Too Many Feelings

Xanadu Weyr - Hot Springs
The warmth that flows from this cavern is almost overwhelming for some, the steam rising from the shimmering pools as thick as the morning fog that rolls in off the ocean. Numerous pools are scattered here and there with ribboned walls that are natural in their construction. The water has a somewhat green cast to it, but it is merely a reflection from the ethereal light which is the glow down here that was so noticeable from the tunnel leading here. People can often be found down here washing themselves or just relaxing.
Situated along the walls are various racks covered in fresh towels ready for those who step out of the warm waters. A set of shelves have been installed towards the back wall, allowing people a place to put their belongings while they rest in the pools, and despite the white color that these have been painted, they are cast with that eerie green glow. Then, it's obvious. The ceiling of this cavern is covered in the fluorescent phosphorous matter that glows are made off. The mossy substance almost glitters and appears quite lovely.
A sloped tunnel leads back to the main caverns, a single branch carved out along it to detour down into the laundry room. It allows the passage of people, but even more importantly, it allows for metal pipes wrapped with insulation that run along the ceiling to carry heated water back and forth to where it's needed.

RIGHT. SO. YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? TIME FOR YOU TO GET A WATCH. (Badum, tsh.) But no, it's time to relax — if your name is not Risali and you are not attached to a dragon named Leirith. There is no rest for the proddy weyrwoman; there's no relent from the heat in her mind, that scratch beneath her skin, that buzzing in her veins that's at once electricity and restlessness, bidding her into motion even when she should be still, keeping her legs, and hands, and body in constant motion because she's giddy and can't stop. And it doesn't bode well for anybody when Leirith punctuates and capitalizes on a terrible idea, because true enough that Risali has to bathe, but she could pick a time when there are less people. There isn't a crowd, but there are still unfortunate others present to witness their senior stumble in like she's drunk, giggling as one shoulder hits the wall, and hands follow to push her away even as they drag along the surface by the tips of her fingers. That smile is so unlike her usual smiles, harboring nothing but unadulterated joy that finds its way up her spine and moves her hips in a gentle sway as she walks, as she hums. And there's a soft, "Hello," said for one unfortunate soul, one who maybe knows why and ducks under the water to escape. But Risali is undeterred, shedding clothes as already-bare feet carry her across the way, leaving a trail of discarded fabric in her wake. NO SHAME, no attempts to rectify. Just, you know… your every day proddy goldrider in a place that would probably be getting evacuated if K'vir and D'lei weren't combatting duties with a free-spirited weyrmate.

Ah, Relaxation. A wonderful thing when your dragon is busy foisting gifts on who knows who. Ricki is one of those that would be chased away if K'vir and D'lei were, you know, doing their job rather than their Real Jobs, for she is settled into a pool, head resting on the edge, eyes closed. You know. Relaxing. Alas, though, for that peace and quiet, because there is a Risali. A proddy Risali. And a proddy Risali is much, much worse than a proddy Ricki. At the commotion, she is straightening up, blinking her eyes a few times before she finds the source, turning a lovely shade of pink that has nothing to do with the warm water. A murmur, and she slowly slips down into the water again - you didn't see her.

And all he wanted was to get rid of this itch. This persistant, irritating ITCH running from the base of his skull to the base of his spine, unreachable, untraceable, unscratchable. Irritation, thy name is Niko, with a capital N and a great deal of gritting teeth. As he storms in not far behind Risali, he barely spares a glance for the Weyrwoman - nay, not even to appreciate her clothesless form! - all but tearing off his own clothes, and skin, in an effort to relieve the persistent, multifooted sensation crawling just below his skin. At the first clear space, he plunges into the pool, submerging as long as possible before surfacing near Ricki. "Do we have fleas???" he demands hotly of the greenrider, blue-grey eyes ablaze.

