Interesting Introductions

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
ROA large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

Snow, snow, and snow! Snow has been falling in all sorts of ways on Xanadu. Gentle snow. Snow flurries. Blizzard snow. Fluttering snow. Stinging snow (though, that's more of a sleet type deal) and any and everything in between. Kale hates it. Every bone in his teenage body hates the cold temperatures and the bombarding of snowdrifts that makes walking difficult and turns simple tasks into laborious ones. Thus far, he's been living the life of a hermit. Keeping indoors whenever possible, becoming increasingly more grateful for his time spent in the forges, for forges are grand providers of heat which makes it easy for him to pretend winter hasn't laid claim to his home. But then there are times like these. Times when he's forced to be outside, bundled up in layers, topped off with a jacket, a wool cap pulled down over his ears so only wisps of dark hair can be seen peeking out from the hem, and scarf wrapped about his neck. Gloved hands grip a rolled message and a parcel that's a bit weightier than it looks. He's just outside of the forge, looking spitefully at the mounds of white that will prove to be his enemy during this small task of deliverance. Alloy, a bronze firelizard, is huddled on his shoulder, looking just as thrilled as Kale himself.

Layers and layers and layers. That is how Zaala contests the snow and its gripping cold. Overstuffed with layers, it's obviously why she is keeping her head tucked down and her hands underneath her armpits. The teenager is recently back from some other Weyr life where snow wasn't an issue, so it was a hard adjustment to be suddenly thrust into the depths of winter coming from a world of summer. At least she's not running around in shorts this time and has more than a rider's jacket to comfort her. She snuggles into a proper winter jacket, pulling the collar high and keeping the hood down low, face nuzzling against the fur lining. She's just one more bundled up form slugging through the mess of white layering the ground, arriving from up the coastal road and meaning to break her own hermit-bound days with a visit to the local weyr cavern, most likely.

Snow!.. It's here, and there.. and look more all the way over /there/! Asher is making his way through the snow, bouncing and rolling through the snow drifts and basicly acting like a crazy mutt that he is, a rather big mutt that is. Idrissa is slowly following along after the large canine, her form shivering even with the thick jacket and clothing she has on. "Sometimes I'd rather be back at the beach.." She murmurs to herself thinking of her first home, she doesn't recall snow like this.. ever! Willow is curls up against her neck, under the collar of her jacket and hair doing her best to stay warm. The little green firelizard chitters and chirrrups out her displeasure at being out in such cold weather! Oh the horror… So thinks the lizard.

Ok! Get in the game, Kale. The sooner you start, the sooner you finish, and the sooner you get back to a warm, nay… /hot/ forge! He kicks himself into gear and moves forward, and one step is all it takes for him to find a hole masterfully masked by a blanket of snow, causing his leg to sink further down than anticipated. "Woah!" His arms lift to find balance, and a gust of wind snatches the sealed paper message from his gloved fingers. "Ack, no!" He snatches for it but misses and is left half falling forward as he tries to pull his leg up. Alloy, disturbed by the disturbance of balance, takes flight and…oh! Something to chase! Suddenly mindless of the chill, he lights after it, just as Kale finds his footing. "Shards…" Eyes dart for the lost message, which is drifting off, picking up pace in the wind. Twirling, fluttering, soaring, and smacking right into another bundled being that is Zaala. Not a bad thing in itself, if there wasn't an exuberant young firelizard beelining for her as well.

The flapping shudder of paper is well enough to get Zaala out of her thoughts, if the 'woah' and the subsequent noises from a snow ensnared teen weren't enough to pull her mind out of her own discomforts. That flapping paper hits one of her thighs, curling around it with the noisy chafting. She's slouching over to slid eher her hand down to retrieve the piece of paper between gloved fingers and that's when she hear's the wings on the wind, eyes blinking up thoughtfully before she lets out this high pitched squeal. Stop firelizard stop! Don't dive bomb her! She flaps the page around as she tries to deter the firelizard, the poor piece of paper acting as a poor shield!

Idrissa has no idea that Kale is missing, or well losing a paper at the moment. Though Willow has picked up on her clutchmate being around and she pokes her head out and chirups out curiously while her eyes swirl a few times. It takes the little green a few moments before she catches sight of the bronze and soon enough the green is scrambling and escapes from Rissa's jacket to go greet the bronze with sharp chirrps escaping her in the process. A few mutters and ouches escapes Rissa as claws meet skin a few times before the firelizard escapes. "Willow!" Someone is so getting their claws cut later! Asher is still busy rolling around in teh snow, an so far has not picked up on people being around.. The people around should rejoice in this.

