Consent For...Treatment? (PG-13 Language)

Continued from Healer Knot Required


Xanadu Weyr – Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

The movement of pressure fronts of warm and cool air is caused, indirectly, by the rotation of Pern and the uneven solar radiation. This solar radiation can have many effects, including personal ones such as sunburn, but at present, Xanadu Weyr is experiencing winter. The days are shorter and cooler, the nights are longer and even more significantly cold - though the cold is, on an absolute scale, not that great. It is, however, cold enough to freeze water. Last night was a demonstration of that fact, as an ice storm broke over Xanadu. There were other breakages as well - fallen tree limbs and power lines, a few collapsed roofs - but at least in the infirmary and caverns electricity has been preserved. Perhaps this is not true elsewhere; there are assuredly people camped out in the main areas of the caverns with piles of blankets. Here in the infirmary, however, things are relatively quiet - possibly even too quiet. It's early morning, about the time for the night shift to leave and the morning one to arrive, and for all the chaos outside, the situation here seems peaceful. One of the patient cots is mostly concealed by its privacy curtain, though the records don't show it as being in use. It is, however, in use. Jethaniel is lying on his back, with one foot (bare) up on a pillow. There's a gel icepack draped over the ankle, and a similar (though smaller) one set against the molded plastic splint around one of his wrists. He is, at present, asleep. Additionally, the cot is also being used by a certain blonde, her head resting against Jethaniel's shoulder and her arm draped over his chest. There are other cots available. This one is not rated for double occupancy, and yet Darsce has, evidently, chosen to so utilize it. Jethaniel, despite this, continues to be asleep. His breathing is slow and steady, and his non-splinted hand rests lightly against her side.

c-rus has not been bored the last few days. There has, of course, been all sorts of difficulties with the the weather. Everything from slips and falls, to people being knocked silly, to broken bones. He hasn't been bored in the least. In fact the opposite has been true. He has been running himself ragged, which for a workaholic is the best thing in the universe. The infirmary has become a hub of activity and he has been going back and forth coordinating everything that needs to be coordinated. Thankfully no one has been hurt to the point of being in danger of death, at least so far as he knows. He is presently walking the hall reading all the charts.

Darsce sleeps on. The cot might be crowed, but the Headwoman sleeps deeply, unmoving. She does not appear to be inured in any way. The healers, apparently know how to be quiet when doing change of shift. The sound in here so far hasn't been much different than it was shortly after she first came in last night and the majority of healers went out to collect some of the folk who chose to ignore the warnings about remaining indoors. Venturing forth - though really most did not want to be out in a cold nighttime sleet and freezing rain - why would they? – they encountered some difficulty or injury. The injured at this point should be relatively few, regardless. The ice storm continues outside, the freezing rain still accumulating out there. Just wait until the sun comes out in two days and everything glistens with the cyrstalline sparkle of glass. All the wandering forth to see it, people oohing and ahhhing. THEN the broken bones and cracked skulls will flood the infirmary, no doubt.

This particular cot, despite the drawn curtain and double occupancy, does not have even one chart in the designated location for such documents. According to the official records, it is quite empty. Unfortunately, observable reality does not correspond to the theoretical truth, which means that the theory is likely to require revision. Jethaniel continues to sleep, his breathing even. The cot may not be optimally comfortable, but it is likely better than a pile of blankets on the cavern floor - which might be an alternative. It is also quite warm, and a pair of coats - Jethaniel's on the bottom, Darsce's on top of it, if logical conclusions are drawn from the colors of the material and the sizings - are on the bedside chair. They are currently somewhat in disarray, having been tugged around by - presumably - the green firelizard who's curled atop them and sleeping.

Despite the fact that many had to go out there does have to be /some/ staff left in the infirmary. You never know when someone might pop in on their own. Especially in a sitaution like this. The lack of a chart is interesting though, given that is obviously occupied. He half wonders if someone might have snuck in to avoid the fate of sleeping on the floor in the cavern. He can't keep his eyes everywhere despite the fact that he might like too. It is this curiosity that causes him to draw back the curtain and see the sight in front of him. He can make several deductions fairly quickly. The first being that he has obviously met the pair of them very recently and they seem to be back on a return visit. The man appears to have a genuine problem of some kind while the woman does not. The fact that they are together in the same cot would indicate a certain familiarity in their relationship that would inform the guess that he made with Darsce not long ago. He wouldn't have guessed in a million years that this would be the man in question, but love is indeed blind. Cyrus also notes the presence of the firelizard. One big happy…or at least cramped family it seems. Still you can't not have a chart…there needs to be a chart for the sake of compeleteness, "Hello." he says. Hopefully to rouse the weary cot campers.

