Kelioth's Maiden Flight

Xanadu Weyr - Meadow

Large, slightly rolling meadow is set high enough above the riverbank on both sides to avoid suffering from flooding, healthy ground cover and grass spreading out from either side of the dividing river. Scattered amongst the meadow are a variety of buildings, each with a narrow path leading up to it from a main, winding road. Some are set under a few trees, while others sit by themselves.

Stables and a smithy are settled on their own plots, while trees border the western edge of the meadow, and a faint outline of a fence can be seen to the north.

Late evening at Xanadu finds Kelioth out on the meadow, preening away in the quickly fading light, the glowing green is well aware of what is happening and is making herself presentable to any potential suitors.

Faraeth enters long before M'nol, crooning gently to the green and arching his head this way and that in an attempt to make himself seem even more desirable. M'nol stumbles in a few moments later, his eyes somewhat bleary. He looks from Faraeth to Kelioth, then back to Faraeth, then shouts "No! Farry, don't do this to me!" The brown ignores him, continuing his display for the green.

K'ael has been milling around Xanadu since Seryth's clutch hatched. What he's been up to is anyone's guess really. Likely been in and out of the bar, or chatting someone up at the infirmary. Which leaves Azaeth free to mill about. The bronze usually isn't one to chase after greens, but there was always an exception or two. And a maiden flight was very likely to get his attention. So into the meadow he struts to check things out. K'ael is… missing for the moment.

A shadow passes overhead, the sound of wings as a smaller riderless bronze lands nearby with a long, voluptuous croon for the green. He's not one bit shy, not he. He wriggle-dances right up to Kelioth with a 'hey babe' sort of manner.

Kelioth opens her wings, stretching them out very slowly, tilting them here and there, letting the dying light catch the golden highlights in shiny little bursts of colour. Tilting her head around she glances at the gathering suitors wondering as she releases a gentle caress with her mind. « Well hello there. »

It's several long minutes later that the nameless bronze's Rider shows up. He's been at the pub, there's no doubt about that from the lose way the tall man walks. He's not drunk, just relaxed. Unlike his dragon, he keeps his distance, ignoring the other males nearby as he leans casually against a tree with one lean hip, crossing his arms and simply watching the dragons with narrowed eyes for the moment.

M'nol eyes the green, his facets picking up speed, « Hello beautiful. » the silk reaches out like a gentle caress, « You're particularly green this evening. » suave. Really suave… M'nol just curls up in a corner, hoping for it to end.

Azaeth flexes his wings in and out in a rather cocky manner. He could easily blot out Rukbat for her, if he wanted to. But instead he folds them back in and moves to circle around her. « Hello. » Azaeth is a man of few words, but it's actually a rather friendly sounding hello, which is a lot form him. His oversized frame and extra large musculature are mottled with dark colors, making her stand out even more with him as a backdrop.

Vivian is no where to be seen, which is perhaps a good thing for M'nol. Kelioth however is all about the visibility and her nice shiny hide. « Hi boys, how do you think I look tonight? » She preens in the attention of the male dragons. « Good enough to play with? »

Faraeth croons softly again, silken thoughts caressing her mind, « Always, sweet green. But tonight you are especially glowing in the evening light. » He arches his neck and swishes his tail, watching and waiting.

The small bronze cuts in front of Azaeth as if the other does not exist in his mind. In place of cocky swagger, her's all grace and charm as her dips his head to her, with a light laugh in the words, « Will you dance with me in the sky, Lovely » He's asking, not demanding, but with the ease of one able to take no for an answer. He's offering escort to her choice. « Good enough to watch from afar, but I'd much rather please you up close. I am your Servant, Areith tonight if you wish it. »

It's tempting for Azaeth to send the smaller bronze for a loop, but instead he's just given a low, throaty growl. Thsi wasn't about him, anyways, and he slinks off to watch from a short distance. « You look good. Good enough for me to play with, yes. We belong in the sky, you and I. »