Yes, stop firelizard, stop! Those are the thoughts that bombard Kale's mind as he in fact becomes aware of where Alloy has flown off to. Bronze lizard … straight for innocent human! And he knows that stance. That 'I'm gonna catch something!' extension of legs and claws that seem incredulously aimed at someone. "No! Alloy stop!" Pictures! Pictures! Images of stoppage! No flight! Come back! Turn around! Abort abort! Kale is scrambling through the snow, still gripping the parcel in a hand while the other is waving in attempt to, who knows, flag down the firelizard. And Alloy? Well. A lot of things are happening at once. First, the paper! He must catch it! And there's a person waving it around, which must be a challenge to test his mighty retrieving skill! Challenge…accepted. His divebombing approach lessons to a flutter just above her head as he darts in and out, looking for opportunity to snatch it up while avoiding swats. But then, Kale's influence tells him to stop. He gets that much, although understadnding why is still beyond his firelizard comprehension skills, and with a disappointed sounding churr, he drops to the snow, left only to look at his newly arrived green clutchmate with a chirrup of his own. Hufffhufff! "I'm .. so….sorry!" huffs Kale, who finally makes it through the snow to the almost-but-not-quite attacked, his breath seen as frozen puffs with each exhale. "Did..he…get ya?"

Approaching from a distance is Datsun, his heavy boots sloughing through the snow, making his entire feet and calves white as a result. The teenager changes his direction once he sees who they are and the divebombing firelizard, calling out, "Oi, Kale Crestwood! I thought you'd teach that flit some manners, eh?" The crafter stops by Zaala's side, although out of arm's reach to avoid being hit by that flailing arm and paper shield. It wouldn't do to suffer paper cuts, after all.

Zaala's hood pops off in her attempts to swat at the firelizard, the air having caught it as she twisted to try and keep her eye on the firelizard attempting to divebomb her. Ok, apparently that was the wrong tactic to take with an intent little firelizard! She ducks her head, freezing in her spot, pulling in that piece of paper tight to her chest, not pursuing her swats where initially it had been to try and flag the firelizard away. Pale hazel eyes peer out from blond hair wild from the hood, turned up to track the bronze's swoops and dives. She acks a few times as he comes close to knotting in her hair, narrowing her eyes on the creature. Did it read her thoughts or did Kale settle it? Either way, the bronze has lost his interest in the fluttering paper, likely due to the fact that she with held it from his diving little talons. Realizing she was almost in a crouch, she straightens now, cheeks blushed, her eyes on Datsun first, but it's the annoyance she flips to Kale when he claims responsibility for the firelizard. She all but sticks the piece of crumpled snow wet paper to his chest with the flat of her palm holding it, fully expecting Kale to catch it as she pulls her hand back, "No, but your paper did." There her hands reach up to pull up her hood again, tucking her hair in messily, peering back at red haired teen who had appeared to try and rescue her or something. "That was fun-" she says in a rather cheeky tone of voice, "Let's not do it again."

Willow flutters about a few times in the air, a few soft chirps and chitters escaping her while she flits here and there while eyeing her clutchmate. She sends images of him in trouble it seems as she sees him as such! Idrissa grumbles to herself while she slowly makes her way towards the otehrs, a curious glance offered to the ones here and a slight nod is seen along with a smile and wave. "Hey guys.. girl.." Must included everyone! "Do what again?" Ya she totally missed something!

Kale is a youngster with an average build and height, not standing out in any unusual way in that department, though he does seem physically fit. The tone of his skin is smooth and aguely tan, hinting at some time spent in the sun. His face holds a youthful, childlike quality despite his age, though. Eyes are a striking shade of blue, appearing brighter at times due to the dark brown of his hair. The strands seem recently cut short in a haphazard sort of way, sticking up here and there at random as if chopped carelessly with shears, though still have enough length to curl about his ears.

A glare is sent from Kale to Alloy, who ducks his regal bronze head, again getting the gist that someone or another was done not to his partner's liking. But thinking things out and coming to a conclusion of what he did wrong? Pft. That's the job of his dragon kin. Firelizards? Well…Alloy at least will feel bad, then get over it and move on to something else, likely forgetting the whole instance in a few hour's time! Unlike Kale, who deals with the consequences, which are many. One, a soggy, crumpled message that was once in pristine condition now thrust at his chest. Both hands lift to retrieve it before it can fall and further soggy itself. A wilting look is given to it, and he does his best to smooth it out by pressing it to his thigh and rubbing a glove over it. "Sorry.." he says again, fixing Datsun with a half glare after. "He /does/ have manners…mostly, but he's still young. He was jus'…doin' what we've practiced. Retrievin' things. I suppose he hasn't realized he needs only to do it if I ask him to…an' not to pester people in the process." He lifts the paper, which still looks a little worse for wear. "…Yeah, this'll be fun.." said with a sigh as it's slipped carefully within the pocket of his jacket. As Idrissa arrives, his eyes flit to her and his head is given a light shake. "Dive headfirst into trouble, o'course. Specialty've mine, don't y'know?" He grins a little, and it's a look that's soon shared with all three of them, if not apologetically to the unfamiliar Zaala.