One would think that leaving the infirmary staffed would be optimal. Yet, with all the extra people stuffed in the caverns and back hallways it's possible that the lone apprentice left to watch last night was called away for quite some time. Now Darsce is a sound sleeper. Moreover, yesterday was a busy day of nonstop running to prepare the caverns for the storm and then… things happened into the wee hours of last night. She's exhausted. So the voice does little to rouse her to alert wakefulness. She hears it. She doesn't wish to hear it. She turns her face away from the light perceived through her eyelids, pressing it into the man's neck and mumbles, "Go 'way, 'm sleeping." She fully expects compliance for she snuggles closer to her bed-partner, sighs and apparently drifts back off. Or is going to.

Policy would, indeed, indicate that it is essential for the infirmary to remain staffed. Policy makes for excellent theory. The facts, as they may be perceived, remain: Jethaniel and Darsce are lying on the same cot, and there is no chart present. Cyrus provides a stimulus to the situation, in the form of a verbal statement. Jethaniel, like Darsce, hears that voice. His initial response is, while produced through the motion of air past his vocal cords and mouth, not actually verbal. It's an incoherent sort of noise, half groan, half interrogative. It does, however, begin the process whereby he attempts to wake himself. That process, regardless of its usual speed or lack thereof, is today a rather slow one. His eyes do not open, but he begins to stretch. His hand slips away from Darsce's side as his shoulders expand, and his legs begin to undergo a similar motion - which stops suddenly as a wince crosses his face and scrunches his eyes further shut. He is now more awake. He is not, however, more inclined to open his eyes and engage with the current situation.

Cyrus does have a need to figure out what is going on here. Mainly because its a rather curious situation and he loves a good mystery, you can't be a mindhealer otherwise, but there are also some practicalities involved. They are in the infirmary and he is on duty. Therefore he has a need to clear up why they are here. If they have a medical reason they can stay…if its simply a sleeping situation they need to find somewhere else to crash. Given Jeth's wince he would bet there is some medical reason for him, "I'm afraid that isn't possible." he replies to Darsce. Then his attention turns to Jethaniel, "It appears you have a problem with your ankle. We had best chat about that. I'm assuming you slipped and fell." If there is any embarassment here he is oblivious too it. He had figured that Darsce was with a man and that particular mystery is solved. Its good to have healthy relationships. Mentally healthy and all.

What embarrassment? Darsce isn't awake enough to be and then… that particular emotion is unlikely coming from the blonde. She just wants to go back to sleep. "Turn off that damn light," she growl-mumble-mutters. That voice? Ignored. It's the movement and articulation from Jethaniel that rouses her to groggily lift her head and give him a sleepy peer through the stands of her tousled hair. That voice is heard again. Darsce frowns. What is it about 'go away' that it doesn't understand. But oh waaaait. It's talking like a healer. That means, "Oh you're finally back," she says. Sarcasm, intended.

The icepack on Jethaniel's ankle would be a logical reason to make an assumption concerning an injury to it. It also, until removed, obscures further details concerning that portion of his anatomy. If inferences are made from the current state of the icepack - the lack of visible condensation and the slight slump of the gel - it has been in place for some time. Jethaniel remains still for a moment, attempting a less active mode of interrogating his body for current state. The reports, to judge from his grimace, are not entirely positive. He lifts his hand again, splaying it over his face to rub at his forehead, then opens his eyes. Initially, their view is limited to his own palm, but once he has assessed to his satisfaction that he's still capable of perceiving the hand, he lowers it and attempts to focus his grey eyes toward Cyrus. This attempt, being at a significantly greater distance appears to involve some difficulty on the Steward's part. "Ah…" he begins, then pauses as his eyes begin to drift away. Perhaps he's finally noticed that there's someone pressed against him? His eyes locate Darsce, and he regards her for a moment with a somewhat dazed expression, followed by a slow lift of his gaze back to the healer. "Ah. Yes. There is a problem." With his ankle? With the fact he's acquired an infirmary bedmate? He doesn't say.

