Xanadu Gone Wild: Taste The Rainbow

WARNING: This log contains mature language, suggestive themes, nudity, and outright swearing.

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Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and tclearing and to the meadow.

R'zel was gone from the bonfire quite a while. Much longer than it should've taken him to simply fetch some booze. But return he eventually does, carrying what looks to be a very large jug of whiskey in one hand and a jug of rum in the other. Somehow, despite his inebriated state, he has managed to retrieve the liquor and return safely to the beach. And of course, he's still wearing only the man-skirt he left with. "Man…" He slurs as he approaches the fire, handing the liquor to whomever looks conscious. "People looks like they've never seen a rider before, or something!"

F'yr and Sigam had pretty much been left alone while everyone found somewhere else to wander off to, find things, or pass out in the bushes on the side of the road. Who knows. Either way, Fy's tickling is a complete failure, hoping to pull Sigam out of his nice and sleepy state. Which probably meant he might have eventually shifted his head out of her lap to get more comfortable, leaving Fy to play with the fire. Yes, play… She's been jabbing at it with her stick, pulling it out the lighted tip to run her hand back and forth over the flame fast enough not to get hurt. "Oh, you're alive!" she squeals happily, noting R'zel's return and grabbing at one of the jugs. "I knew you can do it, Mattress." She probably said something otherwise, but right now he's her savior. She beams up to him all happy-like at having conscious company again. "Why you say that, people trying to steal the booze or something from you?" asks Fy about the 'people', apparently the skirt not being quite as stare-worthy for her as before.

R'zel may have survived the journey, but he's still a little wobbly on his feet. So he's all too happy to flop down on the sand near the fire. Once F'yr has taken her chosen jug, he opens the other with a big drunk grin on his face. "A'course! I'm a brownrider! We're the best at everything. You should know that." He says with a wink, taking a swig of hard liquor that he most certainly does not need. "And when did it go from 'mattress boy' to just 'mattress', anyways?" He asks with a laugh. "Mmmm. Well, people just giving me funny looks. You wouldn't believe how much arguing I had to do to get all this liquor! So what'd I miss?"

F'yr has a little trouble opening her own jug, which is all for the better probably. She pauses in her work to sit up a bit straighter, grinning proudly, and giggling madly. "Shells yeah, we're the best! I keep telling people that and always get something 'long the lines of 'Shuddup' or… something." She sets the mug down on her lap, trying to open it that way. "Mattress sounds easier, Mattress." She giggles again at her own statement before turning her blue eyes towards the brownrider, eyeing him up and down. "I dunno why they would be so stupid. People jus' don't want you to have all the good stuff probably." She clings to her jug then. The fire at least was put out from the stick long before she took the jug, so no fear of it exploding… yet.

Whether he's too drunk to realize how ridiculous he looks, or whether he's just optimistic and has a big ego, R'zel grins at that eyeing and winks back at the other brownrider, attempting to flex and look impressive. It's tough with that much alcohol in the system. "Yeah. Well, can't blame 'em for bein' impressed, I suppose." He says before taking another swig of the drink, setting it out of the danger range from the bonfire. "So, F'yr. Truth or dare?" He says with a wicked smile, vaguely remembering the earlier game in progress.

F'yr's brows go up and brows go down, whether in a very bad brow-waggling or just trying to pretend to look impressed and failing to keep her face in that expression. She flaps a hand at him though. "They'll see. All us brownriders gonna end up controlling the Weyr and then where will that leave /them/ right? They won't even see us coming!" She finally turns to focus on the jug, staring at the stopper on top of it as if trying to figure the best way of getting it open. "What and what?" she says, getting pulled out of her thoughts. "Oooh… well, it was dare last time so truth! I dare you to try to come up with something good!"

R'zel is certainly in a state where he's going to take the most favorable interpretation of F'yr's gestures. His ego is riding surprisingly high, considering the woman doesn't actually seem able to remember his name. Still, he's obviously disappointed by her choice. "Bah. The coward's way out." He says teasingly. Failing to come up with anything straight away, he snags his jug back and and has another swig for inspiration. Seeing F'yr having some trouble with hers, he hands her the open one. "Hrm…" Then, a wicked smile crosses his face. "Okay. What's the naughtiest, most embarassing thing you've ever done?" Generic, but he can't help that under the circumstances.

Wrong thing - or rather right thing to say to F'yr. "I ain't no coward!" she shouts at him, brows immediately lowering for a moment over her blue eyes, looking determined as well. "Give me a dare as well, then, and I'll do both!" Hah, that's for calling her a coward. Shows him what coward she can be. She pulls the other jug roughly from him, taking a big swig and then coughing some, probably also because of the question. "Shells that's… Embarrassing? That's… I gotta say maybe that one time Dels and I were flight addled and just ended up in the waters in Western and probably could've been heard and - oh! Faranth, that time Ais and Dels and I all slept together!" Her face even flares up red at those memories as she takes another swig and hands the jug back. Of course she did mention flights, did that count?

R'zel seems quite satisfied by the results of his taunting and the truth. The revelations from F'yr make him go a little wide-eyed. "Wow. You're a lot wilder than I would've guessed!" One can almost see the gears turning slowly in his booze-addled brain. "Hmmm, and for a dare…" He looks straight in her eyes, thinking for a moment. Then his grin pops back. "Ah, okay, since you gave a good answer I'll let you off easy. Come skinny dipping with me. It's too hot by this fire, I need to cool off."

Were she sober, F'yr would have a different reaction to the fact that she was 'wilder' than he thought. But just the idea that she was wild makes her grin all toothy, bobbing her head to R'zel. "Damn right I am," she says with a little cackle. Probably thinking in a different sense of 'wild' than what the brownrider was thinking. She looks at him right back, even if her eyes were having trouble focusing, and only blinks first in response. "Didn't we just go skinny dipping?" But she doesn't wait for the answer in case he called her a coward again. She removes her mostly dried shirt from herself, dropping it on the sleeping Sigam instead, and then gets up to go running down the beach. "Come cool off then!" she calls over her shoulder to him.

R'zel watches F'yr with that wicked drunk grin playing on his face. He stumbles a little in his hurry to get to his feet, and he nearly trips as he slips out of his man-skirt, tossing it into the pile on top of Sigam. At least he'll be warm. He jogs to follow F'yr to the water, stumbling a little more as he tries to catch up. "You're right. Might be a little too easy." He taunts her, still smirking. "No getting dressed 'til we leave the beach, then."

F'yr bounces down the beach into the surf, squealing at the cold water and then giggling as she catches some of R'zel's stumbling. She is surprisingly a little more graceful on her feet, and beyond happy that she gets to the water first. "That's, like, /two/ dares!" she says, feeling the need to complain a little as she sinks deeper into the water. It doesn't take much until the girl is able to wade to the point that only her head pops out. "Or is that three? Either way, it's /your/ turn!"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Are you not brave enough to do it?" R'zel says with a cackle. Clearly, he seems to feel that he has found the button to press on F'yr. He splashes into the water just a short while after her, relieved at first at the cooling feeling after being so close to the fire. It gets cold shortly after that, but he wades out afterwards. "Hmmm. Well, I'm no coward. So I'll do both too. Give me one of each."
Click. That is /definitely/ the button. "I sharding am too brave! Burn my shirt if you want, I won't touch it when we get back. Or pants. Or nothing." And she lifts her chin up and huffs at him. "Brave, see?" she asks, clearing looking for confirmation from the other brownrider. She smirks and then starts kicking backwards lazily away from him, not going anywhere too fast as she ponders. "Alright. What's the most naughtiest and embarassing thing /you've/ done?" Creative, ain't she? She lifts her brow and then looks around the waters. "Ain't much daring here… Let me think on that one."

R'zel looks all too pleased with how he has learned to manipulate his fellow brownrider. "That's what I thought." He remarks, satisfied. He paddles after her in the water, remaining close enough for conversation. He laughs at her chosen truth. "Oh, come on. That's just stealing mine… but alright." He has to think on that one for a moment. "Okay. It would probably be the time when I was a candidate and I skipped chores to sleep with that rider from Ista." He grins wickedly. "But you can't blame me. She was a brownrider, after all."

