Cake and Ink!

Xanadu Weyr - Rustic Treetop Cafe
Perched on the cliff overlooking Xanadu's beach is a gnarled and massive skybroom tree. The bark and outer layers are sturdy enough to support the thriving, brushy top, but the interior, which is hollow, contains a spiral staircase that leads to a cafe built on a high platform amongst the branches. With a panoramic view of lake, sky, Weyr and the mountains beyond, the treetop eatery offers both sheltered seating just inside the trunk and tables on the wide deck that encircles the old tree.
The cafe's décor is comfortable and rustic, but closer inspection shows the smallest embellishments to be artfully combined into one detailed masterpiece. The wood of the doors, floor and walls of the trunk have been stained a dark mahogany that lends the space a sense of intimacy. Tables in various sizes have been carved to mimic driftwood, the chairs and benches padded with oiled sailcloth cushions to provide weather-proof comfort. Each table has an aged brass lantern filled with shells and agates gathered from Xanadu's shores, the sparkling natural mosaics holding tapered candles upright in their embrace. Lamps hang from the ceiling on silver poles, the thick frosted glass carved into intricate pastel shells or swirling white-capped waves. At night the colored glass softens the glowlight to enhance the ambience.
During the day, the retractable doors allow leaf-spattered sunlight to fill both the outer deck and the smaller interior with green and gold light, as well as allowing pleasant breezes to cool the interior. On clear nights, far viewers perch on the elaborately carved railing are free for use to enhance the gorgeous view of the stars over the Caspian Lake, the Sea of Azov beyond and the rock formations of the Weyr.

Kera is seated at one of the tables near the rear of the tavern, along the side wall. The place is doing a good bit of business today, but not overly crowded. The next table over far corner is filled to capacity, that tends to happen when someone pulls out a deck. Kera laughs as the last hand ends "Oh come on. He was bluffing!" Her scolding look to someone at the other table clearly says 'idjit'. Shaking her head, the greeny tosses the last of her baconater herdbeast burger in her mouth then and finishes off her juice. What little bits on her plate that are left are nudged towards Polgara. The plump queen wasting no time and checking over the leftovers and devouring what she wants.

Triven steps into the little café, looking freshly scrubbed. Seems he either took a bath or someone dropped him in the lake. He walks over and orders a meal before taking his seat with his back to a wall. He glances at all the exits making sure he knows where they are. His bag is safely stowed underneath the table.

Polgara picks and chooses from the bits left on the plate before deciding the rest isn't worth the trouble. She makes a show of grooming a moment before getting easily distracted and hopping down to the chair seat, then the floor. Kera waves downt he waitress, who removes the dirtyy dishes. "Do you have any chocolate cake." The woman confirms they do Kera orders a few slices to take home "And I'll take a huge piece now. And a glass of milk to go with it." While the awlm goes on about cake, the sneaky little queen flitters stalks slowly across the floor, eyeing her pretty. When she's close enough, Pol lurches her muzzle forward to peck at the dangling strap. She may or may not go unnoticed by the newcomer.

When his bag moves the young man all but jumps out of his chair. "Hey now, be careful you could hurt yourself" he will say to the gold firelizard. He reaches down and adjusts the bag there is clicking of glass from the bag. Triven looks about then asks the little gold "Where is your keeper or are you just the local welcoming wagon?"

Kera finishes ordering her desert and glances back to see the next hand being dealt. Rubbernecking a bit to try and see a couple of hte hands on this side, she just grins, already putting her mental bet on the winner. Turning attention back to her plate, she frowns, something's missing, she just can't put her finger on what just yet. Then it hits her "Pol?" the chair backs are scanned, then rafters before a few words draw her attention below the tables. Crouching in her seat, she peers off to see her old queen trying to start a ruckus. Polgara sands her ground, head lifting and wings extending, as if she means to intimidate this newcomer. "Pol you brat. Get over here and leave the man alone." The gold obviously hears Kera, by the little twitch her head does, but continues to stare down Triven. "Now!" She doesn't yell, or raise her voice n the slightest. But that one word, firmly delivered has her scrambling to return to her chair back perch.

