Burning Marshmellows

Xanadu Weyr - Caverns
A massive cavern in it's own right, this one has been skillfully adapted for human habitation. The high ceilings have been painted a light, soft ivory, as are the walls where numerous tapestries hang to provide brilliant color and insulation from the stone. The floor has been left in its natural state, pale pink granite speckled through with glittering mica and dark flecks of basalt, leveled carefully but kept sufficiently rough to avoid slips.
The cavern itself is loosely divided into areas, each one set up to be suitable for some segment of the Weyr's population. The most frequently occupied area, however, is the one near the Kitchens where tables of varying sizes provide a place to sit down and eat or chat and a buffet of consumables is almost always kept stocked. Its plain that on most days, this area wouldn't accommodate anywhere near the full population of the Weyr and equally plain that on such occasions when a formal meal is laid out, tables are appropriated from all the other areas.
A big fireplace is set into the wall near the Kitchens as well, several comfortable chairs nearby providing haunts for elderly residents or riders who like a good view of all that happens. Rugs cover the floor in strategic spots, all of them abstract or geometric in design and most in the softly neutral colors of undyed wool.

Exits lead off in all directions, a big archway the largest and that leading outside. Shallow stairs to the west lead to the offices and administration area while tunnels to the east lead to the infirmary, kitchen and resident's quarters. Southwards, a sloping tunnel leads down to the hot springs.

With only two patients occupying the infirmary today, Kera actually talked the Cyrus into venturing out of his domain and, dare one say, mingle away from his office. And people tell Kera that/she/ works too much. She's got nothing on the Journeyman. Minimur chitters softly as Kera steps along with a little bounce in her step. "Smell like the cooks are doing alot of grilled fish today." Still wearing a scarf around her bound up hair, little wisps of lavender strands peek out. After a few steps, she pauses and peers around looking for Cyrus. Hopefully, she won't have to go back the infirmary and drag him out.

c-rus is not the most social of creatures. He never has been. Oh sure. He can be social at work, and in dealing with patients and things, but when it comes to other parts of ihs life he really doesn't do much. He has been in Xanadu long enough now to get a feel for the place and doesn't really feel that he needs to be in the infirmary all the time, its just the place that he is most comfortable. He follows after Kera, the apprentice and purple afficionado, "It does smell good…" he states. As for Mini he was disappointed to see that Kera adopted him. Far too dragon like for his tastes, but to each his or her own.

Kera sees Cyrus appearing from the infirmary tunnel and waits for him to catch up. The small brown chirps a happy greeting to his healer's grumpy bossman. Well, grumpy from Minimur's perspective. He sings a few notes to the approaching man as Kera chuckles "You're such a sweety." This is accompanied by a gentle neck scratch, which sends the firelizard's faceted eyes to calm blue. Once Cyrus has caught up, she continues on to the food lines. Grabbing a couple of plate, she hands one to her journeyman while offering him the spot in front of her in line. "Help yourself sir."

Mmm, chowtime! If anyone ever needed to find Ka'el, doing so is incredibly easy. Just wait around in the caverns and he'll eventually show up. The man lives to serve his stomach, and now that he's back on full duty, his stomach has been needing a lot of servicing. The young Galaxy rider heads into the Caverns in full riding leathers, goggles nestled upon his head and away from his eyes, and gloves in the process of being stuffed into a back pocket. He grins at a few random and familiar Xanadu resident faces, stopping momentarily to answer a few questions about the hatched eggs, and then, once he's free of idle chit chat and friendly gossip, makes a beeline for the desserts!

