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Xanadu Weyr - Weyrleaders' Office

Office and retreat, this is the domain of Xanadu's Weyrleaders. The door is in the eastern wall, quite close to the southern end while the northern wall is dominated by big, expansive windows, framed by sumptuous deep blue drapes edged with a brilliant gold braid and tied back with a thick rope of braided gold and blue cord. In between, the eastern wall is covered floor to ceiling with shelves that house all sorts of records, manuals and supplies that are used on a day-to-day basis. The southern wall has the Weyrleader's desk — plain fellis wood, well polished and masculine. From behind his desk, the Weyrleader can look straight through the windows and out onto the main airspace of Xanadu. The western wall is where the Weyrwoman's desk resides: a lovely piece of furniture made of warm cherry wood. From her seat, a glance sideways gives her an equally good prospect out the window. There are a few other seats, some comfortably arranged around a low round table for small, informal meetings while there also some that can be drawn up to one of the desks.
On the south side of the door, the space is occupied by a low oblong table where refreshments can be set without someone needing to intrude. There is also an 'incoming' tray where incoming correspondence or similar items can be left.

There's breakfast being served out in the caverns. The scent of bacon and sausage, fresh hot bread and pungent klah wafts through the administration hall as does the muted hum of activity out there. The Weyrwoman has bypassed all that, however to enter her office where she sheds her heavy, fur-lined coat and drapes it onto the back of her desk chair. Boots, they're still dripping with melting snow as they're kicked off and the shoes she keeps in here slipped into. There's a covered tray with pastries and a pot of hot klah awaiting her on the low table by the door and this suffices for her breakfast, which she will eat while playing catch up. Back from Cold Stone Hold and the work has piled up, so she seats herself and grabs the stack from her inbox.

There are some interesting metrics that might be calculated regarding administrative work. For instance, the proportion of documents marked 'urgent' in Thea's inbox that have not, during her absence, been redirected to another source. These may be termed the 'Falsely Urgent' requests, though in calculating this metric, it is important to be aware of the possibility that the urgency of them was such that it did not permit the original granter of the request to conduct a reassessment and reassignment. Another metric - and one which, at present, is somewhat skewed - is the relative sizes of the in and outboxes. This may be termed the throughput, though - unlike a more physical system such as a turbine - being positive or negative are both meaningful states. Yet another metric - because there is value to a data-driven approach - may be defined as the time from entering the office to receiving the first visitor. This often entails a visitor bearing a perception of urgency, usually - though not necessarily - with a request that might be redirected elsewhere with either trivial loss or perceptible gain in efficacy. These are often similar (and, indeed, may be duplicated by) Falsely Urgent requests, but the overlap between these metrics is not complete. Today, time to first visitor is sufficiently brief that one might suspect the Weyrwoman's office of being under observation, particularly if one is familiar with some of the habits of the Falsely Urgent Visitor. They presume (or so one presumes), that if they can simply obtain uninterrupted time, the person they intend to presume on will be incapable of proceeding except in accordance with their request - and, in particular, in accordance with their desired course of action for that request. Perhaps engaging such a process prior to the consumption of klah on the part of the target is optimal? It is unlikely these requesters have conducted a full analysis of their procedures, and Jethaniel is aware of such only through his own observations. He is, however, the current arrival at Thea's door, tapping his fingers against it lightly before entering. Despite the expected demeanor of an early-morning arrival - degree of agitation compared to urgency and purported urgency of request might provide other interesting metrics - he appears relatively at ease.

So yeah, Sorrin's pretty good at handling both urgent and deflecting pushy people who think they are important. Any Really Urgent things have been passed between Seryth and Yumth while Thea was away. Though some of the things in her inbox probably should have been sent to the Steward to peruse, or he might have been allowed in here to go through them himself if Thea, in somewhat of a daze after hearing the news from Cold Stone Hold, had remembered to mention it to Sorrin. Did she? And oh, did she ever remember to fill out those Leave of Absence forms? Ah no matter. Jethaniel has the only other master key and he's thorough, so she's not worried. She trusts him in here. The tap of fingers heralds her first visitor of the day and since she's been keeping her office door locked ever since Kera told her Cyrus was looking for her, Thea begins to rise from her chair to open it. But first a precaution, "Who is it?" That's when the door opens and the Weyrwoman cringes. Please don't be- "Oh, Jethaniel." Relief! "Lock that? I must have forgotten." She lifts her mug, klah cooled enough to take a long draught. "Anything interesting happen while I was gone?" Or.. routine even. The really interesting things would likely have been passed on to her. Er, right?