Datsun leans back on one leg, chuckling at the unknown teen girl's cheekiness, his gaze regarding her right back before he turns his attention to Idrissa, "Ah, 'Rissa. You're never far from Kale." A lopsided grin, turning his attention back to the Smith, smirking at that half-glare. "Doesn't look like he makes the best messenger." A nod to the soaked paper, "Wouldn't expect any less than trouble from you, Smith."

Zaala lets out a misted breath of air in attempts to dislodge some of her hair which is going every which way now but straight and orderly. She lifts a gloved hand to push more of the tangled mess back behind an ear or at least further into her hood. "Forgiven-" as if she were granting him some privilege, even offering him a quiet smile, eyes following the banter between the two boys. That earns a curious look, eyes bouncing to Idrissa when Datsun mentions the girl always being a step behind. It's all very good to catch up on the drama of her weyrfolk! She's been out of the Xanadu loop for a few Turns now, she had to catch up. She snuggles her face back into her hood, hands once more going up underneath her arms. "You all seem to know one another," she announces absently, introducing herself, "So… I'm Zaala," Zah-Eh-Lah, "Or Ala for short," Eh-lah. She smirks at Kale, "You I'll remember. Easy enough to remember trouble when you see it." Her tone is light and cheery, no longer held with annoyance.

Idrissa blinks at Datsun and chuckles before shrugging. "Yes well.. I just happened to come onto the scene. What is your excuse?" She chuckles and then peers at Kale and looks to Alloy. "So what did he do this time?" This questioned with a rather curious tone before her attention is over on Zaala and she smiles to the other. "Nice to meet you. I'm Idrissa." Willow lets out a soft trill as she bounces forward with a flutter of her wings towards Alloy.. So your in toruble, get over and play!

"Anyone who's anyone is never far from me, Datsun. I'm where the action is, don' you know? Interesting fellow that I am," replies Kale, his usual grin in full force. "Which leaves me wonderin' where you've been, as your life must be oh so dull lately without me in it." His grin remains, a playful note in his tone as he regards the older teen, though his eyes shift to Zaala soon after as she introduces herself, and forgives him at that. Lavishly does he bow, sweeping an arm out theatrically as he is graced with her pardon. "I /thank/ you," he says as he straightens. "As I'm sure the weight've the guilt I would've carried with me would have been unbearable. Y'are, I see, a gracious one." Cue a smirk before he adds. "Kale Crestwood. Well met, Zaala. .. Er, Ala," he says, his smile more genuine than his stage worthy words. To Idrissa, he sighs. "Near collision. Was a bit epic, actually, but no harm done this time." This time. Alloy still sulks, but with the attention of others keeping Kale's attention off of him, he finds it a bit easy to slip off and pounce at his clutchmate green. Over it!

"My excuse?" echoes Datsun of Idrissa, grinning, "I have none. I appear when I appear, disappear when I disappear, and lurk when I lurk." Inclining his head to her, smirking again at Kale's comment, "Indeed, you are, that I won't deny. You'd like to know where I've been, wouldn't you? Perhaps something like playing with goldriders or that like." Tucking his head and neck into his coat's collar, the teen turns to Zaala, raising an eyebrow at Kale's flourish. Not to be outdone by the Smith Apprentice, the Journeyman Woodcrafter steps closer to Zaala and bows low. One hand comes out and takes her own and kisses the back of it before letting go, "And I am Datsun. You can call me Datsun." A wink.

Zaala appears to be engrossed with the way that Kale talks, from the large grin on his face to the over exaggerated bow he takes when she forgives him. She has to laugh at him for it, "I half wonder how far a quest you would've had to take had I not forgiven you so early and released you of your deep sense of guilt. Maybe another sodden piece of paper or two." She rolls her eyes, lips pursing and puckering between the fading noises of her soft laugh. To Idrissa she finds her eyes darting, nodding at the mention of the name, though not interrupting the flow of conversation to say her polite 'nicely met' in return. "It really wasn't that bad. I shouldn't have flailed the paper at him… I believe he took that as a challenge rather than a-" her eyes are swinging then to Datsun and her hand that's suddenly taken and put a kiss upon. "Oh now you're just making fun of me," she sends the two boys a look, eyes on Datsun longer this time, thankful that the cold plays with the color of her cheeks, "Datsun, I'm glad you clarified that I can call you by your name." Boys. And snow. "Are they always like this?" she asks suddenly to Idrissa.

