Brewing Numbweed


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Keziah watches as Thea heads off and then sets the machete down and then heads for Alo "I'll eat. Don't worry." she notes as she waves. Jsut when she'll eat she doesn't say.'

M'nol nods, "Safe skies, Kez." Then he flops where Kez had been, helping chop the weed while Phy stirs. After a few more moments he sighs, "All the technology we've revived in the last 150 turns and we can't make numbweed less stinky?"

Phylicia watches as both of the older women leave, leaving the two teenagers to their own devices (more or less) in the immediate vicinity. Not that some healer in charge or other adult wouldn't scold them if they weren't doing things properly. "Well, there /might/ be a way, but then we wouldn't appreciate it as much." She grins at M'nol as she stirs. "Yeah?"

M'nol chuckles, "I suppose it's what I get for enjoying the company of a healer so much."

Phylicia sticks her tongue out at M'nol after his comment, though it's obvious she's not hurt by the remark at all, because she's still smiling. Even around this horrible smelling stuff. "It is!" She chirps. "And don't ask about horrible tasting medicines either."

M'nol grins, dumping the next load of weed-chips in as instructed, "I'll just make sure you never need to medicate me, then. Don't much like being sick, anyway."

Phylicia keeps up her even paced stirring, still making sure to scrape the bottom of the kettle now and again, but being doubly sure not to splash any of this on herself. As amusing as the result might be. "You make sure of that." She says, sounding halfway serious. "Taking care of people you care about really just … sucks. Alot." Is added on as she stirs, her attention mostly on the kettle before her.

M'nol nods, "I'll do my best, Phy. Can't promise anything. On that note though, try not to catch something horrid from your patients. I'd miss you."

Phylicia almost laughs, if the topic wasn't as morbid as it is. "I don't plan on it!" She says with feeling. Being sick is one of the least favorite things on her list of to-do's that there could be. She peers into the kettle, motioning for him to bring over a few more chips to put in.

M'nol finishes chopping and carries another load of chips over, leaning in to peck her on the cheek while he's there, "You'd better not."

Phylicia leans back into the peck and rewards him with a warm smile. And it's not because she's near a boiling kettle of numbweed brew. "So." And her brain is obviously going somewhere else now, other than avoiding sickness. "Your - our - weyr is basically empty." She pauses to think another brief moment. "Were you going to put anything else in it?" And she hesitates for a second. "Answer as if I /wasn't/ moving in with you." Aka, did he want any hobby toys in there, or things for himself? .. Someone please explain female brains?

M'nol smiles, going back to chopping weed, "Dunno… I'd like to do some sort of hammock system for the flits before they start reproducing," he chuckles, "And I'd like to get some gems and such, but that'll take time."

Phylicia's stirring is pretty automatic by this time as her arms move in a wide circular fashion, and she laughs. "I was asking about you. Not your 'lizards." She chides him gently, though she does look a little facinated about the gems bit. Ooo. Shiny. "Someplace for them to sleep that isn't our bed though?" Her smile grows. "I like that idea. I know Estevan has taken to curling up by my face." Scares her witless half the time when she wakes up, if the animal hasn't started smothering her by then.

M'nol smiles and nods, "I don't mind one or two, but I don't want the whole bed filled with flits every night." He chuckles, "I was a miner, after all. Fewer hobbies, more shinies. Maybe a whole shelf of different gems when I have the marks for it."

"Well thankfull I only /have/ one or two." Phylicia chuckles, knowing full well he means not sharing the bed with his fair of 'lizards. "And I don't really have many hobbies either." She admits with a little grimmace. "I'd /like/ to have a little herb garden, but the things I know how to care for grow better wild." Stir, stir, sniff. Phew!

M'nol crinkles his nose, bringing over another load of chopped weed, then nods, "Gives us room to grow together. Some chairs and a table on the deck might be nice, too." He grins, "And there's space for cultivation in the clearing there."

Phylicia makes a little face that has nothing to do with the stench under her nose. "Well, maybe I'll plant some things, and maybe I won't. We'll see." In other words, we'll see if she ever gets up the guts to plant something and probably kill it a few times over. And after that comment she pauses entirely, before an auntie scolds her for neglecting to stir. "Wow. I really need a hobby." Life currently just centers around her craft, and M'nol.

M'nol chuckles, "Whatever you want to do with your herbs, hun." He nods, "Maybe we should take up carving."

Phylicia honestly does laugh at that point in time, which ends up in a fit of coughs because of the fumes rising from the kettle. "A.. a few more chips, M'nol." She gets out before regaining her breath. "No, I can chop herbs like a Master Baker, but other than that, you keep knives /away/ from me!" Also, keep the kitchen away from her.

M'nol chuckles, dropping off another load of chips and pecking Phy again on the cheek, "So… a no on carving, then… how about gardening?"

Phylicia shakes her head slightly, to the first. "Well, no sweety. /You/ can carve. I shouldn't." She explains a little bit, hopefully to clarify. "Gardening I might just give a go." She smiles, then wrinkles her nose and exhales, trying to get rid of some of the stink that is numbweed. "If I don't kill some flowers and things like that I might give other little things a try."

