Chilly Reunion

Xanadu Weyr - Laera's Weyr
This room is decorated in blues, purples and most shades between. Large cushions tossed about for sitting on, draperies on the walls and rugs in Kereth's couch all reflect these colours. A low table sits amidst the group of cushions for eating at or socializing. There is a tapestry on one wall of a blue dragon in flight, one of a different shade then Kereth, paler even like her mother's dragon Liraeth. A gift given by Laera's grandmother to Lyn and now to Laera. In one corner is a large mattress upon the floor. It seems all furnitures has been pretty much done away with.

There is perhaps a few changes to the weyr since Zaala was last here in that, well it doesn't look like it is a primary residence anymore. Well not for Laera anyway, though Kereth's couch is still well maintained. That said Laera is currestly laying on her stomach on the mattress in the corner. Her arms propped up as she is reading one of her Healer's texts. Her newest infant is asleep in a bundle of blankets next to her and a fire is on in the hearth. Kereth is curled upon on his couch asleep , enjoying what little warmth is radiating out to his area.

By the time Zaala's at her mother's weyr, her lips are near blue and her teeth are chattering. Stupid teenagers! It wasn't her fault she had shorts in her bag rather than big old snow pants and sweats. At least the borrowed flight jacket was better protection than nothing, can't say the same about her legs. She practically runs into the weyr, "Warm warm warm warm…!" in her rush to seek out warmth, her bags get tossed to the side. If Kereth is sleeping on the couch, she'll only pat him on the nose in passing, since she wants to get in out of the cold and into the heat.

At the sudden intrusion Laera and Kereth both look up at once. It takes but a second for realization to hit who has entered the weyr and Laera is quick off her mattress, "Zaala…I would spank L'ton for sending you down without proper clothes, but he might enjoy it too much." She says in her wonderfully direct way of speak as she grabs up a blanket and moves behind her daughter to wrap it around her. "Why didn't you tell me you were heading over, I could have come gotten you or something." Kereth trills a greeting to one of his favorites and extends his head toward her and wuffles warm dragon breath on the teenager.

Zaala rolls her eyes at the mention of spanking, "Mother," sardonically said, "I don't need to hear about that kind of stuff ok? It's gross." She narrows her eyes at Laera, with a bit of a huff, "Besides, he doesn't know I'm gone… or that I -exist-…" Another dramatic facial expression that only teenagers seem to know how to do, taking the blanket and shrugging into it, "I decided only today and a nice boy gave me a lift. He only just got out of weyrlinghood." As if to suggest that was a better prospect then having to clutch onto her mother. Although Kereth is her favourite. She reaches up towards his whuffling head, blanket and everything goes to hug his muzzle to her chest.

"Its not gross, and one day you might enjoy it too." Laera says even as she turns Zaala to face it, but it is the look of a healer that passes over Zaala's face now. Ok, there there is a hint of maternal stirrings as well. "Well let us get some warmth back into you. I got some tea brewed up." She says as she realeases her daughter's face and goes to the tea pot but pauses at the words of her daughter. Her hands tense upon the tea pot for a moment, "I ..well it…well I will send him a message once I get you warmed up." She finally settles on and lets the pair bond for a moment as Laera catches her own breath and the emotions brought up by her daughter.

"Not with an image of you two in my head-" that's just never a thing a kid wants to imagine of their parents, making a rather pained and exaggerated expression for when her face is turned. "Ok ok.." she huffs with some attitude, having grown up from that naive twelve Turn old she was when she last left. She's full of piss and vinegar with a flavouring of spoiled weyrbrat attitude thrown in. She's rather immersed into the hug though when Kereth keeps his nose down for her, "You look handsome Kereth, even better than before! Aww. Missed you." She will squeeze him until her arms drop, patting him and scritching him overly. Then she's looking over toward where Laera is making tea, regarding her mother with a snort, "Don't waste your ink on him. He's too busy making more Shiptons to fill this planet it."

