Please note that this log is a little naughty around the edges, but not graphic.

Rubicon River Hold — Widow's Walk

This place is the highest of the Hold affording a rather expansive view of the waters and lands surrounding the hold. There is a limestone platform with a railing on the cliff edge. It is unfortunate name for this area, but many a lady have stood on this platform waiting for their husband's ship to come home only for it to be lost to sea.

It's been a busy morning of appointments and D'son's calling a break to get a little lunch in and not be diplomatic for a bit. "Got the klah over there?" he asks Vivi as they settle in to eat the vittles kindly provided by the kitchen staff down below. Hey, Weyrleader has its privileges?

Vivian checks in the basket and pulls the flask out, handing it over from where she's kneeling on the ground. Her flight jacket lying discarded nearby. "What do you want to eat first?" She asks. "Meatroll or something sweeter?" She passes on the two mugs to him before turning to sit down instead.

"Oh healthy first. So I don't eat too much dessert and get fat," D'son teases, patting his mid-section as he takes the mugs from her and sits cross-legged on the warm stone atop the cliff. "Been an interesting day so far, hm? What do you make of those tide disturbances they were talking about checking out?"

Vivian picks out a couple of the rolls and turns to face him while he pours the klah. "Don't worry, if you're good I'll give you a reason to work it off again." She winks saucily at him as she tosses the roll into his lap. "I don't know, Taira told me quite a bit about it, but as much as any of us can figure out is that something is happening down there in the ocean and it's deep enough that they couldn't get to it."

D'son just grins across at Vivian. "All right, we'll just have to see if you can take down last night's competition then," he teases her and picks up the roll, bites off the end of it with vigor. He's been exceptionally chipper today in fact. "Hm. Way down deep. Maybe something shifting on the bottom of the sea?"

Vivian smiles. "Assuming we have the time mind you. Otherwise you may need to wait until later." She reaches for the klah mug and takes a big bite of her roll, no delicacy for now, she's a hungry girl. "Probably, but something big enough to cause the kind of disturbances they're talking about, sounds kinda scary really, unnatural."

"There's always tonight," D'son replies, blase. "Unless you've got plans." He munches on his own roll, sips from his filled mug in turn, listening. "Well, unusual sure, but not that scary. I mean, it could just be rocks moving, or you know lava. The bottom of the ocean isn't really a fixed thing, especially not out there."

"Tonight will be the main course and desert to this starter." Vivian replies, hand moving to undo a few more of the buttons on her blouse, a wink going in D'sons direction even as she continues with the more normal conversation. "There's been an awful lot off of unnatural things happening lately, that fog, our blizzard, earthquake at Ista, Western's drought and fires, now this."

Still munching on the second half of that roll, D'son eyes Vivian with fond amusement. "You really do like taking your top off for me, don't you?" He swallows that mouthful and leans back on one hand, mug set to the side to watch the show with a 'please do continue' type of look sent her way. The next thing she says though sobers his expression. "Yeah, there have been. Uneasy times," he says slowly then settles a closer look on the greenrider. "Are you thinking something more unnatural behind /all/ of that?"

Vivian shrugs her shoulders a little, taking another couple of bites of her roll while she listens, the other hand finishes off the buttons, though she doesn't peel the blouse apart yet, the breeze will catch it soon enough. "The fact that someone thought to scrawl one of those old rhymes onto Xanadu is enough to make me think that someone believes there is, and where there's one there will be others." The wind does it's job and she focuses on picking a few crumbs up that have fallen onto her chest, "It seems to get such a nice reaction from you." She glances up at him through batting lashes. "I may need some comforting to help me forget about all the scary things happening out there."

"Mm. Thing is though, are all those things that're happening anything to do with that, or just you know, signs of a restless planet?" D'son answers thoughtfully and pops that last bite of roll into his mouth. Oh whoopsy, the wind's playing with her shirt. Darn. Once he's safely swallowed though he bursts out laughing. "Vivi that has to be the worst pickup line ever. If you want to get it on, just come over here. It's not like I'm going to say no. Though you know, might give some fishermen an eyeful. Might not be good for hold-weyr relations."

