A Triumphant Return

Healer Hall - Courtyard

This lovely square is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the Hall and simply relax. Benches can be found at regular intervals, nestled beneath leafy shade trees. Statues of distinguished Healers have been placed there along the walkways, each carving, performing his or her notable medical duty. At the center is a large fountain, its bubbling tinkle, adding the soothing sound of water to this sanctuary.

It's the beginning of spring in the middle of the day at the Healer Hall, meaning there are many faces longingly gazing out the windows into the beautiful sunny day that's neither hot nor cold. But one apprentice isn't in class today, as she has a small assortment of bags by the bench she's laying upon, this one in the sun. Phylicia seems content to just lay there for the time being, obviously waiting upon somebody for a trip. Upon first glance, those who know her might not recognize her, due to the clothing change her healer friends have put her through.

A brown dragon emerges from /between/, tiny at first and high in the sky, but as he spirals down his large bulk reveals itself, rocky and worn. Upon Faraeth's neck sits the form of his rider, a big grin on his young face. M'nol unbuckles himself as quickly as possible and slides down Faraeth's knee, removing his flight helmet and goggles as soon as he hits the ground. The courtyard is crowded and though they reluctantly made way for his large brown, M'nol finds himself trapped among a gaggle of bodies demanding news and wondering why a Xanadu rider was in attendance at midday.

Phylicia isn't oblivious to the arrival of the brown, though since she's squinting up towards the sun, his coloration is hard to make out. As he lands, the sun starts to shine in a better direction for her poor eyes, and she rolls off of the bench she's laying upon onto her feet, leaving her bags under the bench as she squiggles her way through the mass of bodies. A few people sqwuak at a mis-used elbow on her part, but soon enough she makes it through the small crowd of people and (almost literally) launches herself at M'nol with a large smile. "They let /you/ come!" Is the happy near-squeal of joy.

M'nol oofs, catching the flying Phy in his arms and twirling her around, heedless for the moment of the gathered crowd, "Phy! I requested it special!" He hugs her tight, then sets the slightly taller girl back on the ground, "You look amazing. Maybe I should let girls kidnap you more often."

Phylicia's cheeks were already lightly flushed from bolting and squirming through the crowd, but at his compliment her cheeks redden further. "It's a bit easier to move around in, too, than full skirts." She mumbles softly, fingering the pendant he gave her out of what seems to be an absent-minded habit. But the gaggle of people hasn't receeded just yet, and Phy turns to them, making shoo'ing gestures. "He's just here to take me back to Xanadu. Go on back to your duties!" And like half the people would even heed her, probably ranking more than her little senior apprenticeship self. Yes, there is a pristine new knot on her shoulder. "Wonderful! This saves me having to hunt you down later." And she looks at him for a moment before laughing. Yes, she's a little giddy. "You really need to start growing so /I/ can look up to /you/." Since she is by no means tall, though she grew early.

M'nol eyes the gaggle gathered, "I'm not a search rider. I can't search anyone for Kilaueth's clutch. Keep your eyes open if you're so interested." *That* seemed to work on those unaffected by Phy's insistence, some grumbling about riders teasing them. Once the worst of the crowd has dispersed he fiddles with the extra bit of thread on her knot, "Senior apprentice now, huh? Guess that makes it all worth it." He leans in and kisses her gently, "I've missed you." The height comment seems for the moment ignored.

Phylicia nods after eventually pulling away from the kiss with a happy little sigh. "Missed you too." She says before continuing. "I think they wanted to just make sure my education had no gaps in it, before promoting me. So that's why they just hauled me back here." She lets that thought trail for a few moments as the last of the crowd disperses, though a passerby or two stops to oogle at the brown, rider and apprentice. She pulls away enough to look at her small pile of bags. "Take me home, M'nol? Before they change their minds?"

M'nol hugs her tight to him, "You don't need to ask me twice." He moves to unfasten the lid of Faraeth's strap-bag, then over to Phy's bags, beginning to load Faraeth down. He looks back at her as he does so, "You sure? What about that 'damaging hall property' thing…"

Phylicia walks over with him, grabbing one of her heavier bags and slinging it over her shoulder with a small grunt. "What about it?" She sets the bag down by Faraeth's side, to let Nol load it up. "I think it was a handy excuse. They really don't /like/ apprentices of any rank to be in relationships." Now that's not saying there's a rule against it, which there may or may not be. "'Interfering with studies' and all." There's a snort given to that thought.