Cyrus isn't 'grumpy'. A bit socialy awkward perhaps, and he has no love of dragons but he isn't grumpy. Though from the young firelizard's perspective he could see where that might be the case. Living in a place like this is a big change from most of the other places that he has lived. These folks are all so interconnected, and its a bit off putting. He takes the plate that was given him and moves off toward the food, "Thank you…"

Kera grins to Cyrus and points out a few dishes that may look odd. "Not sure what these are, but they're tasty enough." Dishing a bit on her plate, she also adds a nice sized portion of the grilled fish when she get's to it. A few chitters from her shoulder indicates Minimur's preferances. "You'll get yours silly." Glancing around and seeing a few others joining the line, Ka'el bypassing the food and heading straight to the sweets has her head shaking in amusement. "Having your meal in reverse Ka'el?" The girl chuckles before getting a small bowl for the firelizard.

Tray: Secured. Plate: Obtained. Utensils: … Optional? Ka'el peers at the forks and spoons and such, then grabs one of each, just in case all desserts end up not being finger foods. He moves down the line, bypassing main dishes and starters and salads and fruits and all that normal stuff people usually begin their meals with and pauses right in front of the delicious sweets. He grins upon eying the spread. Pudding and cakes and bubblies and some sort of pastry that has a fruit spread and sugar on top that he doesn't know the name of and more! He starts piling his plate. Two cookies. Oh, make that three. And of course a bubbly. And how could he say no to a lemon square? He's considering the pudding when his attention is stolen away by Kera, who earns another grin. "Scientific studies say it's the best way to eat a meal," he says, completely making that up but saying it rather convincingly! His eyes turn to her companion, recognizing him from the caverns. "Good evenin'."

Soriana emerges from - wait for it… the administration hallway. Okay, so it's not all that new and different, but! It's not the sands. At the moment, she'll take it. (Evidently so, because, well, she did it, but even beyond that, she's actually smiling as she comes out. On to… food, sure, she can consider that, but first she's going to have a mug of klah. And then maybe… oh! Dessert, yes. She heads over that way and smile turns to a grin as she sees Ka'el. "Hey!" Oh, and what's that beyond? Kera and… she lifts an eyebrow, but waves.

Cyrus takes a few of the main dishes and puts them on his plate and after turns his attention over toward Kera who seems to be chatting with Ka'el who seems to be loading up on sugar…sugar…and more sugar. His analysis would say that is not a balanced diet, but he isn't working right at the moment so he will let all that pass and not even say anything about it. Hows that for magnanimity? He offers Ka'el a smile and a nod, "Good evening to you as well." Kera seems to be making all kinds of friends with everyone. Good for her.

Kera eyes follow Ka'el down to the pudding and is already shaking her head. "Oh no, studies my eye! How can you have the pudding if you don't eat your meats?" She looks to Cyrus, "Right Cyrus?" hoping he'll back her up, tis not healthy! Soriana! She'll back her up, with a sly smirk, she looks to Ka'el "You should have something more than sweets. Or someone might tell Sori….Oh, Hi Soriana." Still grinning, she waves to the queenrider and looks back to Cyrus and eyes his plate thoughtfully. Refraining from tossing a roll on his plate, she does grab one for herself, then some juice.

Ka'el plucks a slice of cake onto his plate and calls it done! Sweet glorious desserts! The look in his eyes shows how much he can't wait to dig into this cavity inspiring plate of deliciousness. "Do you two have a table?" he asks as he lifts his try just as Soriana joins the group of dessert-goers. These four obviously have their priorities in order! He makes a face of shock. "Wow. I nearly forgot what you looked like away from the Sands and dry. And Kera," he says, looking back to her now, "you've no worries because I don't want the pudding. Which means, I needn't have meat right now." He laughs and gestures with his head to a long table that has room enough for four, and he carries his tray that way to claim it for them.

It seems that this evening is going to be extremely social. It started off as just a dinner with Kera and has blossomed into an all out gathering. Cyrus had of course heard about the hatching, and while certainly it makes the cut of big news he was pretty unemotional about it. Yay more dragons. Woo hoo. Though he wisely keeps most of these thoughts to himself. When on Pern you must do as the Pern folk do. He shakes his head, "Not particularly healthy no…" he does back Kera up, but he isn't going to put alot of energy into the argument eitehr. He gives Sori a polite wave back, "We don't have a table, no."

