Xanadu Gone Wild: Taste The Rainbow

WARNING: This log contains mature language, suggestive themes, nudity, and outright swearing.


Xanadu Weyr - Wanderin' Wherry Tavern

It is often whispered in the crowds that converge here, that a certain Weyrleader was asked what he wanted in the remodeling of the pub that was not so long ago given a refreshing. He muttered back over the rim of his ever-present mug, "I don't care what you do with the place, just so long as there is plenty of ale." With that in mind, cask after cask of ale lines the walls of the tavern, the remodeler's idea of a jest. As they age, the casks bring a real rustic atmosphere to the pub, along with the deeply wooden flavor that seems to be the theme throughout.

The lighting is dim, as it should be in all good pubs, and the tables and chairs are plentiful. A long mahogany bar, intricately carved with runner beasts, stands vigilant duty at the head of the bar, lined with stools for those patrons that seek the bartender's company.

Early evening's not the best time for the tavern, but that is where F'yr is instead of the more busier caverns. Still not the drunken crowds that hit the tavern later in the night, there was still a crowd there, which meant F'yr was guarding her table as much as she can. "Can't you see there's a place there at the bar? I ain't moving!" she shouts to a couple as she sulks over her plate of hot food, what looks to be a juicy steak that Cachucha is eyeing up. Or maybe the shy gold is staring at the tuber straws on the side. Putting her feet up on a chair next to her, Fy glares as the couple wanders off and finally turns back to pick at her food.

Any time is a good time to be in the tavern, as far as Cenlia is concerned. Well, as long as a certain ex-miner isn't tossing flaming drinks around. It's with some caution that Cenlia pokes her head into the tavern, the girl attempting to sneak in unnoticed. This doesn't work so well with four firelizards swooping in behind her, trilling cheerfully and taking up position in the rafters. A fifth, a little gold, perches on the girl's shoulder, peering about with quiet dignity. Cen just makes for the bar, giving her flits a look. But bronze Charmer is in full crooning more. There are peoples! And he spots Cachucha over there and wings over with a friendly crooon. Cenlia groans. Terrific, now he's gone to pester other people. But she does recognize the rider, and waves a fairly sheepish, "Hey," in greeting as Charmer continues his crooning.

F'yr was, unfortunately, not here for flaming drinks flying time… but she would likely be there more often if she had been around. Her blue eyes cannot help but glance up at the fair of firelizards coming in, especially when Cachucha notices Charmer and, friendly with the bronze, sends a trill in a return greeting. She steps aside to make room, as he had once helped her out get some food. "Good friend of yours already? Oh, hey!" she calls back to Cenlia, waving her over and putting her feet down with a stomp to the ground to free up the chair if necessary. Might be a little dirty. The brownie holds a tuber fry out to Charmer and then frowns over at some other passing people giving her a dirty look for her manners.

Charmer lands on the table and sidles closer to Cachucha, crooning sweetly, and then taking an enthusiastic nibble of the offered tuber fry. Omnom! Yay food and girls! Cenlia grins as she heads over, "Gets right spoiled, that one," and she shakes her head a bit at Charmer. Cenlia doesn't mind dirt - her clothing already has enough dirt smears from working in the garden - and the girl drops into the chair, raising a hand and calling for an ale. "How ya been?" she asks the brownrider, and then adds, "Uh, sorry 'bout them cupcakes, by the way. Think Jeffin mighta added too much sweetening or something." Right, because the rum in them was totally healthy.

Firelizard love! Or at least, Chu was being nice and crooning happily with such a friendly bronze flitter about. Not all were nice. "He's got a good personality to do so. It ain't like we're gonna finish all this food anyway, so always nice to share. Unless they're stealing it." Her blue eyes flicker up to the rafters briefly before dropping back to Cenlia, sitting back to allow room. "Been here and there, but you know how that goes right? At least, I guess lots of people do. Zaru's /flying/ at least." Because Fy has to share that and grin nice and big and proper. Her grin falters just a little and she leans further back in her chair to pat her belly. "No worries, they were really good. I got a stomach of steel." Liar. "How 'bout you? Do you bake cause I thought you were always in the garden instead?"

Charmer's the captain of crooning! Or… something like that. Cenlia chuckles, "Yea, he's nicer'n the rest of 'em. Better trained," and her own brown eyes follow that look up to the rafters, the girl wrinkling her nose a little and grumbling, "Trouble and Rogue over there," she points at the guilty two, "They only steal my stuff. An' Jeffin's underpants. Sharding nuisances, both of 'em." But as she drops her hand to grab the ale that arrives for her, the girl smirks just slightly, "Still, good fer fetching booze bottles. Only thing they got trained to do right." There's a grin for the flying, the gardener likely having heard through the rumor mill about what happened. "'S good," she says with a nod, and then takes a gulp of ale. Mmm booze. Cenlia is then shaking her head, "Nah, Jeffin's the baker. Me, I just eat 'em, and sometimes help mix stuff. Only thing I get right in the kitchen is booze."

"Can't see how you got stuck with /so/ many of 'em," says F'yr, a bit sympathetic as she follws her look up to the two firelizards in question. "Sharding got lucky with just Chu being with me, and being the best friend a girl can have. Sure, annoying sometimes…" Chu in question stops crooning and look hurt, but Fy reaches out to give her a scritch and a tuber to make her happy. Cenlia's words to make her giggle, though. "Underpants? Should I… even ask?" Snicker. She reaches over for her own drink, though it's very much water or something nonalcoholic by the smell of it. Juicy. "Well, booze and gardening ain't so bad. And you have someone around to make snacks! That's lucky. Are you and him…" she trails off with a shake of her head. "Ever thought of being a vintner?"

Cenlia makes a face, "Shards, me neither. Before I got to Xanadu, only thing that used to hang around me was trundlebugs." Shaking her head slowly, the girl mutters, "Seems like every time I go anywhere outside with food, I end up with another one. Every single time! Them two," indicating her blues, "came outta nowhere when I was on the beach, tried t' walk off with my sammiches, an' then jumped on me and started makin' noise. Twice in the same sevenday. Ain't ever gone to the beach with food after that." Cenlia tilts her head to regard Cachucha, "'S pretty. This one here," Cen indicates the hatchling gold on her shoulder, "Up and grabbed my meatroll at the gather." Little gold Bliss croons approvingly. Meatrolls are yummy! There's a sheepish look and Cenlia mumbles, "Shardin' underpants thiefs. Can't take a decent tumble in the garden without clothes goin' missin'." The girl does smirk a bit, "Yeah. Jeffin's alright." The gardener girl does look thoughtful at that last question, "Dunno… mosta m' uncles're brewers of some kind. Figure I might end up one someday too." And she does grin a little at that.

"Maybe it's the Weyr life, or did you live in a Weyr before?" F'yr likes to try to make curious connections like that, though her shoulders do lift up helplessly. "Course, I lived in a Weyr my whole life and it wasn't 'till after Western's hatching that one year that I ran into Chu. Wild and all too, you know, so it wasn't even a clutch there!" The gold gets another scritch and a fond look before her eyes turn up to Cenlia's. "She is pretty. Got a good one there for once - 'sides this fella." Charmer, she means, who gets more food. At this rate Fy wasn't going to touch her food at all anymore. Taking a sip from her juice, she nearly chokes on it. "Tumble… garden… ain't that a bit too public?" Was Fy blushing? Maybe a little, though she stares at the younger teen with a new light. "S'pose that's the best route for you… all sorted out with your two favorite things."

Cen shakes her head, "Naw, 'm holdbred. Got shipped here from Southern Boll." She grins, though, "You from Western, huh? Ain't ever been there. 'Least I don't think.." Her brow crinkles slightly, "Used to go to parties with B'miel and his brother - mighta stopped there some night." Charmer is one happy flit, nomming the offered food and keeping up a stream of croons. Croon! Croooon! Cenlia snorts and then grins a little more sheepishly, shrugging lightly, "Dunno, lotta hidden spots in the garden," and Cenlia would know. Being the gardener and all. Taking another sip of her ale, Cen chuckles, "Yea, 'spose so." But Cenlia's not really one to think about the future too much, though.

"Lots of the Holdbred here in Xanadu, I think. Dunno, don't meet /that/ many people though." F'yr then quickly shakes her head and giggles. "From Telgar, actually. I was in Western only for a turn or so helping Uncle Tyrrol and then getting Searched and - well, I Impressed in Ista, then came here." Life story, all said in nearly one breath. Chu eventually is satisfied with her side of the meal, which just means she'll lay down right next to Charmer, passing a few noserubs whenever his attention is away from taking food if he wanted them. Fy looks like she really wanted to smack her face with her palm. But she doesn't… yet. "Yeah… lots of hidden places you made sure there were in the gardens, I bet." She doesn't sound too teasing, but she tries to give a little giggle at the thought and then hide her redder face in her mug. Prude. After a better sip she sets that down. "Just have fun, I say. Don't matter what you do."

Cenlia tilts her head to listen, nodding and grinning a bit at the life story in one breath. The girl's grin widens, "Ain't no fun otherwise," and winks, about the hidden places in the garden. Charmer is all about the nuzzles, cozying up to Chu if she'll let him, and crooning little firelizardly compliments at her, no doubt. Cenlia nods in agreement with F'yr, snickering a bit at the red face and taking a healthy swig of her ale.

M'nol enters, smiling, bloodstone preceding him. He glances around and nods to Cen and F'yr, "Evening ladies."

F'yr and Cenlia are sitting at their own table, early evening and all. The former having a plate of food in front of her and a mug of juice while the latter just had her ale. Fy shakes her head, and just keeps shaking it, as if to clear up her face some. "Thank Faranth we have gardeners like /you/ to make the place fun," snorts Fy when she has some control back. "That's just - Hey, M'nol!" Topic change, yay! "How're you?" She leans back in her seat, ignoring the food for the moment instead. Chu is all for being cozy, quite fond of Charmer as she is.

Cenlia just grins at F'yr, hiding another snicker behind her ale. The sight of M'nol has Cenlia sitting up and making a face, the girl grumbling under her breath, "Just great," and starting to scoot from her seat, glancing at F'yr, "Dun let him light nothin' on fire!" And then the girl is out of the tavern, flits trailing behind her. Except for Charmer, who is all cozy and crooning with Chu over on the table. After all, it's the /tavern/. He knows Cen'll be back. Eventually.

Sigam wasn't stalking M'nol, no, but he certainly follows closely enough on the brownrider's heels. /He's/ followed, in turn, by a leggy red and white canine that looks only too overjoyed to be back in the place that has food in, fuzzy ears perked and eyeing every table they pass. "Well, if it isn't my favorite women," the Dragonhealer drawls in passing, hand giving a flippant salute even as he heads for the bar, "And Cenlia." Oohhhh, burnnn! And he got both M'nol and Cen at the same time! After a quick exchange with the bartender, he returns with a drink and a small plate of tubers, apparently not all for the food tonight. "Huh, what's gotten into her?," the man asks as he claims the gardener's abandoned seat. Very rudely and without asking, I might add. "Oh well." Whiiiine. Sabhrilline's bright eyes peer up and out from under the table. "Yeah, yeah, relax." Down drops a tuber, even as Sig glances up towards the pair of brownriders. "So, hey. Hope it was alright that I dropped in.

M'nol slides into a chair near F'yr and smiles, ignoring Cen's surreptitious exit and Sigam's question about it, "Well enough, how about you?" he swings his head to include Sigam in his question, ignoring the dog, however. The bartender does give him a dirty look, though.

F'yr's eyes brighten a bit as she looks between Cenlia and M'nol. "Light stuff on fire? What's that about?" She's definitely excited by the thought, lips curling up in a little grin. "Don't let me stop you if you want to." Her eyes follow past M'nol to Sigam, and then right past /him/ to the dog. "Hey, Sab!" she greets cheerfully, having a plate of tuber fries and a half-eaten steak that she apparently looks happy to share with the canine. "Doing alright," she answers M'nol with a lift of shoulder, reaching out to pluck her mug off the table again. "And if it weren't allowed, I'd have kicked you off my foot rest," she says to Sigam with a wide grin. "How's Sad doing?" Her other hand goes for one of her own fries, trying to lure the canine away from her owner.

Sigam chuckles and flops his shoulders towards M'nol. "I'm fine. Glad to be out of work - I know I declared a wingsail repair specialty, but I didn't think those would get injured so many times in one day." His voice is plaintive, but it's Sabby that the man pouts at, watching as the lean herding dog pads over to F'yr and gives her the biggest doe-eyes the brownrider has ever /seen/. "Heyyy. You're supposed to be luring the girls in, not abandoning me for them! Traitor," he mumbles, defiantly eating his own fries. The canine could obviously care less, so Sigam turns his woeful brown gaze on Fy instead. "Haven't you kicked me off enough things already?" He sighs. "She's fine. Been helping out with the caprine herding lately. I pick her up when I get out of the Annex." His gaze shifts over to M'nol again. "How's your miniature mountain doing?" And by that, he means Faraeth.

M'nol grins, "You'll adjust in no time… and Faraeth's doing fine… big lugs happy as I've ever seen him since Phy returned." His eyes follow the dog's movements and soon he's sipping on a glass of brandy.

