Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.
Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

This evening there is a small group of people out in the meadow, namely Briana and a few weyrbrats working on some very important fortifications and defenses. Ok, so they are making small snow forts and snowmen and dragons. Ok, so they are lumpy figures that bear little resemblence to dragons, but well its the thought that counts right? There is a large gold dragon who seems to be helping with the games out here sweeping more snow in with her long tail. The junior weyrwoman and the weyrbrats are currently engaged in a snowball fight of which it seems the weyrbrats are winning, giving the splotches of snow all over the weyrwoman's coat.

It's early evening, which means Datsun's work shift is over for the day despite having worked overtime. The teenage Journeyman wears a leather coat for once, all of the straps strapped and buckled, as are his heavy boots which slough through the snow. He notes the snowball fight between the goldrider and weyrbrats and pauses for a moment to watch them, tucking his hands into hidden pockets in his coat.

Evening means time off for Candidates! Well, from those duties, at least. After being bombarded with the firelizard equivalent of questions, Soriana's given in and wrapped her new gold in a warm scarf and brought her out for a look at the world. The young queen looks around with curiosity-sharp green-yellow eyes, chirping occasionally as she takes in the sights. On Sori's shoulder is the shape of another flit, and if a firelizard can look put-upon, Toral is managing it. As the gold chirps again and lifts her head at the sight of Very Big Gold !!!, the brown lowers his own head to rest on his paws. Sigh! Sori laughs, and tromps her way along for a better view.

Idrissa follows along a few steps after Soriana, a yawn escaping her in the process. Willow, her little green is settled on her shoulder, currled up rather close and chirruping out happly. "I forgot how cold the snow ways.." She murmurs out to her friend while pulling her jacket around her a bit more! Her bright gaze drifts over the area curiously a few times. "Snowball fight over der."

Despite being on the losing end of the snowball fight, Briana seems to be having a good time. The dark skinned woman seems quite adept at getting off a few snowballs herself. As she notices some others watching around the edge she waves them over, "Help help, I am being attacked and I am woefully outnumbered!" She declares with laughter in her voice. The youngins of course enjoying the game of 'get the goldrider'. The dragon flares her wings and a flurry of snow falls upon the heads of the weyrbrat team to much giggles on their part.

"Hmm…" is all Datsun says, considering Briana's plea for help for a few moments before seeing the gold dragon even the odds. At that, the teenager decides not to join, instead settling himself deeper into his coat by bringing his shoulders up and tucking his neck and head into the collar of the heavy leather coat. The other arrivals are noted, sending each a nod.

Toral looks back at Willow, then his head goes back to his paws. Soriana nods back to Datsun, then grins, and nods to Idrissa - it is indeed a battle! An epic battle, and not only that - one where the outnumbered side is calling out for aid! Sori looks to Rissa. "Well," she says. "She is our weyrwoman. We've got a duty here!" Chirp! agrees little Haruhi, and Soriana peers down at her. …snowball to the baby would be a bad idea. Uhm. Okay, new plan. "Here, leave the Firelizard Reserve with me and sally forth!" she says. She's got two shoulders, after all!

Idrissa hums while glancing to the call for 'help' and then grins to Soriana. "Alright. Willow stay with Sori now.. Alright?" The green chirrups and tilts her head before fluttering over to rest upon Sori's shoulder to watch! Rissa turns and is running on over towards where Briana is, grabbing up a handfull of snow in the process and sends it flying towards one of the kids with a laugh escaping her.

As she gets reenforcements, the weyrbrat side seem to be inspired to throw even more snowballs Briana's way. It is not often this mostly serious woman is seen in such a state of humour, but it seems she has found her inner child today that is for sure. Seeing someone sitting off to the side who looks like a 'grown up' Aka, they are over 10 years old, one of the kids fires off a missile in Datsun's direction. Briana waves to her compatriats and motions to the banked snow that Sahazyth has so kindly made for them to refill their ammunition. Her duty today: To expend the energy of a bunch of kids who have been locked up in the weyrs from the recent rains and blizzards.

Datsun's eyes are watching Briana and thus distracted as that missile is launched in his direction. The teen's gaze drifts over and notices one of the snowballs seems to have gone off course… in his direction. Eyes widening as the white ball gets bigger and bigger as it hurtles towards him, the Crafter quickly jerks a hand out of his pocket to swat it aside, succeeding. However, the ball breaks up and showers him in flakes and little clumps. His eyes narrow as he singles out the weyrbrat, bending over to make a snowball for himself, then begins to roll it around the ground…

Toral's head lifts again, and he chirps a soft greeting to Willow, while Sori gives the green a pet as she arrives, then wanders her way closer to Datsun for the company. "Heya," she says, then takes a step back as a snowball comes flying dangerously near. Toral spreads his wings, hunter's gaze tracking the snow weapon as Sori grins wider. Oh, how her fingers itch to join in - but no! She's the Firelizard Reserve! It's for Haruhi's sake! Speaking of the gold, she doesn't deign to notice Datsun - or even the firelizard guest. She's too busy watching the battle. Her gaze flickers to the flying snowball, and then she's tossing thoughts at both brown and green. Big Gold Big!!! Her, as big as Big Gold. Question/Demand!

Idrissa ducks down as a snowball is flung her way, a soft laugh esacpes her and she is once again grabbing sore a snowball and sends it flying towards one of the weyrbrat's! She is sure to get one of them!…right? Willow churrrs out and leans into the petting from Soriana, her eyes swirling happly a few times at the imagens from the gold that is with Soriana. As the images from Haruhi get her attention Willow cooos out a few times, her images back are that the golden firelizard is of course the bestest around!

