On the Naming of Firelizards

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

The storms have come! Soriana would like nothing more than to stay tucked in her barracks, warmed by the extra heat from the sands, but so much for that idea. She's got a hungry baby firelizard, and while Toral would certainly fetch and carry, she's not inclined to scrub meat juices off the barracks floor, or worse, her bedsheets. So, she's bundled herself up in her jacket and a scarf, and trudged her way through the blizzard to the caverns, accompanied by many a squeak and squeal - which sounds continue as she steps inside and stomps off the snow from her boots.

Also bundled up against the blizzard that appears to be hovering over the weyr is Mikal. STOMP! STOMP! He easily makes his presence hard to miss as he stomps snow off his boots by the entrance to the cavern.

Idrissa is already in the cavern, settled down next to the fire with a mug of hot cider which she is sipping at the moment. Willow is settled upon her shoulder, happy to be someplace warm and the little green seems to be munching on a piece of meatroll that her person was nice enough to give her. Hearing the movement she blinks and looks over, catching sight of Soriana and then Mikal whom she waves towards with a smile. "Hey guys!"

Squeak! Mreeeeel! Soriana tugs off her gloves and shoves them in a pocket, then reaches to loosen her jacket and show a glint of the golden baby tucked inside. "Yes, yes, I'm working on it!" she tells the queen, who squeaks. Soriana looks up and waves to Idrissa and Mikal, while the gold begins to scramble out - if Sori won't feed her, why, she'll do it on her own! Shimmering wings spread, and- Sori catches the baby before she can take flight, and gets an indignant squeal for it!

"Heya Idrissa, Soriana." greets Mikal as he makes a line for the fire, shrugging free from his coat and gloves as he does so. "Oops! She doesn't sound happy." is remarked to Sori in regards to the squealing gold infant.

Idrissa blinks while she looks to Soriana and tilts her head slightly. "I think someone is hungrey." She chuckles softly. Willow stretches rather feline like and is fluttering up into the air churrrriping out. Rissa is standing and is making her way towards the kitchen. "I'll get her something if you can hold onto her Soriana." This said before the girl slips into the kitchen!

What she does sound is… HUNGRY! Soriana winces as claws scrabble against her hands. "Yeah, she…" does not want to wait for conversation. Toral was never this demanding! Sori gives the 'thank you!' look to Idrissa's back, and does her best to keep the little queen held as she heads for the fire to wait. Those bright orange eyes dart around until they settle on Willow - more specifically, the green firelizard's meatroll. "Squawk!" goes the gold. Gimme!

Mikal thaws out a bit before the fire. It's a surprise that he's not even going for food yet. Perhaps he's simply entertained for now at watching Sori's plight with the young hatchling.

Willow blinks and picks up her meatroll and hops down quickly and gives it to the younger gold. She chittters out while nosing the food towards the other, wings held close and her tail swaying about a few times while waiting to see what the other will do. Idrissa is busy hunting down food for the gold, and even asks one of the cooks for some of the scraps from the morning meal, which after a few pleases, thankyous, and 'you make the best food ever' Rissa is given some rather good cuts actually..along with a plate of sweetrolls! She is coming back out with a bowl of the meatybits and the plate of sweetrolls and heads over to the fireplace. "Got her some good bits." Well of course Rissa does, Willow got and still does get the best meaty bits she can get a hold of!

Yes! FOOD! The queen snatches the meatroll eagerly, and Soriana reaches a hand to catch up the crumbs as the little gold rends out the tasty bits. There's a tiny hint of a chrr while she eats, but, ravenous as she is… that doesn't last for long! The queen lifts up her head again, checking if Willow - or anyone else - has more food to offer her. There's a little pop overhead as Toral joins by the non-snowy path, and the gold looks at him and squeaks! He flaps his wings and chirps, but before he can do anything else, Sori pins him with a glare. "I don't care which dragon is hunting. No!" Toral chirrs sadly, and flutters slowly to the back of the couch while the gold firelizard looks back at Soriana and squawk-protests. But she could eat an entire herdbeast! Just like a dragon! Hungry orange eyes and brown ones have a staring contest, until Idrissa's voice breaks the standoff. "Oh, thank you!" Sori says, reaching to grab meat and start feeding the queen.

