sliding onto the little stool as she hears her name and instantly frowns, gaze darting back the way she came before. Not seeing anyone she knows there, her attention is returning back to the bar when Ka'el's beckoning catches her eye and she nods. Vacating the stool almost as quick as she took it, Kera works her way down the bar, meandering around a couple before getting to the bronze rider. "Hi Ka'el." Seems she's not the only one that isn't quite as chipper as normal. "Didn't expect to run into you here."

"Why not?" remarks Ka'el. "It's a tavern. I'm a man. Men and taverns go hand in hand, don't they?" A faint smirk, and he looks back at his drink while exhaling a very slow breath. His brows knit a little, and then with a roll of his eyes, he answers aloud to a silent comment. "Thank you." He rubs at the bridge of his nose as his eyes return to Kera, loosening his too-tight hold upon his mug. "You, on the other hand," he says, countering her statment, "seem out've place to me. What're you doin' in a tavern? Haven't taken up drinkin', have you?"

"Like I know." is muttered before dropping and shifting onto the seat. Adjusting her satchel, she leans against the bar, canting her head to Ka'el as if trying to determine if he's talking to her or not with the 'thank you'. Deeming he wasn't, her gaze drifts around briefly before turning to face the bar again. "Apprentice's aren't supposed to drink unless special permission is given. You know that." A little snort might be heard "Though I think I'm starting to undestand the urge to do so." Shaking her head "No, I was hungry and they have good herdbeast burgers here." Catching the waitress's attention, she's given the universal sign for 'just a minute' and turns back to Ka'el with a curious frown. "So what has you out alone nursin a mug of.. what's that?"

"How'm I to know you didn't receive special permission?" retorts Kalewho leans against the countertop a litle more. There's a vague smirk to accompany his words though, but it fades the longer that he watches her. "Burgers are good.." he agrees, nodding once, eyes roaming back to his mug at the question of just what's in it. "Ale. I like ale," he answers. "It's what I usually drink, when I do." Which is considerably less than at one point in time. "Eh. Kanekith's bein' … a jackass," he says, nose wrinkling briefly. "This," a nod to the mug, "doesn' really help matters but…it makes me feel better." He looks back at her now though, a brow quirking. "You don't seem yourself today," he notes. "Where's that Kera smile?"

Kera nods when the drink is confirmed as ale and leans back away from her mug inspection. The mention of Kanekith's current tempermant cause the girl's eyes to roll with a hint of annoyance in her nod and tone. "That condition seems to be going around." A sigh slips out before Ka'el's observations triggers a startled look his way. Thankfully, the waitress is there with a smile and notepad in hand. "I'll have a heardbeast burger please. And some juice." Once the order is given, she looks back to Ka'el, and drums her fingers nervously on the bartop til she remembers something that will hopefully sidetrack Ka'el's observations. "I lost it somewhere, among other things." She reaches to pull her satchel around, but then hesitates. Finally she starts rifling through it.

It's around dinnertime. The ice outside is starting to break up in places, making walking a little easier, though still the threat of slipping and falling is high. The tavern is no more full or empty than any normal day. Busy enough to keep waitresses on their feet, yet there are still a handful of unoccupied tables to be seen. At the bar, Ka'el sits alongside Kera, and the two are in conversation. Ka'el looks at the waitress as she moves over to take Kera's order, and he gestures to her, pointing to his half-empty mug. "One more, if y'd please?" he requests with a small smile before his attention returns to Kera. He tips his head at her words. "Someone givin' you a rough time?" he asks with a light frown. "What's goin' on?"

Kisa arrives with little fanfare. It's what she does well. With her usual disapproving frown, she makes her way to the bar and orders a mug of something dark and bitter. Yeah, no surprises there.

Since smiles are expected of her, Kera does her best to accomodate, even if it's obvious she isn't really feelin it. "What's going… on is…" Taking a bit longer than she needs to 'find' what she wants, the satchel /can't/ be that big right, a bundle is finally pulled out. Letting the bag fall back to her side, she eyes Ka'el with a little smile "… here! Hope you like it." That should distract him a while. Then the waitress is there with her juice which is taken up and very quickly drained half way. Glancing around at a voice ordering sa drink, that frowning woman from the caverns is there. Well slide on up and join the frowning club. A wiggle of her fingers is given to the woman "Hello." is offered though she doubts the woman will be of the mind to reply and glances back to Ka'el, wondering what this present is gonna cost her.