Kelioth croons at Faraeth's compliments. « Why thank you, though why is yours trying to hide, doesn't he like me like this? » Her attention quickly shifts though, unable to concentrate on just the one. « I will be dancing soon enough, I'm waiting for the moonlight to summon me. »

Faraeth croons again, sparing only the mildest glance for his rider, « Mine thinks you are beautiful. But he fears our love. » M'nol tries and fails to shrink into the tree as Faraeth gives another gentle croon, « You will look if possible even more glorious in the moonlight. »

Areith is a gentleman; he knows dance etiquette. He inclines his head as Azaeth slinks off, ignoring the the growl. « With the moon to call you and the stars to sing to you, I will dance in the radiance of your reflection.» responds the bronze. He stays close, but refrains from crowding her.

Kelioth is out on the meadow in the quickly darkening evening at Xanadu, she's currently surrounded by two bronzes and a brown as she holds her wings out on display, tilting them here and there to catch the fading light on her golden highlights as she waits for the moon to summon her. Vivian is no where to be seen.

The whispers of proddiness have drawn Ystilth here, the older blue a little silver in the muzzle but otherwise spritely enough. Faraeth's claims just earn a quiet snort. Younglings. He slips his way over and there's a light touch, like shimmering fog, wordless for Kelioth. His appreciation and admiration aren't conveyed with speech, but with feeling and all five sense, she, a reflection from his mind, a gleaming silvered beacon of moonlight to draw him.

A pair of Western blues, one dark, one bright, appear over Xanadu Weyr, spiraling down to the meadow below, the larger, brighter blue being the first to land, his rider sliding to the ground with a dull thud, glancing nervously around Haezynth at the gathered dragons before his attention turns to Bhezuth and his rider, moving to wait for the younger bluerider. Haezynth, however, has no worries at all, as the blue leaves D'ana to his own devices, moving over in the direction of the golden-tinged green.

Z'van, the rider of the smaller bronze remains unmoving from where he's leaning against that tree. Vivid blue eyes slide towards the hunkered-dwon M'nol with a small snort of amusement, "Can always go hide in the Hot springs if this is all too much for you." He shakes his head. Teenagers! His narrowed gaze returns to the meadow speculatively.

Azaeth is also out in the meadow, considering a way to murder another dragon and make it look like an accident. Not really! He's forgotten about Areith as soon as he's moved off to the side, instead focusing in on Kelioth. It's about this time that K'ael jogs over into the meadow with a sigh. "Argh. Az, what are you doing here?"

M'nol shakes his head slowly, "'Snot the flight I'm scared of… it's her rider…" He shudders again, still trying in vain to become one with the tree.

Bhezuth wings to a landing in the clearing, pausing to let his rider dismount before wandering off a little distance to find a convenient comfortable spot to pause, lurk, and watch. If he has spotted Kelioth he doesn't pay her any more attention than the others, head swinging slowly as he eyes each in turn, assessing. Watching. Planning. Taira, quite unlike her lifemate, is not the kind to go unnoticed for long. As soon as she's able she slips off her riding jacket, and makes a show of untucking her shirt so that she can tie it up and expose her midriff. "We are allowed to have some /fun/ before we do anything else, right?" This comment directed at D'ana, though loud enough for most to hear. "I mean, I like the weyrleader here and all, but sometimes I prefer sunbathing."

Flight, Rider…same thing? Z'van merely rolls his eyes and shakes his head at M'nol asking the air, "What kind of Riders are they Impressing these days?" His attention returns to the meadow and the newly-arriving dragons. He's not all that interested in watching cowering younglings anyway.

Kelioth folds her wings back in again, head extending to examine the trio of blue arrivals, two from western and the older one as well gets a small warbled croon of welcome. « Ooooh more coming to play with me. » She emits with a sultry note flickering out to the others as she ponders, pausing to look up into the sky, finding the first rays of silvery moonlight starting to stream down.