Idrissa watches Kale and Datsun a few moments and just blinks. Did she miss something?… Why for the fancy greeting? For a few moments she ponders this, a hand lifting to scratch at her neck at a cut her dear firelizard just gave her. "I see.." Is said with a soft tone before she looks over to Zaala. "Well… I'm trying to think on this. I can't persay recall them acting this way before.." Her bright gaze turns back to the boys, perhaps a bit longer stare at Kale then Datsun. A shake of her head is seen. An then there is a commintion.. Seems Asher has found himself someone to meet and is trying to tackle said person into a snow drift. The yelps and laughs are heard so at least it isn't someone screaming. "Shells.." Rissa says. "Talk to ou guys later.." Is offered as she is off after Asher. "ASHER!!" Is heard and the large canine is off and running the other way, knowing he did something wrong it seems. Willow chirrups and blinks before hopping up into the air and follows after her person.

"It would've been killer, 'm sure," says Kale to Zaala. "But luckly, s'a .. uh, grievance I'll never know." Oh yes. Look at him pulling out the big grown up words. And there goes Datsun, stealing his chivalrous role and going as far as planting a kiss? His eyes are given an oh so (not) subtle roll at that before they widen withe blue eyed innocence at her claim. Making fun? "Not I. Datsun, on the other hand…maybe." He grins, shifting his grip on his parcel and finally sticking it beneath an arm for more convenient carrying. "And you're a new face. That or I've been holed up longer'n I realized… What day is it again?" he says with a thoughtful look, though soon his attention is turned to Idrissa, who earns a beaming grin. "Acting which way? Kind? With manners? Well brought up? That's me all the time!" He has more to say, but, erk, there goes Asher being Asher! And Idrissa is gone with a flourish of snow, leaving him to wave. "See you in the barracks!"

Datsun's hand returns to one of the hidden pockets in his coat, "Well, Kale has been known to paint his fingernails and wear dresses, so you could've made him go that far to earn your forgiveness." is said quite confidentially to Zaala, except it can be heard by quite a few people as he raised his voice when he said it. Returning his voice back to normal, he half-grins at her, "I make fun of everyone equally. Quite welcome." A nod, eyes turning to Idrissa's sudden departure, watching her run off after the canine, turning to Kale. "Have you made 'Rissa an honest girl yet, Kale?" He asks quite pointedly.

"All the better for you, I'd think," Zaala retorts back to Kale in an easy going nature, suspicious of them mocking her as her eyebrow lifts suggest, but not one to back down from a bit of taunting herself. Even Idrissa doesn't give her any hints of why they're acting the way they are, probably just to jerk her chain! Her eyes note the disappearance of the other girl and now she's left with these two boys on her lonesome! Her ear turns up toward Datsun at the mention of painted fingernails and dresses, shifting her gaze back to Kale, "That's way too much information. Useful, but still, wrong." She cants her head at Datsun, "And I punch smart mouths equally. You're just lucky my hands are too cold to do anything about that kiss." She isn't really mean, but she's trying to sound a bit tougher now around these two. Datsun's pointed question to Kale has Zaala quite interested in hearing it too, a little too nosy perhaps, but hey, they brought it up in front of her.

"Only on occasion," quips Kale who eyes his gloved hands, beneath which are rather UNpainted fingernails. Not that he could prove this without taking them off…which he has no intention of doing. Cold! "An' definitely dresses aren't a thing for this sort've weather. Such a freedom is saved for warmer months," he says with such confidence, though there is a look given to Zaala and a largely mouthed 'I'm Joking' sent her way. Because really…first impressions are lasting things. And…speaking of first impressions. A blink is turned to Datsun, that characteristic grin of his faltering at the random question. Yes. Oh so random. "…I won't pretend to know what that even means," he replies, though after a sort of furrowed browed 'Dude, seriously?' look is given to him. "Eh, you'll have to excuse Datsun," he extends to Zaala, a half smirk evident on his lips. "Grand fellow that he is, he's been travelin' /far/ too long an' etiquette's been lost along the way I think. If you're itchin' to get that punch in, warm your hands in the caverns and have at it. Might knock some sense back into'm."