"Dragons and their wings," says F'yr with a little sigh. "Easy to get injured." Just her two cents, from experience and otherwise. Of course her own lifemate's wings has been through hell and back… or the Pern equivalent of that. She reaches to hand over the tuber fry to the dog, setting her mug aside so that she can give Sab a few good pettings that might even make Chu jealous, if she weren't happy enough being entertained by Charmer. "Didn't I say that was your fault," says Fy to Sigam with a pout. "I ain't kicking you off of anything." After the ear-scratches and so, Fy makes sure to give the canine another fry from her plate, not quite spoiling her that much. She listens to M'nol quietly for a moment before lifting a brow. "How's the Search and Rescue wing for you?" she asks curiously.

"I hope so," Sigam says towards M'nol with a wry grin and an eyeroll. "Otherwise I'm in for a long haul. And yeah, you're tellin' me," the Dragonhealer says towards Fy, head shaking. "Ah well. I'm glad Farry's doing well, then. Bet you were even happier though." Sabhrilline snaps up the tuber in the blink of an eye (likely didn't even taste it) before gratefully leaning into the pets, giving the brownrider's hands a thorough licking anytime they get too close to her muzzle. "And didn't I call you a liar?," Sigam ripostes, eyes lighting up with a crooked smile. "Okay. Just so long as I get to keep my seat." Taking a sip of his own drink, Sig props his head up on his hand and quirks a brow, glancing towards M'nol for his answer.

M'nol chuckles, "Yeah, I was definitely even happier. He's just happy because I'm happy." He waggles an eyebrow, indicating some hidden meaning, and takes another sip of his drink. Bloodstone trills at Charmer and Cachucha, play? play?

"Good luck on that, Sigam. I'll probably see you with Zaruath someday, whenever we get on the Wing." And by Wing F'yr means the one where she can actually be in the position to get wing injuries again, not that she sounded excited about that. Nope, not at all. She giggles down at the herding mutt, not minding all the slobber on her hand. "M'nol, am I a liar? Sigam just likes to make himself look better and all that," pouts Fy with a sniff at both of the men. Her gaze lingers a little bit longer on Sigam, as if contemplating whether he /should/ keep his seat or not, and instead leans back in her own and picks up her juice again.

Charmer trills a pleasant greeting, but he's not interested in playing. There's a Chu cozying up to him, and she's got all his attention. Croooon.

"I see," Sigam says in the smug way of men, very much resisting the urge to give M'nol a highfive. His arm muscles merely twitched and shifted his head to glance at Fy instead. "I look forward to that," he says with sandpaper sarcasm, even if his eyes are dancing. "Just what I need, another brown wanting to eat me for fixing him up." The man sighs in an aggreived fashion through a chuckle for her excitement. "Don't listen to her, Morl. She's practiced at the art of deception - she's always right and she knows it." Sigam fixes a /look/ on Fy's pout before his face turns guilty and he has to glance away, sipping at his drink. Whipped! Sab, oblivious, opens her mouth in a doggy smile for F'yr's giggle and goes back to bathing her hands.

M'nol grins and shakes his head, "Of course not, F'yr. You're a picture of honesty." He nods to Sigam, grinning again, "I think all women are… One little explosion and now Cen's afraid of me…" Bloodstone, in turn, croons at cachucha, can I join? pout. pout.

F'yr shakes her head at the dragonhealer. "I'll keep him from eating you. Promise." Though who knows how much that promise is worth when she's grinning like that. She downs down most of her juice, setting that aside and then reaches over to cut up a bit of fry, aiming to flick the pieces at both of them. "Sharding right I'm right," she tells 'em. "And I won't be afraid of anything if you decide to explode things. It'd make the day /fun/." The pieces of fry that remains is given to Sab of course, giving the canine a fond look. Chu on the other hand looks to Bloodstone shyly for a moment, finally crooning back to him. Well, alright… Maybe. But Charmer did help her get food that once so she stays next to him.

It's not long before the gardener girl is back, this time with an unlabelled bottle stowed under one arm. She heads for F'yr's table, snagging glasses on the way. Wrinkling her nose a bit at M'nol, the gardener mutters, "Ain't afraid of /you/," having apparently heard. The girl drops into an empty seat, and eyes Charmer who is still curled up by Chu, and still crooning quietly. Love-struck bronze flit? Possibly. Bliss, on Cen's shoulder gives the room a curious look, but doesn't move from her perch. The gardener's three other firelizards flutter in after and take up positions on the rafters. "Gotcha somethin'," Cen grins at F'yr, "Figured you might wanna try some homebrew." Charmer tries to snuggle up close to Chu, with a sad little croon, awww but isn't he so much handsomer than that other guy?

Jeffin comes into the Tavern and he has a covered dish with him. He heads over to the bar and smiles at Beldar, "Hi Beldar here is the treats that you ordered." He sets the tray down and uncovers it. "Chilled hard lemonade squares." He spots the others and waves to them, "Hey everyone." He winks at Cenlia, "Wanna be the first to try this new treat?"

"Thanks," Sigam says towards F'yr with a flicker of a smile, "I'm incredibly comforted." Lifting his hands, the Dragonhealer attempts to fend off the pieces of tuber, flicking off those that manage to land on his person. "You're right, they all are. Don't care what anyone says." The man rolls his eyes good-naturedly. "I'm not gonna explode anything." Sab gulps down the second piece greedily before heaving a sigh and resting her chin in the brownrider's lap, thoroughly pleased. The returning Cenlia is given a welcoming tilt of his hand. "Welcome back." A vaguely familiar voice attracts the man's attention at length, eyes raising to spy Jeffin. "Hey there!" Treats? The man perks, but continues to munch on his own tubers.

M'nol grins at Cen, "So maybe I'm wrong, seemed like the case. Could be wrong, though. I'll like ya either way." He takes another sip of his own drink, eyeing Cen's homebrew with a good deal of concern, "What's.. it made from?" Jeffin's entrance is greeted with a nod, but not much more… after all, tuber fries are flying.

F'yr returns Sigam's slight smile with her own and a wink. "Hope you appreciate it," she says in passing, but then rolls her eyes to both of them. But… /awww/. Likely what Fy is saying mentally as she looks down at Sab, leaning down to plant a smooch on the mutt's snout if it doesn't move out of the way. She can't help it. But then her attention is pulled away, first by Cenlia as she eyes the bottle warily. "Home brewed? That… I don't know… I mean, guess a taste won't hurt at all." Famous last words. Looking past the gardener she spots Jeffin and her expression brightens again. "Bring the sweets over for all of us! That's what they're here for, right?" She puts on her best pleading look.

Cenlia spots Jeffin, and that tray, eyes tracking it. She grins at the baker, "Sure!" and nods in hasty agreement with F'yr, "Bring some over, will ya? Betcha they'd go good in a glass of this stuff," and she taps the homebrew bottle. The girl begins pouring a glass and nudging it toward F'yr, "'S bettern' rumcakes." Only Cenlia would think hard liquor was better than rumcakes. She grins at M'nol, giving only a mischievous, "Some /interesting/ stuff," in response. And then she eyes whatever he's drinking and says, "Dun think ya should try any though. I /know/ you ain't able t' hold yer booze." He was throwing fiery liquids in a wooden tavern, after all. But there's a grin for Sigam, "Dunno 'bout you though," and she eyes him the way she might eye the shrubbery in the garden.

Taverns are crazy. Taverns are /always/ crazy. But the fact that M'nol is in here gets Phylicia to poke her head in the doorway - almost literally. She stops partially in the doorway, looking at the crowd. If anyone's watching her face, they can see the thought of not going any further crossing her face before she sighs, and takes the steps into the tavern, closing on the group without so much a peep to stand beside and behind M'nol. Phy quiet. Slightly weird.

Jeffin smiles at Cenlia, "So how do they taste?" He asks as he goes to take a seat, "I'll have a some Hot Butter Rum please." The bartender nods as he goes to make the drink and he looks around, "So how have you all been? Good I hope."

"Aw, you know I appreciate it, Fy," Sigam says in a cheeky manner, but his eyes are serious for the brownie. Sabby's tail beats a furious tattoo on the tavern floor for the girl's smooch, the canine's head lifting up with another doggy smile when she pulls back. "Aw, c'mon, Fy. Where's your sense of adventure?" Sig asks with a wink before shifting his gaze over to Cenlia. "I can hold my booze. In fact, my tolerance is intoleraby high after a week at the beach." He says this sadly before looking over at Jeffin. "I've been doin' alright. How about you?"

M'nol grins at Cen, "Perhaps just a sip?" Bloodstone is just about to settle down next to Cachucha when Phy enters and he gives a tiny trill. M'nol perks, then turns towards the door. He grins big, still far from tipsy, "Hey Phy." He stands, motioning for her to take his seat, "No need to be shy. We're safe."

F'yr meets Sigam's look with a tilt of her head. "Glad to know," she says with a little smirk before turning her eyes elsewhere. Like the drink, which she still eyes a little bit longer. She does at least pick the glass up carefully, holding it in her hands and then lifting her chin up defiantly to narrow her eyes at Sigam. "You should know that I still can have a good adventure when I want to." And with that she doesn't even hesitate in putting the drink to her lips, and taking a big chug. She doesn't get /too/ far though, having to set it down and start coughing as the alcohol burns its way down. Probably not the smartest of ideas. Chu squawks at the look on Fy's face, and with all the crowd joining the table she finally uncurls from Charmer's side and goes fluttering up for a quiet spot in the rafters.

Charmer makes a dismayed little croon, flapping up to follow Chu, and perhaps pering at all the people with a friendly trill. Cenlia just grina at Jeffin, pouring herself a glass of homebrew and popping one of the frozen treat things in it. M'nol gets a snort, "Not on yer life," about tasting the drink, although Phy's entrance is viewed curiously a moment. But Cenlia's eyebrow is rising at Sigam, "Huh, wanna see which one of us can hole more then?" Her look is almost cheeky, "I dares ya," and then she adds, "Promise I ain't gonna break yer face again." Smirk. But then F'yr's reaction to the drink has the gardener girl blinking and looking sheepish, "Um, y'alright?" Whoops. Hard liquor in a full-sized glass? Probably not a good idea…

Jeffin smiles at the bartender gives him his drink and he takes a drink of it. "Mmm that hits the spots. I'm doing all right thank you for asking Sigam. If we are going to be doing some drinking I'm in for it." He looks over at F'yr, "Careful do you need a chaser?" He asks as he as he takes one of his own frozen treats and takes a bite of it it, "Mmm delicious, please everyone help yourself."

Phylicia shakes her head to M'nol, gently pushing him back to his seat, and instead taking the one next to it with a grin. "I don't bump people from their seats." She says softly enough as she leans back into the chair, trying to figure out what exactly is going on besides for the fact people are sampling thing. Sigam is given an idle finger-waggle wave and smile. The others, well. Unknown territory there. F'yr gets a hesitant look as the rider chokes on the alcohol. "So what's going on?" She finally just asks. The only way to figure out!

Sigam glances back over his shoulder at the mention of Phy, a slight smile lifting his face. "Hey. Didn't see you come in," the Dragonhealer says before turning his gaze back to F'yr, giving the brownrider a wink of his own. "I know that, but sometimes I think you forget." The young woman's coughing draws a look of concern from man and canine alike, brows knitting tightly. "Fy? Gonna make it?" He raises a hand to settle on her shoulder if she'll have it, even as he looks over at Cenlia. "Uh," he says distractedly at first, her question sinking in after a moment. "Oh, yeah, sure. I'm down for that. I raise your dare by a double-dog dare, and promise not to tease you about your relationships this time." There, bargain for a bargain. He smirks and takes one of the offered treats, taking a bite with a pleased noise. "Mm, thanks. Nothin's going on. Just gonna have a booze-off it sounds like." The man downs the rest of his drink at the thought, plopping it back down for a refill. Bring on the booze.

M'nol pouts a little at Cen, taking another light pull from his drink, "Not even the slightest sip? It must be really strong." He shrugs when Phy doesn't take the proffered chair… he'd been intending on sitting there. He sets one hand on Phy's, "Mostly just chatting and enjoying eachother's company. I believe he," he indicates jeffin, "made some sweets… what was your name again, sir?"

F'yr's coughing eventually dies away shortly, but her eyes are definitely watering at the strong drink. She doesn't set it down on the table, though, shaking her head slowly to first Cenlia and then Sigam. But she croaks out a, "Fine." And with a breath she then follows that with a steadier "Fine. Fine. Just… didn't expect that. It's good." Likely not to hurt Cenlia's feeling. She glances over to Sigam, allowing hand there but not realizing until she recovers, giving him a grateful smirk at the concern. "Hey," she calls to the unfamiliar girl, lifting a hand briefly to her before it stretches out to grab one of those lemony sweets that Jeffin brought in, taking a bite out of one. "Thanks. So… what /is/ it, Cenlia, at the end? Not something I've ever had before." Likely she hasn't had much before but the way she choked. But she proves she can drink it again by taking a little sip.

Cenlia grins at Phy as the other girl takes a seat, "Hey, I'm Cenlia. Wanna trysome booze?" M'nol doesn't get a reply though. Cen's not giving /him/ booze anytime soon, not after he nearly blew up her brother. The gardener girl nods in agreement with Jeffin as she watches F'yr, the girl saying a little sheepishly, "Prolly shoulda warned ya. Might need a chaser. It's homebrew peach brandy. Kinda." Kinda is right. That stuff's probably strong enough to melt nose hairs. However, Cenlia's glancing sidelong at Sigam and then snorting, "There /weren't/ no relatonship /last/ time." Which means there's a relationship now? But the girl smirks and reaches to pour the homebrew in the dragonhealer's glass. It's on.

