Bless the Beasts and the Children

Xanadu Weyr - Observation Level

Dark blue seats form a semi-circle around the sands below, the lowest row separating from the sands themselves by merely a railing. The seats climb upwards, each row a bit higher then the previous, and they are broken up into sections by 3 sets of staircases. Lights are evenly spaced along the outer wall, lighting the seats and the sands easily, though they tend to be dimmed unless a major event is taking place. A large balcony looms overhead, darkening some of the seats, providing a place for observers of the draconic kind to watch without obstructing the view for others.
When one looks over the railing, the oddly hued sand below can be seen easily, the circle-shaped area of the sands spread out to the far walls, the sand itself a unique mixture of red and white grains.

It is late autumn at Xanadu weyr, the rains still falling and so are the temperatures. At least Sahazyth 'chose' this time of year for a stay on the sands and the warmth of the sands are quite inviting. The gold spent the first few days after the clutching hoarding over the eggs, keeping them mostly hidden from view, but finally she has relaxed though she watches over her eggs protectively. Briana is sitting on the lowest seat in the observation area working on her paperwork. A platter of food beside her partly eaten.

The sound of boot soles on stone heralds the arrival of another, although it ought to be no surprise as to who it is. Seryth's rains having pattered with a respectful request to the brooding Sahazyth that her rider join hers in the level. The Weyrwoman enters the row the Junior is seated in with small wide-mouthed thermos and spoon in hand, which she presents to the younger woman. "I had Cook make some ice cream from all those tropical fruits from Ista," she explains as she sinks into one of the nearby seats. "I always need some relief from the heat in here."

Briana looks up from her paperwork as she hears the sounds of the boots. Even Sahazyth lifts her head and gives a warbled greeting to the Weyrwoman. Yep it seems that Thea is on the 'good' list. The junior rises to give a salute, looking curiously to the thermos. "Afternoon Weyrwoman." She greets formally though relaxes as the thermos is offered and she takes it with a half smile. "Thanks, it is much appreciated. Doesn't seem I can drink enough water in here. I thought it was bad for the touchings , but being in here all the time…wow."

Thea, meanwhile, has sunk down in that seat, stretched her leatherclad legs out, leaned back into the backrest, her head tilted back as if she's going to take a nap here and now. Eyes are closed as she mmhmms. "I'm not dressed to stay long. Too much to do anyway." The words are spoken faintly, weariness in the tone. She cracks one eye open to send Briana a half-smile, "I'd say you get used to it, but I haven't yet, so I won't go there. But do get some lightweight clothing from the storeroom if you need it." Her eyes drift shut momentarily before they open to give the young queen on the sands an appraising look. "How is she taking all this? And the bronzerider… Ur'con? He's settled in a guest weyr or commuting from Eastern Weyr?"

"She is getting better, hopefully I can start leaving the cavern longer soon. If you have any work I can do, please feel free to send it. I definately want to keep myself busy." Briana looks from the Weyrwoman out to the eggs , "I am told, eight isn't too bad for a first clutch." She comments with a faintly hopeful tone to her voice. There is a nod about the clothing before she answers the last questions. "Getting a little better finally. She didn't want anyone to see them at first. Every day she has relaxed a little more, I think Darlth has been helping with that. I think a little of both depending on his duties at Eastern."

Thea's gaze lingers on Sahazyth for a beat longer. Reassured by both the young queen's posture and her rider's answer, she comments serenely, "Eight is plenty for a first clutch. The most Seryth has ever laid is twelve. Can you imagine forty-four like Lessa's Ramoth laid? Ouch." With a delicate shudder, she adds, "I felt every one of the twelve she laid last time." Yay empathic bonds! Speaking of the bronzeriding winner, she rolls her head on the backrest to peer at Briana keenly, "You let me know if he gets out of line with you." Mother-hen, you bet! As for paperwork, she smirks and chuckles dryly, "Oh don't worry. There's plenty of paperwork to go around. I'll be happy to send someone with your share."

"I could not imagine, but I suppose it explains the size of the barracks. Eight is plenty to worry about and deal with." She says with a nod to the shared discomfort, her hand rubbing across her stomach." I suppose the searchriders are starting to bring some people in?" Briana asks as she looks over to Thea. "Oh, he has been very nice and polite and stuff. I have no complaints at all Ma'am." In fact it might be heard he treats her almost like a daughter. She grins at the last, "I don't mind it as much as most I think. I actually enjoy it a little..its distracting."