F'yr is being taken advantage of soo easily. Poor Fy. And she doesn't even notice one bit. She nods her head once quickly to him, as if saying 'damn straight' and then has to tread the water as quietly as she can to listen in on his answer. "Ooooh," she says in that voice that means someone is in trouble. Very mature of her. "And a candidate too! Bad Mattress," she gets out in between giggles. "But which Istan brownrider's this one? Do I know her? Huh? Huh?" Of course she does, but Fy's memory doesn't extend that far, especially not drunk. "Do you mark off brownies or something like a perv?" She gives him a wary eye and then paddles a little bit away.

"Maaaaybe?" R'zel says in response to the first inquiry, thinking for a moment as he paddles around. "I'm not sure if I've ever seen you two together. Her name's Zip. Very sweet girl, I had a terrible crush on her." He admits as he paddles back toward the fleeing F'yr. "But don't tell anybody, okay?" He says in something of a hush. "I understand the guy she's with now is a bit of the jealous type." As to that last question he just grins and winks. "Not usually, but I could maybe go for another one." Subtle and suave. "Anyways, you still owe me a dare."

Booze! Cenlia has it. The gardener girl seems to have managed to lose Jeffin somewhere as she heads back from the garden, a large bottle of brandy under one arm. She's still pantsless, but her shirt is just long enough to cover the bright pink undies she has on. Also, she's managed to lose her shoes somewhere, the girl wobbling barefoot down toward the fire. The clothing-covered Sigam gets a curious look from the girl, Cen probably pondering something mischievous to do to the passed-out dragonhealer. But luckly for him, the two brownrider's in the water catch her attention, and she waves an arm and grins drunkenly, "Hey! Whatcha doing wat over there?"

"Zippy Zip! Shells yes!" F'yr has to laugh at this revelation, which only makes her gag at some water as she loses her focus in staying afloat a little bit. She coughs and then paddles to a point where she can touch the ground and giggles some more. "Maaybe," she answers about keeping it a secret. "Not that any of her friends visit me anymore. She was always so…" And she pulls on a face, tongue sticking out and nose wrinkled. "M'nol liked R'owan though," she says, deadpan, to R'zel. Her eyes scan again and then she finally tosses out, "Oh all right… Go running around like mad screaming as loud as you can 'I'm a weeee little happy girl! Watch me ruun!'"

"Always so what?" R'zel seems quite curious in hearing the end of that thought, but then he's distracted by Cenlia's return. "More booze!" Because that's certainly what this group needs. He's about to call more out to her when he hears the dare from F'yr, which he blinks at. "That's all?" He says, putting on a brave front. "Fine. When I'm this loaded, that's /nothin'/!" He declares before paddling back to the shore. On his feet, he shivers a little at the cold air. He takes a very deep breath, then bolts down the beach shrieking at the top of his lungs. "I'M A HAPPY LITTLE GIRL! WATCH ME RUN!"

"Boooring," drawls out F'yr in answer with a shake of her head. "At least with me. Unlike all of you." She waves her head at the brownrider and then the beach and finally turns back to watch his reaction to her dare. Her big grin fades a little as she realizes ehr mistake, but her brain is too slow to function as she tries to catch up with R'zel heading out. "Nooo, I meant tomorrow or- or when it's crowded!" Pout. Too late. Brownrider streaking and shouting stupid things and all Fy can do is stand in the water giggling. "Weee! You forgot weee!" She walks further out, waving to Cenlia on the way. No shirts, pants, shoes or nothing for her from now on.

Cenlia unstoppers the bottle, taking a swig of booze, not really hearing the F'yr by the water. This is slightly unfortunate, as R'zel's shrieking and running take her a bit by surprise. The girl chokes and sprays booze, coughing and then just.. staring. But the happy sozzled grin on her face doesn't fade with the surprise, the girl clearly enjoying the show. "Woo!" she calls out to him, for no apparent reason, and laughs, "Shards, I need me more booze!" How handy that she /has/ a bottle right there. Waving cheerfully to the naked F'yr, Cenlia calls, "Shards, ya gonna join 'im?" It's almost teasing.

"WHEEEEE!" R'zel adds on to the end of his screaming before he succumbs to laughter, making his way back over to the other two, still dripping water from his hair. "At least that warmed me up." He says in a more conversational tone once he approaches. He reaches out a hand for Cenlia's booze, already in need of a refill. "Okay then. I think that makes it Cen's turn, doesn't it?" He says, winking at F'yr. "You wanna come up with her truth, or her dare?"

F'yr somehow makes it out of the water alive without drowning by the way she's giggling and trying to hold her sides. "Whee!" she answers R'zel when she catches a breath, back on dry land. She does get quite a bit sand all over her getting out though, trying to shake it off as she looks from the other brownrider to wickedly grin at Cenlia. "Well, I'd say truth but I think I know what naughtiest thing Cenlia might have done, involving gardens and tumbling and holes and somesuch. You come up with something, I drink!" She holds her hand out for the bottle. Forget tht they left two jugs back close to the fire. Poor Sigam, in the vicinity of explosions and is completely passed out to notice.

Cenlia giggles at R'zel, taking a swig and then happily handing over the booze with a far too enthusiastic, "Okay, dare!" because really, truths are boring. She does turn pinkish whe F'yr remarks on gardens and tumbling, but Cenlia just laughs, "Hah, that ain't half as bad as mosta the stuff I done! And we weren't even up inna a tree! And there weren't no /hat/!" And she laughingly adds on, "L'ton didn't have no hat neither." Snerk. Yeah, she's drunk now. Chances are, that booze bottle she brought with her has been sampled quite a bit by now.

"That sounds like a fun story." R'zel remarks, perhaps just a little disappointed for once that Cenlia opted for truth. He takes a couple steps towards the bonfire, now eager to warm up after the time spent cooling off in the water. He shoots F'yr a look, mildly disappointed that she doesn't come up with a dare for him. But the perfect revenge is all too obvious. He grins wickedly. "Okay. Cenlia, I want you to kiss F'yr. And it has to be a good kiss, like the one I gave you earlier."

F'yr's brows go hiking up and up at Cenlia's words. "A… tree? That possible?" she asks, honestly curious. "And with /L'ton/?" Now her face just turns plain disgusted. "He's— he's /ooold!/" You can just hear the 'eeew' somewhere int here from the brownrider's mental voice. Of course, she's looking a bit thankful no one knows that much about her either or that comment can turn bad on her. She returns to the fireside as well, returning to her spot next to the sleeping Sigam where she left jugs and her stick and then turns to pass a glare at R'zel. "It ain't /my/ dare? Just cause I've slept with girls don't mean I like 'em to go 'round kissing me!"

Cenlia snickers, "'S possible alright!" about the tree, and then just starts laughing, "Shards no, not with /him/! 'Cause he didn't have no /hat/." And then the girl makes a face at R'zel, "Aww, but she's a /girl/. That ain't no fun!" Still, a dare is a dare, and the gardener girl is drunk enough to take up the challenge. But F'yr's words have Cenlia going wide-eyed, "You /slept/ with girls?" Eyebrows hike up, Cen looks wary.

R'zel blinks and tilts his head at Cenlia, trying to make sense of this shenangians-in-trees story. "Are we… talking about a literal kind of hat, or…?" He scratches his head. When F'yr protests his suggested dare, he grins. "Oh, I thought you were brave enough to do anything?" He taunts. At this point, it's almost too easy. He scoots over for a good view.

Blink. "In… A tree. I wonder…" But F'yr shakes that thought out of her head, a little pink around the edges and then turns towards Cenlia with wide eyes as well. "S'all Zaru's fault! Not like /I/ wanted to! And it was only Ais and— well, there was that other and—" Her mouth stops running and she jerks her head around to give R'zel one of her fiercest glares. She's startin(badtelnet) She's likely to realize what he's trying to do if it weren't for all that alcohol. "Come'ere!" she says to Cenlia, leaning closer and quirking a finger at Cenlia, lips all pursed out and all. Fy's ready for smoochy time.

