Shipwreck Isle

Ista Weyr - Main Beach
The famous black sands of Ista spread out about the great cove upon which the weyr has been built, gleaming under the rays of both sun and moon, like diamonds in their own pristine beauty. Caught between the brilliance of the lush and verdant greens of the forest, and the crystalline blues of the shallows, gradually deepening their color into the wide ocean, the beach is nothing short of striking. The heat of Rukbat reaches into these sands by day, forever blazing underfoot, although the water remains cool and refreshing, never quite reaching the point of being tepid. Off to one side, spilling down from the plateau, a small waterfall empties into a catching pool that runs off toward the sea through a furrow of dark sand and pebbles.

N'talya stand looking out across the beach to the water seeming lost in though, the young dolphineer smiles to herself watching the waves, not paying attention to anyone about her.

After making a quick detour and changing into cooler clothes after getting a ride from Xanadu, Kera strolls along the path to the beach. With a shoulder bag slug over her arm and Minimur flying ahead, she continues til a bend in the shoreline reveals N'talya. Seeing her friend totally distracted, she edges around and tries to sneak up behind her.

N'talya doesn't even seem to notice Kera at all as she continues to observe the waters before here. Out in the bay a dolphin jumps, seems the pod is in close today. Smiling to herself N'talya stretches and smiles. Completely oblivious to the upcoming….dooom."

Kera eases forward a few more paces then sidesteps, flanking the Istan rider to the right. Working to not giggle, as squints towards the water, seeing the dolphin acrobatics. "Is that Echo?" Still scrutinizing the waters, she smirks and waits for the greenrider's reaction.

N'talya jumps a bit at the sudden voice right next to her and blinks, "Kera!" she cries out as she sees who it is and smiles, giggling, "When did you get here?" she smiles and turns to her friend and nods, "Yeah, he just arrived to join the pod here."

Kera chuckles at her startled friend, resisting the urge to say 'Boo'. Nodding that it is the the girl's dolphinpartner. "Glad he made it." Peering to N'talya, she gestures back towards the Weyr proper. "Got a ride over bout half a candlemark ago. But needed to get out of the winter clothes quick." Glancing around the beach. "How ya been? Where's Alamith?"

N'talya smiles and says, "I have been doing great. Alamith is exploring around a bit." he points out at one of the islands dotting the coast and smiles, "She is just over there, would you like to check it out?"

Kera squints off to where N'talya's points out, seeing the isle, but not the dragon. "Nah, let her have her fun." Letting the little satchel drop on the sand, plopping down next to it in the sand, she chuckles as Minimur churps sofetly and lands on the apprentice's shoulder. "So spill, fill me in on what's been going on with ya." Grinning at the greenride, she turns her attention to getting her sandals off.

N'talya smiles and says, "Oh you know me, lot of studying." she smiles, "No great romances or anything. Things really have been quiet since my flight." she smiles and says, "I did have a picnic with the master harper they other day though…"

Kera blinks up to her friend as she get the sandals off and wiggles her toes in the black sand. "Oh, that must have been something. What brought that about?" Her head tilts, but only a little as her firelizard is rubbing against her cheek. The apprentice scratches the brown's neck, and spots a dry patch, which has her reaching for her little waist pouch.

N'talya smiles and says, "Master Moyrel started her career here at Ista and well I guess she thinks of the it as her home."

Kera nods and rolls her fingers to urge N'talya on. "And…..that doesn't explain how ya ended up on a pick knick with her. Huge choking knot like that just 'happens' to have a spare snack basket lying around?" She smirks to her friend and coaxes Minimur to settle on the satchel in front of her to be oiled.

N'talya giggles and nods, "actually that is about exactly what happened." she smiles, "I was out here studying when she arrived with the basket. She said she had extra's and asked if I would join her."

Kera gives a little nod to N'talya as the brown stretches his wings and neck out, humming very faintly, enjoying the attention. As Kera rubs the oil in, her gaze slips back to the greenrider. "Well that was nice." Shifting a bit to get the sand more comfortable. "So what are ya studying today? Looked like watching Echo play to me."

