Apprentice... Rights?

Xanadu Weyr - Craft Apprentice Dorms

A long, low ceiling room opens from the seating area, the walls straight and even. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

Cot, cot, cot, purple partitions and pretty scarfs, cot, cot…. Determined to not let her efforts go to waste, Kera has indeed managed to make the painted curtain partitions to stand more steady. Of coarse the creative use of twine may have been a large part of that. And then tying them off to the tent the apprentice requisitioned from Weyrstores. It's not a very big one, pretty small really, but big enough for Kera'a cot and trunk. A few cleverly hung and draped scarfs and ya can hardly notice the tent at all. It's midafternoon and the tent's occupant is in residence. With her new promotion, came new manuals to be studied and committed to memory. So, with a plate of cookies sitting on the trunk next to her cot, (students need brainfood ya know) notebook and pen on her lap and books scattered about the end of her cot, Kera is using some of her freetime to get a headstart on the coming lesson, even if her friends tell her she studies too much. Minimur is currently stalking a wrinkle in the blanket, which the apprentice's slight movements cause to move just enough to keep the young brown fascinated.

Darsce is hardly dressed for work. She's wearing a sleeveless orchid sundress with a three-tiered fringe miniskirt. Every bit of skin that is visible is a shade of red that looks painful. And might partially explain why she isn't at work - at least yet. Numbweed glistens on her skin, so she's not in pain, but she is in no way ready to brave the hot springs. Maybe a dip in the frigid lake waters? Her hair is brushed, her face has been carefully washed and a touch of makeup applied, though nowhere near her usual amount. She looks sleepy enough to have risen not too long ago, but her steps come from the Journeymen dorms, not the clearing when she crosses the crafters complex and enters the apprentice dorms. What's she doing here? Dorm inspection! What? It's on her way to… er, her room where she will make herself more presentable for work. Eh, so it's off the clock. She owes the Weyr; she's late. And so down the row she walks. Cot, cot, cot. Stare.

There are a variety of types of work that need to be done as part of a Weyr administrative position. Some of them have requirements for clothing; others do not. Jethaniel also approaches from the direction of the journeymen's rooms, though for him, it is a more frequent event, since his own is among them. He is dressed acceptably for a workday, in trousers and a dark blue shirt, but the expression on his face is compatible with the assumption that he too has only recently awoken. He does not appear in the apprentice dorms immediately cotemporally with Darsce, but does shortly thereafter. In his hands are a pair of mugs of klah. This is also compatible with the theory that he has only recently awoken. It does not explain the solemn expression on his face - unless it is due to an extensive and involved assessment of fluid dynamics in the mugs? - but his grey eyes seek across the dormitories until they find Darsce, and he approaches after her, with an incline of his head and a small, though not untroubled, smile. "Here." He knows, experientially, how she takes her klah, and as such, he offers her a mug before looking away to a very… interesting… cot. He frowns, but is silent.

Kera reads through the paragragh slowly, then starts it over, this time scribbling a few notes a she goes. Paragragh by paragragh she repeats the process, all the while her brown lizard stalks among the end of the bed. "Hey, careful Minimur. Don't rip my pages.." Might be heard from the other side of the colorful but thin barrier of patterned scarves. Soft churls and chitters frm the brown is his resposne, though too intent on 'that' wrinkle, it's just asking to be pounced. Scrunching himself up, he lunges, and ends up scattering a couple of books, one slidding to the floor with a /thunk/. "See, told you to be careful." Retreiving said book and inspecting it for damage, she pauses, hearing a gruffy voice outside her studybubble. After a few seconds, the following quiet cause her to shrug and put the new book out of Minimur's reach before going back to reading.

Darsce is trying not to hyper ventilate. It's… working for the most part. She is, however, still staring at the assortment of scarves, screens ropes… and is that… a tent?! Squint. Her contemplation is broken by the singular 'here' of Jethaniel's at the same time the scent of klah reaches her. She needs klah. She also needs Jethaniel and in more than the usual capacity. She reaches for the mug first, answering his troubled smile with a partially-questioning, semi-troubled one of her own. She hasn't forgotten her purpose her, but - klah! While she sips gratefully, she closes her eyes for and murmurs, "Perfect!" It is laden with cream and sweetner - three teaspoons of it. Opening her eyes she reaches to brush his arm with her fingertips. "Thank you." And then she reaches with two fingers and lifts one of those scarves, like it's toxic. "This is…" she begins to tell him when a voice and a thump come from inside the… thing. "Okay, whoever is in there, come on out!" she calls, then adds in an aside to the Steward, "Maybe it's one of the Weyrbrats." In here, where they aren't supposed to be. Uh oh!