"A hat's a hat, what /else/ would I be talking about?" Cenlia smirks at R'zel. The gardener girl crosses her arms over her chest, eyeing F'yr and saying, "Well /I/ ain't scared of no kisses." Although, drunk as she is, Cen still wrinkles her nose. "Dare's a dare," the girl states, and steps closer to give F'yr a proper smooch.

"Well, I just thought… maybe you meant… uh, nevermind." R'zel certainly isn't going to continue being all chatty when there's lady-smooching going on. He just stares, and has another drink. "Shards. Wish I had my sketchbook." He remarks.

"/I/ ain't scared either," says F'yr with a huff after Cenlia just to make sure that was clear among everyone. Scared? Fy? Never! She reaches for Cenlia if she can, just for a more firmer hold and then goes on to help plant a good one on the gardener's lips, even if it was the other girl's dare. What did R'zel say about it? Like his earlier? Well, Fy wasn't paying attention but she pretends to give it her all, even though she'll be fast to pull away too and immediately afterwards it's glaring at the other brownie time. "Pervs. All of yous."

It probably doesn't help that Cenlia starts laughing again, wiping her mouth when F'yr pulls away and muttering a, "Shards I need more booze." The girl reaches for the booze bottle she brought and shakes her head, "Ain't half as fun as kissin' a guy." And she looks at R'zel meaningfully. Hey, she's drunk.

R'zel grins ear to ear, delighted with the results of his dare. "Very, very nice." When it's over, he looks at Cenlia with a conflicted expression. He certainly likes that look and statement, but he remembers the painful elbowings and shovings he got last time he read too much into her flirting. "Yeah? Well, let's… I… hrm." Luckily, being too drunk to think coherantly has it's own way of keeping him from making a fool of himself /too/ much. The alcohol catches up with him and he flops back on the sand, eyes shut, apparently having decided on taking a nap before even finishing his thought. At least the fire will keep him warm.

"Me too," F'yr says about the booze bit, rubbing her lips over her shoulder after a moment's thoughts. Blegh. "It really sharding ain't anywhere near as fun," she agrees with the younger teen, turning to look first at the sleeping Sigam for a brief moment before her eyes travel to the only conscious male in the vicinity. Just in time to watch that one plunk over and pass out as well. "I bet Mattress is faking it cause he's a coward!" This seems to make F'yr laugh again, even as she's grabbing one of the booze jugs that the other brownrider brought to open and take a quick swig from it.

Cenlia just blinks, peering at the suddenly passed-out R'zel with a, "Huh, I killed him." With a look, even. Then she's glancing from R'zel to Sigam, and then back to F'yr, a huge grin on her face, "Hey, y'know what?" She smirks, "We /won/. Drunk them under! Guess we showed them who can hold more booze!" And Cenlia takes a swig from the bootle for good measure, staggering back a little while laughing, "An' we're still standin'!" Another smirk, "Guess we know the mens 'round here're all /lightweights/." Smiiirk. The gardener snickers in agreement with F'yr, calling tauntingly at R'zel, "Coowaaard!" and going over to poke his side with her toe. When there's no response, Cen just rolls her eyes, "So much fer them's… thing them," and she plops down near F'yr, shaking her head, "Shardin' /men/."

Jeffin grumbles as he comes back to the party. Cenlia ditched him and he had to find some booze on his own. So he raided the kitchen. He's got some bottles of the booze that he uses and he goes to find a place by the fire to sit down. Also he has a basket full of rum balls.

Cenlia just blinks, peering at the suddenly passed-out R'zel with a, "Huh, I killed him." With a look, even. Then she's glancing from R'zel to Sigam, and then back to F'yr, a huge grin on her face, "Hey, y'know what?" She smirks, "We /won/. Drunk them under! Guess we showed them who can hold more booze!" And Cenlia takes a swig from the bootle for good measure, staggering back a little while laughing, "An' we're still standin'!" Another smirk, "Guess we know the mens 'round here're all /lightweights/." Smiiirk. The gardener snickers in agreement with F'yr, calling tauntingly at R'zel, "Coowaaard!" and going over to poke his side with her toe. When there's no response, Cen just rolls her eyes, "So much fer them's… thing them," and she plops down near F'yr, shaking her head, "Shardin' /men/."

Jeffin hears the girls, "Ah girls I'm still up you haven't one anything yet. It might be two against one, but I'm still up." He opens a bottle of cooking sherry and drinks it down. He looks over at Cenlia, "Shardin' woman."

The beach is going to be overcrowded with booze enough to give alcohol poisoning to half the Weyr. R'zel brought two jugs that are with F'yr and Cenlia has her own bottle as well. "I win!" crows out Fy happily, beaming at Cenlia. "We win!" She cackles at R'zel and reaches out to give him a poke again, but leaves Cenlia to deal with that. This brownie was sitting next to the fire still. Her eyes turn in Jeffin's direction at his voice, but it's the rum balls that she stares at. "You brought snacks!" She'd pounce if she can get to her feet properly.

Cenlia sticks her tongue at Jeffin, "You dun't count! Ya never got dared 't do nothin'." Smiirk. And then F'yr's attempting to pounce him? Cenlia blinks, eyes landing on the rum balls, the girl peering curiously, "Wassat?" She takes another swig of booze and giggles, telling F'yr, "Ya should dare /him/ t' do somethin'!" and pointing at Jeffin.

Jeffin looks at the girls, "Yah snacks for me. I don't like being ditched." He shrugs, "Fine then no more booze treats for you. I'm beginning to think that's all anyone likes me fore." He shrugs, "If you girls won then the game's over you can't dare me to do anything." He puts down the drinking sherry and gets out the half-filled bottle of rum that was used to make the rum balls. He takes a long drink and then burps.

F'yr's pounce turns out to be more like a crawl across the sand towards Jeffin. Granted she's also forgetting she's completely nude. "But you're here and said you're up so we didn't win so that means—- Cenlia, you dare him!" Cause Fy is busy eyeing up the rum balls and giving Jeffin a pout. "I didn't ditch you. Canni have some?" Sniff.

Cenlia rolls her eyes, "Fine! I don't want yer balls anyways!" And she takes a swig of booze, snickering and then grinning at Jeffin, "I dares ya… t' smooch R'zel!" Cenlia cackles, and then eyes the unconscious and nude brownrider over there, "Er, when he wakes up." She prods him with her toe. "Shardit, they ain't no fun when they're dead!" Unconscious. She /probably/ means unconscious there.

Jeffin tosses the basket at F'yr, "Here take the shardin' treats if they are so important to you." He looks over at Cenlia, "No it's a stupid shardin' game." He says as he's in a foul mood and takes another drink of the rum, "Unlike some people I don't kiss anything with lips."

F'yr beams all brightly at Jeffin, his foul mood or not she still got what she was after. "Thanks!" she says, taking the basket and flopping back to sit in the sand near Sigam, scooting out of the way. She draws her knees up a bit and reaches in to pull a rum ball, munching quietly. "But then the fun'll be over. Aww… Don't be like that." But she drops her head and quiets down, eying the unconscious R'zel as if willing him to wake up.

Cenlia grins at F'yr, "Well tha's a forfeit! We win, hah!" And she does a little drunken dance, shaking her butt a little for emphasis. Flopping down near F'yr, Cenlia smirks at Jeffin, "Hmph, y'ain't no fun." She makes a sulky-face at him, but then giggles, eyes lit up with mischief as she suggests to F'yr, "Hey! We should… we should do somethin'," while pointing at Sigam and R'zel, "Draw faces on their butts or something." The girl giggles, "Oh! I know! Paint 'em all colors. They'll wake up lookin' like dragon eggs!" That gleeful look on her face just means trouble, it does.

Jeffin frowns at Cenlia, "I'm sorry if I only want to kiss one person or respect that I've made a commitment to another person." He looks at Sigam and R'zel and a grin grows on his face an evil grin, "Why stop at paint that can be washed off…why don't you get some vinegar and food coloring and dye them different colors. I'm sure Sigan and R'zel would look good with green and orange and purple extremities. I can show you both how to get some dazzling colors."