The game continues for a time, with neither side really getting ahead of the other. Which is mostly caused by Sahazyth stirring up the snow with her wings which rains the cold flecks on just about everyone. As Rukbat finally dips below the horizon, a group of nannies come out to collect the Weyrbrats for dinner. There are the expected cries of 'just one more candlemark' and 'but I am not hungry!" There is a look passed between the Head Nanny and Briana and the junior nods before looking to the kids, "There should be more clear weather tomorrow to play some more. Go on now to dinner." With a mixed look of expectation and sadness the group of younglings file toward the caverns. Briana turns towards those who have recently joined with a bright smile on her face, "I think that is about the most fun I have had in a long time…" She looks over to the snow splattered pair off to the side with a look of apology. "Sorry, we all got a bit too enthusiastic."

The Woodcrafter's intended target for revenge somehow disappears behind Datsun's back, thanks to the nannies and his intent on creating as large a snowball that can be thrown a good distance. The teenager completes his supersized snowball, about the size of a person's head, and picks it up, turning around with the intentions of stalking the weybrat. His lips frown as his sees his opportunity for vengeance walking away with the group until he spies Briana… One eyebrow raises as his mind changes targets and his extra large snowball is arched back… back… back… and flung with all of his power at the rider.

Well, of course. Haruhi's attention flits against Willow's briefly, then to Toral as the brown firelizard sends back a picture of a rather more firelizard-scaled Haruhi, with tinges of the other gold firelizards he's seen. The young queen stares at him a moment, and he repeats himself. Oh, goes Haruhi with the mental equivalent of a shrug, and turns back to watching Big Gold and Flying Snow with the same intent look as before. Sori watches as well, dodging stray snowballs but still getting covered in white by Sahazyth's indiscriminant assaults. She doesn't much seem to mind, and as Briana apologizes, she laughs. "Oh, no problem. I-" Large flying object! "Watchout!"

Idrissa blinks and is smacked right in the face by one late snowball. She blinks a few times and gives her head a shake to get the snow off. She chuckles before shaking her head. "It's alright. It was fun really." Willow chirrups out to Haruhi and then eyes Toral and sends images of being unsure back at him it seems. Don't want to make the new gold firelizard unhappy right? Rissa grins and nods. "It was fun. Makes the snow and cold worth it!"

As Briana takes the large snowball in the chest she gets knocked back into the snowdrift behind her. Sahazyth arches her head quickly and looks to the 'attacker' for a moment before the young woman's laughter can be heard, "I am alright Sah, stand down." The dragon lowers her head quickly and wuffles the snow sticking to the front of Briana's coat as she tries to sit up. "Good Shot!" She calls as she finally sits up and with the help of Sahazyth makes it to her feet again. She nods to Idrissa with a grin, "The kids were starting to get restless from all the bad weather, figured it was the least I could do for the nannies. I remembered the first time I saw snow and how much fun could be had with it."

As Datsun's snowball hits the intended target, the teenager crosses his arms, giving himself a satsified snort and nod. The gold dragon is eyed briefly until she stands down, watching the rider getting up again. Giving Idrissa and Soriana glances, he bends over once again to create more snowballs of varying sizes.

Toral sends back a light brush of comfort to Willow's worry, and a moment after it Haruhi declares to both a flicker of Big Firelizard, Little Firelizard… aka herself and Willow. Preen! At least she's got her scale more or less right now. Soriana draws in a breath as the snowball smacks into Briana, then grins at the final results - though as Datsun scoops up more snow, she protests. "No throwin' it at me, you might hit the hatchling." She holds up the scarf-wrapped gold. "Did look like fun, though."

Willow tilts her head while looking to Toral and then back to Haruhi… Little green is confused! She coos out softly while pulling her waings closer to her as she stays perched on Soriana's shoulder. Idrissa chuckles and nods to Briana. "We're have to do it again when Soriana can join in." Rissa hasn't caught sight of Datun going about making another snowball, that is up until she hears Soriana. With a blink she peers over towards them. "Don't throw what?.." Snow, duh.

Briana finally stands dusting off the sand before leaning down oh so casually to pick up another bundle of snow. As she stands she grins and eyes off the crafter and lobs one in his direction. Payback and all. Seeing all the kids are gone and rider is allright, Sahazyth moves from her 'snowmaker' position closer to the one with the hoard of firelizards and lowers her head to wuffle to little gold. Briana nods to Idrissa, "I dare say we will have plenty of snow this winter to have plenty of snowball fights.

Datsun snorts as he's told not to throw by Soriana, looking up at her from under his brows, "You're not my girlfriend, so you can't tell me what to do or not to do. If you were, you still couldn't anyway." And with that, a standard-sized snowball is tossed in the direction of Soriana's knees. Idrissa also gets one, but aimed at her chest instead, "Nor are you." Briana's snowball hits its target, and the teenage reels another one in response to the rider.

Willow's confusion is left unaddressed. Poor little green. Soriana-draped-in-lizards sticks out her tongue at Datsun. "I can so, you just won't listen," she retorts, though she doesn't try to dodge the snowball. Paff! She glances over to Sahazyth, and grins, holding up the little gold for the draconic queen's inspection (don't inhale, now!). Haruhi stares right back at the super zoomed in dragon, and chirps twice while sending a flicker of herself-image and the Big! of dragon.

Idrissa chuckles and nods to Briana. "Sound great to me!" An then she is hit in the chest with snow and a half yelp escapes her as some gets down her shirt. "Datsun!!" She cries out and is scrambling to try and get the snow out from her shirt.. Ya that doesn't work very well. Willow is now face to face with a gold dragon, and a gold firelizard and the little green chirps out with a worried tone as she hunkers down. Oh dear.. The green shifts on her paws and then fluttering into the sky there is a *poof* and Willow is gone between. Rissa blinks and glances around. "Wait.. Willow?" Oh great the firelizard went into overload and fled the scene. Rissa looks to Briana. "Hope to catch the next game soon.. Later guys!" Now she has to chased down a green lizard whom she is rather sure went back to the barracks to hide.. Silly little green.