Cyrus would tend to agree with his assessment that there is indeed a problem. A multi-leveled problem. One that he intends to solve right here and now, "Yes. I can see there is a problem. You've been misappropriating medical supplies." he says as he makes a motion with his hand toward the gel pack, and then to the cot, "I can see from your lack of chart that you are not checked in and so aren't authorized to be here. Perhaps it was a case of not consenting to treatment? There are so many of those alas, and we can't help the poor dears if they don't want it. Pity really." he says with about as much fake concern as he can muster. His face momentarily shifts to Darsce, "I could say the same for you, but I'm afraid with the storm we will be needing the cot soon so you all will have to clear out I'm afraid and find another spot to crash." he explains.

Darsce doesn't much care about the poor healer's problems getting legit business, in fact she tells him so with, a careless shrug and a, "Aww, my heart bleeds for you." She'll let him draw his own conclusions about her relationship with the man she's in the cot with. Since he hasn't said anything about that aloud, then she can neither confirm nor deny it. He could be way off in left field knowing this particular blonde. She ignores the comment about crashing elsewhere, merely lifts her hand from around Jethaniel's chest to swipe her hair off her face and give the Steward an owlish stare. Surprise? However, to the comment about the medical supplies, without turning her head from her contemplation of the man beside her, Darsce drawls to Cyrus, "They look appropriated appropriately to me." That's neither defense nor confession; it is merely observation.

For one moment, Jethaniel and Cyrus are in agreement. There is, in fact, a problem. Cyrus's explanation of the problem, however, is met with perplexity. Jethaniel blinks at the claim that he has misappropriated supplies still present within the infirmary. As, for that matter, is he - though the claim that he has not been checked in is quite accurate, so far as it goes. He blinks again, this time at Darsce - he appears quite dazed, even accounting for the recency with which he has opened his eyes - and then prioritizes between aspects of the current situation, returning his gaze to the healer. "That is…" He closes his eyes for a moment, attempting to acquire greater focus, then re-opens them. Perhaps the situation will be a more favorable one? Regardless of what he may have hoped, he still sees Cyrus. "The infirmary's part of the Weyr. The stock supplies are not, not independently owned." There's a slight blurriness to his voice, not so crisp as usual. Maybe he didn't get a very good night's rest? "And furthermore…" he trails off again, and considers for a moment. What was he talking about? Ah, yes. "Are you offering treatment?"

If this is some sort of test he intends to pass. The steward and he had talked the other day about treatments and that there will be no treatment without consent. Given the lack of chart there has been no consent so he will have to decline, politely of course, "No. I'm afraid not. You have not given consent. In fact you are going to have to get up and get a move on. I'm sure the other healers will be back soon with folks that will need the cot." As for Darsce and her comments he mostly just ignores them, "I'm sure that it does." is all that he allows himself by way of a response.

Darsce mutters under her breath. She is not going to get back to sleep with their yapping going on here. She's been up nearly all night, moreover she's not a morning person. She thinks better after a mug or seven of klah. She has not had any as of yet. So the question of offer-consent back and forth draws a grimace. More sarcasm, aimed at Cyrus, "Are you an idiot or are all mindhealers as dense as you seem to be? Does he look like he can walk? Or shall I appropriate a wheelchair to cart him out of here for you?" It's probably because he hasn't brought her a mug of klah or asked the man how he's been hurt. Or offered treatment rather than worry about his own ass. Would healer like a do-over?

"Ah," Jethaniel says to Cyrus concerning the lack of offer. This, of itself, appears to give him more than enough to consider. Jethaniel has not had any klah either. However, the healer does not stop there, and continues with further information. These details cause Jethaniel's brows to lift and his eyes (already somewhat dilated) to widen further. He has no immediate response to them. He simply stares. Darsce's comments fail to draw his gaze away from Cyrus, though his mouth opens - then closes - and repeats the process twice more.