At least the conversation with Kanekith has stopped, which apparently means Ka'el can focus fully on Kera and not divide his mind with his dragon. Though…in truth, his mind is always divided, even when not actively communicating. His brows vaguely lower as he watches the girl rummage, not answering him. But even so, there's a brief look that passes over his face. One almost like understanding, but it's soon masked by one of surprised as he's given … a gift? "My turnday was months ago, you nkow.." he says with a vague smile, eyeing her curiously before he opens it up. He blinks at the fabric … and double blinks at the stitching. "Woah … shards, you made this?" he asks after close examination.

Kisa mutters something that may be a greeting, or maybe not. Her mood does not lighten any when her drink arrives. With a grunt, she hunches down and takes a sip.

Kera eyes her half empty glass of juice and signals for a second one when she catches the waitress's eyes. That done, she takes a few sips while turning her attention back to Ka'el, nodding in response to the bronzer. "Yea. Apprentice's have alot of free time in winter. What energy is used for swimming and such in warmer weather has to be redirected in the colder months." taking another drink and finishing her juice and shrugs "It also helps me practice my stitchwork." She can't exactly 'practice' on patients no can she. "I made a couple others too." Whatever enthusiasm she worked up for that smile seems to wane a bit.

Ka'el continues to exmaine his gift, not noticing the arrival of Kisa due to his fascination with his gift. "Wow, thank you Kera…" he says, sounding truly, genuinely appreciative. He lowers the box down with a smile, but it's a smile that starts to slip as he watches her. Oh…right. She isn't really happy, and…Ka'el thinks he may know why. He exhales a slow breath and nods hish ead once. "It's Mur'dah, isn't it?" he says, voice softer now, gentle.

Kisa's attention is drawn to the door as someone enters. Her frown deepens. Ice. Ugh. Ice. Muttering some more, she turns her attention back to her mug.

Having already seen the needlework in detail, doesn't look much at it while Ka'el is examining it. Reaching for her fresh juice while the empty one seems to have vanished, she pulls it to her across the bar, leaving a wet trail in it's wake. Then Ka'el's whispering 'It's Mur'dah', and she's frowning around towards the door, eyes darting here, then there before scanning around back around. Kisa given a quick nod before she looks back to Ka'el, working to smooth away the frown with some effort. "Turns out I was being stupid huh." A little half grin is given before that wonderful waitrass if there with her burger. "Thank you." is sent to the woman before she's rushing off to another customer. Glancing to the woman next to her, she gestures to her plate "If a are hungry, try the herdbeast burgers, they season them really tasty here."

Ka'el can put two and two together, it seems. And, believe it or not…guys do communicate with each other about these sorts of things! Sometimes. When the mood strikes. He takes a drink from his mug but wrinkles his nose at what she has to say. "It isn't stupid to like someone.." he says, head shaking. "It's just…" He pauses, noticing that she's speaking to someone else. He leans back a bit in order to see Kisa, and the woman is nodded at. A somewhat familiar face from the Caverns. "Good eve," he offers to her before leaning forward again, shfiting just a bit closer to Kera to murmur. "F'you want to talk about this, stop by my weyr sometime, alright? I think … I think you should stop by. Hear me out, alright?"

Kera takes up her burger, snorting in a very unladylike manner over something Ka'el says. Not having anything very articulate to say about it that won't get her in trouble in one way or another, she merely glances to Ka'el after taking a huge bite. Can't talk, eating. That buys her a few seconds before she nods to the bronzer. "I'll visit when I can, but don't see the point of talking about it. Not gonna change anything." Other than to make her feel even worse perhaps? Another halfhearted smile is offered before she gestures to the mug "That doesn't explain why you're off by yourself drinking. I can't quite decide if ya are trying to get drunk or not….You mentioned Kanekith being a jackass?"

