An Unsolicited Interview

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

The axial tilt of Pern has resulted in cooler temperatures and a change in airflow and precipitation patterns at Xanadu Weyr. These factors, in conjunction, have caused the precipitation to undergo a change in physical state prior to their departure from the clouds, exhibiting a fine crystalline matrix. A light flurry of afternoon snow falls as Jethaniel crosses the clearing, joining that already on the ground and dusting the Steward's jacket and hair. It will melt expeditiously once he is within warmer surroundings - the infirmary, for instance. He steps inside and closes the door, stamping lightly to knock the snow off his boots as he looks around to conduct an initial assessment of the infirmary's state.

The infirmiry looks, most likely, like it always has. c-rus hasn't made any great changes to how things run here. His style is most likely a bit more casual than some others who have run this place, but beyond that its pretty much the status quo. His focus is always on healing the patients, and he is good at it. His focus is not on paperwork, though he generally completes it. He doesn't always file it correctly. Thankfully though thats what apprentices are for! He is presently sitting at his desk and as Jethaniel comes in he looks up from his work and smiles, "Greetings. Welcome to the infirmary. What can we do for you today?"

There have been consistent alterations to the infirmary since Jethaniel's initial experience with it. There have not, however, been sufficiently substantive changes as to establish a general appearance of difference. As such, Jethaniel's gaze, after a view of the surroundings, turns to one of the notable changes, that being the presence of Cyrus at the desk. The healer on duty has, of course, consistently changed according to a shift rota, but the composition of that rota has also changed. "Hello," Jethaniel says as he crosses to stand near the desk. "I have a few questions for Journeyman…" A moment's thought, as he recalls the name. "…Cyrus. Might you direct me?"

Cyrus wouldn't know about who came before him, or honestly care all that much. The infirmary, at least for the moment, was his and he was going to do things in the most efficent patient based way that he possibly could. He hasn't met this individual before, but given his bearing he has a few ideas of who this might be, "That would be me. Please sit down." he says as he motions to a chair for Jeth to sit in, "What can I help you with today?"

"Ah," Jethaniel says with a small smile. "Convenient." He crosses to the indicated chair and settles into it before looking back up to Cyrus. "Let us begin with the infirmary stores. Are you aware of when the last full inventory was conducted?" His own introduction seems to have been neglected; perhaps he is making assumptions, or perhaps he has simply forgotten that minor feature. Ordinarily, the Steward's knot would provide ample explanation (so long as it was being worn by its proper designee), but with winter, his jacket is, thus far, obscuring that element of his otherwise-simple attire.

"It is. Very convient." Cyrus says. He has met this type before and he will do his absolute best to behave. At least as much as anyone can be expected to behave. Believe it or not Cyrus is actually well aware of everything that is and is not in the infirmary at any given time. There are certain things that you can't trust to apprentices after all, though for the sake of this conversation he might feign a bit of ignorance, "You know I'm not really sure…" he says with a bit of a shrug. He watches this other man closely. After reading through the files he has who this man is narrowed down to about two or three likely suspeccts and if it is who he thinks it is this is going to be grand fun.

Behavior is unavoidable, as all actions may be defined as such. The specifics and effects of Cyrus's behavior are, however, yet to be determined. Jethaniel leans back in his chair. "I do not require specific dates," he says with a faint smile. "However, I do consider it important for this information to be present. I do not have to tell you that some of the contents of those stores may be dangerous in the hands of the inexperienced." There's a slight arch of Jethaniel's brow. Should it be required that he tell Cyrus that, he would like to be aware of that fact. However, he presumes the journeyman is, in fact, aware. "If something were to go missing, I would expect you to be aware and take appropriate action promptly."

Oh the information is present. But why should he share it with someone who just walked in off the street? He probably wouldn't. Even if the steward had annouced who he was. Instead he takes a notepad from his desk and begins to write a few notes upon it as he talks to Jethaniel, "Oh yes. There are some things that are very dangerous here." he says matter of factly, "So you are here because you are interested in drugs. Why don't you tell me more about this interest you have." says Cyrus.