Cyrus isn't dense. He is clever. Very very clever. If not always intelligent about it. In this case the ball is still very much up in the air. Could go any way possible, "No actually he doesn't look like he can. He also doesn't appear to be in imminant danger either. I'm authorized to help heal those who are in imminant danger without consent but not otherwise. This was rather clearly pointed out to me the other day by a gentlemen who shall remain nameless, and I would hate to do anything to…overstep my bounds…." he puts greater emphasis on the last three words than on the other part of the sentence. Karma is a wonderful thing. Even though the concept might not exist in a named way on Pern the concept is univeral. He then looks down to Jethaniel, "I also stayed up all night the other day and organized 9 boxes of reports for you since you seemed to want them so badly. You can take those with you when you leave. They are taking up too much space. You will find them by the desk." He then pauses for a moment and adds, "Unless of course you would prefer to consent to treatment?"

He's so clever he's going to yammer himself out of a job is what he is. Darsce just gapes at all the ass-covering explanation coming from a man who took training at the healer hall to first provide comfort and healing to the sick and injured. Moreover, there's a dazed-looking man in front of Cyrus who is probably going to miss the tacked-on afterthought of a question that follows all his verbiage. She doesn't know anything about mindhealing. She does know how the basic procedures should run in here. "Looks can be deceiving," she drawls with a roll of her eyes. She sits up, and it's clear that her presence in the cot wasn't to be comfortable. She's fully dressed for one thing. She's got boots on her feet for the other. "Just pretend you care that someone might've cracked his skull on the ice and try asking him what happened, do triage then offer treatment?" Duh. Do they always quibble legalese when people first arrive? Perhaps to encourage the preliminary exam, she rises and scoops up those coats, firelizard and all, seats herself and settles the pile on her lap. Not. Leaving.

The mention of imminent danger brings a considering furrow to Jethaniel's brow. Lying in a cot, no, there is likely no clear and present danger… but an attempt to move carries risks of another fall. Potentially even a more serious one. Is the avoidance of preventable risk an aspect of danger? Jethaniel attempts to consider, but medicine is not his area of expertise, and besides, Cyrus is continuing to speak, and as such Jethaniel continues his attempt to follow. Nameless? Hardly. "I told you that." It's not said in an accusing tone. If anything, he sounds slightly proud. "It's true." He glances to Darsce again, watching as she sits up, then looks back again to meet the healer's gaze as Cyrus explains about the nature of those reports. Jethaniel gives his head a slow shake of negation. "You have apprentices." Presumably. He has not seen very many of those, either. "They do deliveries." He makes no apology for Cyrus's decision to remain up through the night. Perhaps because - given the delay with which the healer has presented him with this information - the extra hours worked were not necessary and have, in fact, been wasted? Or perhaps he's just not thinking of that; he does seem somewhat out of it. From atop the coats, the firelizard makes a squeaky noise of protest at being indirectly lifted, though she doesn't open her eyes - or move. Jethaniel isn't moving, either, the appropriated (appropriately or not) icepacks continuing to rest on his ankle and wrist. Cyrus's final statement that seems to confuse him. "But you're not offering treatment." How can he consent to something that isn't there?

No they don't always quibble in legalese, but they haven't all been threatened in the same way that he has either, "A conversation with that gent there will do wonders to make an individual want to be..careful. He and I had a chat the other day, where he encouraged me to always seek consent." he says to Darsce. So you win some and you lose some. He does 'care' at least in the most generic of senses already. He doesn't like to see people in pain, even if the person in this case is a bit insufferable. At least that is how Cyrus has found him so far. "Maybe the bump will cause him to rethink things a bit." That would be something you could write a paper about. But all of that aside he does want to see Jethaniel well, so that he can leave the infirmary, "I will do my best to manage." he says to Darsce. As for Jeth he had best take a look, "I will offer you treatment if you consent to it. Do you want and consent to treatment in this infirmary?" he asks bluntly, "If yes say so clearly and tell me about what happened." He assumes the answer will be yes. If only because Darsce will make it so.

