Don't say the 'W' word

Some Island Somewhere - Sugar Beach


Palm trees shade the fine-grained, pristine white sand, making them cool to the touch even when Rukbat is at its peak. Gentle waves from the sheltered bay lap the sand at water's edge. Crystal clear at the shoreline, the waters deepen to aqua then a rich azure in the cove's center. Further out, rolling billows break with a muted roar upon a reef of smooth volcanic rock that protects the cove, keeping the waters of the cove tranquil.

On either side the sand stretches to curve out of sight, flanked on one side by thick jungle, the other by the sea. Someone has tied a woven rope hammock wide enough for two in the shade of the palm trees and just a few steps from a rock fire pit. Nearby there is a path that disappears into the undergrowth.

It is evening, faint stars are scattered overhead in a purple sky. There's a fire burning in the firepit and Thea, dressed in her loose-fitting sundress, is relaxing in the hammock, arms over her head with fingers twined in the supporting ropes and one leg hanging over the edge to push at the sand with a toe, keeping the thing swinging gently. Where D'had has gone off to is unknown, but she doesn't seem worried as she hums quietly to herself.

D'had hasn't been around for awhile now, but a few minutes more and the man is strolling down the beach from somewhere around the edge and out of sight. He's holding something.. a string of fish, one of the packs from Siebith's straps hanging heavily off the opposite shoulder.

Movement spotted from the corner of her eye has Thea's head turning in languid fashion that way and it's with a slow smile she wordlessly welcomes the man back. She's not moving otherwise, just keeps that foot push now and then to keep her swinging. Curiosity replaces the half-sleepy look in her eyes as her gaze travels from his face to that pack and the fish. "Now that's something I should learn how to do someday, I suppose."

D'had chuckles. "Well less you're stuck on a deserted island again not so much use for it." he comments swinging the pack off his shoulder and letting it set in the sand a few feet from the fire. From it a large jungle leaf is produced and laid out beside it for the fish to be deposited on. No need for extra sand there.

Thea's lips twitch into a smile, "Never know when that might happen again." Her eyes seek the sea's horizon, "Tharen always liked fishing." Is that… resentment in her tone? The hammock comes to a stop as Thea forgets to continue pushing in the sand as her attention returns to him and her head is tilted questioningly, "You… don't?"

D'had shrugs, "Don't mind it, like it well enough, just not somethin' I've made time for so much." Since when he doesn't say as he finds his knife and sets to cleaning the catch. "Want to find a few sticks to cook these on?"

"No wonder D'son made you come too." Thea smirks as she untwines her fingers from the ropes above her head, lowers her arms, swings her other leg off the hammock and stands in all in one fluid motion. "Not at all." She moves with unhurried steps to her pack, reaches inside and snags her beltknife, then walks the few feet to the jungle's edge. There she gazes at the bewildering array of plant life before her. There's a miniature palm-type of tree right in front of her. "Ah, how about this one?" She's tapping the frond-bases with her knife handle as she looks back over her shoulder at the weyrsecond.

D'had chuckles. He'll not comment on the weyrleader's requiring of him coming on this trip as well. He glances up when she asks about the frond and he shakes his head, "Something a little sturdier," he replies. "Try those," he adds, pointing with his knife to a stand of thin bamboo-looking stalks a few feet over.

Thea's head turns to look where he's pointing, "Ah." Sturdier and straighter with the added advantage of not having all those thin little palm leaves to shave off too. She steps over towards them, kneels and her knife slices through several at an angle, creating sharp points. Then it's back to the fire where she drops beside him with an easy grace. "Anything I can do to help?"

"Skewer while I finish these two?" D'had replies having gotten through the small string of fish rather quickly being left with a pile of fish to cook and a pile of guts to dispose of.

Thea nods, lifting one of the bamboo-like sticks with one hand, the other grasps one of the cleaned fish while the stick is shoved down the spine lengthwise, "Like this, yeah?" She holds it up for his inspection. She watches him clean the rest of the things out of the corner of her eyes as she finishes the rest. "My da never let me off to fish," she admits quietly. "Can ya show me how sometime?"

