Unexpected Visitor

It is a warm afternoon, the light from the nearby star shines down in the deep jungle hide-away. The little stable and not so little barn are bathed in warm glow, a brown dragon rests comfortably. On the side of the barn how ever is an odd human sized shape curled up under a water proof blanket taking a snooze. Seems someone came in at night and just passed out where he fell down, he has a travel bag under his head like a pillow as he rests.

« I have found something E'vyl. At the barn. » That was Firith's cryptic remark. The one that drug him away from his Krys shaped snuggling body pillow in the middle of the night. "This better be important." he grumbles as a couple of flitters fly ahead. Taking one lat swipe at his eyes to chase away the sleepies, E'vyl frowns at what he walks onto. His dragon, crouched real low to ground at the moment. His manner isn't offensive, but rather, he looks ready to defend his rider and weyr if needed. The brownrider slows his steps as he approaches, half crouching for a step to snatch the boot knife he keeps handy, for just this time of occasion. After a moment, he takes a couple more steps and kicks at what /should/ be a foot under the thick blanket "I think I should reconsider my runner breeding program Firith, this one will get me laughed from the Weyr." When, the stranger manages to rouse, there is a non too pleased brown muzzle so close that E'vyl probably isn't even noticed right off.

Triven rubs eyes and blinks letting his sight adjust, and oh look dragon! The thin man will scoot back a few paces and look about to see what trouble he has landed himself in. "Sorry" is all he can really say because well not fully awake and dragon don't seem to mix, he does how ever hold his bag behind him as if it shield the contents from the large brown.

E'vyl watches the man, his eyes, like Firith's, narrowing a bit when the stranger makes a little show of trying to hide the hide his travel bag and apologizes. "You will be if anything of mine is in your bag." He'll gesture towards said bag with the point of his knife. With his free hand, he coaxes Firith back a pace or two. "Make sure he doesn't go anywhere while I look around Firith." Taking the task seriously, the brown lowers his muzzle, inching it forward every so slowly. The rumble in his chest could be mistaken for a growl by someone that doesn't spend much time around dragons. Without another word, E'vyl strolls off, first heading into the barn and looking about, then the stables.

Triven spends time around them but will just sit very still, he still keeps the bag protected but realizes that he may not be getting stabbed today. He sits cross legged and thinks till the brown rider will return or until the dragon decides to do something equally as imposing as staring at him.

Firith's snorts suddenly, sending a flurry of dust and debris swirling about the stranger, strange sound coming from the bown. Yes, that dragon is laughing. E'vyl takes a moment or two longer than he should, but finally returns, looking less irked and more confused now. Easing up to Firith's side, he smacks the dragon's shoulder a couple of times "Thanks Firith, you can back off now." With another snort and head toss, the brown takes a couple of steps back, but doesn't move off. The rider though, stands where he is a moment or two longer before bending just enough to shove the knife back in his boot. "Nothing seems to be missing, yet. Mind telling me who you are and why I've been drug out of bed?"

Triven looks up at the man, and when it is clear bodily harm has been put on the back burner he will nod saying "To the first I am Triven. And to the second I am guessing it is because I am trespassing in your little hidden home. For which I am sorry, I just kind of fall down and sleep where I find it some days." He looks about and sees where he exited the jungle and will point "I came out of there after getting lost exploring." He starts to roll up his blanket adding "And I don't steal I may not be craft bound but I am no vagabond or thief." The last sounds like he has defended himself on that topic plenty of times.

E'vyl crouches down after a moment, bracing elbows on his knees as he watches the traveler. Tilting his gaze where the man points, he nods back to the man before an amused snort slips out "I did not accuse you of stealing. Merely stated there would be problems if you were." He shrugs at the subtle difference. "Well, come on then. Unless you prefer to sleep on the ground." During the chat, several flitters have arrived, some of the E'vyl's, some of then aren't. He stifles another yawn and flips on a light when he steps inside. When the rider heads on in, Firith stays put, not threatening, merely standing guard over the stranger. The brown brings up the rear of the group, lumbering inside and flopping into his belly as the large wings droop to his sides. E'vyl's fumbling about get some klah heating. "Name's E'vyl by the way. And that's Firith. Several chitters from around the barn's rafters, but the doesn't go into all their names right now.

Triven will follow after he stows his blanket saying "The ground here ain't so bad but I wont turn down Klah" He nods as names are given and says "It is a pleasure, you build this whole thing yourself?" he looks about at the barn and what other runner tack there is right now. As the young man turns to look about there is a deep slash on the back of his shirt where he must of caught it on something in the jungle.

