Cupcakes and Company

Xanadu Weyr - Nature Gone Wild Weyrbarn
The victim of one of the major storms to pass through the Weyr this past turn or so, this weyrbarn stands amidst the majestic trees of the forest like a testament to rebuilding and carrying on. Though it used to be little more than a shack, with a lot of hard work and effort, this structure has been returned to its former magnificence. Broad boarded dark wood walls rise two stories to a slate roof, a stone chimney rising up along the right wall crafted from smooth river stones. Windows with shutters often stand open, glass panes also propped up to invite breezes, or closed and latched to keep out the weather.
A smaller human sized door is nestled within the larger dragon sized one, and walking in you are treated to the vastness of space. Much of it given to Kalsuoth's couch on the left side of the building, the worn stone comfortable and perfectly sized for the brown. The human part has been built up from nothing, with fresh wooden floors laid and new furniture brought in. The walls are left to their natural wood, though many of the cabinets have a fresh coat of blue paint, and fabric accents also hold hints of blue and green to soften all that brown from the natural wood. A sitting area on the right side is reached up a few steps, nestled near to the fireplace. Beyond, the open floorplan boasts a kitchen and a laundry room, as well as a spacious bathroom with a wide, deep tub. A spiral staircase leads to the top floor, where there are two bedrooms - only one currently in use - and an office.
Just the kind of fixer-upper Thea would recommend for her son, if indeed she had anything to do with assigning the dwelling. It builds character, right?

Kera's boots crunch across the fresh layer of snow blanketing the forest floor. She's bundled up nicely in her lined hooded coat, scarf wrap matches the gloves that clutch two stacked baked goods boxes. A brisk breeze sends fluttery airdrifts of snow floating downward, a near howling through the trees when it blows more strongly. Turning her body slightly and half walking backwards til it eases up, else she gets a face full of snow, Kera huddles over the boxes as she keeps on toward herr target. Maybe a few times she has to stop and push her hood up some to make sure she hasn't wandered off the path. Smiling, nope, she's not lost, there's Kiena and Mur'dah's place right there. Keeping her gaze on the ground, so she doesn't trip, Kera makes the shortest path from the edge to the door and gives a brisk knock.

It's certainly not at all like winter in the weyrbarn! A fire in the hearth is keeping the rooms warm and cozy, everything is comfortably lit with glows and Kiena's been busy… cleaning. Cleaning and tidying and rearranging everything she can get her hands on or has the strength to move. She's just settled with Ujinath, giving the blue some attention by caressing his eye ridges until he whistles softly with contentment. With Mur'dah and Kalsuoth gone, the blue can invade the wallow that the brown usually occupies. They hadn't got around to expanding it yet before the winter snows settled in. At the knock, Kiena turns her head and blows an errant strand of hair out of her face. "Who could that be…?" she mutters and gives Ujinath a fond parting caress before walking (more like waddling) to the door. Her expression is one of surprise but pleased when she spies Kera and then she shivers as a gust of wind tears through. Ugh, that's cold! "Kera! Jays, wasn't expecting company. Come on in! Don't mind the mess…" What mess? The weyrbarn looks… well, tidy!

Kera stomps her feet as if trying to force them to warm a bit in the process. The door opens quicker than she expected and a grin shifts the scarf covering her face. Amused that she was recognized under all the bundling, she gives a start then hurries inside once ordered to do so. Trying her best to stomp her boots free of clumped snow right at the door, "Wha…what mess?" her hood is pushed back and scarf tugged down feeling the warmer air inside. "Hi Kiena. I've an idea, since you can't see your feet, and I can't feel mine, how about we look and tell each other if our feet are still attached hmmm?" Shivering at the chill she brought with her eyes flicker around the nearest areas before focusing back on the waddling blue, lifting and brandishing the two bakery boxes with a cheeky grin "Think maybe you could intimidate a cupcake or two?" or three of four in the pregnant woman's case. Her gaze cast around curiously "I brought a box of cupcake and a cookie assortment." The green gives another involuntary shiver as she starts to feel a little warmer.

