Ice and Hot Cider

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

In times like these, the caverns are either super busy or super empty! Bad weather. Ice everywhere. Dragons not able to land. Xanadu's in isolation! And so at this time, with the cloudcover still dreary, the wind picked up, and the threat of even more sleet seeming plausible, many have holed themselves up in their weyrs! The residents of the dormitory though have swarmed here, perhaps out of boredom of not being able to go out anywhere or seeking warmth from the fire. Whatever the reason, there are many people lingering at tables with stew or soup in bowls.

Ka'el has thankfully been set on guard duty here instead of trampling outside in the cold to freeze to death. But currently, the young search and rescue rider doesn't appear to be guarding much. In fact, he's lingering near the kitchens, making puppy dog eyes at the head cook. "Please? Just one pot of apple cider! Enough for just one cup for each've us? No one'll know that it's on the menu for the sixth day. We can have it twice, yes?" His eyes get even more owlishly pleading. Aww, who can say no to this face? Cook probably can. Those apples aren't for today! And she may not have enough for twice a seven!

Kera makes her way from the infirmary tunnel, slower than normal since her ankle is still healing. Rubbing her hands together the girl starts towards the drink tables. Spotting Ka'el by the kitchen entrance, a quick wave is given towards the rider, but she doesn't interupt. Until when the word cider reaches her ears. "Oh, that does sound good." Grabbing up a mug to be filled "Is there any left?" Come on Ka'el, ham it up a bit more to the cook. There's hot cider on the line!

Soriana, meanwhile, has been… on the radio, mostly. This isn't quite a crisis. If it were, it would be official that she (as juniorest weyrwoman) would be there, but… while there have been minor ones, mostly the situation is just being monitored. Soriana has been monitoring it. Bo-ring. Checking in, this Xenon- wait. Breaktime? Yes. Please. Out she comes from the admin hall! On break. The burble of voices is.. better than the static, even if her head's still swimming.

One would think Kiena learned her lesson from her previous foray outside to stay in the comfort of her weyr. Apparently not! The apprentice Smith and craftrider is out and about again, though she keeps her wanderings to the obvious minimum. One goal in mind and that goal is the caverns! Which she reaches with minimal incidents and if any saw her stumble or tumble, well… they'll know better than to utter a word about it. Pausing by the entrance to knock her boots clean, she will scan the gathered and lingering people at the tables. Which, of course, earns a bit of a grimace from the bluerider and her attention drifts elsewhere. Finding a quiet spot will come later! First… food. Or rather, what's that? Spotting Ka'el and Kera by the kitchens, Kiena begins to drift in that direction. This could be interesting, after all?

Kisa emerges from the dorms with her usual expression of mild disapproval. Her critical eye sweeps around the cavern as she stands for the moment in the entrance.

These young riders! Thinking they can get away with anything with a pleading face and a pouty lip. Well, Cook surely isn't going to fall for it! No way, no how. The older headcook keeps her arms crossed, one hand holding onto a mixing spoon. … Though that look Ka'el's giving her looks exactly like the one her own lad when he was his age. So many turns ago. Grey eyes narrow. Ka'el is spurred on by the arrival of Kera, who he spies out of the corner of his eye. He'd grin, but that'd ruin his whole pleading image, so he doesn't. But she's given him reason to keep trying! "Think of the joy you'd be bringin' to the hearts of all these people," he gestures an arm to the full caverns. Ooh, and is that Kiena he spies with all that hair? "Just the smell of warm brewin' spice alone would perk our spirits and give me the will to go on when time comes for me to brave the icy world that is Xanadu.." Theatrical much?
"Oh you harper's boy!" cries Cook, throwing up her arms in defeat. "Have it your way then but neither one of you," oh yes, she has her eyes on you too, Kera! "come cryin' to me when the stored apples are used up and there's none left for pies that were to be baked later this month and the cider that was on schedule!" Each of them gets a pointing to with that spoon before she turns (briskly for a woman her age!) to tromp back to the kitchen's heart, barking orders about pots and boiling and cutting up of apples.