E'vyl smirks in amusement and finishes the klah prep, now it's just a waiting game. "I hear that. Spent more than my fair share crashing on one patch of ground or another. Haven't we Firith." A soft warble from the brown as she shifts around to reach maximum comfortable lounging position. As unexpected sleeper turns and examines the barnlike weyr, E'vyl gives his head a shake "Not hardly. Helped pitch in with people who know what they are doing." and slips into the back room. He's out of sight a long moment and comes back. "I did design the stables that are going up though. Should be finished in another sevenday, give or take a couple days. Here, yours is all ripped." E'vyl tosses a clean blue t-shirt, probably a bit big on the stranger.

Triven catches the bagger shirt and then looks down and over his shoulder to the back of his shirt and frowns "I just got this one too". As he takes off the shirt dark tattoos on his chest and back seem to pop off his thin ivory white skin. He will nod his thanks as he goes about inspecting the rip once he gets the shirt on, he will reach for a needle and thread out of his travel bag.

E'vyl pulls a couple mugs from an upper shelf, eyeing each and blowing a bit of harmless dust from one, he'll use that one. Glancing around, he does a double take at the dark inked scrawled into the young man's chest and back "Wow, that.." He was gonna say /that looks painful/ but what comes out is "..looks like it took a long time." And then the pot is hot and poured into the cups "I don't keep honey or cream here, so it'll have to be dark."

Triven nods saying "dark is fine" he puts down his shirt to finish fixing it later. He takes the mug and smiles "The back took, probably a few days to finish. I did the chest over the course of several turns" he sips the dark rich Klah and will ahh. "And yes it hurts quite a bit doing it the older way" he will speak to the usual asked questions "and no I didn't do the back piece my mentor did when I told him I wanted to do freelance work."

E'vyl sips from his mug, nodding at the info the young man shares. "Turns huh? That's some dedication to your goal right there." He seems amused by that, lifting his mug briefly in salute and sipping once more, then nods "I've heard that before, that doing it the older way hurts more than using the Tech Hall equipment." E'vyl seems to be having trouble focusing at the moment, staring at the space Triven occupies, not seeming to see him. Almost as if some idea is starting to perculate in that brain of his, but not quite took hold yet.

Triven nods and grins from behind his mug "Oh the chest I did with the new machine, but every now an then, like that Tall hunter at Fort, someone wants the older method." He shakes his head and then watches as the brown rider goes into a revere, he will look at the dragon to see if they are doing that weird dragon speach people talk about.

A slow grin starts to spread on E'vyl's face and his eyes come back to attention after shaking his thoughts loose again. "Um, sorry bout that, brain sorta took off on me a moment." He still seems highly amused over something and even nods to himself as the idea finally took firm hold and isn't going anywhere. Eyeing the young man. "So Triven. How is it that you wondered so far from the Weyr. Not many venture out this far unless they are hunters or have a weyr nearby. I have to tell you, if you're hiding or running from someone, you've come to the wrong place."

Triven laughs "I was doing work on a green rider, and her lifemate decided now was a great time to glow." He blushes a bit but still sips his Klah "By the time I was finished it was either the jungle or the feline in that weyr."

E'vyl nods with an unimpressed snort. "Yea, some dragons can be downright annoying that way." He probably has one green in particular in mind with that comment though. Dropping onto a low table, he reaches forward and nocks a few small tools off another table, then gestures Triven to have a seat if he wants. "I'd wait til later tomorrow before you seek out your customer again." Perhaps it might allow the aspiring artist to get more jobs lined up. "So, what sorta things do you do?"

Triven will move over and sit with the man saying "Well I mostly do tattooing, and designs, though I do animals and people well enough. I can pierce too, but not really a passion of mine" he will motion to his bag saying "I also do temporary ones for youngins or people not sure of what they want."

E'vyl arches a brow when Triven's words trigger another idea "How about runners? I'm getting a breeding program started here, might not be a bad idea to be able to identify them in yet another way. If they were to become lost or stolen." He takes a few more drinks from the mug then tops it off to warm it back up. Pot extends over Triven's cup and he'll top that one off too if wanted. While they chat for the next minute, Ev'yl's little rusty brain wheels start grinding away. Then he seems to make a decision and peers to Firith, the brown's head lifting suddenly. With what looks like a shrug, the brown gets to his paws, sending a few irritable cough like /barks/ towards the rafters. E'vyl's squinting up, trying to spot anything still lurking about "Make sure they're gone from outside too will ya, then come back." With a warble, Firith does as asked, clearing inside and the immediate outside of all flitters.