Kiena doesn't have many visitors — if any at all, so it wasn't too hard for her to guess who may be knocking on her door. "Oh, I've been cleaning so things might be a bit unorganized." Or perfectly fine! Has being cooped up addled her brains a bit? Possibly. Closing the door once Kera's stepped inside, she'll try to help the greenrider with some of her stuff. There's a laugh, "While I can't see my feet, I can still feel them! So they must be there. As for yours… if you're not feeling 'em anymore… all the more reason you should go sit by the fire. Go on! Make yourself comfortable." She'll make a shooing gesture towards the couch, which looks rather comfortable. Those brandished bakery boxes are eyed curiously though her brows knit in a wary way for the cheeky grin. "Intimidate or tempt?" Kiena drawls with another amused chuckle and helps take one of the boxes from Kera's hands. "Come on. We can set these on the table in front of the couch. Can I get you anything to drink? Klah? Tea?"

Kera lifts a skeptical brow looking for this mythical unorganized mess Kiena speaks up. It must be waiting to sneak up on someone when they least expect it. "Nonesense, place looks great." Chuckles over her frosted feet, she nods agreeably and surrenders both sweet smelling boxes for Kiena to intimidate or terrorize, depending on which side of the plate you are own. "If ya are sure my feet are still there, I'll take your word for it." Flashing an amused wink, Kera starts shrugging out of her cold gear and hanging them to dry. Shuffling to the fire, hands brushing together briskly " Intimidate or tempt? "A little from column A, a little from column B." Creeping close to the fireplace, she seems to be turning really slowly as if to 'slowroast' a few minutes. "What ever you have that's already hot works." Though maybe she needs two buckets of hot klah just to warm her feet in. "How are you feeling?"

Maybe she stuffed it all into the bedroom for Mur'dah to sort out when he gets home as a surprise 'gift'. Knowing Kiena, that could be very possible. "Thanks!" She says brightly, looking pleased at the comment. "Took me a good portion of the day. Can't do much else so…" No one can call her idle now! "Y'know I wouldn't lie to ya about your feet, right?" Amused, she wanders (and waddles) into the kitchen. She's very visibly pregnant now, if not nearing the end of her term but she looks healthy and seems to be in a good enough mood (minus the 'nesting'). "Ha! Figured as much!" she laughs and goes about pouring two cups of tea. "It's all I have right now," she admits with a slightly sheepish smile. "Spiced tea. There's some cream too and sweetener if you need it." How's she been feeling? The groan she suppresses as she sits down on the couch, one hand braced to her lower back before she's nestled into the cushions should be answer enough. "Aside from bored out of my mind and feeling like a bloated, swelled up balloon and all the other unpleasantness? Alright, I suppose. Been trying to keep busy." A shrug and she'll eye those boxes of goodies again. "How've you been? Don't think I saw you since your party — which was a blast, by the way. All went well?"

Kera drops down on a seat near the fire, feet stretching out as close as she can stretch and not start her boots to burning. Hands also extend to the fire, but not nearly as close, and she chafes them together gently. "Well I hope you wouldn't lie about my feet still being there. If you were gonna lie about something, hope you would save it up and make it a real whopper of a tale." Hands hone in on the warm mug of spiced tea, and she takes it gladly, breathing in the aroma steam before slurping a few small sips. "Nah, won't need any sweetner once we make a dent on the cupcakes." Gesturing with one of her hands for the blue to hurry up and rip that box open already. Sitting up a bit straighter Kiena receives a visual scan, trying to gauge several things by the pregnant woman's mood, ease or unease of movement, and overall state of mind. Nodding and takes another sips, quiet this time of her spicey tea, Mmmm softly. "I'm curious, not often I get to gather this bit of info, but, having gone through it already and knowing what to expect do you feel more at ease during this pregnancy than you did with your girls?" Eyeing the box, her hand reaches out, fingers wiggling as if they are depserately trying to reach and cupcake just beyond some invisable barrier. A little grin at her own actions for cupcake begging, Kera nods "Always busy. Moncerath and the flits demanding their time. And duty shifts and trying to drop in on unsuspecting friends. And whatever time I've left, I try to get a few minutes of study time in." Tis a sad day when Kera can't spend most of it with her nose in a book. Mention of her party brings a quick grin "Aye, yea everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Ya should have seen the pile of stripped bones and empty wine bottles the next morning."