N'talya giggles and says, "Actually I am on a rest day, but yeah that is what I was up to." she smiles and says, "I was thinking about heading to one of the other islands, I found a spot I think would be great for you to take your guy on a date to.."

Kera shrugs when it seems that N'talya really wants to go somewhere else. "If that's what ya wanna do, but doubtful I'll be showing anyone." Getting more oil, she continues making sure Minimur's hide is tended too. "Just let me finish this up first."

N'talya looks to Kera and says, "thinks not working out for you with him then?" she frowns a bit and nods.

Kera scrutinizes the brown's wings briefly. "There was nothing to work out to begin with really. Only seen him around the Weyr once since the Festival." Satisfied that she missed no dry patches, she puts her oil away and cleans her fingers. "He probably only went to the Festival with me just to be nice." A hint of a shrug as she tosses her sandals in her day bag and gets to her feet. "I did sorta put him on the spot afterall."

N'talya sighs and nods, "I am sorry but you never know, he may be busy. If you see him again you should try to talk to him. she offers Kera her hand to help here up, "Come on anyways, I think you will like where I am going to show you."

Kera frowns as accepts the help up, and steps along with N'talya. "I'm certainly not gonna follow him around begging him to like me. He's cute, and nice sometimes. But he's not 'that' cute. And he has been almost insulting in the past." She gives an unladylike snort. "Besides, odds are I'll be recalled back to the Hall if I get in anymore trouble."

N'talya says softly, "That no good at all, I guess you will have to keep your nose clean then.." she smiles, "Or maybe see about getting posted somewhere less stuffy." she smiles and starts to lead you towards the south beach, "I think you will love this place I am going to show you, even if just as a place to come and relax yourself.."

Kera strolls along with N'talya, her gaze flicking about as her lizard wings out over the water, distracted by the playful dolphins. She chuckles to her friend. "Ya kow it doesn't work that way, expcially for apprentice's. We go where we're posted." Reaching down she brushes some dark sand from her leg.

N'talya giggles adn nods, "I know, I am lucky they can't transfer me for my craft anymore." as they continue to the south and up onto the docks.

Ista Weyr - Main Dock
This long, wide stretch of planks reaches far out into the clear blue waters of Ista Bay. Many other shorter paths extend right and left of the main dock, the occasional smaller boats nestled in between. The seaward side often has much larger merchant vessels anchored, sailors loading and unloading at all hours. Positioned off the furthermost point is a metal pole curved out to the water with a large bronze bell attached. A thick, knotted rope hangs down into the waves, within reach of any shipfish that approach, as well as for the dolphineers themselves, should they need to alert their partners. Near the Dolphin Bell is a rickety ladder into the ocean. Its weathered and aged wood is slippery from buildup of algae, and lower down barnacles grow - ready to cut an unsuspecting foot or two if one isn't careful. Recent additions suggest construction all along the sandward side of the pier, woodcrafters still sometimes seen working on the Boardwalk, though the colorful place is now open for business, and far more bustling than even dock. Standing apart, opposite all the activity, are several buildings, including the Coastguard Headquarters, keeping vigil over bay and beaches.

Kera catches sight of a few interesting formations along the beach til they come to the docks. Her gaze glances off to keep an eye on her playing lizard before peering back to N'talya "Lucky you." Her hand reaches out to brush over the railing before it runs out. "So, we're swimming somewhere? I don't wanna get my bag wet."

N'talya smiles and says, "Well we might swim when we get there, but for now we will take the ferry." he points to the end of the dock." she glances to Kera and says softly as she continues to walk, "Whats wrong Kera?"

Kera smiles a little "Ah, good, could use a swim. Been couped up on the infirmary and complex lately. It was snowing at Xanadu when I left." Stepping along to where the ferry is docked, the apprentice sighs. "You know me, always finding some form of trouble. This time it came in the form of a rather handsy Headwoman."

N'talya winces a bit and says, "Well I am sure you will get things straigtened out." as the begin to board the ferry she slips a couple of coins to the ferryman and smiles, "And off we go!."