Datsun raises an eyebrow at Zaala's words, stepping back away from the teen girl out of her reach, "He's actually proud of it. And I didn't know you were from the Sasscraft Hall. Besides, I thought women liked courtesy." At Kale's words, it's Datsun's turn to roll /his/ eyes in the same obvious manner the Smith did earlier. As for Kale's last comments, "I mean, have you made her your girlfriend yet? But I forgot you're Candidates, so you have that excuse…" One eyebrow raises, "I've also picked up fighting techniques from my travels. Don't tempt me to give /you/ an example, Kale."

"Maybe we can paint eachother's nails sometime-" a sarcastic touch to her soft teasing tone, tucking her face further back into her hood and pinching the bottom of it closed around her chin. Burr. "Someone please turn back on the heat…!" Even in all the layers, she looked to be shivering underneath the furs. The dress remark has her shift her hazel eyes upon Kale, as if to say, really? Then she notes the mouthing of I'm joking and shakes her head with some silent mirth caught upon her features. It's the rest, the juicy gossip, that she's willing to hear out. Datsun earns a snort, "Sasscraft? If there was such a thing I might be making a better living." She moves some hair out of her face, noting with a hint of dry humor, "Are you that afraid that I'd punch you? I promise I wouldn't." She too is trying to ensure the right first impressions are made. No sense in chasing off potentially amusing blokes this soon! A look to Kale, "I'll leave the punching to you guys. My hands are frozen stiff. The caverns sound a little more promising." Her eyes widen at the last remark from Datsun, then back to Kale, "Oooh. Idrissa is your girlfriend?" As if she couldn't tell from the earlier comments. "She seems… nice? Sorry. I don't really know her. I've not been at Xanadu in a few Turns. She's pretty though!" Yes, because boys care about that!

Kale raises his one free hand and makes a fist. Dukes up! "I've five older brothers. I can fight." Not that Kale is known as a fighter. Far from it, actually! He'd need multiple hands of friends to count the amount of times he's been called a "good boy" this month alone. Maybe a good brawl is just what he needs! But…why do so with someone he actually, you know…likes? And so the fist that he holds up to Datsun is one just for show, and the look on his face eases to a wry smirk as it is lowered. "Idrissa isn't my girlfriend," he answers to them both. "Aye, she is nice," said to Zaala, nodding affirmation. "Very much so. You'll like her, probably. An' aye, we're both candidates now," he answers Datsun, "so y'know…no relationships or whatever til all that's over. And, shards 'n shells, do you like her or something? S'all you ever ask me about when I see you!" He smirks after, a brow lifting. As for the 'she's pretty comment' .. Yes she is, though it isn't vocalised. "The two've you happy to stand freezin' your arses off, or do you want to go inside? Caverns aren't far…though if you've been here before," he adds with a curious glance to Zaala, "you already know that, huh?"

Datsun smirks at Zaala's comment to Kale, "You two should." His eyes end up on Zalla, "Aye, Sasscraft. Something my parents used to say." At her question, he shrugs, "Prudent measures." is all he has to say in answer to her question, glancing towards the Caverns as heat is mentioned, "Sure, the Caverns are fine, but I lived through worse than this little tantrum the weather decided to throw in the North." At Kale's raised fist, all Datsun does is kick one heavy boot at the snow in response, sending up a flurry of flakes at Kale. One clump of snow dislodges from his boots and goes flying at the Smith's head. "Yet. Not yet." is said about Idrissa. A shrug, "I like her as a friend, aye, but I'm also impatient. I've been here through two seasons, summer and fall, and you're /still/ single."

That would be Zaala taking an unsure step back from the fists being raised up and the conversation about fighting. She wasn't going to stop them though, just get out of their way. Who was she to stop anyone from fighting if they really wanted to? But then Kale is dropping his fists soon enough. She studies him for a time, watching his reaction to the conversation of Idrissa, taking it for what it is - even the snow/boot flying part. That's when she inches back a little more. Two guys fighting over one girl never resulted in anything good. The rest she doesn't involve herself in, until Kale is talking about the caverns, "I'm going inside." She's already marching through the big snow drifts, answering over her shoulder, "I wasn't born in a barn, I know where to go." She pauses then, looking at the both of the boys, "If you two really do like her that much, at least let -her- know." Pfah. Boys. They know nothing.