There are indeed dangerous things here, and Jethaniel nods to that. He does not, however, agree with Cyrus's conclusion. "Drugs may be dangerous, certainly. I expect, however, that some of the mechanical equipment would prove more dangerous - at least on the macroscale. I suppose it might depend on whether we are concerning ourselves with personal or systemic dangers." He is not a medical expert. He does, however, arch a curious brow. "That said, if you have concerns over the disposition of your drugs, they are certainly something which should be addressed."

Cyrus takes a moment or two to scribble down a few more notes, "Uh huh…" he says to him, "So you also have an interest in medical equipment…fascinating.." he says. He does steer the conversation back a bit though. Patients often like to talk about things in a roundabout way and you need to bring them back tot he point, "So how long have you had an interest in drugs?" he asks.

"I would not characterize it so," Jethaniel says of his purported interest in medical equipment. "I am merely aware that they are complex mechanical entities." Which is, admittedly, a category in which Jethaniel is often interested, but he has no particular expertise in the medical subdomain. As Cyrus reiterates his question about drugs, Jethaniel gives him an inquisitive look. He does not, however, appear perturbed; he is still leaning back in the chair, and the arch of brows is a curious one. "I believe your question is a misleading one. Would you like to explain your motivations?"

Denial. He has seen it hundreds of time. Every addict wants to think that those challenging them are being misleading or dangerous. He scribbles down a few more notes and looks up at him with a smile, "Really? You believe my question is misleading. It seems pretty simple to me. I'm only asking because you were the one that brought it up? As the healer here I'm interested in whatever you are interested in. So you can feel perfectly comfortable sharing with me." Cyrus replies.

"In fact," Jethaniel says with a slight smile. "I am not. I merely mentioned the existence of dangerous items. You are the one who made the connection to drugs." He steeples his hands in front of him, touching the fingertips of one to the other. "Is it a common problem, then? What proportion of your drugs would you say go missing to unauthorized usage?" The fingers part as he gives a generous wave of one hand. "An approximation is fine. I do not require specific figures; I understand there may be some difficulty in their collection." He brings his hands together once again, and awaits an answer.

Such a very nice try! you have to give the man credit for his attempt at flipping the conversation away from himself and whatever problems he might be having, "Here…oh thankfully we have very good procedures to make sure that drugs and other things don't just walk out of the infirmary." The problem is not uncommon. In fact he imagines that in clinics and infirmarys every day folks wheedle stuff away from the healers without being noticed, at least not for a good long while, "But yes. It is a common problem and you have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in admitting it. As a matter of fact admitting that you have a problem is the first step in getting you the help that you need."

"Indeed?" Jethaniel says to that figure. His expression is one of interest, his posture relaxed. "Perhaps, in that case, you will indulge me in a hypothetical." He smiles. "Were some item to, as you put it, 'just walk out' of the infirmary, what would be the consequences? I am, of course, assuming that your procedures are sufficient to notice and pursue the item's defection, though I expect you do not wish to share them." Another smile. "Nevertheless. It is, as you say, a common problem. At the intended and effective conclusion of the procedures in place to respond to it, what is the consequence to the party responsible for the removal of aforesaid item?"

Cyrus can't treat every situation as if it was a one size fits all, "I suppose it would depend on the sitaution. If someone were to try to walk off with something for the sake of stealing it for some purpose we'd probably report them and let the administration handle it. Though if it was clear to me they had an addiction problem I would work with them to begin the process of healing. If necessary I would probably forceably detox them and at least give them a fighting chance."

Jethaniel listens with interest to the answer Cyrus gives. He nods to the concept of a report to the administration, but the question of addiction serves to make him contemplative. His fingertips tap against each other lightly. He considers this for a moment after the healer's done speaking. "Is that ethical?" Jethaniel asks, tone calm and speculative. "How do you define the difference between a deliberate choice of consumption and addiction? Furthermore, do you possess a mechanism to assess this externally?"

As much as Cyrus was playing with this guy to begin with, there are now serious questions involved. This guy is sounding at least mildly interested in getting help, and so he doesn't want to scare him away prematurely. Especially if he can get him to do this willingly, "If someone is a danger to themselves or others it is ethical and necessary to deal with the problem in whatever way is necessary to ensure the safety of the patient and those around him or her." he says, "You ask a complicated question. There are different levels of course, but its surprisingly easy to determine with just a simple interview." he says, "Do you consume any drugs or alcohol?" he asks.