It is quite a comical sight as the rather large gold dragon seems to inspect the tiny firelizard hatchling. There is a soft warbling tone from the Dragon as she finishes the inspection, wuffles the firelizard and its human with warm draconic breath then steps back. There is a look down at Datsun who seems to now be 'the enemy' in the snow battle. A look back to her rider then down again as she lowers her head into a snow drift to lift a mound of snow up toward Datsun. The aiming is not quite as good as the humans alas.

Briana gives a wave to Idrissa as she goes to find her green, "Sorry about that…she forgets not all firelizards like to be that close to her." She calls out before looking back to Datsun, scooping to pick up another snowball and aiming in his direction.

"Exactly right." is Datsun's answer to Soriana, collecting the small pile of snowballs he's made into his arms as he flexes his fingers several times in an attempt to get warmth back in them. A smirk is sent to Idrissa, watching her retreat back to the barracks… until the gold dragon does indeed catch him unawares, grunting as he begins to launch his barrage of snowballs both at the gold dragon's head and Briana.

Haruhi has lost part of her entourage! That's okay, she'll chase Willow down later. For now, she chirrup-croons back to the dragon - maybe she's drawing courage from Soriana's lack of concern about large golden regard, for the teen just has the cheerful expression of familiarity and generalized approval for the large wedge of Sahazyth's head looming close. Or maybe Haruhi's just like that. Toral, being the other lizard actually bonded to Soriana, is unfrightened - but neither is he staring like the gold, who's trying to figure out the great mystery of Big! and Little. A mystery she'll have to save for another time, because the snowfight is entering round two. Three? Something like that. Sori laughs, and takes a few steps of retreat.

Emerging from *between* is a small green firelizard, who hovers a moment before zipping and diving towards a snowbank, her little green body disappearing into the snow. "Alright, go find 'er, Dersk." This is the voice that preceeds the large miner and the blue wher that trots along beside him. "Find Ammo!" And with that, Derin is releasing his blue from walking beside him. The powder blue wher is giving a snort and heading off, then, scanning the snow as he moves sowly but deliberately. Derin watches his bonded for a moment, though when he spots the snowball fighters, he chuckles. "Hey bri!" He calls towards the junior weyrwoman, waving to her as well as her two companions. "Whatcha doin'?"

As snow goes up her nose from one of Datsun's snowballs, Sahazyth jerks her head back in surprise and blow out snow and dragon snot. There is a shake of her head and for the rest of the fight keeps her head out of the reach of the snowballs. She continues 'helping' by stirring up mini snowstorms with large sweeps of her wings. An act that really does not show what side she is on as it covers just about everyone in the vicinity. One 'snowfort' looks abandoned, but there are lots of childsize footprints behind it that lead off to the caverns. Briana is behind the other snowfort and lobbing snowballs to Datsun who is off to the side nearish Soriana. Briana looks over to Derin when she hears his name and waves him over, the distraction of course means she gets hit by a snowball. "Attempting to fight off the snow throwing hoarde!" She declares with a brightness to her face.

Datsun soon runs out of snowballs in his arms as he didn't build that many in the first place, yelling as the gold dragon's blowing out snot and snow alike with her wings. The Crafter's covered with snow but quickly moves away from the wild dragon, making his hasty retreat to find shelter… behind Soriana.

Haruhi chitters something to Toral, and he responds with a long stare. She chitters again, and the brown launches himself into the air and flaps slowly across the field. Maybe he's just trying to get out of the way of those snow gales that coat a laughing Soriana and make Haruhi sneeze? Nope! He glides down to where a snowball has landed gently and is still mostly intact, and scrabbles a moment before managing to get it in his talons (more like entire legs) and rise once more into the air. The Firelizard Reserve has entered the fray, ready to avenge the defeat of their compatriot! Or whatever it was. Maybe they're here to defend Soriana from being caught in the crossfire! She eeps as she gets placed between Datsun and the Weyrwoman, and tries to flee off to the side - ooh, or maybe the other fort, that'll be safe! Meanwhile, Toral carries the snowball aloft, looking for a target. How about… mmm, the top of Derin's head looks suitable. Snowball away!

Derin dodges a snowball, and gives a surprised squeak as he's hit with one of Sahazyth's mini snowstorms. The large miner is chuckling, however, by the time he gets to Briana's snow fort, is coat covered in the white powdery stuff. "Snow-throwing hoarde, huh ? Need s'more muscle?" He grins, offering his help in this snowball war. Hey, it looks like fun. "Who's winning?" He chuckles, asking the goldrider or maybe the other two snow warriors. Then he's hit with Toral's snowball and he acks. "They're callin' in th''airforce!" He proceeds to dive down behind Briana's fort, hopefully ducking out of the crossfire. Dersk, well, he was looking for his bonded's green, but now his bonded is diving behind a pile of snow and the powder blue wher is grunting a confused little sound. Ooh! Snowfight! Dersk wants to play too! With a warblegrunt to Sahazyth, the wher settles himself nearby his gold friend and proceeds to use his tail to send sow flying as well, he's helping see?

As another draconic snow storm gets more snow flying, Briana ducks behind her fortification. At Derin's query the goldrider laughs, "I think Sahazyth is actually." She says as she rises up and instead aims her snowball at her lifemate. "Sorry about that Datsun!" She calls out from his…drenching. As she notes the incoming Firelizard bombing, Briana points about to call out a warning but it is far too late. "Oh dear, it looks we have a new team." As the blue wher comes beside Sahazyth, the gold lowers her head and warbles to the wher before giving her wings another flap and sends more snow into the fray. As the wher uses his tail to set the snow flying, the gold gathers up more snow for him with her own tail. Oh dear. Teamwork.

Datsun blinks as his shelter leaves him exposed, eyes glancing back and forth at the sudden space of air before he begins to run. The crafter overtakes Soriana, despite his heavy boots, arriving at the other snow fort first, sliding to his knees. He gets busy creating another head-sized snowball, rolling it around the ground quickly. Once complete, the teen rises over the fort's wall catching sight of a wher, which makes him stop for a moment. "That's… a wher." As both the weyr and gold dragon combine, the Journeyman snaps out of it and lets his large snowball fly in Briana's direction before he gets overpowered by the two big dragonkin.