F'yr cheers loudly around a few rum balls she already popped into her mouth. "We win!" comes her messy echo with a giggle. Her blue eyes turn to focus on Jeffin, tilting her head at him curiously as something he says seems to spark her attention. She falls silent for a moment before their suggestion on what to do with the two passed out men finally sinks into her brains. "/Dye/ them? We gotta dye them now, not paint!" she says with a fit of giggles at the idea. "I ain't sure what you're saying, Cenny, but this guy's fun! And these are great!" Another one of the snacks go in her mouth and she starts rising to her feet again.

"Shards, 'm yer girlfriend, not yer /wife/," Cenlia makes a face at Jeffin, "I wouldn't care if ya.. if ya.. kissed F'yr!" And she smirks, "I did." She can joke about it /now/; later she'll be all kinds of horrified. But then Cenlia cackles gleefully, grinning at Jeffin, and possibly forgetting the first part of what he said. Vinegar? Food coloring? Colors? "/Yeah/!" the gardener girl is scrambling to her feet, "Let's get shtuff!" She claps hands together, nodding quickly to F'yr, "Yeah, /dye/. 'Cause they're /dead/." Oh Faranth, now she's punning. There's a considering look at Jeffin, "Yeah. He's fun when he ain't all.. thing and stuff," and she waves an arm vaguely. But dyes. She hasa /mission/ now. "We need dyes," the girl states, looking around as ifsome might pop up somewhere suddenly.

Jeffin snorts, "Coulda have fooled me. Most time ya act like I'm just some annoying vtol that you'd rather shoo away or squish." He gets up, "I don't care if you care or not if I kiss someone else. I do care. I don't want to kiss anyone else but you. I don't want to do anything with anyone else but ya drunk or not. I am sorry we don't feel the same way." He brushes sand off his butt, "Come on let's get the supplies while there is no one in the kitchen." He starts off towards the kitchens

F'yr doesn't just joke about it, she turns to Cenlia and makes a kissy face at her now. Her new giggling fit trails off into a few chuckles as she listens to Jeffin, and finally silence. She slides a look towards Cenlia and murmurs a "He's making a good point" before finally managing to settle onto her feet. On her way she grabs her shirt off of Sigam, and then his kilt. Something about the moment seems to have sobered her up briefly, though she's still smirking and giggling quietly at the idea of dying the two unconscious men. It's only when she's away from the beach that she actually dresses in the awkward clothing, plaid man-skirt and her messy shirt.

The face the brownrider makes has Cenlia dissolving into giggles, so much so that most of what the baker says just goes over Cenlia's head, the girl staring at him momentarily, looking baffled. "Wassa vtol?" she scratches her head, but then shrugs, "Then kiss me then?" There's another confused, drunken look as the girl tilts her head at F'yr. "Okay?" she just says, and then starts off for the kitchen, "Dyes!" And she chortles. Seriousness? When drunk? Yeah right. There are unconscious men to dye!

Jeffin turns on Cenlia and he grabs her close to him. He kisses her deeply and passionately in a kiss that should be reserved for cold winter nights, not that Xanadu has any of those. He holds the kiss for a very long moment before he pulls back and strokes her cheek, "Come on let's go dye these men who made the mistake of losing to you girls." He reaches to hold Cenlia's hand.

F'yr beams a little too proudly at making Cenlia laugh like that. Likely, if she ever remembers any of this, she'll go red-faced and never be able to face the gardener again. Much less anyone else on that beach. She wobbles a bit on her feet, shocked at first by witnessing such a kiss, and then she blushes to her roots and looks away, giving them a bit of privacy. Perhaps a moment's jealousy passing by her face, but either way she's bouncing after them only a little later, giggling out a "Dyes!" to them. "Can we draw little figures on them with the dyes still?" she's just trying to make some kind of conversation on the way.

Cenlia squeaks as she gets grabbed, and is luckily past the point of reflexive elbowing. Instead, she practically melts into the kiss, cheeks going an interesting shade of pink. A rather dazed, "Uhm," is her only response as Jeffin takes her hand. What were they doing again? Oh, right, dyes! Grinning like an idiot, the girl hurries along, "Yeah, let's dye some, mens!" Cenlia giggles and grins at F'yr, "Yea, should draw faces on their butts!" Snicker snicker.

Jeffin 's reaction is just as visible as blushing cheeks. "You can dye whatever you want on them. Why don't you dye some butts on their face…then they'll be butt heads." He grins as he takes the girls streaking to the kitchen. Wheeeeee!

"Butt faces, yes!" cackles F'yr, loving the way this conversation is now going. "I love it! We gotta do that, and then we gots lots of space anyway to do whatever else we want!" Dressed, sadly, F'yr watches the other two streak together with a giggle as they run through the clearing again towards the kitchens, thankfully late enough now not to be flashing as many people as before.

"Butt-heads!" Cenlia sounds absolutely delighted. She grins at Jeffin and F'yr, nodding with enthusiasm. The girl at least has a shirt on over her bright pink undies, but alas, no pants. Or shoes. She doesn't seem to care too much though.


Xanadu Weyr - Kitchens

It seems that with the fire that destroyed much of the kitchen, care has been taken to restore it to a condition well beyond what it was orignally. And thus state of the art equipment has been brought in from the various crafts to be used - stoves and large ovens replacing the hearths, while thin metal sheets have been installed over each countertop, for both ease of use and ease of cleanup. A large pantry remains generally open, containing a all the nonperishable goods, while a similarly large icechest contains the perishable goods.

Jeffin is buck naked as he sneaks into the dark kitchen and turns on the light. Thank goodness no one was around as he's the only one streaking. He left his clothes on the beach. he closes the door once the girls are all in and he starts to move towards the cabinets his cute baker butt wiggling. "They should be right over here."

F'yr short of twirls around as soon as she gets into the kitchens, giving the kilt a spin. "Really big, but kinda neat looking, no?" she asks of Cenlia and then strikes a pose. The kilt /was/ practically falling off her, though at least she just tied the belt on as right as it went and then some. After a moment of studying the weird piece of clothing on her, she jerks her attention over to the naked Jeffin. No, what he's /going/ towards, rather. She crosses the distance with a big wicked grin. "How much of the stuff do we need? All that the kitchens has? I wanna get 'em all colorful and pretty!"

Cenlia unabashedly admires that cute baker butt, and it takes all her drunken willpower not to go over there and pinch it. They're trying to be sneaky, after all. The girl does snicker quite a lot as she follows behind Jeffin. "Wha-" she finally looks up, "Oh right, /dyes/." Her brain is distracted, poor girl. F'yr does provide a different distraction momentarily, that pose causing Cenlia to burst out laughing, and then clap a handover her mouth as she snerks. Whoops, sneakyness. Right.

Jeffin bends over to get some big bowls from the bottom cupboards and he sets them on the counter. He gets out a big jug of vinegar and some smaller jars. "Okay who wants to carry what?" He asks as he assumes he'll be carrying it all. "Well we are taking enough food coloring to make a lot of frosting and the vinegar should be enough. Oh I almost forgot." He moves over to a drawer and gets out brushes, "Our paint brushes." He gets three of them one for each. "All right shall we go?" He asks as he smiles at the girls and gives them both a look over. He gets a grin on his face as he can see them in the bright lights of the kitchen…naked girls…

F'yr snickers as quietly as she can manage, which really isn't all that quiet but she's trying! "I'll get something!" she says brightly, in a half-whisper and half-squeal as she steps forward to grab some of the smaller jugs. She's all happy to do some labor work, even if it makes her small body wobble from side to side for a moment. "Definitely, let's go! Sooner there, sooner painting and sooner-" Giggle fit.

/Partly/ naked girls. Both with shirts on, and one in a man-skirt. Though Cenlia is still blushing quite alot. The gardener takes whatever is handed to her, and follows Jeffin. She starts up the stifled snickering again at the sight of paintbrushes. She's not terribly steady on her feet, but hey, she can still walk. Joining F'yr in a gigglefit, Cenlia isn't too quiet herself. Thank goodness it's fairly late now, and that a certain Master Baker is nowhere in sight.