M'nol smiles. Phy always had an answer. He carefully loads her bags into Faraeth's strap bag, "You're probably right." He blushes a little, "I don't think Farrah likes me much… and I'd never interfere with your studies…"

Phylicia smiles back, watching him load Faraeth up with only a small amount of impatience to go back to the Weyr. She's doing her best to keep from jittering. "/I/ know you wouldn't." She reassures him softly before giggles. "The Masters seem kinda thick-headed when it comes to apprentices. They kinda group us in one big lump with the unkindest of generalizations." The girl's just a little annoyed about that. "I've never met Farrah. You said something about - her? - in one of your notes, right?"

M'nol nods, settling the last of the bags and strapping them down, "Journeywoman studying firehead. R'zel's taken her out to do some recon, but he convinced her to take you on…" Seemingly afraid to continue that line of conversation, he instead hoists himself easily up to Faraeth's back then reaches a hand down to help her up as well.

Phylicia still takes his hand to help herself up, but in pants as she is, the whole process goes a little easier since she doesn't have to worry about her skirts. It still takes her a little bit of work to get seated properly on Faraeth's back, but she manages. "Why do you think she doesn't like you?" She presses gently as she waits for him to buckle her into the straps.

M'nol shrugs, leaning around her to buckle her in as well, "Gave me a dirty look when I mentioned I'd been stopped from seeing you." He strokes her cheek gently, then turns back foreward, asking, "You ready?"

Phylicia opens her mouth for a moment, wanting to say something, but apparently not knowing what to this time. Instead she shuts her mouth with a smile, working her arms around him to secure herself better. "Ready!" She chirps. "Take me back to Xanadu." Is added on a moment later as she braces herself for the launch.

M'nol pulls her arms up to wrap around his middle, "Hold on tight." The he gives Faraeth the command to rise and with a giant push the brown is in the sky. His take offs have gotten much more fluid and the dragon and riders are soon at /between/ing altitude. M'nol reaches down, squeezing her hand in warning, then they're /between/.

Faraeth suddenly takes his rocky bulk -=* BETWEEN *=-

Darkness and cold like you can't imagine. Nothing to see, feel or hear, except the beating of your heart.




Then, as suddenly as you entered the emptiness…


Xanadu Weyr - High Sky

It is easy to see why the settlers of Xanadu chose this exact spot to live out their lives. Here high above the Weyr one gets a good perspective on the landscape that drew the eye of that rider long ago that sought out the home for a new Weyr. Mountains loom protectively above this pristine little valley, while an energetic river races headlong down the northern side, in a hurry to reach the lake that rests peacefully to the east. Grove after grove of trees dot the land, creating endless shade for the human or dragon.

As well-placed as the natural aspects of the Weyr are, the founders worked hard to keep with the uncontrived rhythms of the valley while destroying as little of it as possible. All of Xanadu opens up below you, welcoming the odd visitor into its friendly arms, or calling a cheerful 'Welcome Home' to the rider and dragon after a visit away.

Faraeth suddenly pulls his rocky bulk from -=* BETWEEN *=-

Phylicia exhales as they exit from between, shaking herself out. "Don't think I'll /ever/ get used to that." She says in his ear after a moment. She gives him a squeeze though, as she looks down at Xanadu Weyr beneath them. "It's good to see this place again!"

M'nol he nods, not guiding Faraeth anywhere particular just yet, "It's different… cold. Where would you like me to take you from here?"

Phylicia pauses for a moment in thought, leaving herself to lean against his back as she still has her arms wrapped around him. "Ah, we should set my things down somewhere." She says softly, seeming to think harder than she was just a moment ago.

M'nol gives Faraeth a silent command and the brown begins a gentle downward spiral towards the forest until he meets the ground, knees bending gently to absorb the shock of landing. M'nol points to a large, mostly hollow tree with a grandly carved entryway, "Welcome home."

Xanadu Weyr - Faraeth's House in the Trees

Here within the thickest part of the forest is found something that is rarely seen before, though on Pern there are so many things still to be discovered and maybe, just maybe this is one of them.

Set just a little off the dead center of this large clearing is a tree that has stood here for years on end, the girth of the tree is not one a single person could wrap their arms around, no this tree must have at least 50 people(if not more) standing palm to palm with arms outstretched in order to make a complete circuit around it. Time has created a large cavern in the trunk of it, large enough for a fair sized dragon to lay partially within it to get out of the weather. At sometime in the past several years someone has constructed a large awning to add more space to the dragon wallow area so whomever rests within is now completely covered.