Snow indeed is kicked his way, causing Kale's arms to lift up in a makeshift shield, the package making a good one. Sigh. Whenever he /does/ get around to delivering his two items, the recipients likely aren't going to be too pleased! "An' through winter, I'll likely /still/ be single. Candidate, remember?" he says, peeking out from around the parcel before lowering it again. "An' what difference does it make to ya if I am? Y'should be more worried about the techie girl y'gave that jacket to at the gather in Ista! I saw the two've ya, goin' back n' forth like an ol' couple, an' I don't see a white knot on your shoulder." Yes, let's put the spotlight on someone else, shall we? He glances to Zaala, already on her way off to warmer places, and he grins, beginning to back away too. At her added words though, he flashes a beaming look. "I've it handled. Trust me."

"Really? You weren't? Could've fooled me." is Datsun's teasing response to Zaala's barn comment, moving to follow her as well as Kale. The big snow drifts are no match for Datsun's boots, choosing to create new channels instead of following where Zaala went, kicking up snow everywhere. His head tilts towards Kale, "Yeah, that's true. Candidates." He affirms with a nod, "What techie girl? Oh, the one who stole my knot." A shrug, "I figured the best way to shut her up about me was to do the opposite of what she expected. Which was a nice jacket." One eybrow raises, "Why, did she say something? Well, all right, I'll leave it up to you. I won't say anything more about you two."

For that… Zaala bends down and grabs up a bunch of snow in her gloved hands, patting it nicely into a ball that as she spins back to face the boys, she lobs over at Datsun. It's not necessarily a girly throw either - it has speed behind it. She's got an arm secretly hidden away under all those layers. It was aim that was a little lacking and she doesn't wait to see if it hits. She walks ahead of them now though, so she doesn't hear much of their latter conversations about a techie girl and all that, keeping a little ways ahead incase one of them claimed revenge for her snowball.

"She might've," replies Kale oh so mysteriously, taking tall steps through the snow, giving the guy a sidelong look that ends with a light grin at his last comment. "Yeah. I'll believe that next time I see ya an' you don't say sh-.." Woah, snowball! Kale reacts to the sudden lobbing of the icy missle by jerking his head back from Datsun a bit, as it does seem to be intended for him. He snickers, whether or not it hits its mark. "Nice arm!" he calls ahead to Zaala before he glances at the parcel in his hand. Ignore it! Go have fun with friends, new and old! But…ah, that annoying voice of responsibility begins to nag as well. "Eh. I'll meet y'both up there. I've to deliver these two things, but it won't take long," he says beginning to veer off. "A cup've klah for me, if y'd will!" And with that, he turns to trot off…the best he can, through the snow, Alloy finally alighting to follow after.

Datsun looks up at the last second to see that snowball heading towards him… but it's off course and all he has to do is move his head sideways as it flies by his head harmlessly, glancing over his shoulder to see where it goes. The teenage Crafter raises an eyebrow, turning back to the others as he continues on his course to the Caverns, "Somehow I doubt that, Kale." His eyes shift down to the parcels, "Will do, and I won't spike it with anything, just 'cause you're my bud." A grin and wink, leaving the delivery boy to consider that. As Kale leaves, Datsun sets off at a run, coming directly up behind Zaala…

If it wasn't for the snow, she might not have looked behind her. There's definitely a 'squeak' of a noise coming from her as she notices Datsun running at her. Ok. Not good! Not good no no no! Her hands drop from her hood as she breaks off into a sprint, trying to flee from the giant lumbering teen. He had the head start and while she's trying to pick up speed the snow is getting too deep in spots and slows her significantly…

Despite the heaviness of his boots, clumped snow, and deep drifts, the teenage Crafter has no issues catching up quickly to Zaala. Especially considering that he had a head start. His muffled thuds comes closer and closer and closer… until he jumps off to her side. His hands and arms go around the teen girl, "Throw a snowball at me, will you?!?" Then he throws her off balance enough to bury her into a nice, deep snowdrift to cushion any hurt.

She has only a moment to glance through her wild tangles of hair to see him right there after hearing his footfalls closing ground. Then she's going down in a flurry of flailing limbs that try to latch onto thin air to hold her up. Talk about getting her face washed! She does go down, balance rightfully upset when the larger teen crashes into her. So her new home is in that big old snowdrift as she lands there with a poof of powdery snow shooting up around her. She gasps as some of it no doubt has gone down into her jacket, struggling and squirming as she sits back and spits out a bit of snow that managed to get into her mouth. But instead of saying anything her cheeks puff out and she's trying to snow wash him, a big (or small cause her hands are small) mit full of snow aiming right for his face…!