"Hi, Kera," Soriana says, and eyes Ka'el's plate. He sure does have a lot of pastries on it. Tragic. She'd better help him make good life choices. So she takes the lemon square away from him and has a bite from it before placing it back down on his plate. What? She helped. Sorta. It's his fault for being so shocked at her appearance, which… she grins about. "Does that mean you do or don't want to go to Ista and see those beaches again?" she asks the bronzerider, tone teasing. Because, well, they do have an awful lot of sand. And they're warm and also wet. Cyrus she gives another glance to, and nods as she follows the group table-ward. Never mind on Pern, when at a Weyr… well, it's a good idea to be aware of who you're talking with. For instance! Soriana is aware that this is a mindhealer.

Kera laughs at Ka'el's response and gives it up as hopeless. Grinning as she follows the others to a table, the girl snorts at something Soriana says "I would have thought ya had seen enough hot sand for a while." The oblivious apprentice obviously spends too much time with her head in books. Settling in a chair, she slides an empty one closer and urges Minimur down with a bowl of juicey meaty treats. Unsure if the Journeyman has met both properly, outside of the inrumary, she gestures across the table "Journeyman Cyrus, Ka'el, Junior Weyrwoman Soriana…" she nods to herself and chuckles "Now I'm certain everyone has met." The apprentice chuckles and spears a huge bite of grilled fish.

Hey, his lemon square! Ka'el makes a tragically mournful face as his lemony treat is snatched right off of his plate and eaten! Well, bitten into. But still! "You shall pay for that…" he threatens darkly, which would probably be much more effective if it wasn't said with a grin. He sets his tray down at a table and slides onto the bench to sit. "Ista's beaches are different than our sands. Their sands are black. Ours were red…and…whitish. Total different type of sand altogether. I can stomach a bout of black sands for a day or two," he says, smirking smugly up to the junior weyrwoman. "Too bad. You're stuck with me." Nyeah! As introductions are made, he gives his head a nod. "I think we've met," he says, looking to Cyrus. "Rock climb accident infirmary visit, I think. Even so, well met again, Journeyman."

"Probably," Soriana agrees about the lemon square and her doom. She seems… not really properly concerned, to be honest. Kera's comments about the sands make her laugh, and then she nods to Ka'el's comments. "See? Completely different," she agrees. "Though I suppose we could go somewhere else if we'd rather. I hear Ruatha's pretty?" She grins. "Since you're stuck with me and all, and I've got some important duties to be taken anywhere but here." Aka vacation. Which is why she went back there, to make sure nobody was going to come complaining through Luraoth when they didn't see her. The introduction to Cyrus draws a nod from her, and a casual, "We've met." She smiles nicely to the mindhealer.

Kera 's gaze flickers around the table, listening to the bantering couple make vacation plans while she declares war on her meal and starts decimating it bite by bite. Frequently glancing over to Minimur, she makes sure the lizard doesn't eat too fast. Another healer apprentice rushes up and whispers briefly in Cyrus's ear. The Journeyman's response is to rise quikly, grabbing his meal with him and excusing himself, after telling Kera to take the rest of the day as freetime. Giving a surpriused nod "Oh, um Thank you sir." Watching him curiously a moment, she peers back to her tablemates, offering a shrug "Hope it's not serious, but who am I to argue with my Journeyman." Kera hardly looks very put out about having freetime though.

"Oh hey, no plans remember?" reminds Ka'el as he forks up a bit of his cake, eyes on Soriana. "I say, since we've at least have to have coordinates, we make a list of visit-worthy places, put'm in a hat or something, and let one've our firelizards pick one out." Can't get more random than a firelizard, right? He grins before taking the bite of cake from the fork, chewing happily while looing at her with an expectant look. "Eh? Good idea, right?" Eyes sweep to Kera, looking for her opinion too. He watches as Cyrus is ushered off, and once he's gone he shakes his head. "Makes me almost happy I never made Journeyman. … Almost. But hey, lucky you," he says chipperly to Kera. "A free rest day. Those don't come often."