An expression of surprise flits across Mikal's face as he watches the green offer her meatroll to the younger female. "Interesting." he mutters with intrigue. "Awe, you made him sad." his own stomach starts to rumble as if out of sympathy for the Gold hatchling's plight. "Sweetroll!" he makes a move to snatch one from Idrissa's plate.

Willow blinks and looks at her paws to make sure she still has all her toes! Talons wiggle, toes counted the green lets out a soft breath of relief it seems. She chitters out her 'sorries' to the queen as she doesn't have anymore food. The green sends images to the gold to snow that her person is bringing food for her! When Toral appears Willow chirrrurps out at him and flutters up to settle next to him on the couch. Idrissa chuckles and nods. "Welclome. Got us something to eat too!" This said while she sits down where she ways, mug of still hot cider picked up and she sips from it. An yes there is plenty sweetrolls to go around! "So, did you think of a name for her yet Sori?"

Food soon? Food now! Now now now-FOOD! The gold eats eagerly, though Soriana's fingers, like Willow's toes, are spared. Well, except for a few talon marks here and there. Toral watches, lifting his wing to spread it over Willow as she joins him, and chirps softly. Sori sits herself on the couch, which makes the queen squeak before realizing her breakfast is proceeding unabated, and lets out an 'ahhh' of victory. "He can help later," she says with a glance back to Toral, who headtilts and chirps. Later? To a firelizard? What's that? …squeak! "Yes, yes," Sori adds, with another bit of meat for the golden hunger - though the demands are getting less urgent, the eyes more yellow than orange now. "Well, I've been thinking about names, yeah, but I'm not sure yet."
Mmm, sweetroll. It's snagged from the plate and it's all his! Cue evil laugh. Nevermind she says moments after his snatching that she brought enough to go around. Mikal still claims victory on this one. Munching happily he can now return full attention to Soriana. "Well you should name her soon so she's not known as 'hey you' all her life."

Willow settles herself there next to Toral, curiously watching the gold as she eats, head tilting one way and then another while a soft chitter escapes her. Idrissa grins while looking to Toral. "I bet Willow will give him a hand…or claw in the matter." Rissa looks back to Sori at the talk of names. "Well, don't have to go crazy and pick one now. Your know the right one when it fits." But Sori knows this already! Willow perks up at the talk of helping…what is she helping with? An of course she can help! The green offers her own squeaks.

Soriana grins to Mikal. "Heyooo. Mmmh, nah, it doesn't seem like it fits…" she says, and delivers another bit of meat before stroking along the queen's back, then up to give Toral a scritch under the chin. He chirps, and his wings flutter slightly - though then Sori's going to grab another piece of food for the gold. Actually, make that a small handful, to be presented one-handed while she grabs a sweetroll with her other hand and starts feeding herself. Sori takes a giant bite, bits of the roll crumbling around her mouth. So undignified. She doesn't care. Chomp, chomp, chomp…

"How about….Mykaliah." suggests Mikal.

Idrissa is munching on a bite of sweetroll while eyeing the gold as she goes about eatting. "She sure is hungrey. I can't remember Willow eating that much.." Or maybe she just pushed that thought outa her head! Willow chirrrups and hops down onto her person's shoulder eyeing the sweetroll and looks like she is sorta begging for some. Well that hungrey gold took her food! Rissa blinks and pulls off a piece of the sweetroll and offers it to the green, whom snags it and hops back up onto couch back to start eatting a bit, purrrring out basicly.

"Toral didn't either, really," says Soriana. Okay, sure, he was hungry, but he wasn't this ravenous! …right? Maybe it's a gold thing. The queen's belly is starting to bulge with meat, and she's slowing accordingly. Time to savor the meat, to nibble it delicately and taste what it is she's been brought. Mmmm, yes. Sori finishes her sweetroll in record time, then laughs at Mikal's suggestion. "Mmmaybe not. I was sorta thinking about calling her Surprise, 'cause she was one. Or something like that, anyway, 'm not sure." Toral turns his head to watch Willow eating the sweetroll, and tilts his head with a 'huhwhat?' That's not meat!

Mikal clearly doesn't look impressed by the name of Surprise but he merely shrugs it off. It's not his to name after all. "So did you never figure out who left you the egg?" is that a hint of hope that perhaps someone will leave a surprise egg under his pillow? He'll trade a tooth for it!