Kera gives the ferryman an polite nods as she steps onboard. "I had to end up getting rid of all my stuff. So I packed it up and sent it to my parent's cothold. I kept my uniforms of coarse, and books. Most everything else I took back to weyrstores."

N'talya frowns deeply and says, "that is not right at all, why would they make you get rid of your stuff." as she steps over next to Kera, looking to her instead of out to the water. Along the side of the boat a couple of dolphins play in the wake.

Kera leans against the rail with a little huff, fingernails picking at the wood grain. Giving a couple of whistles, she watches as Minimur leaves off his game and wings his way over to her, landing on her shoulder with a happy chitter. "I irritated the other apprentices, and the Headwoman, by painting some curtain partitions. Well, the apprentices were upset cause the partitions sorta fell and made a huge mess cause they were still wet." Running a nail back and forth across the railing "But I cleaned up that mess and they dried….Long story short, I put a tent where my cot was, surrounded it by the painted partitions. Then added some twining to hold it steady and draped a few of my scarves to sorta disguise the tent." She smiles faintly "A nice little study bubble it was."

N'talya frown deepen as Kera speaks and says, "I don't see why any of that should be a problem, what did they think you where doing, sneakinga boy into the tent or something, I mean, you should be allowed alittle privacy. I mean as long as you cleaned up the mess.."

Kera glances to N'talya with a snort "You know apprentices' aren't allowed privacy." Shrugging it off though ""I wasn't doing anything like that. Just studying. But then the Headwoman and Steward are there. And Darsce was making a big fuss. Calling my stuff hideousand gra.." She just shakes her head and takes a deep calming breath. "The only reason I did it to begin with was cause…someone put purple paintdye in my hairsand…." She leaves it to N'talya's imagination what happen when she washed her hair.

N'talya nods and says, "I know but still." she loooks to Kera and nods, "Actually….the little bit of purple you have left…it sorta…looks nice." she smiles softly as she reaches over and gives Kera's arm a squeeze.

Kera grabs the end of her braid and eyes it warily. "Mostly all out now. I was raw from head to toe for days. Well two sevendays really. That's how long I was mostly purple all over. The dye didn't wanna come off. Took longer for my hair." Offering a little smile she nods agreeably. "Thanks." Glancing back to the water as the ferry putters wherever they are going. "I guess it all served as a good reminder that I shouldn't become too comfortable at a posting. I could be recalled back to Hall or reposted at the whim of the Hall."

N'talya nods and says, "That is true, but eventually you will make journemen and then you will have some say in it." she looks up as the ferry begins to dock, "Well we are hear."

Kera is still in a mopey mood even though the warm fresh air 'is' helping her feel better. Peering up and taking notice of the new destination, she reches up to scratch the brown's chin gently. "So where are we anyway?" Turning from the rail, she hoist the satchel strap a bit higher on her shoulder and follows the Istan rider off the ferry.

Booze Island - Black Beach
The island is rather sizable, its thickly forested interior dark and secluded, while the expansive black sand beach wraps around its southern edge, the fine grains twinkling under Rukbat's rays during the daytime, creating the illusion of glittering stars on a midnight background. The odd shell or small piece of coloured seaglass can be seen, carried ashore by the foam-topped waves that lap gently at the land in a constant, quiet rhythm. The view across the water is rather scenic, azure ocean dotted by small sandbars and islets, with the five stone spires of Ista Weyr rising dramatically as a final backdrop. As the beach curves around the island, the treeline inches closer to the shore, until the greenery meets the ocean. The ground underfoot is nearly always warm, and the deep blue water always fairly cool. There is plenty of shade to be found further up the beach, as well as the odd fallen log or two. One particular pile of wood marrs the scenic beauty. What might have been a massive bonfire is now only scorched planks and ashes, a few of the burnt remains looking suspiciously.. barrel-shaped. There are no other traces of habitation, although what might be a small trail winds northward toward the center of the island.

N'talya leads Kera slowly out onto the beac and smiles softly, "What do you think, it is a lovely beach isn't it?"

