How To Get A Streaking Bronzer

Xanadu Weyr - Store Room

This large storeroom is lit with a series of electric lights, illuminating the smooth cut walls. Rows of shelving contain all sorts of items, while large trunks contain all sorts of clothing, and a mix-matched variety of furniture is stacked up in one corner.

K'ael has been hanging around in Xanadu since Seryth's hatching. Truth be told he jsut hasn't felt like going back to Ierne, and has been trying to feel out Xanadu to see if he could survive here. Not having a weyr though meant that the bronzer had no snack food, nothing to drink, or anything of the sort inside of his guest weyr which only meant one thing: he needed to raid the stores! So that's what he's doing here. He's carrying a couple of unlabeled wine bottles with him and is looking over the cheeses and crackers at the moment.

There's /rummaging/. Rummage rummage rummage. Somebody is rummaging about waaay in the back of the storeroom, though the sounds have gotten louder just now. It's probably not a lost ovine. There is no bleating. Instead, there is swearing. Mild swearing, but swearing nonetheless. And a grumbled, "Sharding organize… organize my /pants/ why don'tcha," grumble grumble grum- and then the head of Xanadu's gardener pops out from behind a shelf, blinking a little when she sees a vaguely familiar face making off with some wine. "Oh, hey," she grins, looking almost sheepish, and tucking something wrapped in brown paper behind her.

K'ael is… rather glad it's not a lost ovine. Surely, even if he removed it, he'd somehow end up being blamed for it being in there. And yelled at by Niva, and he didn't want to be yelled at by Niva. Or anyone. As the rummaging gets closer though he finally moves over to see who is there. "Hello? Oh… it's… you. Ce…Ce… remind me? You're the one that uh… got me drunk that one time…" Hey now! The wine is his own, he's just looking to steal something to go with it. He peers at her. "What are you up to?"

"Cenlia," the gardener girl grins a bit, "An yer-" there's only a momentary pause, "K'ael, yeah?" She remembered /his/ name. Or at least she hopes she does, "Right?" There's a faint smirk, "Yeah, ya got drunk," and her eyes sparkle merrily, "Couldn't hold ya booze." Those eyes land on the wine, /his/ wine, as she asks, "You plannin' on gettin' boozed again?" She not-so-subtly tries to hide the paper-wrapped package behind her as she smiles innocently, "Nothin'." Innocent as an ovine in the vegetable garden. Anyway, the girl tilts her head at K'ael, "What about you?"

K'ael smiles and nods to her. "Cenlia, right. I remember now. K'ael, yep. That's me." He laughs. "You drank me under the table. You should consider going professional. Hm? Oh." He looks down at the wine bottles in his hand. "Er. Maybe… why, you want in? This is homemade wine from where I grew up. One bottle for me, and one for you." He grins to her. "I was looking for something to eat with my wine." There's an eyebrow raised at her when she hides whatever it is behind her back, but he doesn't point it out, since they're both in here doing things they shouldn't.

"Ain't met a rider yet I couldn't drink under the table," Cenlia smirks, expression fairly radiating mischief, "Though ya lasted longern' X'hil, an' he only had four- five shots of tuber ale." The offer of wine has raising her eyebrows with obvious interest, "Homemade? Where from?" and then a grin, "Sure. Hunh, guess ya could look around," as she glances around the storeroom, "Dunno what'd go with it though." As if Cenlia ever really bothers with that sort of thing. She keeps one hand behind her, though the girl does ask, "You ever tried homebrew brandy?"

K'ael chuckles. "Most riders I know don't drink that much. You can't between if you're drunk. Just how many riders have you gotten drunk, anyways?" He chuckles. "Well, I think I'm a bit bigger than he is." He holds up the bottles to inspect them. "From the cothold I grew up on, up near Telgar." He chuckles a bit at her response about the food. "Heh, this cheese here looks alright. And no, I haven't."