Triven watches at the little queen as she tries to intimidate, he is 'so' scared. When the talk from the lady with the large piece of cake happens he raises an eyebrow and grins as his food arrives he thanks the waitress and starts to eat his own burgers. He seems to have ordered a double portion and is tactfully going to town on them, he has two drinks on water and the other Klah. He isn't a messy eater but he does eat as if someone might take it away from him shortly.

Kera reaches over to scratch her pouting little queen. "Now are scritches better than being scolded." Finger slip under the flitters chin and she can clearly be heard purring from the nearest tables. Kera takes a bite of her cake, dabbing a finger in the icing and letting Polgara taste the chocolaty goodness. With a grin to her taste tester, Kera turns her attention to the new face, eyeing him a moment as he seems to be going for a speed eating record. "I agree, they make the best bacon-herdbeast burgers here." A little grin as she gestures to how quickly he was devouring his food. "This little would be bully is Polgara. And I'm Kera, Moncerath's rider."

Triven has finished off both a burger and extra side by the time Kera speaks to him. He will finish his mouthful and wipe his mouth with a napkin saying "A pleasure, I am Triven. And she probably smelled my boar jerky in my bag." he will smile at the little gold and go back to his food but does keep an eye on Kera if she wants to continue talking because no need to be rude.

Kera smirks at her cake with a nod while she spears a large bite "That sounds bout right. You should keep jerky in a hard container when you can. Else little thieves will sniff it out and commence to freeing the jerky from it's imprisonment." She gives an amused wink then she's enjoying another couple of bites before draining some of the milk. Not recognizing the young man, she goes on, perhaps fishing for information. "You recently arrived to Xanadu? Visiting family or friends?" Another small dollop of icing is offered for Polgara's drooling pleasure.

Triven shrugs as he clears his throat of food stuffs with a swallow "Was up here looking to get some new clothes, as well as finishing a job. I was told the food here was good, and they were right!" he smiles at the rider adding "How is the cake? or should I ask how was the cake" He looks over where the waitress is boxing up the last of it for Kera to take with her.

Kera laughs as she takes the last bite from her plate and gives it two thumbs up. "It is most excellent. You should have some." Glancing over to see the pieces she ordered to go being fixed up "Oh, they've more back there." Getting the waitress's attention she gestures towards Triven at the next table "He'll take a big slice too." With her belly stuffed, she grabs the milk and sips at it before peering back to Triven. "Clothes huh. Journeyman Gerazal is a very skilled tailor. I think he was boasting about winning an award for some of his work actually." Some of what she is wearing is the man's work as well.

Triven raises an eyebrow as the woman just orders him cake but it is cake so he won't turn it down. He finishes his own food and drinks the water Klah still not touched yet "Does he charge a lot? I still a little lean waiting for my current client to pay up" He now takes the time to look over the rider and little gold seeing as he is waiting for the chocolaty goodness that is cake!

Kera waves off the worry about the cake price. "Consider it a welcome to Xanadu gift. Trust me, you'll appreciate it more than a map. Even with a map, you'll get lost. Least with cake, you'll be lost with a happy belly." Kera flashes a grin. "I was given a map and got lost for three weeks." She snerks with a shrug "I personally would have preferred the cake." Canting her head curiously "You're hunting down a client that owes you marks? What sorta work do you do?" Draining her milk, she signals for another when she brings Triven cake. "Oh, lucky, she gave you a huge slice." Polgara licks her muzzle and flap-hops to the chair back nearest to Triven. Crooning softly now that /he/ has icing to offer. Kera rolls her eyes "Yea, you're all skin and bones there Pol."

