Sent Packing!

Xanadu Weyr - Thea's Weyr

This clearing is sheltered by a thick canopy of trees, which seems supported at its centre by an immense, wild-growing fellis tree. Hanging from one of its high branches is a swing, made up of two ropes and a seat of softwood and leather. The grass is tall here and interrupted in places by clusters of white and blue alyssum. Alyssum covers the indentation of the wallow, remaining hardy despite being continually crushed. The constant sound of herdbeast in their pens can be heard close-by, though its source is invisible through the foliage.

The cottage itself is made of white softwood, like birch, though creeping vines cover all four of its walls from the outside and even encircle the brown-shuttered windows and matching door.

Early evening, the sun is sliding steadily downward when Inimeth brushes Seryth's mind lightly with the scent of sun-drenched lavendar. He and D'son are approaching and the request to come to their place is polite.

The answer returned is an affirmative beat of gentle rain welcoming him to come with an added caution: Hers has not slept since the accident.

Inimeth sets down and trots into the area, his thoughts curling gently towards Seryth, thanks for the warning. « And how are you this evening? » he inquires warmly. D'son swings off the bronze dragon's back and walks up the path towards the door, knuckles to wood there. "Thea?"

Seryth replies with cool fog that swirls in her answer, «I am well. » The knock at the door receives no immediate response, but after a time the door opens and Thea is there, brushing damp hair. Her hand stops mid-stroke and she blinks away a disappointed look to smile in puzzlement, then wary apprehension, "This isn't about… Tenebrous is it?" She's stepping back to allow the Weyrleader in, remembering her manners belatedly.

"Hey," D'son says with a little smile. "Yeah, I wanted to make sure you're okay? They told me you were up all night," Dels says with concern as he steps through. "I'm sorry I didn't come sooner, I had some appointments this morning that I couldn't duck out of."

"Oh." Of course he would have heard. "I'm fine, just tired. Thanks, though." Thea flickers a look, reading if she can, if there's any bad news coming. "Nothing… ah, more from the Healer Hall?" She gestures toward the small table, "Would you like to sit?" She moves towards the kitchenette, "Something to drink?"

There's nothing on D'son's face to betray any bad news. "Sure, up all night, that would make for tired. But no, no news from the Hall," he says, shaking his head. "Is there anything I can do for you, actually?" Dels asks, coming to a halt behind one of those chairs, hands resting along its back, not sitting just yet.

Thea's hand stops mid-reach for the cooler door, turning to look over her shoulder with a look of relief. "Ah, that's good." She pauses, uncertainly, his brow wrinkles in thought, "Do for me?" Up all night makes for a slow brain as well as tired. She shakes her head vaguely, "Not that I know of." She opens the door, peeks inside, "I have…wine, fruit juice…and some of D'had's ale." Back to him with a small grin, "Don't think he'd mind if you had some of that." It's really more of a question than a statement as she waits.

"I'm all right, thanks, Thea. You don't have to get me anything," D'son says with a little smile. "And I'm not going to steal D'had's ale on him. Just … promise me you'll get some rest tonight? Hm? And if you need some time away, just let me know. I'll put in a word for you with Niva. You work so hard."

Thea straightens, shuts the door with a short laugh, "Okay, but I 'm sure the two of you can always settle up at the Tavern another time." She shrugs and steps towards the table. "I'll sleep tonight," she promises quietly. She pulls out one of the chairs, slides into it. "I never did get away after the eggs hatched, but now…" She shrugs, leaving the rest unsaid.

"Sure, we like ale, me and D'had," D'son says with a laugh, still leaning on the back of that chair, speaking to Thea as she seats herself. He watches her, listens, nods a couple of times. "It might be a good idea, you know. Take a breather?"

Seryth and Inimeth are in the clearing in front of Thea's cottage. The door had been left open to the breeze since it is a nice evening out. The Weyrleader is standing behind one of the chairs at Thea's table, while the junior sits across from him. The pair are talking, just casual conversation.