Datsun had twisted around midair so he landed on his back, but that didn't prevent the snow from coming down the back of his neck. The teen shivers and shakes it off as he pushes himself up… only to be attacked by the mitt full of snow, letting out a yell. The result is a mouthful of snow as it smashes into his face, sending him back but he actually /eats/ the snow. Licking his lips on his back, the teen reaches up to grab her shoulders and pushes up, overpowering her into another snowdrift. Very quickly, Datsun uses his arms to bury her under the snow. After completing the task, he sets off at a fast run, his form growing smaller and smaller as he heads into the Caverns.

It wasn't fair! She was smaller and not as strong. But at least she got out one small 'ah-hah!' for the face washing before he was pushing her into another snow drift. She screams as she gets burried, everywhere covered in snow by now. Down the back of her jacket, down the front, up the sleeves, in her pants and in her gloves, Awwh. The joys of snow f fights. Once she feels the pressure of the teen off of her, she pushes up onto her hands and knees to see him running off, spitting out some more snow and wiping a bit off her face, eyelashes frozen with snow. "Oooo!! I'm going to get you!" She threatens after him, a little slower to climb to her feet, yelping every time more snow gets down her back, having to wave out her clothes to try and get clumps of it out. Then she's running after him, hair clumped with snow.

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.
Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs.

Datsun doesn't bother with such nonsense like waving out his clothes, instead letting the motions of his running do that for him. The teen makes it all the way into the Caverns, his boots hitting the stone floor quite loudly, trailing behind clumps of snow big and small knocked off by the impacts. Weyrfolk are staring at him, but Datsun quickly finds an empty table and /slides/ into a seat, kicking up a foot to cross an ankle on his knee, leaning back into the chair to pretend as if he had been there all along.

It does take longer for her to dash into the caverns, getting the same reaction that Datsun did from the folks already sitting around. She doesn't look at any of them, only looking for that red hair in the mix. Oooo. She's after some revenge and it just so happens that the young man is trying to feign innocence. She spots him after long enough of looking, stalking with a sway of her hips and a click of her boots. She says nothing as she approaches him, grabs his collar so it stretches back and jams one last cold snowball down his shirt and for good measure hits her palm against it so it shatters into numerous pieces. Oh and then there's a sprinkling of water as she musses up her hair to shower him with the remains of any snow caught up in it. "I always get the last laugh-" she notes, with a smile, vengence complete, slumping into a chair near him.

Datsun gives a grunt as the snowball hits his bare skin, narrowing his eyes into slits at the young girl near him. Ever so slowly, his coat is unbuttoned and slid off, exposing a Journeyman Woodcrafter knot on his shoulder as he drapes his coat on the back of the chair. Two hands slide under his shirt, exposing a bit of his belly as he gathers what little snow there is left under his shirt, which is already starting to stick against his body. The majority of the snow out from under his shirt, it's wet and slushy, but that doesn't deter him from leaping up and attacking Zaala's face with it, returning the snow wash she gave him earlier.

She thinks its over. She believes that in the safety of the cavern, with her little 'haha' moment accomplished, that she's won and gotten the last laugh! It never dawns on her that she could've bitten off more than she could chew with this one and when he surprises her again with that sudden movement, she has little time enough to throw up her hands to try and blocks his, most of that slush going where he intended, some, splattering elsewhere as she grapples with him, laughing suddenly and giving a high pitched giggle once or twice. Finally, when he's done tormenting her, she scowls at him, only holding it for so long as to crack another smile. "Is that any way to treat a lady?" she runs her hand down her face to help wipe off the snow, flicking it with a one-two shake of her hand, to the floor. "You totally owe me some hot klah," she is taking her jacket off too, wriggling a bit to shuck it off. Unlike him, there's no fancy knot waiting underneath her jacket. Nothing but a residents knot. She flicks her hair back behind her, it's a mess, so she wraps a tie around it to put it up in a messy pony tail.

Never underestimate Datsun, as Zaala's learned the hard way. Smirking as he steps back away from her, "When it comes to snow, never count a Northman out for the count." is his helpful advice. Smug as he wanders off to the beverage and food table, gathering two mugs of klah in one hand and a plate of sweetrolls. One eyebrow raises as he glances over his shoulder, "Lady? You're still a girl. Not a lady. Yet, anyway." Turning back, the Crafter returns to the table and slides one mug to her, picking up a sweetroll to munch on, watching her tie her hair back.

