Parcels and Snowballs

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow
A large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of weyrs, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Runner stables with the paddock beyond are to the south beyond the meadow weyrs, a smithy and a woodcraft shop are settled closer in towards the path to the clearing, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a stone wall and low rolling hills can be seen to the north. Wagons laden with felled trees from the forests to the southwest or ore from the mountains to the southeast are hauled by burden beast up the road through the meadow, over the bridge spanning the river to be processed in the appropriate workshops.

A bundled up figure pulling a small sled behind through the snow pauses at the base of the hill. Perhaps a bit of sledding is the plan? Nope, not yet. Unfortunately, there is a large blanket wrapped parcel, already occupying the sled. It needs to be dealt with first. Thus, the apprentices booted feet crunch in the snow while she scans the meadow. The girl seems to be looking for something among the differant dragons and their riders going about their business.

There are a few dragons and there riders bout, one being Tahryth, the green is off to the side the delivery pouches on her straps filled with odds and ends that she and her rider are just bring back to the weyr. Idrissa is pulling off her gloves and soon hoping down so her boots crunch down into the snow that has built up around the meadow. A faint warble escapes Tahryth as she greets the other dragons that are to be found nearby.

Kera's scan of the meadow spots a rider that seems to be returning. Recognizing Tahryth underneath the delivery transport strapping, she starts off towards the rider. Leaving a distinct trail in her snowy wake, pulls the sled along and waves to the rider as she tugs off her gloves. With a smile, she opens her mouth to greet Idrissa, but a sudden thought has the apprentice peering around the meadow, mainly to the weyrfolk within hearing range. Taking a few steps closer, she is within the dragon's wing range before speaking up "G'day Idrissa….Tahryth." She gives a polite nod to each.

Idrissa is busy working on undoing a few straps when she hears the voice, a curious glance is sent to Kera, whom gets a smile. A slight nod is seen. "Hello Kera, how are you?" Tahryth lets out a warble of greeting to Kera, her head tilting and soon lowers to snuffle out at the apprentice curiously.

Kera remains still as the inquisitive green snuffles her over, a little grin slipping over her features at the green's actions. Watching Idrissa starting to remove the dragon's gear, the apprentice reconsiders and glances drifts a glance around the meadow thoughtfully. "I was gonna see if ya were still doing transports today, but it looks like you're wrapping up." Reaching out to drum her fingers along the intended crate-sized parcel, she lifts a curious brow to the greenrider. "Would it be possible to add this to be delivered tomorrow?"

Tahryth turns back to glance off once she is done inspecting Kera it seems. Idrissa smirks slightly before shaking her head. "Well.. Could still do some today if you like?" This questioned as she sends a curious glance towards the package in question. "Where abouts is it going to?" She is curious, and Tahryth seems to be as well. A soft croon escaping the green and she titls her head to soon nose out and lick at the parcel a few times.

Kera gives a little shake of her head "There's no rush on it. So only if ya have other jobs later today. Otherwise it can wait." Reaching into her little pouch, she tugs out an already filled out page and holds it out Idrissa. "I need to get this back home to Rubicon Hold. Well, a small cothold a little under a mile up the shoreline from the Hold." A chuckle and she glances to Tahryth, gesturing to the green with her chin "It'll resemble a small BeastHall and a small Dolphineers dock." Noticing the attention the drgon is giving the parcel "It's just some of my things that I don't have room for."

Idrissa ponders this while taking hold of the form and looks it over curiously, a nod is seen and she smiles while looking to Kera. "I'm going by Rubicon Hold in the morning. I can take it then if it's alright?" As for Tarhyth she warbles faintly and noses the package a few times before giving in that it is nothing new and exciting.

Kera grins with an agreeable nod "That works for me." She reaches into her pocket and hands a mark to Idrissa. "Where ya want me to put it til morning?" Reaching down to undoes the knotted roped that was holding the bundle to the sled as Kera wandered up a couple of hills on her way over. Her attention is caught by something in the distance, causing her to squint. A grin working across her face as a couple of brats and apprentices go zipping down a far hill. Shaking her head in amusement, The rider gets her attention again. "So you've the rest of the day off then?"