Just because Datsun has stolen the once-abandoned fort doesn't mean Sori's going to let him have it all to himself! Yeah, okay, she's slower because of trying to not drop the little gold, but she makes it without getting too coated in snow, and hunkers down in the shelter of the fort, peeking over the edge as Datsun starts rolling another snowball. It's a blizzard out there! A… wher and dragon-fueled blizzard. By their powers combined, doom! Toral squeaks as the swirling snows fill the air, and he flaps his wings urgently to soar higher out of the storm before he's buffeted to pieces.

Dersk finds this highly amusing and he's more than happy to team up with his golden friend, and so he makes all manner sof happy excited whernoises as she piles more snow for him, sending white powder flying with the quick flick of his tail. Ammolite pops out from her snow pile only to find her supposed rescuer occupied with the snow-fight and so the little green slides from her hiding place and hovers, watching the snow war go on. At least the little green isn't taking sides, yet. Derin ducks behind Briana's fort, gathering snow into snowballs, peeking out of the fort to toss one at his bonded. "I think we're on th'losing end here." He chuckles, getting smacked with the flurries of dragonkind.

This time Briana notices the incoming snowball and ducks out of Datsun's attack just in time. Unfortunately it does not save her from the 'attacks' of Wher and Dragon. Briana is losing herself in laughter at the antics of the winged ones that she forgets to fire off some missles. "I am not sure who is having more fun, them or us!" She calls out to the human enemies as well at the other fort. "I think I might have to surrender before I end up looking like a snow man!"

Soon enough, nothing can be seen by the dragonkind-created flurries of snow, no matter how much Datsun squints to try and locate his targets. He waits a moment before deciding to play the turncoat, creating a few more standard-sized snowballs and turning his attack upon Soriana, launching off three snowballs in quick succession. Never. Trust. Anybody.

Such a blizzard! Soriana squints into it, trying to make things out as the swirling snow blinds her. What's this Briana's saying? "They've got us outmaneuvered!" she agrees at the talk of surrender, and is just shifting her weight to raise a white flag (like, say, her whole body) when - betrayal! Piff! Paff! Splut! She's assaulted by snowballs and surprised, and the combination of them makes her yelp as she's knocked off balance to sprawl back in the snow. Haruhi squeaks as the scarf falls open and delivers the queen to the snow, and she projects her indignance at COLD!

Derin tries to cover his face against the dragonkin-caused blizzard, tossing more snowballs at both his wher and the gold dragon. "Hey! Whose side are you on, Dersk?" The were? Yeah, he's too busy having fun sending snow out over the group. The miner tries to peer over at the other fort when he hears the yelp, but with the snow flying it's hard to see. "I think surrender might not be a bad idea.." He says to Briana.

As she hears both human sides agree to surrender, Briana waves her hand up to her lifemate who gives one more flick of her wings, before tucking them ever so delicately to her sides. Briana bumps shoulders to Derin with a warm smile for the Minecrafter, "Started out with the weyrbrats, but someone over there kept it going when they got called inside." She moves out from behind her snowfort and waves to the other one, "Hey Soriana! And I think I need to meet this Datsun of the impeccable aim!" She declares as she strides across. Her loose long hair is pretty much speckled with snow as his her clothing.

Quick as a flash, the Journeyman Woodcrafter's hands are up, signaling his cease and desist of throwing snowballs. Datsun moves over to Soriana, "You all right?" A hand is offered to her if she wants, peering up and over the fort at the others, narrowing his eyes a bit. Briana's form can be seen through the flurry as she nears, "Are you unarmed?"

Soriana refuses the hand from Datsun, glaring at him - though her eyes are twinkling brightly, and there's a grin as she scrambles to her feet and scoops up the squeaky Haruhi before the little gold freezes herself to ice! She flashes that grin at Briana, and calls back a, "Heya!" before peering up at Sahazyth. "And hey to you, too!" she informs the dragon, before unbuttoning her jacket to tuck Haruhi in against the warmth of skin - brr! The gold is rather cold. Datsun gets another mock-glare, this one closer to a smirk. "Is that how you hold off bandits?" she asks him, before reaching up to pet Toral as he lands on her shoulder and drapes himself against the side of her neck.

Derin moves to follow Briana over towards the other snow fort, shaking snow from his coat a bit as Ammolite moves to land on his shoulder now that the snow has stopped flying. He shows his hands, rough and stained but unarmed. "We come in peace." He offers with a grin. The large miner doesn't really know either of the others and so he offers a wiggle of freezing fingers. "Hey."

"We come unarmed and in peace." Briana declares with humour to her tone as she walks over with Derin. Sahazyth has indeed settled down in the snow next to the wher as if nothing ever happened. "You throw a mean snowball, I wish I had you on my side when the children were out here." She declares to the crafter. As she notes Soriana out here and her baby flitter, "Hope we didn't get you too bad in the crossfire, I was surprised not to be hit with snowballs from you!" She declares with a laugh.

Datsun waves his hand as Soriana rejects it, "As you like." is his response to her glare, sticking the tip of his tongue out before turning his attention back on the approaching former enemies. "You lie. You have arms." And Briana's arms are pointed at to illustrate his point. However, seeing that there are no snowballs flying about, the Crafter gives up the protection of the fort and stands up. "Thank ye, comes from being of the North." A small bow with his head and shoulders, one hand on his belly and the other behind his back.

Haruhi scrabbles around inside Soriana's jacket, and the girl winces at firelizard claws until the gold gets settled, peering out. "Well, I didn't want to throw Haruhi by accident," Sori says to Briana with a grin, and crouches down for a moment to pick up her snow-crusted scarf and drape it over the shoulder Toral isn't occupying. "And then the blizzard started!" She laughs, shaking her head, then gives a wave to the unfamiliar minecrafter.

