Sea, Biscuit!

Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Sprawled out on the sands, soaking up the autumn sunshine of the late afternoon is Alosynth, her tail tip flicks from time to time as she dreams about something. Her rider, Keziah is strolling along the waters edge, feet bare and walking through the cool water as it laps at her feet. There's a little girl who looks to be about four who is gathering rocks and there's a trio of toddlers who are playing in the sand near the green dragon. And older heavyset lady is watching the small brood with a smile as she sits on a blanket with a basket of food nearby.

Thud. Thud. Thud. Thud. That's the sound of Datsun's heavy boots coming down the stairs onto the beach, pausing at the last step to unbuckle the three buckles on each boot. Pulling them off, the teenager tosses them over a shoulder, strolling onto the sand warmed by the sun with bare feet. The others are spied but nothing is said, continuing towards a spot at the center of the beach.

Wakua comes out to enjoy the beach after a day in the forge. She has on a long button up shirt and a pair of sandals. She has brought her pack with her and she spots the others. She gives a nod to Keziah and she narrows her eyes a little at Datson. She takes a deep breath as she goes to find a spot and she sets her gear down. She takes a towel out of the pack and she spreads it out on the sand.

A canine is making his way down the beach, sniffing here and then as it moves around following after something or just being curious. As it is Asher there is no telling. Idrissa is slowly following along after the large overgrown canine, a yawn escaping her as she goes. Her jeans are rolled up to about her knees, and she is carrying her boots with her in one hand, Willow perched upon her shoulder and chirruping out now and then, along with sending imagens back to Rissa about things she is seeing.

Soriana's day has been a self-mandated flurry of activity. Checking in, gathering her stuff - pack, pack, pack! - returning to find the trunk clearly indicating the bunk she's definitely claiming, doing a haphazard job of unpacking before deciding she's too excited to finish, flurrying off again to talk with one of the younger weyrbrats about keeping an eye on Inkfoot (not, she assured the boy, that Sori wouldn't be by plenty often!)… By this time of the afternoon, she's run out of things to occupy herself, and has taken her tunnelcat for a shoulder-ride down to the beach. Down one of the other stairs she hops, a jump at a time, to see that a number of others have had the same idea. She grins, continuing on vaguely toward them.

A towel. Pshaw. Datsun is a manly man and unbothered by such things like a towel. The teenage Journeyman simply lets his boots drop to the sand as he flops down ungracefully. His feet wriggles down into the colder sand below the warm sand on the surface, leaning back into his hands, which does the same as his feet. The Crafter wriggles his butt as well. Is he trying to bury himself? Hmm.

There's a squeal as Micaela spots Asher and the young girl goes running of after him. Both Keziah and the heavyset woman by the name of Cora call out "Micaela!" The little girl slides to a halt "But puppy!" she calls out and points to the canine. Cora heads off after her "You know what we've said about running off after strange animals." There's a long suffering sigh "I know, but." Cora shakes her head "No butts." KEziah herself just sighs and shakes her head "Maybe I really should check into getting her her own canine." she murmurs to herself and then her attention moves towards the throng of people approaching and she gives them a wave. Course, the thud, thud, thud and the tossing of boots has caused Alosynth to snort in her sleep, sending sand flying and the Trio proceed to giggle. Kelahn gets up from the sand and toddles over to Alosynth and pokes at her nose, causing her to snort again and once more sending them into a fit of laughter. "Boys!" Keziah calls out and heads over to them "Be nice. She's tired."

Wakua spots Idrissa and Soriana and she gives a wave to them. "Hello you two. How are you doing?" She moves over towards them with her green firelizard on her shoulder, its tail gently wrapped around her neck. "Out for a swim too?" She smiles as she reaches to pet Asheer and she looks towards the little girl and smiles, "Hi there."

Asher has spotted NEW PEOPLE! The canine is besides himself, wiggling about on his paws and his tail wagging about while he just wants to go bouncing over to greet them! BUT first he looks up to Idrissa, a soft whine escaping him in the process. Ah, someone has been working more with training a certain bouncy canine it would seems. "We're go over in a moment." She murmurs to the canine. Yes Rissa talks to all many of animals, even if she doesn't get a answer back. Taking hold of the thick collar around her dear canine she starts to walk closer to the others. A warm smile is seen and she waces to the ones she catches sight of. "Hello everyone. How goes?" Asher let's out a soft whine but other then that he doesn't try to go tackling anyone into the sands…yet. As Wakua comes over to pet Asher, Rissa holds of a hand. "He has to calm down before he gets petted, just give him a moment?" This said with a friendly tone and smile though. Willow chirrruips out and lifts her head, wings fluttering to her sides and she shifts about on her paws a few moments.

Remember way back like two or three months ago there was this guy who hung around Soriana and Idrissa who had a habit of appearing out of thin air? Well, he just did it again. Harlin is at Idrissa's side just like magic; attempting to catch her lightly by the arm. "Hi. Hang on a sec, please?" He then points at Soriana, and raises his voice — not going to actually go over there where she is. "Listen." He says. "I've been stationed elsewhere for awhile, and I'm on my way to yet another place for a few more months. Just here to get some stuff. I just, uh… hear me out I'm not good at this sort of thing." He takes a breath. "I was having a really bad day the last time we talked, lot of stuff going on and I sorta took it out on you guys. And I'm sorry. I gotta go in a minute, but I wanted to find you both and apologize first."

The sound of a Minecrafter's voice gains Datsun's attention, his head turning around until Harlin is spied. "Huh." It's impossible to forget that dramatic scene he stumbled into on his arrival at Xanadu. Raising an eyebrow, the Woodcrafter resumes his self-burial, continuing to sink further down into the sand… until he's far enough to be able to lean back without having to lean on his hands, using the sand to keep himself upright. As a result, the lower half of Datsun is undersand with his upper body still in the air.