Jethaniel has certainly been through here during Thea's absence, whether she remembered to tell Sorrin (and Sorrin remembered to tell him) or not. Thea will find notes in his handwriting attached to a few of the items in her inbox, preliminary decisions and just how much of them he was doing prior to her approval. There's a certain amount of petty cash and resourcing that the Steward can apply to situations with a reasonable expectation of its future approval. He did so. He also documented that he did so… as she'll discover, when she gets to the appropriate documents in that stack. He begins to open his mouth to answer that question, then simply nods as Thea answers it. He is, in fact, Jethaniel, and at her request he turns, locking the door behind him. It's only after he's done so that he turns back to Thea and asks, with a lifted brow, "May I ask why?" Not that he's objecting. He's merely curious as to why his meeting with Thea is to be made uninterruptable. The door secured, Jethaniel crosses to Thea's desk, drawing up a chair for himself. Anything interesting? "Ah…" That would depend on what she qualifies as interesting, would it not? There are a wide variety of possibilities that might be defined as such, and Jethaniel lacks a comprehensive set of criteria to establish what Thea does and does not wish told to her. "…there was a minor tunnelsnake infestation in the firewood stores. It has been resolved, but it being monitored." His personal life? Why would that count as interesting? "Also, one of the herders made an intriguing proposal regarding overwintering procedures. I have permitted a small-scale experiment."

Has he? Thea hasn't had time to look at the stack of papers with the little notes on them, but she will be pleased when she sees the efficiency. The click of the lock finds her visibly relaxing. She smirks at his question of why. "To keep Cyrus from entering," she says with a grimace. Her question about anything interesting would be in reference to Weyr management events. If she wants to know about his personal life, she'll ask. And she might at some point because she does care about her staff. It would not be a leading question, however. She's a fairly direct person, or tries to be. It might be asked as a simple, "How are you, Jethaniel?" Or "Are you happy? If not is there anything I can do?" kind of thing. She doesn't hear much gossip. Some, yes. But people tend to clam up and stop the idle chit chat up when she comes around. The tunnelsnake infestation prompts a wrinkle of her nose. "Some of the firelizards helped ferret them out?" Hopefully those winged pets are good for something other than being alarm clocks and messengers. The overwintering experiment draws her interest, "Oh? There's a summary here, yes?" In her pile, she means.

"Ah," Jethaniel says on the matter of Cyrus, and frowns. "I have informed him he is to cease unsolicited interviews." Whether or not the mindhealer complies is another matter entirely, one to which Jethaniel does not (yet) possess the answer. He leans back in his chair, considering for a moment. "I would appreciate being informed of any future attempts." He has told Cyrus any nonconsensual determinations of psychological necessity are to be reported. Should he receive reports not echoed by the mindhealer, that would demonstrably be a cause for action. "However, it is an understandable precaution." The locked door, that is. While Jethaniel would like to believe his instruction to the mindhealer will be effective, he is not certain it will, and as such, Thea's choice to take extra safety precautions for her own mental health is appropriate. Jethaniel, not being inclined to gossip, proceeds (unless and until asked) from this matter to the rest of the Weyr business. He nods concerning the tunnelsnakes. "Indeed. There was some competition for trophies among certain of the weyrbrats and apprentices." It was effective. "They were not, however, permitted to keep those trophies." Jethaniel's lips quirk in a slight smile. "…though I believe there are some tallymarks in one of the lesson-rooms." Lists of measurements and quantities don't start to smell bad as they decompose. Concerning the experiment, he nods again. "It is likely near the bottom."

Thea leans back in her seat and stares at her Steward for a few ticks. "Is that what these routine summons are?" She'll be doubly wary about answering it then! "Isn't there supposed to be… oh…" He hand flicks the air while she tries to remember back when D'had sliced his hand open. She brightens, "Informed consent to treat?" This is the correct term, yes? "He's not getting that first?" The Weyrwoman looks at Jethaniel as if he'd know since he talked to him. Thea? Not so much. She's been hiding. But this may change! She nods about the tunnelsnakes, her mind still preoccupied with things. She'll get to her stack eventually. For now though, "Jethaniel I want you to look at this." She opens one of her drawers and hands him a legal document written and signed by High Reaches Hold's harper, signed by both Thadan, holder of Cold Stone and Tharen, heir of Cold Stone Hold. It states that upon the death of Thadan each turn, half of Cold Stone Hold's wool trade profits. are hers. Therein lies most of the profits that hold generates. She is also being given breeding stock of their prime camilids. She also has been given a back draft of credit, for both wool and breeding stock spanning nearly twenty turns. It's a significant amount of marks.