Idrissa smiles and nods while tucking the mark and form into her pocket. She points inside. "Just keep it with the rest of the delivery stuff. Let them know that I'll take care of it in the morning?" A nod is seen along with a soft smile. "Yeah, for not at least. Promised Tarhyth a trip to Western at some point though. What about you?"

Kera glances to where Idrisa points out, nodding while moving the bundle as indicated. That done, she brushes off her gloved hands and flashes a grin at the question. "Well, that depends. I was considering claiming that hill over three for a bit, then hurling down it on the sled." She ponders a moment and takes a moment to plop down on the now parcel free sled. "But now I'm thinking a good ole fashion snowball free for all might be just what those brats and apprentice on that hill over there might be needing?" Casting a glance up to Idrissa "But, if ya promised Tahryth a trip to Western, then I'll just have to fend them off all on my own." Yep, the apprentice is indeed smirking..

Idrissa glances towards the hill and chuckles at the bit of Kera hurling herself down it. "Sounds a bit dangerous… The hurling part." This said with an amused tone. "I was going later so it's not like I have to zip off anywhere right this moment." She offers with a smile to Kera. "So, snowbfall fight then?"

Kera chuckles "Well I wasn't gonna just tumble head first down it. Not without the sled." Nevermind the fact she's still planning on careening headfirst down the hill. Reaching up, she draws her hood snug before leaning over to start gathering snow. "We're gonna need lots of snowballs." Grinning muscheviously, she gestures across the snowcovered meadow. "At least we got lots to work with between here and there." An amused wink is given before she places a formed snowball on the sled and starts making another one.

Tahryth warbles at the thought of a snowball fight, she wants to help it seems. Or at least that is the idea behind her thoughts at the moment. Idrissa chuckles and nods. "Well if you was going to go wihtout the sled I would say you need to go check yourself into the clinic now instead of later and get your head checked." She points out while pulling off her flight jacket and tucks it away before going about working on making some snowballs as well. It is winter at Xanadu, a nice blanket of snow has fallen across the meadows. The three are off to the side so not in the way of anyone coming or going it would seem. It's afternoonish, and while there is snow the sun is at least somewhat out to offer a bit of warmth to the ones that are out instead of the bitter biting cold, at least for a short while.

Snowball fight? Nah. Soriana's just here for a snow-y… walk. She's headed across the meadow from the vicinity of the forest edge, wearing her jacket with hands tucked in the pockets, and she glances up at the group with the sled to give an absent sort of wave. Who are they? She's not sure, what with the glare from the snow, but there's definitely a green dragon there? So they must belong, more or less.

Kera squeezes snowballs into formed but loosly packed little orbs, placing them in rows, for now, soon they will start a resemble a snowball mountain on the sled. Smirking at Idrissa's worry over having her head checked, a casual shrug offered. "We're recalled to the Hall for that at least once a turn actually." Pausing in her white fluffy orb making, she considers Idrissa "I asked why once and the ole Master cackled." Kera rolls her eyes in amusement "He actually cackled at me and said 'Tis cause no sane person should want to be around grumpy patients all the time.'" She winks to the greenrider "So see, the Hall says I'm not crazy yet." Chuckling at her little joke, Kera pulls the sled a few feet along til she gets to another area of fresh snow. Squinting at a figure coming closer, it takes a few long seconds for the figure to turn into Soriana and she gives her friend a wave.

Snow? Already? It's a good thing Zi'on is in his riding leathers, otherwise he'd be a popsicle-bronzer. And there is immediate displeasure from Suldith, who has to land in it and doesn't get to wear any protective clothing. Other than his hide. Which is pretty resistant to cold, so really he ought not to be complaining. Zi'on is deposited and then Suldith goes off to find an empty weyr or perhaps one occupied with someone he knows. The bronzer starts heading towards the caverns and such. Unless someone stops him, or he gets clobbered with a snowball.