"Yah, I'd like to, but-" Thea shrugs again, "When is there time?" She props her elbows on the table and rests her chin on her hands, tilting her head a bit to look up at him, "Not gonna sit?" She's thinking about it though, "Besides, where does one go to vacation alone? I've never been anywhere but here and Western Weyr?"

"When time gets made for you," D'son answers with a little wag of one finger. "Oh .. sure, I wasn't planning to say too long. I know you're tired," the Weyrleader says sympathetically, but he does pull that chair out finally and sits down. "Anywhere that you'd like to see. There's so many places to go."

D'had knocks, but he doesn't exactly wait for an answer before he pushes the door open. Likely the dragon pair outside have already noted his arrival anyway. "Vacation?" he questions. "You're taking a vacation…" That seems to be a concept that baffles him being that the Weyrsecond simply sends a bewildered look towards Thea. So he overheard that bit on the way in. Oops?

Thea smiles as he sits, "Too early to sleep anyway, besides, I'd wake up in the wee hours with nothing to do but be bored." His finger-wagging has her frowning slightly, "Oh, but-" The junior protests, "I'm in the middle of helping Master Fraille with-" Her head turns towards the door at the knock, her face brightens as D'had walks in. "Not going anywhere."

"A little," D'son concedes about the hour then shakes his head. "And that's how you —" and there's D'had's knock and he turns, looks up at the Weyrsecond. "Hey D'had, I was just swinging by to check on Thea after all the excitement. I'm recommending a little vacation time."

D'had nods, "Ahh," for the checking in. "Good to see, and if you'll take the suggestion, I'd say make that recommendation and order Weyrleader," this said to D'son as if Thea weren't even there. "That way she might actually take it."

Thea's hands drop and she's sitting bolt upright in her chair, her mouth is left hanging open at that suggestion until it closes with a tiny snap as she shoots the Weyrsecond a short glare. See how glad she is to see him now? Then she's blinking back to D'son, "You wouldn't." It's really a question.

"You have a good point there, Weyrsecond," D'son says seriously and looks back over at Thea. "Actually, I would if I thought it was called for."

D'had can only smirk, flashing the junior that lopsided grin of his as he closes the gap between door and table. "Vacation isn't such a bad idea," he points out to the woman, "Get out of the weyr for a few days. Ain't like we can't get ahold of you if we need to." Dragons being what they are.

Oh /if/. In that case, "Fine. I'll go next month or something." The junior shrugs at the Weyrleader with feigned nonchalance. They'll forget it by then. She shoots the Weyrsecond a suspicious look, ice flashes in the green of her eyes as she gives him an up-down look. Not too tired to be riled is she? "Oh, yeh? Why's it that you never do?" Hastily she adds, "And flights do not count!" If two can play this game, there's certainly room for one more?

Leaning back in his chair, D'son observes the dynamic between the two and then slides his hands behind his head. "All right then. That's orders. You're both to go away. Together. On vacation. Three days." He holds up three fingers. "I don't want to see either of you anywhere near Xanadu for three whole days and I'd better hear about relaxing in a hammock on beach or something like it, got it?"

D'had blinks and then he's staring at D'son rather than making some remark he was going to towards Thea. Wait, wait, wait! When did he get pulled into all this. "I took my vacation." Yes, because half a day at the tavern after that last big storm that was how long ago now? counts as a vacation. Really. Blink. Stare.

Thea just sort of flumps against the back of her chair, crossing her arms with a rebellious mutter, "Yes, Sir. Got it. Three days. I'll go sometime next month, sure thing." Her eyes slide to give D'had a triumphant look out of the corner of her eyes, clearly enjoying his dismay. Her attempt to stop a smirky-grin from turning up the corners of her mouth fails miserably.