"Guess you got a point," the girl says, about going between drunk, "'S bad enough when yer sober." Cenlia thinks for a minute, "Hunh, shards… ain't sure. Least a dozen 'round Xanadu, and that ain't counting those I went boozing with before they got searched," and she wrinkles her nose slightly, frowning faintly at something. But the expression doesn't last, the girl eyeing K'ael speculatively, "Maybe. He's tallern' you though." But she shrugs, shaking her head, "Dun matter anyways, he ain't here no more." Again the nose wrinkle, but she's turning her attention back to the wine, "Ain't ever been to Telgar. Worth tryin' though, if it's good." There's a grin for him, as she just nods about the cheese, seeming to consider a moment, saying finally, "Got a bottle of homebrew - figure I might as well share it." After all, it's not like the stuff is /illegal/ or anything. And she wouldn't be able to hide the bag behind her forever, not if she wants in on the boozing, so the girl reveals the package she's been keeping behind her, and it's really just a bottle wrapped in some paper.

K'ael nods to her. "Gotta be careful about betweening." There's a blink at how many riders she's boozed up. "Do they all end up in your bed afterwards?" He chuckles a bit, the peers at her. "Yeah, but I bet I got close to one hundred pounds on him though." The bronzer flexes to show it off, too. "I've only seen him a few times, I heard he took over my job at Ista. Poor guy." There's a brow raised at the bottle when she reveals it and he grins. "Share and share alike, hm?" He picks up a block of cheese. "Should we venture outwards, or are you still rummaging?"

Cenlia's cheeks go pink at the mention of her bed, the girl making a face and mumbling, "No, just you." She does admire the flexing, nodding in agreement, "Ya might," but then she shakes her head, "He's a shardin' wherry, prolly deserves it." And any more grumbling is set aside as she taps her brandy bottle with a grin, "More booze the better," and then she says quickly, "Got what I came for." Maybe a little too quickly, her eyes darting off toward one of the shelves before she's moving away from where she was standing, paper-wrapped brandy bottle under one arm.

K'ael grins at her when she mentions that he's the only one that ended up in her bed. Though he can't say he remembers actually sleeping with her, and had assumed he's just passed out. There's a frown when she says that X'hil is a 'shardin wherry'. "Not a fan of his?" He grins back to her and nods. "Me too." He holds up his block of cheese. "Want to call the living caverns home? Or maybe we should head out to someplace we're less likely to get into trouble for being drunk…"

Cenlia doesn't answer about X'hil, instead glancing out toward the caverns and saying, "Dunno, every time I got drunk with a bronzerider in the caverns, somebody else always ends up comin' along. I dun mind sharin' m' homebrew," and she pauses, to glance back at K'ael, "Just so long ya don't try to light nothin' on fire, should be fine. Ain't no rules about bein' drunk in Xanadu," and she grins.

K'ael doesn't press the issue about X'hil. None of his business, really! He chuckles. "I wouldn't worry too much about that. Most people around here despise me. I've somehow created a horrible name for myself, only I'm not sure what I did to make it." The bronzer blinks at her. "No fires, got it. I think I can handle that…" He motions out towards the living area with his head. "After you."

Cenlia eyebrows rise a little at that, "Hunh, really? Ya don't seem so bad," but her shrug is slightly at odds with the somewhat suspicious look she gives him. She starts off toward the living caverns, though, booze bottle in hand.


Xanadu Weyr - Caverns

A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all direction Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs and southwest is a wide tunnel, carefully roped off to avoid accidents.

K'ael shrugs to her. "Pretty much all the weyrwomen here hate me. Oh, and the weyrwoman's daughter, Vivian. She hates me too. I didn't even think we'd met before her flight, but… apparently we had." He finds a table for them, putting his stuff down and then heading off to grab some glasses, a knife and a few plates for the cheese. After bringing them back he takes a seat and grabs a bottle opener from his pocket. "Here we go…" After getting the first bottle open, he pours them each a glass. "My father said this was a decent year. Not great, but okay."

At the mention of the weyrwomen, Cenlia laughs. Just laughs. "Shards, didja have Thea swingin' her crossbow at you too?" she grins, dropping easily into a seat. There's a lighter shrug as he mentions Vivian, Cenlia saying, "Heard she was a brat. Dunno though, 's got a good head on her shoulders. Ya didn't get drunk and end up in her bed too, didja? Figure the weyrwoman might not like ya too much if ya did that," and then there's a pause, at she watches him thoughtfully. But he brings wine, so speculation on why he's unpopular isn't her main concern just now. Instead the girl reaches for one of the glasses, setting the brandy bottle down on the table. It's only then that four firelizards flutter out from the storage caverns, the two blues flitting off to play while the little gold and bronze land on the table with little churrs, making for Cenlia. The gardener girl ignores them.