Triven looks quizzically at E'vyl "I have never tattooed a runner but I cant see it being any harder than a human." When the brown rider asks his lifemate to clear the area he will edge away asking "Everything alright there?" The rider has been civil even kind but he knows people can switch at a moment and doesn't want to be around if this is one of those times.

E'vyl nods a little "I'm not talking about something large on them. Just a small mark that won't even be see when the coat grows back. Perhaps on the shoulder or something." He waves off Triven's concern. "Everything's fine. Just didn't want a bunch of gossips lurking about. Flitters can be so chatty." He shrugs it off as Firith waddles back in and resumes his previous state, flopped on his belly, chin on his crossed paws. The brown seems less wary of the late night stranger and will close his lids and maybe chase a few dreamy herdbeasties. E'vyl smirks to his dragonmate in amusement before peering back to the tattooist "So, what won't you do then?" he gestures to the intricate art etched into the young man. "What if a customer was passed out drunk?"

Triven ahs and sees where this is going "I try not to give people permanent reminders of there stupidity, at least if they are asleep. But once I start I finish my work if only to have piece of mind that I have not a half finished piece out in the world." He grins and sips his Klah saying "if you want it on the runners, we could do the inside of the lip, if you want just a small mark." He looks out at the large brown saying "who is your intended target? And how bad of a mark are you wanting to leave on this person?"

E'vyl 's humor fades when Triven mentions stupidity and he shakes his head a bit too quickly. "No, that could be forgiven." E'vyl's cheek twitches as he examines his mug, seeming agreeable as the chat continues "Inner lip would be better yea." No bald spots on the runners is a plus. Rather than give Triven a direct answer, he merely shrugs and seems to be choosing his words for a moment. "If someone in your family eagerly betrays you, they deserve whatever comes to them, yes?" He gestures across his whole chest "Big clean letters easy to read right across his chest. But, might have to keep it to one side depending on how long it would take." He doubts a second sitting will be in the works.

Triven will look at E'vyl now saying "Alright there rider, out with it." His tone is still light but he can clearly see there is a plan forming now "Has one of your kin wronged you enough to be branded with ink and needle? And if so depending on the transgression and what you wanted I would be a little more obliged to your cause."

E'vyl gives a grim little smirk with a conceding nod "Ink and needle is the least of what he deserves. Not the only thing he's getting either. But you don't need know of that. I will say that he was warned before he acted." He thinks a moment "For now it might be better if I don't tell you who he is." Deniability and all that. "And I give you my word any flak from it will be headed my way." A snorts shows he's not much worried about flak. Would be worth if it he can get even first. "I can't say exactly when the 'right' moment will present itself yet though."

Triven ahhs and nods saying "well then let us talk of things you can, what kind of piece? how big now detailed? location? and of course cost." he smiles at the brown rider, and will add "You are not the first to ask for this kind of thing nor will you be the last. But again I try not to mar people to badly as it looks bad on my trade if I do." HE still hasn't said no yet!

E'vyl doesn't need to think too long about it, and gestures across his chest at first "Ultimately, I'd like big huge letters all across his chest. But, all things considered I'll probably have to settle for just on side." He gestures over his right peck "Or his upper arm if that turns out to be easier to work with." He goes on, making circular gestures with his finger "The clear black words 'Sleazy Weasel'" He pauses briefly "Or Sleazy Snake. I'm having trouble deciding which sounds worse." He waves that off "And around that, like a little dancing border or rum barrels and wine bottles." Another sips from his klah "I don't think it really needs color.." At this moment "Pretty much makes a statement with or without color." And probably a little cheaper without.

Triven things a moment and gets up and goes over to his pack, he retrieves a drawing set and then will return to the table working out what E'vyl wanted on paper. "Weazel is better to even it out and it wont look lopsided in either place." he comes up with a basic outline of what the man asks for and will hand it over "something like that?"

E'vyl watches as Triven fumbles around for his sketching paper and starts scratching away on it. While's doing that, E'vyl searches through a couple of canisters on the shelf. A handful of probably stale cookies is the prize of his search. A bite into it "OH, bit crunchier than I normally like." He smirks and will set them on the table in case Triven wants a stale cookie as well. Eyeing the page when presented, he smirks and nods quickly "Yeup, pretty much exactly like that." Looking up expectantly "So, how much will 'this' one cost me."