Jeffin smiles at M'nol, "I'm Jeffin, Senior Apprentice Baker." He takes a drink of his beverage, "Who might you be?" he looks over at Cenlia, "Mmm that's some of your homebrew?" He downs his rum with a couple of swallows and he ahs as he sets his glass down, "Fill me up. I promise I won't get snuggly this time."

"I'm just sneaky like that." Phylicia quips to Sigam with a small grin. Cenlia's forwardness takes Phy back for a moment. "I'm.. Phylicia." Is the half-automatic response. Unease is in her posture, but she looks at the bottle of Cenlia's 'homemade' brew and the reaction F'yr had to it. "I've, ahm. Never drank before." She admits, looking at that bottle as if it might bite her if she gave it the chance to. "It sounds good though." She looks at M'nol and grins a little lopsidedly as if a silent 'I'm sorry'. Probably for being so akward at the moment.

"Of course you are," Sigam says with a chuckle for Fy, head shaking. He gives her shoulder a quick squeeze before sliding his hand down her arm and away, earning a scuttle of claws and a lick from Sabhrilline. "Peach brandy, hm?," he inquires of Cenlia before giving the gardener a wide smirk. "Last time? No, no, nevermind, I didn't ask that," the Dragonhealer says, curiosity warring with his promise. Sliding his glass back to himself, Sig first polishes off his treat, licking his fingers before taking a tentative sip, mindfull of F'yr's coughing. If he hears Jeffin's snuggly comment, he pretends not to, smirking over at Phylicia. "Very sneeky indeed," he agrees before raising his glass. "You should have some. It's quite good." He takes a larger gulp, definitely looking to keep up with Cenlia, even if it's doubtful he can outdo her.

M'nol smiles at Phy with a wink, "She's a senior apprentice healer posted here and my…" he cocks an eyebrow, "weyrmate?" Then he leans over and whispers to Phy, "Don't start on something Cen brewed herself… you can have a sip of my brandy if you want…"

F'yr will blame the brandy for the fact that her face looks a little bit pink around the edges again, which is probably a very likely source with the amount she got down in that first drink. "Peach sounds tasty," she comments to Cenlia, licking her lips. "And so are these, Jeffin," she adds with a giggle and raising the snack up at him as if in a toast, before popping the rest of it into her mouth and mimicing Sigam's finger-licking. "F'yr," she offers Phylicia, even if she wasn't asked. "Zaruath's and all. Don't think we've met. You should try some of these, too, even if you've never had 'nything." She lifts the glass to her lips and her eyes slide towards M'nol momentarily before looking back towards the others, Sigam and Cenlia in particular. "Now that ain't fair, playing a game without all of us. Who said I can't outdrink both of you?" Hah! Hundred pound Fy saying that, she's likely to die trying.

Cenlia smirks at Jeffin, "The snuggly weren't the problem," and she winks as she pours him some - not a full glass, maybe a shot's worth. She doesn't want /him/ dead drunk after all. There's a grin for Phylicia, Cenlia apparently missing M'nol's wisper as she's saying, "Should get a chaser first maybe," and Cenlia is already waving for some decent beer, before turning back to pour a teensy amount of homebrew for Phy, saying, "Swallow this all in one go, an' follow it right off with the beer." She's a terrible influence, really. At least Phy is luckier than Iroha - Cen started /her/ off with a Flamin' Ovine. Now that Sigam's drinking, Cen starts in on her glass of homebrew, though she's taking a healthy swig of the stuff and then grinning from ear to ear, "Should make this interesting…" the spark of mischief on her eyes can't be good, "Last time I went drinkin' this stuff with somebody, had him runnin' round the dorms with his clothes off." Smirk. "'Course it wouldn't be half a fun seein' you run around." F'yr's words have Cenlia grinning, "'S right! Need soembody to judge though. An' make up s'more rules." Because drunken rules are the /best/.

R'zel has clearly picked a fantastic time to visit the tavern. The brownrider appears to be in an unusually sunny mood this evening, even for him. He's grinning ear to ear as he steps through the entrance, waving and happily greeting totally strangers. "Hello! Isn't it a fantastic day?" Of course when he spots a gathering of people he actually recognizes, he grows even friendlier. "Ah! M'nol! Cenlia! The rest of you! How's everyone doing today?" He asks as he slides into the nearest unoccupied seat, not even waiting for an invitation. "Where's the liquor?"

Jeffin nods to Phylicia and M'nol, "It's nice to meet you both, please have some treat." He hmms a little bit, "Me I can out drink all of you…and I think that if I can drink Cenlia under the table she'll marry me. Isn't that true?" He asks Cenlia as that's who he thinks he heard the rumor from." He chuckles, "Oh what was?" He asks and then stops, "Tell me later please." He rises his glass to Cenlia, "Thank you." He downs the shot and mmms softly, "Delicious. Did you make this or is it one of your cousins?" He asks and nods to R'zel, "Hi there, have a lemon treat."

Phylicia is still looking just a /bit/ overwhelmed as she looks at the chaser set before her, and the beer which is quick to follow in its wake. However she does catch M'nol's whisper and grins. "I think I'd hurt her feelings if I turned it down point blank." She whispers back before raising her voice back up. "Girlfriend at the very least." She winks back in M'nol's direction. "'Weyrmate' rises a few hackles in the craft." She picks up the chaser of Cenlia's peach homebrew and takes a breath before inhaling it like told. And her reaction is much the same to F'yr's as the girl falls into a light coughing fit, "Shards!" She chokes out, before managing to get a sip of beer in, which promptly promotes MORE coughing. "Oh.. oh! /Gross/." Apparently, beer is not to her stardards of 'yum'. R'zel is waved at briefly as the senior healer apprentice looks at Jeffin. "Do your popsicles taste anything like /that/?" She says, pointing at the beer.

"Fair? Who says I play fair? Speakin' of games… We should play one. We have enough people." Sigam tilts a wave for R'zel before his eyes slide back to F'yr, shifting between her and Cenlia. "Whaddya say? A game's better'n just plain old rules." The man nods firmly, only smirking for the insistance that Phylicia take part in their drinking. He wasn't going to add any more to the encouragement. Instead, he laughs into his glass as she chokes, eyebrows peaking. "Not your cuppa tea, hm?" Smiling lazily, and completely neglecting all of this pansy chaser business, Sig makes a face and boldly finishes off his glass. It's his turn to choke, though it's quiet and muted, full of an appreciative smile. "Damn, that's fantastic," he manages between coughs. "And how would you know that? You've never seen me run around /half/ naked, nevertheless the whole way," he says with a chuckle towards Cen, eyes rolling even as he clanks his glass back down. "Hit me." Not literally…

Jeffin smiles at Phylicia, "Go ahead and try them. I'm trying a no-back recipe to see if the treats are just as good as when I bake using booze. I'm interesting in the reactions that I'm going to get. My food is not gross trust me on that. I don't make gross food." He smirks, "A game sounds great." He looks at Sigam, "Then you haven't been doing it right." He laughs as he gets another rum drink and starts to drink that. "Why don't we play a card game?"

F'yr finally starts to notice Jeffin and Cenlia… Cenlia and Jeffin. "Oh! The tumble in the gardens' secret places with the missing underpants?" Fy says with a point to 'the' which is apparently the Baker. Either the booze is affecting the lightweight brownie fast or she's getting revenge for the blushing she got earlier, if it were to work. "Hey, Mattress Boy," she calls over to R'zel, waving over at the new arrivals. "I'm in need of a new one, by the way." Very very late mattress shopping, but Fy would get to it eventually. She's cautiously drinking from her first glass, the hard liquor in a big glass is not a good idea but she still drinks from it. Her eyes light up at Sigam's words and her head bobs quickly, blond hair bouncing. "Exactly, I like that better. Something we can all play, cause watching the two of you ain't… all that interesting."

When Farrah enters, her eyes widen in surprise at the boisterous gathering - unexpected, perhaps, but not unwelcome, since the expression is followed up with one of gentle amusement. The chatter she overhears - Sigam, in regards to nudity; F'yr's colorful nickname for R'zel - causes the amusement to bloom into a smile, and she bravely insert herself into the group. "Mind if I join?"

M'nol waves at R'zel and nods to Sig, "What kind of game?" He gives Phy's hand a gentle squeeze, "Just be careful." then Farrah walks in and he smiles lopsidedly, "Evenin' Farrah."

"Don't mind if I do!" R'zel says cheerily as he accepts Jeffin's lemon treat, chomping into it. "Yummy!" He begins picking up on the conversation going on, raising his eyebrows in interest. "Oh-ho, a drinking contest, is it? Well, it wouldn't be a proper contest at all without a couple more riders. Besides, I need to get me some liquor one way or another." He grins at Jeffin. "Although cards could work too. As long as there's drinking involved at some point or another." He peers at F'yr, chuckling a little at his nickname for her. "Are you ever going to stop calling me that?" He asks, clearly in too much of a good mood to mind. And if his mood was sunny already, it's postively overjoyed when Farrah joins the group. "Farrah! Glad to see you. Can I buy you a drink?" He asks, hopping to his feet and pulling out the chair beside him for her.

Cenlia looks up as R'zel joins the table, the gardener girl grinning, "Hey! 'M about t' drink Sigam under the table. Want in? See which one of us holds more booze." She's already pouring him some in a glass, and calling for more bottles of brandy. Who's paying for all this anyway? Cen doesn't seem to care. Cenlia does laugh, grinning cheekily at Jeffin and saying, "It's m' brother Eled ya gotta drink under the table, and I think Kire technically won that one already." Snicker snicker. "This one's from the still Izzy gave me," Cenlia nods, and then takes another swig of homebrew, finishing it off with only minor throat clearing. Cenlia is quirking an eyebrow at Phy, and trying very hard not to laugh, the gardener saying, "Shards, guess me an' F'yr are the only girls that can booze in this place." Despite F'yr's earlier reaction. Sigam gets a broad grin, though his muted coughing earns a smirk from the gardener girl, "Game sounds good. What'cha have in mind?" And then she snickers, "Dunno, K'ael weren't bad without his pants. Guess I gotta see ya half naked t' decide if it's worth takin' yer shirt off." She's teasing? Really. But she does look /awfully/ tempted to …hit him… when he asks her, raising the homebrew bottle speculatively, though she just refills the glass after a moment. F'yr's comment about the garden do get a blush out of Cenlia, though the gardener girl just smirks at the brownrider with a, "Yep!"

Jeffin looks at Cenlia, "Well too bad I'm not letting this Kire marry you. If he wants to marry you he's gotta beat my in a bake off. Best treat wins the girl." He puts one arm around Cenlia's waist and then hear's F'yr. He blushes cherry red and mumbles something about not having found his yet. He takes another drink of his rum, "I think we might have too big a group for cards unless it's 52 pick up." He hmms a little bit as he thinks and drinks and drinks and thinks, "Oh I know…we can split up into teams and one team draws and the other tries to guess a phrase or word based on what the other teams draws."

Phylicia shakes her head, and laughs, her cheeks a little rosy but not because of the alcohol. More like because of her reaction to it - especially the beer. "Give me a chance, it was my first sip /ever/." She half-laughs at Cenlia. "The beer was /gross/. The peach stuff?" She pauses, thinking. "It burns, but it was yummy." And more and more people just keep coming in. Dear Faranth. And now Farrah has joined the fray, and she raises a hand at the new, and semi-familiar voice. "D'you like beer, Farrah?" She calls out. Because there's a glass that has one sip out of it that's going to go untouched if not. And Jeffin is looked at carefully before she nods, reaching for one of the lemon treats and carefully taking a nibble out of it. "Oh. So much better."

"If there's a free beer," Farrah tells R'zel, acknowledging Phylicia's offer with a nod, "then far be it for me to let it go to waste. Apprentice habits die hard." Backwash coooties or no, she accepts both Phylicia's glass of beer and the seat R'zel offers. To the new faces around the table - F'yr, Cenlia, Jeffin - she offers her name: "Farrah, journeyman healer."

Sigam looks slightly affronted by F'yr's words, hand settling over his chest. "I thought you enjoyed watching me? Or was that only when I'm steering a boat?" A wide grin stretches across his face, eyes shining deviously when he glances up and spies Farrah. "Hey! Long time no see! Sit, sit." He waves his hand welcomingly before sticking his tongue out at Cenlia. "Thhbt. You are not gonna drink me under the table." He sniffs delicately before tapping his chin, obviously going through a long list of drinking games in his head. A wicked grin blooms on his face. Uh oh. RUUUN. "Truth or Dare." He raises his eyebrows in challenge towards the gardener, neglecting to comment further on the subject of nudity. "'Less you're too scared to play that." He takes the refilled glass and leans back in his chair, draping one arm across the back of Fy's chair before turning a smirk on the blushing Jeffin and Cenlia. He's snickering, but not commenting, instead nodding towards the baker's deflection of a card game. Too many people.