Jeffin nods as he gives F'yr the bowl and paintbrushes. Cenlia gets the jars of coloring, "Don't get and of them on yourself." He warns before he picks up the large jug, "ALl right let's go paint some drunks that can't handle their booze."


Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.

The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

F'yr is at least standing up with the added weight of the stuff, giving Jeffin a vigorous shake of her head. "None on us, nope!" Shhh, Fy. Thankfully no one stops them and they get to smuggle the stuff out. "S'what they get for falling asleep and being no fun at all like that." She hesitates as she starts making her way down to the beach, but managed to get back to the others and carefully sets down her supplies. As soon as they touch the sand, she gives R'zel a look and starts shucking off her clothes again to toss onto Sigam where they belonged, apparently. Nude party, yet again!

Cenlia nods to Jeffin, holding the jugs as carefully as possible under the circumstances, and wobbling her way back to the beach. "Yeah, they shardin' can't hold their booze!" whoops, the gardener girl is none too quiet either. Her soft snickering turns into outright laughter when they get back to the beach and F'yr strips again. "Shards, ain't ya cold?" Cen giggles. Like she can talk, being rather pantsless herself. Setting the items she was carrying down on the sand, the girl eyes that kilt thoughtfully. Very thoughtfully.

Jeffin looks over at Cenlia, "Not really it's a nice night out, I dare you to get naked for the rest of the party." He moves towards the men, "Okay first set down the bowl and we'll get mixing."

F'yr makes sure to shake the sand out of the kilt a bit before draping it over the Dragonhealer, turning her chin around to look over her shoulder at Cenlia. "Cold?" she asks, as if she never heard that word before. "I ain't cold at all," she finally answers with a giggle. "And I ain't no coward so I'll keep to my dare." It's almost said as a challenge, as if waiting to see if the others will call her otherwise. She picks up the bowl again and moves back towards Jeffin, setting it near him so that she can flop back down on the ground to watch, unable to stay up on her feet for an extended period of time. Thankfully she's sitting down right next to one of the booze jugs that R'zel brought, opening it up and taking a swig from it.

"You ain't kissed R'zel yet," Cenlia shoots back cheekily at Jeffin, smirking slightly as she watches him a moment. But then the girl is reaching for the man-skirt with a snicker, "Betcha I'd look good in this." Nevermind that it's probably several sizes too big. There's a suspicious look given to F'yr, "I ain't no coward neither," and she puts on the kilt. Which promptly begins sliding down. Nope, definitely too loose. Grumbling, Cenlia starts looking around, muttering distractedly, "Where's 'm belt?"

Jeffin looks over at Cenlia and then he moves over to give the sleeping R'zel a kiss on the hand. "There I gave him a kiss." He moves back over as he takes the jug of vinegar out and he pours it in the bowl, not all of it, but enough. "What color do you want to start with. I have one over with my clothes."

"Try it on, give a little twirl. The breeze that comes up— I wonder if it's made like that," says F'yr with a giggle again as she eyes the kilt and the other girl. "I didn't call you a coward!" she protests and then turns to watch Jeffin fulfill his dare, making a face at him. "Boooo, that was not a dare!" Likely Fy would have done the same, so she doesn't push it. Especially as she seems eager to get to the painting. "A light red! Or green! Or… Um, can we just pour something and see what comes out?"

Cenlia is over by the unconscious Sigam, the gardener girl wearing a shirt over her undies and… apparently trying on the kilt. It's a bit big for her though, and she's peering around for a belt. Jeffin has just kissed the unconscious R'zel on the hand, and is mixing a jug of vinegar and other stuff into abowl nearby. F'yr is butt-naked and sitting nearby. Cenlia watches Jeffin curiously, the gardener girl rolling her eyes and muttering in agreement with F'yr, "Yeah, that ain't noproper dare! On the lips, shards. 'S where I kissed her," pointing at F'yr. And then Cenlia's eyes light up, the girl nearly cackling, "No, no, on the butt!" She lets the man-skirt drop to the gorund as she laughs, stepping over the unconscious guys to glance around again, asking Jeffin and F'yr, "Where're ya clothes? I need a belt."

Jeffin smiles as he hands F'yr the pots of color, "Go ahead and see what you come up with we have plenty of vinegar to use." He shakes his head, "You said a kiss and I gave him a kiss. You didn't say on the lips, next time you should have been more specific, besides I'm not kissing any man on the lips. Gross." He rolls his eyes, "What's the difference?" He snickers as he goes to get his belt and he offers it to Cenlia, "You look good in a skirt."

F'yr takes the pots from Jeffin with a little stare at him before she just plucks one out randomly and holds it right back out for the baker to mix. Fy didn't know anything about it, and likely she's tempted to just pour the whole thing into the mixture and cackle gleefully. "Yeah, Cenlia had to do it /that/ way so it ain't even that fair that you guys don't. But when /he/ wakes up!" she adds, pointing to the unconscious R'zel with a giggle and then turning her gaze back on the gardener, brows raising. "I think it looks better on /us/ at the end, don't it Cenny?" She waits for the mixture to be done, picking up her own paintbrush and scoots her bare bottom over to their first victim, the dragonhealer.

Leave it to Sigam to start waking up at that exact moment in time. Call it his Spidey senses. One could also call it the notorious doggy-dreams he always seems to have right before he emerges from dreamland. It starts with a little growl and a great big stretch of his body, then escalates to a series of hand-twitches and whines that could be adorable if he weren't completely nude on a beach of people intent on dyeing him into a Siggy-rainbow. Grumbling quietly, the Dragonhealer's eyelids start to twitch - waking up, still dreaming, does it matter? He's doomed either way, buwahahaha.

Cenlia grins, taking the belt Jeffin gives her and attempting to wear the man-skirt again. It works slightly better this time - or at least, it stays mostly on her hips. Beaming broadly, the gardener tells the baker, "Yeah, wait'll ya see me in m' gather clothes," and there's a slight smirk on her lips. She eyes the still-unconscious R'zel and wrinkles her nose, "Well, he dare me t' kiss F'yr - gotta get back at him somehow!" Because apparently, intending to dye the man vivid colors isn't revenge enough. There's a smirk and a nod for F'yr, Cenlia saying, "Yeah, skirts definitely look better on us!" Although Cen wrinkles her nose at F'yr, apparently disliking the nickname. Sigam's wierd actions have Cenlia peering at him curiously, but then she frowns, "Shards, quick, get the dye-" and she grabs the first container - bright orange!

Jeffin smiles at his lovely gardener, "I can hardly wait, although you are plenty lovely in your turnday suit." He winks at her and he grabs the blue container, "Just dump it on him." He pours some blue food coloring on Sigam, "Dye him now or forever hold your peace."

"Yeah, why do we gotta get stuck with the worse of the dares and all that?" says F'yr in agreement with Cenlia in needing to get revenge on R'zel. "Just wait till he wakes up 'gain, then we'll get him Cenny!" Insert more cackling here, which is quickly cut off when she notices the canine-like behavior of one naked Dragonhealer. She nearly doubles over in laughing until she realizes that he's actually waking up. "Dye him! Dye him now!" she squeals and then pounces forward on all four for one of the colors, red of course to add to the mess that is likely being tossed on Sigam.

The baker's compliments do have Cenlia blushing all over again, although the gardener girl is then snickering and pouring the orange dye along with Jeffin's blue as well. Splash! Hey, Xanadu colors! "Dun call me Cenny," she wines a bit at F'yr, while dumping the dye as fast as she can and cackling - yes cackling - in an entirely evil manner.

Sigam might have balked at Cenlia's words - excuse me, he would rather have kissed a boy than sang lewdly for them! - but alas, he was still asleep. Ignorance is bliss, so they say, and thus the Dragonhealer has one last second of 'peaceful' slumber before— "AGH WHAT THE FUCK." Sorry for the language, but if you'd just woken up to vinegar and dye in three pretty colors coursing over you after a blackout, well… it's fitting? Heehee. "What did- How the- Where-?" Not too bright after waking up is our Sig, who lurches unsteadily to his feet, dripping and streaking dye all down him, eyes wide as saucers. "What did you /do/?" Out comes his lower lip in a big fat sulk. Would be much more endearing if the blue wasn't trying to give him the semblance of a black eye. Snerk.