K'ael blinks, then chuckles. "No. I just left before she woke up." He winks to her. "I don't know about Vivian. Maybe she's assuming I'm exactly like my brother? I don't think I've slept with her that I can recall. And Niva doesn't hate me for personal reasons. Just that I'm a bronzer from Ista." K'ael watches all the firelizards escape from storage and peers at the ones moving over to the table. They weren't going to drink too, were they? He cuts up some cheese and leaves it in front of them in case they wanted a snack.

Cenlia smirks slightly, "Yer lucky. She went after X'hil in the garden with her crossbow, 'cause she didn't want Sir Kinseth t' catch Seryth." There's a lopsided grin as the girl recalls the incident, "Thought she was gonnareally shoot him, too. Shards, 'm glad I ain't a bronzer." And she snickers. Cenlia tilts her head, asking, "Who's yer brother?" He may have told her at some point, but this she clearly doesn't remember. There's snerk, Cenlia adding, "Well ya ain't Istan no more? 'Sides, she dun't hate X'hil, said he was a shardin' fine weyrsecond, an better weyrleader'n Ista deserves." The girl isn't grumbling about that particular bronzer now, though she does peek at K'ael knot and comment, "Should get a Xanadu knot. Then nobody'd care." To the gardener girl, these things are very simple, apparently. The gold flit gives the cheese a sniff, but it's not meatrolls, so she scurries up Cenlia's arm and perches on the girl's shoulder, peering about. The bronze, Charmer, on the other hand, takes a nibble of the cheese, and then starts in on his crooning for attention. Crooon crooon! And maybe he throws in a cheeky little tail-waggle for good measure.

K'ael nods with a chuckle. "I heard about that. Anyways, like a flight can be helped. Bronzes chase golds, it's just what they do. At least Azaeth usually ignores the greens." Unless it was someone special, or a maiden flight. Like with Vivian. "R'miel is my brother. He was weyrsecond here a while back. And I guess that's true." He blinks a bit when she says he ought to get a Xanadu knot. "That's what D'son keeps telling me. But I don't want to create any more problems." He picks up his glass and downs most of the wine in it. It's not that good, so he doesn't feel bad about drinking it too fast. There's a grin for Charmer, and the bronzer offers him some scritches.

"Oh, him," Cenlia nods about R'miel, "Was gonna trade a tray of pastries for some brandy," she says before downing her own glass of wine and setting it back on the table. Reaching to open the bottle of homebrew brandy, she grins, "What problems? Shards, he used to be Istan, ain't he? Figure weyrleader's gotta count for something, right?" And then the girl smirks, "Said he'd buy some brandy too." And in her book, anyone willing to pay her for brandy is pretty swell. Charmer, meanwhile, crooons happily at K'ael. Scritches! Yay!

K'ael nods. "Him. Ah well, I get his trade by offering different booze, right?" He grins to her, then shrugs a bit. "I don't know. Problems with a lot of the women hating me? Just general problems with another bronzer who thinks he's hot tubers? Heh, D'son and I impressed in the same clutch, actually. X'hil's dragon was the clutchfather. I'll buy some brandy from you. I need all the alcohol I can get. Especially if I transfer here. I'll want to be drunk as much as possible." K'ael chuckles at the tiny bronze. He doesn't mind giving away the pets! He's got three firelizards and three cats at home, after all.

Cenlia grins broadly at K'ael and pours the homebrew brandy into the glasses while saying, "Yeah. Though my homebrew's bettern' that wine," and she snickers. Her homebrew could also double as paint stripper, however. Concentrated alcohol smell rises from the opened bottle along with the strong scent of spices and peaches. Cenlia just shrugs and tilts her head at K'ael, "Dunno 'bout the women, but if ya got problems with some bronzer, mebbe you should give him some tubers?" She snickers at her own bad joke, then brightens suddenly, "Bettern' that, give him some tuber ale. 'S the best stuff t' get boozed on, 'cept maybe Igen firewater. But that's expensive." And speaking of marks, Cenlia grins some more, "'M sellin' the brandy I brought back from South Boll atta half-mark a bottle. 'S the best stuff, too." But then she pauses, "Huh, so yer dragons're all related? Figures." As she downs the brandy in her glass, there's only a slight clearing of her throat, even if her eyes blink a lot. "'S good stuff, this is."