"I would presume so," Jethaniel says on the matter of Cyrus's summons, his face a calm one. "Certainly, he took my presence in the infirmary as an invitation to such." His brows lift slightly as Thea searches for the appropriate words, then lower as he nods. "Indeed. I am not certain he is." Speaking from personal anecdote, Jethaniel can produce at least one incident wherein Cyrus proceeded with a psychological diagnostic procedure prior to obtaining consent, including the application of coercive methods in the attempt. This may be indicative of a larger issue. "He has not, to my knowledge, attempted diagnosis or treatment beyond the level of verbal exchange," which is still - particularly for a mindhealer - definitely a form of diagnosis and treatment, "nor attempted to restrain any person from departure." Jethaniel does, however, find it necessary to include a qualifier on that statement. His knowledge (and expertise) is incomplete. "I have informed him he is to obtain such consents in the future." Not that the healer hall should not have already so informed Cyrus, but upon occasion, it is necessary to reiterate facts which should already have been presented. "As well as file treatment reports." Which Jethaniel will be reviewing. Sleep? He'll find time for it eventually. After he's gone through all his documents. Coincidentally, here's another one for him to review! He reaches out to take the document from Thea, skimming it briefly before looking up once again. "I am not a harper," he notes. Legal documents are not his expertise, though he has studied and dissected quite a few in the time since his appointment as Steward. Jethaniel glances down to the page once again, and there's a slight furrow to his brow and a questioning tug to his mouth. "What do you wish me to look for?" Despite the fact that he is not received formal training in such documents.

"I just thought he was being nosy," Thea mutters with a frown. This is much worse and she isn't all that pleased to hear it, even though it is the information she requested. "I'm glad you told him to get consent first. You did well." She smiles her approval before adding, "I know I don't have to say this, but if he continues, please inform me." Treatment reports? Just… summaries right? The details are protected by patient-client privilege I think." She's never troubled herself with the Infirmary documents save for the requisition forms, though she does take a daily verbal report from one of the On-duty healers there. She tends to go when Cyrus is not on the shift. She settles back after handing Jethaniel the document. "I know that," she laughs when he says he's not a harper. "The amount, my good Steward. I… don't need it. I've been without it all these turns. I can, however, put it to good use around here, though. Particularly to fund that glass enclosure in the hatching arena. Also there's the imported camilids to find a place for, people to care for them. Mur'dah is going to recommend people but you will who gets hired." She waits while he's looking at the paper and then asks, "Are there any other… ah, projects we could use the marks for?"

"I do not believe nosiness includes the application of diagnostic criteria." No, Jethaniel isn't saying for what. Nor including the fact that he applied those diagnostic criteria right back at Cyrus - then again, he is not a healer, and as such, is not constrained by those rules. He nods to Thea's confirmation of his acceptable performance, a slight smile in return that fades as she continues. "I will keep you informed," he agrees, then nods. "A high-level summary concerning nature of incidents. I have, in the past, primarily reviewed such documents for purposes of establishing activity profiles for the infirmary." They don't contain details. There are entire incident codes into which he does not delve beyond a broad category that might mean anything from 'talked about sleep schedules' to 'talked down from a ledge'. "They do not contain specifics." They're written at an administrative level, not a healer one - or at least, that's the documents Jethaniel believes he asked for! "They do contain information about the nature of the patient's admission to medical care." He frowns slightly. "A distinction which I expect to see made clearly." Jethaniel is using the word 'expect' in that special sense wherein he is not certain if he actually expects it, but does require it. The matter will receive ongoing observation - for which Jethaniel does not require consent from Cyrus. An observation of his behavior in the course of his job duties is included as an element of his employment at the Weyr. There is no expectation of privacy, even if - generally speaking - there is. Until there's a reason to do otherwise. Jethaniel nods to Thea's agreement that he is not a harper. "Ah." Her explananation permits him to focus on the more relevant portion of the document, and he nods. "It can indeed. There are still limits to the speed with which the enclosure can be constructed." He glances up to Thea. "It will be built in a series of stable phases. This will take longer, but mean there is minimal risk of overlap with a queen's presence on the sands." So they'll have a construction site for months (at least)… but there won't be any actual work over a broody gold's head. "This will, however, make the budget simpler." By which he means more complex, but less challenging to make the numbers all come out in the black. He glances to the document once again, then lowers it, considering. "What are the general requirements for those camilids? Are their caretakers likely to require import as well?" Though it's usually called 'relocation', when it's being applied to humans. Jethaniel will probably go read some books and consult with the beastcraft about them, but he's looking for a first approximation. Sleep may have to be rescheduled. There are other projects first. "The observatory project has been completed." And nearly on schedule, too! So that's not an option. "We could potentially do some infrastructure improvements to the power grid. There have, historically, been issues with winter outages. While they are likely not completely avoidable, we may be able to mitigate them… though this is not the appropriate season for outdoor projects." Despite being the season in which lacks in them will become apparent. "…camilids are wool-bearing, correct? We could potentially conduct some replacements and inline improvements to some of the weavercraft equipment. Dye vats and looms…"