Along the interior of the tree someone has built a stair way that curls around and upward to an archway high up in the tree. From the archway one steps out into a cottage of sorts that resides within a flat cradle where the large branches sprout outward. Inside the cottage one will find things are pretty simple, one large room for all ones living needs with a second room for a bedroom. Within the mainroom one will find a set of chairs before a stone fireplace, a rather worn braided rug sets between them on the hardwood floor. Each of the walls facing the outside have large windows in them, allowing light to filter in through the creamy sisal curtains. One nice things about these windows is that they slide open and shut to allow for a natural flow of fresh air to move through the cottage. In the bedroom there are plenty more windows in the walls, as well as a pair of huge skylights. A good sized bed rests with the head against the rear wall, the mattress plush and waiting for bedding to be placed upon it.

Phylicia ommphs slightly as Faraeth lands, though the take offs and landings have gotten much smoother. Finally she's able to see the size of the tree, and her eyes nearly bulge from her head. "Oh… my." Is what she's able to get out as she looks at the treehouse-weyr, trying to take it all in. "It's /huge/." As if she couldn't've guessed this before.

M'nol fiddles with the buckles for longer than is really necessary, then slides down, holding his hands up to help Phy down as well. Once they're both on the ground it's to the strap bag and the luggage within, "It is, and there are lots of stairs up to the living area, but it's worth it." He hefts a few bags onto his back, passing the lighter ones to Phy as he strips of Faraeth's harness, "Want to see?"

Phylicia makes a small face as M'nol takes the heavier bags before she can protest. Even though he's smaller, he's likely more muscled than she'll ever be. "Yes!" Is said simply, but the one word contains both curiousity and excitement and maybe a little bit of nervousness as well, though that's only very mild. And she smiles tugging at one edge of her blouse absently, before hiking two lighter bags onto her own shoulders. "/Something/ has to keep me in shape, might as well be stairs, hmm?"

M'nol nods, chuckling, as he makes his way across to the stairs before Faraeth enters the trunk to settle in, "There're worse things than stairs. When you impress they'll have you exercising whenever you're not with your dragon." He starts up the stares, going a bit more slowly than usual due to the weights on his back, "You'll love the cabin, it's nice and spacious."

"Nice and cozy isn't a bad thing either." Phylicia offers with a wide grin as she starts up after M'nol on the stairs. No doubt for the first month or so, her legs will be screaming bloody murder for the stupidity of accepting such a high up home. She pauses on the stairs a moment to watch Faraeth settle in, still amazed at the sheer size of the tree. "When I impress?" She sounds a little dubious, barely withholding a laugh. "You mean /if/ I get searched, much less impress."

M'nol smiles, exiting the archway to the smooth plaza-like space before the cabin, "I believe in you." He chuckles, "And if the stairs get to be to much, just ask Farry for a lift, he can drop you off up here if he makes the effort." He crosses the space, setting her bags down near the door, "What do you think?"

Phylicia huffs softly, a little out of breath as she reaches the top of the stairs, depositing her bags with the others that M'nol carried. Whuff. She isn't /that/ out of shape, is she? Possibly. "Well, hopefully our relationship doesn't hinge on me impressing or not." She jokes lightly as she places a light kiss on his cheek, walking further into the cabin to see what it's like. After a few minutes there comes a giggle. "The layout and everything is wonderful." She says, though the amused twinkle in her eye tells she hasn't said everything yet.

M'nol smiles, "Of course not. Doesn't mean I can't for it for you, though." He blushes a little, "Hope that some day Faraeth can catch your dragon in the sky…" He perks up when she returns, "You like it? Great. I was hoping you would."

Phylicia seems to be having fun teasing M'nol today. "Mmm. So I see we're also hoping that if I impress, it's to a green…" She comments slyly, her smile not diminishing any as she crosses the area again, putting herself behind M'nol, and wrapping her arms around his waist, much like she was doing on Faraeth's back not to long ago. "I love it." She says, her lips quirked mischeviously. "But I'm not sure even our small army is enough to decorate it properly." And now, finally a giggle escapes her lips. "It's /bare/, M'nol!" Tease, tease.