Kera holds an empty mug up to the cook's inspection, a hopeful litlte smile slipping across her features. The Ka'el continued efforts have her simply staring at him a moment before lowerin her head with an amused shake. But the rider's efforts succeed so that's what counts right? Watching the cook's back a moment, she chuckles and whispers "Good Job Ka'el. Nicely done." Not toooo over the top of a performance. A glance around and she spots the others, waving to Kiena and Soriana, adding a little nod of her head to each, but doesn't yell across the cavern. Since the cider's not ready yet, she grabs a bowl and ladels in a serving of stew. Stepping away from the buffets her gaze scans around, spotting a table, she makes her way towards it, passing Kisa on the way and offering the woman a friendly smile and nod as she plops down quickly.

This is Soriana, reporting in with status from- no. Right. She's not on the radio anymore. (Yay.) Not that it'll last, she's sure - she'll be spending far more hours on that thing than she wants to, until this ice melts - but at least it's a break. She should, uh… do… "Food." Right. She's smart in what she mutters to herself, and she looks up and focuses on the distant tables of food. Along the way, her eyes drift vaguely across a wave, and she returns it absently before heading on toward the serving tables. There's… food, yes. And a plate! She should get a plate so she can put food on it and then, then… then she'll eat the food! Like… green stuff? Okay, sure. That's food. And…

The antics in the cavern do nothing to lighten Kisa's dour expression. Of course it's possible she didn't notice. Anywho, she tugs her sleeves into place and crosses the cavern in the general direction of the serving table. Kera's nod of greeting earns a twitch of an eyebrow.

It is indeed Kiena, though she keeps back a few steps incase whatever it is she's come to investigate is either none of her business or… not good. Thankfully it is neither and she catches the last of Ka'el's winning theatrics, as it works on getting Cook to backdown at last. That has the bluerider's attention for certain now. "What was all the fuss over?" she murmurs to both Ka'el and Kera both, though she gives the Healer apprentice a lingering look. Familiar enough from transport to Fort Weyr and back and so the waved greeting is returned, even if a bit hesitant and distracted. Food! Is probably a good idea and likely what brought Kiena out here in the first place. Has she not learned yet to stock some emergency foodstuffs in her weyr? Of course not! The serving and buffet tables are given a curious glance over and then she too is slowly making her way over to pick through the selection, dipping her head in a polite enough greeting to Soriana before reaching to grab a plate and unaware of Kisa's arrival. Food is on her mind now!

Success! Ka'el beams at Cook's back, and that beaming grin of his soon shifts to Kera. "Thank you, thank you," he says with two little bows. "I accept many forms've payment: Marks. Candy. Personal favors. Days of slavework. Whichever works best for you." He laughs a little befoer his attention shifts to the now near Kiena. "Hot cider," he answers with a nod to the kitchen. "Can you believe on an eve like this that none was to be made? Until a bit of convincing was done. Again, there are plenty of ways to thank me." Looking mirthful, he follows the girls to the food, grabbing himself a bowl to fill with stew. Apparently, he's taking a break. "Hello. Good eve," said to random faces as he comes across them, Kisa as well, whose face doesn't look as familiar to him as most others here. Like Soriana's, for instance. "Hey Soriana. How's the radio?" The tedious, boring radio? He gestures to Kera, who has found a table, and apparently has deemed it a table for them all.

Kera sets her bowl down quickly and drops her satchel back of her chair with a shrug, smirking over Ka'el's accepted forms of payment. Settling comfortably and glad to be off her feet for a little bit, she stirs the top of her stew slowly to help it cool some. She gives a few nods and greetings to a couple of people that go by the table then takes a bite. When the others start gather around the table, Kera grins "G'evening everyone."

Soriana nods back to Kiena. It's distracted (or is that dazed?) but amiable enough. She's just getting some - wherry and white bean chili? Sure, that's also food. In fact, it looks extra foody. She'll have a second ladling. That should feed her! …but she'd better have some bread to go with it, because the stuff looks a bit soupy. Or maybe saucy, but Soriana likes saucy. It just needs bread to go with it, is all… which she now has, and she looks up from setting it on her plate to see… "Hey Ka'el." Wait, that doesn't have enough letters and numbers to be a proper callsign. Not only that… those aren't letters and numbers! They're syllables. Being said in… blink. Right. She sighs. "…working. Mostly." A glance to the hallway. "There's ice on the antenna and the static is awful." Enough to give her a headache! …speaking of, how about some klah? She'd better get some before she sits down.