Kera pauses just before stepping off the ferry and slips her sandals back on before following N'talya. Looking around and nodding admirably. "It is nice." Frowning, her gaze peers along one way then the other "Is this where Alamith is exploring around?"

N'talya smile and nods, "She is flying up around there, she tells me she founds something we aboslutely must check out." she smiles, 'if you are willing to do a bit of exploring."

Kera glances skyward briefly with a thoughtful frown. "I've only got my little knife and a few very basic healing supplies with me…" Meaning she's not prepared for spending days hiking… in these sandals.. nope! "You can't get lost…right? I mean Alamith knows how to find you?"

N'talya nods and smiles, "Alamith can find me anywhere up there." she smiles, "Come on it isn't far what she want to show us. I think you will find it intresting."

Booze Island - Landlocked Shipwreck
Few things could really prepare one for the surprise looming up out of the forest… parting the branches and vines, stepping out from the confining jungle to… this - this jaw-dropping 'what in the name of Faranth' sight: an enormous, two-masted black ship is cradled in the center of the island, impossibly far from the shores. Thick vines still suffocate the ground, but it is almost as if the trees refuse to grow near the craft, leaving it fully visible in its entirety. The prow of the ship is wedged between the trunks of several sturdy trees to the north, creating a narrow gap in the foliage. The vessel is still standing erect despite the attempts of nature; one immense log rests against the side of the ship, with still-intact roots and branches indicating that the tree must have fallen not so long ago. But what is a ship even /doing/ here, landlocked and overgrown? How it got there, Faranth only knows, having been resting for many, many turns from the look of the thick growth of vines creeping up its hull and those that hang about loosely from above, doing a poor job of hiding the name 'Ale Avenger' carved out on its stern.

N'talya smiles brightly as she leads Kera though the jungle and into the clearing with….A ship sittiint landlocked in it… How did this get here. N'talya blinks looking up at teh ship….."This has to be what Alamith was talking about…."

Kera trudges in N'talya's wake, slipping a couple of times, but not twisting her ankles. By the time the thick folage stop smacking aginst her Minimur has already taken wing and soaring ahead. When she clearing comes into sight, she merely stares with her mouth hanging open a few seconds. "By the shell…" Eyeing the wooden skeleton propped up by the trees on either side, Kera's head shakes in wonder "That must have been some storm.."

N'talya nods in wonder and says, "It must have been." she looks up at the hulk and says, 'I wonder if it is stable enough to explore a bit?" she steps slowly over towards the wreck shaking her head slowly and smiles, with some excitment.

Kera looks at the hulking, decaying beams under the thick overgrowth. Suddenly her troubles at Xanadu slip away and a grin flashes over hr face as she shrugs to N'talya. "We won't know til we find out." She starts off and whistles for Minimur fo come back, which he smart brown does with a fluttery landing on her shoulder.

N'talya grins as she looks up to the hulk and smiles, walking slowly arount its base, "Lets see if there is a way to get up an in this." AFter all this is the safest activity that they could possibly be doing. Over head the giant form of Alamith glides over trilling happilly down at teh pair.

Kera nods agreeably as she slips the shoulder strap over her head to resettling so she won't lose it while climbing. Holding her arm up, she lets the brown scramble onto the thick overgrowth. Too bad she can't get him to find the best way to climb up. Stepping right up to one of the ribs, she gives it a few taps with the bottom of her fist to see how steady it is. A few bits of deacyed wood crumble back. "Hmm, We should be really careful, else we'll get buried…" That doesn't stop her though, but she does glance up at the dragon's trilling. "Is it me? Or does she sound excited?"

N'talya giggles softly as she slooks up to her green and says, "she does, I thinks she is happy we are out here." she continues to tap along the hule looking for a place to be able to climb up, "When we get up watch you step."