D'had glances over, nodding, looking back to his hands in time not to have his knife slip. "Looks good," he comments, "Just don't set it in the sand, don't want to be eating the grit," he teases. "And sure, you want to learn I'll see what I can do. Least you aren't afraid to touch 'em."

Thea laughs, "Think I'd have more sense than to lay 'em in the sand." She waits until his knife is through his fish before she leans to land a carefully-timed nudge at him with her shoulder for that one. She lays the thing back down on that leaf. "Cleaned the ones Tharen brought in back home." She's reaching for the next one, flicking him an amused look, "Not all girls are scared of guts."

D'had chuckles, leaning into that nudge. "Good to know. So you cook too?" he inquires teasingly. "I'm libel ta burn, so if you're any better…" he hints at letting her take over from here.

Thea snorts gently, "Nah, can't cook worth a darn. You like sushi?" She lifts the fish she's working on impaling and offers him a bite with a grin. The look in her eyes dares him to do it, "Go on, have a nibble. I hear they're good raw."

D'had only laughs more at that. "Nah, I think I'll take a chance on burnt," he comments. "But woman if I'd known you couldn't cook I'd a found another one," he teases. Fish having been cleaned he moves to take one of those skewered in each hand, sticking the non-fished end into the sand so that the fish hangs just above the flames.

Thea snickers more as the man refuses to be baited. Because to her, that is all raw fish is good for. "Wait." She snags them back away from the flames, giving him a bemused smile and curious look, "Flames'll burn them, didn't you know that? You want a nice coal bed." She's gathering the rest of the skewered fish. "Gonna rinse these off." She's off to the water's edge to swish them off and back in less than a minute, laying them back on that leaf once again. "Got any of that whiskey D'son gave you?" She's holding her hand out for the bottle.

D'had eyes. "Thought you said you don't cook." he notes. For the rinsing he doesn't comment but asking for his booze.. that earns a second skeptical look. "Sure," he comments all the same, turning to search the pack and pull the bottle free, though he's still hesitant to hand it over.

Oh that reluctance is noted and Thea cannot help but smirk just a wee bit, her lips widen into a teasing smile of her own at his words, "I don't," she explains. That makes it clear, doesn't it? "And I'm pretty sure a woman who can cook would be low on your checklist of what you'd want in one." Her hand is still waiting for his booze bottle, "For the fish. Just a splash, I promise."

"You're more than welcome to a few shots yourself," D'had comments, tossing a wink her way as he finally relinquishes the bottle to her. "And you might be surprised how high on that list it might be, good food can be hard to come by."

Thea eyes D'had askance for that comment, "If it's anything like Igen Firewater, I'll pass." The face she makes is telling. Yes, she was fool enough to try it once. The bottle is opened, fingers placed over the top to keep it from spilling as she carefully drips some on each fish, then it is handed back to the Weyrsecond. Fingers massage the alcohol into the flesh, skewers are shoved into the sand as he had done, so the now-glowing coals can roast them. She's taking the few steps back towards the hammock to wait for them to cook, tossing him a questioning look.

D'had laughs flat out. "Aww come on, just one sip?" he taunts, waggling eyebrows in her direction as he holds out the bottle should she give in. When she's rising however, he takes a long swig, replacing the cap and leaving it to sit in their prep area before he follows. "So… now we're just waiting… hmm?

Thea laughs back, "You don't wanna waste the good stuff on me." The way she says the word 'good' makes it sound questionable. "You bring any wine? Would have some of that." To his question, she simply nods, "Unless you want them raw." An eyebrow lifts in a silent jibe to his prior refusal to taste them that way. She pats the hammock beside where she sits. Willing to share.

"Do I look like someone who brought wine?" D'had questions in return, setting in beside her to wrap an arm around her shoulders. "And it wouldn't be waistin'," he adds.