The older woman's critical eye settles on the serving tables and the items found there. The unpleasant expression lightens just a touch. Looks like the food has passed inspection. That's good. Kisa tracks down a bowl (likely in a place where it wouldn't need to be tracked, but you can never tell. Bowls can be sneaky.) and loads up on stew.

"All that for hot cider?" Kiena drawls, half from over her shoulder as she's en route to delicious food stuffs. She'll pause for a moment to smirk crookedly at Ka'el, then give a soft snort of amusement. "I'll have to think of something then, other than 'thanks'! Cider sounds like a perfect reason to have dragged myself out here." Again. "Aside from the food." Which she is now going to dive into! Not literally, but she helps herself generously to some stew and bread before moving off to find seating. Which Kera seems to have procurred for them all! How thoughtful. "Evenin'" she drawls back as she takes the nearest vacant chair and settles down with minimal grace. Thump! Before she's tucking into her meal though, she begins to shrug out of her thick winter riding jacket. No need for that now! "Wonder if I'm gonna regret walking all the way out here again…" Kiena mutters under her breath, though audible enough to be overheard.

Oh no, not staticy radios! Those are the worst. Ha, Ka'el's glad that he's not stuck behind them, but he can give Soriana a properly sorrowful look before he sets his bowl down at Kera's table, across from the settled Kiena. "Well, we're speakin' loud and clear. Come sit with us when you're done gettin' your stuff," he says, knowing very well that she's not done. She can't be! She doesn't have her klah, and Sori…ninety-eight percent of the time has klah. "But save room for cider!" he adds, shooting a glance to the kitchens hopefully, but not enough time has passed, unless they have an automatic cider maker back there. He sets his eyes on Kiena and Kera. "Evenin'," he answers. "You must be busy," is spoken to Kera. "I've hardly seen you about even before the ice hit. Senior Apprenticeship is treatin' you well, I hope?" He spoons up some stew, but it doesn't make it to his mouth before he snickers to Kiena. "Yup, you will. Might want to save yourself the trouble an' see if they've any extra room in the resident hall. Bunk up with someone." A smirk. "Unless you want a repeat of last time."

Kisa's purse-lipped frown of mild disapproval returns as she turns away from the serving tables with a bowl of stew and searches for a place to sit.

Kera chuckles to Kiena and nods "But don't forget, the cider we enjoy now, is gonna cost us later." As Ka'el arrives and peers his way. "Do ya think he was serious about making sure everyone knew we're the reson there will be no apple bubblies later?" Her gaze darts around as if that could be problematic at some point. All those Weyrfolk, denied their sweetcakes? The horror! Blowing on her stew a bit, she takes a few bites while listening to the murmur of conversations around the cavern. Considering the questions and gives a absentmined nod "It's going well, busy usual. Did manage to head off to visit N'talya before the ice storm hit. She says to tell everyone hi by the way….'Hi'." Kera chuckles and waves to everyone round the table on behalf of the Istan rider.

Soriana appreciates Ka'el's sorrow, really she does. It makes her feel… okay, it doesn't make her ears itch less from residual static, but it does make her feel a bit better. "Okay," she says to him, "-but if you start mumbling, I'm gone." A half-grin, and then she gets that klah - what? It's important! - before following him toward the table. Oh, look! There's people at it. "Heya," she says, with nods to Kera and Kiena both, and takes herself a seat… though she blinks up at what Kera says. "…is there a shortage of something?" Her? Spending too much time with the supply lists? Whatever would give you that impression? Also, N'talya? Soriana pauses between bites. "How's she doing?"

Kiena snorts and almost chokes on a mouthful of bread for her efforts at sarcastic amusement to Ka'el's remark. Clearing her throat and swallowing before she speaks, she drawls with her ever present smirk. "Thanks for your confidence! But I'll pass on the bunkin' in the hall, thank you or with just some random person!" For various reasons. Shaking her head, she dabs a chunk of bread into her stew and promptly devours it before shrugging her shoulders. "No repeats either. Startin' to get wise and a feel for walking on all that ice!" What's this about no sweets? The bluerider looks up between bites to peer at Kera, then dart a look to Soriana when the goldrider mentions shortages. "Evenin'" she greets and then goes silent to wait on the answers. Shortage or no shortage? The bluerider is curious enough to want to know!