Micaela looks up at Wakua and says brightly "Hi!" she also offers out a sandy and somewhat wet hand to shake. Course her eyes keep going back to Asher, though with Cora hovering near she does keep back. But then she can't help but asking Rissa "Canni pet puppy?" Keziah settles down with her boys who take the opportunity to all toddle over to her and plop against her. She watches the others, nothing the amount of candidates and looks thoughtful.

Micaela's break from Alosynth brings her into view of Soriana, and the teen pauses a moment. Now that she's looking for it, there's more KidSign to be found around here. Well, she can survive it! …probably. She does, however, make sure to reach up and catch Inkfoot during the part while he's dooking curiously and before the one where he actually jumps down to go investigate. He wriggles, but she's got practice with these things, and even manages a wave back to Wakua and to Idrissa. And now… there's a Harlin there, too. That stops Soriana entirely, though it doesn't keep Inkfoot from squirming, and she tries to keep a hold of him as Harlin talks. "I don't hate you," is what she finally says. "But… I'm not ready to be friends again. Maybe someday. So… good luck on your assignment, okay?"

Who on earth frequents the beach at this time of year? Summer is long gone, as are the days of splashing around in the shallows, looking to cool off! Who'd come here now, when the chill of autumn is in the air and the surrounding lake and ocean can only dip that temperature further? Well .. apparently, many people! ka-el being one. Alloy another, who is again doing some training. Or something. It looks more like red light, green light sort of game with Alloy sprinting, then stopping (always with a glance back to Kale). Then sprinting! Aaand stopping. "Niice," compliments Kale with a nod, allowing the young bronze to lift off and fly to do what he likes. Boots press upon the sands as his hands slide into pockets, taking account of the people here. A somewhat buried someone … Datsun! He snickers, heading on over as he takes note of the others, familiar and not. Harlin? Met once, not in the most pleasant of ways. Expression shifts to a slight frown as his eyes linger there and that hand upon Idrissa.

A sharp trill escapes Willow as Harlin suddenly appears near Idrissa, which causes the girl to eeep out sharply at the hand upon her arm. Asher even does a half bounce to peer at Harlin, but seeing who it is and his owner isn't screaming he doesn't do anything about it. The dear 'protecting' canine's attention is on children that are in front of him! A soft oh escapes Rissa and a sheepish look is seen. "Sure you can. His name is Asher, an he is very friendly. I promise." This said with soft tone whie she scritches at Asher's head before letting go of the collar now that the pup has calmed down enough. Asher flops down upon the said in front of the children, his tail thumping against the ground, attention peeeze! Rissa looks back to Harlin now, a soft ah esacping her and she swallows seeming, well, a bit nervous. "I'm glad you finally came around to say sorry. But… It's gone be a while before we can be anything like friends Harlin. I'm sorry… That stuff you said hurt, and it's sorta hard to forgot. But if your willing to try well I suppose I am too. But ya I don't hate you either." Yes Rissa really is that nice.

Harlin nods at Soriana then to Idrissa, seeming to have expected this. "Yah." He says. "Me neither, you were both were pretty mean to me too. Was pretty much a fail on all sides by all parties, but sometimes you have to go apologize and make things better or try to, because that is the right thing to do." He doesn't seem like he's going to get upset though, or even show much of an emotional reaction at all. "Anyway. That's what I came here to do. Good luck." And then he is turning to leave.

Wakua nods to Idrissa and smiles, "I'll give him a pet later than after he's calmed down." She looks over at Harlin and she looks towards Soriana. She nods a little bit, "It's easy to break friendship than it is to maintain them. You have to be careful with them. It's sorta like forging. If you do it with care and take your time and put all your effort into it it makes a piece that will have the strength to last a lifetime. If you rush it or neglect it, it will shatter like glass." She gives a friendly wave to Kale and she extends the wave to Datsun. She looks back to Harlin. "See you later."

Datsun seems to sense someone coming up behind him, peering over his shoulder to see Kale. Considering the Smither for a moment, Datsun turns his attention back to Harlin and Idrissa. "I sense that drama is about to happen." is his prediction to Kale, noting Soriana's reaction as well. Wakua's wave gets a nod in return.

Micaela looks at Wakua a moment longer and then shrugs and then she looks back at Cora who gives the girl a nod and she grins brightly as she goes to wrap her arms around Asher. That's her form of petting. "Asher puppy!" she exclaims brightly. Course, with the poking she got, Alosynth rolls upright and looks around at the gathering. She yawns and lets out a warbling croon and then slips off towards the water. She certainly doesn't mind the coolness of it. Keziah herds the Trio over to the blanket and pulls out some snacks for them to eat. There's an arch of an eyebrow as she notes the conversation involving Harlin and she looks thoughful. Though her glance goes elsewhere as well. Hmm.

Soriana opens her mouth as if to rejoinder Harlin, then closes it again firmly. No, she's not going to say any of the things that jump to mind. Instead, she shrugs to him, though she offers no apology of her own. Nor says a word, until he's already turned away, and then it's only one of them. "Bye," says Sori, as Inkfoot peers with bright tunnelcat eyes at the minecrafter and chirps. As he leaves, she steps up beside Idrissa instead, and gives the other girl a long look. A very long look, followed by a sigh.