Triven looks down and is actually skin and bones, then realizes she is talking to the little queen and chuckles "she can come have some if it is ok with you Miss Kera" he drinks his water and looks at the cake before him he will take the fork and slide the top layer of icing off and pile it for the little gold should her owner say it is alright. "I design art on the human canvas" he says in a tone that reads he is quoting someone else. He will grin back at Kera saying "or so I am told, really I just do tattoo's and the occasional piercing."

Kera gives a little shake of her head and thanks the waitress when she comes back with milk, grinning when it's chocolaty. "Thanks!" is called out after the scurring waitress. That woman deserves a good tip. Slurping a bit, she mmms happily and peers back to Triven. Eyeing the mound of icing she naysays that quick enough "Oh no, you eat your dessert." Eyeing his arm "Maybe another as well." She shakes a fingers at Pol "She can have what's smeared on your plate when you are done. I never give her more than a finger dab's worth. She's playing you right now." The greeny gives a short clipped hiss and Polgara hunches down. "Pol go home." There's a hint of a whine before the queen leaps and vanishes from one second to the next. "Now you can enjoy your cake without being hassled." Kera gestures for him to enjoy it as she ponders his work. "That's very interesting. It keeps you very busy?"

What busy? the Cake? no the cake is quickly disappearing in large bites. Triven turns his head back to Kera and will nod between mouthfuls of the sweet treat saying "Oh it gets me by, I wouldn't say steady as I am still no well know. But my name is out there in places and people seem to like my art so I guess it is all well and good" he goes back to eating and will look up at the waitress and give her a small smile in thanks as she brings him a glass of milk as well.

Kera sips this glass more slowly, nodding after a moment and pushes out of her chair. Grabbing her satchel as she leaves her table and drops into a chair near the visitor. Draping satchel over the back of her seat, the Journeyhealer slouches comfortably. "I've seen a few tattoos on some people scattered about. But never met anyone who made them before." She chuckles and tries to stifle her humor a bit "Bet you got lots of funny stories about customers."

Triven is almost done but will scoot the play towards the lady, as an offer to share. "Not as may as you maybe" He motions to her journeyhealers bag and not "I try steer people away from bad art, a few bad pieces could ruin a reputation" he leans back and sips his own milk "Ahh, you were so right about that cake, thank you." he adds lifting his glass in salute.

Kera cants her head to the bed and shrugs "Some could be amusing if told properly, a lot of embarrassing things mostly." Nodding that Triven seems to urge people against bad tattoos. "What would you consider a bad tattoo. What if I wanted something simple." She ponders a moment. "Like a pretty tiny flitter clinging to my wrist like a bracelet. Bout the size of when they are just hatched. Wouldn't that look adorable." She doubts he'd think so though and tosses out something different " Gesturing to her shoulder where her knots normally hang. "Or perhaps simple greenrider knots, or Journey Healer knots?"

Triven grins and says "all of those I do regularly for people. Even a few masters get there knots done." He looks over the woman and says "well anything to large for your body style, like a full back piece probably wouldn't look good on you. Maybe something on your thigh or shoulder, I would stay away from the cleavage as it will hurt a lot and it rarely looks good on women." his tone is professional as he eyes Kera seeing images in his own mind.

Kera grins, obviously surprised that her idea isn't as daft she thought and shakes her head at the whole back or chest. "Oh no. Doubt I'd be able to sit still long enough for something as large as my back. And well, I just might come up swinging if someone were to go stabby stabby on my chest." If only Ka'el where around to hear her say that, he'd be amused. "So then if those are frequent requests, then you've probably down quite a few Weyr pride tattoos?" Another bit of her milk and it's already half gone "How much do you charge? By the work or the candlemark?"

Triven tilts his head and smiles "I have done a few of them yes." When it comes down to price he says "usually what it will cost in materials and enough to live off of. But if a piece is rather intricate I will charge for time as well."

Kera studies the young man a moment before her shoulders lift and then drop again. "It's probably silly of me to say this, considering I'm considering seeing what you can do. But you should be able to get a but more for your work than enough to simply 'get by' on." Another shrug "Just saying." Smirk "Now, having said that, how long and how much for a couple of shoulder knots. For starters." Meaning, if she doesn't totally wimp out and get all whiney, she might get more in the future.