F'yr shakes her head quickly to R'zul now. "Not at all. It's easier to remember than… What's your name 'gain anyways? Especially since I didn't quite catch it after you Impressed, Mattress Boy." She giggles a little at that and then turns a little embarrassed again at Cenlia's comment, coughing even though she didn't drink. "Course I can booze!" says the girl that refused to drink for well over a turn. "Well, there wasn't anything else to do in that boat," she says right back to Sigam, face a little red again though she's grinning broadly. Her grin fades at the mention of a certain bronzerider's name, but it doesn't stay away long even if it's a bit strained around the edges. "It ain't a game if we're just removing clothes off of people. Not all of us are involved," she notes with a little pout, her eyes sliding up and down Sigam for a moment. "Oooh… haven't gotten to play /that/ in turns," she says, definitely excited. "And I ain't sharding scared of nothing." Even if it wasn't directed at her, she just had to say it, sitting up a bit straighter and taking another big gulp of drink, resulting in a bit more coughing.

Cenlia leans toward Jeffin when he puts an arm around her waist, the girl laughing and saying, "Win the girl? Hah! You wish," and she sticks her tongue out at him, smirking slightly and adding, "Y'ain't never gonna find yer underpants. Trouble prolly left 'em stuck in a tree in South Boll or somethin'." Cenlia just grins at Phy, "Wait'll ya try Sunny Orchard peach brandy. Don't burn half so bad, an' it tastes better." There's a grin for Farrah as well, "Hey, I'm Cenlia. I got booze." And Cen refills her glass with homebrew and downs it. The gardener girl's eyes fix on Sigam. "Truth ot Dare," she agrees, a wicked little grin on her face to match the dragonhealer as she meets his gaze. Oh it's /on/ now. F'yr's renewed coughing gets a raised eyebrow fromthe gardener girl. When Cen has booze in her, shame goes right out the window.

The new person's greeting catches F'yr's attention, and when her coughing subsides she finally offers a, "Nice to meetcha Farrah. Fyra. F'yr… Or whatever," she introduces with a little bit of giggle. Light weight Fy strikes again, but she's still got her head on her shoulders.

R'zel can't help but laugh a little. "Truth or dare? Isn't that a little bit of a kids' game?" Nevermind the fact that he's still technically a teenager. "Ah well. Fun is fun." He says with a wicked smile as he waves over the nearest server, finally flagging someone down to provide him with a beer. "Ah! Perfect." He downs quite a bit before he finally looks up and answers F'yr. "I'm almost tempted not to tell you, after all that. But I suppose that'd be rude. I'm R'zel. But Mattress Boy works too." He scoots up beside Farrah's seat once she gets comfortable, beaming at her and throwing an arm over her shoulders. "Having a good day?"

Jeffin smirks at Cenlia, "Why do you think I keep feeding you treats, eventually you won't be able to run away. Probably not they were my favorite pair too" He teases and smiles at Farrah, "I'm Jeffin, Senior Apprentice Baker and maker of booze treats. Try the lemon treat." He hmms, "Sure truth or dare works, but if you don't want to do a dare or tell a truth you have to drink some of Cenlia's homebrew. Since Sigam thought up the game he gets to be the first one to be asked." He turns towards Sigam, "So truth or dare?"

Phylicia nods her head. "Free beer. Or I think it's free." She didn't purchase it, and it was served to her. That's all she knows. "The stuff is /gross/." And she leans back into the chair, looking at the empty chaser that had held the peach booze in it. "Hey, could I get a little more maybe?" She asks, carefully sliding the chaser back out before she stands up and goes to pluck a few rolls and other finger-foods off a tray and onto a plate. It's been awhile since she's eaten, and the girl just wants some bread for the moment at least. "Truth or dare?" She asks after R'zel and grins. "Imagine that takes on a whole new level when drinks're involved." And she sits back in her chair, looking a bit more comfortable than she was previously. A look is given to R'zel's arm around Farrah's shoulders and she grins to herself, watching Sigam for his choice.

Sigam is momentarily at a loss for words, eyebrows raised up at Fy. "There wasn- Nevermind." Turning a faint pink color himself (he'll blame it on the booze), the Dragonhealer shakes his head and looks away with a mumbled, "We all could'a played /that/ game." Nevertheless, Cenlia's got him focused in a way that only comes with alcohol, finger pointing her way. "You're goin' down." Ooh, scaryyy. Please. "It isn't a kid's game when you play it may way," the man says towards R'zel, eyes crunching up even as he glances around with the newest round of introductions. "I know you… and you, and you, and you… I think. Ah well, I'm Sigam anyways, in case anyone doesn't know." The man leans forwards a bit, and eyes Jeffin with heavy consideration. "Ah, well, I suppose that's fair. Fine. Dare." He lifts an eyebrow to show he accepts the terms of the game. Fy's giggle distracts him, but only for a second, the corner of his mouth lifting in a smirk.

"Depends what you say and do, Mattress Boy. Ain't really that childish," giggles F'yr, bordering on a cackle right now. "But nice to know your real name." Unfortunately she still sticks to the nickname instead, even if it wasn't as easy. "Nope, wasn't," she answers Sigam in a very nonchalant way, hiding a smirk in her drink and finally leaning forward to snatch herself another one of those lemon snacks to use as a chaser and prevent herself from coughing somemore. Flopping back in the seat to enjoy it, her eyes scan the crowd around her previously completely empty table, looking a little flushed around her face most definitely because of her drinking more than anything. "Oooh, give him something /real/ good Jeffin!" This time Fy /does/ cackle.

"Ain't a kid's game when booze is involved," Cenlia nods to R'zel, and then grins at Jeffin, "Ya keep making them boozecakes an' I might waive the requirement of drinkin' Eled under the table." There's a wink for the baker before she's turning to grin at Phy, and pour her some more peach brandy. The gardener girl is then turning back to Sigam, smirking just so, "Dare ya t' go the whole game without yer pants." Hey, she's not Jeffin, but she has to get a jab in.

Jeffin rubs his hands together, "All right thank you for the suggestion Cenlia, but I like my sight and I need my eyes to cook so I can't go blind." He turns to Sigam and smirks, "I dare you to get up on the bar and sing the bawdiest drinking song that you know and if you don't know when then you have to make one up. It's gotta be at least 2 verses and a chorus." He looks around to see the crowd's reaction to the first dare of the night.

"Like what?" R'zel asks F'yr in response to her comments about the game. Then, Cenlia goes ahead and provides a perfect example. He chuckles, takes a swig of beer, then grins. "You're somewhat obsessed with male nudity, aren't you Cen?" He remarks with amusement. "At least it's getting kicked off on a non-boring note."

As Farrah is settling in for that first dare with a cool beer to sip, she suddenly remembers: "Oh /shards/, I left that flame going. I'm sorry!" With an apology for her abrupt leaving, she quickly places the beer on a the table and dashes out.

"Truth or Dare." Phylicia supplies for M'nol as she smiles to Cenlia. Hey, she may be cheating with the rolls, but she would prefer to not be sick later. She picks at one of them, popping a piece into her mouth which is soon followed by a ginger sip of the peach which only earns a little coughing this time. "Sing a song?" She asks of Jeffin and chuckles. "Makes me wonder if I want to play if things like that are going to be coming out." Since the girl is rather self-conscious.

M'nol grins and nods, "oh… I can do that." He shifts slightly to wrap an arm over Phy's shoulders, "We can leave if it gets too uncomfortable."

Sigam leans closer to F'yr for a second, eyes squinted tight in what might be a serious expression if he weren't smirking. "Somehow I don't believe you," he says in a low voice before breaking away, gaze automatically shifting to Cenlia with her suggestion. "W-what?," he asks with an incredulous laugh, head shaking. Yet the /real/ dare has a look of actual horror showing up on his face. "I think that's a horrible idea," he says, eyes not leaving the baker's face while his head shakes. "The bawdiest I know involves, ah, 'heavenly bliss' and 'loads'. I think I'll take Cen's dare." He's already unbuckling his belt as he says it - what, he's wearing boxers! People have seen him in less. In public. "Then again… Guess I can't be setting a bad precedent…" The Dragonhealer sighs, finishes shucking of sandals and pants, and points a finger right at Jeffin. "But for doing both, I'm not getting up on the bar." And so, settling into his seat less than comfortably, he 'gifts' them with a song of spread legs, shooting loads, and mattress creaking, ending with a blush-filled, "-can't forsake those sexy habits, breeding kids like bloody rabbits." Defiantly he goes quiet and sips his drink before shooting a mock glare over at F'yr. "Truth or dare, O Supportive One."

Now that's making her uncomfortable, and F'yr twitches a little at Sigam's gaze but doesn't answer. Instead she sticks her tongue out when he breaks the gaze, turning to the others. She laughs loudly at Cenlia's first dare, but she ends up pouting at Jeffin. "Awww…" Yes, she just aww'd at a no-pantless Sigam. "Can't start it off so boring but… Dares are supposed to be stuff that won't even happen when your drunk." She swirls the booze still at the bottom of her glass, takes a big gulp, and finally holds it out to be refilled some. There's still some at the bottom but she wanted more already. "Like having a guy drink booze out of the belly of another guy, or kissing a naked guy on the lips when he least expects it or…" Apparently these are all from Fy's memories as she tries to pull some ideas out for R'zel, grinning. But then the dare! The dare has her staring at Sigam, all teeth showing in a grin and then… if she were drinking, she'd have spat it out. Instead her mouth hangs open and her face floods a little red, only to go into a fit of giggles at the end of it. "M-me" snicker "D-dare!" Cause she can't say anything less.

Cenlia laughs at R'zel, "Ain't /my/ fault bronzers look good without their pants." Smirk. She may be slightly more than tipsy. Cenlia then rolls her eyes at Jeffin, "Shards, that's /boring/," and she turns to Sigam, "Dare stands." There's -challenge- in her eyes. And then, when he does /both/ dares, the gardener girl blinks. And then just doubles over laughing. It's the song, really it is. Though when Sigam gets to the last line, Cen's own cheeks are fairly pink, but the gardener girl just grins and tells the dragonhealer, "Guess I was wrong, y' look bettern' K'ael does." And snicker, "More fun too." That was… almost a compliment? F'yr, though, gets a thoughtful look and a grin, "Them's good suggestions. More snickering. And then a sudden, "Shards, I wish X'hil and Eled were here," as she shakes her head, "Not /that/'d be somethin'." Snicker snicker.

R'zel looks a little disappointed when Farrah departs. "I'll come see you later." He says before she departs. Fortunately, his mood is too good to be shattered by her absence. He's distracted for a moment staring the direction he left with a dreamy look. He takes a long drink from his beer before looking back at the group. And that's when he sees Sigam without his pants. He just blinks. "I see this is going to be that sort of game, then." His gaze turns to F'yr, terribly curious what her dare is going to be. "Oooh, perfect after all that sort of talk." Some comment of Cenlia earns a challenging grin. "Bronzers? We all know brownriders are the real men of the weyr."

Jeffin nods, "All right not up on the bar since you have to take Cenlia's dare too." He laughs at the song and slaps the top of the bar, "That's a good one." He takes another drink of his rum and he looks to F'yr as he wonders what she'll pick. He ooohs a little bit, "This is going to be good." He snickers, "Just make sure she does it pantsless so you aren't the only one who has a breezy seaty." He looks over at Cenlia, 'See my dare wasn't that boring. I mean you've seen one pantless guy you've seen them all. All that really differs is size and color. It's not like he's going to have something surprising down there."

Phylicia can't decide if she should be offended, or if she should laugh, though either way she needs to pick her jaw up off of the floor. Either way her cheeks are closer to the color of beets when Sigam finishes his song and finally she does manage a rather shocked-sounding laugh as she takes another sip of the peach brandy. Maybe enough of that and she'll be brave enough to take the dare when it comes to her, if it gets that far without her bolting first. She's shaking her head in amusement by now, even as she's listening to the others and their reactions, though Jeffin is making her cheeks redden to that lovely beet hue as she overhears a bit. Why does she hang out with this company again?

M'nol chuckles, blushing as well and giving Phy another gentle squeeze. There was so much going on he was having trouble tracking, so he stayed silent until singled out.

Well, at least he hadn't been booed! Sigam takes a moment to settle back into his usual cockiness, giving F'yr a twisted grin while he thinks of an appropriate dare for the brownrider. "I'll take that as a compliment," Sig mutters with a wink for the gardener, taking a mouthful of drink while he snickers at the suggestions being tossed around. He'd heard them all before, sadly, and had likely done most of them. "X'hil and Eledri? I'll pass. I like our current company." He gives the table an encompassing glance and nods, snickering at R'zel's brownrider comment. "Nah, I'm not that mean, Jeff," Sigam says with a shake of his head, a harsh little smile curling up his lips. "I'm meaner." Giving Phy and Morl a sideways grin for their quietness (thought it's probably not comforting from the pantsless one), Sigam shifts his full, intense attention on F'yr. "Remove an article of someone else's clothes." He pauses, either for dramatic effect or to think he let her off 'easy'. "With your teeth." She can still back out with the drink, but his eyebrows are raised quite expectantly.