Idrissa shakes her head and chuckles as she hears Kera. "Alright… Point taken there." This said with an amused tone while she works on making a few more snowballs. "They check you head… When you're at the hall?" A curious glance sent towards Kera as she ponders if she heard that wrong. Tahryth is there pushing some snow around with her tail which makes it easier for the pair to then make them into snowballs. With the approach of others a greeting warble escapes the green, both she knows and thus it is passed on to her rider. Rissa glances up and sends a wave towards both Soriana and Zi'on. "Hey!" Is soon heard, no snowball thrown just yet.

Kisa trudges in from the clearing, a heavy pack on her back and much road dust on her boots. She pauses at one point to brush away the hair sticking to her sweaty brow. This lady doesn't glisten. She sweats.

Soriana is waved back to! Probably because these people do, in fact, belong here. So she smiles to them, squinty against the glare, then does the same for the arriving bronze and rider. Whozzat? So hard to see. But, well, she should continue to the caverns herself. More work to be done! Isn't there always?

Kisa trudges into view with a heavy pack on her back. She pauses at one point to adjust the straps and peer up at the sky. With a slight frown, she looks back the way she came.

Kera crouches back down, scooping up more handfulls of snow as the number or chilly orbs starts to increase. She gives another wave to Soriana as her friend seems to be heading for a warmer climate, also known as the caverns. Turning back to her task, she nods at Idrissa. "Yea. A few little rounds where we have some conversations with the Mindhealers. Sometimes it's determined that someone just doesn't have the right….perspective…" The green tail pushing snow towards her is watched a moment before she starts chuckling "Thank Tahryth." So many snowballs to make ready…so little time. Idrissa calling out to someone in the distance draws her attention around, eyeing the visiting rider and another figure a little further off.

Zi'on isn't really expecting someone to be calling after him. At least not in the middle of the snowy meadow. But he does stop to turn and look to see who it might be. Especially since he thinks he recognizes the voice. Also since when he turns he spots the green dragon. The bronzer rushes the mound Tahryth is making with her tail, running at full speed and yelling. "AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" When he gets to the mound he launches over it and the green's tail, landing with a plop in the snow on the other side.

Idrissa shakes her head slightly as she watches Tahryth help with the snowball making as it was. "She says your welcome." This said with an amused tone while she moves on over towards the snowbank, pausing for a moment as she hears the 'aaaaaaaaaa', which is a good thing seeing how Zi'on is leaping over it. A yelp escapes her and she scrambles backwards and slides back on her butt once falling. She just peers at Zi'on and amused look is seen and she chuckles softly. "Well hi there." This said with an amused tone while brushing some snow off of herself.

Kisa's head whips back around at the yelling. A carefully plucked eyebrow lifts ever so slightly. With a very slight frown of disapproval, she gives her pack straps a cinch and heads back the way she came.

Well, Soriana thooought she was following the bronzerider toward the caverns, but evidently he just changed his mind. She stops as he goes charging toward the snow encampment, watching the lunge and run, and as he dives for shelter (or is that danger?) she laughs, shaking her head. Kisa's brief appearance gets a glance, but Soriana doesn't pursue her, instead drifting her own way toward the snow-playing group.

Kera continues adding to her growing mini-mountain of snowballs. That is until the yelling starts and some crazed figure is rushing the mound. And considering she and the snowball laden wagon are in front of that mound, the apprentice's eyes widen before she's squeaking and diving to get out of his way. Unfortunately the quickest path of out of the diving madman's path is right onto the wagon. "Aww, man, that was soo…" Snapping her mouth shut the apprentice sighs and extracates herself, brushing snow from her front. Looking back to her ammo hoard, the top half is smushed to a large blob.