Jeffin laughs out loud as Sigam is woken up by dye. He shakes his head a little bit, "You lost. You fell asleep and the girls out drank you…this is your punishment." He snickers a little bit, "Wanna help get the brownrider?"

F'yr manages to pour her own contents on Sigam as she gets up onto her knees, gleefully giggling the entire time. Except when he gets up, she drops her color onto the sand, thankfully not on herself, and flops back onto her bum. There's a pause where she can just stare at him and their artwork… and then promptly starts laughing her head off. She's still got her brush to point at the Dragonhealer, too amused to get anything out for the moment beforegasp!"You're all pretty now!" she answers him in a quick breath, beaming up at the sulking yet colorful man between more giggles.

Cenlia just dissolves into laughter, dropping her now-empty jug of orange dye onto the sand. She nods vigorously in agreement with Jeffin about Sigam having lost the game, but is laughing too hard to speak. Colorful. Dragonhealer. There. "P- pretty!" she finally does manage, echoing F'yr before sinking to the sand a little way off to snicker at Sigam's sulky-face.

"I didn't /lose/ - /she/ started playing with my hair!," Sigam whines, pointing an accusing finger at F'yr as if that explained everything. Good thing they were boozed - he didn't need that additional weakness to be remembered come morning! "Brownrider?" Still clearly sleep-mussed, Sig smears the dye off his face with a grumble before turning a curious gaze on Fy. That brownrider? Probably not, he decides, spying R'zel off to one side. "And I'm not pretty, either!" Nevermind that the red and blue /were/ making a pretty, pretty purple curl down his stomach. Hrk! "I hate you guys." Swaying dangerously, the Dragonhealer finally drops back to the ground, kicking at one of the abandoned jugs. "I don't like being punished." Awwww, poor baby!

Jeffin continues to laugh as he can't help himself, "You look absolutely divine." He laughs as he watches the dragonhealer get up, "Well whatever R'zel is I wasn't paying attention." He holds his nose, "P.U. You stink Sigam." He smiles at Sigam, "Well then don't let her down that any more, like you wouldn't do the same if these two fell asleep or I did."

F'yr sticks her lower lip out at Sigam and his pointing in a big pout. "You're blaming /me/? It ain't like I cheated or… or nothing like that!" She shakes her head at him them and then turns to grin widely at the other two there. "Pretty's good! And it's a new look!" She dissolves into more giggling, unable to really stay sitting up for too long. "Aww! Don't hate us! We have /fuun/ is all! And now we can spot you from afar, Siggy!" All that color is likely to give him away easily from anywhere. She crawls over towards one of the jugs that were still full, seeking something for her parched mouth with all that laughing and squealing.

"Serves ya right!" Cenlia cackles from her spot in the sand, grinning at Sigam with drunken glee, "Ya passed out first, ya /lost/!" Cenlia snerks a bit, grinning at Jeffin and then saying to the dragonhealer, "Yeah, like ya wouldn't've done the same to /us/." F'yr's words have Cenlia dissolving back into giggles, "Pretty! Pretty!"

Mutter, mutter, mutter. Sigam doesn't have much of a response for F'yr's pout except to avert his eyes completely. "You kidding? I smell like a bed of roses!" Finally, the Dragonhealer seems to be seeing the humor in the situation, staring down at his orange-plastered arms with a dizzy giggle. "I'm orange. I match Chu and Saoirse now," he notes. Except for, you know, the red. And the blue. And the brown and purple results of the colors mixing. "SeaCrafters will be able to see me!," he adds to Fy's exclaimation before shaking his head at Cenlia. "I wouldn't. I would'a done something /worse!/" What that is, the man doesn't even know himself, but he finally seems to become sick of his own smell. "Ugh, yeah, okay, be right back." Stumbling to his feet yet again, the man lurches for the sea, intent on at least getting the worst of the vinegar smell off. Then he shrieks. "Is this permanent?!"

Jeffin hmms, "It shouldn't be it's just vinegar and food coloring. I've never really used it on skin before." He snickers, "I guess I"m kinda glad you did ditch me." He says to Cenlia and then turns back to Sigam, "I'm sure if it doesn't wash out it will wear off."

F'yr takes a little sip of a random booze that was left there even as she continues to eye Sigam. "You /do/ match them," she agrees with a little laugh. And then she lifts a hand to waggle a finger at him. "Which means if you're out there playing pirate and kidnapping people, you ain't gonna be able to get away and hide so easily now, are you? Everyone'll know who you are." She doesn't seem to care whether he would have done something to them or not, because they did and she has to grin all pleased about it, still watching as he heads out. "We did good," she says, keeping her voice low enough for Cenlia and Jeffin even as she winces at the sudden shriek, then adds a little nervous giggle.

Cenlia is still laughing at Sigam, though she does get enough of her breath back to finally say, "Yeah? Like what?" at the mention of the dragonhealer possibly doing something worse. She quirks a brow, smirking at him, and then watches shamelessly as he heads for the water. The man shrieking about permanant dye has the girl doubling over in laughter all over again. "S- some p- pl- plant dyes're- don't come off- water-" snicker - snort - giggle. There's a flash of a grin for F'yr, Cenlia telling the other girl, "Yeah. We gotta do this more often." Cenlia alone is bad enough; Cenlia with co-conspiritors? The horror.

"I'm so not drunk enough for this," Sigam says woefully out there in the water when washing off the dye three more times yields no better of a result. With a sigh that borders on resigned, the Dragonhealer slogs out of the water and back up the beach, eyeing Jeffin a bit warily. "Wear off. Why don't I like the sound of that?" With a whiny sort of laugh, he slouches down onto the sand and sprawls his legs out to survey the damage with a cluck of his tongue, completely uncaring about decency at this point. He was a freaking rainbow, for Faranth's sake! "I ain't no pirate, you know that! Now I can't even sneak to the latrines without someone seeing me." His gaze flicks over to Cenlia. "I'd toss you down a plastic ramp that'd launch you right into the lake, that's what I'd do. Now give me boo- Is that my kilt?" Sharp, isn't he?

F'yr bobs her head at Cenlia with more cackling laughter. "We definitely do. Much more." She throws hair out of her face to get a good look at the reemerging Sigam from the water, watching what became of him now that he tried to wash it off. "I bet it just needs a really good scrubbing in the baths. Or ten. Over several sevendays." Fy is enjoying this /waay/ too much now. "I know, definitely no pirate," corrects the brownie with a little shake of her head. "Hey! That actually sounds like /fun/!" Probably not if they're passed out, but it definitely caught Fy's attention.

When the dragonhealer says he's not drunk enough, Cenlia snorts, calling over, "There's away t' fix that!" And she moves over to grab her own bottle of booze. She also enjoys the view, snickering all the while. Athis suggestion of what he'd do… Cenlia is raising her eyebrows in interest, "Shards, we should try that!" Oh. Dear. Also, Cenlia scrambles to her feet, saying laughingly, "What, ya /skirt/?" She waggles her butt at him, and then waggles the booze, "Ya want it? Come get it!" Dancing backtoward the water the girl cackles, grinning at F'yr a moment and tell her, "Grab the booze! Quick!" Because drunken racing and keep-away is so much more interesting. Although the girl is still teasing Sigam, "Yeah, it'll take /sevendays/-" and then she chortles, "Hey, we could help ya scrub it off!" And there's a very unsubtle wink at F'yr.

"Several sevendays?," Sigam parrots woefully, head hanging in a dramatic fashion. "Fardles." Out goes his lower lip, eyes going bambi-wide for only a moment. Then he's blinking quite rapidly, reconsidering his threat in a new light. "You know, it might actually be fun, now that you mention it." Scritching at the shadow of a beard showing on his face, Sig considers this as if it were a serious possibility. "My /kilt/. It's only a skirt on ya 'cause you're wearing stuff underneath." Touche! Raising one eyebrow, he watches the gardener dance back and away with a chuckle, gaze darting immediately back to F'yr with her suggestion. "I'm scared of Cenlia, but you I'd tackle to the ground without a second thought. Give me the booze and no one gets hurt," quoth the racoon boy. "Now /that/ I wouldn't mind." Waggling his brows ridiculously at the girls, Sigam hesitates, then rolls to his feet yet again. "You're gonna make me chase you for the booze, aren't you? So cruel." Yet his eyes are dancing, obviously up for the challenge.