Hell no, Darsce isn't going to make anything so. She doesn't speak for Jethaniel. For all Cyrus' mental assumptions about her personal life (not that she's aware of them), Darsce could have just found a warm body who was too drugged to say no when she wanted a cuddle and is remaining for the entertainment value. She's apparently just going to sit here to watch and see what happens next. Yeah, she's like that. Jethaniel's correction merely draws a flick of unsurprised eyes. He's the steward. Stewards do things like that. The elaboration from Cyrus draws iceblue eyes back his way, puzzled as to why he's dragging her into a Weyr management issiue. But now that he has, the healer is stared at. "Whay-hey waitwaitwait." She's having a hard time not laughing in the healer's face, says the big fat grin she's now wearing. "So let me get this straight. The steward required you to get consent for treatment and you think blunt-force trauma to his brains is gonna have him making better, more logical decisions? " And then she falls silent until the passive-aggressive 'I will if you will' posturing is repeated. Again. She snorts, rolls her eyes and asks Cyrus with forehead-smacking disbelief, "Don't you have a consent form? That you could just hand to people to sign so you don't waste the entire day with this back and forth shit?" Really? Her look at him so very amazed. "See, that's treatment offered. Signed and handed back, consent is given. Done in less than one minute. No posturing to waste half the morning and your ass is covered." Efficient! How long have they been at this now?

There are, assuredly, circumstances under which Jethaniel advises caution. He regards Cyrus now, and nods. "I did," he reiterates concerning that conversation. Jethaniel has certainly not been denying any of what he said! He's reported (according to procedures) what he's done in his attempts to see to it that procedures are followed. The effect may or may not have been one he desired - and the perceptions of that conversation may not have matched his intentions - but he certainly did have one. As for rethinking things? Jethaniel may be, but he manages to be quiet about it… that, or he's just confused. Speaking of, the comments regarding his brains - scrambled or not - have him looking to Darsce, and he watches her for a moment before lowering his head. There's a small frown on his face, but his gaze remains down. When Cyrus speaks again, Jethaniel's head turns in that direction, but he doesn't lift his eyes. Instead, he listens to Cyrus's statement with all the careful attention he can, at present, muster - though his own protest before was entirely one of earnest confusion. Apparently Jethaniel is not at his best when first woken up? Or it might have something to do with being in the infirmary. Regardless of the exact causes, he tries, once again, to understand what Cyrus is saying. His mouth opens. Darsce begins to speak. His mouth closes once again, though he does not look at her. When she is done, he speaks, though he does not look at Cyrus, either. "I do consent to treatment. I fell on the ice. I hurt my ankle and wrist." The statements are simple, his voice almost monotone.

Cyrus considers Darsce's words for a moment, "No. Not exactly. He probably won't make more logical decisions. Though it might make him easier to deal with and improve his personality. If it does I might write a paper on it." he says in a matter of fact way. Yes. That would be something worth doing. A consent form. Thats not a half bad idea. He'll have everyone sign them as they walk in. No matter what they are there for and he'll have free reign again, "Thank you Darsce. That is a brillant idea. I'll get Kera on it right away." Problem solved. Then of course Jethaniel is still there needing attending too. He steps closer to him and first looks at his pupils to make sure there isn't one that is dialated more than the other. That would be an indication of a serious neruological trauma. That is his main focus right now. The wrist and the ankle he can work on in a moment.

Darsce's grin disappears. Gone. Poof. Icy sarcasm now, "So, that's what they teach in mindhealing is it?" She shrugs because she really doesn't care. No wonder the man cannot get people to attend his sessions, though. As for consent forms, yes, Cyrus, you do that. Try shoving a consent form at the headwoman next time she brings in the clean linens. Not only will she tell you where to shove that form, she'll leave with the clean linens when she refuses to become a patient merely by crossing the threshold. Or his fellow healers. He won't have free reign for very long because the place will be unstaffed and the Weyrleaders will surely hear about that. She shrugs again about Kera. What he has the apprentices do doesn't concern her. Hopefully he'll gain some smarts and it won't have to. While Cyrus finally does his job, she remains silent. Watching.

Jethaniel remains silent as Cyrus speculates further on the possible outcomes of a hypothetical head injury. Perhaps this is, in fact, the outcome the mindhealer finds desirable? Jethaniel certainly isn't being argumentative. He's simply lying there. Cyrus will find that his pupils are matched and not unduly dilated; if anything, the opposite is true, the black of them small relative to grey of his irises. He doesn't argue with that inspection either - though his hand on the side with Darsce reaches out toward her, moving blindly because his eyes are being inspected by Cyrus. It's the injured one, part-melted ice still on the wrist - at least, until the motion makes the gelpack start to shift and slide. The motion may not be entirely advised, but Jethaniel's face is as quiet as his voice. Perhaps it's because he's keeping the move so slow and careful, or perhaps it's the appropriated splint helping things. Or maybe he's just not letting his reaction show.