"What you look like to me might be better left unsaid," Thea laughs low in her throat. As his arm comes 'round her, she snuggles her head onto his shoulder only to lift it again as she asks, "And why wouldn't it be wasted, since I cannot appreciate the taste?" Firelight dances in her eyes, casting the green into amber as she smiles her amusement at those words.

"Oh?" D'had questions. Maybe he's curious what she thinks? There's a kiss for the top of her head when she snuggles. "Well I can part with one drink if you wanna give it a try,"

Well, if he really wants to know, "A scoundrel who kidnaps weyrwomen, whisks them off to a deserted isle where he can ply them with whiskey." That kiss to the top of her head might be bringing him the scent of jasmine to mingle with the aroma of cooking fish coming from the fire. While he was off fishing, someone's found the falls. "Why would I want to try it?" She's not needling is she?

D'had smirks, chuckling for her answer. "Is that so? And here I thought I was ordered ta do that," he comments with a grin. "The whiskey was just a bonus." He closes his eyes for a moment at that scent. " Ta say you have?" he replies for her question, adding that answer after a second.

There's a short laugh over that one, "I could always lie and just say I have?" Thea's laughing continues as she's resettling her head into the hollow of his shoulder, and a shrug to his other comment, "Scoundrel," she asserts in spite of the ordering of their being here. "My ma warned me about men like you. But did I listen?" And there's not one trace of regret in her voice about that.

D'had smirks, "Well yeah… not a good habit to start though," he notes surprisingly practical for once perhaps. "Aren't ya glad ya didn't listen to her? Would have never had this island vacation."

Thea shrugs as to the comment about the habit, lifts her head and rises to step to the fire, tossing him a smile over her shoulder, "Among other reasons, yes." But those others are not explained. She returns to hand him one of the skewers, settles herself back on the hammock beside him, turns to sit facing him, pulling her legs up to sit cross-legged. Dress is arranged for comfort and she's giving him a quizzical look, "Tell me something. What was your name before you Impressed Siebith?"

D'had nods, "Well.." there's a hint of a question there, but the he's being handed that skewer and he's holding the hammock still as he can for her to settle back into place. Once she is he's turning to face her a bit more, a brow raising for that question, seemingly as out of the blue as it is. "Donnchadh."

Thea's eyes half-close as her tongue rolls the word, "Donn-chad-uh." The accent put on the middle part. Her eyes open fully to seek his, "Did I say it right? That's the way they say it my kinfolk's way." She holds her skewer forgotten for the moment, "I like the name." There's a glimmer of smile in her eyes as she asks, "D'you know the meaning of it then?" Oh out of the blue to him may mean she's been thinking of ways to perplex the man.

D'had chuckles. "Almost," he replies. "Donnchadh," he repeats more slowly, the break down holding far less of the 'ch' in the middle. Something more akin to 'Donn-a-ha'. He nods for the second question, "Ma told me once, was.. 'strong fighter'." Beat. "Somethin like that."

Thea's head tilts to listen to the way he says it. "In our tongue the name means 'dark warrior'." There's a giggle and she informs him, "Thea means 'gift'." There's a snort before she adds, "Dunno what my ma was thinking." She says his name again, this time his way, "Donnchadh. That what they called you growin' up then?" She takes a bite of her fish and chews while waiting for his answer.

D'had ahhs, nodding. "Has a few meanings, heard both. Similar anyway," he replies. "And I dunno what your ma was thinkin, but I know I'm thinkin that means about right." he grins. "But yeah, that's what they called me. That 'er just Donn."

Thea's lips curve into a smile around the finger she's licking clean as he says that, her eyes crinkling at the corners. "Tharen doesn't think so. He said Ma was off. Calls me Thee. Means 'bother'." That finger is pulled from her mouth to be shaken at him while her eyes dance, "And no you may not call me that!" There's a shrug before she adds, "Tharen's just annoyed cos his means 'Pest'." Whether that is true or not, she doesn't say. She nibbles her fish, eyes going to his, "Gonna eat that? Ought to like it. Can taste the whiskey." And it's not too bad cooked into fish flesh. "So… Donn." She pauses, then asks him quietly, "Mind if I call you that?"