Jeffin has been listening the whole time and he chuckles, "Well if I were you I'd try the hot springs first maybe the hot water will get the vinegar and food coloring off." He try to suggest to be helpful, "At least that's what I would do. Look at it this way you now know never to be the first one to fall asleep."

"You know we gotta /make/ something like that now, don'tcha?" says F'yr to the two of them with her eyes all lit up as she looks from them to the water and back. It was late. LATE night. And it looked like the bonfire was still burning, the booze was still flowing, and someone apparently dyed a completely naked Sigam in different colors, predominantly orange, blue, and red. Cenlia is the only one wearing even the slightest bit of clothes, which was a shirt and Sigam's kilt of course. The brownie's laughing at Cenlia and her teasing, suddenly struck dumb by her suggestion. "Oh! Right! Got it!" She grabs up her own jug and scrambles to her feet, giving Sigam a fake hurt look. "You're not scared of /me/?!" Pout. "I ain't giving ya nuttin! You're gonna have to see if ya really /can/ tackle me!" Because the short brownie's bouncing away, clinging to the jug in her arms.

That 'fardles' has Cenlia snickering at Sigam as she continues to scurry away. The gardener girl practically beams when he says he's scared of her, "Hah! 'S only 'cause I could beat ya up." She's giggling too much to sound convincingly threatening though. Cenlia's grin is huge as F'yr suggests making it, the gardener blurting, "The docks!" Because those are just perfect for sliding along, right? Her grin gets even wider when the brownrider grabs the alcohol. Buahaha, no booze for Sigam!

Keziah has wandered back to the beach and has managed to find herself something to drink. Nice, cool and refreshing juice. Nothing special, just a few leaves of mint in the citrus drink which is contained in an open pitcher. She comes down from the meadows holding the pitcher and a glass in hand and she's standing on the slight rise as she peers down at the group on the beach. Her lips purse together as she watches the antics on the sand. After all, they do look like they're having fun and wait a minute here… she peers closely and notices it's a Cen that's prancing around in that kilt. Her eyes then widen at the sight of Sigam "What in the name of demented little wherries happened?" she murmurs softly and then she's staring at Cen again "Oh for the love of…" she trails off a bit in shear amazement and then just shakes her head "Oh my." and then makes her way down towards the beach.

"Hotsprings, right," Sigam says with a nod to Jeffin, obviously intending to do that at the first given opportunity. No way was he going to be a rainbow any longer than necessary. "We do." The Dragonhealer glances over at the brownie with his eyebrows raised, mind trying to work past the booze to make calculations and failing spectacularly. "Don't even know how much stuff we'd need though. Too much." He smirks, finally having found a button to push. "Nope, not at all scared'a you, half-pint," Sig teases, rolling forwards onto the balls of his feet before he's darting off after them. And by darting, I mean lurching along so quickly it's surprising that he doesn't fall flat on his face. The returning Kezi is given an all-too-cheerful smile as he passes, "Hi there, welcome back!" Then he's back to kicking up sand in an attempt to snatch the booze away from one of the girls, if not the other.

"Too much ain't impossible, still. We gotta." F'yr is determined now. Her buttons had been pushed all night long, and she looks almost like she was about to run /at/ him instead of away, her eyes narrowing dangerously at the dragonhealer. "I'll show ya scared— ya better watch your back Siggy!" The brownrider doesn't want to be caught though, and her booze taken away, so she keeps her way away from him. Though having had too much to drink and no nap like the dragonhealer, it's likely she's stumbling along a lot more than running. "Kezi!" she calls out in surprise, pausing momentarily to grin at the greenrider before changing directions.

Cenlia spots Keziah and waves her booze bottle in a cheerful, "Hey!" in greeting, kilt flapping as she zooms past revealing bright pink undies. And then the gardener girl is taking off toward the docks at a dead run, though her own less than sure steps and wobbling gives away her sozzled state. Seeing F'yr taking off too, Cen calls out a slightly slurred, but encouraging, "Go F'yr! Go!" And she cackles, darting off along the beach.

Keziah umms a little "Yeah, welcome back." she murmurs as she watches them. She's almost not too sure if she dares enter into their midst again, after all, who knows, she might get carried along or something. Still, someone's gotta make sure they don't kill themselves. Right? "Hey guys." she calls out to the rest of them as she sips at her drink. No, she's not going to go running, she'ld likely end up with juice on her head or something. "Whatcha up too?"

Sigam laughs aloud at the determination in F'yr's voice with a nod. "Definitely! 'F you can figure out how, I'll help ya make it." That dangerous look only earns a wicked grin from the man. "I'm scared now!" Judging by the way he was giggling, he wasn't really. Poor Fy. A flash of pink finally draws Sig's attention away from the brownrider, the man lengthening his stride in an attempt to get race closer towards the gardener. "Get back here!" Keziah's question somehow reaches his ears, and the Dragonhealer lets loose a cackle that would be frightening in any other circumstance. "I'm going to get some booze! And I'm a rainbow!" This is delivered cheerily as heels dig hard into the sand, changing direction to take up pursuing Fy again after that pause. "Seriously, guys! This is so unfair."

F'yr has enough talent that even running she can turn her face back to stick her tongue out at Sigam and the fact that he was lying about being scared. Mean! She does take a breather when he chases Cenlia instead, dancing along just a little in her part of the beach, hugging her jug to herself. And then he has to go say that, making Fy fall into a fit of giggles that falters her running as she tries to get away. "Trying— can't— sorry!" she squeaks out to Cenlia and then stops completely to turn around and hold the jug out to Sigam, feeling at least just a little bad for him. "Alright, alright. Here ya go." She's definitely puffing from that exercise and the laughing.

"Makin' sure Siggy dun't get no more booze!" Cenlia answers Kesiah, cackling gleefully and dodging Sigam when he heads her way. The gardener girl makes sure to wobble-run in the /opposite/ directon of F'yr, too, laughing as she goes. But then the brownrider is just giving up? Cenlia circles around back toward Keziah, but calling over to F'yr, "Aww that's too easy! Make him pay fer it!" and her expression fills with mischief as she suggests, "Make him pay with a smooch!" Because, y'know, everybody has been kissing everyone else more or less.

"You're a rainbow…" Kezi can't help but snicker a bit at that "You certainly are at that." One can at least be thankful that a certain part hasn't been died red and white spiral? She chuckles a bit "Yeah, he don't need anymore booze." she notes and then eyes Cen. "Course, you're lookin a little marinated yerself. Oh wait. You're always marinated ain't ya?" She grins and holds up her glass "Cheers anyway. "Who's the artist?" she asks as she nods over towards Sigam.

Sigam returns the flicking of tongue with a snort of laughter. "But I need booze!," is the case he makes to Cenlia, but in reality, he probably doesn't. I mean. He's running around nude, colored, sloshed, and did I mention nude? Yep. F'yr's giggling fit is received with a crow of triumph, the Dragonhealer skipping to a stop in front of the halting brownrider, overly gleeful. Like. His tail would be wagging if he had one. "Yay! Mine!" He takes the offered jug with a happy noise, raising it to his lips to take a long draw. "Ahh. And shh, not to easy. Fy's just /nice/ like that. Mmhmm." Nodding, the man shifts closer to the brownie, obviously showing his allegiance with the great booze-giver. "Smooch? Pfff, I would do that anyways," Sigam says dismissively, eyebrows raising at the gardener. "Gon' have to do better than that."