"Nah.." replies Kale to Datsun, nearing him first and pausing, though his eyes are still watching. Just watching. Because he's a watcher who keeps watch on those who need to be watched. Eyes flit to Soriana momentarily, a moment that lingers a while longer as she speaks. That "nah" is confirmed as Harlin seems prepared to take his leave, and a edge of his mouth lifts a bit as he looks back to Datsun. "And…wait, to cope with it all, you're goin' to bury yourself? Uh huh. Mature," he says, tone one of jest as he lifts his hand to stroke at his chin in a considering sort of way. "Need help? I'm no miner, but how hard can diggin' a hole really be? Buryin' bodies. If smithin' doesn't work out, it could be good practice as a gravekeep." Wakua is nodded at, having indeed seen her wave.

Idrissa doesn't think anyone as ever called her mean before. She blinks and just watches Harlin, frowning and looking rather unsure at what to say, so she says nothing! Her gaze lowers to the sand watching it a few moments, thinking back to what she said that day. She really didn't say anything that bad, at least not that she can recall. All she did was sticking up for her friend, that he was saying some pretty awful things about in front of basiclly everyone. She lets her arms fold in front of her while she watches Asher, an being true to herself she is clearly overthinking things and to some degree beating herself up in her on head. Asher wruffles out happly and gives a few slobbering slurps to Micaela whom has latched onto him, looky he has met a new peron! An meeting the new person has made Asher a happy canine! To the point he just sorta melts and allows the girl to give him all the attention she wants, which includes tugging, pulling and the like. Rissa peers back at Soriana with a rather clueless looking face it seems. She was trying to be nice.. An like always it came back to bite her in the butt.

Harlin had been saying some pretty awful things, but then again so had everyone. Either way, he pauses; just on the edge of earshot as he glances down. "Anyway." He says. "I didn't think it was right to just leave all of that in the air. I really am sorry, and I do wish the lot of you the best." And with that, he turns and dissapears.

Wakua smiles as she watches the little girl hug Asher, "Aws that's cute." She looks to Idrissa, "So how are you enjoying being a candidate. I noticed some new people had moved in to a few of the empty cots I wonder how many there will be at the hatching." As she tries to change the subject.

Kale's words earns a smirk from Datsun, "I'm not burying myself. I'm lazy. See, I don't have to lean back on my hands. The sand's holding me up." He lifts his hands up into the air and leans back but stays upright. "Just like a chair. I'd think you'd make a poor gravekeep because you wouldn't be able to stand the stench of the bodies." Harlin earns himself another eyebrow raise. "Hmm."

Micaela squeals delightly at the slurps and lays her own kisses on the canine. She also offers plenty of scritches, just like she does for Alosynth. "Happy puppy." she giggles brightly. She doesn't yank on Asher at all so much as 'maul' him with hugs and holding onto him. She's learned not to pull tails and ears. "Good puppy. Kiss!" And she smoochies him happily. All under the watchful eye of Cora. Course the older woman watches the young Harlin head off and then looks over at the girls.

Soriana reaches out her non-Inkfoot-handling hand to pat Idrissa's shoulder. "Don't worry about it, okay?" There's a faint tilt of her head back toward where Harlin disappeared, and a smile that she even mostly believes in. "You didn't do anything." And that point, she does believe in, but she doesn't much want to linger on it, so she looks away. Well, that was a downer for her excitement about the new white knot on her shoulder. Even with Wakua providing an opening! Ah, well. Kale and Datsun get finger-wiggles, and then she notices Cora looking at her with questions in her eyes. Sigh. "There was an accident. It turned into a big fight."

"Eh…yeah, you're right," remarks Kale, wrinkling his nose. "The sour scent've death. Rottin' flesh slippin' the bone. The rancid stench've blood.." Well, he surely does paint a nice mental picture, doesn't he? "Probably not the best thing to smell of daily. Or to smell, daily." Eyes half lid as his body shudders at the thought. "Alright, so cross out gravedigging as possible future of mine." Grinning a bit, he moves to circle around him, properly looking at his sand crafted chair, ahhing now as he sees the whole picture. "Ah, so not cowardly but lazy genius! I've to stick around you more, eh? For inspiration" He smirks, then brow lifts. He sees something (because, remember…he's a watcher!) over Soriana's way. And no, it's not his bronze divebombing the shallows. He kneels and moves to clap a hand on Datsun's shoulder. "Blimey! Do me eyes deceive me?" he says in a sorry attempt at sailor speak, loud enough to hopefully carry. "But do I spy over thar a knot that my eyes 'ave naught witnessed b'fore?"

Idrissa is still doing the quiet person bit it seems. A soft sigh escapes her while she glances over at the waves watching them a few moments even while she hars Soriana. Maybe she did do something wrong? Asher wruffs out happly and leans into the scritches rather happly, and of coruse gives slurpy canine kisses back to Micaela. Rissa looks back to Cora and blinks as she catches the looks which makes her inch a bit behind Soriana a moment, and she catches sight of the white knot on her friend's shoulder. Oh! Though she doesn't say anything just yet seeing how Sori is speaking with Cora at the moment. A half wave of her hand is sent towards Kale, oh hey Kale is here!

"In all its gory glory." answers Datsun, grinning. "I'd rather be a Healer and deal with numbweed scents than that. At least numbweed can numb your nose. Maybe that's what gravekeeps do." A wink is offered to Kale, one finger coming up to tap his temple to show that he is, indeed, a lazy genius. "Feel free to. Think of me as your Master with plenty to teach." A blink as his shoulder is clapped, "Aye, matey, yer eyes be deceivin' ya. That be a knot missin' its colors."