Kereth nuzzles Zaala, exhaling his draconic breath on her to try to warm her up. Laera seems a bit unsettled as she deals with the tea. "He was better before his current weyrmate…she keeps his attentions focused on her. I don't think she realized just how much he liked to spread his charms." Laera says, but it is not sounding like a condemnation of her, but more of l'ton. She finally brings over the cup of tea and hands it to her daughter, "Come on, sit down by the fire and get warmed up, you are still cold to touch." There is a touch of awkwardness there, but Laera is at least trying. Maybe even more since she still has a babe in arms nudging at those maternal hormones sleeping on the bed.

Once Zaala actually goes in further, releasing Kereth with a kiss to the nose, she senses how the place is different. "Are you not living here much anymore? It looks…" empty? Vacant? Not lived in? The girl accepts the tea with another shrug of indifference on the matter of L'ton. The man was who he was and if he could afford one day out of the Turn to say hello, it was a birthday. Maybe he missed it? She had only turned fourteen on the yesterday. Maybe she's considered old enough to be on her own now? Whatever the case was, she hunches down into the couch, tugging both ends of the blanket over her shoulder, drawing her legs up on the couch itself to sit cross-legged. Then there's a glance toward the bed and she notices a bundle. Eyes widen, "What's that-" point toward it, eyes flickering back up to Laera, putting the tea down on the coffee table as she rises, "Is that a … yours?"

At the question of the place, "Not really, I got a new weyrmate. He lives at the Lighthouse, but he is away at the moment and well this is still Kereth's weyr and I needed some time with him." Laera says as she gets up her own cup of tea and sits on the floor in front of her daughter. She watches her daughter for a moment, then wrinkles her nose, "Shards and Shells, I missed your Turnday didn't I? Both of us?" She asks, though the girl no doubt got something from her grandmother Laurante from dolphicraft hall. She never misses a birthday of any of her grandchild, even if her weyrmate Lyn is as flighty as Laera is. "Ok, we will go shopping tomorrow alright?" Time to buy some effection. At the question of her newest infant, she nods, "Laria with Ers'lan, my mate." Not gonna talk about the middle children.

"New…" she says the word as if she was rather loathe to hear it. Somedays all a kid wants is for their parents to be together, but in the world of Pern, well, weyrmates earned an eyeroll from this one. As for the lighthouse remark, she didn't see a lighthouse, too busy running with her head down against the cold. Zaala is halfway across the room toward the bed when Laera asks of her turnday, "Yes, both of you." She wasn't going to lie, they did, but she adds to soften it or maybe to twist the knife in a bit, "Grandmother sent me a gift from dolphincraft hall. You know her and her dolphin stuff…" lame. She's at the bed now, sitting on the edge of it slowly to regard the babe, under two Turns old, "If you want." She says of the shopping, though no kid can pass up getting their mother to buy them things right?! Her eyes look back toward her mother, "She's so cute and has her mother's name." Jealous. Here she got stuck with an infamous name, part of the 'Z' hoard. A look down as she tenderly washes a fingertip over Laria's chubby little face, "Is he nice?" This of Ers'lan.

There is a touch of smile at the mention of the Grandmother, "Laurante is good for that. I dare say she annoys D'len with it to." Ok so maybe a secret pleasure there. "I am sorry, I have been a little distracted lately and I know that is no excuse, but there it is. Lan is off doing something dangerous and I am fretting like anything over it." At the comment about the name and the emotions behind it, Laera's eyes widen and she shakes her head, "Oh Zaala, you do have my name as well. It is 4 parts me and one z. You were my first…I raised you as best as I knew how , how I was raised. Don't think I love you any less cause I weyrbred ya." She comes up beside her daughter as she strokes the baby, blissfully sleeping through the discussion. "He is wonderful for me. He is the first man I have been with where I was not just a substitute…or the thing on the side. He has a strong sense of honour. He is a good man. I think you two will get on well if given a chance." She says as she tries to reach for her daughter's hand.