Kisa finally locates a relativly quiet table to occupy with her stew and her grouchiness. There is a moment where she turns her attention to the exit to the clearing. Then, with a shake of her head, she settles in to eat.

Ka'el shakes his head to Kera. "Naaah.." .. Hopefully not anyway. He doesn't want fists shaken at him later at the lack of bubblies! But the sweet smells that are beginning to waft out of the kitchens, of spice and apples, are enough to set his worries at ease. Any minute now! Soriana's sudden concern earns a snicker though, and he spoons up a bit more stew before answering. "Yes," he says, trying to and only half succeeding at sounding grave. "There is a shortage. A shortage of sweets and ale in my weyr." Gasp! "An' come to think of it, there's also been a shortage of appreciation of just how much I do for you people," he says, looking at each of them in turn. "Where's the groveling? The cherishing? The utter adoration?" His mouth twitches, but he succeeds in keeping a straight face. For now. He glances Kisa's way, spotting that unfamiliar face again, all by herself at that.

Kera nods to Soriana and Kiena. "Apples from what I gathered." She gestures with her spoon topwards the kitchens, where the aroma of spiced apples is starting to be produced. Dipping back into her stew, a considering look is given to her bowl a moment "N'talya's doin alright for the most part. Up and downs. Her dolphin partner Echo joined the local pod and she's continuing her studies." She leaves out alot, but there is a little of what's been happening for the former Xanadu apprentice. Taking another few bites of stew, Kera lifts a brow to the bronze rider's ego.

For a moment, Soriana takes Ka'el seriously. Shortage of… blink. "Bah," she says, and reaches over (fork still in hand) to give his shoulder a shove. It's a playful one. She doesn't even use the pointy end of the fork, probably because she's got to use that to eat. "I'll show you lack of appreciation." And with that, she smirks, and proceeds to ignore Ka'el and continue eating her meal. See? It's a complete lack of appreciation. Never mind the lingering grin, which persists right up until Kera's more serious answer makes her look up again and hurm. Apples? Running short? That's… …not so bad actually. The Weyr will survive, so she shrugs a bit, then nods to the report about N'talya. "Sounds pretty good."

"Oh the horror?" Kiena remarks in dry sarcasm, almost rolling her eyes but managing to contain herself as she goes back to her meal. Which she is now eating in a slightly hurried pace. Then she simply stares at Ka'el, then over to Soriana and Kera. He's… not serious? She waits on their responses and then comes the playful shoulder shove. Ah, so it is a joke! Smirking, she chimes in. "Not the type to do any of those." Sorry? "A simple 'thanks' ain't enough?" Besides, they haven't even tried some of the cider yet to see if it's worth all the fuss!

Kisa is amazingly efficient at emptying her bowl of stew. She practically inhales it. In one fluid motion, she's on her feet and heading off to wherever the dirty dishes go.

"Hey!" protests Ka'el at the fork shove, frowning at his poor abused shoulder. "Now it'll probably bleed and bruise an' I'll have to get it removed an' then what use will I be to anyone with one arm?" He gives his shoulder a tentative roll, then winces unnecessarily. "Yeah. Definitely injured." He shakes his head, but there's no way he can keep the grin from forming on his face now. He spoons up some more stew to eat, pondering Kera's words of N'talya. "Has she graduated already?" he asks. "I can't keep all these hatchings and weyrlings straight. Once the ice breaks, Kanekith an' I are off to Fort on my next rest day to visit one of their newly impressed. If anyone's rest day is the same, you're free to come. Or ride." Kiena gets a grin, and he shakes his head. "Never. I'm a lavish sort, y'know. Pomp and..uh, celebration is what I require at all times." And there goes Kisa again, passing by by herself. He hesitates a moment, then, "Hey there! You could sit with us if you're not headin' off," he offers, kindly. "Cider's comin' any minute now."

Kera is nearly to the bottom of her bowl and she glances to Kiena then to Soriana before realizing Ka'el is joking, mostly? reaching for her mug, and remembering it's empty, she sighs and glances towards the kitchen a second before turning back to the table. "Yea, a while back." This about N'talya graduating at Ista. While the conversation moves on, she takes the last bite of her stew before nudging the bowl to the side.