Zi'on is in panic mode! Or maybe he's just trying to distract them so he wasn't pelted with snowballs. Or maybe he's just being Zi'on. Soriana is lucky she's not in the bronzer's direct corssfire, otherwise she might find herself in the DANGER ZONE. And end up swept over the blockade as well. "I thought I saw a goldrider! And not just any goldrider. A scary one." Zi'on has smashed a hoard of snowballs apparently in his escape from nothing attempt. If snowballs were eggs, he would be the worse penguin father ever. As it is, he gets up and brushes himself off a bit, then suddenly hunkers back down. "Soriana at three o'clock! Break break break!" The bronzer hefts up what he can of whatever snowballs are left, and goes running off with them, lobbing a bunch haphazardly at Soriana.

Idrissa lets out a laugh as she watches Zi'on. "Well there is one over there.." Then there is another pause as he goes about tossing premade snowballs at Soriana. "Fight's on!" She says to Kera and she snags a snowball and sends it flying towards… Zi'on! Which with his back towards her, well it might make a good target and all.

Zi'on is a very Zi'on thing for a Zi'on to be. Soriana, on the other hand is… being pelted with snowballs. "Gah-ack-argh?" is her very coherent (given the circumstances) and logical protest to the ones that get in her hair (shoulda worn a hat) and against her chest (at least she's got a jacket). And then she wobbles. And falls to the snow. Dead?

Kera looks up to the fuzzy-headed man that Idrissa seems to know. His announcement of Soriana's arrival, causes the apprentice healer to peer towards said queenrider then back to the crazy man. It takes her a moment to interpret his intentions and she chuckles. Remembering her friend's reaction last time she three a snowball her way, Kera quickly chooses sides. Grabbing up the big smushed portion that used to be many snowball's, she lifts it over her head, fully intending to hurl it at the crazy man. That was her plan, but what happens is just when the blob of snow is over her, it crumbledto cover the now sputtering girl instead. "When she can see again, she looks around and see the others, spotting Soriana and can't help but laugh and yell "QUEENRIDER DOWN!" before stepping over with a grin and offering a hand up.

Zi'on certainly is very… Zi'on-y. Though it would be a bit strange if he was more Thea-y than Zi'on-y or something. Apparently the yelling was just a diversion to swipe a bunch of snowballs and get the first strikes in against someone who isn't playing. Or who didn't know she was playing. Once he starts getting pelted in the back, the bronzer just starts throwing them over his shoulder. Which isn't a very good strategy considering they're flopping all over and smashing into everything. Poor Tahryth probably gets hit with a few, even. Once he's out of ammunition, he flops to his knees with his hands up. "I surrender! I surrender!"

Idrissa can't help it and laughs as she watches the snowballs go flying all around which is amusing. She grins while working on making a few snowballs in the process and tosses another one towards Zi'on which may catch him across the face at this angle. Tahryth doesn't mind the few snowballs that slap into her side, though once Zi'on says he surrender's she leans over to try and give the bronzer a good lick across the cheek. That'll teach him! Well if she can catch him that is.

Soriana is dead, yep. Totally dead. Whiiich is why, after a moment, she sneaks up to her feet again, gives herself a quick shake, and sneaks off toward the caverns. She /does/ have stuff to do. The rest of 'em can continue the snowball fight. She's just off to be a ghosty ghost!

Watching Soriana ignore the offered hand and return back to the Weyr quickly causes the apprentice to shift her feet nervously. Glancing back to Idrissa and the visiting rider, and grabs up the handle of the sled. "I should be getting back to the dorms. Still have some clothes to take to stores before the next inspection." The girl cringes since the last one didn't go so well for Kera. "Thanks again for taking that parcel home for me Idrissa." She sends a wave around to the trio reamining, winged included, "Enjoy the rest of your day, and your visit to Western when you go." This to Idrissa and Tahryth. The visiting rider gets a polite nod "G'day sir." Then the apprentice turns and starts back towards the Weyr. Her trail anything but straigh as she meanders back and forth in a windy pattern.

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