Ale Avenger - Deck
Upon the vine-choked upper deck of the Ale Avenger, the view of the surrounding forest is quite spectacular. Here, at a height midway into the canopy, washes of greens and browns blur together, the nearby trees rising up on either side to close in on the stranded vessel, drifting it seems in a sea of leaves and occasional bright flowers. Vines and fallen branches might make moving about somewhat tricky, and the planks underfoot are creaky and springy with rot. The prow of the ship is wedged between several trees to the north, while the stern is clogged with thick plantlife, seeds having taken root right in the ancient timbers. The two masts loom fore and aft, reaching up toward the sky, still standing despite the ravages of time and weather. Only the barest remnants of rags hint at what once may have been mighty sails, now only shreds of fabric caught by the wind. A fallen tree has splintered the railing on one side of the ship, the long-dead branches having pierced through the hull, wedging it firmly in place, but also blocking access to the main cabin.

Kera chuckles and turns her attention back to climbing, alternating between poounding the beams and ribs and kicking a few places gently to find secure hand and footholds. She climbs higher slowly. "When we get up there? Pfft. I'm watching where my feet go now."

N'talya looks about as they get on deck begin very carful with each of the steps and smiles, "This is amazing, I wonder if anyone has been here in turns?" looking about the deck slowly.

Kera considers a moment after they reach the deck. Eyeing the jungle around them and the dragon above she nods "Someone has to have seen it. How long did it take Alamith to find it afterall. Surely this is a known spot." Reaching up, she grabs hold up the side beam to steady herself on the almost certainly dangerous planking.

N'talya pokes with her foot before taking a step moving back toward where the cabin is blocked off, "I wonder if we can get in there."

Kera eyes the blockage and shrugs. "Not sure if we should. Been lucky enough to not go crashing through this decking as is." A cautious step forward is taken, though she still holds onto one of the sturdy supports in case the planks give. "No, I think we shouldn't push our luck too far."

N'talya nods and says softly, 'Maybe you are rigth." she turns to face Kera and smiles, "I am glad you came with me out here, we never got a chance to do that adventure at Xanadu before I got searched.

Kera seems relieved that N'talya's not gonna insist on exploring the inner cabins. She does lean a bit and try to peer deeper into the shadows before stepping back. "Maybe next time you should get a few supplies together, come out here with a couple of your wingmates." Kera offers her friend a smile then chuckles with an amused roll of her eyes "Just as well, I only know a few small part of the Xanadu, but those are enough to get me in trouble as is. Can ya imagine if I actually found more places?" The healer cringes at that.

N'talya giggles and smiles softly, "Oh I am sure you would find more trouble to get into, but you might want to tone it down for a little while, until they get over there little current snit…." as she carefully steps back to you.

Kera sighs. "That's what my parents said when I read their last letter from home." Peering back the way she climbed up, the girl starts stretching her foot out for the best place to hold her weight. Unfortunately, her grip on the rib isn't as good as it should be cause her foot slips. Her eyes widen and she scrambles to grasp the overgrown vines. They slow her decent til finally ripping away from the wooden hull, dropping her the last six or seven feet to the ground, twisting her ankle and landing hard on her hip. The breath is knocked from her lungs a moment and she blinks up to N'talya wayy up there. "Owww." Might be heard whens he can breath again.

N'talya looks really concerned and descends quickly and says, "Don't move Kera…let me check you.." she frowns as she get next to her friend and says, "what hurts." looking her over rapidly, having at least emergency first aid training, "See you need to stay out of trouble for a bit…."

Kera takes the time while N'talya is climbing back down to give herself a once over. That's why when her friends gets down to her, she's able to slowly push herself to sit up, wincing a bit. She holds up a hand to calm the rider. "It's my ankle mostly I think." She doesn't try to get up further, but her fingers start moving over her ribs, gently testing for tenderness or pain. "My ribs are fine. Just landed bad on my leg." Minimur appears overhead chittering worriedly with swirling eyes. "It's alright Mini."

N'talya says, "Just sit for a minute, let me check you for breaks, I will get Ala down here to fly us back to the weyr.."

Kera is in no hurry to put weight on that swelling darkening thing used to look like her ankle. Frowning as she eyes the damage, the girl none the less remains still in case N'talya notices something she doesn't. Kera a little distracted with her ankle so it is possible. Taking a couple of slow breathes she gives a little nod "I don't feel any other injuries. And I didn't hit my head at all."