Kisa actually blinks. Twice. Surely the invitation was directed elsewhere. "I have places to be," she replies just in case. "But I will not be getting there today." She spoke. Be afraid. Or not.

"You'll have to do paperwork," Soriana says to Ka'el. Heartlessly. "With a pen stuck in your mouth." Because of course his arm will entirely fall off after being poked with the blunt end of a fork. This is what happens, because it's serious business, and that's why she's grinning at him. She has a few more bites of her food, then adds, "Forever," to Ka'el. In case he was in any doubt of the seriousness of this. She glances over to Kiena as well, including her in a very serious grin Sori has. Er, wait… but she just gives her head a shake, glancing to Kera again to nod about N'talya. "Maybe I'll go visit there," she says. "After the ice melts." She glances to Ka'el briefly, then back to her plate, because she's not done eating it yet.

Kiena is only slightly confused by the very serious grin by Soriana, blinking as she pauses mid-bite with the last of her bread and stew. Uh? Then the moment passes and the bluerider goes about finishing her meal. There's only a snort given to Ka'el's comment on pomp and celebration, but it's the tidbit about visiting Fort that has her focus. "You know one of the new weyrlings?" she asks, only to grimace. "Visits to Fort Weyr tend to usually go… awkwardly for me." She may not be the best pick for tag alongs! Or… maybe she would be, given her relation to the Weyrleader? Think of the perks! Alas, for all the fuss over that cider, Kiena will miss out as she's suddenly tilting her head a bit and adopting that usual look rider's get when conversing privately with their dragons. Sighing, she stands and begins to gather her dishes. "Excuse me. Evenin' all and hope the rest of the night goes well." she murmurs hurriedly and with a hasty nod of farewell to the assembled group she makes her escape once the dishes are dealt with and she's dashing back outdoors to brave the ice again.

Ka'el blinks at Kera. "A while back? … Really?" He looks guilty for a second there. "Well … next time you see her, tell her I said congratulations on graduating. … very belatedly." He frowns in thought. Did he already know this? His memory is going folks. The first sign of old age. He shakes his head to clear it of bats, then looks down at his nearly empty stew bowl. He takes a few more bites before making a face at Soriana. "That's cruel. You'd still have me do my own paperwork? And all this time I thought you cared." He grins at her and at her talk of visiting N'talya after the ice breaks, he nods. "If y'need a ridin' partner, you know where to look." Him! Pick him! Kiena's departure is met with a nod, and as she rises, he does too. Not because he's leaving, but because apparently etiquitte classes have sunken in without him realizing it. "Evenin', Kiera. Be careful out there!" he calls in her wake. Just as she leaves, here comes the cider! A big barrel of it, hot and ready. "Ka'el beams. Who else wants a mug?" The offer is even made to Kisa. "Well if you're not gettin' to where you need to be today, ma'am, you should at least have a mug. Xanadu serves the best cider."

Kera nod to Ka'el and Soriana. "I will. Not sure when I'll be able to visit again. Fell through a ship and twisted my ankle last time." She smirks at her own clumsiness. "It wasn't all this ice that did me in this time." She gives a shake to her head to Kiena "Nah, I don't know anyone there." As the rider needs to go, she wiggles her fingers "Have a g'evening." A short time later the little barrel is brought out and her mug is at the ready "Well, since you did go through all the trouble of talking the cook into it, I'll take a mug." Her attention slips over to Kisa as she's invited to join in "There's plenty of room at the table."

Kisa takes a deep breath and looks toward the exit again. "I suppose I have a little time," she finally says as she takes a seat. "It isn't like I am getting much accomplished at the moment. The world won't stop turning without me for a while yet."

"Course I would," Soriana says to Ka'el of his paperwork. "I'm certainly not going to do it!" She's got enough of her own, thankyouverymuch. But she's still grinning, and the expression widens a bit at his mention of a riding partner to Ista. Yes. Yes she does know where to look. There's a small nod, and then she looks up to Kiena's departure and gives a wave. "Good evening!" she says, and watches the bluerider go before glancing back to Ka'el. "Remind me," she says quietly. Because she's honestly not sure if she knows that person or not. There are so many people. Kie-something? She heard him call it, but… oh, her brain. It's full of static. And there's more yet to fill it, because she glances to Kera and makes a sympathetic face for the injury. "Sorry to hear that," she says, then half-smiles to add, "Are you being a bad patient? Y'hear that, about healers…" It's a joke, mostly, and then she glances up to the cider before back to Kera. "I thought there was a shortage?" she asks, before glancing to Kisa and nodding to the older woman as she sits. "Hasn't stopped yet."