Another voice scratches at her little bubble. Probably apprentice's. This is the apprentice dorms so it just stands to reason. As she finds her spot in the paragragh, Kera resumes her notetaking process. That is until /that/ tone registers where she's heard before. A deep sigh and she looks to minimur, muttering to the brown '..woman needs a bell round 'er neck..' Setting her books beside her on the cot, Kera ducks her head between the hanging scarves. Two sets of feet. Great. Eyes darting between Darsce and Jethanial, her bottom lip is already being chewed worriedly. Offering a smile and polit dip of her head to both "G'afternoon Headwoman, Steward." As she comes fully out of the tent, Minimur hops up into her shoulder, greeting the pair with a happy chuffing sound. Glancing behind her briefly, she reaches out to adjust a scarf while her feet start shifting back and forth nervously.

Klah is highly effective in assisting wakefulness. As such, it finds frequent use, particularly in those cases when the circumstances might imply a degree of wakefulness not actually present. Noon does generally imply wakefulness. Jethaniel watches Darsce with slightly lowered head as she takes that sip, then nods with a slight increase of his smile. "You are welcome." From him, at least, and his head lowers once again before looking up at those scarves and other decorative elements surrounding the tent. As Darsce begins to speak, his head tilts slightly to listen, but at the noise from within, he adds in an undertone, "…occupied." Thus far, but if Darsce's instruction is followed, that state will not last for long. While he awaits the results of her action, he has a sip of his own klah - though he nods to her assessment, his hand reaching toward hers. "Perhaps…" The tent flap moves. His hand returns to his side. "…not." He arches an eyebrow at Kera as she emerges from the tent - but the Steward is not the one conducting a dorm inspection. That is not one of his tasks, at least not unless there's something broken… which may yet be the case, but has not yet been established.

Kera. Not a weyrbrat. Darsce stares at her for the span of time it takes her klah-deprived mind to readjust. She concurs with Jethaniel first. "Indeed not." Pause. While still staring at Kera she speaks in an aside to Jethaniel. "What on Pern do you suppose she's doing?" Like… Kera's not even present. So don't answer that one, Kera. Darsce's still pinch-holding one of the scarves. Still staring at Kera. Sips her klah absently, still with the staring. Hasn't even replied to the greeting yet. Finally the Headwoman lowers her mug. "Apprentice, what is this?" her hand shakes the scarf just a bit to direct attention to it (not hers, no. Her eyes are still locked on Kera.) Broken? If not, there's going to be! Don't leave, Jethaniel, we may need you to summon the healers. Uh, other healers.

Kera 's gaze flicks back and forth as they speak among themselves as if she isn't standing right in font of them. Perhaps they wouldn't notice if she went back to studying. But no, Darsce speaks up, and Kera brightens a little when the headwoman is admiring the floral painted drapery. "That's a scarf my mom gave me a couple turndays back. Isn't it pretty. She gives me one every turn." The brown perched on her shoulder churls inquisitively and rubs his head against her cheek. Kera cast a look to either side of the dorm, and notices that nearly every other apprentice has found other places to be. Looking back to the Headwoman, she gives a bit of a sympathetic wince. "That looks like it is painful." She's referring to the sunburn of coarse. "Did you need more numbweed ma'am?" The apprentice turns back to her tent thoughtfully "I'm sure I got a small bottle here somewhere…"

Perhaps Jethaniel should have been more prompt with the klah? Not that it's generally considered to be one of the Steward's duties to provide the Headwoman with klah… except insofar as, given his involvement with the imports, it is his duty to ensure klah remains present in the stores. Similarly, it is her duty to ensure that those responsible for the brewing of it on a daily basis continue to do so, and that appropriate carafes are placed in the administrative offices. Such are the official administrative klah-related duties; nowhere in them is described him bringing her this mug. Nor does his task list include any requirement for supervision during the Headwoman's dorm inspection - nor is fetching healers called out specifically in any portion of his duties. As such, his presence here is somewhat unaccountable, and yet it persists. "I believe the answer may involve aesthetics?" he replies to Darsce. "I am not an expert." As such, he lifts his mug to have another sip. Kera's answer regarding the scarf may seem to support Jethaniel's hypothesis, but does not cause him to interrupt his sip of klah. Her comment about Darsce's sunburn, on the other hand, makes him frown, lowering the mug and casting his gaze to Darsce - though he is already well aware of her appearance.