D'had chuckles, "Well there are times I'd agree with your brother," he says with a wink. A glance to the fish and he nods, "Yeah, just talkin ta ya," he adds, before biting into his fish. Her choice in name has him pausing to blink. "Been a long time since someone called me that.. but you like…" he shrugs.

Thea's too kind to spill him from the hammock for that one, since he's eating and all. Her fish gone, her skewer is tossed spear-fashion into the coals of the firepit where it lands noiselessly upright and catches in a small flare of flame. She leans towards him, one elbow propped on her legs, her hand cups her chin and she's just watching him for a moment. Her other hand reaches for one of his. "I like it, but if it… stirs memories you'd rather not, I won't. Could just call you Aha." The last bit said teasingly, but her eyes are more on the serious side as she watches him.

D'had tosses his own skewer away, off to the side, finishing off his piece of fish. "Think I'd like the other better, but you can call me whatever ya like sweets." he replies, leaning towards her.

"Oh I may?" Thea's eyes dance at his as she laughs, "Might decide to call you-" He's leaning nearer and whatever she was going to say is left hanging. She simply smiles, leaving him to guess.

D'had chuckles lowly, leaning in more. "You know… We're going to have to go back sooner or later.." And that may well have certain implications for both of them.

Thea's drawn to lean his way as well. Must just be that hammock below them shifting as he leans, tipping her his way, right? Then there's that word. "Back." She repeats it with a slight frown before her face clears, "I'm good with later…" She leans further towards him. "…or never." Implications. Whatever they might be have not crossed her mind.

"So would I," D'had agrees easily, "But I have a feeling someone will notice if a Junior Weyrwoman and the Weyrsecond go missing." Unfortunately for them. He touches her forehead to hers. "So what are we gonna do then?"

Thea blinks at the words. "Do then." She repeats the words as his forehead touches hers and she's resting hers against his. "Go back to work?" She almost shudders as she says the words. She's not following. "I've enjoyed having you all to myself," she admits easily, regret coloring her tone at the mention of going back.

D'had sighs, "So've I," he replies, "And I wouldn't mind having ya around when we go back too." Because truly they have to go back sooner rather than later. "So what're we gonna do about that?" Certainly she'll catch on without him having to say it outright.

Thea catches on at that. "You… have?" There's nothing but a pleased smile at this. His next words have her sitting up to peer into his eyes better. "You would?" Her lips part in some surprise. "Do…" So she thinks she knows what he's asking, not quite certain her mind isn't playing tricks on her. "Are you wanting to be… weyrmates then?" Oh, it's being said outright all right. Not one to play games, so she's going to make sure they aren't mis-communicating here.

D'had takes a deep breath as she draws back, likely expecting something other than he gets. "I…" he starts. Of course she was going to say to outright, doesn't mean he has to. "I just want to know how things are going to be… between us."

So he's not going to say? Or he wants something else. Thea's confused now. It doesn't seem to take much when it comes to this man. She must have misunderstood. "I… see." Maybe she does? She wilts, leans back, lying on her half of the hammock, closes her eyes to hide the pain in them, "Oh. Oh, don't worry about me. Didn't ask you to change, remember? Won't get in the way with your… lady friends."

D'had shakes his head, "Not what I meant babe," he attempts at an apology. "Meant well.. maybe I did mean that.." Beat. He's digging a hole here isn't he? "You wanna let people in on us or what?"

Thea's eyes open, "You didn't or you did?" She's not looking any more clueful than before. She sits back up, the hammock wobbles as she creeps back over to him, not liking the distance between them. She dares to slide arms around his waist, curls against him, her head back on his shoulder. See? He doesn't have to look at her. "Let them in on what exactly?"

D'had doesn't seem to mind that closeness at all, slinking an arm around her in return. "If ya want that ta be being.." he hangs on the word, "Weyrmates.. that'd be okay too."