M'nol murmurs softly to Z'van, almost as if afraid merely mentioning her name would bring her forth, "Weyrwoman's daughter… Vivian…" He shudders again. "Don' wanna wake up next ta her…"

From off in the trees somewhere, G'il comes on quiet feet, slanting a look towards Ystilth, then Kelioth. Patient understanding crosses his face and he nods politely Z'van's way, sweeps a hand up through slightly long, long-gone silver hair, though the older rider looks to be in plenty good shape. Taira's midriff draws some lingering attention, but then the middle-aged rider is also fetching up against a tree not far from Areith's rider, hands slipped into pockets. "Good evening," is the sum total of his greeting to the assembled, tones polite.

K'ael peers as one of the riders from Western strips out of her riding gear then ties her shirt off. He catches the end of her conversation to the other rider. "I'm sure there are plenty of others that prefer to see you sunbathing as well." He grins to her. Azaeth meanwhile settles in on his haunches, watching the green carefully for any signs of upward movement. The meadow was… getting crowded.

Its a long suffering sigh that escapes from D'ana as Taira's jacket comes off and her shirt is rolled up, the older of the two Western riders, gently tugging on her arm to at least pull her to his side. "It depends on the type of fun. And who else you invite." He murmurs, wrinkling up his nose a little bit as the other riders begin to filter in, his arm looping around Taira's middle, just giving her a long look at her comment, rather than arguing. Haezynth pay no attention to Bhezuth as his wingmate goes skittering off, instead his wings spread out as he looks Kelioth over with an interested tilt to his head. « We all need to play, from time to time. » He comments in a soothing tone, before turning his own attention upwards, blue nose pointed towards the darkening skies.

Areith continues to circle, but as others arrive, he goves them room to orbit the green if they wish. He's not watching the sky as closely as the others, no, but the small bronze does glance up when she does, « The stars are humming. » That is all he says.

Taira just grins in reply to D'ana, "Who needs to invite, sometime people just happen along when you're… sunbathing." The pause before 'sunbathing' hints that this is some sort of codeword for them, word chosen deliberately despite the time of day. "But if you're insisting on invitations I'm sure I wouldn't mind having a look around. See who we can scare up." That likely looking crowd of riders over there for instance. She slants a sideways grin at D'ana, then wanders over in teh direction of the tohers in the clearing with a cheery, "Good evening." Over in the shadows Bhezuth keeps his watch up, silent except for the occassional flicker of his wings as he waits for his time to act. His gaze slips over the congregation again, lingering on Kelith for a moment before drifting off again.

Z'van's lips curl in a faint sneer at M'nol's chattering. One long-fingered hand waves in the general direction of the Caverns. "Sure someone would be happy to wake up in your place. Go on run away little boy." His soft tone says clearly what he thinks of the frightened Rider. He tilts his head towards G'il with a courteous nod, blue eyes gravely flicker over the growing crowd with little interest for any of them, although they at least receive a polite expression when he looks their way.

Kelioth continues to look up, watching the moon reveal itself in the sky above. Her mind reaching out to those gathered. « Isn't it pretty? » She asks them all, it's an important question, honest. It's about then that the green springs upwards, no other warning as she heads off for the moon, wings flicking out as soon as she's far enough from the ground.

Faraeth takes off after Kelioth, crooning his intents, « Not as pretty as you, but pretty none-the-less! » M'nol just glares at Z'van, "Y'll see. Y'll wish ya hadn' either."

K'ael peers around the group. There weren't a lot of girls around, and that made the bronzer a little nervous. Plus Vivian was no where to be found. He wondered if she was shacking up with someone at the moment… which meant someone might be stuck here on the prowl in post-flight lust. Azaeth has been waiting for this moment, as Kelioth springs into the air, his ironclad sails unfurl and he pushes himself skyward. There's a massive bugle to announce the start of battle and up he goes after her.