Aesthetics earns an eyetic from Darsce as her eyes shift from Kera to Jethaniel over the rim of her mug while taking another sip. Back to Kera. More with the staring. Admiring? Oh nono. This isn't admiration. It's more akin to horrified disbelief. "It's hideous. And painful to look at." How nice - they're agreeing! Darsce would beam at Kera if she was in a better mood. The apprentice is catching on. Huh? Numbweed? Blink. Ohhh that. "No thanks, I've had plenty." THAT comes out in an almost-purr as Kera's turning to duck back into her - eyetwitch - tent. Darsce drops the scarf, her hand darts out to snag the back of Kera's collar and keep her from disappearing. "Not dismissed yet!" she sing-songs - almost pleasantly, which could in retrospect, be kinda scary - and her next move is to pivot Kera so she faces those purple screens. "Did you also paint those?" It's asked with sugar-sweetness. Beware the sweetvoice! Darsce needs the Steward. Why? She just does. Is that reason enough for his continued presence?

Kera is crouching a bit, only to try finding that little bottle, it was here a little bit ago. Though she pauses her actions a bit when Darsce's comments turn insulting. "Hey, No need to be rude and insulting about it." Her mom picked that out just for her, so, she's a bit defensive about it. If she was gonna say anything else, it gets preempted with a choked squeaks when her collar grabbed and she's tugged back and around. Frowning at the 'handling' she's receiving, the girl huffs, but otherwise remains quiet. Simply nodding agreeably at the question as her gaze flicks to the Steward briefly before Darsce is looked to once more. She casually sidesteps, trying to pull out of the woman's grasp, even if it's obvious she isn't going anywhere.

The Steward has no administrative justification to be here. Jethaniel, however, remains precisely where he is. He dips his head slightly to Darsce's eyetic and expression of her own aesthetic opinions, acknowledging them. "…that said," he notes as he lifts his head again, looking at Kera. "Your aesthetic choices are your own, so long as you limit them to your own person." He lifts a brow to invite consideration, and has another sip of klah. It may be required. His gaze lowers to the mug at Darsce's reaction to the numbweed, before his head lifts and his mug lowers at Kera's attempted evasion. Darsce may be all sweetness, but Jethaniel's expression is a faint frown.

One of Darsce's well-shaped brows lifts at the disrespectful tone from Kera. "Excuse me, I think you meant to say, 'I respectfully disagree, Ma'am.' Yes?" Still sweetly, still with the staring. "I was not being rude, I was expressing my opinion, which is my right. You, as an apprentice do not have the right to reprimand your superiors." And no, she doesn't let go of Kera's collar. She has no assurances that Kera's not going to bolt, soooo… The affirmative nod, now draws a frown to the face of Darsce to accompany the Steward's. "This screen is Weyr property, am I correct, Jethaniel?" It certainly looks like one of the Infirmary screens to her! "And do you know any chemical that will remove dried paint from the material?" Because it's ewwww. Too much purple. And the ones in the Infirmary are white. And now she lets go of Kera's collar (because her other hand is occupied with her klah mug) to twang one of the lines of twine with a fingertip. "What's this?" While she awaits answers to her various and sundry questions, she sips her klah. Need more awake.

While Darsce expresses her rights to be rude, the brown lizard leaps off Kera's shoulder and darts into the safety of the tent, hiding from the scary people. The apprentice on the other hand just watches the headwoman, frowning as they obvious have a differance of opinion. When the headwoman starts asking questions she already knows the answers to, the girl turns her attention back to her tent. Though she gives a sideglance look to Darsce's question after she 'twang's the line. "It's twine." Simple and to the point as she starts snatching the scarves irritably. When her collar is let go, she tugs at her shirt to straighten it and purpose steps out of the woman's reach before going back to collecting her stuff.