Ooh, that's right. No plans. "I dunno, that sounds like putting together a whole bunch of plans and only doing one of them. Far too much work." Soriana grins to Ka'el, and sits down with him and Kera. "We'll just… I dunno, pick a direction on the map?" A shrug. There's always darts? She waves to Cyrus as the journeyman departs, then smiles. "Always nice. So… what're you going to do with it?" she asks Kera.

Kera considers Ka'el's suggested method for deciding and has to nod in agreement. "It's bout as random as anything else would be…." Peeking to Soriana with a smirk "..darts could be dangerous to one's health.." sipping down some juice before a few more bites are taken from her plate, she grins with another nod "Yea, just as well. I've gotten new manuals I've not even had a chance to give a once through yetso.. Guess I know how I'll be spending my afternoon."

Mur'dah ducks into the caverns from the…nursery? That might explain the milky white stain on the front of his tunic as he goes to grab a cloth napkin to start vigorously wiping at it. "Ugh," he mutters under his breath.

"Alright, we'll do it your way then. Fly … whichever way. North. West. Southeast. Wherever. See where we end up." The best plans are no plans after all! The cake Ka'el started on is gone rather quickly. Those darn kitchenmaids cut the pieces far too small! But that's alright. That just leaves room in is stomach for other things. Like that Sori-bitten lemon square, which he now starts on. He takes a bite and chews, looking over at Kera only to pause mid chew. Pause. Stare. Brow…..arch. "You're jokin', right?" He finishes chewing to swallow. "You're given a free day. An unexpected treasure, and you're going to spend it reading manuals?" He leans across the table in attempt to press his hand to her forehead. "You must have a fever."

"We can always pick a direction and trace it on the map," Soriana suggests to Ka'el. "If we want to get far away. Just… draw a line until it intersects somewhere we can get coordinates for." She grins to him, and steals a cookie from his plate to take a bite of that, too… then sets it down as she glances to Kera, and arches an eyebrow. What. Seriously? "…or," she suggests after Ka'el, "You could go to the beach, since it's not going to be good weather for swimming that much longer. Maybe Idrissa'd go with you?" Because people need to have fun. "You-" Wait. A Mur'dah just passed in front of her from… "…what… were you… delivering?" She doesn't want to know. And yet, she wants to ask. Or is that she can't help but ask?

Kera pauses with the fork half way to her mouth and peers between both riders across from her, mainly Ka'el since he's checking her for a fever. A little shake of her head is given and a halfhearted shrug "What? I just got new lessons with new manuals to go with them." Have you seen the size of some of those manuals? She needs a head start with those huge doorstops. "I guess I /could/ read at the beach though. Do either of you know if Idirssa has pla…" She snaps her mouth shut suddenly when Mur'dah goes by. Lowering her fork to plate quickly, she's reaching up to tug her scarf forward, too bad some of those pesky purplish strands are peeking out anyway.

Mur'dah dunks the napkin in a water pitcher (that's hygienic) and rubs at the stain again, but that does nothing but make a big wet spot on his light blue tunic. SIGH. "A toddler," he answers Sori with a smirk. "I think it was a prank. Maybe. Because…who ships a toddler? But she had a shipping invoice and everything, so…" Shrug? "Hey," he adds to Ka'el and Kera, before, "OH. Ka'el." The brownrider digs into his travel satchel and pulls out a tin of cookies. "Idrissa gave me these to give to you." Wiggle.

"…why," Soriana says to Mur'dah. It's not really a question. Well, it is, but it's also a statement. Why. Just… okay, yes, that's an explanation, but… it… no, it really doesn't help. "At least… uh… did someone sign for the delivery?" Or is it just an anonymous drop of… okay, she's not all that concerned, because it was to the nursery, but still. Toddlers for delivery. Healer apprentices studying on their days off. Yeah. She needs a vacation. Also? "I'm going to get more food." She stands, shakes her head, and walks over that way.