Thea listens attentively to Jethaniel. Heh, she gets about half of what he says. Cyrus, yep, he'll be watching him, no they won't be invading the patient-client privilege, it sounds like the reports will be statistical in nature with the trend in incident type and numbers, all of which she agrees to with a firm, "Please do. And I'd like to see your summary of those." Yeah, because she doesn't have the time or desire to go through all that paperwork and hers and perform her diplomatic duties as well. One thing though: "Patient… admission..clarification? What?" Did she catch that correctly? She doesn't seem to find it out of place for the Steward to requires compliance from the Infirmary staff. Not at all. Though that uncertain note in the word 'expect' is caught and so she asks lightly, "Problem?" As for the glass enclosure, she nods, trusting his judgment and expertise. The same with the observatory, pleased that it's finished. "The camilids require special handling. My brother might help recommend people from the mountains who are sued to working with them and they could come either to remain or train." She smiles ruefully, "they can be extremely flighty and temperamental." They have looms and dye equipment here at Xanadu and so she erms a little hesitant to suggest this but, "Wool-bearing, correct. But the carding, combing and spinning equipment here is geared for sheeps wool, which is heavier. The camilid has a very fine, soft fiber and it tends to be floaty and will jam the machines. We did the work by hand in Cold Stone Hold." A thought crinkles her brow, "Do you need an assistant? You sound awfully busy." And she's just adding a whoooooole bunch of projects to his to-do list! "None of these projects are urgent, Jethaniel," she adds while leveling a look at him. Yeah, she knows how he gets with his projects.

"Of course," Jethaniel says to the requested summary of those medical reports. He does possess the capability to write summaries that are shorter than the things he's summarizing, though some might not expect it given his usual communication style. Perhaps it's because he wishes to make efficient use of ink and paper? Thea's mention of his clarification causes his mouth to twitch in a brief frown, followed by a nod. What, she asks? The answer might be succinctly described as, 'Problem'. Jethaniel does not, however, choose to be that succinct - perhaps because it would not, in fact, be informative. Thea has already surmised that potential. Jethaniel has already obliquely referenced Cyrus's proclivity for impromptu assessments, but he clarifies as to the nature of his clarification. "He appeared to have a small misapprehension concerning who is and is not his patient." A frown. "I have informed him that it is not his responsibility - nor right - to treat members of this Weyr who have not presented themselves as patients." Emergency situations aside, presumably - but given Cyrus's specialty, it is not as relevant is it might otherwise be. This information (regarding the information Jethaniel has conveyed) having been conveyed, Jethaniel provides his attention to the information Thea is conveying to him. He nods regarding those camilids. "I expect the retention of some experts would be useful, yes." Jethaniel certainly isn't one, and if they're as flighty as Thea claims, the local beastcrafters may not suffice. "I will consider your and Mur'dah's recommendations." He expects they will permit him to make an appropriate decision. "Ah," he says to her recommendation regarding the hand-working of the fiber. "Very well, then." Not all problems have technological solutions. If they did, Jethaniel's workload could be significantly reduced by the simple application of machinery. Instead… he hmms to the mention of an assistant. "I am not aware of any suitable candidates." Not that he's looked, though he looks at Thea now. A blink. "I am aware." That they're not urgent. Furthermore, "I have taken multiple rest days in the past sevens, including time spent out of Weyr."