Jethaniel smiles. "Ah. A health and safety assessment of projected consequence. I see." His fingers tap against each other for a moment as he considers, and then he nods. "I believe that will suffice as a diagnostic criteria in this circumstance. I would presume the degree of potential risk should correspond with the severity of the ethically mandated response?" Jethaniel arches a brow in question, then smiles as Cyrus has another question for him. "That would, I presume, be the first question in your interview?"

Cyrus thinks that this man could probably talk himself into circles if he wanted too, "Sure. We don't overact to things that don't require it." he says to explain further, "But the first question is really rather simple, and its do you make use of drugs or alcohol?" Which is, oddly enough, the question that he had asked him previously but didn't get an answer too, "So do you?"

Technically speaking, Cyrus had previously asked Jethaniel concerning his interest in drugs, which is a somewhat different concept. One may be intrigued by something without utilizing it; similarly, one may make use of something without any deeper interest in the properties thereof. Jethaniel, however, smiles. "Ah. And you consider my presence here to require the application of this interview?"

He can be taught! Thats a good sign, "Lets just say that I have a professional interest in assessing your current state of function." he says simply enough. Jeth obviously has many issues…many many issues. This might be the start of a long and interesting relationship, "So do you consume alcohol or drugs? And if so how often do you partake?" Cyrus asks continuing to write notes as necessary.

"Fascinating," Jethaniel says. He means it, too; the tone is quite an earnest one. "I begin to understand some aspects of this situation that had hitherto eluded me." He leans forward in his chair, regarding Cyrus with an intrigued expression. "How often do you find yourself conducting unsolicited interviews of this nature?" he asks, and then makes a small gesture of one hand, almost absent, as he provides a brisk answer. "Drugs are an insufficiently specified field. I consume klah regularly. I do not consume drugs of a medical nature except when prescribed. I consume an alcoholic beverage with a modal frequency of approximately a sevenday."

Cyrus imagines that many things elude Jethaniel on a regular basis. His mind seems to work in a rather unique way. Which is job security for a mindhealer, "Are you kidding?" he asks with a smile on his face, "Most interviews are unsolicited. Generally people do not come in with signs proclaiming their difficulty." he says. When it comes to addiction interviews nearly all interviews are unsolicited, "Are you sure?" he asks.

Jethaniel leans back again. "That does not address my question. I did not ask you what proportion of your interviews are unsolicited." He smiles back. "The question was the frequency with which you conduct them. Do you find yourself doing so weekly? Daily?" The smile widens. "Do you look for opportunities to do so? Are you unhappy when the circumstances do not support the interview you wish to conduct?"

Cyrus is pretty nonplussed. Jeth is just one of those very literal type of people that need specifics (or some approximation thereof) for nearly everything, "I go with my gut." he responds. He just does what he feels is right any circumstance that he finds himself in. Being in the healing craft is a science but there is art to it as well, "I'd says that it depends, and honestly I'm happy pretty much all the time. I like doing what I do, and I'm happy as long as the patient is happy and I'm being useful."

"Ah," Jethaniel says. "You are evading the question." He smiles. "I see." Jethaniel does not have any notes to take, but he continues. "Do you find that many of your interactions are with patients?" His eyes leave Cyrus, glancing about the infirmary. "Do those who are not patients tend to avoid you? Or do you see them primarily in the context of their potential as patients?" Jethaniel looks back to Cyrus. "Have your unsolicited interviews caused you trouble?"

Cyrus has to chuckle to himself. This guy is a riot, "I'm afraid I wasn't evading the question. I answered in the only way that I knew how, and its one of those answers that I'm guessing doesn't fit into the way you think about the world. Thats perfectly alright though." Everyone is different after all and you can't make a square peg fit into a round hole or vice versa, "There are many things in this life that cause me trouble, but picking people's brains isn't one of them. To be honest with you. The health of this weyr, both mental and physical, has been entrusted to me for the present moment and so everyone is my patient. Regardless of if they are presently in need of my services or not."

Cyrus wasn't? There's an arch of Jethaniel's brow for that, and a small shake of his head. It is, however, accompanied by a smile. "The question is a relatively simple one. I will, however, accept that you are unable or unwilling to provide an answer. It is not essential." Jethaniel listens to the further comments from the healer, and the smile fades. "You are partially correct. You are posted at Xanadu Weyr in service of the health of the populace. This does not mean you are obliged - nor permitted - to designate the meaning of health. If a person of this Weyr has not presented themself to you as a patient, nor shown a clear and present danger to themself or another that requires medical intervention, they are not your patient, and should not be treated as such."