Areith springs aloft but a breath after Kelioth does, his lighter frame allowing for maximum speed compared to the bigger bronzes. He's attuned to the green, « It is lovely and you wear it well, Lady. The moon becomes you I think. » His grace in the air matches that of his on the ground as his lithe form follows hers.

There's a slight amused grin on G'il's face at the banter between Taira and D'ana. "How about moon-bathing?" he proposes in humored tones while Ystilth stretches his wings wide and plays more silver moonbeams for Kelioth, all the better to make her glorious with, my dear. And the moon up there, is glorious too, but not more than /she/. She. He inhales and stretches his wings the older blue does and lifts off with care on the exhale, up and away after Kelioth.

« It is pretty. » Haezynth replies in a soft voice, crooning softly outloud, before large blue sails open, and he's pushing off the ground, climbing after the gold-flicked green as she begins her dance in the moonlight. « Shoot for the moon, little one. » He says, encouraging her climb, even as he's moving after her with what is, at least for now, an easy pace. D'ana, however, is too busy grumping at Taira to really realize what's going on until Haezynth's already airborne, and that only makes him sulk more. "I don't want to invite anyone.." He mutters in Taira's ear, his hands moving to her bare sides, holding her as she comes to a brief pause. "Especially not *now*." He says with a nod at the flight of dragons now aloft.

Vivian's appearance is preceded by an angry yell of. "Kelioth get back here, Kelioth!" She cries out again as she storms out into the clearing, the amount of flesh on display rivals Taira given she's wearing a bikini and a loose shirt flapping around her as she comes to a sudden halt, looking round the clearing and the gathered riders with a very vocal and loud curse.

Z'van merely snorts softly, amused pity for M'nol. He has no idea what K'ael is thinking but since there is no rider to be seen, he simply turns to find someone else. Doesn't matter where he's going, Tavern, kitchens. He'll find someone…

M'nol's eyes go wide as Vivian appears and he can't stop stop the reactions his body has to her current attire, much to his continued chagrin. His fist clench. Why did she have to be nearly naked?

The moon-bathing comment catches Taira's attention and she turns to head for G'il, "Was that an invitation or a suggestion?" D'ana's warning comes a second too late, though she does still as he grabs her waist, and momentarily her attention drifts upwards. "Well at least one of us is going to get lucky tonight." As Bhezuth did before, her gaze slips over each of the men around, though one hand does move to cover D'ana's.

Bhezuth does not rush, he does not make a noise, not yet. As Kelioth takes off towards the moon he pauses, deduces the best angle, and launches. While not one to take to the ladies, at this moment she eclipses and predominates the whole of her colour. She is /the/ lady in his eyes, and for all his reasoning and usual lofty isolation, even he cannot go against this strong an emotion.

Speaking of Xanadu's Weyrleader, his arrival is literally on the heels of Vivian's with fingers hastily sliding a couple of buttons through the buttonholes on his shirt. Does he look just a /little/ mussed? D'son blinks and comes to a halt, looking upward through the gathering dark, then takes a deep breath. "Shells …" he murmurs under his breath and swipes a hand through his hair, scans the clearing then cocks his head like he's listening. "Oh —" follows and he breathes out again. "Stop cursing Vivi, it'll be okay," he calls after the greenrider. A little smirk curves up one corner of his mouth as he spots Taira in the mix, then he falls silent, eyes returning to Vivian to gauge her reaction further.

K'ael turns as soon as Vivian appears. There she is! Calling to her dragon who is… up there. Gone. But even a screaming daughter of a weyrwoman isn't going to keep him from oogling that display. "Hello there, Vivian." There's a brow raised when Dels appears shortly afterwards, which sends K'ael into a fit of snorts and giggles. "D."