F'yr is a softie. And the fact that she knew she couldn't keep running so likely she was doing it to pretend like it was /her/ decision. No loss on her part! No tackling either. "That ain't paying, Cenny!" Yes, brownrider is still calling her that when she can. But then she turns her eyes away from the gardener back onto Sigam, her brows hiking up. "Better than that? So it ain't even that good, huh?" She tilts her chin up, quirks a corner of her lip, and starts closing the space a little in her best flirty manner. Which looks awkward all together at the end, /especially/ when she is drunk. "I suppose /I/ should get something for being this nice!" she questions him, eyes wide, arms reaching for him… and likely her fingers are trying to find the tender ticklish spots instead.

Cenlia finally comes to a stop, letting the kilt slip down to the sand as she undoes the belt and then flops down in the sand by the fire, panting and snickering in a self-satisfied sort of fashion. "Marinated?" she quirks an eyebrow at Keziah, "Shards 'm practically sloshed!" Does that make sense? Apparently it does to Cenlia. "Cheers!" Cenlia grins. The girl unstoppers her booze bottle and takes a swig. There's a snerk as she waves a hand in Sigam's direction, "Me an' F'yr an' Jeffin… snuck into the kitchen and nabbed them food dyes an' stuff. Got 'im while he was passed out." Cenlia smirks, looking absolutely pleased. There's a laugh, Cenlia grinning at Sigam, "Then kiss her ya rainbow! I did!" And she cackles, especially at seeing what F'yr is doing. Snicker snicker.

Keziah snorts a bit "Way more than sloshed." she notes she murmurs under her breath and then hmms at Cenlia and then she eyes Cen a bit "Definantly not drinking with ya." she notes "No tellin what might happen." She glances over at F'yr and Sigam "Taste the rainbow deary. Siggy, maybe you outta.." she pauses. Outta what? "Give ehr a foor rub!" yeah. Lame. She eyes the kilt that's laying on the ground all by it's lonesome now. She sets her pitcher of juice down along with the glass and picks up the kilt to eye it curiously.

"That's not what I meant by better, and you know it," Sigam says, smirking over at F'yr even as he holds his ground against her flirtatious advances. He could handle it! He might just… start blushing agian. You know. "Wait, wait, you did? Aww, I miss all the fun." His gaze flicks between Cenlia and Fy before he finally sighs, setting down the jug and pointing one finger at Keziah. "An' you are a terrible influence, for th' record. I only give foot rubs on request." He straightens and sighs before cutting Fy a sly look. "'Course you deserve something." Is it just me, or has Sigam's voice dropped a few notches in volume? Cue Jaws music for those sneaking fingers. "Eek!" The Dragonhealer shrinks way from the tickles, but really, he should have expected it at this point. "Ack, don't, knock it off!" Pushing her hands out of the way as best as he can, the man leans in and gives Fy a sound kiss on the lips, somehow managing to cut off the ticklish giggles long enough.

"We made 'im pretty, didn't we Kezi?" F'yr says with a giggle to the other rider, her eyes managing to be pulled away from the dragonhealer long enough to look towards the other girls. But then she's focusing entirely on Sigam, or at least her wicked plan in luring him into a false sense of security. Or something. "It wasn't nearly as good as kissing a guy though," says Fy with a wrinkled nose as that memory crops up. Thank Faranth for her most likely forgetting everything that has happened come morning! She isn't swayed at all, and her targets hit, and she starts giggling along with the Dragonhealer's laughing, trying not to stop her tickling fingers. "I'll make ya scared of me!" she says with a cackle. But she really should have seen that coming. Really. Her fingers stop their attack, likely only helping Sigam, and her eyes shut as she leans back into the kiss after the first moment of surprise. Mmmm… no, honestly, she's making that sound somehow.

Cenlia rolls her eyes, "Whatever happens, 'least it's /fun/." Smirk. Well, mostly fun, right? Girl-smooching notwithstanding, they /did/ dye a dragonhealer. And then she's just sort of eyeing Keziah, "Foot rub?" Totally baffled. "What's so great about a foot rub?" the gardener girl's brain simply isn't wrapping around the idea. But the girl is soon distracted by Kez's examination of the kilt. "'S Siggy's /skirt/," Cenlia snickers, and then takes another swig of booze. Sigam's 'eek' draws her attention back, Cenlia snickering into her booze, and then yelling a rather drunken, "Get 'im!" at the tickling. And then she just dissolves into giggles when Sigam actually does smooch F'yr.

Keziah blinks at Cenlia "What's so great about a foot rub?!?" she can hardly believe her hers "Darlin' it's only one of the most wonderful experiances you can experiance. Well if done right and all." she shakes her head saddly "It's better than well-" she trails off a little and then she's eyeing Sigam and F'yr "Well, looks like he's appreciative of the drink." She chuckles a little as she eyes the fabric "Amazing how something like this can look so interesting on a man." she murmurs and starts to fold the fabric neatly. "Where'd your guy run off too Cen? You should be curled up with him and smoochin and all."

Appreciative in-freaking-deed. The kiss starts out chastely enough, but Sigam plus booze plus no clothes plus that noise coming from F'yr… Well, let's just say he pulls back with a jerk and a quiet noise, eyes squished shut tightly to hide the fact that his pupils have blown wide. Haha. Ha. "Uhm… yeah." Clearing his throat against its sudden gravelly nature, the Dragonhealer cants his head back towards the bonfire and peeks at the tartan that Kezi's folding. "I- we have to go. Now." As if by demonstration, the man starts backing away, taking one of Fy's hands to better drag her along with him. "I want that back." The man-skirt, he means, for he cannot seem to look at anything else - meeting their eyes would only enhance the blush riding high on his cheeks. "So… yeah. Cen. Still owe you… lots of booze. Bye!" Flee!

F'yr has most likely forgotten that there was anyone else at the beach even if she was just teasing and laughing with them moments before. She was /so/ enjoying that, now why did he pull away? "What-?" she asks him when she regains some sense, blinking drunk-lust-whatever hazy eyes away as her brain tries to kick start. "Gotta go? We do? We - uuuh… " Unlike Sigam, she actually does turn her eyes towards the others there, though she doesn't really focus in on them as her hand is taken and she's tug-tugged along. "Niiight!" she calls out cheerfully enough to them, completely plastered and far gone. Poor Fy. Never again will she drink… again. She's out of there, and likely there's still some giggles to be heard somewhere far off.

Cenlia looks at Keziah skeptically. Foot rubs? "Really?" the girl looks unconvinced, asking with a tilt of the head, "Bettern' what?" Cenlia's gaze goes back to F'yr and Sigam for a moment, and the gardener girl smirks, "He should be. 'S good booze." And she takes another swig of her own booze, pausing to let out a little burp. The girl snorts, eyeing the man-skirt briefly, "'S only interesting 'cause they wear nothin' /under/ it." Hey, Sigam had said as much himself, hadn't he? "M' brother brought back a buncha sarongs from Ista. Looks almost as bad as that thing," Cenlia mutters, but then pauses before adding thoughtfully, "Looks pretty good on me though." At the mention of her guy, Cenlia waves to wherever Jeffin has parked himself, the girl smirking, "Yea, later mebbe, still gotta draw faces on R'zel's butt," and she waves at the nude, passed-out brownrider over by the fire. But from the way Cenlia is swaying… it's not likely she'll be conscious long enough to do that. Cenlia watches Sigam and F'yr suddenly head off, the gardener calling a, "Shardin' right ya do!" at Sigam about owing her booze, and waves a cheerful, "Night!" to F'yr. Snickering a bit, Cenlia also stands, pering around for Jeffin and looking generally wobbly. Right. Bonfire. Check. Boyfriend. Check. Booze. Check. Wait… "Where're 'm pants?" Cenlia mumbles, as if suddenly realizing this, and begins wandering off down the beach.

Keziah tilts her head a little at Sigam as she fingers the kilt. "This?" she asks and then smiles sweetly "I'll think about it." she notes and then blinks as he flees and takes F'yr with him. "Night?" and then shes looking over where Cen is gesturing. "Oh. Didn't see him there." she notes and then she blinks "R'zels…." she glances over at him and then headshakes "I sorta like his butt the way it is." There's a pause and then she's eying the kilt. "I must say…" she goes silent as she suddenly realizes she's left alone. Well sorta, as Cen wanders off. "Honestly. Drunks."

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