"Ouch," remarks Ka'el, wincing a bit to Kera. "Fell through a … ship? Did you go sailing while there?" he asks, quirking a brow. "Didn't peg you for the sailing type. Careful headin' home then, if you've already hurt yourself." He's eyeing the barrel of cider now. People are taking notice! Starting to head that way. "Kiena," he supplies Soriana. "The ever elusive. But she's pokin' her head out more..even if it's durin' ice storms." Women! They'll never make any sense. He grins at the bad patient joke and starts to edge towards the hot drinks. "I've heard that too!" he quips. "Healers make the worst patients. I bet she's skippin' rope on that foot in her free time. I'll grab us some cider." And he's off to do just that. Let's just see how well he carries four mugs on his own.

Kera snickers at the goodnatured bickering between Soriana and Ka'el. Holding her mug out to be filled, she gives a mock indignant look to her friend. "I've been a very good patient, as much as this weather will allow. It's mostly healed up now and will be good as new in a few days." Ka'el reaction causes a chuckle and a shake of her head "It was a skeleton really, at the center of the island caught up between some trees. Must have been a massive storm to beach a ship in the middle of the island like that." A shrug given "It's a bit of a story, but the short one would be I didn't exactly check my footing and feel out..through to the ground." Soriana's inquiry about the apples simply causes her to shrug "I was only going by what the cook and Ka'el were saying while I was getting my stew." She gestures to the bronze rider "He'ld know better." As Kisa joins the table, she offers the woman another nod and smile "G'evening ma'am."

Ma'am. Well, yes. That'll do. "Though it feels like it has stopped," Kisa grumbles as she gets comfortable. "Not a good feeling." With a slight frown, she shoots an unpleasant look toward the exit, as if her irritation would be enough to clear the roads of ice.

Soriana eyes Kera with an amused smile but playful skepticism, then nods. "Well, if you say so!" But really. Healers behaving? Next there'll patients lining up for their appointments and the Senior Weyrwoman herself will go talk to a mindhealer. The talk of the ship makes her blink - that's right, Kera did say that. Maybe Soriana thought she was still hearing the radio, talking about how the fishing fleet was being kept in? "…huh," she says now that she listens. "Rotting wood's dangerous like that." A faint frown, but then she shrugs it off, and nods to Ka'el as he explains about… Kiena. Right. She's heard that name before, at least. A small nod, and she mouthes a 'thanks' at him before he heads off to go get that cider, then looks back to Kisa, "Hmm. I imagine it wouldn't be," (No ma'am from her) and Kera… who can't really help her when it comes to this alleged shortage, apparently. "Hmm."

Phew! Ka'el made it just in time. The line behind him is starting to form as eager souls line up for a warm and spicy drink. He grabs four mugs, two in one hand, two beneath his arms. He fills one, sets it aside. The second. Sets it aside. A third, sets it aside. (The fellow behind him makes an impatient grunt). "My friends need some too," remarks Ka'el over his shoulder, smmirking as he fills the fourth…just a tad slower than is necessary. Heh-heh! But now. Hm. Four mugs, two hands. This is going to take some doing. Don't mind him, ladies. He'll get it worked out! Maybe he'll grow two more arms in the meantime.

Kera chuckles to Soriana "Yea, but in this case, it was the vines and overgrowth that gave way and dumped me." And amused glance is passed around the table, resting longer on Kisa. "I don't think we've met before. M'name's Kera." Looking around for Ka'el, she sees his problem and grabs her epty bowl. "Be right back." Then she's starting off to deposit her bowl then swing by to offer two hands to Ka'el "I'll grab two of those…."

Kisa's eye is drawn from the exit to the rider, who for some reason can't handle four mugs. Seriously. Her usual frown of disapproval returns. No self respecting tavern wench would have that kind of trouble. Shaking her head, she turns back to the table in silence.