K'ael chuckles at her, then wrinkles his nose at the smell coming off that bottle. "Better how?" Of course, he's not going to let himself be unmanly and refuse to drink it. He would drink used motor oil at this point. "Heh. I don't have any issues with any of the bronzers. Bronzer have a secret pact we all share and code to follow that keeps us from killing each other. But I'll keep that in mind. I've got a few bottles of firewater at home." Back from his well-paid weyrleader days. He nods to her. "I'll take a couple of bottles. And yeah, we're all related. Actually I think Kinseth's dam is Kilaueth. So she's Azaeth's and Inimeth's grandma." Which just made things all sorts of awkward and strange. He pours himself another glass of wine, then takes a gulp of the brandy and chases it with the wine. He still comes up coughing though. "Bleeh. Shards. That could melt steel."

"Tastes better," Cenlia states. Does she even have a sense of taste anymore? Who knows, as she's already pouring more brandy into her glass, then nudging the bottle toward K'ael with a, "Yep, an' it does a wonder on the inside of the still. Ain't even gotta clean it fer the next batch." Her grin only widens as she says, "I'll save a couple bottles of brandy for ya," and then winks, "The stuff that ain't homebrewed. So's it won't go down like a flamin' ovine." She hesitates a moment, brow furrowed, "Ya just said ya had problems…" but the girl shrugs, instead muttering, "Shards, that's all kinda wierd. No wonder everything goes 'round here. Makes the sorta things we got up to in South Boll sound /normal/."

K'ael blinks at her. "Tastes?" There's a bit of a frown at the bottle, but K'ael mans up and pours himself another glass of it. Downing and chasing the same way, and coughing the same way. "Are you sure it's safe to drink, then?" Maybe he'll take his bottles and cut them down with regular brandy. That might work. He digs through his pockets though to pull out a mark, handing it to her. "There we go. And I meant with the goldriders because I'm a bronzer. Not problems with other bronzers." He explains, then laughs. "Yeah. Dragon lineages are… interesting."

Cenlia smirks at K'ael, "Been drinkin' it for sevendays, and I ain't dead yet." And she thusly downs her own glass, with much a slight clearing of her throat afterward and some more blinking. That mark gets swiped and hidden in a poscket like nobody's business, Cenlia grinning at K'ael, "Will get that brandy to ya," and then tilting her head slightly, "Oh. Hunh, well just get Thea drunk. She's okay when she's drunk. Kinda stuffy otherwise," and the girl wrinkles her nose, "Tried to ship me back home to Boll, just 'cause I wouldn't snitch on X'hil. Shardin' /dumb/ if ya ask me." There was doubtless more to it than that, but Cenlia is both a more than a little tipsy and just a tad immature. Okay, more than a tad. But thegirl just shakes her head, "Weyrwoman Niva set things straight, though. She's alright," that last part said loyally while moving to pour more booze. About the dragon lineages, Cenlia justshakes her head, muttering another, "'S shardin' wierd."

K'ael laughs a bit. "Yeah, but I think you might be some sort of half-alcohol mutant or something. or maybe you have the innards of a man made of steel or something." He nods to her. "Thanks." Then he laughs. "How about you get her drunk, then I come in later? For some reason I don't think she'd accept anything I gave her. Snitch on him? What did he do that needed snitching, anyways?" K'ael was /trying/ ever so hard not to lose himself to the drink, making sure he eats between glasses and sticks to the wine for the most part. But every glass of that brandy was making it hard, and he's starting to rock a bit after the fourth goes down. "Mrr. Maybe I should slow down a bit. I haven't really ever talked to Nia. Va. Niva. Yeah. I've just seen her 'round."

Cenlia wrinkles her nose at K'ael, smirking slightly andsaying, "Dun make excuses just 'cause ya can't hold yer booze. Ain't nothin' wrong with /me/," as she downs another glassful. And then after she swallows and with more throat clearing, the girl sticks her tongue out at him. Thbbbbbbt. Yeah, real mature there. Cenlia begins giggling, though, saying with a mischief-laden grin, "Just gotta give her /cupcakes/. Me an' Jeffin, we made brandycakes an' put rum frosting on 'em." There's a pause, Cenlia adding with a snicker, "/Triple proof/ brandycake recipe, it wash." And then she shakes her head, cheerful expression faltering as she grumbles, "Nothin'."