The rules and regulations concerning firelizards make no objection to either the brown's presence nor lack thereof. As such, Jethaniel pays him no heed, continuing to observe Kera. The frown lingers, and Darsce's question to him draws his gaze briefly. "It appears to be," he says of that screen. He cannot answer the question with certainty until he obtains more details about the situation. Perhaps they were bought secondhand, though he recalls no property sales to private parties recently. "Removal of the paint may be possible, depending on the precise composition used." He gives a small shrug, and returns his gaze to Kera, who likely possesses knowledge applicable to these queries. First, however… "You may respectfully disagree with whatever you see fit," he informs her. "The fact remains you are an apprentice, and as such, are subject to those rules and regulations." He glances to Darsce once again, then back to Kera. "Those include rules concerning your living space and conduct therein, as well as acceptance of certain aspects of the Weyr." Such as the command structure… which she is, according to his prior statement, free to (respectfully) disagree with. His tone is calm, and then he redirects one of Darsce's questions. "Are these screen Weyr property?"

Darsce is sometimes a brat. She is sometimes rude. She IS perhaps being sweetly sarcastic right now, but how she manages the authority given to her by the knot she now wears is, well… highly dependant upon her creativity. She is not, however, being rude in stating her opinions regarding the scarves. Aesthetic value is highly subjective and whether Kera's mother picked them out or not, Darsce is not going to lie and say they're pretty when she doesn't think they are. Not so sweet with the sarcasm now, "What is it for?" she corrects herself regarding the twine, both brows now lifted for the lack of proper response in the form of an apology from Kera regarding her lack of respect. It's not fair that superiors don't have to be mutually respectful. But this IS Pern. And they are not peers. So things might go downhill from here unless… Oh and now that the scarves are being removed, the tent is visible. Cue more staring. Darsce does not ask what it is, but that was on the tip of her tongue. "Tents, not allowed in the barracks either," this is said in a strangled tone. The headwoman is either trying not to laugh or she's exercising enormous self-restraint, for her voice level remains even rather rising in pitch and volume. Jethaniel's level-headed question earns a grateful look. She did not think to ask. And so she takes another sip of her klah while awaiting Kera's answer regarding the screen.

Kera looks up to the steward a second and nods slowly as if it's a trick question about the curtains. "Yes'ir. From the infirmary." That said, she steps around grabbing the last of her scraves that were so cruelly insulted, and throwing the handful in her tent to fall as they will for now. "There, not bothering anyone now, ma'am." She's refering to the scarves of coarse. With scarves out of sight, she turns a bland expression to the Weyrpair and waits for them to finish whatever it is they came to the dorms for. Certainly it wasn't /just/ to harrass studying apprentices. Darsce's question causes Kera to blink and look at the twine, then the woman again "It's holding stuff in place ma'am." Informed that the tent isn't allowed, she just sighs and nods with a huff "I'll remove all traces I was here ma'am. Anything else ma'am?"

Unfortunately for Kera, it's not a trick question, but an entirely earnest one. If the curtains were not Weyr property, Jethaniel would have no reason to concern himself with it. He would, as Steward, be lacking in justification for his visit here. As it is… "Ah," he says to her answer. "I shall arrange for you to be sent the appropriate forms to explain their usage." The tent, he simply regards without comment - though it's likely also from the Weyr stores, but it does not appear to have been substantively altered in the process, and as such, he is not overly concerned. Darsce's purpose here is a barracks inspection. This could also be construed as harassing apprentices, but, given the relative knots on their shoulders (and the unfairness of life), Darsce's frame of reference is currently the privileged one.

Apprentice harassing! It's a perk! Or a sport. If it isn't it should be! Maybe the pair of them can start a new fad? Darsce blinks at Kera for that comment, then tilts a rather confused look at the inside of the tent where the scarves were tossed. She side-looks over to Jethaniel. Whut? Scarves bothering?? Where do they get these people? With a sigh and a little headshake, the headwoman pinches the bridge of her nose while she strives for patience. "You may wear them," she says evenly (and perhaps while counting to ten silently) but you may not decorate the dorms with them. Or with anything," she add hastily lest the apprentice come up with some other equally zany idea. "Please," she says of the tent, "return it to stores, take down the twine and return the screens to the-" Wait-whut? Remove all traces she was here?? Kera gets another crinkly-browed look of confusion. "That… isn't necessary unless you are going back to Healer Hall. You may otherwise just return your cot to this space." Jethaniel deals with Weyr property yay! One less worry for her. So if it's irreparable, ie, not de-purpled, she'll be paying for it. Then it will belong to Kera. See, an upside! To that last request, Darsce just levels the apprentice with a mild look and warns, "Yes, don't over do it." The Ma'am-thing.