Idrissa hums while tilting her head to look at the gold, Surprise?.. "Oh I think she needs a better name then surprise." She ponders what to suggest thought, hummmm! "What about Sunny, or…Sunburst, Starlight…" All great runners names by the way, gee wonder why she would come up with those! Willow peers back at Toral, nope not meat but it sorta tastes good! An the green is worried about getting too close to the meat over that seeing how the gold is all 'FEEED MEEE SORIANA'. The green pauses peering at the gold whom seems to be getting full, and thus she her bit of sweetroll and slowly creeps down towards the bowl with the meat inside and trys to steal a piece!

"How about Sunrise?" Mikal evidently decides to play the game as Idrissa comes up with name suggestions.

See, this is why it's so hard! Surprise /is/ kind of a sucky name. Soriana knows it. So do the other two. And yet, and yet… she hmms at the names offered by Idrissa, but then shakes her head to them. "Maybe something with jewels, or metals? If Kale were here…" The queen of mystery and wonderment gulps down another half-chunk of meat, and then - what's this? A green, sniffing around at her meat? Well! And Soriana's distracted discussing her name, so there's nobody holding the little gold back as she lumbers her stuffed belly forward and… chirrups, extending her gracious neck to bump her crowned head against the green. Her thoughts are happy and bright, an amazing change from the demands of mere moments ago. All is sweetness and light! Chirrr.

Idrissa hums and ndos slightly while thinking. "Opal.. Emerald.. Stardust.." This said while she munches on a bit of sweetroll. "Sparkle.." She shakes her had at the sparkle not liking it after saying it outloud. Willow freezs as the gold is suddenly /there/ her her lowers, stomach grumbling out and she is very unsure what the gold firelizard might do it seems. Though at the happy thoughts, and soft touches she chirrrrups out and lowers her head to faintly nose back against the gold. There all cuteness! Or something…

Awe…so cute. Mikal makes a face at said cuteness and precedes to amble over for his own food. "Sparkle is too girly!" he comments over his shoulder.

"It kinda is," agrees Soriana. "Sparkle's the sort of name a five year old girl would give something." So, no way. The other names get her consideration, though. "Star, Sun… hmm." She looks down, stroking the gold as she interacts with the green. The queen's head is lifted high, and her tail curves. She almost looks smug, sitting there, and she chirrups again before peering back to Toral, who tilts his head for a quick mental back and forth before pouring himself down to join the other two. Chirr goes the gold, and Sori pets Toral's side as she watches them. "Heh. I think 'Hey, you' is her favorite thing to say."

"Well it's a good thing that she is a /gold/ firelizard and is a /girl/ then!" Idrissa offers with a grin and soft giggle. She rolls her eyes as she hears Soriana. "Oh alright.." Willow churrrs out while giving that gold all the attention she can it seems, nosenuzzle and so forth. Willow offers a few images of being happy an so forth between the other two lizards.

Mikal lets the girls chatter about names and stuff. If he gets a 'lizard of his own he'll call it something manly. Like..Ruffian or something like that. He fills a plate of food and finds a place to sit nearish the girls but not with!

The young queen accepts that affection as her proper due, crooning softly and listening to the flitter of thoughts. Toral is quieter, settling down and leaning against Sori's petting. "Maybe I /should/ call her that. Hey, you. Heyu. Hayu. Haru." She hmms, then shrugs, considering on it. Toral was easier to name, as well as to feed.

Idrissa ponders this and looks to the gold curiously. "I can see Haru working." She said with a nod. Willow chirrups and continues giving the attention a bit longer before trying to sneak out a piece of meat and eagerly eat it! Well someone else is hungrey now it seems. An if the pretty gold is full, Willow won't let the rest go to waste!

Mikal offers his imput. "Dunno..Haru seems kinda like a boys name. Haiu is kind pretty."

Soriana smiles to Idrissa, then glances to Mikal and laughs. "Now it's not girly enough, huh?" she goes, and considers as she pets Toral and the queen both. The brown is still the larger… for now. That's not likely to last for long. "Haru, Haiu, Harui…" she goes. Anyone passing by is going to be wondering just what's wrong with her, repeating herself like that. The golden queen presenting such naming difficulties is serene - or maybe sleepy. Her eyes are half-lidded, swirling a slow blue, and she seems to have no objections to Willow making a meal of what's left.

Idrissa chuckles at Mikal. "Haruia." This said with an amused tone, an no reason other then to throw an 'a' on the end perhaps. Willow is quick to finsh the piece of meat she started and snags another piece before fluttering over to plop down upon her person's lap, soft purr and coos escaping her seems the green is happy! Well she is eating.