RISALI DID SEE YOU, RICKI. She saw you SO VERY MUCH. And she pauses, because even through that giddy, hyperactive, non-alcoholic induced drunkness, Risali recognizes the greenrider and she pauses. She pauses, and her lips pull up in a slow smile that might be disquieting in its existence. It only grows as N'kon goes right past her, not bothering to spare a glance for her, but doing nothing to impede the glance she gets of him, and — that smile goes crooked, that nose scrunches up in amusement as grey eyes that were SHAMELESSLY raking N'kon's form stray back to the sinking Ricki. AND MIGHT AS WELL ABANDON ALL HOPE, because here she comes, her attention stolen from that nothing that she was focused on before, leading her with one foot in front of the other until she's at the pool that N'kon plunged into asking about fleas. "We have dragons," Risali says, in a voice that's faraway, but somehow manages to sound conspiratorial as she slips herself into the water and makes a soft sound as she goes. BECAUSE IT FEELS GOOD. And theeeeeeen she's moving sideways, to bring her arms around Ricki because she is shameless and because this also feels good. That's probably why she's pressing her cheek to Ricki's, and turning nose and lips into her hair, and inhaling. "Faranth," comes a giddy whisper. "You smell good." A beat, a SQUEEZE. "You feel good." And then those grey eyes are blinking open, to find N'kon as she breathes out, "Doesn't she, Nikolan?"

Eyes blink as Niko plunges into the pool, a hand lifting to brush the droplets of water off her face, mouth opening to reply to his bizarre inquiry. But then, there is another body in the pool, and an arm around her, and Niko is… still in front of her. "I…" Ricki starts, blush darkening as she leans JUST slightly enough away to get a sidelong look at Risali, "Thanks?" And then there is a squeeze, and a tiny squeak and the greenrider is left slightly confused, before she slowly, carefully shifts to slip an arm around Risa's back. "Hi Risa.." She offers after a moment, eyes darting to Niko as she settles in. "You're wrong, though, unless Tsari is turning over a new leaf.." Ricki counters with a soft giggle, more to herself than anything.

"I also have fish! And firelizards! And apparently fleas!" Calm, quiet, collected Niko is yelling, his voice echoing through the rising mists as he reaches out to pinch Ricki's chin, trying to force her to look at him - but doing nothing to free her from Risali's grasp. "And I don't want her soft parts, I want her nails. On my back. Faranth, it itches, Ricki," he whines, turning around to present a perfectly nice, unmarked, unbitten back - with tiny little shivers running down his spine. "Feel her all you like, lady, just help her scratch my back, will ya?" There's a distinctly unpleasant undertone to his voice, an echo that isn't quite his, like the faint buzzing whine of a bite-me.

Might as well not even bother with the conversation when it comes to this one, Ricki. She turns to look at the greenrider when she speaks to her, looking between Ricki's eyes as if Ricki is speaking in another language and she's trying to find the translation for spoken word somewhere in their depths. And when N'kon catches Ricki's chin in his fingers, Risali smile slow and brilliant — the kind of adoring smile you'd really only catch her giving in private moments to one of two men. She bites down on her bottom lip, and leans in closer to press her chin on Ricki's shoulder, JUST WATCHING HER, and then she blinks when N'kon's voice pulls her attention back to him. "I don't know if I will stop," Risali answers, voice still not quite right despite the momentary lucidness in her warning, but it doesn't matter because she's still holding onto Ricki and leaning forward, less to scratch and more to touch, trailing fingers down shoulderblades and up along the ridges of spine. "You feel good too," comes on a whisper, and then a giggle as she leans into Ricki even more and says, "Touch him, Ricki. He feels good. Like you." GOOD THINGS. SHE LIKES THEM.

Her chin caught, Ricki's attention is pulled back to Niko and she laughs softly, shaking her head carefully as to not knock into Risa, given that her shoulder is now occupied apparently. "Oh, come here.." She mutters, reaching a hand for his side to tug him a little closer, before nails gently run along his lower back, even as the greenrider rolls her eyes. "Pretty sure I could scratch all night and it won't help.." She murmurs, even as she shifts to accommodate the leaning Risa, her other hand gently, almost absently, patting the gold rider's back. Nails slowly move to scratch a wider area, as she waits for Niko to decide if its helping.

"Who said anything about stopping?" From whine to throaty in point-three seconds, Niko stills beneath Risali and Ricki's fingers, turning slightly to peer at them over his shoulder, his gaze quieting - heating - as his itch is - if not soothed, then lessened. Slowly, his lids slide down and he faces forward again, arms outstretched to support him as he floats lazily, all but purring. "Good, good, so good, the touch, the nails. Tsari says to have a care, the fair is there, hovering and echoing and drowning him out." The words are mumbled, breath breaking the surface of the water as he obediently repeats the blue's warning, all but unaware of his own words.