Soriana has her klah! Why would she need cider to go with it? So, yeah, she's not really thinking about Ka'el's plight. Mostly, she's thinking about her food, but soon enough, she's finished that part of things at least enough to nod to Kera. "Maybe you need more practice?" Climbing on vines, that is. She says it with a smile, then nods to the departing healer apprentice. Now it's just her and Kisa! So, after a moment, Soriana looks to the older woman and offers a friendly smile. "What brings you to Xanadu?"

"Thanks Kera," says Ka'el as he's given some assistance because he's starting to hold up the line and those grumbles behind him are getting louder and louder. Some people! No patience. So now he has two mugs and she has two, which is far more reasonable a load for someone like Ka'el, who is in fact no tavern wench! "How is it you're so accident prone, eh?" he teases as he walks back with the younger girl, smirking. "Fallin' from a ship in a tree…" He shakes his head. "You're lucky you didn't break anything." Upon reaching the table again, he sets his mug down and the second near Sori. Though maybe that's just his back up second mug and not meant for her at all?

Kisa folds her hands neatly on the table before her. "Bad weather and worse luck," she grumbles. "I should have stayed in familiar stomping grounds. Knew the people. Knew the weather."

Kera takes a mug in each hand, one just /has/ to be sipped, cautiously of coarse. Moving back towards the table with Ka'el, she pauses and looks at his back in surprise. "I'm not accident prone! I mean yes, I did /accidently/ lose my footing while N'talya and I were exploring. But that was a single incedent." They arrive back at the table and she's setting the second mug on the table by Kisa. "Here ya go." Kera offers a little smile before peering back to Ka'el "Everything else were just…mishaps and a few things not going to plan is all." With a her mug in hand, she takes up her satchel and drapes it over her head and shoulder with a wink to Soriana. "Maybe one of these days, when it warms again, I'll manage to try out that obstical coarse." Wiggling her fingers to the table in general "I need to report to the infirmary for late duty. Enjoy the rest of your evenings." Another smile and then the apprentice is shuffling towards the infirm tunnel, favoring one foot more than the other.

Soriana tilts her head to Kisa. "Oh? Got driven here by the storms?" she asks, then takes a sip from her mug. The one of klah, not Ka'el's emergency backup cider - though she does nod to him as he arrives. (Nothing funny. He just likes cider.) As she lowers it, she glances back to Kera. "Accidents happen?" she says, and offers a smile, then hehs about that obstacle course. "Just make sure there aren't any vines on it first…" she says, and waves to her departure. "Seeya."

Food done, Ka'el settles in with his cider, taking a slow, savoring sip. Ahhh.. Now that's the good stuff. Spice and apple, warm down the throat. Perfect for an icy day. Both hands cup his mug as he nurses his drink, keeping his face closer to enjoy the steam as he listens. He says his goodbyes to Kera, smirking at the mentioning of obstacle course. "I think your foot would be happier if you didn't," he calls after her, grinning til she's good. Now his eyes sweep to Kisa. "I'm Ka'el, by the way," he offers in super belated greeting. "Galaxy rider of bronze Kanekith." Who is curled up and dozing in his arch, worn out from being mad about not flying. "'ve been stuck here?" he says, hoping he's pieced that together correctly.

There is a pause as Kisa regards her mug, "I wouldn't say I'm stuck here. I could, if I really needed to, pick up the supplies I need from the crafters here and get back out on the road. But it would hurt. Pouch is getting light. If the weather hadn't turned the way it did, I would have just gotten the basic supplies I had planned and moved on after a couple of days." The introduction earns a nod and a reply. "Kisa."

Soriana has another sip of her klah, watching Kisa as she does and giving a slow nod. "So… you're planning to stay?" she asks with a curious lift of her brows, before nodding to the introduction and adding her own. "I'm Soriana. Luraoth's rider." She doesn't specify color, but then again, with her junior weyrwoman's knot, it's not like she needs to.

"What sort've supplies were you planning on getting, before the weather turned?" asks Ka'el curiously, the question directed to Kisa. One hand slips from his mug and lowers, though the other stays curled around it and brings it to his lips. Cider makes Ka'el a happy guy! "Would hurt, yeah. Might be suicide too, dependin' on how far the ice reached an' if the storm has passed or if it's only on break." Which he has no clue what the answer to that may be. His eyes drop to her shoulder, though sees no rider's knot there. Yup. Definitely would be tough travels.