"Anyone looks better'n /that/ one," says F'yr to Cenlia's comment, though she's still giggling too hard to have any bitterness behind the words, her blood still flowing into her face if that were possible as her eyes slide back towards the dragonhealer after his… performance. It doesn't settle at all when it is her turn, waiting in anticipation and likely growing all the more nervous. Jeffin gets a stare and then she turns her chin up when Sigam looks at her, meeting his gaze. "Easy!" Pause. "I hate you," she adds when he fixes his dare, but there's something in her look at this, eyes shining with some mischievous look as they slide down the dragonhealer… Her lips pull back and she leans forward a little, and her eyes land on his boxers a moment. Loose… "Mind?" she asks him, but then something catches her attention, and she sets her drink down and gets up from her seat, crossing over to M'nol and Phylicia with a giggle and a bounce to her step. "'cuse me!" she tells the other brownrider right before chomping down on a part of his jacket (no, gently, she won't leave bite marks… or try not to) and then she tugs like a vicious beast she is, hoping that M'nol complies in moving his arms to help her jerk it off. As soon as it comes off, as she won't give up until it does, Fy lets it drop to the ground, wipes her mouth, and then beams down at M'nol. "Truth or Dare?"

Cenlia smirks at R'zel, "Not the way I hear it." And she looks pointedly at F'yr, "Unless she's hiding something." The gardener girl snicker, then glances sidelong at R'zel, "Unless yer willin' to prove it." Jeffin gets a mildly exasperated look from the gardener girl, "That ain't the /point/." And she smirks slightly, "'Least he ain't got cupcake underpants." Ooh buuurn. Or something. Cenlia grins at Sigam, "Y'ain't never seen 'em /drunk/." The dare the dragonhealer gives F'yr has Cenlia snerking aloud, and then dissolving into laugher when the brownrider starts eyeing his boxers. But then F'yr is attacking Morl's jacket, and Cenlia just watches in fascination, and trying to breathe while laughing.

R'zel grins brightly, clearly quite amused by Sigam's choice of dare. "Nicely done." He says in approval. His amusement only grows when F'yr chooses M'nol as the target of her chompery. He's laughing almost the entire time it takes her to remove his jacket, interrupted only by sips of his beer. Eventually he finishes the drink. "I'm going to need another one of these before my turn, clearly." He flags down another server for a refill.

Jeffin takes a drink as he gets stared at and he wines, "I wouldn't want someone biting down there." He watches F'yr as she dejackets M'nol rather roughly, "Careful M'nol she's out for blood…she's gonna rip off his arm." He laughs a little bit and then looks over at Cenlia, "True…but if we gotta take off our pants you girls gotta take off your shirts." He shrugs, "At least he doesn't have underwear with a heart it's butt." He smiles at Cenlia and boldly leans in to give her a kiss.

Phylicia squeaks and scoots immediately to the side as F'yr clamps down on M'nol's jacket with her teeth, unrobing /her/ man. "Normally… I wouldn't like this." Phylicia starts out, contracting a severe case of the giggles. "But - I'm sorry sweety -" She starts to giggle again, making sure to stay out of the viscious bea-eer-F'yr's way until she finishes taking off the jacket. She picks it up off the ground and touches a hand to one of Nol's shoulders. "Everything intact?"

M'nol is caught completely by surprise by F'yr's attack… which is probably the only reason she gets his jacket off that easy. By the time she's done his face is bright beat red and his hands just kind of stay stuck up in the air, his whole body just of frozen in shock. After a few beats his head falls backwards until he's staring up at F'yr… or perhaps his jacket still hanging from her mouth. He sort of half-nods, probably to Phy, then squeaks out, "Truth?"

"Naw, you don't hate meee," Sigam croons, a splitting grin on his face… Yet, that little sparkle in her eyes has him worried, and after a moment his smiled fades, jaw dropping in a most unflattering way. "Uh," is his initial, oh-so-intelligent response to her question, leftover blush from his own dare flaring to life again. She wouldn't… He is, needless to say, visibly relieved when her attentions refocus on M'nol. His own eyes slide over to Cenlia and Jeffin, finally regaining enough composure to smirk. "Naw. I wear black. No cupcakes or hearts for me." That's probably a lie, but you know. R'zel gets a chuckle and nod. "Thanks. And yeah, me too." He takes another large drink of his brandy, no longer really feeling the burn, and promptly chokes on it at the look on M'nol's face. There's no saving the Dragonhealer now - he dissolves into a fit of laughter, barely hearing the brownie's request for truth.

F'yr didn't miss Sigam's blush at all. Revenge for the dare most likely. But it's M'nol that gets her complete focused, completely ignoring even Phylicia. Which isn't really smart if the girl went and attacked her, but Fy's not the smartest person especially when drunk. She then smacks her lips a few times after getting the question out, pulling a little face. "That leather ain't that tasty," she notes randomly to those around her. Her eyes gaze down to M'nol, and her big grin dissolves into a pout. "Aw… /Truth/? Boring," she says with a sniff. The game should likely just be dares. She wanders back to her seat to flop down with a huff, disappointed she couldn't get a good embarrassing dare out. She grabs her drink, gulps for inspiration, and then leans forward to eye M'nol. "Alright… if you liked guys…" Cause her gaze is sliding over to Phylicia, so it's obvious Fy is thinking the opposite. "Which of your guy friends would you find the most attractive?"

Cenlia smirks at the possible de-shirting comment, instead rolling her eyes at Jeffin and leaning away from his attempted kiss. She instead takes a swig of brandy, and then starts snickering again at M'nol, telling the guy, "Shards, after all that an' ya go fer truth?" The girl shakes her head, agreeing with F'yr, "/Boring/." But Cenlia does lean forward to hear what F'yr asks, snickering a little at the question. Cenlia glances momentarily at Sigam with a slight smirk, "'S 'cause you got some sense," about the underpants, apparently.

"Sissy." R'zel says to M'nol with a good-natured laugh. "Come on, the whole draw of the game is supposed to be the dares. Truth is the coward's way out." Of course, the brownrider is just digging himself into a hole for the future. He sips his new drink and waits for the answer with an amused smirk on his lips.

"Oh be fair." Phylicia laughs at them. "I think it's self defense after being attacked." She finishes off her second chaser of the peach liquid, and half-shakes herself. Unless she wants to be horizontal, the girl is calling a momentary stop to her personal drinking. Unfortunately this decision does /not/ spare Phy from noticing where F'yr's look is going and the healer apprentice blanches a little bit, bringing her blush back down to below-beet. Wait what? Female Attentions was not on her list of Things To Cope With At A Weyr.

Jeffin leans back to take a drink and doesn't seem to mind that Cenlia leaned away from his kiss. "Ah truth's are boring if you ask the right things and F'yr knows how to ask the right questions. They can be worse then a dare cause you gotta tell the truth." He snickers as he wants for M'nol's answers, "Just remember M'nol you gotta tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth."

M'nol's arms are still up in the air. His blush spreads all the way around to his neck and up behind his ears. If he were a red-head, his head would seem to be on fire. The glance he casts at Phylicia is pleading. Finally, he gulps loudly, closes his eyes a mutters quietly, "R'owan…" His eyes stay down for a few moments, then glances around, "R'zel. Truth or dare."

Sigam rubs at the aforementioned brush, mentally willing it away even as he takes a drink. Someone's gonna be drunk off his rocker… "Is leather supposed to be?," he asks of F'yr when she returns, poking her gently in the side with a smirk before raising an eyebrow over at Cenlia. "Of course I do. When I wear them. I usually enjoy goin' commando, so you guys got lucky tonight." He winks in a gaudy fashion before flicking a brows-raised warning glance for R'zel. Ruh roh, watch out or he'd be next! Whoops, too late. "Yeah, guys, chill. That question was bad enough," Sigam says through a chortle, nodding towards Phylicia and Jeffin in agreement. "They're definitely worse. I hate truths." He shudders, but his expression is quickly changed into a look of fierce glee, head tilting over at M'nol. "Oh really." Not a question, just an amused statement before his eyes flicker over towards R'zel.

F'yr gives a little wiggle as she's suddenly poked and there's even a Heehee! type of giggle at it. Getting pretty drunk, remember? "You should try leather sometime. Not that I really recommend it, but was your fault. Bet your clothes tasted better," she tells Sigam with a little shake of her head. Bad choice on her part. Her eyes focus on M'nol completely as she waits in anticipation for his answer. "Oooh… /him/." Beat. "Who's he?" she asks the dragonhealer quietly, a little put off it wasn't someone she knew. But with another drink, she can't help but cackle now at the next one dared, eyes lighting up at R'zel. "I bet he won't say anything else but dare now."

Cenlia, Phylicia, Sigam, M'nol, F'yr, and Jeffin are sitting at a table, upon which are frozen lemonade-treats and a bunch of booze, including an unlabelled bottle of homebrew brandy. Sigam is without pants, and M'nol is without jacket, and a lot of the other patrons of the tavern are watching the game of truth or dare going on over there with more than a little amusement. Cenlia giggles at R'zel's comment, "Coward?" tilting her head at F'yr, "Should dare him t' kiss-" and then Cenlia is cracking up all over again. "R'owan? Shards," and it's either the booze or something else, because really, that answer shouldn't have been that funny to her. She's shaking her head though, when she finally stops snickering, grinning a bit at Jeffin and saying wryly, "Ain't nothin' stopping anybody from lying." And then, looking at R'zel again, "See? /Bronzer/." As if that means something. She does eye him with a grin, waiting to hear his answer to truth or dare. Sigam gets a snicker, but Cen's apparently lost any hostility towards the dragonhealer. Booze, it makes the whole world… better? Cenlia nods in agreement with F'yr, telling R'zel, "C'mon, can't be a /coward/."

R'zel has an odd expression on his face, perhaps conflicted. He's uncertain whether to be relieved or insulted that M'nol didn't name him. He drowns that feeling in a torrent of alcohol, then flags down the server. "More beer!" Once he has yet another refill, he grins and waits. Just as he's about to drink more, his beer-addled mind processes that he is in fact the next target. "Oh! Uhm…" After his tirade earlier, there's really only one option, as Cenlia points out. "Dare!" F'yr's prediction seems quite accurate.

Jeffin pours himself some of Cenlia's homebrew. He smiles at Cenlia, "True it doesn't, but it wouldn't be in the spirit of the game. Still I'll trust what anyone says when they answer their Truth." He hmms, "I wonder what he'll come up, they say it's always the quiet ones that come up with the best ideas." He takes a drink of Cenlia's brew and he shakes his head, "Damn this has gotta kick to it."

Phylicia's face resumes a little bit of it's normal color as F'yr's attentions get distracted from her to well… elsewhere. Phew. And she giggles as M'nol looks at her. "What d'you want me to do?" She whispers softly in response to his pleading look before he answers. "Not entirely sure I've met him…" She mumbles, looking at her empty chaser. Oh, the temptation is so very .. well .. tempting. But her gaze shifts to R'zel. "Yech. Got me how you can drink that stuff." She says. Ooo hey look folks, belated effects! Phy's speach has started to slur a little, though if you ask her, she's /perfectly/ fine. Really.

M'nol finally begins to relax, his arms returning to the table, though his blush is as brilliant as ever. He ponders what dare to put R'zel to carefully, only peripherally hearing the conversations around him. Then he takes a deep breath and says, "I dare you to kiss Cen."

Sigam snorts at that giggle, eyes rolling great big with his grin. "I don't think I will," he says, coloring slightly as she speaks further. "Maybe they do." His voice definitely hadn't dropped into a purr just now, nope, but he does attempt to slide his arm around her shoulders if she'll let him. "Lying? What's the fun of lying?," he enquires of Cenlia, though he's entirely too pleased by R'zel's request for a dare. Or maybe he's just smiling in a dopey fashion from the alcohol. Either way, he chuckles at Phy's slurring, resisting the urge to point in a vaguely drunken fashion and give her some kind of crackpot advice. Instead he takes a drink, and nearly spews it with M'nol's dare suggestion. Say whaaaat?

Keziah wanders into tavern looking quite bored and her attention perks as she see's the people sitting around and then there's a blink as she eyes Sigam sans pants and her jaw just sorta drops a moment and then the conversation reaches her ears and she just gives her head a bit of a shake. What did she walk in on? Still, she's more curious about the goings on and actually sorta lingers to see where things go.

Drunk-Fy generally means a more touchy friendly Fy. Which can very well be her excuse some day as to why she leans into the dragonhealer's arm, turning her face to him with wide eyes. "They do?" Curiosity, thy name is Fy tonight. She leans forward enough to pluck a little bit of Sigam-shirt into her teeth, giving it a taste before dropping it as her attention is diverted towards Cenlia with a snort. "Not /all/ bronzers are, ya know." She watches the exchange of other brownrider to browner and then cackles gleefully at the dare. "No backing down from any of it!" she says loudly to them, just in case, and then reaches to get a sip of her drink, looking a bit put out at the lack of much else left at the bottom of her glass. "Hey, Kez!" comes her loud voice as she looks back up away from her drink, dooming the greenrider from now on.

Jeffin smirks at the dare, and he teases Cenlia, "Now there isn't much of a dare. Just one kiss.' He takes another drink from Cenlia's homebrew. "He didn't even say where." He relaxes against the bar to watch Cenlia's dare.

Cenlia wrinkles her nose and grabs the homebrew bottle from Jeffin with an, "Oy, that's fer the game." The gardener girl can't help giggling a bit at Phy's slurred speech, but then blinks at M'nol, nose wrinkling slightly, "That it?" Hey, she's kissed plenty of guys. It's not like R'zel is /hideous/ or anything. The gardener girl shrugs, glancing at R'zel, and if her cheeks are faintly pink, blame it on the alcohol. Sigam and F'yr get an amused look, although Cenlia is snickering at R'zel, telling him, "Promise you'll still be able to walk afterward." See? He has her word. Keziah gets a waves, though Cenlia turns back to smirk at R'zel. He asked for it, didn't he?