"One of us?" D'ana says with a bit of hesitance, stepping even closer to Taira as her hand folds over his, and his eyes close for a moment. Slowly, though, at the sound of cursing and fussing, his attention is drawn to the woman that everyone -else- at least, is looking for. And now, at, though her appearance only causes a dark blush to appear on D'ana's face despite the fading light. "Shards.." He whispers softly to Taira, swallowing loudly, perhaps crowding his fellow bluerider *too* much as yet another male appears.

Kelioth heads straight up at first, gaining height as she climbs higher and higher as fast as her wings will take her, and certainly she's a quick little green. It's not long before she's spiralling off at an angle away from her ascent in an attempt to lose her pursuers, least for the moment anyway.

Vivian glares at K'ael, "Oh wonderful, you!" She snarls at him, "The letch himself, beeen what five turns since you last tried it on." She turns on her heel when she hears D'son's attempt at reassurance behind her. "Okay, it'll be okay!" She practically screams at him, "Have you seen what is ready to paw all over me!" Doesn't sound happy does she.

K'ael's voice reaches D'son and the Weyrleader looks over that way, grins at his friend. "Mike, hey." Another deep breath and then Dels reaches for Vivian's shoulders gently. "Vivi … let it go," he murmurs to her. "Just let it go." There's a quieter murmur just after, something about 'baths' and 'long soaks' and 'washing it off'.

Ystilth follows serenely almost in Kelioth's wake, climbing steadily higher too though he's also a smart old cuss and cuts off the angle to stay with her when she choose a direction to start flying horizontally again. Still his thoughts thrum with moonlight, silverlight, Kelioth's reflected glow, whispers of praise, of longing, of possible fulfillment. On the ground G'il focuses that much more on Taira and lifts his shoulders very slightly. "Both," the older bluerider answers the question, then sends a brief, amuse salute towards the Weyrleader and looks upward though there's little enough to actually see of the chase above.

Faraeth cannnot spiral as Kelioth does, but he does his best to keep up, his looping curve wider, but his croon is for her and her alone. Shard the others, he knew her better than them, right? M'nol stands slowly, glad at least that she wasn't indicating him, K'ael having apparently been even worse in her mind. He swallows somewhat loudly and tries to resist the call of Faraeth's mind to meld together.

Haezynth follows on Kelioth's tail, dancing in the moonbeams, following the newest moon as it rises over Xanadu Weyr. Larger wings aid in his climb, albeit not as quickly as those bronzes and browns in pursuit, and soon he's shooting past her. However, as she spirals off, he's forced to correct, and a shoulder drops to change his direction, before he's pulling into a rather messy spiral, mimicking her moves.

New person, new person, new person, D'son, greenrider… Taira's gaze pauses, flicks back to D'son as a grin slowly spreads over her face. A wink, easily missed from this distance, goes in his direction, and as Vivian continues to froth she begins to chuckle. "Did that sound like an offer to you?" Though her gaze stays fixed on Vivian, the comment could easily be directed at anyone in the meadow. After a long moment of out and out staring her gaze drifts back to G'il. "Tai." An introduction, presumeably. "Which one's yours?"

Bhezuth follows upwards, slipping from shadow to shadow and trying his best to keep away from the light that might ruin his current plan. Angling a little away from the pack he seeks height, eyes fixed on the young lady with the driving urge to flee from them. Futile to keep up with her, he tracks her movements, adjusting his own in time with her movements and the plan in his mind.

Azaeth is… not as nimble as the much smaller Kelioth. That doesn't mean isn't not as fast, he's just unable to zip around tight corners like she is. At least not without knocking every competitor out of the sky. He instead sits at the back of the group for now. Let them do their loop-di-loops and twists and twirls. He'll admire from afar before it's time to make the sweep in.

Well now. Vivian arrives just as Z'van starts off, but her arrival stalls that. He's ben here for two turns now and knows perfectly well who the Weyrwoman's daughter is. He relaxes his long frame back against that tree and simply watches, silently amused by her ire and the spitting contempt for K'ael especially. In the sky Areith flits moth-like in the wake of the fleeing Kelioth. Not as nimble as the blues, but he can certainly outmaneuver most large browns and bronzes.