Cyrus is used to reactions such as this so he is largely unconcerned, "No I suppose it isn't very essential at all." He is completely unconcerned about it at any rate. Though the last part of Jeth's statement does cause him some concern. Not because he hasn't bumped into this attitude before, but mainly because he views Jethaniel as stepping onto his turf and that is something that he will fiercely defend. He didn't work as hard as he has worked to get where he is to be bossed around by anyone, with the lone exception of a healer of higher rank, and even then he has already reached a certain level of understanding that he could at least have an honest discussion about it, but this circumstance is different, "I can see you are a man who enjoys being blunt so I'll do the same. You are simply not competant to tell me how to do my job." He could have explained more, but this is something that really doesn't require it, "And while we are on the subject of boundaries." he adds, "I understand that you have been discipling my apprentice." He is no longer making any pretense at not knowing who Jethaniel is, "…in the future you will refer any problems you have with her to me. I will deal with them. She is my responsibility not yours."

Jethaniel smiles faintly as his competence is called into question. The expression lingers at the mention of an apprentice, but once Cyrus finishes, it fades. Jethaniel leans forward in his chair. "I freely admit that I am not qualified as a medical professional. This is entirely irrelevant. I am not questioning your relationships with your patients, though-" he lifts a finger "-I expect to see reports on them, especially in the case of those you designate patients without their consent. There will be reviews." His hand lowers. "I am, however, questioning your relationship to this Weyr as a whole. I am qualified to make recommendations regarding staffing." He holds his gaze on Cyrus for a moment, then leans back again. "Similarly, I would not question your choices regarding the discipline of your apprentices within the context of the infirmary and their education. Apprentices are, however, also citizens of the Weyr; as such, their non-craft behavior falls under the jurisdiction of Weyr authorities."

Cyrus is relatively unconcerned when it comes to reports. He might not be the best at filing them, but he does keep halfway decent records. You have to keep track of things after all. Otherwise how could other healers take over case if you had to go for some reason, "Reports I have no problem with." he says, "Especially if they are being reviewed by competant professionals." He has no problem running his work by others. Thats just part of the healer package. The comment about staffing catches his attention though. Though it doesn't concern him all that much, "You do have competance to make staffing recommendations." he says, "But they are recommendations only. The headwoman may request I be reassigned if she wishes. But there is little here to warrant that."

"Your reports will be filed to the Weyr administration, regardless of your opinion of their competence." Jethaniel doesn't bother leaning forward for that, merely maintaining his relaxed posture. "If you find this a problem, you may request reassignment from your Hall." As for the other matter, he smiles. "You are, once again, partially correct. The headwoman could certainly make such a request, but the ultimate arbiter for that decision is the Senior Weyrwoman. Were I to be inclined to make such a recommendation, on account of my perceptions of the suitability of a healer for the Weyr, it is to her that they would be directed." He rises to his feet. "As Steward, it is my job to concern myself the smooth functioning of the Weyr as a whole, not simply to fix those problems reported to me. I am sure you understand."

Cyrus is not of so strong an opinion on the subject that he is willing to fight about where the reports go. If they want them they can have them. Simple as that. He stays in his relaxed position in the chair, "You know our jobs aren't so different. Your job is to make sure that the weyr functions smoothly and mine is to make sure that it stays healthy. As long as we both understand these boundaries we shouldn't have any problems whatesoever. Though if you ever want to talk you are welcome to come by. I read your file and its very….unique." he says with a smile. As for the conversation it seems to be coming to an end, "It was good to have this chat with you. Feel free to stop by any time, and also to show yourself out. I believe you know the way." he says pleasantly as he returns to the work he was doing when Jethaniel came in.

"I doubt it," Jethaniel says concerning his file. He smiles. "Nevertheless, I shall look forward to working with you. The health of the Weyr is, after all, a subdomain of its function." Or may be construed so, but Jethaniel's words are deliberate ones. He inclines his head slightly in a nod to Cyrus. "Have a nice day." With that, he turns and departs from the infirmary to that element of the Weyr's function he has determined next requires his attention.

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