Triven thinks about the price, he will look down at the cookies and walk over to his pack and pull out something that looks and smells like bacon. It is boar jerky, but has been treated and smoked to have that bacon-y taste to it. "Depending on the canvas, and you will have to shave him if need be, normally I would charge only two to three marks but with the nature of this endeavor lets call it an even five!"

E'vyl cringes at the idea of having to shave the sleazy weasel, but he reminds himself, it will be worth it. He nods and his nose starts twitching, homing in on the aroma "Did you get that here locally? It smells like Krysa's recipe." And they did hunt two large boars recently. E'vyl considers the price and nods "Sounds more than fair." He grins. "Now, can you do runners reasonably well? I used to be a jockey before all the training turned me from skin and bones to a dragonrider." He smirks at that and gestures along his bicep "Something that could fit right about here. Or maybe outer arm, what do you think?"

Triven walks over and before he even realizes it is holding the mans forearm and feeling the bicep for mass and density. "The forearm would be better for you as you could keep it clean if you are working with the runners starting out. Your bicep is nice and firm now but say in a few years your runner will look like a deflated stuffed toy." He looks over and then blushes as he takes half a step back and says "excuse me, I forget myself sometimes."

E'vyl eyes the man that grabs his arm and starts poking or squeezing. He follows the man's train of thought and bust out laughing with an agreeable nod. "That's a good point. Will have to keep that in mind for anything I think up then." He seems amused the images of deflated runner stuffy. And he will be thinking of something. He'll just have to make sure it's weyrmate approved, else he'll never hear the end of it. "I think maybe we can come up with a couple idea. Got plenty area work with." meaning no existing tattoos to work around. "How did you come up with that wild design." He gestures towards Triven's chestwork.

Triven looks down and grins at his chest piece "Just kinda let my mind flow, I thought about everything that has happened to me over the turns and put it down there." He will open the shirt a little more and show off saying "each curve and line means something, and experience whether good or bad." He looks up and tilts his head at E'vyl "you know your shoulders are broad enough a good shoulder piece would look good no matter how you aged."

E'vyl nods as Triven explains his own tattoo, but seems a little skeptical as he glances to his own shoulders. "Not that I would even have a clue what sorta thing t get, but…not all at once I hope." He seems to gulp loudly at the painfully scary though. "I may just be chugging a few bottles first."

Triven grins and shakes his head "That is what numbweed is for, you will barely feel it. Well until after that is." he gives the man a wink and nods "So when will this, adventure be taking place? Or should I just hang out around the Weyr here till you come and get me?"

E'vyl think a moment, "Well, the first thing we talked about. We'll have to play it by ear. It may take a little while for everything to fall into place." He scans the upper rafters, and is actually surprised none of the flying stomachs have snuck back in. "Before you leave Monaco, I'll have Piplup meet you a time or two. If I have a general idea where to send him, he can find you and give a message that I'll be coming to at least speak with you soon, or that I'll be arriving to bring you back for the work."

Triven nods and smiles "well that will be fine I have a feeling I will be here a few sevendays at the latest." he will walk over and start to mend his shirt saying "And any for your? or do you wish to ask your lady for her opinion?" He will look up and add "I personally think Asking her would be a good Idea, she is the one who has to see it all the time."

E'vyl suppresses a chuckle as he nods seriously "Oh, I have every intention of running it by Krysa first." Not that he needs to ask permission "She may come up with something so much better than either of us could. And speaking of Krys, I better be getting back before the baby wakes her up again. She's not been feeling well the last few days." Gesturing off in the direction of the unfinished stables. "There's blankets in the back tack room of the stables. The back half is finished. The tack room may be in use , if so, most of the completed stalls are unused and laid with a thick bed of fresh hay. Should be more comfortable than the ground at least."

Triven looks up at the area indicated and grins "much appreciated, I am sorry your lady is unwell I hope she feels better soon" he will finish his mending and pick up his things and move toward the hiding place saying "should I be on the look out for anyone else?"

E'vyl sets about rinsing the klah pot and mugs when Triven starts to head over to the stables. "Um, a dolphineer may be crashing in the back tack room. If not, you're welcome to the little bed. Workman may or may not show shortly after first light to get going again. Sleep well til then." He grins at that bit.

Triven nods and grins back "oh I am sure I will, no green riders to drag me off in my sleep here" oh such an innocent boy.

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