K'ael blinks at Vivian. "Me? I'm sorry. I hadn't even realized we've met, let alone that I've letched at you before." He scratches his head, then chuckles. "Five turns ago? You must have an awfully good memory." He idly makes a mental note to leave directly after the flight ends, or after post-flight ends.

D'ana is clinging to Taira enough to see that grin appear on his face, and the bluerider is left to glare at all the other males as he attempts to figure out just who that smile is directed at. "I'll leave you be, if you want." And D'ana is certainly sulking, his attention lingering now and again on Vivian, though her fussing makes him hesitant to even do that much, while his hands slowly drop from his wingleader's sides.

Kelioth continues her moonlit dance through the night sky, she keeps turning back to the shafts of moonlight that drop through the skies towards the sandy shore below. She keeps turning away from the pack that follows her, diving in and out through the moonbeams, twirling upwards all the time.

Vivian's hatred for K'ael is from long ago and this girl has a long memory where vengeance is concerned. "I don't think the water can get hot enough to boil it all off." She growls at D'son, She's not doing very well at this calming down thing. It's only the influence of Kelioth that has her as calm as she currently is thanks to her fighting against the emotions surging through her. "If you're not going to do anything useful, make sure he doesn't come anywhere near me." Her finger jabs towards K'ael before she pushes past D'son back towards her weyr.

"G'il, blue Ystilth's," comes the answer to Taira's query. "I'd say well-met, Tai, but your fellow there might have other ideas," the older bluerider jokes a little and leans back against the tree trunk, a sudden breath sending him silent again as Ystilth slip-slides across air-currents, well able to match Kelioth's maneuvers when it's suitable, to pick timing over daring when it seems wisest. Moonbeams are flirted with when fancy strikes, gathered in his mind to trace lyrical shapes for Kelioth's presumed enjoyment.

Haezynth continues to follow Kelioth, a step behind, not yet her partner for this dance, merely a blue shadow that trails between the moonbeams. A dip of his wing, and he dodges the moonbeams as they dance downwards, leaving the natural spotlights for the green alone. Each time she turns, he follows a short distance behind, never crowding, but yet, never abandoning her.

Faraeth wings after Kelioth, strong wingstroke after strong wingstroke allowing him to keep pace even if his flight is less opulent. He croons again, « I can show you things you never imagined, clutch sister. » M'nol just stands there, his mind mostly joined with Faraeth he eyes Vivian with polite interest, the scathing lust of so many a rider. His dragon was, at the very least, a gentleman to each and ever female he chased.

Areith follows Kelioth's course, matching his movements to hers, swooping nearer here, twirling away there in a miscalculated maneuver meant to gain but instead taking him further away, casting him a partner in spite of his mistakes - the patters of both are lovely to see as they steak across the veil of stars. Z'van's eyes are nowhere but on Vivian, his gaze narrowed intent as she spews her distaste for K'ael. He's silent save for one murmured, "Faranth." It's breathed in awe of her splendid rage. Unlike poor M'nol, he's rather drawn by it. but then he's all grown up. She leaves and he's casually pushing off that tree to follow.

"Vivi …" D'son starts to protest, but then she's stalking off and the Weyrleader just makes a face, pushes a hand through his hair again. "It's that way, if you need directions," he says politely enough to the assembled riders, indicating the direction of Vivian's weyr. Then he's fetching up against yet another tree, out of the way.

Clearly she does! K'ael really can't remember letching at her. But then again he's letched at so many women over the turns it was hard to remember them all, even if they were the weyrwoman's eldest. "Shards that must have been some letch. But don't worry, I won't be coming near you, princess." He shrugs to D'son a bit, but doesn't make any attempt to follow after her.