Cora hmms a little and then nods though she doesn't say anything to the youngsters. Not her place after all. Still she glances up at the sun and calls to Micaela "Time fer yer nap little lady." she states. Micaela sighs and gives Asher one last hug and kiss and heads over to Cora, taking the hand "Lets help your mama pack up now." And the two head over to Kezi who scoops up two of the boys while Cora gets other and they head up towards the meadow where a goat and cart wait to carry the kidlets home. Alosynth herself slips out from the water and launches herself up into the air, showering water down before heading off towards the forest.

And furthermore, Sori isn't really interested in talking about it. The fight happened. It - as with other things - is over. So she gives Cora a shrug before letting herself be distracted by Kale the Sailor-Man using his amazing ability to make her laugh. She turns toward him. "Yer eyes have witnessed plenty of 'em!" she retorts, and heads over to meet him. Datsun gets a grin. "Accident at the Weaverhall. They forgot the dye." As the kidlets are shuffled away, Sori finally lets her ferret leap down and scamper around the beach to explore.

Wakua spots the white knot on Soriana's shoulder, "Congratulations on becoming a candidate. Do you need any help getting your stuff moved in or are you all ready moved all in. They seem to be handing out a lot of them alot, must have a good stock here for dragonriders." She chuckles at Soriana's explanation, "They must have had a bad shipment."

"Well butter me up an' call me a biscuit!" retorts Kale, slapping his knee, "we've got us a candidate!" Well, one of four, but let's see past that little fact! He grins over at Datsun before he rises to his feet again, dusting off his one sandy hand. "Now we all know what that means, eh mateys?" he says all around, speaking to all in the vacinity, knotted or not. "Initiation time!" And what's the initiation? Oh, that's the grand thing about making things up as you go. It can be anything! And since the majority of /them/ all have their knots already…who is to stay they didn't already go through some sort of initiation of their own? "First mate, Idrissa! Bring the scurvy candidate here!"

Idrissa smirks as she hears Soriana. "Funny." She murmurs out softly, a glance is offerd over to Kale. Seems Rissa isn't in much of a joking around mood at the moment. A slight shrug is seen and she scratches at her neck a moment. "Ah.. I dono. I'm not much into doing initiationing whatevers that could possible be at the moment." Asher pouts as his new friend leaves but is quick to trot over to Datsun and Kale and eyes the half sand covered boy and wruffs!

Datsun sighs as Soriana confirms his suspicion, "You had best return that knot and get your marks back, then. Those Weavers should be ashamed." A light shake of his head, peering over at the ferret. "Ah, damn, the /one/ time I don't have butter and someone needs it." A snap of his fingers at Kale's words, "But I will call you a biscuit. You're a biscuit." Initiation time? The teenage Journeyman doesn't move, though, he /worked/ too much to get out of his sand chair, choosing instead to watch what he does. Asher gets a bark back in response, "RUFF!"

"Nah, I moved in earlier today," says Sori to Wakua with a smile. "Place was pretty empty, I guess everyone was busy with lessons and such." She grins at Kale's talk of an initiation. "Okay, biscuit!" she says, then glances back to Idrissa and… ah. She steps over and puts an arm around Rissa for a hug. "C'mon over anyhow?" she says. "You don't have to inititate anything." With that, she tries to tug the other girl over toward the boys.

Wakua nods, 'I was in the forge all day. Not going to give up being a smith just because I'm a candidate. More pumping the bellows after studying." She looks over to Kale, "Initiation huh? Should we break out the dress and the pillow cases like we had for your's?" She is teasing of course.

Blink. "Wait, no don't call me a biscuit," retracts Kale, but alas, it's too late! Well .. fine! Call him a biscuit! Everyone likes biscuits. All warm and buttery and … buscuity. Datsun is given a look and point. "You come at me with butter an' you'll have trouble on your hands," he warns, a grin likely making the statement lose a bit of its threatening effectiveness. He looks to Idrissa now, who is /not/ bringing Soriana his way. A bit of his grin withers. More damage control is called for, apparently, which has him turning a brief, yet annoyed look in the direction in which a certain minecrafter departed. "Ok! Asher, you're my new first mate!" he proclaims, rubbing the dog's head, looking to Wakua after. "No. I burned that dress, remember? Straight to the forges." His brows raise after. "But it /was/ a lovely color, wasn't it? Fit well. Airy. Left /room/ for things. I can see why girls wear'm."

Well it is Idrissa, damange control is needed a lot of times if one might recall! She sighs a moment before nods and follows along after Soriana as she is tugged that'a way. Asher bounces around next to Datsun and flops down, kicking up some sand in the process. At the comment and rubbing from Kale Asher wruffs and gives the boy a slobbering lick back! Rissa smirks a moment before sitting herself down next to Asher. Willow chirrups and cuddles up against her owner's neck, her eyes swirling a few times.

That earns a smirk from Datsun, "Oh, I will come at you with butter, indeed. However, when… is the question." He affects a mysterious expression, twining his fingers and resting his hands on his belly. Kale's response to Wakua's words earns a derisive snort, "Of course /you/ would appreciate dresses." A shake of his head, leaning away from the sand that Asher kicks up before reaching out to give the canine a rough playful rub.

Soriana is torn! On the one hand, she should be laughing from listening to this conversation. On the other, there's a sad Idrissa being sad. She settles for smirking at the saga of Kale's dress. "Well, then, guess you can't make me wear a dress this time, either…" says Sori, giving Rissa's shoulder a ruffle before sitting down next to her. For companionableness and such.

Wakua makes a face, "As long as I don't have to wear a dress." She looks over at Idrissa and than back to the others, "We could have her pull a prank on the assistant Weyrlingmaster."