"Oh trust me, I would!" Kiena's grin boasts of her telling the truth in that remark! She'll settle herself comfortably while Kera does the same before reaching for her cup of tea. Having just placed it between her fingers and halfway to lifting it to her lips, she'll snicker about the cupcakes. True! Her first sip, however, is halted by Kera's visual scan and the opening of the cupcake box further delayed in favour of a light frown. What's that look for? It makes her uncomfortable but then she's never enjoyed being examined by anyone, let alone Healers. Satisfied that it's nothing, really, to get kerfluffed about, Kiena relaxes again and sets her tea aside. Finally, that box of cupcakes is opened and she whistles softly. "What flavours?" she asks, delighted but silence follows as she weighs just how to answer Kera's question. "I'd say… a bit more at ease. Still not happy about it. I don't like these final months and I don't care what some women gossip about how the birth is some wonderful experience…" she grumbles. "I'm scared of it and I hate it." The look she gives her friend then is almost defiant. Yeah, she said it! "But… the difference is that I'm older and know a bit of what to expect. Mur'dah's been — he's been the biggest key, really. He's been great, despite this being his first child." There's a grin when Kera elaborates on her well being and the aftermath of the party. "Busy can be good though and I can only imagine! I did not envy you having to clean up after all of that."

Kera wraps a hand around her mug to keep it warm, and chuckles at Kiena's boasting. The greeny's eyes may even brighten a shade or two when the tiny frosted cakes come into view. A dozen colorful little surprises that don't have much of a lifespan. A miracle if any survive past dinner really, it's not lunchtime yet. Klah and lemon frosting make up two thirds of the tasties. One of Kera's favorites make up the remaining. "Oh, I'll take one of the buttercreamcheese ones." Soon she has one of the tiny cakes and her mug is placed on the small table for the moment. Taking a bite, she nods as Kiena relays how this time around seemed to affect her compared to the previous pregancy. A bigger bite taken, not about to call her friend out when she mentions being scared and hating it. "Hey, don't glare at me, I didn't say anything." She works to look real innocent and points to the box. "Brought the cakes. I'm sure that was in the interweyr etiquette and diplomacy lessons from weyrlinghood. I recall it clearly states 'you absolutely cannot glare at people that bring you cupcakes'." Kera nods as if she recalled the most important thing in the world, and smiles at the bit of banter. "I brought you more herbal mixtures, nearly the same as I mixed for you before. Should help you be able to rest better." Grinning that Mur'dah's been a good helping, she stuffs her mouth with most of what's lifts of her cupcake, taking a moment to chew and clean her thumb of icing. "Hopefully the help will continue on to changing diapers after your little one makes their appearance." A hint of a shrug and icing covered fingers wave off the worry of clean up. "It wasn't as bad as I expected it to be really. Mostly just straightening things back up returning tables, chairs and grills to proper owners."

It's dinnertime somewhere and so Kiena's not the least bit worried that she's breaking some taboo rule about having a cupcake or two before lunch. After all the cleaning and rearranging she's done, she deserves it! She'll pick up one of the lemon flavoured ones but she eats it slower than Kera. "Oh! That one sounds delicious too!" she admits and promptly eyes her next 'victim'. You're next! After she enjoys the lemon. "I wasn't glaring!" she scoffs. She totally was, but it wasn't in anger! Laughing, she gives Kera another look but this time it's playfully disbelieving. "Uh huh. And what ledger was this in and on what page?" she drawls. Hmm? Do tell! Another snort and she takes a large bite of the cupcake, mumbling around a full mouth. "Not like he has much of a choice!" She swallows. "I've decided I will raise the child myself with the help of some caretakers or a nanny until its first Turn and then foster. He better help out…" Or else. "… because if he doesn't, I can rely on you, can't it?" She's — joking, right?

Kera shifts around more comfortably on the couch now that she's thawed out a bit and pulls her boots away from the fireplace. Nodding enthusiastically to confirm her opinion of the buttercreamcheese ones. "Even better than it sounds." Taking up her mug, a couple of small sips are taken of the warm tea. "Were too." is muttered with an amused wink, then she snorts assuring Kiena about the knowledge being accurate. "Oh, you know the lesson. Right between the dance step diagrams and the.." She keeps talking, giving the finer points of chapters and page numbers, but with the last bite of her cupcake being chewed may garble the messege. No doubt her ploy fooled the bluerider completely. Or at the very least her antics should earn her a few points for effort. Eyeing the lemony cakes while she ponders Kiena's fostering plan, her fingers pluck a second tiny sweetbread up and leans back to eat it more slowly than her first. The bluerider's dire threat to her weyrmate sets Kera to snickering into her cupcake and muttering a few times 'or else..or else…' "I'll have to remember that one….or else." She tries mimicing the exact way Kiena said it, finetuning her inflection each time she repeats the phrase. Taking a bite, swiping a little extra icing, she looks across the table "Maybe. I could watch the little one from time to time for you. Would let you be able to catch a few long naps or something." Another bite nibbled off the edge of her cupcake. "Don't think I would be a good idea for fostering though."