"Someone needs to make sure she's /staying/ on vacation," D'son notes about Thea, "so since you suggested the whole orders thing, D'had, there you go. Three days. Consider it a belated congratulations present on getting that big knot." Back to Thea. "No. You'll go tomorrow. Start packing."

D'had mutters something to the effect of 'damn woman' as he cuts a glare towards Thea. Mutter. Mutter. There might even be a little something in there for the Weyrleader. "You heard him hussy, get to gettin'," he says, making a shooing motion towards the junior with one hand. "Could have done with a day pass for the tavern or somethin ya know." That clearly for D'son's comment of belated congratulations.

"Tomor-!" Thea cuts her protest to the Weyrleader off right there. Orders are orders. She rises and marches to her dresser, opens a drawer and tosses a few things on the bed. She turns on one foot, walks to a closet, grabs a hide bag, walks back to her bed and stuffs the clothes in it. That H-word from D'had has her freezing mid-pack. "Excuse me? What was that you called me?" There's a dangerous flash in her ice-green eyes now. Eyes that narrow as they stare at the Weyrsecond before swinging back to the Weyrleader with a lift of her chin. "Not going anywhere with a man who'll call me that."

"Hey, you have three days of passes at whatever taverns you wind up at out there," D'son says with a flick of his fingers 'out there'. "But don't go calling Thea a hussy," he says to D'had with a look like 'what're you thinking man'.

"Aw, come on sweets, you know I was just pickin' on ya," D'had tosses the comment towards Thea as she turns back to them complete with impish grin and a wink - which hopefully isn't caught by D'son. "Yes sir," he replies for the Weyrleader's additional 'order', marking off a salute towards him.

"My vacation, right?" Thea asks the Weyrleader sweetly. Yes? "I don't -do- taverns." She pauses, "Know a place without any?" The Weyrsecond's callus dismissal of her feelings does not amuse her. Cool eyes slide back his way, her voice cold, "No, I do not know it." She turns back to the bag and begins pulling her clothes right back out and stuffing them back in her drawers. "He can go. I'll stay." She informs D'son without looking at either of them.

"Nope. You're going, Thea. With or without D'had. The point is, time off. And you don't have to go to the taverns, though you know, if you wind up staying at a nice place, most of them have stuff to drink downstairs." Pushing to his feet D'son straightens and smiles from one to the other. "In the end, I don't care how you work it out. Just you've got your orders. No work for three days. And if I see you here, I'll sic Kilaueth on your dragons and she's cranky and broody over her eggs. So."

"Fine," D'had replies in a mumbled sort of tone. He'll give in! "No taverns, but you," and here he turns on D'son, "Owe me a bottle of good stuff to take along. If you think I'm going to spend three days with her completely sober…"

Great. First a hussy, now a… she doesn't know what. "Fine." This to D'son as she begins re-doing her unpacking, cramming the stuff -back- in the bag like it's done her a personal insult rather than the Weyrsecond. "Three days. Gone." Finished packing, the bag gets slung over her shoulder before her arms cross and she's pinning the Weyrsecond sharp stare, "Let's go. Your turn to get packing. I'll supervise. We're leaving tonight." Her toe taps. Time's a-wasting.

"Good. You have fun," D'son says cheerily still and tilts his head doorward. "I'll be right back with your booze, D'had. Though you know, I can't agree about needing to be drunk to spend time with Thea. If I could, I'd trade you," he adds sunnily and then he's ducking out.

"Alright, alright," D'had grumbles, pushing out of the chair and even taking the moment to push it in before he's heading for the door. "Bring it to my place," he notes to the retreating D'son. Afterall by the time he gets back with the booze they'll be ready to go. He's out the door only moments after the Weyrleader. Packing takes very little on his part, taking a pile of clothing and shoving it into one of the packs that attach to Siebith's straps.

"Your place," D'son echoes with a wave and heads off to get D'had a bottle of whiskey. Good stuff. And the Weyrleader shoos the pair off to parts unknown for three days.

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