Ah, the lengths that Kale will go to cheer up his friends. Embarassment and rumor? Yes, he shall face both in pursuit of laughter! "Have you tried a dress, Datsun?" he quips, doubt in his voice. "If oyu have, you'd be changin' your tune, trust me. Picture it." He takes a few steps back and makes a less than graceful twirl. "Yellow. No…more like a goldenrod, wasn't it, Wakua? Laced with…uh, lace. And… flowers. And…" What else is girlish? "Ribbons! No, bows. Ribbons tied as bows. I had to wear it half the day, an' it was awful, just awful at first, til I realized all the advantages. Havin' to go is a breeze! An' speakin' of breezes…" he laughs now, combing fingers back through his hair. "No no, Kez is too nice. I say we bury her. Actually, both've them," since Idrissa needs some cheering up! "to their necks."

Idrissa is quiet for a few moments, her mind still going over a few things it seems. She blinks and looks to Sori and offers her a faint smile. "Sorry.." Is said softly before she peers at Kale and blinks. "You've wore a dress before?" This questioned with a curious tone. "Was it pink with little blue flowers?" Her gaze flicks around. "Burry who in the what now?"

Datsun's brows furrows at Kale, looking at him through narrowed eyes, "Biscuuuiittt…" He drawls out the new nickname for the male Smith Apprentice, lifing up a finger to point at him. "I have not, and I shall not. You, however, are welcome to wear as many dresses as you want, provided…" A pause, snorting at the mention of breezes, "On second thought, don't wear breezes. I don't want to see what's underneath." A shudder racks his body, shaking his head before he finally notices Idrissa's sober mood. "Kale! I ought to smack you. Your girlfriend's sad. You should kiss her and hug her to cheer her up."

"Besides, Kezi's got four kids. What could I even do?" adds Soriana in a practical tone. Kale's continued dramatization makes her tilt over to the laughing side. "And polish is good for keepin' your fingers from gettin' injured, y'know," she adds "So you've just got all the reasons to be a pretty pretty smith." Her eyes sweep down him, then up again. No dress. Ah, well! Oh, but hey, there's a smile from Idrissa, which Sori returns in full. "It's okay," she says, and ruffles at her back before looking back over to the boys at Datsun's last comment. For which… she grins, for some reason. Weirdo.

Wakua hmms, "That is a pretty good idea we could bury her up to her neck in sand." She looks over to Datsun then back and forth between the trio. She tries to get the topic back on initiating Soriana, "We could set up some cry contests that Soriana had to do otherwise she's not officially a candidate. We could call them the Candidate Games. Like having to drink big bottles of redfruit juice with the bottles tied to your hands."

"You're sure you don' wish to see, Datsun?" says Kale who moves his hands so that he holds the imaginary hem of an imaginary goldenrod lacy dress with bows out at both sides. And, flash! He laughs, dropping the act now as his eyes turn to Idrissa momentarily before flitting back to Datsun. "What d'you think I'm tryin' to do?" This is him…cheering her up! Granted, she's not looking exactly too cheerful, so perhaps he'll need to double his efforts. Or change tactics. Or both! He approaches the two and plops down near them, trying to wiggle himself between. Cue jostling and "Excuse me. Can I jus'…pardon me…my spot, right here? Thank you." Once settled (whether they make room for him or not!) he lifts a hand and spreads his fingers. "Polish may be jus' what I need. An', I recall Soriana, that you've attained a /lovely/ new shade recently…which I haven't yet seen you wear," he notes with a browarch and smirk. "I think, considerin' your new knot, now might be jus' the occassion! Idrissa. If it'll make y'feel any better, I can go black an eye before he gets too far off?" To Wakua, he makes a gagging sound. "Jus' thinkin' about that makes my stomach hurt."

Idrissa grins. "Though if you wear a yellow dress could still call you biscuitt." A soft smile is offered back to Soriana and she leans close to give her friend a hug. Though as Datsun goes on she blinks, a faint ah escapes her and she blushes. She blinks at Kale and chuckles softly while she shifts to give him some room so he can sit down. A slight roll of her eyes is seen as he goes on talking about nail polish. "No, it's alright." She offers softly to Kale. "Not suppose to be fighting remember?" Someone did remember what Kez said it seems!

"All good ideas." says Datsun about the pranks, placing both hands on either side of him, beginning to push himself out of the sand, wriggling his entire body. At first, he doesn't budge but inch by inch, the Woodcrafter finally manages to extract himself from his sand chair, sending sand in cascades all around him, most likely showering others. At Kale's antics to him, Datsun raises an hand and pretends to smack the Smith apprentice but his hand meets only air, "Pretty sure." A shake of his head, laughing at the ridiculousness. Then the teenager picks up his boots, tossing them over his shoulder once again, "I need to go and chastise that Woodcraft Apprentice who's been mucking up his duties. See you girls later, and that includes you, Biscuit Kala." Yup, Kale's name just got feminized.

Soriana, at least, is obliging enough to make room for Kale. Not that she doesn't reach up and tousle his hair during the process, and not that she moves much more than the minimum required to stick one Kale-butt in there. "You do recall," she answers him, then laughs. "Sure, that'll do for my initiation." Her nails (and dignity) can suffer for the good of the rest of her! Better that than chugging fruit juice until she explodes or being covered in sand. Hey, wait, now Datsun's doing that to her anyway! "Heynow!" she says with the indignance of someone who was really half expecting it anyhow, what with being on the beach, then grins. "Seeya!" She waves to him, as Inkfoot finishes his explorations and scampers up to Idrissa's lap. Tunnelcat knows who spoils critters, yus.

Wakua nods, "I suppose you are right. We could just tie her up and leave her somewhere embarrassing." She grins at Soriana as she jokes. She looks to Datsun, "When you have a free moment we need to talk about something in private please." She looks back to the others, "What lovely new shade? New clothing?" She asks curiously and nods in agreement with Idrissa, "Yah you don't wanna get in trouble."