R'zel is drunk enough to react to the given dare with laughter rather than terror. He has clearly forgotten what happened the last time someone kissed Cenlia against her will. "Well, I s'pose I'd be a coward if I didn't go through with it. Much like Cenlia said, right?" He says with a drunken wink. The 'permission' given from Cenlia is all that he needs. He gets to his feet and makes his way over to her chair, trying to smile as charmingly as he can with this many beers in his system. After drawing it out just long enough to work the crowd, he leans in and gives Cenlia a smooch right on the lips. And no cheating with a chaste brief peck either. He goes for it as only a drunken rider can, tongue and all.

Phylicia is playing 'colors of the rainbow' today, since she's gone from rose to beet, and now she's turning a little green. /This/ is why you don't drink strong spirits on an empty stomach. "Ech." The young girl moans softly as she stands up from her seat with a hand on the back of her chair. And maybe it was the beer that set off the girl's stomach since she didn't like the taste. "I … need t' go." She says loud enough to dismiss herself, a grimace making due for an apology to the group. And without much more warning - or staying to watch this last dare - the healer apprentice is out of the tavern at a pace that somehow nears a power-walk. It's just as well she wasn't tagged for the next round.

M'nol looks overjoyed with himself for a moment, then Phy was acting ill and… well.. he had commitments to her. He nods, looking more worried than anything else, his embarrasment forgotten, "I… I should go make sure she's alright… I…" and he's gone, bolting after her. He might even be calling out, it can be a little hard to tell in the night air.

Sigam's still making raised eyebrows at R'zel, fingers weaving distracted patterns across the fabric on F'yr's shoulder, but her little taste-test pulls his gaze in with a snap that, by all rights, should have been audible. "Well?" His attention is less easily drawn away, but eventually, the dare has to be acted out. R'zel's movement finally tears his gaze away from Fy, lips curling up into a big fat grin. "Yeah, Ruz!," he hoots with a laugh, appreciative of the brownrider's boldness. It's only Phy's apparent sickness that brings a slight frown to his face. "Awww. I hope you don't get sick. Drunk sickness is the worst," the Dragonhealer says in a strangely sympathetic way, waving for Phylicia and nodding when M'nol follows, totally understanding. "Who're you darin', R'zel?," the Dragonhealer asks at length, wriggling in his seat to find a comfortable pose even as F'yr's greeting for Kez lolls his head that-a-way. "Hi there!"

Keziah waves to the the others and watches as R'zel safely manages to kiss Cenlia. Imagine that. "'ello" she murmurs and she frowns a little as Phy runs off, followed quickly by M'nol. "She doesn't look to hot." she murmurs and then she's eyeing Sigam again and his wiggling. She closes her eyes and gives her head another shake and things perhaps it's best to change views. Or something like that and she moves around to the otherside of the table to watch.

Jeffin turns away from the kiss even before it starts. He pushes away the cup of alcohol and he reaches for one of the lemon treats to munch on as he waits for the next person to be called out in the game of Truth or Dare.

F'yr hmms lightly, too distracted to really take in what Sigam asked at her face first, though completely amused by the way he looked her way. "Well what?" she asks right back, eyes sliding from him to the others just past him and— "Oh! I was right. Tasted much better." Head bob. "Yup, definitely." She laughs as well at R'zel's take on the dare, though not quite as enthusiastic as other people might be. Her laughter is only cut by the couple leaving, wincing a little. "Feel better!" she calls after them. "Always one of 'em gets sick. Always. 'Least not nasty sick." And she waits on like the others for the next dare… or truth. "Just in time to join, Kez," she says to the greenrider, leaning further into Sigam if only to get a better look at the arriving greenrider, though she does shake her empty glass under the dragonhealer's nose. Someone wants booze.

Cenlia gets smooched! Other then going severely pink, she doesn't seem to have much of a problem with the kiss. However, it is ruined somewhat by the fact that the girl starts giggling partway through. Needless to say, she completely misses Phy and M'nol's exit. However, when the kiss does end, Cenlia looks right at R'zel and smirks, "Dare." Obviously, must beher turn, right?

R'zel grins in a terribly drunken way when he withdraws from kissing Cenlia. Absorbed in the moment and drunk, he hasn't even noticed the comings and goings of other participants in the game. He opens his mouth to inform her that she is the next recipient to be put on the spot, only to realize she has already lept to that conclusion. "Fine. I dare you to… huh?" He realizes then that M'nol has departed. Apparently the other brownrider was an integral part of her dare. "Hrm. I guess that won't work." He reclaims his previous seat while he thinks about the dare. Then, inspiration. "Ah-hah! Since you got that poor fellow drunk and made him go streaking, I think it's only fair if you have to do the same."

Sigam seems entirely too pleased by Fy's response, sighing in a happy fashion with his nod. "Good." Not that he was jealous or worried or anything, cough. An understanding look is flickered Jeffin's way, the Dragonhealer taking a lemon treat for himself, too. "Yesss, another dare!" As if he expected anything else from Cenlia, but who knows, she might have changed her mind at some point. A smirk turns to a series of choked giggles for R'zel's dare, one hand raising to unsuccessfully cover his mouth and the huge grin that had appeared there. "I'm with Fy - no backin' out!," the man slurs, raising his glass in a sort of toast for the gardener before he finishes it off. "Though we should prolly go outside." Indeed, some of the patrons that had been waxing and waning in interest were now particularly riveted. Sig shifts again before stooping to collect his pants and sandals, shifting his boxers down under Kezi's gaze and sticking his tongue out at the greenrider. "What?" Ignore the pantless man behind the curtain!

Jeffin finishes off the lemon treat and he takes a deep breath. He gets up off his seat to move next to Cenlia, "Well if she's doing it then so am I." He looks over at Cenlia and smiles as he takes off his shirt, "I'm not about to let you run stark naked through this weyr alone so if you gonna streak than so I am. It can be an adventure we had together." He folds up his shirt and looks to Cenlia, "I'm ready to streak when you are." He chuckles as he slips out of his boots.

Keziah eyes Fy a bit "Just in time?" she asks and then frowns a little. Not in disapproval over the game mind you, just her actual involvement in it. "I embarass myself enough as it is and you think I should join?" she asks and then she's blinking at Sigam "Umm. Nothing?" she murmurs and coughs a little "Yeah, I'm thinking fresh air would be a good thing." she notes especially with the talk of streaking. Don't look Ethel!

F'yr giggles again at Sigam's reaction, but her eyes are locked to R'zel as she waits, and then starts in on the mad cackling. "Perfect! It's always 'bout that time people start losing their clothes!" Fy doesn't seem too inclined to do so herself, though she does lean forward to try to steal that bottle of peach brandy to get more into her glass, if there was any left. If not, anything else she can get her hands on will do. With that she then makes sure to grab a snack and turns back to the daring. "It's too sharding crowded here, anyway. And we're all doing it, Kezi, we should all be embarrassed! It'll be fuuun." Gigglesnort. Which only turns to more giggles as she watches Jeffin undress too, getting up with her booze and her snacks she's already stuffing in her mouth to follow out. Clothed, for the moment.

Cenlia raises an eyebrow, finally noticing Phy and M'nol's empty seats, but before she can comment, R'zel is then daring her to do… /what/? Cenlia blinks at him, opening her mouth, and then suddenly grinning wickedly, "'Least I ain't covered in trundlebugs this time." Yes, /this/ time. Is that really surprising though? Her cheeks are already pink after the smooch; they can't get much pinker. The girl smirks, "'S too bad I don't got R'miel 't carry me without his clothes on neither." She's already heading for the door, flashing a grin at Sigam and Jeffin, and taking the booze with her! Tugging off her belt first, Cenlia shoots back over her shoulder at the rest of the table, "I dare ya /all/ to!" Does she even have to explain what? The girl is soon slipping out of pants and shirt as she ducks outside, but not before properly mooning the tavern! And those girly-curves are a /lot/ more noticable without the loose clothing on. "First one t' the beach without clothes on gets the bottle!" And then she streaks. Look out Xanadu - naked gardener coming through! With booze!

R'zel seems a little bit surprised how quickly his dare turns from one specific to Cenlia to one applied to the entire group. Still, he's drunk enough to just go with the flow. "Well, I suppose there's no sense in waiting." He says with a laugh as he gets to his feet, whipping off his shirt and running towards the entrance, whooping and yelling to make sure no one in the tavern is unaware of the spectacle.

Jeffin picks up his boots just in time for Cenlia to make her announcement. He laughs as he heasr out the door after her towards the beach. "Last one is a slow poke silly clothed wherry!" He calls out over his shoulder as he runs towards the beach.

Sigam nods towards Keziah, joining in with F'yr in convincing her to participate in the game. "Yeah, c'mon. It's just dares. And a few truths. Nothin' scary about that." Nevermind that Cenlia had just been dared to strip, pfff. Inconsequential. "Jeffin?" Sig raises his eyebrows at the baker, but soon enough his facial expressions melt from shocked to amused. "Ah man, go outside first!," the Dragonhealer says with a laugh before his surprise matches R'zel's. "All of us?" Well, damn, what does he have to hide. "She would make a reward, too wouldn't she?" Rolling his eyes, the man shrieks in feigned terror for the mooning and slides out after R'zel in a much quieter fashion, already hauling the shirt over his head. "I'm no wherry, and I bet I get the booze!," is his final cry before he's out the door.

Keziah is certainly /not/ drunk enough to just wildly abandon her clothing and she eyes F'yr "Fun? Sure. About as much fun as lying suspended in a vat of boiling numbweed maybe." she mutters and then she's watching the clothes fly. "I know. Someone needs to pick up after the lot of you. I certainly don't need no bottle of booze." She murmurs as she follows the crowd out the door, but not with the declothing of her body. "I'll be the wherry?" Sounds good to her.

"/All/ of us?" squeaks F'yr in surprise at the sudden dare aimed their way, enough to cut off her giggles as she stares at the stripping people. But it's Jeffin's words that has her taking a /big/ gulp of liquor, letting it warm her up, and then hurrying to follow. "Come on, Kezi!" she calls after the greenrider, even if she wasn't in on the whole 'fun'. And with many turns of experience in flights, the brownie is stripping while she runs until she's no more but a pale blur streaking out the clearing after them with a mad giggling filling in with others. At least she's fast enough and might not be a wherry? But there's one piece of fabric she's still clinging, even if it's not on her person.


Xanadu Weyr - Beach

The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Cenlia /runs/. And /bounces/. Though her laughter as she streaks through the clearing is enough to call attention to the whole mob of them. Clothing? Who needs /clothing/? Wheeee! And down to the beach she runs, straight into the surf, holding her clothes and the booze up high out of the water as she lets out a slightly drunken squeal. The water's /cold/ after all. The giggling doesn't stop as she runs back up the beach, managing to at least get her underpants and shirt back on. Unfortunately, she was going too fast to notice who made it to the beach first. She /does/ notice her five firelizards zooming overhead… and are those clothes they're carrying? The gardener just starts cackling. Oh no, she's not about to call attention to that.

Undressing while running is harder than it looks. Especially when you're drunk. But somehow, R'zel manages to get completely naked by the time he reaches the beach, just a short while after Cenlia. He then attempts an even trickier task: laughing while catching his breath. Of course, his attention is stolen in rather short order by the bouncing naked girl over by the water. He races out to join her, although he's a little shocked by the cold. "Yipes!"

Sigam is somehow practiced at the art of undressing on the run. Don't ask how. It would also be unwise to question why he had a sudden addition of red and gold plaid in his arms, though an additional three or four flits seem to have integrated themselves into Cenlia's wheeling fair. He promptly dumps the clothes at the water's edge before taking one, two, three giant strides into the water before diving in completely. Cold, shmold - the alcohol is strong with this one. Surfacing, the man shakes his hair and resumes his earlier cackling following Cenlia back to the beach at a much slower pace. "R'zel won!," the man crows with a snicker before scooping up the length of plaid and his belt. The former he wraps once around his waist, and the latter he uses to hold it up before he swaggers further up onto the beach, falling promptly onto his back. "Shards, how many people did we just flash?," he asks with what sounds suspiciously like a giggle.

Keziah is actually starting to like this. Watching drunk people undress while running? Priceless. Not that she's going to complain about the view either. Ah darn, water's hiding some of it now. She settles herself up on the edge of the beach and tucks away a few interesting tidbits she's picked up and continues to watch. Streaking and diving into cold water. Real bright. "Yay for R'zel?" and then there's a blink as she's eyeing Sigam again, this time a bit more so than when he was jsut in his boxers. "Wow." that's all she says as she eyes him. She swallows and then gives herself a bit of a shake and then adds "they're right. That is something to see." Cough.

F'yr left everything scattered about except for one piece of clothing, which is her shirt she's carrying with her. She's giggling, skipping, and just having a merry good time. The girl that won't be found in nothing less but a big shirt anywhere outside of the baths? Yup, that's her! And just like everyone else she follows with a bound into the cold waters, not daring to be left out. "I didn't win?" she says as she catches word about R'zel, getting nice and wet before crawling out of gold waters with a pout. Aw, that seems to have popped one of her happy bubbles, even if there were plenty more there. She wringes the shirt out before flapping it back out, eyes roving over towards Sigam and his… skirt. "Well, that's interesting." Blink. "The entire Weyr!" she answers with a cackle. Wait until morning for her.