Forms? But, but, they were collecting dust in a back room. No matter, she simply sends a confused frown to Jethaniel and nods "Yes 'ir." Shifting her gaze between the two, Darsce is settled on for the moment. Wait, if Darsce finds Kera's state soo hideous, does that mean a scarf a day will keep the Headwoman away? When the thought flashes through her head, she manages to keep the amusement from her face. Eyeing her pretty space, or what's left of it, Kera sighs "I'll put everything back within a couple of candlemarks ma'am." Mention of the Hall has her shrugging dejectedly as she starts puttering around the partitions and cutting the twine at certain points then rolling the peices up for later.

They get these people from the Healer Hall. The Healer Hall gets them from a wide variety of places throughout Pern. This answer, factual as it is, seems unlikely to satisfy Darsce's curiosity, and so the one Jethaniel actually gives her questioning look is limited to a small shrug. The disposition of the apprentice dorms is between Darsce and the journeyman in charge - though Jethaniel has performed that duty, when he was a journeyman here instead of the Steward. As he is not currently in that role (who is? Darsce might wish to have a discussion with them), he has nothing more to add to her comments. To Kera's confused look regarding his more Stewardly statement, he has no response, but to her verbal one, he nods. "It is advisable to ask permission beforehand." Even if things appear to be moldering neglected, they still appear on some inventory sheet somewhere. As such, if one is going to interfere, it is best to either be subtle of prepared to accept consequence - not that Jethaniel advises such a course of action. That would be imprudent.

Hah! Try it, Kera and see how well it works! Darsce may shudder at her taste in clothing, but she will probably not say anything unless they're attempted usage is for decorating the spaces she maintains. Which is pretty much the entire cavern systems. She'll still cross the girl's path - especially when she has 'incidents' (whether by design or accident) that mess with the storeroom, the dorms, the kitchens, the main cavern and yes, even the infirmary. "Thank you," the headwoman says sweetly as the twine starts to come down and the promise is made to right the space. "Each apprentice has their cot, their press and their nightstand. That is it. You may decorate your cot with a pretty quilt or pillows, a vase on your nightstand and-" the trunk, bulging and overflowing is spotted. "You're going to need to send some of that stuff home so your space is neat, Kera." There's supposed to be a journeyman in charge of this dorm? Who knew? Certainly not Darsce! However, should that be brought to her attention, she will find out who Ocelara had assigned because the purple mess should not have been permitted beyond daily inspection. She doesn't ask how long it's been here, however. The dejected shrug regarding the Healer Hall is given a baffled head shake from Darsce. "Well, I'm not sending you back there." That depends on her journeymen supervisors and the number of incident reports she accumulates.

Kera frowns between Darsce and Jethaniel. How many choking weyrknots does it take to ruin an apprentice's day. Three guesses and the first two don't count. Darsce's mocking 'thank you' makes her grit her teeth and lower her head as she continues demolishing her work. Since she's not been asked anything, the apprentice just starts nodding at everything that is said. Reaching a point where she'll need to start pulling things out, she just turns to the pair, waiting for the torture to end. This is soo cutting into her study time, not to mention the candlemarks of work she suddenly has to do right when the knots gets distracted. Mention of getting rid of her stuff as the apprentice's eyes widening, but he keeps her mouth firmly shut, and her feet suddenly become interesting.

Supposed to be, yes. Perhaps they've taken Ocelara's absence as a reason to become lax in their duties? There's a rotation and a schedule. It's probably somewhere in Darsce's office. Maybe she hadn't had enough klah when she read that part of Ocelara's notes, or perhaps the former headwoman neglected to include it. Jethaniel takes another sip of his own klah as Darsce explains the situation. The mention of neatness, from her, makes him smile slightly. He does not, however, comment. The rules and regulations concerning apprentices apply to apprentices. It is part of the exchange they make for their education. Those who are not apprentices… are not so constrained, though they may still draw the headwoman's ire should they cause disturbances within the areas she maintains. The smile does not last long, and Jethaniel frowns as he observes Kera's reactions. He's quiet for a moment, considering as he takes another sip of klah, then asks, almost gently, "Apprentice Kera. Who is your supervising journeyman?" Incident reports? He's not commenting on them. Not to her, at least.