Derin uses one hand to dislodge snow that speckles in his hair, tugging it through with a chuckle. He eyes Dersk, who has decided he's going to play innocent like his golden friend, and the blue wher gives a content little sound. That was fun! He grins at Datsun's words about havng arms, nudging Briana lightly. "He's got us there, we do have arms, so I guess we're not really unarmed, huh?" He turns towards Datsun and Soriana, offering a hand. "Derin, handler to that blue lug Dersk over yonder." He thumbs the air towards where the wher sits happily next to Sahazyth. The minecrafter offers in way of introductions.

"I think the children enjoyed the blizzard more than we did." Briana says as she tries to get some of the snow out of her hair. "Where in the north are you from?" She asks conversationally to the crafter as she gives her head another shake, letting a little bit of hair and melted droplets fly. It is only then that a gold streak flies down from her safe hiding place and dives under the curly veil. Briana looks to Soriana and nods, "Is this gold from the egg you had been given?" She queries as she adjusts her hair around the gold, nearly hiding it save for the tail that wraps gently around her neck. At the teasing about arms, she can't help but laugh, "Ok, not unarmed but without ammunition at least." She offers a gloved hand to Datsun, "Briana, rider to Sahazyth there."

Datsun tilts his head at Derin, his eyes glancing over at the wher, "I've never seen a /friendly/ wher. I've only seen watch-whers. How did you come by that one?" A smile, turning his attention back to Briana, "Oh, a small Hold named Far Cry Hold, under Lemos Hold, and the Woodcrafthall. Then after that, Telgar, Crom, Nabol, Ruatha, Fort and Southern Boll Hold. Then I came from Western, Southern Hold, Island River Hold, and now here I am at Xanadu." A lopsided smirk as he takes Briana's hand, "Datsun, Journeyman Woodcrafter."

Soriana extends her own hand to Derin. "Soriana," she introduces back. "'m a candidate." See the white knot? Oh, wait, it's completely covered in snow, along with the rest of her. Never mind having a white knot, she's taking it all the way. "Nice t'meet you and Dersk. If he moves earth as well as snow, I can see why minecraft keeps 'em around!" Though one would hope that the earth-moving is of a less… flingy… sort. At Briana's question, Sori nods. "Yeah. I still dunno who from, but she's the one." She smiles happily, and reaches up to pet the gold's headknobs, then over to Toral's head as well as the brown leans in. "Hatched just a couple days ago. Her name's Haruhi."

Derin watches Datsun's glance to Dersk. "We work search and rescue in th'mines. I've been bonded to him, well, almost 7 turns ago now I guess. He's m'partner, he's very friendly, always has been. We've quite a few whers here, I'm surprised y'haven't seen any out and about." Dersk watches the strangers, giving quite the interesting mix of grunts and warbles. At the woodcrafter's words, the miner arches a brow. "Wow, been 'round huh?" And as Soriana takes his hand, he gives hers a bit of a shake. "Pleasure to meetcha, Candidate Soriana." He grins proudly as he shoots a look over his wher. "Aye, he's a pretty good earth mover iff'n I do say so myself." No pride there, just fact, or something like that. "Yer brown there has pretty good aim, huh? Got me right on th'top of my head." he chuckles, sending a hand once more through his hair to loose the now melting snow.

"You sound well traveled, hopefully you can spend more than a season here and get to enjoy our weyr better. The spring is something to look forward to." Briana says with a nod to the woodcrafter. At the comments about Dersk, Briana looks over to the wher and nods, "He is a good one that one. Derin has has done well by him to be sure." She smiles to the minecrafter before looking back to the others. "I reckon Dersk is the most sociable of the ones we have here, but there are a couple around who aren't too bad." She claps her hands and smiles, "How about something warm to drink, or at least wrap our fingers around so we can get feeling back in them again?"

Datsun listens to Derin's explanation, turning his eyes back over to the wher, watching him pensively. "Hmm. I've seen a couple, though only at a distance. Search and rescue? Then you and yours are quite valuable to the Minecraft, I'd imagine." A rueful smile is offered to the Miner, "Not lately. The only other place I've visited since being here is Ista Weyr, and even then not as long as I would've liked. Xanadu keeps me busy. But one day I'll see the rest of Pern." His eyes shift back over to Briana, "I already have, I came in the summer. I'm posted here now. I expect it'll be a few Turns before that wandering bug decides to bite me. I'm enjoying my cot too much for now." A glance over at Soriana then to Briana. "Warmth. Lead the way, my lady."

Soriana grins to Derin at the praise for her brown. "He's a hunter, so… I guess dropping snowballs and diving on tunnelsnakes have something in common." Toral lifts his head as he's discussed, and Sori grins suddenly and gives him another few scritches. Now, about this something warm she hears! "Good idea," she says to Briana. Better yet, the weyrbrats will probably have mostly cleared out by now!

Derin nods, "Well, it's a lot of work to keep him search and rescue worthy, and we work in the mines as well, but it's worth it." Dersk proceeds to move towards his bonded, then. "He e'en saved th'weyrwoman and weyrleader once." A hand moves to give the powder-blue wher a scritch. "He seems to think he's just like the dragons around, he adores Sahazyth over there." Then there's the mention of warmth and the miner nods. "Aye, be good to get my fingers thawd, I think." he admits, rubbing his hands together. "Lead on Bri!" He proclaims with a grin for the goldrider.

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Briana leads the group to the caverns. "Goodness, I hope so, nothing quite as hard to deal with as a hungry child and you getting in their way." As she enters she grabs a pot of Klah and begs some mugs from the kitchen crew before taking a seat and pouring out the mugs. "That is the stuff…" She sighs as she slides her gloves off and wraps them around the mug. Her gold firelizard peeks his head out of her hair and looks around at the group before hiding again, tail wrapping just a little more tightly around Bri's neck, "I wish you would fly already Glory before you strangle me!" She mutters before looking around at the people. "Datsun, were you one of the woodworkers who was working on the sands project?" She looks over to Derin and shakes her head as she continues the conversation from outside, "They both saved the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader, it was very much a team effort. As for Sahazyth, she met him when she was still a youngling and rather didn't know any better to think him any less."