"Bluerider. My favourite flavour." Taira replies with a grin, though her gaze drifts back to Vivian again, "Well maybe my second favourite." D'ana's hands leaving her sides causes more of a reaction than his comment. She slips a hand behind her and, whether by luck or design, snags hold of his belt. "He knoew how things are." is added towards G'il, a little tug on that belt meant to drag D'ana close again.

Bhezuth skips into a moonbeam for a second, though the darkness of his hide goes a little way towards still keeping him concealed. Quickly he rethinks, his current strategy allowing for too much interference from others. Moving so that he can once again have a clear view of the situation he turns, moving away from the pack a little and then aiming for more height. Again he reasseses, rethinks, replans, this shift in his point of view turning his strategy in a different way. Another tiny shift of position follows. It is, of course, a mere trifle in terms of the flight, but there is nothing so important as trifles.

D'ana sulks a bit more, but before he can move too far away, he's snagged by the belt, a soft oof as she pulls him back. Its a grumpy gaze that is directed at G'il, before his arms are sliding to Taira's middle once more, and after a moment, he's looking curiously in the direction that Vivian went. Perhaps its Haezynth's influence, but its a gentle tug to Taira's side, and he's moving to steer her in the direction the the greenrider's home, even as D'son gets a ponderous look as they pass by.

Azaeth is like the darkness, creeping up behind the trail of lighter colored dragons, and finally the golden specked pinnacle. Finally tired of having his view blocked, the enormous bronze makes a push through the pack, his large sails catching the air and propelling him upwards. There is little concern for weaving, he may duck over and around, but it was more of a 'move or be moved' type of thing with the other chasers.

Kelioth flies through gentle curves, into spiralling loops all in her efforts to keep ahead of the pack, but only just. She's playing with them, using her superior speed to outmanoeuvre them, keeping her tantalisingly, just out of their clutches as she leads them all on. « You've got to better than that if you want to claim me. » She teases as she makes one final spiralling curve through a shaft of moonlight

Vivian on the other hand storms off down the path to her cottage, up the steps and stops at the open door, turning round to glare at anyone following, she knows she has to go through this for the sake of her lifemate, but that's where her concentration withers as she sinks in to her lifemates mind, her eyes unfocused as she looks blankly at the other riders.

Ystilth puts on an added burst of speed in answer to Kelioth's challenge, dip-dodging around others, reaching, reaching and … shoot. Too old. A wing muscle seizes and that smooth arc he was aiming for to bring him in to claim her falters, breaks and the elder blue has to retreat from the sky, regret stealing the silver away from the moonlight in his mind and leaving it only as shades of grey. G'il breathes out long and pushes away from his tree to quietly go meet his blue with soothing hands to check him over for injuries.

M'nol, too, is one with his lifemate, staring at Vivian from across the open plain, moving slowly and silently towards her.

Faraeth's wings continued to beat strong in the sky, the pushy bronzes and blues a mere irritation to him, his focus instead on his clutchsister. He gives out a bugle as she passes into the larger beam of moonlight. Not only was she gorgeous, but she would be his. Two great pushing wingbeats brought him to her and he reached for her, crooning, « please. Let me show you the world. »

« Perhaps we're the ones waiting to be claimed. » Haezynth supplies rather contradictory, even as his cool tones counter her teasing, tantalizing, seductive ones. However, he's more than willing to play her game, following gentle curves and loops, always striving after that dancing moonbeam in the sky. As she spirals through the moonlight, as the spotlight rests upon her already golden-tinged hide, Haezynth falters for only a moment before attempting to cut into the dance, to turn the solo into a paired dance, and to help the moon finish rising over the Weyr.

Where exactly D'son gets off to isn't immediately obvious. There's a lot of shadows, but maybe, just maybe he'll still be around when Kelioth is caught, maybe to provide the consolation of good beer at least as a token of Xanadu's hospitality.