Thea once again stares at Jethaniel. Oh, this just gets better and better doesn't it? Her mouth closes with a little snap when she's aware it's hanging open, "Not presented?" To say she never gets angry would be an untruth. To say rarely, more correct, to say seldom most accurate. She's angry now. "He can't treat the whole damn Weyr!" Okay so she's been reclarifying his reclarifications and reiterating his conveyances but it's finally sunk in. She takes a deep breath and then lets it out while her eyes shut, mutters, "Mindhealers!" Another breath. Don't panic, Thea. Her eyes open, "You told him. If Cyrus doesn't listen, he'll answer to me!" But someone is going to have to tell her because she'll be avoiding him until then! Her chi is back - sort of - after being temporarily disrupted and she returns her attention to the topic at hand. What won't Thea permit Jethaniel to do? "Tharen and I know the mountain folks. Mur'dah knows some about the stock but I'd rather you interviewed the group we find and choose from them who to hire. The rest can go back home." He blinks at her. What? She doesn't want to overwhelm or burn him out! "Okay," she smiles. But then he speaks and she blinks back at her steward, "Continue the trend," she says before asking politely, "Did you have an enjoyable time?" Away.

Jethaniel simply nods to the angry Thea. It is not true that he is unconcerned. The rumors that he is without emotion are false. He is, however, aware that Thea's anger is not directed at him (though he is the only other person in the room), and as such, he does not react except to provide confirmation. "Indeed not." If nothing else, the logistical difficulties - but there is something else, and that is the matter of patient consent. (Or, to be more specific, the consent of Xanadu's inhabitants to become patients.) His tone is calm, as Thea takes a breath intended for the same purpose. "I told him," Jethaniel repeats, and furthermore, "I will provide you with summaries." As well as his recommendations. Thea may continue to avoid Cyrus until it is clear that the mindhealer either is, or is not, maintaining proper boundaries. In the meantime, there is (as always) other work to be done. He nods concerning the mountainous camilid experts. "Certainly." If the pool of applicants is preselected to contain those who likely possess the applicable skills, he can assess them interspecifically for relative skill level and Weyr fit. Perhaps he should also consider interviewing for an assistant position? He can write up a job description. It would be a more defined assessment process than his own for becoming Steward. He nods acknowledgment to Thea's instruction regarding the continuation of his recent behavior (or at least the portion which he has just made her aware of), but her final question proves to be a rather difficult one. "Ah," he says, and for a moment, he merely considers it. It might be socially expected for him to make a polite and blandly positive statement and move on. Jethaniel, however, answers honestly. After cogitation, he determines the honest answer is, "Mostly." He is aware that it is impolite to go on at length about such things, and as such, he is both honest and efficient.

Thea's ire is on no way directed at Jethaniel, even though she just raised her voice there a minute ago. Which if Jethaniel is aware enough, he might've caught the faintest edge of panic to it. She's over it - at least for the moment, breathing back to normal and everything. No hysteria. But her emotion is definitely not far from the surface, it glitters in her eyes. Nobody messes with her weyrfolk! She continues to breathe (a very good sign) as she nods to her Steward's comments, and then waits, brows lifted in polite enquiry as he Ahs - and then stops. Yes? No? "Mostly." The Weyrwoman smiles gently, "Mostly is better than not at all?" Not prying, exactly. Uh, but if he wants to tell he, he may?

If Jethaniel has noticed that edge to Thea's reaction, he makes no comment on it. He will, however, provide her those summaries and monitor Cyrus's behavior. He will also appreciate her continued breathing: a state of Weyrwomanly hypoxia might present challenges for the Weyr as a whole. As such, it is perhaps advantageous that the conversational topic of mindhealers are being left behind in favor of ones that are substantively more positive. Jethaniel smiles to that question. "Indeed so." Mostly is significantly better than not at all. He hesitates for a moment as he considers whether to explain further. He is, he is aware, not required to. He is also aware the opportunity, should he wish to volunteer information, is present. After due consideration, he speaks. Perhaps his production of words is due to the fact that he seems to be incapable of ceasing to smile. "I became engaged." This statement might seem to require a preposition and object. Perhaps a 'to'? Or an 'as'?