Thea's head lifts from his shoulder. Oh, she heard that hangup. "Too?" Her eyes narrow suspiciously. "Not if you didn't want that. Told you I wouldn't be cramping your…" No no. She has some pride. "Just…" She's struggling here. Upset, her breathing speeds up. "If you don't want it, don't make a sacrifice on my account." She's floundering to get up. "Can go home tonight."

D'had shakes his head, "No." Beat. "No, that's not what I meant." So he's not good at getting out what he does mean. "Just sayin.. well we haven't exactly told no one. Didn't wanna jump right in if ya didn't wanna."

Thea stills. She can't get her feet on the ground from where she's at anyway and now her floundering has her half on her back. She blinks up at the weyrsecond. "Please! Tell them -what-?!" She's getting 'did means' and 'didn't means' all confused. It is really a good thing she didn't have any of that whiskey, now isn't it? "Forget everyone else! Told ya before I didn't care what they thought. What do -you- want?"

"Bout us.." D'had replies, more than a little confused by her own confusion and the misunderstandings between them. "An' I thought I told ya before…" he pauses to send that crooked smirk of his her way. "Want you. Want whatever it is you want."

Thea pushes to sit up, her eyes but a blink away from his. She opens her mouth, the words pour out with honeyed sarcasm, "Suppose I do want to jump right into it when we get back? Shall I just walk around announcing it to everyone I meet with a 'Heyyyy, I know I've never pried into your personal business, but I just wanted to let y'all know that I love the Weyrsecond and he loves me, but we're just lovers. In case you were wondering. No strings attached, you know, so if you see us popping into one another's weyrs now and again, you won't have to be guessing'." Her chest heaves as she breathes. She's upset. "I… I just want to be with you - always. But I need to know… Your choices… the other gals. I don't wanna put you in a cage. Can't deal with sneaking out and lying. Don't want you to just leave someday like-" Her throat closes. "You can't just say 'whatever you want.' Don't put it all on me! That's just not fair." The last come out with a cry.

D'had shakes his head, curling her closer with that cry. "Sweetheart, I didn't mean announcin anything. Just, well I know you wanna keep seein me, and I wanna keep seein you. An well… people talk." Beat. "Won't be nothing outsida flights," Because that he can't promise, that nothing will happen in a flight. "I ain't leavin' ya, not like that never."

Thea is so confused, but she's not angry with him. She allows him to curl her close, her arms tightening around him. "You said 'what do we tell them'. I can only think of two things to tell them. What I just said.. or weyrmates." She's nodding to the comment people talk. "Let them! Not gonna force you into anything to stop that." Her eyes turn to him and she is as bluntly honest as she can be, "If you asked me to be weyrmates, I'd say yes. There's no one else for me. But I can't do it with an indifferent 'if you wanna'." His comment to flights receives nothing but a blank look. She understands flights. They do not concern her. His reassurance as to not leaving has her burying her head on his shoulder and trying not to cry.

D'had sighs, "Babe." Crying. Crying never bodes well for him. "What'd I do?" Certainly he must have done SOMETHING for those tears. "Didn't say I dun wanna be your weyrmate, just.. wanna make sure its what you want." Beat. "Just don't want no one talkin bout you makin things up."

Thea lifts her head, meeting his eyes once more. She's not crying yet, just trying not to. Her eyes may be wet, but she's not bawling or anything. "Nothing bad," she assures with a tremulous smile to his question about what he has done. "I guess I just thought you'd want to be.. free to do as always. Didn't expect you to give that up." So the weyrsecond has blown this junior's mind yet once again. "So, are you sure now what I want? And you didn't say you -did- either. Do ya?" People talking. She waves that away, not worried about that, apparently.

D'had chuckles, reaching a hand to her cheek, brushing his thumb across just below her eye to catch any tear that may or may not be there. "How many times I have ta tell ya, do anything for ya."

Thea leans her head back onto the shoulder of one who has given her of his quiet strength. When it comes down to it, words aren't all so important after all. "You already have," she assures him. At least she won't have to constantly hear or ask, 'my place or yours'?

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