"Hey, if he's leavin', who's gonna know besides my fellow candidates?" remarks Kale to Idrissa, chuckling throughout. "An' the lot of you wouldn't go reportin' me, would you?" But, ah, fine! No fighting. He'll suffice with angry thoughts towards the departed and leave it at that. Then, cue sand shower! He lifts an arm to poorly shield himself from the flying granules, eyes squinting. "Oh hey, thanks," he snorts, grinning at the guy. But, what's this? Kala? "I'd rather /Biscuit!/" he retorts with a glare his way. Not that it's any better, but at least it's a…male's name. Ish. His arm lowers, and a grin is revealed. "See you, Datsun," he offers, nodding his head to him just as he slips an arm to hook with Idrissa's while his free hand moves to grasp at Sori's to lift, examining the undecorated nails. "Not clothing. Polish," he informs Wakua. "A beautiful shade of…well…I'll let Sori tell you. I'm sure she can't wait to wear it for a sevenday." Yes. A whole sevenday!

Idrissa chuckles softly and shakes her head. "It an't worth it, really Kale." She smiles at Inkfoot and goes about giving him soft scratching and pettings before her arm is hooked with Kale's and she peers over at him. "Wait what?.. Still talking about nail polish? Hey… Didn't Soriana get you some nail polish actually?" She grins while eyeing Kale and Soriana. Ah she is starting to feel a wee bit better it seems!

Datsun winks at Soriana and Kale, "You'll live." is his answer about the sand, nodding at her as she waves, staring to turn away until Wakua's words reach his ears. The teenager shrugs, "Sure thing, Wakua." Kale gets one last look, "You got it, biscuit. I'll remember the butter… sooner or later. Good to see you smile, 'Rissa." Then a jaunty two-fingered salute is offered in farewell, turning and departing.

Mmm, Biscuit. "…it sounds like a canine's name," says Soriana consideringly. But a male dog, definitely. Not a girl, nope. As for that polish, well! She rolls her eyes, though she lets Kale peer at her hand. "Oh, yes, it's definitely quite a… thing. Shards, if you want, we can go to the barracks and I'll show you." It doesn't have nearly the same effect with mere words! "A whole sevenday? That's-" Hurm. "fair retribution." She nods to Idrissa. "Blue. He wore it for a week." She grins, as Inkfoot dooks happily and wriggles about for the pets.

Wakua nods to Datsun, "Thank you." She looks over at Soriana, "Oh nail polish huh? What color did you get?" She hmms as she hears it's blue, "That would look good on you. Are you going to put it on your toenails too?" She asks and looks between the three of them, "So are you three dating each other now? You don't have to tell me that's none of my business, but I'm just curious."

"Aye she did. An' I felt so … indebted to her that I had to get her somethin' in return! So, I got her polish, an' it's not blue, Wakua, mine is." A pause. "Long story, that. I think it suits her. It'll probably bring out her eyes or somethin'." Isn't that what they say? Such and such really brings out your eyes! Whatever that means. Kale always imagines eyeballs popping out of one's head when someone says that. Soriana is given a slow look at the canine comment and the hand he was so admiring is promptly dropped. "Don't expect me to bark when you call me," he says with a grin that widens at her idea. "Yes! We all stay in the barracks now anyway, and it bein' your first day of Candidacy, you probably should paint them now." So it is decided! One arm is already hooked with Idrissa's, and thus he hooks the other with Soriana. And now? "Help me up?" Pleeeease? Doe eyes. So pitiful! Yet cute, right?

Idrissa grins and chuckles osftly before shaking her head a moment. "You should wear it again Kale… Fit right in with that dress of yours." This said with an amused tone before she pokes at Asher whom was sleeping it seems. The dog slowly drags himself up onto his paws and gives himself a great shake. She leans close to Kale an a soft sigh escapes her. "You really need help up?" This questioned with a grin.

Bring out her eyes? "I hope not!" says Soriana. "I'd hafta go to the Healers." Not because of popping eyeballs, but because… well, if that color brings them out, she must have a pretty terrible infection and needs eyedrops or something. She grins to Wakua. "Toenails? …sure, why not." In for an eighth-mark, in for a double! As for the other question… she glances briefly to the other two, then shrugs. "Dunno." Isn't that so very helpful? Yeah, well. While she's on the subject, or at least a related one, Kale-the-Kanine gets a smirk. "Course not… a well-trained dog won't bark too much!" Like, say, Asher! Inkfoot scrambles back out of Rissa's lap as his canine buddy moves, and chirrups, while Sori glances past lazybutt Kale. "On three?"

Wakua smiles, "Yah toe nails that way you match." She hmms, "Okay I was just curious after watching you two in the cavern the night we got our candidate knots. I mean if you are all I'm happy for you and I wish you all the most happiness." She shakes her head teasingly, "If Journeyman Otto could see you now Kale, not even strong enough to get up…read chapters 3-100 by tomorrow and have a report ready the history of metallurgy." She tries to copy Journeyman Otto's voice.

Does he really need help up? Look at him! All.. sitting down and not even trying. Arms limp. Of course he needs help. "Yes.." Kale answers Idrissa, amping up the patheticness a bit by ever so slightly jutting out his lower lip. So weak! So needing of help! But that pitied look switches to a twisted faced scowl at Soriana's dog remark. Nyeeeah! But, what was that about dating somebody? A blink has him peering over at Wakua, brows lifting. "Uh.." What would make you say that! That's what he was going to say, but, well, she goes and answers it before he can ask. Caverns? Oh..right. He glances first to Idrissa, then Sori. This could be a sticky situation …. or not. "Why?" he says, sending a smirk to Wakua. "You wanna join an' make it a rectangle?" Of course. Humor saves the day!