Were Darsce mocking Kera, the sweetness would have been MUCH more cloying than that. No, that was actually a sincere 'thank you', which technically the headwoman doesn't reaaaaaally owe Kera. However, the world's tiniest violin plays for Kera - and indeed all apprentices everywhere. Their plight is just a little better than a drudge's, though they do have their dreams to look forward to if they're permitted to remain in the craft. Many fail due to lack of skill or bad attitude. Being at the Hall is often more difficult than being posted but all of them know the basics when it comes to rules. They should come as no surprise to Kera. Darsce says nothing regarding Kera's sullen countenance. "Or, you may ask some of your friends to store some of it for you," she continues firmly. "Clutter is not tolerated in public spaces." And the dorms are, as such considered 'not exactly private'. In her periphery, Jethaniel's faint smile is caught and she smirks. Darsce would make a horrible apprentice. The space is being restored, that's mainly what the headwoman wants and so, her gaze travels the length of the barracks checking them over. She stays right where she is for the rest of the inspection, listening to Jethaniel and Kera.

Kera 's quickly grows tired of looking around the floor and flicks her attention between the two weyrfolk. Jethaniel's question causes a slight headtilt his way "Journeyman Cyrus sir." When he doesn't ask another question right off she starts fidgetting with the worn hem of her shirt. Darsce is nodded to "Yes ma'am….yes ma'am." is responded where needed, but otherwise doesn't say a word. The two have made it clear she's supposed to just nod and smiles while she was insulted. Oh wait, she's forgetting to smile. So she picks a smile out of the hat puts it across her face. When Darsce seems to run out of steam, Kera continues to wait, her gaze drifting back and forth. Maybe she should point out their klah is getting cold and they need refils. Nah, they'll figure it out on their own.

Jethaniel nods for Kera's answer. "Thank you," he says - not that he couldn't have looked it up in the records himself, but it's far more efficient to simply ask. He says nothing to her of his intentions for that information, however. Evidently, the Steward simply wishes to know? "I'll send you those forms." If she'd asked first, she could have had the much nicer request forms. As it is… he begins to turn away, and then his eyes flick to the screens again, and he pauses, looking back to Kera. "I advise taking them to the laundry, not the hot springs, and informing the workers there of your intentions before you begin." That's all he has to add, and he lifts his klah to have another sip as he looks to Darsce, awaiting her readiness. This inspection is, after all, hers. Jethaniel is merely incidental.

Sarcasm is not limited to ranking authorities. However, as it isn't verbalized by Kera, Darsce remains unaware of the apprentice's erroneous conclusions. Smiling is not required, nor is lack of conversation a must. Keeping her space neat and being respectful is and as the letter, if not the spirit of the law is being observed, this satisfies Darsce's requirement. There's no maliciousness intended. The headwoman did show her displeasure at the tent and 'decorations', but that is understandable. Darsce has plenty of steam left, she is merely inspecting the dorm while supervising Kera's clean-up. Her klah is sipped while so doing. The name of Cyrus, whom Darsce has not had the pleasure of meeting is noted, however. She has no reason yet to send for him nor any reports to send to him, but now that Kera is aware of the dorm rules and that she is accountable for damage to Weyr property, their work here is done. "Stay out of trouble, please, Kera?" It's asked mildly with a promise added, "I'll stop back later and check your work." And then her hand tucks into the crook of Jethaniel's arm, smiles at him, "Walk you home?" Only they're… going to work. She's… kidding?

Kera nods to Jethaniel over the forms, but glances back to the curtains for a second or two before nodding over the orders he gives. "Yes sir." Turning her attention to the purple curtain, she looks it over briefly before she starts taking it apart, pulling it partially into the pathway to get at it. When Darsce turns her attention back to her again, Kera just continues removing all sign of everything she did, little by little. "Yes ma'am." is offered where needed til she seems to be dismissed from their thoughts, thankfully, and the two weyrfolk seem to be going to find someone ele to torture, which is just fine by Kera.

Perhaps Darsce is making implications about the amount of time Jethaniel spends in the office? There is, however, a great deal of work, even if the portion of it located in the dormitories has, for now, been accomplished. Regardless, when Darsce places her hand against his arm, Jethaniel turns his head to look at her, and smiles. He inclines his head to her. "Certainly." Kera may be departing from Jethaniel's presence (or, more correctly, he is departing from hers), but she will likely retain some presence in his thoughts. He did have a reason for asking that question of her. For now, however, he merely gives Kera a small nod before departing with Darsce for their respective offices. Unless, of course, she'd prefer a change of clothes first? It might make the 'home' part more applicable.

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