Mindhealing the Mindhealer

Xanadu Weyr – Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

It's early. Breakfast has yet to be started, let alone served. The sky is still pitch-dark and the sun has yet to rise. Darsce is usually up for that event as she has duties in the caverns each morning but today? She's up MUCH earlier than required for her morning ritual of hair-fussing and makeup dabbing. She strides into the infirmary and yeah, she's all ready for work, her headwoman's knot pinned to the right shoulder of a sleeveless dress that is cut to fit her figure, a touch short if one were to deem all headwomen as frumpy old ladies and take account that it is wintertime. Darsce? Is neither old nor frumpy. Her silver-blonde hair shines in the lights, carefully combed. Her skin, every inch that is visible to the eye is a fading red sunburn which might explain why her face bears but a touch of light makeup. She's scratching her forearm as she looks around the empty infirmary, rather than be seated in the waiting area, she keeps right on walking. "Hello?"

c-rus has been milling about the back of the infirmary checking on a few things. His conversation with Jethaniel yesterday had not really upset him, but it did annoy him a little bit. One of the things that he had promised he was going to do when he got his own infirmary was not let non-healers dictate to him how things were going to be run. Perhaps that isn't what Jethaniel had been suggesting, but it was close enough that it had provoked a reaction. Still..if you could call that an argument he feels like he came off the better, and that encourages him. He'll just have to see where it all goes. He now understands a bit better how his apprentice might have a problem with him. He'll have to talk to Kera one of these days about how to survive as an apprentice. When he hears the voice he pokes his head out from where he was working and spots Darsce, "Hello." he says and begins to make his way toward the front of the infirmary, "Good morning. How can we help you today?"

Darsce hasn't heard of any arguments or disagreements between the Steward and the Journeyman healer. She's never been sick, never had the need to be here for medical care, save that one time, but she was fine, really. Should never have been brought in and really not her fault she didn't follow proper discharge procedures. She simply wasn't aware that there were any. As Headwoman, she doesn't really concern herself with the Infirmary save to make sure they have the appropriate linens delivered, meal cart brought promptly when there are inpatients and the housekeepers do their work to keep the floors in here clean. This morning though, it's a different story. "Oh hello." We? Darsce's brows arch at that, she peers around for more healers and when she spots no one she smirks. "You" (the plural) can help us with our itchy skin. Yes?" she answers sweetly with a pert smile. She is near the desk by now and so hops up on the corner of it, casually crossing her small and elegantly suede-booted feet at the ankles. "No rush. I'll wait." She swings her feet just a little.

Cyrus was speaking more in the general term of 'we' the healing staff since he does represent all of them in one way or another, but if Darsce wants to be literal he supposes thats fine too. He has of course read all the files. And he means /all/ the files. Since he doens't know this young womans name yet he can't really attach her face to a file yet, but doubtless when she gets around to saying it he will put two and two together very quickly, "I suppose that we can certainly try." he says as he comes over to the desk, "So. What did you manage to get yourself into to cause the itchy skin?" he asks. There are plants that can cause reactions…there can be allergies…there can even be other reasons. Though its most likely some irritant that she came in contact with."

Greaaaaat, files. When he hears her name he won't come up with much other than: 'Seen for dehydration and exhaustion, given IV fluids, left against medical advice' and a date coinciding with the cattle drive Xanadu held out on the plains nearly two turns ago. That's it. There are no notes about her behavior or personal life choices because she never spoke to the healers upon arrival. She left before the morning on-duty saw her. She's had nary bug bite nor sniffle since and hasn't been back. So. Boring file for Miss Darsce, sad to say. And yes, she takes him literally because no one else speaks collectively that she knows of. She represents Xanadu Weyr, but tends to use I, not we. His persistent use of it has her smirking anew, but she says nothing more about it for now. She remains nonchalantly perched on the corner of Cyrus' desk. "The sun," she says with a little look that says 'duh' but she's smiling as she offers her arm. The skin is red, slightly warm to the touch and a touch dry-looking but there is no rash, no hives, no flakiness. "I can't sleep for the itching," she explains plaintively. She's assuming he either knows her or will ask her name.