Triven chuckles and grins saying "I don't have a set place yet so I travel a lot, which means if I am out and about traveling I don't make marks" he will eye the woman saying "What kind of knot? just weyr? or do you want craft included and do you want color or just black?" when she talks about seeing his work he will smile and say "I also will need to see where you want it to judge how log it will take, if you are doing on say your ribs it will take longer and cost more as I need to use a little more materials to keep it clean." HE will finish his food and leave marks down as a tip for the waitress, "I can show you examples of my work if you wish to see before you decide"

Kera nods after a moment "Some examples wouldn't hurt to encourage people that they aren't gonna be stuck with something that looks like a little did with finger paints." After another moment she gives a little headshake. "I'm not sure about Weyr knots. Yea, perhaps a Weyr shield or something to show where you impressed. But, a weyr knot is something that could change if you were to transfer to another Weyr for one reason or another. But a greenrider's knot…" she gestures to her shoulder where her knots rest if she was currently wearing them "…isn't something that will change no matter what Weyr you are posted to. And I'd feel safe getting a JourneyHealer knot, cause let's face it, very few Journeyman ever achieve Master rank. Doubly so if they are a rider. And I'd want green and purple for sure. Not just black.

Triven nods and smiles saying "do you have a place that is close or will sitting on the beach do?" he say as he stands up and will offer to help the woman if she wants or needs it after he has carefully shouldered his pack. Once they are ready he will lead out the door to the lake shore first.

Kera follows close on Triven's heals as she loops her satchel strap over her head and swinging the bag around to rest mostly behind her. "Hmm. I guess that depends on what you need actually. I'm fine with the beach. But if you need to use any plugs…" she snaps her fingers and brightens with an idea "You could use space in the infirmary. Or a corner of the caverns maybe. People could come by and see what's going on and you'd probably get a few more jobs lined up."

Triven grins and nods "as long as the headwoman here doesn't get upset I don't mind. You seem to know your way about here, lead on then. I only suggest the beach because most people aren't ready to get the work done right away." He winks at her saying "but I see you are quite a different type of customer"

Kera smirks with an amused laugh. "Healers tend to be a little less squeamish than most other people." Shoulders lift and drop just as quickly "I've cut into and sewn up my fair share of patients. So I'm good with either really. The beach will let you get a bit of publicity, not to mention word of mouth, for future clients to seek you out." Glancing about "Let's plant ourselves near the tree line though. Lots of shade. Don't wanna get a sunburn and a tattoo on the same day ya know."

Triven will stop and think about something for a moment saying "well if you really want it today then you are right I need to head to the Infirmary. Only because i don't think you want the old traditional method there dear" he reaches in his bag and pulls out two long wooden sticks one with a needle on the end and shows her how he works by tapping them together. "Unless you are one that likes pain of course."

Kera 's expression when he pulls out the sticks and mimics tapping clearly says /gun works for me yeup!/. "Let's save that for if I survive this one intact. Besides, healers are big fans of numbweed doncha know." An agreeable wink as she gestures what direction to go and starts that way. Nodding after a few paces "I can understand where people would be skeptical. You must get a lot of teases about people who claim to want something then you never hear from them again."


Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is regularly scrubbed spotless and smells of disinfectant, redwort and other herbs that are - if sometimes strong - preferable to the scents of sickness. Cots are lined up against one wall, with a set of curtains that can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. They're mostly used for examinations of patients and the treatment of mild injuries that won't require long term care; near the back are some more private areas with folding dividers.
There's a number of cabinets that stand off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed, and a back room holds those supplies seldom required.
A desk with chair is set just off of the doorway to the caverns, meant for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long day's work or await patients. If things get too busy, the patients can do the waiting on a set of uncomfortable chairs set nearby. The other doorway comes directly from the clearing, wide enough for a team to carry a stretcher through.