"Baaah." K'ael turns into an ovine when he's drunk? No, he's just denouncing her claims about him not being able to hold his booze. "I c'n hold my booze just fine thank you very much. It's just… the cheese." Sure go and blame the cheese now for your misfortunes K'ael. Everyone will believe that. "Cupcakes! She'll think they're poisoned." He frowns. "She really hates me. Maybe I derserve it. Deserve." He pauses for a second. "I want some cupcakes now." Then he blinks at her. "What! You can't not tell me what happened now."

Cenlia peers at K'ael suspiciously when he makes that ovine noise. Veeery suspiciously. But seing as he's not growing white fluff and munching on the shrubbery, she lets it slide. Instead the girl snorts, with a, "Yea, suure," and eyes the cheese, giggling a bit. "She said them cupcakes was poisoned. Told F'yr." Cenlia giggles again, for no reason really, and then shakes her head slowly, "Figure ya should ask Niva 'bout cupcakes. Suggested I go talk t' Thea an; bring klah an' cupcakesh. 'Cause figure Thea's sweet on D'had, was givin' him cupcakes every mornin'," and she pauses, "'Cause he called Niva cupcake. Twice." There's more snickersnorting, and then she nods in agreement, "Ya prolly desherve is. But ya know what yadesherve more?" Dramatic pause. "Cupcakesh." And a nod. And then, at that last part, she sticks her tongue out again. Thbbbbbbt.

K'ael didn't mean to! It just came out longer than normal and sounded like a bleat. But he's not eating the shrubbery, not that there's much shrubbery to be had around in the living area. he furrows his brow at her and takes another glass of brandy. "Well, if you're not used to drinking they might have been? Niva makes cupcakes?" he doesn't really understand why he's being told to ask the weyrwoman about cupcakes, but his drunken mind can't remember it long enough to ask her once she's done talking. And then she explains it anyways. "Oh? Ha. D'had? I think I met him once." He wrinkles his nose. "If she wants to be sweet on him then all the better for me. Maybe then I can just avoid her or somthin'." He nods to her. "Yep I should have some cakeups. Upbakes. Rake. Lala, cupcakes. There we go." He reaches over to poke at her tongue when it comes out again. "Put that 'way."

Cenlia finds herself practically licking the bronzer's finger and jerks her head back with a startled "Ack!" and then closing her mouth quickly while swatting at his hand. Also, giggling tipsily. She starts nodding somewhere along there, "Yeah, cupcakes!" And then the girl is pouring more brandy to down, while trying not to snickersnort as she's drinking it. Setting the empty glass on the table again with a thunk, Cenlia coughs, just slightly, and then grins, "D'had ain't so bad. Woulda boozed him under the bar if Thea hadn't come by. Shards, bet he can hold his booze!" The girl blinks a little blearily, "Dare ya t' take Thea some cupcakes t'morrow!"

K'ael stares at her as she licks his finger. Almost. He giggles too, which sounds pretty awful. he jumps a bit as the glass hits the table. "Careful with that! And I've seen that D'had guy. He's ugly." Maturity! He wrinkles his nose at the dare. "Why should I? She hasn't done anything nice for me. Besideses. I can't bake or nothin'. My cupcakes would taste like… dragon do-do. Do-do-cakes. And then she'd hate me forever. If I learn how to make good cupcakes I'd give them to you instead."

The giggling bronzer gets an arched eyebrow and a peculiar look from the gardener girl, Cenlia shaking her head after a moment and then peering at her glass. Her empty glass. "That ain't right," she mumbles, reaching for more brandy. There's a snort, "Ugly?" she seems to give this some thought, then decides, "Nah, he looks alright. Least Thea's got tashte or somethin.'" She waves a hand, randomly, and then laughs, suggesting, "Well ya could learn t' make cupcakes an' then trade 'em to me for more booze?" And then the girl starts to snicker, "Won't be as good as Jeffin's boozecakes, though. Ain't nothin' bettern' those."