Cyrus is pleased to see that his pupils are equally dialated. He seems to have avoided the most severe effects of his fall, "Did you lose consciousness..even briefly after you hit your head?" he asks. He would bet money that he did. He is dazed enough. He would guess that he has some kind of concussion, "No. That's all me. I'm not mindhealing right now." he replies honestly. Cyrus simply isn't all that personable. Especially with individuals that he has determined he doesn't like, "Besides I'm busy. Be quiet." he says to Darsce, though doesn't look away from Jeth.

Darsce snorts and mutters, "Finally!" So he'll write a paper on improved personalities for what… the tabloids? She's quiet because the healer has finally gotten busy, rather than being told to be. There's a hand reaching for hers. Let it never be said Darsce doesn't have a good bedside manner! She works with the steward. She can certainly offer the man comfort. So she pinch-picks the now-warm gelpac off of his wrist splint, sets that on the bedside table and takes his bandage-palmed hand in hers, being very careful about the hurt wrist.

"I did not hit my head," Jethaniel says, his voice quiet and nearly emotionless. He might be reading from an exceedingly dull report instead of describing traumatic personal events. "Nor did I lose consciousness when I fell." He did when he finally fell asleep, but that's a slightly different type of cessation of awareness. His fingers curl against Darsce's slightly. He is unable to avoid wincing slightly as he does this, and yet Jethaniel performs the action regardless of how ill-advised it is. Perhaps this performance why he frowns, though it also occurs cotemporally with Cyrus's instruction to Darsce.

Cyrus is pleased to hear that. They can safely rule out any substantial brain trauma then. He then busies himself with taking a look at the wrists and ankle issues. Those seem more severe. There is no obvious signs of breaks, which is good, but certainly likely that he has experienced some severe sprains which for all intents and purposes can be just as bad in the pain department, "You have some sprains…we'll get these gel packs changed and you can stay for awhile to make sure that nothing more serious develops. I'll have Kera come in and change those packs for you. I'll also have her fill out a chart so that everyone can know whats going on." With that he steps out of the room and continues his business.

Darsce simply sits through all of Cyrus' 'exam' silently. Behind his back she eyerolls at the diagnosis, mouthing silently, 'Could've told you that, duh'. That she's asked nothing about her observations of the injured man, whether she was there when it happened or how he got here before the healer concludes and walks out just makes her shake her head with exasperation. She waits until the mindhealer is out of sight before her fingers curl 'round Jethaniel's hand. She leans forward - sorry Stardust - and hisses, "Jeth, I can take care of you. Do I have to leave you with him?" Her eyes are snapping, but her ire is not directed at Jethaniel, for she shifts them to glare at the small opening in the curtains still swaying with the healer's departure.

The visual part of the inspection is not problematic, at least not for Jethaniel - and, presumably, Cyrus has seen injuries of this severity before, and the dark purple blotches and swelling of Jethaniel's ankle fall within expected bounds for an infirmary visit. It's the part where Cyrus asks him about sensation and pain at various points (providing stimulus for the questions) and asks him to demonstrate his available (and lacking) range of motion that presents a challenge to Jethaniel's intended lack of reaction. He succeeds (mostly) in responding to the questions with verbal replies instead of yelps. Once the diagnosis is given - which seems to be a continuation of what Darsce has already provided him - Jethaniel simply nods. This may be because he does not trust his voice, but it is not a significant change from his rest of his demeanor during the latter half of this meeting. When Cyrus departs, Jethaniel just stares after him. Darsce's curl of fingers is not met with an immediate response. Stardust is more reactive, with a displeased squeak as she scrambles out from under Darsce and hops to the floor to slink under Jethaniel's cot. Atop it, Jethaniel turns his head to Darsce, finally looking at her for her question - though it's with his chin tilted down slightly and eyes lifted. "Darsce, I…" He trails off, watching her as she glares after where the healer departed. "I am sorry I wasted time." This fails to answer her question. The other thing he wishes to say with her is also not an answer, and Jethaniel attempts to resist saying it. He is half successful, in that he murmurs it quietly and is not aware he said it aloud. "…don't want you to leave."