Now that she's on the beach, Cenlia laughs and enjoys the view, snickering a bit at R'zel and then… Sigam. Cenlia stares, nodding in agreement with Keziah and then /pointing/. "What the shards are you /wearing/?" And then Cenlia laughs, grinning at F'yr, "The entire weyr," and taking a swig of the booze before handing the bottle to R'zel. "Shards, 's cold," the girl grumbles, bare legs not liking the breeze /at all/. She looks around mutterin, "Need a fire or somethin'." And then snickers, "Who's next?" Because obviously, they're still playing, aren't they? Buahaha.

R'zel has no desire to stay in the water any longer than necessary. He follows out and takes the bottle from Cenlia, enjoying the view with a thoroughly drunken grin. "Thanks." He chugs down quite a bit, despite possibly not needing it by now. "Yeah, it is a little chilly." How to get warm? Somehow, he comes up with the great idea of wrapping an arm around Cenlia to help gather heat. Clearly, he is not going to survive this evening. "Well, your dare was the last. You should pick the next, right?"

Jeffin comes in and is pulling a sock away from is firelizard, "Cinnamon stop it." He growls as he shoos the firelizard away. "Stupid firelizard." He jogs out onto the beach and he finishes undresing to go steaking with everyone else. He trots out onto the beach and looks around for the others, "Sorry about that stupid firelizard tried to steal my sock."

Sigam tilts his head up and back for Keziah's 'wow,' lips twitched off to one side. The last time he'd been this drun- No, the time before the last time he was this drunk, he'd held himself in check. Not so much tonight - tonight, he skates his hands down his dripping sides, winking quite ridiculously. "Isn't it just?," he teases, knowing somewhere wayyy deep down she probably meant the man-skirt, just like the rest of them. "Ah, shards, relax, it's a kilt. Haven'cha ever seen one before?" Smirking, the Dragonhealer raises himself up onto his elbows, leveling a dangeresque look F'yr's way. "Very interesting," he agrees in that purring voice he used earlier, returning her look before letting his eyes shift up and down. Oh dear. It's a good thing Cenlia mentions a fire - almost immediately he's up, asking after something to light it with as he gathers driftwood. It would even burn pretty colors! "Yeah, your pick, Cen," the man nods towards R'zel before smirking over at Jeffin. "Your sock? Why?" Who knows, with firelizards…

Keziah watches that hand skating down and then her eyes following and then she yanks her gaze away, muttering incoherantly at herself. "Course I ain't seen one." she notes and she's eyeing R'zel and Cenlia.. Interesting. Though her attention drifts just a bit more to Cen, does he live? Or does he die. Hmm and then there's Sigam moving and she's watching again. Might was well enjoy the view right, and her eyes drift around to R'zel and Jeffin, hmm wait, wee bit young for her tastes and then around again, enjoying the eye-candy. "Shoulda brought some juice with me. This is thirsty work." Okay, so maybe she's drooling? Nah.

"Wherry?" F'yr asks Jeffin as she spots him coming in, giggling at him trying to get his sock back. She shakes the water out of her face, wet hair whipping about for a moment before she turns to look back down at Sigam. And then she has a nice brain fart for him to get a good long look, herself just sort of staring at a spot somewhere on the dragonhealer. And then her face turns a brighter shade of red than it already was and she starts tugging on the wet shirt over her head. Not quite a swimming shirt though… Not to mention the fact it was all wet. "Fire?" she asks, perking up at that word as her brain catches up and she wheels about to bounce after Sigam. "I wanna light it!" Not that she had anything on her.

That arm there? Around Cenlia? The one that belongs to R'zel? Yeah.. if she were sober right now, he possibly might not have that arm anymore. Fortunately for the brownrider, the gardener girl is /drunk/. And a drunk Cenlia is a much more mellow Cenlia. And she just leans on him, while eyeing Sigam speculatively. Yay for eye-candy. Although the girl wrinkles her nose at his kilt, "'S a /skirt/." A man-skirt, at that. But F'yr gets a laugh, Cenlia grinning broadly and then agreeing cheerfully, "He's a wherry!" She's snickering a bit and telling Jeffin with a grin, "Be glad he ain't got yer underpants again!" And then the girl stiffens. Wait… if Jeffin is over /there/ fighting a firelizard for a sock then- and her elbow suddenly comes up and jerks back. Hard. Purely reflex, of course.

When R'zel isn't immediately killed by Cenlia, he relaxes immensely. Lowering his guard he just smiles and enjoys the nice warm feeling of the girl leaning on him. Of course, that just makes the inevitable elbowing all the more painful. "Oooaaahhghhg!" The brownrider has the wind knocked out of him, and in short order he's lying on his back on the sand, wincing. "Wasn't worth it…" He says, weakly.

Jeffin shrugs to Sigam, "I don't know probably to join wherever my boxers are." He looks over at F'yr, "Nope my firelizard Cinnamon, although he's as close to a wherry as a firelziard can come." He smirks a little bit as R'zel goes down and he moves over to Cenlia, "Are you okay?" He asks her as he offers her his arm, "Yah I'm glad it wasn't my underwear, but I'd like to know what's gotten into my firelizard." He steps over the fallen brownrider, "Did I hear someone say something about a fire?"

Sigam smirks over at Keziah, but it's moved from ridiculously flirtatious to friendly, one eyebrow raising up. "We have juice. It's just… really, really fermented. Right Cen?" The Dragonhealer is actually surprised the gardener hasn't sprouted a shovel from the ground and mashed R'zel in the face with it, but then again oh look a shiny shell heehee, he was staggering. Wait, where was he? "It's a /kilt/. If I wore something under it, /then/ it would be a skirt," he says firmly towards Cenlia before glancing over at the bouncing F'yr, likely taking much longer than was necessary to look away. He had to preserve one of these images in his brain through the booze blackouts somehow! "Yes, fire. Do you have a-" The gurgly sound of Cen's elbow connecting with R'zel's stomach distracts the Dragonhealer momentarily. Man down! "Ow. Dude, are you alright?" His gaze flicks up to Jeffin when the baker steps right over the brownrider, but he doesn't do anything but wince, grin, and shake his head. Quite the combo. "Can you light it?," he asks of Fy, carrying the wood back to a 'central' location for their group, man-skirt swishing all the way.

Keziah wrinkles her nose "I don't drink." she murmurs. I mean look at her. She's such a light weight. She's eyeing Sigam wearing "You mean, you normally go around wearing nothing under that?" Her eyes widen and then she whistles. "Wow. Talk about drafty." she can't help but snicker a little as the Sigam staggers a bit. Peek? Nahh.. not Kezi.. right? Hee. Her eyes drift over to F'yr and she hmms a little as she watches the brownrider bounce "Not sure it's safe for any of ya to be lighten a fire…"

"It's like he just wrapped a big /towel/ around himself. Booring," says F'yr, the one that put on a shirt when she remembered of course. She giggles at his comment though, brows raising and looking like she wanted to say more when she spins to find R'zel on the ground instead. Brownrider in pain down ont he ground? /Funny/, too. Likely it'd even be funny if she were sober, but Fy's giggling at almost everything at this point. Her hand waves at Keziah, snorting again. "Course it's safe! I do it all the time! Jus' give me something, Siggy, and I'll have a fire going in no time." She'll just stick close, following that driftwood like a moth to— well, she'll eventually be entrance by the fire, whenever it gets lit.

Cenlia's expression is rather sheepish. She didn't actually mean to knock over the poor brownrider. Okay, that might be a lie. Still, the noise he makes has her jumping well clear of him, looking half-sobered. She just blinks at Jeffin, not taking /his/ arm but managing a confused, "Huh? Yeah, fine…" and her eyes go to R'zel. Cen actually manages to look a little apologetic, "Um, y'alright?" She begins to offer him a hand up, then hesitates. Like he's gonna trust her /now/. Sigam gets a raised brow and a laughing, "Right!" Yay, fermented juice! She eyes that man-skirt with an unreadable expression, finally muttering, "'S worsen seein' Eled in a sarong." And the girl makes a face, mention of a fire having her grinning again as she tells F'yr brightly, "Ya got dragons don'tcha? They make fire, right?" Somehow. Cen might be a little fuzzy on remembering about firestone chewing right now. Though Cenlia is looking back toward R'zel. He was the last one with the booze after all…

R'zel may be hurt, but he's also drunk. And being very drunk has two effects which are quite relevant to the present situation: numbing pain, and extremely poor judgement. Not only does he accept Cenlia's hand up but he promptly clings to her again, the exact same behavior which got him in this situation to begin with. He's still got that bottle, though most of the booze spilled out during his tumble. "Thanksh, Cen. Yer realllly nice." He slurs, despite the fact that she just knocked him over and gave him a bruise.

Jeffin lets his arms drop and he nods "Good." he looks over to what Sigam is wearing, "Are you sure that isn't a skirt cause it looks like one?" He laughs a little it, "That must have been quiet a sight to see." He looks at R'zel as he starts to cling to Cenlia again and he's had enough. He goes to push R'zel back this time, "She doesn't want you clinging to her so get off of her all right. Just cause she kissed you during the game doesn't mean you can be pawing her now." He tried really hard to hold back but he's had enough.

"Why not?," Sigam asks most plaintively, almost in a whine. "We're safe." Hahahahaha. "And yep, you gotta wear nothin'. Otherwise it looks silly." As if it isn't now? Sigh. Might wanna give up on logical reasoning from our friendly neighborhood Dragonhealer tonight. The mention of boring-ness has the man glancing slyly F'yr's way, a cheshire's grin working its way onto his face. "I can take it back off, if you'd like." He lets the brownrider defend their firemaking capacity, having to focus entirely too hard on arranging the wood into a tee-pee shape. "Don't /make/ me take it off," he threatens againt towards Cenlia, one finger shaking distractedly before Jeffin's words reach Sig's ears. Some little part of his brain that irons out conflicts perhaps sparks to life… or maybe he just sees R'zel as the best candidate for flame-fetching. "Dude, chill," is said towards the baker in an understanding tone before, in all graveness, Sigam turns to face Ruz. "Okay. We need… fire. A sticky thing with flame. We /need/ this." Drunkenness overemphasizes the difference between need and want, the man rocking back on his heels slightly, but he has to say, "This is your mission. Can you do it?" And then he's staggering backwards with a giggle. Heeee. Why so serious?

Keziah's attention is diverted from Sigam, and even as he's daring to bare it all, all over again but Jeffin and R'zel. Not good. Now here is one reason she doesn't drink. She purses her lips a little and then she's getting up and sauntering over towards Jeffin and R'zel "Now, which of you fine fella's is gonna get a poor girl a drink? My throats parched and I ain't got nothin' to cool it down with." she smiles ever so whimsomly and then sighs forlornly "You ain't gonna make me have to wander all the way back fer somethin' now are ya? I'd get to miss out on all your fine lookin' figures and all."

F'yr goes a little quiet as she considers just what Sigam said. "Hmm… well… I suppose we wouldn't want you to be all /cold/ and all," she says with a little giggle, turning away from staring at one kilt to look at the others around her, lifting her brows to Cenlia and then the fighting boys. With the wood already in place somewhere, she flops down heavily onto the sand in front of it, facing the almost-fight. "I got a mark on R'zel," she quietly notes. "Strong, helped me move a nice big mattress." She giggles quietly to herself as she reaches over to poke at a piece of driftwood. "If you find my pants, I usually have matches in there!" she says a little louder in case someone went searching.

It's debatable whether Cenlia is more surprised by R'zel's lack of a grudge or by his statement. Oh terrific, and now she's got the brownrider /clinging/ to her. Still, her attention is on the bottle, the girl wrinkling her nose and grumbling, "Ya spilled the booze-" because obviously that is the worst offense he's committed tonight. Jeffin gets a few bleary blinks, Cenlia managing to look somewhere between startled and baffled. It's not like she's been particularly blameless either. Especially if she's somewhat /drunk/. The girl does blurt a rather quick, "Dun spill the booze again!" however, making to grab the bottle if R'zel doesn't keep ahold of it. "Was a good kiss tho'," Cenlia observes. Oh yeah, that /definitely/ isn't helping things. Sigam's offer to remove the kilt has Cenlia snickering, the girl calling over, "Ya looked better without it," and dissolving into giggles. The gardener girl manages to catch Keziah's words, adding in a request of her own, "Get some more brandy bottles!" And as F'yr's last comment reaches her, Cenlia is grinning and announcing, "Quick, we gotta find her pants!"

R'zel seems honestly confused when Jeffin wanders over and begins shoving him. Luckily for all concerned, he's far from an angry drunk. He just seems completely befuddled. "Huh?" F'yr may be disappointed in her betting, as he doesn't seem too inclined to actually start a fight. It does at least get him to let go of Cenlia, though. In fact, he seems to have completely forgotten about her until she comes back around to get the bottle. And that comment sends his mind straight back into the gutter. "There's plenty more where that came from!" He says as he hands over the mostly-empty container. Then people approach and start asking him to /do/ things, despite his terribly wasted state. "Okay. So I have to go back and get… a drink for Keziah, and… something to set on fire. Okay. Uhm… where are my pants?"