After much talking of colors and design, which mostly came down to picking where Triven has taken his own shirt off showing his own tattoo's and looks away from Kera as he has a bed all set up in the corner of the infirmary for her sit on, he says "If you want to change into a bathing suit top or something I can wait."

Kera looks over the different tattoos covering the young man, clearly not ready for something that detailed or large yet. "Hmm, yea, I'll stick with some simple knots this time." Seeming amused about the man's concern for her modesty, Kera chuckles softly. "I was at the beach before I got hungry. So already dressed for the occasion." Tossing her satchel on the spare chair, she shrugs out of her shirt, but does turn a bit as she slips the left shoulder strap down and pokes her arm free of it. Thus clearing the area for the tattoo. Before she hops onto the table, she remembers to fish around her satchel and plucks out a small jar with an odd designed etched onto it. "I may not be squeamish, but not stupid either." waving the little jar with a smirk "Numbweed is a healers best friend at times." Then she hops onto the bed at Triven gets his things ready. There are plugs handy for use, and a rolling table is extra handy.

Triven goes about setting up the very odd looking machine, that he will attach a needle to the tip of it. He will look over her shoulder and take out a small patch of redwort that has been placed on a gauze and he will clean the area just to be safe. "I can add the numbweed now if you wish, or do you want to try the pain level first?" he has all the colors set out, he will reach down and double check the outlets and gives the trigger a little squeeze making it go buzzz.

Kera snorts and arches a brow. "Do I look that daft? Numbweed for sure." No reason to feel extreme pain when she doesn't have to. Tugging the cork from the small pot, she dabs her fingers in and rubs over where that tattoo loops and knots will go. She pauses and glances back to Triven. "You gonna stop the loop right at my arm…" She has her arm down to her side, then lifts and gestures on "Or continue under the arm to join the loops?"

Triven will move to lift up her arm and takes a little pin and lightly pokes it saying "how bad does this hurt? Because if I do it under like you want then you will be sore for a day or so depending on how active you are?"

Kera cants her head after when he ask how it feels. Eyeing the pin for a second, she lifts her gaze to Triven, blinking rather innocently as she waits. He already stuck her, but it must not have phased her as she continues to wait. "When does what hurt?" Probably wouldn't be a bad idea for her to rub a little numbweed under her arm just to be safe though.

Triven shakes his head and laughs he will start, the machine and when the numbweed as taken hold he will begin the delicate process of the outline first starting at the back shoulder. He will asks as he works "which way do you want the cords over the front towards your chest or over the shoulder and back or down the top and outside of the arm?" he is in no hurry and even with the numbweed he still is very careful as goes about his art and craft.

Kera shrugs with an easy going smile as she dabs more numbweed and rubs it under her arm as well for the loops to continue under and join. She'll try to rub the excess from her fingers and not her leg when she lowers her hand. Nothing more annoying than really numb fingers. When Triven does start the outline, Kera may react slightly, twitching a little, but after a minute, it doesn't seem to phase her too much. Yayyy numbweed! She tilts her head curiously, watching the young man work with a sure steady hand. Pondering his question, she considers a moment "Down and outside the arm works."

Triven nods and will keep working in sections of the outline first, when he gets to the outer arm he adds numbweed himself on to it and starts the design he says "So how much trouble am I going to be in with your weyrmate? Should I send you home with a note or something about being pregnant and getting a tattoo?" he says off handily as he works not really looking up to see her expression.

Kera grins as if Triven told an amusing joke. "You have that problem a lot? Angry mates showing up?" She snickers a bit and gives a head shake "Cy knows me well enough to expect the unexpected from me by now. And it's not like he hasn't heard me gripe a time or two about my knots getting dirty or just plain laying wrong." She goes to shrug, but thankfully thinks better of it, remaining still. the greenhealer still tries to peer at the little needle stabbing her repeatedly in a blue. "I have to admit, this /is/ rather strange. Knowing it's jabbing in, many, many times, but barely feeling more than a pressure of the needle floating along."