As Kera chews, Ka'el drinks, finishing off his mug to push aside, leaving room for his second mug, already brought by the waitress. When Kera /does/ speak .. heh. It doesn't give Ka'el much hope that she'll make any effort into stopping by. So, screw waiting til later! "Tryin' to get drunk? Nah. Tryin' for somethin' else," he says, drumming his fingertips against the glass. "Listen, Kera. I know it .. sucks, what happened. But really? You're better off for it. Have y'really given thought to what it'd be like to date a rider?" he asks, head tilting a little. "Y'wanna know why I'm here? Because I was doin' my damndest to keep Kanekith away from that idiot green that rose. The reason I didn't go runnin' to the feeding grounds is because Kanekith fancies golds." He shrugs a little. "An' he's prideful enough to think that greens are beneath him." Most greens, anyway. He won't be able to discourage him from chasing all the time! "Mur'dah an' Kalsuoth probably were out there. He might've caught her. Could be bed with her right now. An' when the next green rises wherever, it could happen again. And again, when the next rises. Would you be alright with that?"

Kisa finishes off her drink with little excitement and sets the mug down on the bar a bit more forcefully than the situaion warrants. Leaving payment next to the mug, she stalks out. Yeah, someone's not a happy camper. Or so the muttering would suggest.

Eyeing Ka'el and dropping her burger to the plate regretfully and wipes her mouth. Just a little while to enjoy her meal, that's all she wanted. Listening to Ka'el justifications of why she should just stick to her books, she nods and holds up some fingers to tick off points "And my journeyman says I should be paying more attention to my studies." Another finger ticked off. "My father says he didn't send me to the Hall to think about guys….why mom told him I've no idea.." Point. "Mom says what did I expect from dragonmen anyway." Another fingers is marked off "And Apprentice Sherryl..that little weaver b….brat, somehow heard and is enjoying herself quite a bit over it." Kera, her burger forgotten reaches up and swipes at her eyes angrily. "So yea, I'm feelin pretty stupid right about now, but it's my own fault for believin him when he said he liked me too at the Festival." She shrugs it off angrily though and takes her burger back up, sniffling a little as she tries to pretend she's not that upset over it. "But none of that matter really since he's made it clear he's not interested. I'm not even female as far as he's concerned." She snorts "You were there that night about a month ago, he was soo interested in flirting if he could find some 'girls'."

That mug of his has only one sip taken from it before Ka'el's attention stays rooted upon Kera. He isn't really good at this. Actually .. he never thought he was good at giving advice when it comes to relationships. Hopeful relationships. Lack thereof. But now, has anything changed? He surely isn't feeling as panicky as he did some turns back whenever the topic came up. Perhaps with age does come wisdom? "Kera. I'm not saying you shouldn't date. You're…what, ….fifteen?" He's taking a stab in the dark! "I started datin' when I was fifteen. As an apprentice," he notes with a lifted brow. "All I'm sayin' is .. bein' a with a rider is a whole different world. If I had dated rider then? Shards.. It've been a mess. Even now as a rider dating a rider, when I think of Luraoth risin' again and some bronze catchin' her that's not Kanekith? It makes me see red. And that's from me, who gets it." Mostly, anyway. "Dating is supposed to be fun. Mur'dah .. is just bein' honest with you. I don't think he meant any harm. He likes you, really, as a friend. He just .. doesn't chose his words very well."

Kera gives an agreeable nod when her age is questioned, no need to deny it. "Yea." Her juice is taken in hand and sipped while giving reluctant nods when she has too. "Well, I've been on one date so far. That just happened to be with a rider. I thought I had fun at the time, but looking back…." She trails off, fiddling with edge of her plate thoughtfully as she tries to pick the right words. "It was a very good memory for a little while. Now, not so much cause now I know he was just being nice cause I put him on the spot." A shake of her head is given "Yea, that's why he always says his dragon needs him. Which was believable til he was boasting about how he 'got Kalsouth to get another dragon to need him' or some such just as an excuse." She shrugs "Not sure why I'm disappointed really. He's been running as fast as his feet will take him, in whatever direction i'm not in pretty much during my whole posting." Picking at her burger, she tears off a bite and pops it in her mouth.