Well then. Risali's laughter is expelled on an exhale of breath, nearly inaudible except for a hitch that gives her away even if it's appreciation and not humor that drives that soft sound from her throat. Grey eyes meet Niko's, undeterred by the heat and seeming to answer the challenge inherent in those words with another slow smile. "I don't think you could keep up, bluerider," is her answer, a challenge for his challenge that's waylaid when N'kon looks away and Ricki starts to pat her back. Risali burrows in against the greenrider, exhaling contentment as she breathes, "You should make me stop," somewhere TOO CLOSE TO HER JAW. Because she is CUDDLING IN CLOSER, SEND HELP. But those fingers are shifting, curling in, and Risali is applying pressure when she drags her nails down N'kon's back, much, much to fascinated by the progress of her hands for it to be anything other than intentional and — "I don't know what that means, Niko." All dazed, and giddy, and turning Risali's attention back to Ricki. "What does that mean, Ricki?"

"The fair is.. What?" Ricki mutters, staring at Niko's back, her hand pausing as she stares at the spot between his shoulder blades, forehead crinkling up. "Nik.." And then she is interrupted by a very, very close Risa, the greenrider gulping a bit as she swallows, licking her lips a little nervously, eyes suddenly glued to Risa's hand on Niko's back. Her nails absently restart their scratching of Niko's back, as she attempts to focus her attention on Tsari's 'warning' rather than the cuddly - and very distracting - goldrider. And failing miserably, as her eyes dart back to Risa, lingering this time.

Someday, Niko is going to pay Kera back in spades. Not only is he proddy, that proddiness means he gets to miss out on his TWO FAVORITE LADIES all but MAKING OUT. Yes, the AWLM will pay, and pay dearly. Not today, though. Today, the bluerider will simply melt, merging with the water as Risali's nails bite into his skin, a soft murmur of pleasure breathing out across the steaming water. As the ladies' attention to his back eases the itch, one triplet falls beneath the other two, leaving a subtle change in the fall of muscles beneath skin. No longer so tight with discomfort, they loosen, going languid with pleasure, and he turns in place, so where nails once slid along his back, now they grace his chest - or somewhere. "Who knows?" he asks lazily, eyes slitting open, a flicker of blue beneath dark lashes as he watches Risali and Ricki with interest. "He is a blue, they make no sense."

But N'kon turning doesn't deter Risali either; no, the goldrider drags her hands along his sides when he turns, drags nails down his ribs and across his chest and — "Hi," she breathes to him, around one of those giddy-faraway-too-close-to-Ricki's-jaw smiles. Ricki who is earning herself a blink as Risali draws back to find the greenrider's gaze lingering on her, who scrunches up her nose in something so like her coupled with amusement, even as she leans in to bump foreheads, and the tips of noses, and closes her eyes around another giddy exhale of breath that's half a laugh. "I told you to stop me," she whispers, not quiet enough for it to be the secret she intended, but at least Risali is dropping her head back to Ricki's shoulder, shifting her focus back to her hands that are still digging nails into flesh, easing just enough to trace divots and marks with fingertips as they sink lower and… back up again! WOAH THERE, GOLDRIDER. "Blues and browns are the only two dragons that make any sense," Risali disagrees, and there comes that smile again — at the corners, this time sharp with implications that come, and linger, and then fade, taking their hints and implications that they know better things they could be doing with them. "They're badass." And for that, she finds N'kon's eyes, to hold and linger with another challenge before she melts back against Ricki again. "Tell him they're the only ones that make sense, Ricki."

Frozen in place as Risali bumps first forehead and nose, it is only after the goldrider is turning away that Ricki lets out a slow, quiet exhale, though the tensing of her fingers on both Risa's back and Niko's side as he turns probably give her away. "-Tsari- makes no sense." Ricki counters both bluerider and goldrider alike, making what she feels is a far more truthful statement, even as her fingers reach for Niko's hand to pull him closer, eyes darting awkwardly to the top of Risali's head on her shoulder, before following her gaze to the bluerider.