Derin follows along behind the others, he had to talk his wher into staying outside afterall or the blue would be trying to squeeze inside the caverns with the group. As the mugs are poured, the miner reaches for one, wrapping thick fingers around it as his hands begin to thaw. "Well, he did most of th'work, I was just his cheerleader." He grins.

Datsun nods, "I imagine it is. Certainly worth it." is his amiable agreement with Derin, raising an eyebrow, "Then I suppose I have you to thank for helping fill my marks pouch, or else the Weyrwoman wouldn't have been there to fill it." A grin as he follows Briana and the others, tucking his hands into his coat pockets. Upon arriving and selecting a mug of klah, sipping at it. "Hm? I was the one who designed and built the supporting trusses for the waterway to refill your Hatching Sands' heating coils. And just in time, too, or else that brown father of that clutch would've sat on me."

Saved the weyrwoman and weyrleader? Soriana blinks at that. "Really? How?" she asks of Derin and Briana both - really, whichever of them cares to answer it is fine by her! She gets herself one of those mugs of heat, now with bonus klah. "Thanks," and takes a sip. As the other gold firelizard peeks out, Haruhi chirps her interest, and scrabbles claws around until Soriana puts down the mug and extracts her. Toral launches himself into the air and flies across to the warm mantel, while the gold hatchling chirps loudly, then hops her way forward to curl against Sori's klah-mug. What? It's warm! So, it's hers. Simple.

Derin takes a sip from his mug, chuckling quietly. "Well, y'know that sinkhole in th'forest? B'fore it was stable, they took a visiting bronzerider down there to see the ruins. This sharding wherryhead of a greenhandler told them 'twas okay to go in, but it wasn't and it caved in on 'em. Dersk and I spent days there trying to dig them out." He shakes his head. "See, Dersk and I'd been in the tunnel where they were stuck before, so I had him between in there and take them supplies, you know, food and water and blankets and a first aid kit. It turned ut to be enough to help them last until we could get them out. No one around had ever remembered seeing a wher between around here before." He smiles a bit. "We, Dersk and I, were just doing our job, really. But they seemed to think we were heroes or something. Got my joureyman knot for that I did."

As Datsun explains his roll in the sands works, Briana nods with a note of rememberence in her gaze, "Ah yes, smart thinking that was. Normally I would say you were exagerating about the brown, but I reckon you are right this time. It was fair stressful for all us around here especially those with eggs on the sands." She says as she tries to loosen the tail around her neck. As the brown flies off to the mantel, Glory's head appears again and watches the flight before she finally releases her grip and steps out oh so gracefully from the veil of dark hair onto the table. There is a chirp to the male before she launches herself in his direction. Briana gives an inner grown and looks to Soriana, "I apologize now for her behavior. She is proddy and acting as strange as ever." As Derin tells his tale she nods at the certain points of the story as if to verify. As he gets to the end she nudges his shoulder with her own. "You are heroes, you saved me from becoming a Weyrwoman before my time!"

Datsun pays attention to Derin's story, raising an eyebrow, "You certainly deserved that knot. Good thing you and Dersk were around." The Crafter smiles at Briana, "You have Journeyman Jethaniel to thank for that. He's the one who got me to come on the project and helped with the designs. I think that brown liked me well enough after it was all done." A chuckle as he lapses into the conversation with the others.

"The eggs're doing well now, though," adds in Soriana. So, all's well that ends well! Haruhi peers up at the firelizard queen, and so does Sori as she emerges. The apology from Briana makes her blink at first, then ohh as she watches the gold take flight. Toral turns his head back at the sound of the chirp, and his tail flickers as he takes in the queen. Chirrrup, he says, and his wings give a quick flutter. Soriana smirks a little, and looks back away. "Oh, it's okay," she says, and turns her attention to the start of Derin's story - though Haruhi is staring across the room at the other firelizards. From Sori's expression, she definitely knows that sinkhole in the forest. She nods, and listens to the rest of the story with interest. "Huh. Neat!" She nods to Datsun's comment about the knot. "It definitely proved you knew your job!" Briana's version of the heroic part makes her laugh. "That too."

Derin chuckles quietly, "That was a long time ago though, now we just hang out in th'mine an' stuff. Though he does still enjoy playing hide and seek with Ammolite and Nibbles when they're cooperative. It keeps his senses alert and in shape." He reaches up to run a finger overhis green's back. "That's what we were supposed to be doing when we came upon you guys. Guess we're allowed to take a break from our training once in awhile though."

"These times I think are good in a way, they remind us to be vigilant and to rely on our crafters. They have done as much for the weyr as the riders have, and some might argue, even more." Briana glances up to her gold and shakes her head and tries to keep her focus on the conversation. "Well, treating you to a cup of Klah was the least I could do to pay you back for defending me so valiently. Though I think you still owe me a cup at the tavern?" She queries lightly as she takes a drink from her mug. Near the hearth, Glory seems to be doing a lovely ariel display for Toral. Her golden hide shining with good health and proddiness.

As Toral watches the pirouettes Glory makes in the air, his body slowly lowers itself into a crouch, all the muscles compacting - except for his wings, which spread out at the same time. Haruhi's body starts to arch up, her eyes flecking with yellow as she watches the goings-on, and Soriana gives her head a little shake as she loses the thread of conversation for a moment. "Yeah," she says vaguely, then glances down to her mug to see Haruhi leaving it behind to stare - not at the other queen, but at Toral. Sori's gaze follows Haruhi's, then she closes her eyes for a moment to better feel for the sensations of both her lizards before she reaches to scoop up Haruhi, who squeaks what's clearly a protest as she's moved to Sori's front, which is angled to block the view just as Toral makes the leap into the air he's been gathering himself for and flies toward the dancing Glory.