That was her very first date ever? Ka'el inwardly winces but outwardly gives a nod in reply. There is a slight frown at the mentioning of using Kalsuoth as an excuse when apparently it hasn't always been true. A slow breath is exhaled. "Why bother then, Kera? Ask yourself that. If he's been so …" What's a good word to describe his friend's actions? "..dismissive to you, then why waste your time bein' upset over it? Mur'dah isn't perfect. He isn't someone to worship. He's just … a guy." He shrugs. "There're plenty've us, y'know. Plenty've us who're willin' to do stupid things to get a girl's attention and earn her favor. Trust me, I'm a pro at bein' stupid for a girl's attention," he says, smirking. "That guy'll find you." And hopefully he won't be a dragonrider!
Kera lifts a brow at Ka'el, her frown growing a bit deeper. "Why Ka'el, if I didn't know any better, I'ld swear ya were askin me why I was being so stupid…" A little smirk is offered, the closest thing she's come to amusement in a few days. "I don't know okay? I can't help who I like. Half the time he's a jerk, and half the time he's seems to be the nicest guy around. But it doesn't matter since I pretty much lost him as a friend anyway." Her fingers drum absentmindedly, frowning at her burger like it offended her somehow. Finally gives her head a little shake. "If this is what dating is all about, then is's really overrated."

Ka'el smirks over at her and makes big, innocent eyes her way. His grin soon becomes more genuine though and he leans over to lightly push his shoulder against hers. "My suggestion: Like somebody else," he says smirkishly. "And you can't say dating is doomed just because of one person. The two've you weren't dating, besides. Plus, you're fifteen! Y'can't give up already. You'll end up bein' a crazy, bitter old maid with nothin' but a weyrful of felines for company," he says jokingly before he takes a slow drink from his mug. "You know, Soriana wasn't my first girlfriend. If I had said 'shard it' to dating, I wouldn't have with her what I do now. Sooo .. buck up. Mur'dah's not the type to toss someone aside. Maybe give each other a bit've space for a little while. Let things blow over. But you haven't lost a friend. Trust me on that."

Kera sends a chilly expression Ka'el's way and sighs "And what do ya suggest then? Go into the caverns while the midday is being served, spin around til I'm dizzy, then whoever I point out is who I should date?" Silly, yes, but no silly than just plain liking who ya like. An amused snort forces it's way out of her at the mentioned of crazed maid with felines "Yea, I can just see me trying to shove felines in my half of the trunk and make them lay flat and hidden under the bedsheet so the Headwoman won't find them." She frowns suddenly and glances around the bar quickly, "That reminds me…" spotting the 'wrapping' "I'm gonna need that scarf back, it's the only one I didn't send back home." She gives a little smile and wiggles her fingers towards said scarf while watching the bronzer curiously "Who did ya date?"

Ka'el snickers. "If that's what you want to do.." he says at her spinning comment, looking highly amused. "Just make sure I'm around to see, eh? I want to see who the lucky fellow is." And see the reaction to 'Congratulations! You've won a new girlfriend by playing spin the apprentice!' The thought has him laughing a little, not noticing her change in demeanor in reference to the Headwoman. He does note her request for her scarf back though, and with an oh, he hands it over. "…Why would y'send your scarves home in the dead of winter?" he asks, arching a brow. "Seems to me like you should've kept them and send home your summer things instead." She earns a questioning look that wavers at her inquiry of just who he dated before Soriana. He makes a slight face, but then, in a bout of inspiration, smirks. "Come visit me in my weyr on your next rest day or after you're off, and I'll tell you," he says. "I'll make sandwiches and'll tell you the whole sordid tale. There isn't time for it now… In fact, I should get going."

Kera lift's a brow, a little hint of a smile starting to slip across her features before she nods "Oh I can picture it now, Me spinning around, be being dizzy, me getting sick on the chosen one's boots." She smirks a bit at that, canting her head a bit. "Alright. I'll stop by in a couple of days to talk." Reaching for hte scarf and slipping it into her pocket "And I'll explain where all my stuff went." Wiggling her fingers to Ka'el "Have a good evening you two." Including his dragon, that's off somewhere, in her regards.

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