Poor Stardust. Darsce can relate to being rudely woken before being ready to be up. So she actually eeps softly. "Sorry, Stardust," she says before returning her attention with some surprise to Jethaniel. "For what?" she prompts and then is completely at a loss when he tells her. "I'm not sure I follow you," she says after trying to sort it out in her own mind. She does catch his murmur and assures him crisply, "I'm not leaving you here alone. He's crazy!" Something about Jethaniel’s demeanor causes a pinching of brows. "What's wrong? Are you in pain? It's probably time for you to have more fellis." Her lips twist in distaste that she'll have to ask Cyrus to medicate when he should have asked about his patient's level of pain. In fact, she barks a small laugh. "Giving him consent to treat did a fat lot of good. He didn't do a damn thing for you."

For Darsce, Jethaniel explains. "The argument. The consent." For all the good it did. He frowns, and his gaze drifts away from her. "It wasted time. I was not… am not thinking well." The effects of the fellis have become reduced. The effects of his pain have become more pronounced. The combination is still not conducive to rationality and logic. The assurance Darsce gives him draws a smile from Jethaniel, but it's a brief one. Is he in pain? "…only somewhat." His eyes drift away from Darsce, and close for a moment. He does not argue with her assessment of Cyrus's effect on his condition, per se. His consent had a different effect. "It ended the argument." Which was wasting time that he could have been getting treated in, assuming treatment beyond the application of ice had been forthcoming. Perhaps Cyrus intends for Jethaniel to walk it off? The healer did initially suggest such a course of action.

Darsce is not thinking very well either, is she? "Jethaniel. Why… are you apologizing to me? It's… not your fault. The jackass was more concerned with his own ass than with yours." She wasn't angry when this first started. She is now. On Jethaniel's behalf, but not with Jethaniel. "I should have-" she bites that off with a sputter, that ends with her staring at him. Ended the argument. "So you… you just… ohhh Jethaniel." It's said with fond chagrin. "You let him have the win." So maybe that's why he's apologizing? She sighs, allowing the annoyance with the encounter ebb from her. "I wasn't helping end it either," she admits meekly. Being in pain, even if it's 'only somewhat' causes a small frown, his thinking is more important at the moment, "That's the fellis. You should have more though. You might have a hard time keeping a careful watch on what you say around… well anyone. With Cyrus around listening…" She grimaces and considers him thoughtfully. "He'll be here for the next eight hours. Would you like me to get a wheelchair and take you to my room? I can bring you for healer visits when he's not on duty." She smirks, "You might get some real help then."

The statement that it was not his fault appears to surprise Jethaniel somewhat; there's a widening of his eyes and an expression of question. Surely he was responsible for perpetuating it, at least in part? He has been told he does such things to excess. He assumed, because… Jethaniel was aware Darsce was angry. The fact she was not so with him had eluded him. He is beginning to recognize it now. At the time, he didn't; he just knew Darsce was unhappy with the argument, so he ended it in the fashion available to him. Why? He answers that question when she comes to her conclusion about his, opening his eyes to look at her once again. "It wasn't important." Darsce's displeasure was - and as her annoyance recedes, Jethaniel visibly relaxes. Her admission as to her own contributions to the argument draws a small nod; he is willing to acknowledge that fact, but he does not have anything he wishes to say about it. There are more important concerns - such as his pain and the potential application of fellis thereto. Also his thoughts, and the effects of fellis thereon. Jethaniel nods to Darsce's assessment of the effects, and he lowers his gaze for a moment, an abashed and uncertain look on his face. "I… ah… recall saying things…" he murmurs, and lifts his eyes once again with a silent question - though it may be one Darsce doesn't wish to answer, what with Cyrus around and (possibly) listening! Her proposal regarding a wheelchair makes his brow furrow, a thoughtful expression despite the difficulty thereof at present. Procedures would indicate he should remain here. However… he glances away from Darsce, looking at the opening of the curtain. "I… would not mind a second opinion," he admits. "Nor am I… apparently… a patient." His eyes flick to the spot for the chart, still empty. "Yet."