N'talya nods and moves to inspect the ankle and says softly, "It doesn't appear to be broken, just sit and we will get you out of here…"

Kera winces and jumps a couple of times when her ankle is looked at. And leans to be able to swing her satchel to get into easier. "I've got a couple of wraps.." she pulls out a small but stuffed pouch and goes through it a sec, pulling out said wrap. "Well this is a fix isn't it. I'm the one supposed to be seeing tto the patient. Not the other way around."

N'talya smiles and says, "I do have some training in this." she smiles and takes the wraps, "Just relax, search and rescue training will come in handy some here, until I can get you to a healer."

Kera passes over the wraps and leans back on her hands while trying not to get whiney. "Just relax, right." A little amused smirk. "Definately not used to being on this side of the situation." A headshake backing up her statement. "I'll /try/ to be a good little patient."

N'talya smiles and says, "You will be fine." she reaches pulls a small container from one of her pouches, she smears some numbweed on your ankle before slowly wraping it."

Kera relaxes after the numbweed starts taking effect, then her ankle is being wrapped. "Ahh, Thanks, feeling much better already." She glances around and smirks "Next time, we'll need to find a better way up there." Her brown settles on the branch right over Kera's head and croons to his little healer with his neck stretching down.

N'talya smiles and says softly, "Slip your arm around my neck, I will help you up onto Ala.."

Kera reaches up and puts her arm on N'talya's shoulder then accepts help up. Shifting her satchel around she carefully tests her weight, before limping along at the rider's side. "Sorry our exploring is being cut short Nat." She cuts the name short with a slight hissing wince. She chuckles though, so her mood isn't as bad as her ankle seems to be. "Definately bring supplies next time we go exploring so far out."

N'talya chcukles and smiles, "Yeah would probaly be a good idea, and probably more sensible shoes." sliping her arm about Kera waist to help her over next to Alamith, "Pull with your arms while I lift you and we will get you up and on."

Kera nods and pulls as N'talya helps her up. "Definately better shoes." With a grin, she settles and starts buckling herself in. Looking over, she whistles to Minimur, calling the lizard to her. He settles, wrapping his tail around her neck while nuzzling Kera. The cute little thing is still singing to his favorite person. She reaches up to give Minimur a steadying hand, and nods to N'talya after gripping the harness tightly. "Alright, I'm ready." She grits her teeth, this is the part she hates, that first leap.

Away from Alamith, Alamith flies up from near the wreck and soars back to the weyr proper landing in the southern bowl, N'talya releases Kera's straps before sliping down herself to reach up to help her down..

Kera eases down carefully with N'talya's help, leaning a hand against Alamith to steady herself "Thanks N'talya." Glancing around the bowl, "How about we get something cold to drink and I can rest this ankle a bit."

Ista Weyr - Southern Bowl

N'talya smile as she helps you down, "Sure I will get you something cold to drink." as she helps you down, she starts to lead you towards the infirmary, 'Just over this way."

Kera limps along slowly, her eyes towards the living caverns where a nice cold glass of juice awaits. But no, that's not where N'talya is leading her. "Oh nonsense. It's just a swollen ankle, and you've already done what the infirmary would just redo anyway. We just need to find a spot of shade to have to rehydrate from all that hiking." The apprentice grins to her friend and gestures towards the caverns.

N'talya says softly, "Really Kera you know you should have it checked over by someone more capable then me. When they are done I will take you over to the sable sands and get you one of Easterns famous fruity drinks…"

Kera huffs at her friend and stubbornly balks. "Really N'talya. I'm a senior apprentice of the Healer Hall. I can tell whether my ankle is sprained or more serious. You've treated it already just as it would be treated in the infirmary. They will then say I need to put my foot up with occasional cold wraps. And… to drink plenty of fluids." Kera smirks and shifts her weight a bit, using N'talya as a leaning post somewhat. "Oh, that drink did taste good when I was here before. The no alcohol version of coarse. Let's go."