"Either way we need to make sure we can contain it's effects." More successfully than Vivian's blouse one can hope. "Otherwise we'll have to deal with more unrest and an increase in renegades most likely." She smiles over at him, a wicked teasing smile. "They'd be really bad fishermen if they were coming in at this time of day, didn't you learn anything about the schedules of the sea when you were in Search and rescue." She asks him as she slips her blouse off her shoulders, tucking it under her jacket before she leans forward, moving up onto her hands and knees, advancing on him. "Take your trouser down for me." She instructs him.

"The effects of nature? Mostly all we can do for that is make sure that people know we've got them covered, engage trust and confidence and all that. Madmen writing things … that's a little trickier, but a united front in terms of response might go a long way." Dels snorts at her. "The little ones, who aren't that far off-shore, probably have an /excellent/ view form where they are," he points out and tilts his head out that way a little. But hey, she's crawling over half dressed and D'son obliges by pushing his mug well out of the way, then lying back so he can lift up hips and work his trousers and undershorts down at least to his knees. With a wicked look her way, he sits up again and unbuttons his own shirt, casting it back carelessly behind himself. "There you go, one naked Weyrleader and /you/ are a very naughty girl!"

Vivian doesn't bother hiding the smile that plays across her lips as he does what he's told. "I'll let you deal with those lunatics my handsome weyrleader." She tells him as she moves forward again, "Their women will get a pleasant treat when their men folk get home then won't they." She murmurs as she presses forward to kiss him.

"Oh no, you'll be helping me to deal with them," D'son murmurs as she moves forward and his hand lifts to tangle into her hair, draw her that much nearer. "Maybe. Or they'll just pick up their spears and come after our hides," he murmurs against her mouth then drops both hands to tug her firmly into his lap and make the next quarter of an hour all about /quite/ the fun ride.

It takes a bit arranging but she sits down on him and the next while is very pleasant and allows the world to drift past unheeded for a bit until eventually spent for now she sits and traces a finger across his chest. "I think we should have enough time still to get ourselves cleaned up in their baths before our next engagement here." She murmurs down to him.

D'son curls his arms around Vivian and rests his head on her shoulder to catch his breath in the aftermath. "Or down at the beach," he counters. "Are you ready for that next appointment? How are you thinking of tackling it?" All this while he's still got her in his lap in a very compromising position, though his head is tilted up now to find her eyes, his expression serious.

Vivian is somehow perfectly comfortable talking business while in the most compromising of positions it would seem. "Beach may be the safer option." She replies with a smile, "Does Inimeth still have those towels in his packs?" She checks before continuing. "They really just need the reassurance that we're not going to take over everything." She explains. "So gently does it, nothing aggressive or too commanding and we should be fine with the proposal I laid out for you."

"Always carry extra," D'son replies, hand roaming lightly up her spine, then he shakes his head as she launches into that little lecture. "No, Vivi. /You're/ handling this one. As a member of the wing. So. Are /you/ ready to do all that," he says to her quite seriously though his fingers are still trailing up and down her back.

Vivian just looks down at him. "I can do anything I set my mind to, and in this case dealing with people, I know what we want the outcome to be, I can ahndle it easily enough."

"All right then," D'son says simply. "Then if you're ready … I guess we'd better go wash up and get all pretty again so we can be impressive instead of looking like we were just screwing on top of a very tall rock," he jokes.

Vivian smiles and leans down to give him a long deep kiss before she pushes up to her feet, lifting her arms up to the sky as she stretches. "Come on then lover boy." She calls to him, as she pulls enough of her clothes on to make herself look presentable, if not entirely decent. "Cliffs, beaches, not much of a difference other than the sand."

D'son returns that kiss in kind, then leans back on his hands to watch Vivian stand, dress. Eventually his own clothes get hauled back on again and he pushes up to his feet, bends to pick up the klah mug and finishes off its contents. "Could use another meatroll too. Not enough lunch for a hungry Weyrleader who just got a work out."