"Then it's the buttercream I'm after next," Kiena announces, just in case Kera has her heart set on another one. Will they have to duke it out? Hopefully not! At the rate she's eating, it'll be awhile before the bluerider finishes with her lemon cupcake. She seems to really be savouring it! Or maybe her stomach is upset and she's trying not to let it show. Those herbs Kera brought along may be well received later. "Uh, well… I didn't do my weyrlinghood here, so I guess that's why I missed that!" she drawls with an amused grin to Kera and another snicker. "The 'or else' threat is a good one. Use it wisely and you'd be surprised how it can work in your favour…" Or backfire spectacularly! Of course Kiena doesn't bring it up. "Ah, no. Nooo, I wasn't implying that you be the fosterer. Just that we have it in mind. We've a few families lined up. Babysitting though… Maybe? We'll see…" Kiena seems uncomfortable by the topic, as though the thought that she'll soon have another infant to care for is only striking her now. She finishes the last of her cupcake and after swallowing she eyes Kera curiously. "So…" Uh oh. That tone is never a good one! "… how's C'rus?" It's barely lunchtime and Kiena has a guest! Right now they're both settled on the couch, a fire crackling away in the hearth and cupcakes and cookies settled on the low table. Outside it's cold, windy and snow has gathered on the ground. Winter is here! But inside it's nice and toasty warm.

Kera made short work of her first cupcake, but she's warmed up now with feeling back in her toes, so attacks the second one more slowly. Her totally serious expression isn't really beleivable as he nods wayy too quickly and agreeably "Ah, I'm positive it's in the Xanadu revision. Clearly right there on the page, half way down." Ending her words with a cheeky smirk over some imaginary rule she made up. Because, /everyone/ knows you don't glare at the one bringing you cupcakes. Another lemony bite vanishes and she waves off Kiena's worry. "Oh, I know. But I not the worst baby sitter you could find from time to time either. Like I said, sometimes you just may really need a few candlemarks sleep." Kera shrugs and doesn' worry bout it one way or the other. Nodding solemnly to the wobbly woman over the very important advice "I'll use the power sparingly ole all knowing wisewoman." Chuckling over the topic a few more seconds, she drags her finger through a portion of the lemony icing before cleaning her finger "Hmm?" Brow arches slightly, a bit surprised that Kiena brings the topic up. "Oh, he's doing well. The Fortian Weyrings recently graduated. So he's a full fledged bluerider now." Looking to her cupcake as if it holds some hidden meaning before peering back across the table "He's excited and looking forward to what him and Jaicoureth will do. Last I heard.. he hadn't been tapped into a wing yet, but he was looking forward to it." Eyeing her cupcake, she tilts her head slightly, attacking it from the side.

The winter weather is not kind to Comet riders, and Mur'dah returns looking windswept and cold, his cheeks bright red and his eyes squinting. "Little bird?" he calls as he enters their weyrbarn, turning the back to the room so he can close and latch the door. "I hope you're ready to be-" He turns then, and seeing Kera, he stops short. "Uh. Greeted. By…me. Kera? Hi there." Confused, he looks at Kiena, a bit embarrassed. "Hi."