M'nol chuckles, "Or a gold. Farry's nearly caught a couple now and it would be a good challenge for both of us." He oofs as he's glomped from behind, then grins, "I'm glad you like it, I really am. We should set aside some time to visit the caverns and see what great furnishings we can find… then make Farry carry them up."

Phylicia's cheeks flush at this point in time, which M'nol may be able to feel by the heat radiating off of them. "You /really/ have high hopes." She mumbles, a touch uncomfortably before she turns her mind to the decoration of the treetop weyr. "I think we should find the heaviest thing there and make him lift it, only to decide we don't like it." And there, her voice has that hint of laughter back in it to suggest she's only joking. "Since anything we find isn't going to phase him at all to lift." Even if it was solid granite, likely.

M'nol nods, "Dragons can lift anything they think they can lift." He does feel the heat of her blush and smiles softly, "Only the best for you. Only with dragons the best is whichever one chooses you, no matter what the color."

Phylicia lets her breath out in a soft sigh, her body starting to relax again. At least while he may be hoping that she impress a gold, or even a green, it isn't any sort of deal breaker for them, which was starting to sound a little worrisome. "Have I mentioned recently how sweet you are?" She asks softly. And it may have been mid-afternoon at the Healer hall, but it's early evening here, and Phy hadn't eaten anything to begin with. Not to mention she was cramming things back into her bags. Either way her stomach decides to rumble audibly.

M'nol chuckles, "Is that me or the bubbly pies making your stomach rumble." pies? what pies? Then there's a clatter of feet within the stump and a few moments later the Weyrbrat Gronil appears, carrying a tray with two bubblies and two full servings of bovine and mashed tubers. M'nol thanks and tips him, taking the tray and leading Phy into the nigh empty dining area. "See, bubbly pies."

Phylicia blinks as out of nowhere, one of the numerous weyrbrats appears with food, and then promptly disappears after being tipped. She just stands there for a few moments, until she's physically led into the dining area. "Where…? How…? … What?" She lets herself be led, but the poor girl is looking a little confused as to where the kidlet came from.

M'nol chuckles, passing her one of the plates, "I have 8 flits, Phy, where do you think they were?" As if on cue, the air of the bedroom area is filled with chittering flits. A harsh, single-noted whistle from M'nol has them settled on the rafters in no time, then he smiles, "I was hoping the food'd be here before we got back, but things don't always work out perfectally."

Phylicia shakes her head, a little in wonder still at how well trained his eight are, not that her two are badly behaved compared to some. "Well, I just wasn't expecting that." She chuckles, taking a small bit off one of the plates and nibbling on it. "It's been a long, if short day." And she pauses, before laughing. "Not that that made sense."

M'nol chuckles, "It made more sense than you might think. Now eat, you'll need your strength to get back to the infirmary tomorrow."

"Should I say 'Yes sir'?" Phylicia asks, again with that hint of humor to her voice as she takes a seat and starts applying herself lightly to the provided food. And M'nol just gets a side-long look and a little laugh. "That's not probably what excactly I'll need strength for." The infirmary is a busy place, but she's done that duty on brain-dead days.

M'nol chuckles, eating his own food as well, "I can't deny I hope there'll be other energy-intensive activities for us in the next few days…"

Phylicia innocently raises her eyebrows at M'nol, pausing in her meal. "I have no clue what you're talking about M'nol." And her voice is honey and sugar sweetness. And laughter. "Finding Farrah is likely going to be something like hunting down a wherry on foot, if she's researching firehead cases."

M'nol grins, "You know exactly what I'm talking about… and I think Farrah and R'zel got back yesterday…" He pauses for a moment, then blushes, "Which reminds me… Ruz was hoping you might put in a good word for him with her."

Phylicia waves a hand, trying for an absent-minded feel, but failing since she's trying to hard not to laugh, though her cheeks are rosy. It's an interesting combination, where she can tease as she does, but still blush so splendidly. "Oh?" Is the single word for the moment. "Does the artist have his own crush now?"

M'nol nods, blushing as well, "Not his first, but he likes Farrah a good deal, even painted a picture for her."

"/For/ her or /of/ her?" Phylicia asks, just to you know, clear up anything. But then she waves a hand, applying herself to her meal again. "Don't let me keep you from any other duties M'nol." She pauses once more to smile. "I won't be disappearing again /any/ time soon." Or ever like that again, if she can help it.

M'nol smiles softly, "You're my only duty tonight. I made sure of it. And for her. He *wants* to paint a picture of her." He chuckles.

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