Vivian finishes by pulling her boots on, she's not going back down that cliff path in her barefeet. "You can pick what you want from the basket on the way back down, You'll be carrying it." She blows him a kiss and catches up her jacket in her hand, selects something for herself from the basket and wanders off slowly in the direction of the path, jacket slung over her shoulder, roll bitten at daintily as she glances back over her shoulder to see how D'son's getting on with the basket.

D'son just watches Vivian go, looking amused. Inimeth lands a moment later and he straps the basket to the bronze dragon's side. "See you down there then," he says cheerily. That's how he's getting on with the basket.

Vivian will catch up with him at the beach then as she takes the walk down instead, a little more exercise never hurt anyone.

Down on the beach, by the time Vivi gets down, Inimeth's been unstrapped, the basket has disappeared, likely back into the hold and D'son himself is floating in the water quite comfortably. Two towels have been spread out on the sand too, ready for when both riders are done in the water.

Vivian wanders down across the sand, her boots now in her other hand now that she's on softer ground. A quick glance around to make sure it's safe then everything comes off and is left in a neat pile next to the towels before she makes her way to the water, a nice sedate pace to show herself off for him until her feet hit the water then it's at a run she goes diving in once it's deep enough to accommodate her.

This time, D'son isn't watching, because he's floating peaceably, eyes closed and though Inimeth warbles a greeting, his rider remains as he is. The splash from that dive though sees Dels cracking at least one eye open. "How was the walk?" he asks in friendly fashion.

Vivian waves a hand to Inimeth, despite her serious character flaws she does like the dragon. She swims under the water for a while before surfacing nearby, "Relaxing." Pushing a hand through her hair to clear it away from her face. "And you were the one saying you needed to work some of that off." She teases him, "I'd better be in for a long night of pleasure from you to make up for you catching a ride down."

"It's called joking around and I already got my work out," D'son notes by way of answer, grin wide. "Though I actually swam out pretty far and came back," he continue with a little wave out towards the deeper waters. "How many times tonight then?" he asks quite bluntly.

Vivian rolls her eyes a little, treading water in the meantime. "I suppose so." She concedes with a light giggle. "For tonight I think, dinner first, retire back to my weyr to watch the sunset from the decking while you pleasure me." She starts to explain. "Once Rukbat is down I'll take over in the dark, then we'll see if you've stamina enough to manage another couple of times before it's too late. Staying the night I presume?" She tacks the question on at the end as she pushes off to swim backstroke towards the shallower water where she can put her feet down.

"I have dinner plans," D'son declines the romantic aspect of Vivian's planned evening and rolls up into a vertical float. "Probably. Not much sense in getting up just to get an or two of shut-eye he quips back to her and follows to the slight shallower water even if it means he's only standing chest deep due to the disparity in height.

"Oh well." Vivian replies about his dinner plans, "If it's to play around with another woman, you can forget the rest of the night I'm afraid." She tells him, probably not wanting to play desert to someone else, she continues to swim backwards though, more walking than anything else eventually she's revealed to him again. "So which is to be?" She checks.

"Does my mother count as another woman?" D'son inquires teasingly, eyes alight with mischief as he looks her way, bouncing on his toes a little in the water. "I'll see you after dark, after this little jaunt over to talk to people," he admonishes lightly and then just walks on by, un-shy about getting out of the water himself and pads over, dripping to pick up one of the towels, wipes his face down, then wraps the towel around his waist and picks up the other, holds it out for her.

Vivian thinks on that for a few moments, drawing it out as she watches him. "Perhaps not in the way I was thinking about." She replies with a laugh as she turns to follow him out of the water to accept the towel. "Want to bring her over to mine for dinner?" She asks amiably, "I promise I'll behave." She adds with a more serious looking smile as she towels herself down.

"No, this is a mother-son kind of thing," D'son demurs and wraps the towel around Vivian lightly, hands to shoulders for a moment. They retreat though and he turns to pick up his clothes, shakes sand out of his shirt and sets to dressing quickly and efficiently. Once all changed, he goes to lean against Inimeth, continuing to chat lightly with Vivian until she's ready to go.

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