"It does, yeah. The barracks were built with Thread in mind, even though they were at the end of the last pass when Xanadu was founded. I can't imagine how the leadership dealt with the numbers of in-coming." Thea shakes her head in wonder, hands finding the armrests to push herself up from her slouch. Her clipboard has lain in her lap this entire time and here she picks it up to give a glance at the list there. "Hmm, yes. They're putting them up in the Weyrling barracks since the Candidate barracks are full of evacuees. The river is still rising slowly." Sea green eyes flick over to give Briana a keen look. "Good. I'm glad to hear he is kind to you." Her eyes drop to the thermos and the ice cream therein, "It'll melt if you don't eat it soon," she smiles before sobering to ask with the lift of one dark brow, "Distracting from what, exactly?"

Briana frowns at the news of the river and takes a slow deep breath, "Will the eggs be safe? Do you think the water will reach here?" She asks with a concern that seems echoed in Sahazyth who gives the entry a look and extends a wing over the eggs. At the reminder of the ice cream though she gives a distracted nod and digs a spoon in, though her features are thoughtful as she takes a couple of spoonfuls of the berry ice cream. The last question though causes her to look up, "Just from being a little helpless right now…" She says giving a little gesture around the cavern.

Thea hastens to reassure the younger goldrider, "No, you're on high ground here. But we won't let the water approach the hatching arena in any case. We've only had to transfer eggs once in the ten turns I've been here. Lightning stuck the transformer out back and burned out the sands heating unit. We put them in the Annex's incubator and they hatched just fine." From outside the arena, there's a disgruntled sound that causes Thea to smile and amend, "Well, their mama wasn't so fine throughout the ordeal." She tilts her head questioningly at Briana. "Helpless in what way?" Not arguing, but perhaps seeking to draw her out a little.

Briana swivels a bit to face Thea more directly, eating on her icecream as the Weyrwoman gives her reasurances and reports on the safety of the sands. With those given she looks to the sands with unfocused gaze and after a bit Sahazyth seems to finally relax and uncovers her eggs once more though she still looks wary. "Oh, like I should be out there helping you with all this mess. I know I am doing a duty here and not one I regret, just…well I feel a bit divided." At least none of those old concerns.

The Weyrwoman nods gravely, understanding writ on her features. Her mouth pulls in a lopsided smile of reminiscence. Quietly, "I remember the feeling." Ice green eyes are somber as she relates, "Times were when we did nothing in these emergencies other than to stand by to man the radio and keep the home fires burning. Tradition made us little more than glorified headwomen and breeders of dragonkind." A gentle scorn ripples the words before a sparkle warms the ice in Thea’s eyes to seagreen, her chin lifts slightly as she regards the other goldrider much as one would a fellow conspirator. "But things change despite… tradition. You'd be out there if it weren't for the eggs upon the sands. Sahazyth needs you right now more than I do." Her lips curve, white teeth flash in an appeal as she says, "There is something you could help me with in here, something I cannot do, if you would?"

She nods about helping Sahazyth and looks out to her lifemate, "Do they get better with each hatching or can I expect her to be like this with each? I sorta worry for when the candidates come." She comments before looking quickly back to Thea. "If there was something, I would Ma'am." Briana says with an emphatic nod of her head to her as she sets the thermos down between them. The icecream half gone at least.

The corners of Thea's eyes crinkle as her smile widens. For the moment she puts aside the present concerns to answer Briana's questions. "Well, each queen is different. Azaeth-" her voice catches as regret flickers over her face then disappears as swiftly, "Azaeth was a ferocious mama feline the entire time her eggs were on the sands. Kilaueth was a bit irate. Seryth was more anxious, never wanted me to leave her the whole time her eggs were on the sands. She fretted. Especially so when they tried to Impress and leave her." She reconsiders and adds with profound relief, "Seryth has mellowed over the turns though. She now lets me sleep at home when the shells harden." Her lips twist in a wry smile, "Thank Faranth for that or my weyrmate would be an unhappy man." She eases a long breath out, relaxing for a moment before her hand lifts to gesture at the rolled bedding, sleeping pallets, pillows and belongings stashed in the upper tiers against the walls. "Help soothe and comfort the ones sleeping here at night? They're feeling uprooted and understandably… distraught at the thought of losing their homes. Especially the children."

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