"I think you're not understanding the whole point of a free restday," remarks Ka'el who continues to look at Kera with…a mind-boggled expression even after his hand is pulled away from her fever-less head. "You see 'rest', 'manuals', and 'beach' aren't three words that go together. Ever. You're doin' this all wrong." He sits back down in his seat to regard her with a smirk now. "Especially considering you've three dragonriders at your disposal right now. The world is your oyster…or..however the saying goes. Kanekith's been itchin' to fly so bad he wouldn't even care if he had ten people on his back." He glances down at his plate, spying a bitten cookie. Waaait am minute. When did that happen! He eyes the assumed culprit, Soriana, with a glare but soon sees her attention is elsewhere: more food. He glances to Mur'dah, his wet shirt, and the offered tin with a quirked brow. He takes it to peer in, eyeing the cookies with a frown. "Laced with arsenic, likely. No thank you."

Kera blinks up to Mur'dah, waiting for him to add the punchline. "Seriously?" Thinking a moment she chuckles. "Do you charge extra for that?" Watching as Soriana goes to get some food, Kera looks between the others and quietly eats as she listens. Looking up when she's suddenly learning she's been doing restdays all wrong. "There is somethng to that, I mean, you're right, there are thre.. two dragonriders here, but it wouldn't be right to assume I can go off whereever I want just cause I know someone who has a dragon." Another shrugs given "Besides, I only know a few people that aren't here, at the Hall or back at Rubicon. So it's not like I have that many options." The girl's gaze follows the little cookie tin very intently.

Mur'dah shrugs, "Yeah, one of the nannies signed for the kid. But not before she threw up on me." Grimace. Flopping into a chair near the others, he frowns at Ka'el when he turns down the cookies. "That's mean," he says, taking one for himself and popping it into his mouth. "She's trying to reach out. Hey, Kera," he finally says with a grin. "How're you? And yeah, we do charge extra for live cargo." Cargo. "Well you can always at least ask."

"Yes but, we're all your friends," remarks Ka'el to Kera who picks up a cookie from his plate. His dinner is apparently consisting of nothing but sweets tonight. Minus those provided in the tin that's now being rummaged through by Mur'dah. "You askin' for a dragon ride isn't a big deal y'know, Kera. It might be if you were a stranger. But shells, that's Mur'dah's job." He grins a little. "Plus, who says you've got to go somewhere just because you know somewhere there? I don't know a single person on Ista, but hell if that stopped me from layin' on their beaches." He bites into the cookie as his eyes shift to Mur'dah. Mean? Pft. He shrugs a shoulder. "I'm not trying to be reached by her, an' she knows that."

Kera darts a gaze to Ka'el then Mur'dah when the bronzerider refuses cookies. "Let me get this straight, ya been sitting here scarfing down sweet after sweet. But ya refuse cookies? Maybe I should be checking 'you' for a fever." Obviously, she's out of the loop on something, but that's nothing new. When Mur'dah flops down, Minimur chitters happily to the brownrider, before an almost dainty belch erupts from the small lizard. Then his knobby little head dives back into his bowl. Nibbling her bottom lip a little nervously she smiles to Mur'dah. "Hi Mur'dah….Well, I did, sorta, recently." Mur'dah should know, he was there. After a few seconds, she takes a deep breath and sighs "I guess I could think up somewhere to go." Eyeing the riders she smirks "I suppose you'll search me for books and manuals before take off?"

Mur'dah pops another cookie into his mouth, just shrugging at Ka'el and then glancing at Kera. "Are we going somewhere?" He seems eager enough for a trip. "I'd have to change my tunic first, especially if there are girls wherever we're going."