Just can't seem to get away from the snarky people in the last couple of hours. One by one they keep showing up in the infirmary. The very first case of the day and its just a bit of sunburn. How incredibly boring is that? Nothing exciting for the last few days either. He lets out a little exasperated sigh, "Boring!" he annouces. Incredibly and completely boring. Dull, dull, dull. She couldn't even come up with an exciting story to go along with the sunburn. He turns on his heels and marches off toward the back of the infirmary where he had come from. This is going to be a really simple thing to treat, "I'll be back in a moment." he says not really even bothering to turn around and look at her. Once in the back he begins to rummage through various salves and ointments that will reduce the itching and allow her to sleep. Hopefully.

Darsce rolls her eyes. Boring? "It's exciting enough to keep me awake at night," she retorts. Really? The healers are looking for entertainment these days? What happened to empathy, bedside manner and the professionalism she's always heard about? Darsce could come up with the story. But he didn't ask for it. And so she doesn't fill him in. She does call over towards that back room, "Thanks?" For calling her boring? For attempting to find something for her itch? For leaving? It could be any of those, really.

Cyrus is looking for some kind of challenge, not entertainment. Most entertainments are boring too. Come to think of it, most people are boring too. Uh oh. Perhaps he's just not a morning person? That is possible. Or perhaps he's just in a crabby mood? Also possible. Or maybe he's just a little bit eccentric? Maybe. Darsce certainly wouldn't be able to tell any one of these things with certainty having only met him one time. Or the other possibility is that he's doing this exactly on purpose to get a reaction out of her. Maybe its one big test? Or maybe Cyrus is just completely stark raving mad. AFter a few more moments he comes back into the infirmary carrying a little canister of something or other, "This will work. Apply as needed and you will be back to your old self in no time."

Uh oh! If people are boring to him then he's in the wrong profession. Darsce can't tell much from meeting him once. Not that she cares really. She does smile when he returns, holding out her hand palm-up for the little canister to be placed into it. It will stop the abominable itch? "Sweet! I look awful in red," she says. In Darsce-speak, that's a thank you. She's ready for her normal ivory skin back too, thankyouverymuch. Hand, waiting, for the ointment, her fingers flutter to get him to drop it. "I can put it on myself," she prompts him.

Vanity thy name is Darsce. Or in this case vanity thy name is some random chick who dropped by the infirmary at a terrible hour with a rather boring complaint. In either case the result is still pretty much the same, "Yes you do." he affirms and hands her the canister and adds, "Yes." Ahh morning problem number one solved and its a slam dunk. Yay for the healer. Another patient sucessfully cured! And there was a roar from the crowd. Not really. Just the sound of a rather silent infirmary, "Apply it whenever you feel the need. The itching should subside in a relatively short period of time. If it doesn't we'll have to go with something a bit stronger." Simple enough really.

Darsce loves it when people agree with her! She gives Cyrus a sunny smile and compliments him, "You have an excellent sense of color-matching. Most guys are hideous at it." She hops down off his desk and starts for the door. He didn't ask for her name. She doesn't offer it, either. "Bye!" If it doesn't work, she'll be ba-a-a-ack. Wait-what? Stronger? She skids to a stop, looking at him warily. "Like whaaaaat?" The cannister is eyed a touch suspiciously, the top is opened, sniffed. She grimaces. "Augh. This stuff stinks! Maybe it's spoiled." She holds it out for his opinion. Really - the stench!

Cyrus also likes it when people agree with him. If everyone did on a more regular basis the world would be a far better place. At least thats what Cyrus surmises, "It's true. I do." he once again affirms as she makes her way toward the door. As she begins to walk out he settles himself down at his desk to wait for what the day might bring. Then all of a sudden without warning she's back, "It's not rotten. That's how its supposed to smell and yes there are stronger mixes if that doesn't get the job done. This is one of those cases where you have to decide if you want to deal with the smell or deal with the itch. You can't have both."

"Maybe you can help me decorate the new wingleaders ready room," she suggests pertly. "Only, no purple. I like purple but I've seen too much of it lately." And then she's doing the sniff-test and trying not to gag. He says it's fine and she moves a step closer. "You didn't even smell it," she accuses lightly, holding it closer, right under his nose, in fact. "It smells like it will make my skin die and fall off!" So dramatic. But it's her skin! She needs it! She does look relieved for one answer though. "Oh. Right. Stronger ointments." Not… something oral. "Why does medicine either stink or taste awful?" Again with the plaintive tone. "Why can't it smell pretty?"