Mikal stifles a yawn. "No matter though, I'm sure you'll find /something/ to call her. Perhaps Winter as it's winter and I am fairly sure it's never going to end!"

"I'm not calling her Haruiana," Sori tells Idrissa with a grin, then turns to Mikal. "If she's any season, she's Spring." The girl traces the pale golden ribbons along the queen's neck, drawing forth a sleepy croon from the gold and a flutter of thought that is the queen's self-image. Soriana laughs. "Hey, you. Me," she murmurs softly. Isn't that what the queen says? What she's always saying? Hey, you. Me. Outgoingness and self-assurance, all bundled together. That's who she is, in the simple world of firelizard. For her name in the world of humans, just blur it all together. "Haruhi."

Idrissa giggles softly as she hears Soriana. "Why not?" This questioned with an amused tone. She looks to Willow whom she softly pets while the firelizard happly eats down the bits of meat she has gotten for herself. "Haruhi?" Is questioned, and he name said a few times before she grins and nods. "Works!"

Mikal grumbles some more. "I wish it /was/ spring." he's a boy of few words. Picking at his food he's clearly a tad crabby. "So what kinda candidate lessons did you two do today?"

Why not? "Because!" says Soriana. She need give no more reason than that. She grins, and runs her fingers gently along that long golden tail. The queen - Haruhi - curls it up around her wrist, and Sori laughs. "You," she tells the gold, and laughs. "Hey. Me." Another moment of watching, and then she looks up again. "Sure doesn't seem like spring to me," she tells Mikal, then shrugs, shifting her arm to hold Toral in the curve of it as she leans back. "Lessons… shards, I don't know what we're supposed to have. I woke up to…" a vague gesture to the gold "…and I'm not even sure what time it is now."

Idrissa hums at the talk os lessons. "It was lectures on the different colors, and about feeding them, how fast they grow.. Stuff like that." She offers while stretching and then sips at her mug of luke warm cider.

Mikal says "Feeding the different colors? Don't they just all eat the same foods?""

Soriana lets out the sigh of relief of she can so pass the test on that even though she wasn't there! "Didn't they do that last week? Well, and some of it the week before?" she asks as she pets her firelizards. Toral snags a piece of meat for himself, and Haruhi seems almost entirely asleep. "I guess you could talk about which ones can best hunt larger herdbeasts and which tend to stick to wherries?" she says, but she sounds dubious. After all, the far more important factor tends to be the individual dragon's preference, and those're all over the map.

Idrissa shrugs. "I guess they went over it again cause there was some new people around. Thanks to that other gold being on the sands too." She points out while Willow curls up upon her lap seeming rather sleepy at the moment! "So.. we go over it a few different times.. Today there was just more detail. In how to cut the meat and how to make sure they don't eat to fast an stuff."

Mikal looks interested. "Really? How to carve the meat and stuff. Huh!" he totally sounds intrigued at that. "Maybe you can touch the eggs soon. That'll be more exciting than lessons." it's so weird how Mikal does good at lessons he just can't stand sitting through them!

Soriana scritches between Haruhi's wings. "How to carve the meat… you mean, quickly?" she says with a grin. After all, baby dragons are going to be just as hungry, but with far bigger bellies to fill up. "I hope we do get to touch the eggs, yeah. We must be getting close to them being ready, I know I've seen the dragonhealers around… or maybe they're just checking on the other queen, but still."

Idrissa smirks and shrugs. "Well they said to cut it in certain ways to make it easier on the hatchlings to eat and all." Ok so she wasn't pay /full/ attention at that time alirght? She hums. "Possible.. An I know there was talk about the healers dealing with the other queen and her clutch."

Mikal pops up to his feet. "I'm gonna go walking around. Exploring! I'll see you two later." when he gets an idea he just goes for it!
Mikal starts to head towards the hot springs exit. It's the most fun place to explore without a doubt.

Soriana waves to Mikal. "Seeya!" she says back to him, then looks to Idrissa and hmms. "Well, they'll probably go over it again at some point. I'd just better figure out how to not miss any more." She looks down at the gold in her lap, that's right, the very problem herself. Haruhi is unruffled, and chirps in her sleep. Sori shakes her head, smiling, and pets the pair.

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