"We're all pieces of th'same puzzle, really, if we all work t'gether then th'weyr is whole.." Derin smiles softly. "Least that's what my Ma used t'tell me." The miner watches Glory curiously, chuckling quietly. "Guess I should be glad Nibbles is off somewhere or I'd ne'er be able t'drag him 'way from yer lovely gold, Bri. Acourse, reckon Ammolite'd be jealous iff'n her brown went an' chased after a gold." The green has managed to curl up in her miner's coat, and is thankfully snoozing and missing the actions of Glory and Toral. "She's been acting a bit peculiar too, though I've not seen that glow on her hide just yet." The man is relieved by this, he's never been good with the changing whims of a proddy green, whether it be wher or firelizard. He brings the mug to his lips once more, only to realize he's actually drank all of the liquid within. "Hmm, got anymore in the pot?" He asks, reaching one hand towards the klah pot to see about refilling his mug.

Briana looks a little distracted as well by her queen's antics. "At least its not Sahazyth proddy right now. Both of them glowing is enough to give a person a headache and rather interesting dreams." The young woman says as does everything to not watch the going on. She focus on her cup and as Derin asks about a refil, she passes him her own cup to fill as well. She looks over to Soriana and nods to Haruhi, "What is she making of it?" Now that Glory has Toral's interest she continues to dance in the air, but just out of his reach. As more chirps and calls sound around the cavern from other firelizards, Briana looks up to her gold, "Take it outside before you cause an accident in here!" She calls up to Glory who gives Briana a derisive chirp but heads out of the caverns. Not outside though, but deeper into the resident caverns.

Double queen action… Soriana shakes her head. "It must be." She looks down at the little queen in her hands with a sort of bemusement - Toral's chased before, but now that she sees the relative strengths of chromatic and metallic… what will it be like when it's Haruhi who's rising? For now, she tries to keep the gold contained, holding her and petting with soothing gestures the queen doesn't much want. "She's… jealous, I guess," says Soriana, with a little nod toward Derin for what he said. "She thinks Toral should come to her. She's… picturing when he brought her food, I don't think she actually understands what's going on." Haruhi is, after all, only a baby - but nevertheless a possessive queen when it comes to Her Fair. At the moment, the brown's not listening - Toral's leap carries him past the agile Glory, and he veers back to try again, crossing back and forth in a zig-zag dance as the glowing queen draws the eyes of all the eligible males with her display. When she dances away down the tunnels, he's among those following her, chasing down tunnels made familiar from Soriana's tunnelsnake-hunting expeditions there, dodging the other males with the skills learned on those same hunts - not to mention hunts more like this one!

Derin is trying his best not to be distracted by the antics of the little gold firelizard, pointedly turning his attention away from the gold and her suitors and to the filling of the klah mugs. "How 'bout ya? Y'need one too, Soriana?" Well, he's here holding the pot, so he's the refill man right now. "I kin 'magine." He mumbles to Briana's comment about the combined golds proddy dreams. As mugs are refilled, he'll hand them back to their prospective owners, shifting to settle himself back into his seat. And if that coat is getting tugged a bit tighter around him, that's because his own little green is slowly stirring, tuning in to the other firelizards antics, "Shh, now, Ammo, go back t'sleep.." He murmurs quietly, trying to soothe his firelizard. The miner shoots a glance around, probably to be sure his chunky little brown is nowhere to be seen. Thankfully it seems Ammolite's brown is back in the den where e belongs.

Once her mug is refilled, Briana concentrates on drinking for a few minutes when finally some of the tension seems to leave her shoulders. Perhaps the queen has now been caught and that buildup released. She takes a breath and glances over to Derin, "You know I never thought about it, I suppose the whers must have some sorta courtship ritual as well? Do you handlers get all tied up into it like we do?" She can't help but ask before taking another sip of her mug. She glances to Soriana again and gives her another apologetic smile, "I suppose I will let you know how she goes and give ya first pickens."

More klah? "Uh, sure." says Soriana. It certainly can't hurt! She nudges her mug toward Derin, then strokes over Haruhi's head, petting and blocking her view at the same time - not that it helps, exactly, for the little gold keeps peeking out, and even when she doesn't, she catches the same excited chirps, the same projected emotions that are making the miner's green stir and Sori and Briana squirm. Oh, the joy of secondhand emotions. When Briana relaxes, Haruhi lets out an indignant sort of squawk, glaring around all in a bluster. "Easy now," murmurs Sori, and touches her nose. "Easy…" All she gets for her trouble is a glare, but slowly the queen settles down and so does Soriana, in time to hear the tail end of Briana's question to Derin. Huh! She gets a pondery expression for a moment, then glances back to Briana. First… "Oh! Uhm, it's all right."

Derin coughs, choking a bit on the sip of klah he had just take. "Uh, yeah.. Umm." The young man blushes quite brightly at the thought. "Dersk an' I, well, we make sure t'steer clear of th'glowin' ones. Dersk caught himself that ninny Yulio's green Yulsk." He stares into his mug intently. "Let's jus' say that was th'night of th'big tavern brawl. I'm.. nay t'good with that sort of, well, stuff." What happens when his blue catches a green? Yeah, he winds up punching the poor green's bonded. "Luck'ly there ain't too many greens 'round here, and Dersk doesna seem t'have any int'rest in th'golds, so we're pretty safe most of th'time." The journeyman focuses on his mug, then, fidgeting a bit. Yeah, he's definitely not the best when it comes to such things.

Briana, Derin and Soriana are sitting at the end of a table with a pot of Klah between and full steaming mugs. Their coats showing the wetness of melted snow and they are working on getting warm after a snow fight. The remnents of which are still outside in the sight of a couple of 'snow forts' and dragon swept areas. The trio seem to be caught in a rather interesting discussion if Derin's red cheeks are anything. "I must say I never seen one of them fly before, or can they? Is it more like how the canines do it?" Poor Derin, alas Briana's curiosity is it easily dealt with. There are occasional glances towards the lower caverns before she looks back to Soriana, "Reckon its gonna be a big clutch, they seem to be taking their time." She coughs and takes a sip of her Klah.