M'nol grins, "Noted… maybe I should try… it's always good to have something to trade…"

Phylicia nods her head in agreement to that one. "Things to trade are always good." She says, "And maybe you'll be really good at it, too." She then offers with a grin. And then he could also carve little things for their weyr for decorations, too! And if she doesn't kill the flowers, there're seasonal decorations right there. "What else is there though…? I know /I/ can't cook…"

M'nol grins, and dumps off another load of chopped weed, "Ya never know," then he chuckles loudly, "Well, I can't cook either, so we'll just have to figure out a system for weyr-food."

Phylicia nods. "I think it's called either getting it ourselves from the commons, or bribing someone to bring it to us." She chuckles, working at a patch of chips that have stuck to the bottom of the kettle, and resumes stirring normally after a few moments.

M'nol chuckles, chopping more leaves, "Most likely we'll eat down there most of the time. Might bribe someone to bring it up once and a while, though. It's too nice to eat alone together to not do it from time to time…"

Phylicia nods her head in agreement to that. "Of course it is." And for a moment she looks down at the kettle and sighs. "I can never remember /how/ long this stuff takes before its pottable." She murmurs softly. But she's figuring an authority figure would come correct them if they were doing anything wrong. "It's also too nice to dine with company not to have dinners up there with friends from time to time, if we don't want to deal with the hassle of the commons." She says, thinking of how crowded that place gets sometimes.

M'nol chuckles, "As long as it takes? Faranth knows I don't know." He brings over another load of chips, "We should invite friends up for a weyr-warming, shouldn't we?"

"We should." Phylicia confirms, only scooping some of the chips in this time, waiting to catch the eye of a more experienced healer. Bah. Where are they when you want them? Always around whenever you /don't/ want them. "I think it might be fun too, since you already seem to have a card table up there." She chuckles softly. Go figure, the priority of things that get put up in the weyr.

M'nol nods, "I was thinking maybe Cen, R'zel, R'owan, Ontali, Kez, Thea, and Farrah… anyone you want to invite?" He nods, "What can I say, it was a gift."

Phylicia purses her lips in thought for a moment. "Maybe Sigam too?" She pauses in thought for a few more moments, though her arms still stir, if a little jerkily since she's thinking. "I think that may be just about it." She says softly, her grin a little lopsided. "I don't know too many people, still."

M'nol smiles, glancing around briefly for another healer as well, "I'd forgotten about Sigam… and maybe we should get you out more. You still haven't met the Weyrwoman, have you?"

Phylicia's cheeks go rosy - and again, not from the heat from the kettle - and she shakes her head. "No, I haven't." She says simply before she sighs. "I'd like to meet her some day though." She admits.

M'nol nods, "I can probably arrange it. When you're ready, of course." He strokes her cheek gently, smilint.

Phylicia's cheeks go a little rosier yet, but this time because of the attention. "When I'm ready.." And she giggles softly, shaking her head, but taking his hand for a moment to kiss the back of it lightly. "You'd be better off not telling, and having it be a surprise."

M'nol smiles, "Well, if that's what you'd enjoy, love." He closes his eyes when she kisses his hand, smiling gently.

Phylicia grins, a little bit impishly. "I would enjoy it anytime." She says, with a pause. "As soon as I finish dying." There's a cough as the grin turns a little less impish. "I'll either die by stressing myself out /knowing/ she's coming, or I'll die of shock not knowing when she's coming and finding her there."

M'nol nods, "That's true. Guess I should just accidentally run into her one day, huh?" He sets the last of his weed-load to the side and gives her a gentle hug.

"And drag her back to the weyr with you." Phylicia nods with a smile before she laughs, shaking her head. "Good luck with that one." She chuckles falling back into the hug for a moment, before swatting lightly at one of his arms with a grin so she can resume stirring.

M'nol does let go reluctantly, "Me? Kidnap the Weyrwoman? She's old enough to be my mother!"

Phylicia just gives M'nol this sidelong glance, her lips quirked in a girl. "Oh yes. Kidnap her to seduce her, not because your weyr is where I'd likely be." Her tone is torn being laughing and sarcastic, with laughter being the definite winner.

M'nol chuckles softly, "That's what everyone would think if I dragged her to the weyr. I'd probably bring her to see you in the infrimary."

Phylicia just shakes her head, her grin still in place. "You know, I'm not sure even a Weyr would come to think like /that/." She says, making another few passes with the paddle before a healer comes to take the concotion away from her. "Must be done." She comments with a shrug, taking a look towards the setting sun. "Oh! Good! They won't be brewing anymore for today."

M'nol grins, "Ya never know…" He watches the brew pot leave and grins, "You… want to go find a tent?"

Phylicia nods. "Lets. There's bound to be food around here somewhere too." She says, smiling. Now that she gave Kezi grief for it earlier, she's doing the same thing. Food is just a necessity, one guesses. "Maybe they have it set up for resting too. So I don't have to hike back here.."

M'nol nods, leading Phy to a stew pot and an unoccupied tent, "I wouldn't make you hike back either way."

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