Moving on is a good thing, especially for breathing. Thea's own smile grows as her Steward smiles. She's seen him do this before. But not like this. His smiles have heretofore been small and polite, or the sweetly-pleased 'yes, that's it' or 'this is interesting see?' sort of ones. This one transforms his face and the Weyrwoman notices. How can she not? It's still sweet, but somehow bigger than his just his mouth, his eyes, or even his face. Love is not something Thea is a stranger to. She approves, whoever the girl is. Because this: Jethaniel's face. Does she remember the cattle drive and asking him to look out for a certain young lady? She might, but it's been two turns and she's had a lot of things to occupy her mind since then. And so her smile is pleased for him and her natural question is to supply that preposition in a gentle prompt, "To…?"

Ah. Did Jethaniel neglect that detail? Perhaps that's because, to him, it's not a detail. It is, in fact, the main point. The engagement - the state transition around that point - is the detail. The adjustments made to a telescope to bring it into focus are not what is important; the star being viewed is. The turbines of the electrical generator pale before the waterfall. The ship is irrelevant except as a means to carry people and cargo along the currents of the ocean and follow the sea breezes. The computer is useless without the program. (Babbage seeks his Lovelace?) The meaning of the preposition Thea offers is, given the context he is quite happily inhabiting, obvious, and so Jethaniel - given that word - continues the sentence in the only logical way he can. "Darsce."

Whoever it is, Thea can tell her steward has found someone who is, to him, his everything. Someone who draws him to a place where he can just live and and be loved by her. This is rare, Thea knows and it's been turns since she has experienced it herself. The kind of place that where there is freedom within and without both, regardless of what the outside reality is. He names her and Thea is not all that surprised, really. She is, however both glad and… a touch worried. But really, this will be for the two of them to… discover. "Congratulations," she says warmly and means it. It's a touch grave with mostly pleased for them both. There are no warnings given. There are no requirements made. There are no stipulations placed upon him about dalliances or maintaining professionalism. She trusts him. Darsce? Will learn? Thea's… partly sure and partly hoping - with a healthy dose of sink or swim in there. She reaches for her stack of papers and spots the first sticky note. "I'll get back to you on these," she says. And if there's anything further, she knows Jethaniel will speak up or slip out and do his work with the thorough manner he's always shown. Her smile as she works through her catch up? Perhaps might have something to do with a wooden seat high in a fellis-tree and a fast-moving thunderstorm.

Jethaniel inclines his head to Thea's congratulations. "Thank you." There's a certain gravity to his response, despite his evident pleasure. The smile is still there. Jethaniel is happy for himself (and for Darsce), but he is still Jethaniel. He does not, in fact, go dancing about Thea's office while caroling a tune. He simply smiles. If his work hitherto has been satisfactory (and it has), there are unlikely to be any interruptions forthcoming due to this state transition. Besides, Thea did inform him he was permitted (perhaps even encouraged) to obtain intriguing anecdotes. He has not yet succeeded in doing so to any great extent - at least not with anecdotes he himself is telling. At some point, there will presumably be a general Weyr-wide announcement of this engagement. If such an announcement is left up to Jethaniel, it may take a somewhat atypical form - but that can, perhaps, be the first of the challenges for them to discover? Or, at least, the second. They've already encountered the first. Jethaniel may be more diligent about taking his rest days - and about prioritizing such that he leaves the office at a reasonable hour - but his work will continue to be done, and the degree of gossip caused by his dalliances is unlikely to be excessive. He has asked no permission of Thea. (Nor of Darsce's parents.) He has no intention to, though he will doubtless discover it necessary for some aspects of wedding and vacation planning. Until then, however, Jethaniel will simply do his job. He glances down to that stack as Thea lifts it, and nods to her comment. "They are not urgent." Because Jethaniel ensured anything that was urgent was dealt with by himself or Sorrin, at least to sufficient extent that it was no longer urgent. "I will be in my office until midafternoon, should you have questions." At which point he has an assortment of meetings scheduled to finish out his day, but for now, Jethaniel rises from his chair, pausing to incline his head to Thea once more before he departs. "Welcome back." It's an earnest comment, and his smile now is for her. A smaller one - collegial in nature - but still genuine. He does appreciate the fact that he works for her, as well as the Weyr. And then, unless Thea has another project to assign him, he'll return to his own office and his own inbox. Perhaps, if he can process it sufficiently before lunch, he can spend the time between then and his afternoon meetings speculating on new projects.

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