Triven smiles saying "trust me if you were to have any stretch marks and I go over it, all the numbweed on Pern couldn't stop it from hurting." He finishes his first section on the back and holds up a pair of mirrors as he dabs away the blood from the first pass showing her the outline is done saying "Now we have to color it" he will shake his hand a bit giving it a rest and askes "so how far along are you?"

Kera nods agreeably about the stretch marks, then shaking her head "Makes sense." she is a healer after all. "Don't think I'd want one across my belly anyway. Too ticklish." focusing on the mirror, she stretches her neck a bit, then cants her head slightly before grinning. Another nod when the coloring is next and she straightens up again. "I'm almost two months along now. Some rough mornings still."

Triven nods and smiles "well congratulations, then I think I will only charge you cost for this as a present." because everyone loves tattoo's. He will move over and pick up the brown of the weyr first and goes to work as he does he will say "having the tassels over the shoulder will look rather nice I think. They are to fine to get lost into the workings of your under arm." He starts to hum a happy little traveling tune.

Kera grins "Then I'll be sure to give you a nice tip." Not about to let the young man cheat himself from well earned marks. The numbweed is doing it's job well, and after a few minutes Kera starts peering around as if looking for a distraction in the stark room, fingers start drumming lightly on her leg after a moment of the humming. She keeps peeking at the worked area and watches the color spread bit by bit. "Next time I need to have something to read."

Triven grins and says as he works "Most ladies I know try to hook me up with there friends, but why don't you tell me about yourself? I like to get to know my customers so I can give them better service" If she chooses to talk he will listen to her for the next few hours.

Kera almost barks out a laugh. "Why would I do that. It's a Weyr, people don't need my help hooking up." Kera tries to stifle her humor, bit is still grinning and smirking at times. "Not much to tell. Grew up near Rubicon hold. Went to Healer Hall. Posted here as an apprentice. Found Moncerath a few turns later. C'rus wandered in couple turns later. And here we are even more turns later."

Triven nods and smiles as she talks "so what made you want to get this done?" he says as he starts on the second color for the knots saying "I ask because everyone is different. I have given ink to a few people who just wanted the pain while others wanted, well other things."

Kera shrugs rotates her arm a bit since Triven takes a moment to switch colors. "And some people are just nuts." Dropping her arm back down, "And everyone is weird in their own way. I'm weird yea, but not nuts." Another shrug "I pondered the idea a few turns back about the weyrling class getting graduation tattoos. But, some of the younger one were a bit scared of the method the old guy used." She gestures to the bag Triven produced the stabbing sticks from earlier. "Couldn't blame them really, sometimes the young weyrlings take a bit longer adjust to impression and such. That's also why I think anyone, particularly riders that don't want numbweed when doing this…" She just shakes her head "I'd never do that to Moncerath."

Triven nods and then goes back to work it will be at least another hour or two before all the knot work is done in color. He will put the gun down and start to wipe away any blood still on the skin checking the need for touch up here or there and then will hold up to show her the progress. "All I got left is the the tassels to do on your shoulder."

Kera nods as she looks at the loops with a grin. "Considering the loops, the tassels are much smaller so shouldn't be too much trouble." Going still again she tilts her head to try and see her shoulder more "And I thought this was a simple one compared to a couple I've seen over the turns. It would probably take days to get something like…" She frowns a little while pondering something off the top of her head " myself dragonsurfing with Moncerath around my leg. And lots of numbweed. Something that big is bound to hurt for a while. Even with numbweed." Kera starts to shake her head a bit "Think I'll have to think smaller."

Triven does finish just under the five hour mark he will then wipe of the skin and then coat it in healing oil and bandages it saying "ok so keep it covered with the bandage for at least six hours and then let it air. Keep putting the ointment on and no over exertion or you could get it infected." He probably doesn't have to say that but he does anyway. He starts to clean up his mess and the bloody wipe gauze.

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