"Sorry Tsari," Niko mocks under his breath, even as he slides in to Ricki's other side, curving his body just-so to cradle her without impeding in any way Risali's embrace. "He is a killjoy, would deny us for being lesser. Phaw to him." Leaning in, he rubs his cheek against the greenrider's hair, inhaling lightly. "Relax, my heart," he whispers, lips brushing over her ear. "So tense, too tense, just let it go." His fingers glide over Ricki's arm, soothing. "Find joy in freedom."

WHAT, RICKI? YOU FEEL GOOD OKAY. Annnnnd there goes Niko. Risali's hand drops away, into the water that also feels good and for just a moment, draws her attention to the play of fingertips as they push through the resistance of it and — "Lesser to who?" Risali asks, faraway and yet still somehow here, pressed into Ricki and letting her head roll up to watch that cheek-hair-rub-inhale-lip-ear-whisper action that has her giggling again, and smiling too much, and whispering, "I told you that you smell good," to the greenrider without GETTING THE HINT AND BACKING OFF. Listen, for as audacious as Risali is being, she is not trying to get anybody in bed. She just… NO THE WORDS SOUND WRONG. JUST, REST ASSURED, OKAY. "And feel good, too." Because yes those grey eyes are watching Niko's fingers on Ricki's arms.

A slight shift and Ricki is settling lightly against Niko, shoulders already starting to relax into him, though she isn't necessarily pulling away from Risa, nor does she nudge her away. As the bluerider continues to talk in odd riddles, Ricki blinks a few times, before just shaking her head and sighing, "You're not making sense.." She murmurs to Niko, even as her fingers shift on the goldrider's back to absently curl in her hair, "I'll take your word for it…" Eyes open after a moment to glance at Risali again - at least there is no freaking out.

"You assume I ever make sense." A lucid thought, that one, as Niko rises through the mist to briefly become aware of his surroundings - and his company. Stormcloud eyes gleam at Risali over Ricki's head, even as he nuzzles against the greenrider once again, lean fingers gliding lightly along her arm, not asking anything, simply soothing away the tension engendered by this most odd of circumstances. Then he falls once more, with a sigh, sliding his free arm behind Ricki, behind Risali, to allow his fingers to glide ever so gently - questioningly, perhaps - against her shoulder. He's not being particularly seductive - but he IS Niko, and Niko is ALWAYS willing, even without three little riders in his head.

Those fingers in her hair feel good, and Risali's expression goes half lidded, looking less a cat in the sun and more a predator, intent and ready to toy with her — "Good," she answers Ricki, and that has undertones too: dark, and sultry, and speaking to other things the greenrider might take her word for, if only she could — focus. Now the skin of N'kon's arm is like a brand across her back, and there's an exhale of breath, a rise of goosebumps despite the heat when fingers in her hair combine with fingers on her arm, and there's a half-whimpered, "That feels good," meant for both of them. And there she goes, pressing tighter into Ricki with another hiccup of breathy laughter, as she curls fingers in the greenie's hair and fingers trace Niko's. "Does he ever make sense, Ricki?"

"Mmm.. sometimes." Ricki murmurs, distracted as she tilts her head into Risa's fingers, sinking a little lower in the water, leaning more heavily against Niko. Relaxing, there is a giggle escaping from the greenrider then, "No Iczy, you don't need to find a gift for Leirith.." She murmurs, not necessarily meaning to answer aloud but well - distracted. While fingers remain curled gently in Risa's hair, her other hand is reaching to brush Niko's cheek, as she turns to glance up at him through her lashes, opening her mouth as if to say something before changing her mind, and glancing back at Risa, lips curling into a slightly smug smirk.

"Technically," Niko replies muzzily, his voice muffled by the fact that his lips are pressed securely into the curve at the join of Ricki's neck and shoulder, "I always make sense to myself. It's you who lack the ability to understand. I think," he adds, losing the battle against perspicacity as the combined wills of the triplets once more drown him in a combination of languid desire, itchy irritation, and an oddly sweet shyness that has his fingers stroking gently rather than possessively as he skims them over both goldrider and the greenrider cradled between them. "Sense is overrated. Thought is overrated. Just feel." His breath whispers against Ricki's shoulder. "Feel."