Kisa nods at the introduction and continues. "Whether I stay or not depends on the weather, and if breaks before the Steward breaks his silence. We spoke a few days ago. He had work for me, but he needed to discuss it with the Headwoman. I will be leaving when the roads clear if I don't hear anything by then." Ka'el's question brings a shrug. "Travel rations, mostly. I also needed spare boots and material to mend my tent. And a map. I have everything except the rations, which I won't pick up until the day before I leave. Travel in this weather would require much more gear, but I'm holding off on that until I hear from the Steward."

Soriana glances toward the cavern entrance at the talk of the weather - then back to the admin hallway where the radio lurks. Sigh. "They're not sure which way the storm's moving." The meteorologists, that is. As for the rest… she frowns a little, and lifts her mug again, taking a sip from it. Still klah. No cider for her yet, but… she does shift in her chair, leaning a little closer to Ka'el as he enjoys his cider. Maybe that mug by her really is his backup?

"What sort of work?" Ka'el asks, apparently a bundle of questions this evening. "You wouldn't want to wait on him knowin' you .. probably have a job waitin' for you?" If it's only the Headwoman's agreeing with the Steward that'll get her employment, he has little doubt that she's a shoe in. He's seen that girl whenever Jethaniel's within a mile radius. "Out of curiosity though. If you do head on, where are you going? Are you just in it for the…sake of seein' the world?" More cider. How is he already halfway done? No, more than halfway. Hmmm. Maybe that second mug will be claimed sooner rather than later if someone doesn't beat him to it. His eyes drift to Soriana, and his mouth curves to a mild smile. "You mean through all that static, no one's said anything worthwhile about it?"

Kisa takes a sip from her mug. "He wanted me to manage the dorms," she says simply. "I earn my keep," she continues. "And I need to stay busy. I'm doing neither right now while I await his decision. If I don't hear from him before the weather clears, I will assume my services aren't really needed and I will move on. I have no destination in mind. I will just keep going until I find someplace where I fit. Probably head back up to the coast."

Soriana makes a face to Ka'el. "Yeah. All that, and they don't have any sort of good answer." Stupid weather. But… she glances back to Kisa again, and frowns slightly. "Well," she begins, then pauses as she gets the 'dragon talking to' look. "…break's over." She sighs, and leans over to kiss Ka'el's cheek before standing up, picking up her klah mug and - yep - the one of cider, too. She's got two hands. "Seeya." Back to the radio of static she goes!

Ka'el glances in the area of the resident dorms, then to the many faces that mill about here, then back to the woman. "For residents?" he questions, brow arching. "That's a big job for one person. What would you do? Just make sure the water's running and none of the weyrbrats are writin' on walls?" Hey, someone's got to do it! Kids are out of control sometimes. "I don't blame you for not bein' willing to stick around waiting, if the wait ends up bein' longer than necessary," he relents. "Though really, I wouldn't think it would be. You'll probably hear word back soon. If he thinks the job needs to be filled, then he won't drag his feet on it." If Jethaniel is one thing, he is reliable when it comes to weyr management. He makes a face as Soriana's break comes to an end, but he nods to her and smiles at the kiss before she gets up with her drinks. "See you. Try not to let your mind get too numb," he calls helpfully. "Kshhhh.." (That's supposed to be the sound of static!) He watches her a moment, then turns back to Kisa. "Either way, good luck to you."

"That's pretty much the job," Kisa says. She downs her cider and then pushes back from the table. "I should get back to work staring at the walls. They won't stare at themselves."

Ka'el smirks and bobs his head once. "Suppose they won't," he says, glancing down at his cup. He drains the last of his still warm drink before he rises too. Everyone else is getting back to work. He might as well too! Gladly, that consists of … staying right here. "Was good to meet you, Miss Kisa," he offers, his smile light, yet genuine. "An' hopefully you'll be one've these familiar Xanadu faces before long. Someone ought to keep an eye on the dormitories. Why shouldn't it be you?" He grins and offers her a wave of departure before he turns to mill, blend into the perimeter, and keep watch until his shift is over.

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