Ka'el simply nods in answer to Kera's cookie question. "Yup." Maybe he's had enough cookies? Or maybe it has something to do with arsenic. Or perhaps something else entirely that he's not getting in to at the moment. Glad that the subject has been dropped by the brownrider, Ka'el reaches for his mug of water to drink. Thank goodness it's water and not juice or the guy would likely die from sugar overdose! "Here, I'll help," says Ka'el, looking to Kera. "Think of a place you've always wanted to go to. For fun. It could be anywhere around Xanadu, or if you don't mind betweening, anyplace that our dragons can picture. Which, between the three've them, can be anywhere. Think .. fun. Think /warm/. Think…" Uh, girls? He glances to Mur'dah, then Kera, pingponging. Oh, he heard about their date alright. Ahem. Moving on. "Think adventure! An' yeah, a clean shirt for you Mur'dah even if we're going just out to the clearing here. Baby vomit is not a good look."

Kera rolls her eyes in amusement over Ka'el's affinity for sweets but appears to be giving his line of thought about a destination serious consideration. Expecially when Mur'dah seems to be included in the outing. Though her obvious rising cheer dwindles rather quickly at the brownrider's comment. Quickly finding her plate simply 'facinating', Kera pushes a few things around her plate with the fork. A little grunting sound and shoulder shrug is offered. Rearranging her food some more "You go ahead Mur'dah, I'ld just slow ya down." Darting a glance up to Ka'el, she gives a very slight nod "I'll keep in mind what ya said though and figure out somewhere to go later."

Mur'dah is clueless, glancing at Ka'el with a 'what just happened' look before brown eyes focus on Kera. "You're…not coming? But it was your idea, wasn't it? Somewhere warm, get out, away from studying…right? Or did I miss something while cleaning toddler vomit off my tunic?" Which gets tugged at with a grimace. Ew.

Poor clueless Mur'dah. That's alright. Ka'el is here to save the day! … or something. He glances to the brownrider and gives his brows a very vague lift and a meaningful look towards Kera. Dude! "Mur'dah's got a point, Kera. This is your thing. Plus, I figure you'd rather ride Kalsuoth than Kanekith anyway. He's a Comet dragon. Trained for transport and all. But if you can't think of any place now, no worries. There'll be other rest days. This one can be celebrated right here at home. No books, no manuals."

Reluctantly, she takes a bite from her plate before putting her fork down. With her mental distraction, she misses any looks passed between the riders. Hearing her name, she looks to Ka'el sharply "Hmm?" Kera looks up quickly, gaze flickering to Mur'dah very quickly before settling on Ka'el. "My idea? I was just gonna give my new manuals a once through one the beach. It was your and Soriana's idea for me to consider a restday away from Xanadu." Wasn't it? Grr. Mur'dah's gone and flustered her yet again. Suddenly confused about the last couple of minutes, she just slips into quiet.

Mur'dah blinks at Ka'el, and then a /big/ blink. "Oh." And he clears his throat, blushing slightly as he shakes his head. "Yeah, Kalsuoth likes you, you're always welcome," he says to the Healer with a genuine smile. When she quiets, he shoots Ka'el a 'help!' look. "Um. So. If you could go anywhere…where would you go?" That to Kera, since Ka'el has his own dragon and can go wherever he wants. Speaking of which, "Hey, how are you feeling anyway?" That is for Ka'el.

"Yes I know it was my..our /idea/ but it was an idea for you. You've got to relax!" says Ka'el, his easy-going smile still intact. "We all do, really. Soriana's been stuck on the sands for months, sweating her guts out. I've been..well.. you know. In and out of the infirmary. Mur'dah's been busy." He's guessing! "We all haven't had a day together in ages," he says, looking to Mur'dah, Kera, and the back of Soriana's head. She seems to have gotten caught by a few women who missed the hatching and are wanting a play by play! Poor girl. "It was just an idea since the opportunity came up. Shells, we could do somethin' as simple as roast marshmallows. I've got some at home." S'mores, anyone? Mur'dah's question has him grinning, and he gives his own ribs a poke. "Hardly hurts anymore. Back to full duty as of today. And A-OK to fly."