Cyrus is not really phased by the smell of the ointment. He's been around it long enough that it really doesn't make all that much difference to him any longer, "If your skin were to die and fall off it wouldn't itch anymore." he points out to her, "Of course you would have other more pressing problems at that point." But no her skin will not die and fall off, at least not from the ointment. There are ointments that will smell worse. Much worse, "I'm afraid healing isn't about looking or smelling pretty. Its not the primary concern when they are looking at medications and things."

Darsce stares at Cyrus agape for a long moment, unsure whether to believe him or not. Maybe his sense of smell is off? "You have a very strange sense of humor," she says at last, slowly recapping the cannister. That's pocketed and she will use it, but with trepidation. If anything goes wrong, he's going to hear about it! She's backing away now in preparation to leaving when he speaks again. She pauses, "Well see, that's where they err. If the healers would try to be more… accommodating they wouldn't be so… avoided." And yes, she hears the talk out there in the caverns from people who are not keeping those appointments he's tried to make with them. "Almost everything about healing is unpleasant," she points out in pleasant explanation. It's feedback, right?

Cyrus is well aware that people avoid healers. Mainly because most of the times that they have met them they are in real trouble and have something painful going on. Simple classical conditioning really. He gives her a smile and nods, "I'm aware that things are difficult sometimes, but believe me when I say we try to be as accomodating as we possible can be. There are limits though on what we can do." In this case Darsce will have to stick for a bit, but she will feel better in the end. Which is the goal, "Thank you." he says in reference to her comment about his sense of humor.

It might be because the cure is often unpleasant, tedious or in this case, smelly. Darsce looks at him askance. Uh, huh, suuuure they try to be accommodating! She doesn't believe that one bit. Limits he says and she shakes her head in a show of pity, "Well, if you think so, then of course you do." Poor healers, so boxed in by their own short-sightedness! She turns to go. "So thanks and seeya around." Not that she… has, come to think of it. So she turns back to ask, "Do you ever… get out of this place? This boring place with the boring people who bore you? To recreate?"

Cyrus works pretty hard, and doesn't really do too much outside of the infirmary. He mostly comes here, and goes back to his room. His life is really pretty boring most of the time, except when soemthing exciting happens. Which on rare occasions it does. He gives a shake of his head, "Kera says the same thing. We went to dinner a few days ago with Ka'el and Soriana. I got called back here." Which is usually what happens when he tries. Ahh well. Such is life.

No wonder Cyrus wants to hear everyone else's stories! The poor man has no life! And so vicarious observation and direct questioning are his only informational inputs, which makes her nod, something confirmed in her mind about his lack of success in headshrinking the weyrfolk. "You might learn more if you got out in the field more," she says with another smile, unable to resist teasing him just a little. Her face goes bland at the mention of Kera, though she does agree with the little apprentice, "She's right; all work and no play is not healthy. You know that and yet, here you are, tsk." Why do healers not take their own advice?

Cyrus has actually been far more sucessful than a person might think from just looking at it. He is learning everyone's personalities very quickly and that will make it easier to address difficutlies as they arise, "I plan on getting out to see more eventually." He came into this assignment with a very clear plan and it has been unfolding nicely. He has been biding his time and being patient, but the time will come when he moves out and unleashes himself upon the weyr.

There are public persona, some of which can be misleading and then there are private persona. He is learning something, though will it be helpful? Time will tell. Darsce headtilts, considering the healer. "That's what they all say," she concludes with a knowing smirk after a few beats. Uh huh, yeah, she'll believe it when she sees it. "What do you do for fun?" With a flip of her hand she hastily tacks on, "And don't say read healer manuals! I'm sure you enjoy those. I mean hobbies, sport nonhealer stuff and the like."

Cyrus doesn't read healer manuals for fun. Most of the healer manuals are boring. With the exception of some of the more advanced ones. Those can actually be really interesting to read, "I have fun doing my job, and almost as much fun reading through the files." He also has fun making messes for Kera to clean up. Though thats less intentional than some of the other things he does. As for hobbies he has none. This is his hobby. Sitting here, at his desk, unraveling the secrets of the mind. Woooo!

"You're crazy," Darsce says bluntly, though she's still smiling. Does she care if the mindhealer is a nutjob? Oh no, he'll fit right in around here! It might give her misgivings about his judgment when it comes to his healer skills, however and if she ever does have a problem, it's unlikely she'll come to him for help. "You're also going to become unrelatable to people and then they won't be open and honest with you." She thinks on this while eyeing him with a little gleam in her iceblue eyes, then asks, "Do you have a girlfriend?" Though really, if he does, she should see a mindhealer. Hah!