The surprise Darsce sees on Jethaniel's face dismays her enough that she carefully lifts the injured hand she's holding and kisses the tips of his fingers. She dares do it because the curtain is still pulled mostly round his cot. He may have been told that he does things to excess, but never by her! "I wasn't angry with you at all," she says, just to make sure he knows. She was, if fact, loving that argument a little too much. "It gave me a chance to tell Cyrus a thing or two." Which by her expression she rather enjoyed doing. But not at Jethaniel's expense. Her smirk fades. "I just wanted him to help you," she murmurs. Which… they're still waiting for, apparently as the apprentice has yet to appear with the promised ice. And ohh the fellis-effect! "You did," she agrees with a lopsided smile growing. "I liked hearing them." She doesn't elaborate; she doesn't ask if he remembers what he said. Instead she lowers his hand, leans forward to place her forefinger gently on his lips, "We aren't alone," she murmurs with a significant look to the curtain. And by her uneasiness, she's expecting the healer to pop his head back in without warning. Her eyes follow his to that empty spot for the chart. "Were, perhaps briefly while Cyrus examined you," she says trying not to grimace. "You always have the AMA option. And a second opinion later." She won't push it and with all the ladies in the caverns, her work there is likely being bustled busily through. "I can do my work just as well sitting right here beside you. And… I already know how comfortable your cot is." Or isn't, but he is there! They won't have much privacy, but. And Cyrus can just go suck an egg if he doesn't like it!

The kiss to his fingers makes Jethaniel smile, and it remains as he listens to Darsce's words. She was not angry with him, and that confirms his relief. The things she said to Cyrus - or, more specifically, the reasons why they had to be said - are less inclined to make him smile, but while his expression grows more serious, the tension does not return. Darsce's desire - that he be helped - causes Jethaniel to nod, his head remaining lowered for a moment. Her intention was not entirely achieved, though the lack thereof was (he accepts) not his fault. His eyes do lift in time to see that smile for those things he said, and it draws an answering one from him. Jethaniel nods to her statement, and does not elaborate on the subject - though he does move his lips, in order to brush a kiss to that silencing finger. They are not alone, but they are not currently being observed. The question of whether he is currently a patient.. is in fact irrelevant. Even if he is, he may choose to leave. The medical supplies currently on his person… are well within the bounds of what the Steward of Xanadu Weyr can requisition, and if they aren't, he can pay whatever fines are assessed once they are assessed by the infirmary and approved by… the Steward. Or whoever replaces him in that function while he is on medical leave. So, as Darsce expresses the possibilities for remaining here, Jethaniel's expression is a considering one. It remains so for a few moments after she finishes. "I find your medical care superior." He smiles, and begins to sit up… which causes the smile to become a grimace. 'Somewhat' may become a significant understatement for his pain, over the course of his relocation, and that second opinion may be required rather promptly if he's to have more fellis. Jethaniel pauses in his attempt, and looks to Darsce. "…but I will need help."

"We've met before today," Darsce murmurs of Cyrus, with another dark look towards that curtain gap. She shakes her head to ward off questions, adding, "Tell you later." Because he may be listening! He moves and she is quick to rise and hook an arm around his back to assist. At eye level, she smiles tenderly - and truth be told, a little too warmly to be healer-ish. "I like being needed by you. I'd be happy to help." Though. "Wait here, I'll get a wheelchair." And she scoots to do that. He might hear a few sharp words out there over that - or he may not depending on who is helping with the incoming tide of shattered-limbed people. When she returns it is with fresh ice packs another cup of juice and wriggling another packet of fellis gleefully. Which she'll dump in his juice, stir and wait for him to gag down before she attempts to move him. How long has his stomach been empty now? She should get him breakfast. In fact, since it hasn't been offered here, she may stop and offer it in the crowded caverns on the way to the room she shares in the back hallway with Hali. Her sister? Booted to bunk on a pallet in her office. The Steward is injured and needs a bed. Her bed, but hey - she thinks he needs privacy for his convalescence. Hali is more than glad to avoid this situation anyway. Darsce owes her bigtime. For the rest of the morning, she will spend the time changing her linens, clean her room, happily setting the clutter to rights and comforting Jethaniel however he likes. As she said, she does enjoy meeting his needs.

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