"You know she keeps going on about me getting in the dolphincraft and I think she believes that putting junk in front of me with dolphins on it will convince me." Zaala is an odd peach, she hasn't figured out exactly what she was going to do with herself, likely why she was returning home to her mother, to find advice of one kind or another. Her eyes hold a hint of hurt in them as she pins them on Laera for the apology, then at the name, she rolls her shoulder again, looking down, "My friends call me Ala-" (Eh-Lah) "-now." Pulling her hand back from the babe as not to wake Laria, Zaala pushes some of her hair back over her shoulder, "I'm happy for you," she rises from the bed to leave the little lady sleeping, her hand caught at the last motion, lifting a brow, hopeful, "It sounds hard to find a good man with honour." As if she would know! She has only decked a few boys in her time and hasn't really gotten to the kissing part yet.

Laera can't help but smile at that, "Reckon my mothers had bets whether I would end up on Dragon or Dolphin and even when I was searched there was still that hope I would go both. Uncle Kris well…he guided me when it came to craft…" She starts before looking down, it has never been easy for her to talk about her Uncle. One who died not long after Zaala was born. He was definately the closest thing to her father to her. The Healer Craftmaster of Pern before he got ill and moved down to Xanadu to recuperate. Laera first took up healering to help look after him. At the name correction Laera nods, "Ala, it is a good name. If you want I can call you that, though I might slip up on occasion." She says with a half smile. At the last comment Laera nods slightly, "They are out there, just not always where or when you expect them. I suppose my uncle set the bar high."

"I don't think Grandma Lyn has any bets placed on me…" she can't say about the other grandmother though, "I'm not interested in what they are…" or as her tone rings with it, what Laera's interested in. Even as she talks about 'Uncle' Kris, Zaala simply remains unimpressed. Za goes back toward the couch though, dropping her hand from her mother's to find that hot tea. It should be cooled enough for her tongue not to get singed. Sipping from it, she does take wonderful warm gulps. "It doesn't matter what you call me. Zay, Ala… Zaala…" *plunk* back into the couch. The talk of men has Zaala half consider with a scornful look, "I'm glad half the men in this world aren't like dad… We'd be over populated by now." She stretches out her legs and wraps that blanket over them, shouldering into the warmth of her tea, "When do I get to meet Ers'lan? What does he look like? Is he -cute- at least?" Can she flirt with him is the underlying hope.

"Don't hold it against her too much, ok? She used to be a bit better than she is now, the accident changed her alot." The one that caused a bit of brain damage and was the reason why someone who impressed at Fort (Or Igen, can't remember now) ended up in a weyrlinghood at Xanadu. Laera sits on the edge of the bed as her daughter moves back to the couch. There is a bit of a chuckle at the comment about L'ton. "We would definately be overrun. He is rather…prolific." As to the question of Ers'lan "I wish I can tell you that. I don't know when he is getting back. As for how he looks…well tall, light brown hair and the sexiest blue eyes you will ever see. He is a sailor as well as a brown rider, and boy does he have the muscles to prove it."

"I know… Grandma Laurie," as Zaala had taken to calling her since she was small, "Always tells me to be nice about it." She huddles in and is thankful of the blanket across her lap. Considering that it's night time in Xanadu, there's likely not much to be done for it by try to get some sleep. "He sounds handsome," she smirks over the rim of her mug, "I think I'm going to take a look around the Weyr… Western's hours are way off from here… It's daylight over there. There's -no- way I'm going to be able to sleep." There's a half pause, "Do you have any spare winter clothes? I didn't pack for the season…" See, she didn't tell her father she as leaving, which is why she was packed up without any proper clothes. Not the bronzerider's fault. Sneaky little teenager.

"Yeah, I keep some clothes here. You can stay here if you like instead of the caverns." Laera says as she gets up and heads into the closet and pulls out a selection of clothes. All in a myriad of colours of hippie clothes her mother is fond of. "Take what ya need. Want me to zip over tomorrow and pick up some of your own clothes?" She asks as she drops the clothes on the end of the couch. "I could go back to the lighthouse tonight if you want some privacy tonight…or I can stay here…" there is a bit of awkwardness there, unsure of how to deal with this.

"Thanks," she ends that on a high note, settling back now further into the couch, looking forward to a shopping trip and a new selection of clothes. What she doesn't know yet is what sort of wardrobe Laera has, probably nothing that fancies the girl yet, but she can probably modify it or wear something different enough to make it her own unique hip style. "I can stay on the couch," she offers, "I'll be quiet." And no, not boy chasing yet!

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