K'ael was used to her strange looks. He just peers back at her. "What ain't?" Was she talking about his giggling, or the glass? "Psh. I'm way better looking than him. Don't you think? At least sort of. Maybe if my ears were flatter against my head." To demonstrate, the bronzer tries to push them back. "Maybe I should glue them…" Then he peers at her. "I could just buy the booze, then I don't have ta learn nothin." He scratches his head. "Who's Jeffin? He your boyfriend or something? Cause if his cupcakes are as good as you say, then maybe he should be. Unless he's old."

Cenlia snerks, not answering about the giggling or the glass, and instead downing yet more brandy. The girl hiccups, just slightly, descending into a fit of giggles immediately after. When she regains he ability to speak, she grins at K'ael, and then starts laughing all over again when he pushes back those ears. Still snickering, she finally manages, "YA should challenge 'im to a lookin' contest. Have all the girls vote." Smirk. And then she grins, "Yea, buyin's easier. Ain't half as fun though." About Jeffin, the girl nods, "Yeah. Makes shardin' good brandycakes too. Ain't too old, neither." And she practically beams. "Master Denna's kid," so of course, his cooking must be good.

K'ael blinks at her hiccup, then grins and chuckles. "Cute." There's only grinning as she laughs about his ears. At least it's something he's come to terms with? "A looking contest? Ha. I don't need a looking contest to tell me I'm better looking. I can always just beat his face in until he ugly." He pounds his fist into his opposite palm to show her. "What do you think?" He peers at her. "Yeah he's your boyfriend? Or yeah he should be? Oh I see. He's some sort of baker then."

Cenlia smirks, "Then ya'd just be a bully," and she wrinkles her nose at the fist-pounding. "An' yea, he is," she snickers, "Makes the best brandycakes in Xanadu." She pauses a moment, "Well, maybe not as good as B'miel's." Another pause, "Or Master Denna, but then he ain't a master yet. Will be someday though! 'Least if he dun't get searched or nothin'," and she makes a face.

"I am a bully." K'ael states matter-of-factly. "I'm used to bossing people around and scaring them into doing what I want." He peers at her to try and seem threatening, but only manages to look incredibly strange. "Ah I see. How old are you? Old enough for a boyfriend? Weren't you searched? You can be the rider and he can cook for you. Or bake. Just don't eat too many sweets. Cause they're not good for you. Neither is booze." He sighs at that last part. Sadness.

Cenlia wrinkles her nose in distaste, eyeing K'ael almost warily now. She peers back at, looking faintly… disgusted? "Old enough t' know bettern' to drink with bullies," and she grabs her brandy bottle possessively, "Shards, ya sounds like m' uncle Cern." More nose wrinkling, "'Cept he dun't think booze is bad fer ya."

K'ael pouts at her. "I don't bully everyone. Only people who deserve it." He takes the open wine bottle and finishes it off by drinking it straight from the bottle. "I was only kiddin' anyways. I've always been the bully-ee not the bully-er." He raises a brow at her. "Who is uncle Cern? And booze is bad for you. Too much ale gives you a big ol' pot belly."

Cenlia continues to eye him, snorting and saying, "Ain't nobody deserves t' be bullied, 'cept if they done somethin' bad." And then she smirks a bit, "Yea right, who's gonna bully /you/? Yer a shardin' bronzer. With a big ol' /dragon/." And Cenlia takes a swig from her brandy bottle, peering back at K'ael with a lopsided grin, "M' Uncle Cern, he's an orchardmaster in South Boll. M' apprenticed to him. He got a trundlebug up his butt the size of a dragonegg, but he knows his booze." And then the girl laughs, "Ya only get a potbelly if yer lazy!"

K'ael nods. "Well, there are plenty of bad people who do bad things out there. We should go bully them." Then he pouts at her. "When I was little my older brothers were always picking on me. No one bullies me /now/. Though people do say plenty of bad things about me, which hurts just as much." He nods to her. "Ooh, I see. What are you doing in Xanadu if you're apprenticed someplace else? Or is you on assignment? I don't know how that works." He grins to her. "And if you're drunk all the time I bet you're lazy."

Cenlia smirks, "I just show 'em the end of my shovel," and waves the mostly empty brandy bottle in the air to demonstrate. And then she takes a swig, finishing it off with a cough. There's an eyeroll about his brothers, the girl muttering, "Shards, grow a backbone. I got brothers, cousins, /and/ foster-whatsits, an' all of them pick on everybody. 'S life," she says, her blaring lack of sympathy offset somewhat by, "Yea, talk like that's always dumb." It's almost sympathetic? But then she snorts, "What you need ish a /shovel/." And she nods to herself, eyeing her now-empty booze bottle with a slight frown. Glancing back at K'ael she shrugs, "Got assigned here. 'Cause they shipped me off after that time in the tree, With the sock. And the hat." And then she smirks, "Lotta ways t' get exercize when yer drunk," and she smirks, just slightly.