Cyrus takes what she has to say with a grain of salt, "Thank you." There is actually some merit in having folks think you are crazy even if you aren't. If they think you are nuts they generally feel more free to tell you anything thinking that it won't matter because you are crazy. Though in this case he is just having fun chatting and while Darsce might be a bit annoying she's interesting enough to warrant continued conversation, "Nope." he says, and its not as if he is looking either. There are more important things in life than worrying about relationship stuff.

All crazy folks things they're sane; Darsce doesn't want to push him off into the deep end by shattering his equilibrium, so just nods and tells him sunnily, "You're welcome." Yeahno. Darsce doesn't talk to crazy folk either. They might start ranting any time and then all her secrets would be out there for the world to know. No, he says and Darsce understands. "So you're gay," she says matter-of-factly. It's okay, she's from Ierne, she's open-minded.

Cyrus does happen to be quite sane. Perhaps a little anti-social at times, and very much goofy, but very sane. Though the milage that you get may vary. He has to smile when she assumes that he is gay, "Afraid not." he replies to her. Though the remark does give him further understanding of how her mind works. Just a few more pieces of the puzzle and he will have a working model of how the great and powerful Darsce functions mentally.

Oh no he won't! If he thinks he does, he'll be far from thorough. She has taken no tests, has had no interview. Riiiiiight? "Uh huh," Darsce says which could mean just about anything, really. Her hand is placed on her hip. "I can find you a date. I have connections in Ierne." Note, she is not offering herself. Her standards are much higher. Or obscure. "Kera's too young for you and since she's your apprentice it would be inappropriate anyway. She and my little brother could double-date with you and whoever. It'll be good for you." She gives him a sly look. She's pretty much pegged him with a social phobia. Hmm, does the Healer Hall know that the Mindhealer they sent Xanadu is ill?

Cyrus dons't have any sort of social phobia. There is a difference between being afraid and not really caring that much. It would be up to anyone to decide which was worse. As for her comments about Kera he would have to agree. He would never consider dating her in a billion years. She is far to young and she shouldn't be dating either. She has work to do. He'll have to mention something about that later on. You might be surprised at what he has picked up from just a little bit of conversation. He can tell within a high level of probability that she is most likely born in a weyr, given her being ok with homosexuality. He would guess from how she presents herself that dating is something that is probably very important to her. Probably in response to either the lack of love or connection that she felt with her mother, or even more likely her father. This most likely has lead to a string of unsucessful relationships as she seeks to fulfull that lack of connection to one of her parents. He would further deduce from the sunburn that she has been spending a great deal fo time outside…given the way that she dresses its unlikely that her work would take her outside a great deal so he can deduce its probably for fun. Most likely with a man, given that she is stating that she isn't interested in him, "How long have you been dating the present man you are with?" he asks. He would assume 3 to 4 months tops.

Poor Kera. And she thought having Darsce making her take down her tent in the dorms sucked! Young people need to interact with their peers. It's that all work and no play thing again. And no, Cyrus would be making the wrong guesses about her place of birth. That's the problem with unsupported supposition. As for a string of anyones in her past, he can assume but is he correct? Unlikely. She is a social person, however. So much for guessing games, he really should try utilizing the methods he was trained for at the healer hall. The question asked of her draws a bark of laughter and her tone is deliberately patronizing, "I see. You're diverting the question, nice try." The sounds from the caverns indicate that the kitchen staff are setting out breakfast. That's her cue to depart. "So thanks again," she says of the ointment and scoots towards the door. She has duties to perform. And a letter to write to healer hall.

A person can't be right about every little detail, but her evasion of the question would seem to indicate the presence of a certain someone. What is fascination about that would be that she didn't annouce who right away. She doesn't seem to be the type to keep a boyfriend secret. Which means that its a relationship that either she is embarassed about or she dones't want to be common knowledge. In any event its a mystery that he will be paying attention too, "Yes. Very evasive." he says in response, "I'll be seeing you around I'm sure." Cyrus says as she turns to go.

Evasion is also an unsupported supposition, an a flawed method of gaining data. Perhaps if personal rapport had been achieved and direct questions had been asked, Cyrus might have gotten further. As it is, Darsce could be simply messing with him, how's he to know othererwise? He can't. Someone needs a refresher course! And to get a life. It's not Darsce - who, by the way, makes her escape without giving her name. Ohhh Cyrus, see you around? Only if you get out more.

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