Areith follows guided by starlight and moodbeams, he plummets towards the ground, breaking off his pursuit, but only until his momentum has his speed at peak, then he uses it to swing upwards once more, closer… closer…

Taira gives D'son more than a curious look, there's another wink sent in his direction as she passes. One hand stays firmly gripping onto D'ana's belt, the other is offered to G'il as they head for Vivian's cottage, but no matter who she has a grip on or is reaching for her attention is entirely on Vivian.

Bhezuth waits until the time is right for his plan to be executed properly. With the others still so close and moving closer he lets go of all his thoughts and simply dives towards Kelioth, slipping carefully past another blue that might impede his movement. With a low, guttural, noise he lunges, the veil falling from his motives and actions, seeking to wrap around the young green and claim her as his own.

Azaeth does well to even keep her in his sights as she twirls and twists about. He can stay close, but no way can he attempt to mimic all her movements. Then she finally falls into that last curve, and he folds in his wings to fall away after her. Such a tiny delicate flower against the moonlight, he'd do his best to pluck her free.

D'ana freezes, still holding onto Taira's sides, leaning to rest his head lightly on the other bluerider's shoulder, fingers tightening as the flight above draws to a climax, and Haezynth makes that move, leaving D'ana to hold his breath, and his lover for a long moment.

Kelioth turns into her spiral, flicking through the moonbeam and straight into ever so calculated machinations of Bhezuth. The blue and the green intertwining as one as they spiral down through the beam of light towards the open sea below.

Vivian stands in the doorway, one hand high up on either side of the door frame, her chest heaving slightly with ragged breaths as she continues trying to fight the strong unfamiliar emotions rising in her. As Kelioth entwines up above, she lowers her head, bringing it up again with a throaty growl, trying to find the relevant lifemate advancing on her.

Z'van can wait. And wait he does until that blank look takes over Vivian's eyes. He casually steps forward, but doesn't try to touch her. He's just there for the love of his lifemate and the joys of living dangerously. But as another steps forward he bows out, pivoting on one heel to find solace with another. Overhead Areith wheels as the stars in their course above him do endlessly. He'll find somewhere to curl up and sleep it off.

Haezynth finds his attempt failing, and as his spirals it is alone. A soft croon, a neat midair bow, and the blue's dropping back downwards through the moonlit sky to the ground below.

M'nol is probably the only attendant to sigh in relief as his dragon releases his mind. Far above, Faraeth bugles his loss and frustration, taking again to a glide over the sea to work off his emotions, leaving his rider ground-bound. M'nol just leans against the tree he'd been standing near. His fists clenched, his whole body tight, he fights for control of himself. He'd promised Phylicia he wouldn't be with anyone else outside of a flight and he'd promised himself never to go back on it, never to lie to her about it. His breathing is ragged and tense, most of his frustration aimed straight at the healer hall and their ancient practices.

As Bhezuth drags Kelioth into the shadows, curling around her to protect her from prying eyes and ensure her some small bit of privacy, Taira keeps moving towards the cottage. G'il, what G'il? Her spare hand goes out towards Vivian, and it takes a moment for it to register that something is holding her back. As she releases D'ana's belt she moves forward more quickly, her long-term lover abandoned in favour of a reluctant greenrider. Her other favourite flavour.

K'ael is looking a bit relieved, actually. He disappears down towards the beach as soon as he can see it's over. Azaeth swoops past the winning pair, heading back down for the beach himself. There's only a short moment while K'ael gets his leathers on that the two linger, before they take off skywards again and pop between.

D'ana finds his belt freed, and after a moment, the bluerider's hands drop from her sides as he lifts his gaze to watch her go. A step forward, and then the bluerider comes to his senses at least long enough to shake his head, lingering there. Gaze goes from young woman to young woman, before he's hurriedly turning to run and meet Haezynth - whatever official business brought them to Xanadu originally forgotten. for another day.

Vivian's hands drop away from the door frame to take hold of Taira's outstretched hand as she pulls her closer, leading her back into the cottage where it's going to be an eventful and energetic night probably. Beware the morning though.

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