K'ael grunts at her. "I said no one picks on me /now/. I thought you said bullying wasn't okay. Now you're saying everyone does it so it is okay? Anyways, no one makes me do anything I don't want to anymore. That's part of the good thing about having a dragon, I can go anywhere and do anything. I don't have to live at any old weyr if I don't want to. In fact, I could just get up and leave right now." He wrinkles his nose at the notion of a shovel, not quite getting it. "Time in the tree? And I'm sure there is, but mostly I just pass out someplace. Usually someplace I'm not supposed ta be."

Cenlia tilts her head, tipsy eyes focusing on K'ael a moment as she tries to figure out the contradictions, and fails somewhat, muttering, "Didn't say ya /deserved/ it," then shrugs, "I dunno, dun matter anyways." She peers back at him, "Couldya go to…" she pauses, "The Yo- yokoh- th' ship. Up. So's ya could see Pern?" She snickers, though, telling K'ael, "Yeah, was this one time, had too many mugs of brew. Ended up in a tree three orchards over with nothin' but one sock andsomebody's /hat/." And she snerks, "Shards, though 'm uncle was gonna /flay/ me." And then, still giggling, in response to that last part, she points out, "Like my /bed/."

K'ael peers at her. He wasn't even sure what he was trying to say there. "I could go there. To the Yokohohomo. Thing. I can't fly a ship thing though, only a dragon. But right now I can't do anything. Because I'm drunk. And betweening not can do… drunk. Yeah." He waggles his finger at her as if it's helping him get the words out. "He blinks at her story. "You mean you was neewd up in a tree?" He snickers. "Sometimes… I just want to run around neewd. Maybe I could right now. Just take off all my clothes. This is a weyr, people are neewd here. I could run naked /into your bed/. Yep."

Cenlia just snickers at the name of the ship, nodding in agreement, "Yeah, ain't a good idea to fly around drunk. S'tan does it an' his dragon goes an' dumps him in the /lake/." She snickers some more. The waggling finger is wastched with fascination, though the girl is soone distracted with his suggestion, laughing and saying, "I dares ya, then. Go run 'round the weyr with no clothes on!" She smirks, not commenting about her bed.

K'ael grins, then chuckles. "Ha! Azaeth probably just wouldn't even move. He'd be like a big dragons statue and I'd be all like kicking him and being like 'What's wrong with this dragon? Is he broken?' Yep." Then he peers at her. She was daring him and not disgusted? "Don't say that, I'll really do it if you say that. I will. I'll do it." He looks around. "I'm gonna do it! Watch me!" But first he's gonna take a long drink from that second bottle of wine after standing up. "Help me get my buttons undone." On his shirt, he means. He undoes his pants and slides them off first.

Cenlia laughs about the dragon, "He's got more sense'n you," and then quirks an eyebrow, "I dares ya!" And then of course she has to help with the shirt buttons, although she's not quite sober enough to undo them all properly, which isn't help by the gigglefit when he drops his pants.

K'ael grins to her. "Yeah he does. Totally. Dragons can't get drunk though. Well, maybe they can, but they'd have to drink all the booze in the weyr and then some probably. And it wouldn't be worth it. Cause they might accidentally between or something." He helps her undo the buttons, blinking at her when she giggles at him. Once the shirt is off he flexes to get himself pumped up. "Okay! Now I'm gonna do it! Where should I go? How about I run to your bed? First I'll run outside though!" And that's where he heads, outside first. Then he'll loop around back to the residential area.

"Shards, ya need a hat!" Cenlia laughs, thoroughly enjoying the show. Booze is great. It leads to streaking bronzers! Also, another gigglefit, "Better not let Thea catch ya!" And she all but doubles over laughing, managing to get out, "The offices! Sh- should," and then she dissolves back into laughter, apparently the idea of a bronzer streaking the weyrwoman too mush for her sozzled mind to take without breaking into a fit of giggles.

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