For what it's worth, Leirith is showering Iczy in compliments — the kind she might give her suitors, with as much gusto and enthusiasm, appreciating the green for her greenness even if there's no ability to mate. DON'T STOP HER NOW. But Leirith is… not the point. Not currently, anyway. Ricki is, and N'kon is, and… Risali is lifting her head to meet Ricki's eyes with her own, and there's a slow smile that curls her lips, a sultry answer to whatever she finds in that expression, another huff of laughter that comes with her chin dropping back on Ricki's shoulder with a hint of teeth this time. Fingers curl, and twist, and abandon hair for back, back for Niko's forearm where they dances with a sweep of fingertips before returning to Ricki's hair, up along the base of her skull to her crown. And the fingers that follow Niko's halt their progress, interdigitate their fingers so that she can pull his hand up along her arm to shoulder, to nip his fingers before tucking their hands under her chin and smiling between green and bluerider both. "You should really stop me," comes again, almost lucid, almost a plea, but quietly amused, with a tone of something… illicit underlying every breath and that smile that she bites at the corner of with her teeth. "I might feel too much."

Drawing probably far too much support from Niko where he is settled beside her, Ricki makes a soft little sound, something possibly approaching a purr as her shoulders lifts and eyes close. And then, her hand is caught and Risa is speaking, and so Ricki is left to open one eye to peer at her. "Should we, though?" She questions, gently teasing, "I am sure Niko disagrees with that.." As for Ricki? Who knows. "Don't you, Niko, love." She asks softly, turning to gently nuzzle the side of his face, distracted by the bluerider, because well, its Niko.

He's drifting, sinking, caught deep in the languid sensuality that is Risali, the sweet pleasure that is Ricki, and the frank desire that is the triplet greens, even as they roost in their weyr, staring at the fountain and its fingerfish. He wants, needs, with a strength beyond even the stranglehold these ladies have on him at the best of times, and his control, so often hard won, is in peril of being lost. One moment. The next - what Tsarziath said/showed/shared is between blue and rider, but it is the same effect as dunking a drunk in a cold river. With a gasp, he pulls back, inches from crushing Ricki to himself, moments from seizing Risali. With wide stormcloud eyes and a slightly green cast to his skin - for, sudden hangover - he stares. "I - don't - I need to…" He trails off, then turns, twisting to press a soft, tender kiss to Ricki's mouth - and a hard, swift one to Risali's. Then he's up and out and gone, with only a slim towel snagged from a staring rider to protect his honor from the Weyr beyond.

A moment of startled pause, but not long enough for Niko to escape teeth on his lip that pull as he pulls away. And Risali is leaning forward, full of Leirith's terrible ideas and still not trying to seduce anybody, but definitely chasing after those sensations and provocations that feel good. BUT, FOILED! Even if she's burrowing into Ricki with a giggle. Foiled because there are long strides, followed by soft cursing, followed by quicker strides before — WHOOP! There goes Risali, two large hands banding around her upper arms and jerking her out of the water, away from Ricki, away from where N'kon was seconds before, pulling her right into the arms of K'vir who is being greeted with an angery goldrider and then — a melting one, who bites at his earlobe, and holds tight to his body and — nope. K'vir is grabbing one of those towels while supporting Risa's weight with one hand, then wrapping her in it with a mumble of words that might have been an apology to the greenrider, but are snuffed by a mouth on his, and a goldrider giggling as she bites his lip and pulls in a mimicry of what she just did to Niko. AND YEP, THERE HE GOES, hauling his weyrmate outta there, SAVING THOSE WHO NEED SAVING, COMPLETELY ALTRUISTIC IN HIS INTENTIONS and definitely having gathered up her discarded clothes on his way over. DON'T WORRY, K'VIR GAVE ME PERMISSION TO ABUSE HIM, SO ABUSE I HAVE DONE. BUT ALAS. RICKI WILL HAVE TO FIGURE OUT HERSELF. Or, you know, chase after Niko (DO IT DO IT DO IT).

Where just moments before there were 2, there are suddenly none and Ricki is left sitting there, confused, blinking. And then after a moment, there is a curse, and she is clamoring out of the pool and for her clothes, and then quickly in the vague direction so recently taken by N'kon - Faranth help whoever she ends up finding, especially if it isn't the bluerider.

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