"I'll keep that in mind… If I've much of one when the babe is born," Kiena muses to Kera, which then jogs her memory of another topic she wishes to broach with the greenrider who is not only her friend but a Healer too. "Mhm. Shards, these cupcakes are good. Where'd you get them…?" Wait, no, that wasn't it! Kiena ponders over another lemon one or the buttercream while she asks, as casually as one may ponder over the weather. "You know of any good midwives?" Why… is she inquiring about those? Back to the topic of C'rus, Kiena looks over to Kera curiously and tilts her head. "Graduated already, huh? Wonder which wing he'll end up in too. I saw him briefly at your party and Jaicoureth too. He's… adjusting well then?" She would have said more, but the door opens then and speak of the devil, there's Mur'dah! Kiena's cheeks colour a bit at his use of his nickname or, perhaps, his hastily unfinished sentence. "Ah, hey, Mur'dah… Um. We've a guest!" Who she forgot entirely to warn him about by telling Ujinath to inform Kalsuoth. Oops? "Cupcake?" she all but beams at him. Please don't be annoyed? Especially about the rearranged weyr. A very clean weyr. Kiena's been busy!

Kera chuckles at Kiena's distraction with the sugary goodness, which earns her a smear of icing that just has to be seen to. "The Treetop, on the beach." The question about a midwife gets curious look in return, gesturing with her cupcake as she respond "Well, yea." if that has the sound of well duh, there is a very good reason. "There's the assorted Jrmn and apprentices posted from the Hall. And perhaps a half dozen weyr residents that have up to date certification. I can make a list if you need, even make a note about which ones 'remember the old ways', so that you can hear every ole story they remember when you are working on creating Pern's next most insulting curse directed to men." Still giggling as she sits forward again, Kera nods "Yea. He and Jai seem to be quite a team. I'll probably see him a bit more now that he's not a weyr…" Kera snaps her shut looks across to the little bird, trying to keep her lips together, she fails to keep her humor in check and giggles a few times before waving the half eaten cupcake towards the brownrider "G'day Mur'dah. I just stopped by to visit for a bit. You doing alright?" She hurriedly finishes off the last bite and cleans her fingers before rummaging around in her satchel. Retrieving a pouch and giving it to Kiena "Before I forget, here. In case you were running low." Offering a grin, she pushes to her feet, thankfully warm now. "I should really get going, duty shift in a few hours and I've still a missing basket of laundry to find." Rolling her eyes briefly she moves to grab her coat and start shrugging into it.

Mur'dah blinks a few times, but then he smiles at Kiena as he shrugs out of his jacket and hangs it. "I'd love a cupcake thank you. The weyr looks…nice." Did she move things around? "I'm doing well, thank you Kera. Did you bring the cupcakes?" The pouch of /stuff/ is curiously eyed. Woman stuff? "Aw," Mur'dah says, setting his satchel on the table. "Don't run off on my account, I was just going to go shower." Because that's not awkward.

Kiena makes a mental note to order more of the baked goods from the Cafe more often! She tilts her head curiously as Kera responds so positively about her query in midwives and she relaxes, in relief almost, that there isn't further questioning. "Sounds good and I'd really appreciate that. Thank you, Kera. Oh? So I'll be visiting him…" And then Mur'dah is home and Kera's giggling over the use of the nickname. Kiena's cheeks darken but she doesn't look upset, just a touch embarrassed that the greenrider overheard it. Taking the pouchh from Kera, she'll hastily stash it aside. Yes, it's kind of girl stuff? "Thank you," Kiena murmurs hurriedly again and when it seems Kera is preparing to leave, the bluerider pushes to her feet awkwardly, having to use the couch as a brace and support. She's getting big and… awkward. "Help yourself then, Mur'dah! Lemon ones are good. So are the buttercream. Haven't tried a klah one!" she informs him cheerily and then grins. "I cleaned it." Which means that, yes, she did rearrange things. A lot of things. Basically anything not too heavy for her to shift has been shifted.

Kera is quick to wave Kiena off "Nono, go ahead and sit back down by the fire, no need to get closer to the cold blast unless ya have to." Offering a smile to the bluerider, Mur'dah is included "Yea, got them from the Treetop. For when she's wanting more later, you'll know where to gt them." Bundling up, wrapping scarf about her neck loosely for the moment. "I really do need to be heading off, things to do an all that." A smile offered focusing on Kiena "My name's gonna be on that list by the way. And I'm nearby if you have any issues that worry either of you." Looking again between her friends, she waves a gloved hand to the pair as she bundles up even more with each step closer to the door "Keep your feet up Kiena, with all the running around you've been doing in here…" She leaves the last bit unsaid and seems to brace herself for opening the door. "LATer You twooo." she calls out as she opens the door quickly and tries to rush out and close it quickly behind her.

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