Kera reaches for her juice, and fiddles with the rim of the glass after taking a sip. Mur'dah is flashed a quick glance as she thinks, "I don't know really. Maybe somewhere to play in snow." She shakes her head at Ka'el, Soriana looked around for briefly before peering back to the brinzerider "I still am surprised she wants to go somewhere warm and sunny, considering how long she was on the sands." Her attention drifts around, "But marshmellows on the bech sounds nice." BLinking that it may sound like she is encouraging a firehazard "As long as several waterbuckets are close by of coarse."

Did these women not hear about… of course they did, or they wouldn't have nearly so many questions about specifics. Soriana was going to go get food, but as it is, she just takes the opportunity to escape and flee back to the table with the others. Maybe she doesn't need to eat after all. Or she can eat at their random unplanned location? Just fly until they find food, that'll be the new plan.

Mur'dah nods in full agreement with Ka'el's words, looking hopefully at Kera. Mind changed now? When she seems to kind of agree to do something, he slouches a bit in his chair. "Well then. It's decided. We're doing one of those things." Hand gesture and a grin. "But which one? You pick, Kera. You've got dragonriders at your command. What would you have us do? And I'm glad you're finally out of bed, Ka'el." And he leans over to give the bronzerider's ribs a rather gentle but still felt backhand thump. It's a manly gesture.

"A month or so more an' I'll wager we'll but up to our knees in snow right here," says Ka'el shivering at the thought. Oh, winter! How he hates you! But snow /is/ fun to play in, and it's a start. Now … which palce is in the winter season? If that's what they end up doing. Marshmallows are still a go, and the decision is left to Kera. Ka'el nods in agreement that she should pick. "I think the sands of the arena and the sands of a beach don't really compare," he laughs in response to Kera. "Plus, there's water at a beach to cool off with. She had to suffer with nothing in the arena." And speaking of Soriana, here she is. Oh hey! Mur'dah's thump is answered with a smirk, though he soon leans over him to murmur something.

Ka'el mutters to Mur'dah, "… goin',… some…"
Ka'el whispers, "Whenever we get to wherever we're goin', you an' I need to have some words." to Mur'dah.

Kera looks between the riders, smirking at their interaction between each other. Looking to Mur'dah a few seconds after his comments, she nods with a little smile starting to reappear. "Okay, Marshmellows it is then." Pushing her plate away, Ka'el's reasoning gets an agreeable nod. "Perhaps, but it's not snowing around here now is it?" A wink amused wink is flashed as she grabs Minimur's food bowl and her plate. "I'll just go drop my dishes off." Minimur squawks indignantly when his bowl is taken "Quiet you, Licked it clean didn't ya brat." So what's he complaining about? Soriana's return is greeted with a curious frown "Where's your food?"

Or, well, not-plan. Whatever it is. (Isn't.) Soriana is at least not supposed to have one, though she does nod to Ka'el and Mur'dah as she arrives back. Kera, though - and the question - she shrugs to. "Decided not to." Because? "It's busy." Sure it is. "I'll get something later." What's this? Is it another shrug? It is! "So." A smile. "What'd I miss? Any more human cargo for delivery?" That's directed at Mur'dah.

Mur'dah tilts his head to listen to Ka'el and then blinks at him, confused, before he mutters back. "Hey, Sori," Mur'dah welcomes (re-welcomes) her. "Not that I know of. Not at the moment though. But if you hear that was a prank, /please/ let me know so I can give whoever-it-is a canine with diarrhea to take to Boll." This is why he's not in diplomacy.

Mur'dah mutters to Ka'el, "Am… trouble…"
Mur'dah whispers "Am I in trouble again?"