Idrissa tilts her head while looking at Kale and Soriana, though she only looks curious. "You two been making out without me again?" She can't help but grin. With a roll of her eyes she works on helping Kale stand up, with Sori's help on the counter of three! Asher wruffs out at Inkfoot and snuffles at him, he hasn't seen the little friend in a while!

Soriana glances back to Kale, then to Idrissa at the question. Well, only one way to answer that question, really. But! First, she goes, "One… two… three!" and heave-ho they go with poor weak Kale. Once they've got him actually standing under his own ever-so-feeble power, she can avoid the question no longer, not even by watching Inkfoot paw up at Asher. So! "Yeah," she tells Idrissa. With a notable lack of the smirk that would indicate a joke, and with a turn of her attention back to Wakua and a shrug. "Aww, it's not like candidates are really supposed to have serious relationships anyway."

Ah, finally! Kale is on his feet, a bit wobbly at first as his knees are so very weak and all, but he manages not to topple over. "Thank you," he says lavishly as his arms slip from theirs to brush off sand. "Y'know, Wakua, you sounded /just/ like Otto. You're spendin' far too much time in his class.." He eyes Idrissa. Hmwhatnow? Making out? Unlike Soriana, Kale does react with a grin that would probably grow to a laugh if Sori hadn't beaten him to the punch by speaking first. Yeah. Yeah? Well…yeah, that's the true statement, but she totally botched the delivery! Where's the light hearted joking tone indicative of 'let's wave this off til later!'? And so he stands a moment, glancing from girl to girl, then.. "Yeah, no serious…relationships. I don' even like the word. Relationship. Sounds so … serious." Cough. "So…nail painting?" Hopeful change of subject.

Idrissa tilts her head while looking to Soriana and soon peers to Kale, she'll ask more later for sure now! "Darn, an I missed the fun?" She questions with a soft sigh escaping her at the thought. "Oh yes, nail painting. Maybe Soriana can give you tip on the matter Kale." Asher bounces around Inkfoot once again, another happy bark escaps him.

Soriana is quite willing to change the subject. More than willing, really. About that change of subject! She laughs to Rissa, because serious-answer-time is over, and nods to this agreed-upon plan. "Yeah." Also, she fleshes out a few details! "You-" she points to Kale, "-go get us something to eat. Rissa and I'll take Asher and Inkfoot back, and we'll all meet up at the barracks." She reaches down to scoop up her tunnelcat, ruffling Asher's head along the way. "Sound good?"

Kale kind of feels like he dodged a blade there, and it's … a lovely feeling, indeed! One can almost seem him deflate with an exhale as matters and details aren't pressed. Moving on! "Wait. Why do I have to go /fetch/ food?" he says, eyeing Soriana with a squinty eyed look. Puh. They're totally just using him for his food nabbing abilities. "..Fine. I'll only go cuz if either've you went you'd bring somethin' lame like .. steamed vegetables." He makes a face before calling for Alloy, who so obediently swoops back to alight on his shoulders. He grins now and turns. Onward, to food!

Idrissa ohs and tilts her head while looking to Soriana and then Kale. "Well then.. Food sounds good to me." She chuckles while picking up her boots and starts to move off with Sori, Asher at her side and Willow on her shoulder. "Come on Asher, gotta get you back to the kennels buddy." The canine at least doesn't seem to mind the idea!

Because… Kale is so good at eating the food! Or maybe because this way they'll all arrive at more or less the same time. Or… because she said so? Either way, Soriana blithely ignores Kale's protests. "Don't forget the biscuits!" she calls after him, then grins to Rissa and sets off to deposit Inkfoot in his large and toy-filled cage with the kid who's promised to help care for him while she's all busy. Apparently those young'ns who were obsessed with him have a use after all. Then… it's barracks, ho!

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks
A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

Food. Got it! And traveling with food for three is /not/ an easy task. No wonder they taskd him with it. But! he has a handy dandy (well, sometimes handy) firelizard to help him out! Granted, all Alloy does is carry a pitcher of klah in flight, but that's one less thing for Kale to carry. His arms are full holding a platter of food snatched from the caverns. Meat pies, meat rolls, sliced fruit, and yes…even biscuits cuz he likes them, not because that's his new name. It's a lot of stuff, and as he uses a shoulder to push open the door to the barracks, which he hopes his friends have already arrived in, he announces. "…A lil' help??"

Idrissa is indeed back! An hearing Kale she blinks while moving over to help him on into the room. "Geezs, what did you do. Get enough to feed the dragons too?" She smirks and shakes her head slightly before stealing a meatroll and munches on it!

There is, Soriana has determined, no point in putting off her bright-nailed doom. So, she's already heading down toward her bunk, newly freed from Kale's trunk and with her own things mostly settled. Okay, half settled. They're sort of a mess, but they're a mess mostly hidden away inside a box and the remaining stacks are sufficiently neat that they hopefully won't draw the ire of a candidate coordinator. Hopefully. Now… where did she put that nail polish? It's not like she has this huge collection of the stuff. Maybe with her firelizard oil? That's in here… nope. Oh, wait, did she put it with her (small) stash of jewelry? Maybe. That was in the box with the carved lid, which… aha! She lifts the rest of that stack to expose it, then… pauses. Blink. Blinkblink. Blinkblinkblink.