Jeffin looks over towards Sigam, "I'm am chill, just tired of him being grabby with my girlfriend." He moves to put his arm around Cenlia, "Just cause she's drunk doesn't mean I'm gonna let people take advantage of her." He's drunk himself but he does look down at R'zel, "Sorry I pushed you…I just get a bit jealous around Cenlia cause lots of guys think they can take advantage of her. I just don't wanna see her get hurt." He hmms, "Can't we get some candidates to get some booze for us…they are always all around underfoot when you don't need them?"

"You can keep me warm, then," Sigam says simply in the same chatterbox tone he's been using, "by keeping the fire going." Of course that's what he meant. Mmhmm. "I ain't takin' no bets, either. Mostly 'cause I can't remember where anything is right now." He looks briefly worried about this, but shrugs, writing it off. "Aw, the booze spilled? Nooo," the Dragonhealer whines, but maybe that's for the best - like he needs to get any drunker, pff. That call from Cenlia earns a beady eye from the man, whose gaze switches between Cenlia and Fy alternatingly. "Fine." Fingers fumble with his belt, and then the kilt drops to the sand. "Happy?" Snorting at the demand that F'yr's pants be found, Sigam flicks a hand towards R'zel, saying, "You focus on getting Miss Kezi a drink. I'll find the pants." Indeed, he seems hell-bent on doing just that, turning on his heel and marching back towards the weyr in naught but his turnday suit yet again.

Keziah rolls her eyes at Jeffin "Kids. Always trying to shirk responsibilty." she snorts a bit and then she smiles at R'zel "Leave F'yr to set something on fire." She notes with patient smile and then turns around to head back to her seat, just in time as Siggy dare's to bare and she just openly stares at him a moment and then shakes her head "Oh the irony. He drops it and now looks for pants." However, she doesn't seem to mind the southern exposure and will watch. Hey, she is a full-blooded woman. Not that R'zel isn't a bit of eye-candy either.

F'yr's head goes doing that enthusiastic bobbing again. "I can do that!" she replies to Sigam about keeping him warm, at least she says so after hearing the word 'fire' afterwards. She already gets a piece of driftwood to poke at the other unlit ones, messing up the teepee. She looks a little bit disappointed in the lack of a all out fight over at the other end of the group, watching Jeffin and Cenlia's interactions closely before something else makes her look away. Like a completely nude Sigam. At least she's not the only one that's staring for the moment, and her blue eyes seem fixed as she watches him leave to find her pants. "They're brown!" she finally squeaks out, as if that might actually help him. Or as if he didn't know.

"Get more bottles of brandy," Cenlia suggests to R'zel good-naturedly. And then the girl wrinkles her nose at Jeffin, face going red, as she pauses in her search for F'yr's pants to mutter, "Can take care of m'self!" And up comes her elbow again. Insult not a drunken gardener's pride; she is twitchy and has quick reflexes. Especially when she's not sober enough to remember boyfriends are allowed to do that. Get more booze in her though, and she'd probably cuddle up to L'ton. Sigam de-kitling has Cenlia choking out a laugh. And then suddenly remembering the game, Cenlia points at the poor pantsless R'zel, "I dares ya t' wear the skirt!" Keziah's comment about dropping and then searching for pants has Cenlia snickering all over again. Easily distractd girl? Naah.

"Wait a second…" R'zel blinks, wheels turning very slowly in his booze-addled brain. "Cenlia's your girlfriend?" He looks at the girl, then back at him. Suddenly, it dawns on him how his conduct might be construed as mildly inappropriate. "I didn't know… if I'd known she was taken, I never would have… uh…" He looks thoughtful for a moment. "Wait. What did I do again?" Not firing on all cylinders right now. Plus, he's very easily distracted from that train of thought when Sigam comes up with the proposed plan of action. "Okay! Keziah, I am going to go get something extra special, just for you!" Apparently, he's a man with a death wish tonight. Before departing he leans in to whisper something to Keziah, then smacks her on the butt before turning to depart, drunken grin in full force. He's about to head back to the weyr when Cenlia's dare sinks in. "Huh. I guess it is my turn, huh?" And so, he moves to gather up the manskirt and put it on, unless Keziah does something terrible to him in retaliation.

Jeffin frowns at her as he gets yelled at, "Yah and we agreed that I could help you…watch your back." He tries to dodge the elbow but gets a glancing blow that sends him on his butt in the sand. He rubs where he got hit and nods, "I definitely need some more booze…" He looks over to R'zu and nods, "Yah she's my girlfriend…just…don't worry about it, just remember she's taken." He pushes himself up, "Is someone going to get something more to drink?"

If there's an extra switch in Sigam's step when he leaves, it's surely just because he's trying not to fall on his face, not because he knows they're watching and is showing off his buns 'o' steel, right? Right. The brown pants comment is given a thumbs-up as he rounds the corner and disappears from sight, heading back the way they had come. Apparently, the pants weren't that far away in the end, for within moments the Dragonhealer reappears, hands already busily digging through F'yr's pockets in search of the elusive matches. "Ah ha!" With a cry he raises them over his head, coming back to the beach in this victory pose. "I found them! Here, Fy, catch." Would've been easier for her to do so if he'd thrown straight, but shhhh. He was distracted. By… the breeze. Yes. "Now we can have a fire!" This is entirely too exciting. "Drink? Should we keep drinking? Seems like we've done lots of that." He sways by way of demonstration before lowering himself to the sand by the fire before he fell into the flames or something equally disasterous.

Keziah blinks at R'zel a moment as he mentions getting something extra special and she looks a tad confused and when he whispers into her ear, her face turns a brilliant shade of red and she all but squeaks as he smacks her on the butt. She's left standing there staring at him at a loss for words. Just give her a bit, she'll think up something devious or something and then she mutters. "I ain't cute. Thats for fluffy critters and all." She deliberatly tried to not watch R'zel and then there's Siggy and his buns of steel. She'll steal his buns… She grumps a bit and shoots a glare towards R'zel and sticks her tongue out at him and then flops onto the sand and brings her knees up to her chest and plants her chin on knee and holds onto her legs. "Men." grump.

They're mesmerizing! Those buns and all actually manage to hold F'yr's attention for a little bit before she's shaking her head and turning to look for something else. She can't help but watch Cenlia and Jeffin's little bout now, tucking her knees under her and sitting a bit glumly in her spot of sand until she can get something exciting like fire area. There's a giggle for Keziah though. "Yeah," she agrees with her. And then Sigam's voice makes her face jerk up, and she flails out with both hands, flopping onto her belly as she tries to grab for the matches as they come flying her way. Of course, even /her/ aim is bad trying to catch the matches, and she has to crawl to them in a sandy mess before grabbing them and returning to the wood. It takes a bit, but fixing it up /just/ right and she finally starts getting a little fire going. Drunk. That's mad skillz right there with the drunk brownie, and not a burn on her! She happily sits back to watch her work burn its way into a bonfire.

"I ain't agreed t' nothin'," Cenlia grumbles, huffing slightly and stomping over to the stick pile, "Shards, I need more booze." She flops down near F'yr, and watches the flying matches with a blink, eyes going to Sigam and his …buns. The gardener girl smirks, "'Course we need more booze!" And she then seems to remember that she's still carrying the booze bottle she nabbed from R'zel, and promptly gulps down whatever's left. And burps. Keziah gets a curious look, "Y'ain't cute?" Cenlia seems to ponder this a moment, before she decides, "Yer right, ya ain't no ovine. 'Cept ovines ain't cute…" More pondering, "Whatabout pretty? Tha' works, right?" She's so helpful. And then gardener girl is nodding, "Yeah, men!" And then she's blinking and watching F'yr with more than a little fascination, the girl's face looking immediately wary at the fire. Somewhere, in the back of her slightly sozzled brain, Cenlia knows fire + booze = bad.

R'zel shoots a grin back over his shoulder at Keziah. "Maybe I could've chosen my words… more betterly." R'zel could've chosen a lot of things more betterly on this evening, it seems like. "Right! I'll be back, with the most delicious booze you've ever tasted!" He slurs. And so, R'zel marches off to the weyr clad in nothing more than a skirt, in search of alcohol. Sadly, he is not seen again this evening. How could an incredibly drunk and somewhat injured man wearing nothing but a skirt fail at his quest to find magically powerful and delicious alcohol? It's hard to imagine, but somehow he does. The party will just have to continue without him.

Jeffin frowns at Cenlia, "Yes you did." He pouts as he picks himself up and he goes to find a seat by where the fire is being built. He brings his clothes with him and sits down on them. He grumbles about sharding women.

Keziah's muttering only earns an amused, scrunch-eyed look from from Sigam. No response, except maybe a hissy bit of laughter coming through his nose. The blooming fire catches and holds his admittedly small attention span, but soon enough he's scootching closer to F'yr's other side. Scoot. Scootscootch. SCOOOOOT. Then, with a flop, he curls up on his side with every intent of resting his head on her knee. Awk~ward~! "Well, good, Ruzy's gettin' some more," the man mumbles up and over towards Cenlia, only snorting vaguely at the mention of ovines. He hadn't been there, but he'd heard enough about it to be amused. R'zel is given a departing wave before something Jeffin's mumbled has the Dragonhealer nodding like crazy. "Exactly, man. You said it." He's probably agreeing for agreement's sake, just like he was humming low and quiet, mostly to himself.

Keziah glares at Cen "Well of course I ain't no bloody ovine." she snorts a bit and then gets up and brushes herself off. There's anothe glare off in R'zels direction "Shardin' fool." she mutters and then she decides to take off for her weyr. "Careful you don't catch somethin of yours on fire." she remarks to Sigam before she heads out.

"You think he might find some?" F'yr asks Cenlia dubiously as she watches R'zel leave in Sigam's man-skirt. "He better be quick 'bout it, if he does." Pout. But she happily has the fire to keep her entertained, still keeping one long stick to prod at it every so often now that it was getting bigger. Poke. Poke. "Yeah, Kezi's pretty. Zaru likes her Alo…" She seems to find that funny at the moment, giving it a giggle. She barely notices Sigam's sudden scooting until he's suddenly almost in her lap, blinking down to him. And suddenly her free hand is petting his head, like she had been doing with Sab hours earlier in the tavern. Awkward didn't exist when you were drunk! That was all for the morning after when everyone finds themselves naked and in a heap. "I dunno. I think men're the worse in the lot all over the place. What'd you say, Cen?" Yes, she's going to turn this into a men vs. women thing now, even if her fingers were running through Sigam's hair.

Cenlia watches R'zel leave with a hopeful look for the promised booze. She does blink a little when Keziah leaves as well, the gardener girl scratching her head. She turns to F'yr, snickering a bit at Sigam and then nodding to the brownrider, "Lotsa booze in Xanadu!" She should know, she's sampled most of it. "Yeah, men're definitely worse," Cenlia wrinkles her nose at Jeffin, "'Specially when they get all thing, and stuff." Grumble grump grumble; she waves a hand expressively, though what exactly she's trying to express never quite makes it out.

Jeffin looks over at Cenlia and he moves over towards her. "I get all that way cause I care about you." He says as he sits down next to her even if she is gonna elbow him again or worse.

"I won't!," Sigam calls cheerily after Keziah, but he doesn't move from his position. Indeed, he looks entirely too comfortable, eyes falling shut against the dancing flames as F'yr begins to play with his hair. For a moment, some part of him balks, shoulders tensing up, but it passes just as quickly as it came. "Mmm. I don' care what you say 'bout us, jus' don' stop, 'kay?" Giving a contented sigh, the Dragonhealer seems as if he's on the verge of going to asleep, side rising and falling in a steady rhythm. Waking up in a naked pile is indeed becoming a possibility, even if it's just a pile of himself.

F'yr doesn't seem to notice Sigam tense up at all, still petting all the while without pause. Either that or she was too drunk to really care. "Lotsa booze but none here with us!" whines F'yr to Cenlia, giving a shake of her head. "That sharding Mattress… He ain't ever gonna help me find a bed at this rate!" Completely off topic, that. She snorts and looks down at the Dragonhealer in her lap. "Ordering us 'bout, thinking we're just gonna sit 'round and wait on 'em, being absolutely no fun anymore… Yeah, men are pretty bad." Likely she's not talking about the one in her lap. "But that… thing and stuff is just the worse, yeah." Whatever Cenlia was going to say, Fy agrees. Her fingers flutter over Sigam's face though, and then she's leaning forward… and reaching for the more tender part of his bare sides for a quick tickle.

As long as there's no touching or clinging, Cenlia seems to tolerate the baker's proximity, although she does wrinkle her nose at him again. Nodding enthusiastically in agreement with F'yr, there's a, "Yeah! Sharding man. Worsen' ovines sometimes." But F'yr's comments about does booze do seem to have the gardener girl's attention, Cenlia getting to her feet with a, "'M gonna find my stash of ale," and slipping her feet into her boots. But she's looking around all squinty-like, before finally muttering, "Where's my pants?" There's only a brief grumble, however, before the girl is jogging back to the weyr and into the garden, likely never to be found or seen again… or at least until she gets over the hangover.

Jeffin gets up and stretches, "Hey wait up." he follows after her still streaking, but he's got all his clothes.

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