N'talya frowns a bit and says softly, "If you start to hurt any more then you are now, I want you to promise me you will speak to the healers, ok. I don't want them not letting you visit me anymore cause I sent you home hurt you know…" she does let Kera guide her over toward the sable sands insteand of the infirmary.

Kera nods agreeably as she makes slow but steady progress towards the little cafe. "Trust me, i'll have it looked at and rewrapped when I get back. The numbweed is working fine as it should." Glancing up and around, she gives a little whistle for Minimur. A few seconds later the small brown wings his way between some tree branches and settles on Kera's shoulder.

N'talya nods as she moves towarsd the Sable sand, staying arm in arm with Kera, making sure to be there to lean on if her freind needs to lean on her, "How about we sit on teh patio that way we can see the ocean."

Ista Weyr - Sable Sands Patio
This is the patio for the Sable Sands, what would in a regular weyr be a low dragon's ledge. The stone's surface here, however, has been filled and leveled, leaving a smooth floor upon which are set a number of small, round wooden tables and chairs, all varnished to a light goldeny hue. Here and there, small candles in dark orange glass holders or fabric-covered glows provide a sort of mood lighting. The seating is arranged to take advantage of the view, looking out over the broad plateau to the beach and ocean beyond, a perfect frame for sunsets on a clear evening. Occasionally, music drifts from further inside, where additional seating and the bar itself is located. Servers wander and weave through the areas, taking orders while weyrfolk and visitors alike anjoy the tropical atmosphere and exotic foods the island has to offer. The entrance to the adjoining tunnels has been walled off, and a wide set of double doors have been built into it, leading deeper into the weyr, while a set of carved steps offer ready access to the bowl.

Kera grins "Patio sounds good." A little more limping and she's settling onto a shaded chair and pulling a second one closer to prop her bandaged foot on. Minimur chitters softly and hops to the back of the second chair she uses. "We'll order drinks and then you can tell me about Alamith;s flight." She smirks at her friend and brandishes a scolding finger "You still haven't told me which dragon caught Alamith."

N'talya move to take the seat next to Kera and motions for one of the waitress and says, "We will both have a tropical breeze. the non acholoic ones." before looking back to Kera, as she speaks that last of her statement and says softly, "It was intense…it was like every one was after me and well.." she bites her lip, "oh I didn't says….it was brown Isyriath from over at Xanadu that caught her.." not mentioning who the rider of said dragon is though.

Kera murmurs a thanks to the waitress before peering to N'talya curiously. "Really? That must have been unsettling." Another few seconds thought is given before she adds. "Or very flattering." Though it wouldn't really be real. Leaning forward, she adjusts the other chair to support her foot more comfortably. "Brown Isyriath?" She lifts a brown to N'talya as if asking if she said it right. "I think I've heard the name a few times. But can't remember who his rider is." A curious look remains on the greenrider, waiting for her to fill in the dots.

N'talya says softly, "At the time all I could think about was Alamith, your thoughs sorta merge." she blushes and says softly, "Until after things are over, the most akward part is waking up the next morning…" she bites her lips as Kera presses for the riders name, "Oh yeah…" the color growing up her neck as she continues, "um…. her name was Marel…."

Kera notice's the blushing a moment before the rider's name is supplied. Staring at N'talya a moment, she's certain her mouth is hanging open through her stunned silence. Finally snapping her mouth shut, Kera's head shakes slowly as her eyes drift the beach. "His sister." What are the odds. "Are you doing alright?"

N'talya blushes and looks down and says softly, "It is not like it makes us a couple or anything… I mean, she is the weyrwomans daughter…and she has a boyfriend….." she shakes her head slowly, "I haven't even seen here since the awakward wake up the next morning…." shaking her head still looking at the table, "I don't even really remember much of what happened between us.."

Kera nods and lets it pass, expecially since the waitress is returning with their drinks. "Thanks." is offered to the woman before she goes to check on other customers. Taking a sip and enjoying the slight fruitiess she turns her attention back to the Istan rider. "So, what all has been happening? I've told you all the good and crummy things going on with me. You're turn." KEra smirks and takes another sip.