"Pffft…!" air rushing between her lips with an eyeroll to his denouncing of her ladyship, "And that makes you just a boy then." She shrugs, eyebrows lifting, sitting sideways on the bench seat, so her legs are out toward the aisle, putting her chin in the palm of her hand, elbow on the edge of the table. She does accept the mug with her spare hand, letting it warm up her fingertips, "You do sort of remind me of a Northman, now that I think of it. Big, block headed types, too much in their chests not enough in their hollow itty bitty heads." Beam. She then twists a bit more on the seat to put just below her shoulder against the edge of the table, holding onto the mug with both hands, blowing over it to cool it so her tongue would not get burned. "Did you just steal that or are you really a journeyman?" innocent enough question right?

Datsun slouches back into his seat, sliding his butt forward as he stretches his legs out as well. Putting one boot on top of the other, the Journeyman teen smirks, "I am a man… a Journeyman." He points out, "A young one, but still." A shrug, taking another bite of the sweetroll then a gulp of the klah, still watching her. "That's funny. We in the North say you Southerners are tiny little things too weak to defend themselves. If it weren't for the emptiness inside their giant heads, they couldn't keep their heads up." Another sip, hiding whatever expression he may have on his face except for the sparks in his eyes. "I am."

Zaala can't help but snort-out a laugh at his pointed remarks of being a man and then a journeyman, clapping a hand over her mouth, "Sorry…" she squeaks out when she thinks she has the giggles undercontrol, waving her mirth aside with a hand, "Just the way you declared yourself a man… Reminded me of one of my younger brothers." She doesn't go into details, but she eventually drops her hand and sits there with a fond smile of reminsce on her lips. "Hey!" she pokes at his shoulder with a pointed finger, "I don't have a giant head!" Pout. Make him feel bad. She can't hold it for long and instead sips from her klah, contemplating something. It's then when she tilts her head that some sincerity and admiration enters her tone, admitting, "You should be really proud. You're young but well accomplished. Not all of us can say the same." Time to sip again from her mug, looking away from him, toward the wall or something else in the cavern.

Datsun raises an eyebrow at the snort, drawing both his sweetrolls and mug of klah away further from her. It wouldn't do to have her spewing all over his food and drink. "I see…" is all he has to say, eyeing her oddly as he slowly nibbles on his roll, considering her. A blink as his shoulder is indeed poked, causing him to raise his other eyebrow before dropping them back to normal, "Are you sure? All that hair… it might be hiding just how big it is, after all." A broad smile is flashed, shrugging, "I am, but the praise really belongs to my family. The Woodcraft's in our blood. I didn't have a security blanket as a baby, I was told. I had a block of wood." He studies her for a moment. "Somehow, I suspect you're talking about yourself."

Zaala makes a face at him for his insult about her hair, "All that muscle must be getting to your brain." Is her retort as she does pluck one of -his- sweetrolls away from him. Share damnit! Well, this is a Weyr, finder's keepers. Before he can say or do anything, she's popped the bit of stolen sweet roll into her mouth, chewing on it pointedly, just for show. Washing it down with some klah, she acknowledges his talk of his family, noting at the last, "See. Born with a block of wood, you're head must be as hard as one." She can play this game of taunting back and forth, it was easy enough for the weyrbrat. The last makes her shrug, "I suppose yeah. It's not a big deal… most of us weyrbrats are anticipated to become dragonriders anyway…" and somehow that doesn't sound so thrilling coming out of her mouth. "I'll figure it out, maybe float my big head into some class room or another one day."

A laugh issues from Datsun, "I won't deny that. My head's been known to split rock." He notes helpfully about how hardheaded he is. His eyes narrow briefly at the blatant theft of his sweetroll before another one is finally offered to her, taking the second-to-last one for himself. "Not always. The world needs just as many laundry women as they do dragonriders. Nothing wrong with that." His klah is finished off, "You've got time. Think about what you like. Go talk to different Crafts if that's what you want to do." The Journeyman teen rises to his feet, moving to ruffle Zaala's hair before she can stop him, "You're welcome to drop by the woodcraft's workshop here if you want to try it. Just ask for me."

"Ouch, poor rocks," she muses, letting a comfortable smile keep on her lips, pinching the second sweetroll carefully, as to not get sticky fingers this time. The mention of laundry women makes her squirm, "Sorry, but I don't envy washing your shorts, or anyone elses shorts, for the rest of my life…! I don't imagine your shorts would be very pretty shorts either." She doubles her efforts to eat that second sweetroll, listening to his advice at the very least. That is until he ruffles her hair! That earns him a swat and a squinty-eyed 'I'll get you yet' promise of a look. Though the invitation has it fading, her brows lifting, surprise evident, "Oh. You're making me second guess how much a block head you really are with that type of offer!" She sits there nursing her klah, "I'll remember to ask for Datsun, the one I can call Datsun." Wink. "Bye." Little wave.

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