It is also possible that reasons not currently visible are influencing the two females' interest in the habits of whers. Possible, but… nah, Soriana's probably be intrigued by this under any circumstances. She nods, listening to answers and further questions. Oh, and one of her own. "Are they more like firelizards or dragons, with the greens?" Haruhi has finally given up on her glaring, and she hops her way back to Soriana to tumble into the girl's lap and curl up. You can almost hear the Siiiigh. Soriana keeps petting her, and she would be thinking calm only… well, distractions. "With the flight, too… she led well." she adds, and shrugs a bit.

And it's quite possible that the combination of the antics going on in the next cavern over combined with the suden questioning about wherlove has Derin red as a beat and squirming in his seat. "Well, it's kinda like.. Umm.. Maybe not as bad as a dragon.. A little more than a firelizard though.." Look atthe poor miner, he's all fidgety and stuff.

Time differences, they are absurd! A familiar face once again returns to Xanadu Weyr, a little older than when she left, but sorely aware of the fact that the Weyr is readying for bed and here she is, fresh out of bed from Western's time zones. She's coming back on the turn of her fourtenth nameday, showing too the shock in climate change. Western was more tropical all Turn around than Xanadu, creating the shock of being underdressed and therefore claiming the transport rider's spare jacket. Her pale green hazel eyes make a quick inspection of who lingers before she pads over toward the klah pot herself, catching snippets of the trio's conversation and definitely catching that squirming red cheeked miner. That needs another look. Once she has the klah in, she languidly works her way over, blowing the steam over the rim of her mug as she wraps both hands around it, listening just behind Soriana and Briana, so that she can observe the man suffer the spotlight of yet another female. Poor Derin.

"Interesting…" It is only then Briana seems to register just how uncomfortable Derin and looks apologetic. "Sorry, guess my mind is on the topic thanks to Glory, but thanks for sharing all the same." She pats his hand lightly and takes another sip of her drink and gives a slightly amused look to Soriana. This could be really awkward if they didn't know each other well. "Yeah, she usually does. She often targets someone straight off." As she senses another one approaching their group, Briana looks up and gives a nod to Zaala, not quite recognizing her. "Join us, you look like you need more warmth than we do. Ista or Western?"

As sources of wher lore go, Derin is… a little lacking. The squiming kind of gets in the way of the conversation. Soriana's left with a number of questions still unanswered and much curiosity as Briana apologizes. Oh, right. Comprehension about the awkward situation dawns, and she nods. "Yeah, sorry," she says offhandedly, then moves straight on to a topic that's probably only marginally less awkward for the minecrafter as she nods to Briana. "I haven't seen one use the tunnels like that before, it was interesting." Yes, interesting… and she does actually seem to mean it! She has that pondery expression until she looks back to Zaala as Briana greets her, and gives the new arrival a wave.

Derin isn't the most experienced with the topic at hand, thus the sifting and squirming. "Like I said, he only chased and caught that one time and… well, I dunna remember what exactly happened that night, I just remember Daoi rousing me the morning after when she found me in th'tavern with th'knife cut in m'side." And, well, the addition of another female does get the big miner's attention, and he ducks her head in greeting. "Here, y'kin have my spot, I really, erm, should be goin' Dersk and I've got training and patrols to do." And, well, Rin will proceed to get to his feet so he can flee.. flee the presence of the womenz. "I'll, erm, lemme know when y'wanna get that drink, Bri." He says quietly to the junior weyrwoman, cheeks still quite red beneath the miner-stains. Yeah, Derin's hopeless, always has been and likely always will be, the poor naive guy.

It's awkward because a stranger is there. Not necessarily a stranger if people paid any mind to weyrbrats these days… too many to really keep track of, yet, she does take after her mother. Briana's acknowledgement leaves her no room to hover, answering easily with a shrug of indifference, "Western." She flips her head enough to get some of the loosely curled blonde hair off her shoulder, while she dips a fingertip into the klah to test the heat. By the way she pulls back her finger quickly and sucks on it, the klah hadn't cooled quickly enough to try her tongue on it yet. Her lips flash quickly in a smile above her mug for the greeting she gets from Soriana, maybe knowing her from younger days, but that'd depend on how long Soriana lived in Xanadu. Her attention swings toward Derin and his offer of his seat and the subsequent offer of getting a drink, causing her eyebrows to hitch up and her gaze to fall toward Briana. Oo, gossip, and on her first night back too! "Thanks…" she offers in a higher tone that signifies a hidden mirth playing in her tone. "I didn't mean to chase him away-" she says once he's gone, looking at the other two left at the table.

Soriana certainly doesn't seem to recognize Zaala - but then, Sori's been at Xanadu for less than two turns. She watches Derin's retreating back for a moment, then shakes her head before glancing back to Zaala. "Pretty sure that wasn't you," she says with somewhat of a smirk. Poor minecrafter! "Anyway, I'm Soriana," she tells the other, and then her gaze falls on the clock against the back wall. Blink. "…and I've got candidate lessons in the morning, and they'll hang me by my toes if I'm late again. Or worse, make me do compost duty." She scoops up the hatchling gold, aka the reason she's been late to lessons, from her lap and tucks the half-asleep firelizard into her jacket, and waves. "Seeya! It was fun, Briana!" With that, she turns and heads out across the caverns. Toral - when he's ready - can make his own way home. He's a big firelizard.

"I reckon the cavern ladies are gonna give me what for about 'someone' allowing their firelizard to cause a commotion down there." Briana says with a sheepish look to the lower caverns then back to Soriana where she gives a conspiratoreal smile, "Where I will have to just smile and nod and tell them I will look into it." Again. As Derin gets up like his seat was on fire, Briana looks up to him and nods, "Maybe after your shift one night, don't suppose you can have a drink before s shift." She replies with a touch of colour darkening her cheeks.


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