N'talya leans back into her chair not looking up for now, still alittle embarassed and says softly, "Not really a whole lot, I mean I have a bit more freedom now, but things here at Ista have been quiet." slowly drawing her gaze back up to Kera, "I haven't had anyone around that wants to go on an adventure you know.."

Kera fiddles with the rim of her glass while listening to N'talya. "Between Alamith and Echo, with him being here now, you'll be able to go on more adventures." A smirk is given to her foot as she wiggles her toes slowly. "Don't think i'm gonna be having many of those for a while." A couple sevendays at least. She takes another sip of her drink before holding the glass towards Minimur. The young brown stretches his neck, almost daintily to sniff.

N'talya nods and says, "Well when that heals we will have to plan something. And actually bring the right gear this time." he motions to the server again, "Could we get some of those little meat rolls please." before looking back to Kera, 'Thinks will get better for you really."

Kera perks up at the suggestion of the tiny tasty meatrolls. N'talya's words make her chuckle a little and she grins. "As long as I can stay away from the Headwoman." A little shrug offered "Then again, not like I have much else to give get rid." She lowers her voice marginally "I did keep one scarf though." She holds a finger up as if it's a secret. "Shh, don't tell her." Kera laughs over her glass before a little more is drained from it.

N'talya giggles and says softly, "Well if you need someplace to store some of your stuff just let me know I can keep some of it at my weyr… I am still trying to make it livable but.." she smiles and reaches a hand over to her friend.

Kera nods at the offer. "I'll keep that in mind if I get anything. But I already sent a big crate to the cothold already. My mom will just pile it in a corner of my room there til I go visit."

N'talya nods and smiles, "That works I guess, I don't have much stuff either so I understand." she smiles, "But if you have any small things you want to keep around, latter I will show you my weyr, and a spot you could have that little one hide them."

Kera tilts her head at her friend. "Well, that's something right there you could do. And it would be an adventure sorta. Do shopping for your Weyr. Spruce it up with curtains and little personal touches you like." She takes another drink and then offers more to Minimur, which the brown accepts in his dainty way. "It's not like you don't have a way to travel to which ever Hall or nice shop you want to go to."

N'talya nods and smiles, "Well let me know when you are free next and maybe we can make a day of it. I could even take you to the bazzar at Ierne. I have a good friend over there that owns one of the trading posts."

Kera nods at the idea "That sounds like fun. A day of frivilous pretending." Well, for the apprentice at least. A little giggle slips out as the waitress returns with N'talya's small meatrolls order. Kera reaches forward and snatches one that's practically falling off the edge of the plate. Really, teeteering over the precipace. Kera just saves it from a slow death with a quick bite. "Will have to wait til my foot heals up though."

N'talya nods and smiles, "That sounds great." she smiles and reaches up to grab another meat roll for herself, "You little one can can one too if he likes." she smiles, "You can help me pick out colors and everything."

Kera smiles and gets one of the little rolls and offers to the little lizard. "Here ya go Mini." The little brown grasps the morsel with his paws, inspecting it briefly with a few sniffs before tearing into it. Looking back to N'talya "It's your place, it should be colors you like N'talya."

N'talya nods and smiles, "Oh I will make the final descisions but help picking them out and what colors might go go together."

Kera considers that a moment and nods. "I can see your point of having a second perspective. I'll let ya know when I can go." She steals another one of the tasty little rolls and glances over to see Minimur still enjoying his. Enjoying it for a moment, she finally sighs "I should be getting back to Xanadu. Put some of that snow on my ankle before settling in with my books."

N'talya nods and says softly, "I am really sorry you got hurt Kera… Let me know how things are going. And don't worry things will turn around for you." she smiles.

Kera waves off N'talya's appology. "Oh nonsense, was my fault for not watching better where I put my feet." And speaking of feet, she eases up to hers and glances. The brown hopping up to her shoulder "And I'm keeping you away from your duties too long as is. You take care of yourself okay? Give my best to Alamith." She leans as if to offer a quick hug to her friend wiggling her fingers "See ya soon N'talya."

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