Keziah said metallics are fast learner. Alloy can fly and carry stuff. But what he cannot do is put a liquid filled container down without spilling the contents within. Kale know this and eyes the fluttering firezard warily. "Jus'…hold on. Fly a lap or somethin'." He has to get this food to its destination! And of course he would've picked the three beds furthest from the door for the three of them. Of course. But luckly, he has Idrissa's help. "Thank you. An'…I figured you were as hungry as me…?" Or not. He grins, setting the stuff caaarefully down on his bed before tending to Alloy and his load, glancing Soriana's way meanwhile. "Ha. Jus' a brig-…er, /lovely/ as I remember."

Idrissa peers at Alloy curiously while she helps Kale with the foody items an sets them down. Once that is down she clears her throat. "Come here Alloy, I'll take it from you." Willow chirrrups out and is eyeing he meatrolls.. which she snags one and is off munching on it! "Just as bright huh?" She grins at Kale and lets him take care of Alloy with a shake of her head.

Next to the stack just moved, neatly tucked out of the way of stray feet and quite clearly among Soriana's things, there's a little pot filled with sand. The sand is mounded up in a rather ovoid shape, with a bit of coruscated rainbow peeking through at the top. There's a bit of paper tucked in at one edge, and the whole affair is rather warm from coals buried inside. …blink, goes Sori. Huhwha? Oh, yeah, that's right, she's got the bright nail polish. Sorry, she was staring at the other and unexpected bright thing! "Huh," she goes, with a critical failure to banter due to utter distraction.

Alloy doesn't seem to particular about who takes his load from him. He just wants this thing out of his claws! And, once it is, he's off to flit to some high place to roost. Kale sets the klah on his trunk, and on second thought, moves the platter of food there too. Much more stable. "Well it had to be girlish," he says to Idrissa. "Since Soriana is extremely so. And…" Hm. He eyes the rather distracted Sori, brow arching. He plucks a grape in his mouth before moving to her, waving a hand in her face. "Hellooo. What's so intere-…hey." Brows lift, peering at the pot of sand and a pretty something peeking out from it. "…Someone gave you a better gift than I did, that's for sure.."

Idrissa blinks while catching sight of what else Soriana has over /thar/. "Hey… When did you get another firelizard egg?" She is more curious then anything. She slips over to look at it, if able! "Oh woah, that is super pretty Soriana." She smiles and gives her friend a pat against the shoulder. "Go you!" She peers over at Kale. "What gift did you give Soriana?"

Soriana bats at Kale's waving hand, then puts the pink (so pink! so girly!) nail polish aside. She carefully brushes back some of the sand, exposing more of the eggshell with its bright, scatter-spot colors. "I didn't," she tells Idrissa, and carefully feels the edge of the egg. Still nicely warm. "Or I guess maybe I did, but…" Whowhathow? "It is pretty." After another appreciative look or three, she once more mounds warm sand around it. In the process, the piece of paper is dislodged, and flutters down.

Food forgotten! Mysterious appearing egg is far more interesting than eating. "The polish," Kale answers to Idrissa, eyes still on the egg as more of it is revealed. "And a necklace. From Ista, when we went to the festival." His words sound vaguely distracted though because.. wow, that's a cool looking egg! "You mean, you don' know who gave this to you? You didn't bring it here? It couldn't jus'…appear." Someone must've seen! His eyes catch movement. A paper, that was in there too. He reaches for it, snatching it before it falls to the floor. "You've got a note." Which he unfurls to read without permission. "'May this bring you joy, as you bring joy to those around you.'" He flips it over, but there's nothing on the back. "That's it. What? Who doesn' put their /name/?"

Idrissa ohs as she hears Kale, hey he didn't get her anything from Ista, other then beating her at ther wall climb.. But well they did dance maybe that was the gift?.. "I didn't know you got her nail polish." Oy she is outa the loop! Her gaze turns back towards the egg and she ponders before going to grab the note but Kale is grabbed it frist. A soft oh escapes her and she can't help but wonder..

"It's a nice necklace," says Soriana, rather distractedly. "I didn't know it was here! It wasn't before…" And just when did it appear, huh? There's not all that many people that go in and out of the barracks. Just… all the candidates. And the coordinators. And other weyrstaff. Oh, and there's all the dragonhealers and techcrafters passing by outside that could have easily dropped by. And… Wait there's a note? She turns to hear Kale read it, then snatches it back from him. Nope, no secret messages that only appears to her eyes. "Weird," she says. Toral appears to perch on the edge of the bed and peer down at the egg. The firelizard gives a questioning little croon, and Soriana looks up at him with an Idunno expression! Like he can help or something.

Kale grumps as the note is snatched away, for an extra few moments of staring most assuredly would've had him cracking the handwriting code. He says nothing in regards to the gifts previously purchased and Idrissa's lack of knowledge. He didn't exactly broadcast it anyway. This mystery is mind boggling, and he must know who left this! "Ok, couldnt've been Ers'lan. His eggs all hatched. Anyone else with a firelizard that can lay?" He knows no one, but Soriana may, and thus he looks at her expectantly. Unfortunately, it's this moment that, "Uh…Candidate Kale Crestwood?" is heard from the doorway as another candidate arrives. "Urm," she continues, only after gaining the eyes of one she assumes is this Kale, "you're wanted in the foyer for a task…" Argh! Now, of all times? Before food and egg mystery solving?? "Shards.." mumbled. " think've who has a firelizard, alright?" he says already easing away, snatching a meatroll in the process. "If it starts to hatch…find me!" He heads out, after that, the other candidate shadowing him.

The egg does not hatch that night. It's not nearly ready for that yet. Neither can Sori nor Idrissa make any sense of it or the note. In the end, all that's left to do is to keep it warm and wonder so very, very much.

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