Ka'el smirks. "Not with me," is his answer to Mur'dah before he eyes his plate again. One cookie left. Crumbs of that pastry. Everything else? Devoured! An apparently that was his dinner because he's not making any moves to get any of that fish or .. real fod that's being served. Totally nutritious meal he had. "We're roasting marshmallows," he informs Soriana, grinning. "On..the beach?" he glances to Kera for clarification on that. "There's always a pit dug there somewhere. I've got marshmallows at my place. I'll run by and get'm and meet you all there?"

Kera eyes Soriana curiously at the woman's rambling. Kera just nods to Soriana though "Okie, um, meet you there." Another glance is given to the table, and her smile is more sincere than a few moments ago. Then she gives a three tone whistle as she starts off. Minimur waste no time in taking off after the little healer. Once her dishes are deposited in the tub, the girl slips into the kitchen for some reason.

"I'll keep an ear out," Soriana says to Mur'dah with a grin. Will she actually tell him if she finds out? Well… she is in diplomacy. More or less. So, maybe not so much. She looks back to Ka'el. Marshmallows? "Huh. Sounds fun." The beach? A glance to Kera, and a nod. Soriana did suggest that as a locale! With good reason… and then she looks back to Ka'el. "I'll come with you?" Because running along on errands is always such a fun time. Yep. Ulterior motives what? She doesn't even know what those are.

Mur'dah watches Kera go, and then - of course, Ka'el and Sori are going together. "Meet you there then," the brownrider says, pushing to his feet and heading for the exit.

Ka'el isn't going to protest having Sori come with him. Nope, never. But he does seek out Mur'dah's eyes hopefully before he gets too far and makes a 'you..me…talk' sort of gesture. Eye to eye! He's not sure where Kera's going, but he calls towards the kitchen. "Might want to catch up with Mur'dah before he tries to give us the slip, Kera!" He grins, rises, waits a bit for Soriana, and then heads out with her to fetch marshmallows. And probably a firelizard and a tiny piece of firestone. Cuz … they need a fire, and firelizards are like living matches.

Kera is gone a moment or two before she comes trotting out of the kitchen with a small basket. In her rush, she nearly runs into an older Aunty tryin to get up. Murmuring some appologies and assisting the woman up, Kera then looks around to see if the others have left already or not.

Waiting? Oh, no. Soriana isn't waiting. Waiting is how she gets dragged into another conversation about eggs or politics or… yep. She's ready to go. "Seeya there!" she says to Mur'dah, and when Kera gets back… she'll likely see the back of a head? Maybe? Also, using firelizards as matches is utterly irresponsible and probably going to burn down the weyr someday, but today, she'll just make sure the rest of the firestone is securely locked up again and not say a word. Off. Duty.


Xanadu Weyr - Beach
The unerring range of subdued white rises and falls in a multitude of sandy dunes, creating an endless amount of tiny valleys constantly demolished and rebuilt by the frequent arrival or departure of a dragon. Smoothing out as it slopes gently to the edge of the deep blue water, the sand darkens and a shell here and there stands out for children to collect. The beach itself is set along a low cliff - the height lessoning as one heads eastwards, blocking a portion of the beach from direct access.
The wide wide stretch of water opens up to the east, the far distant shore way beyond the horizon and the beach curves ever so slowly round to east and west, distant arms of land embracing the wind-ruffled Caspian Lake. East leads up to the mouth of the Rubicon River, where the protecting cliff is merely an arms length higher then the sand, and beyond that, a winding road leading out of Xanadu's territory. Westwards, the beach narrows as the cliff swings out, leaving a path wide enough for dragons in single file before cutting in to the sheltered cove designated the Weyrling Beach. However, cut in the cliff face to the north are a variety of rough, wide staircases, providing access to the clearing and to the meadow.

Mur'dah gets down to the beach and starts hunting out a fire pit. They're not hard to find, the brownrider tossing his jacket onto the ground to 'claim' it as he meanders up to the woods to start hunting down some good firewood and kindling.

Kera made a pit stop by the dorms on her way, to grab her jacket and replace the thin scarf with a poofy knitted hat. Just the thing to hide that vivid hair. With basket in hand, she strolls towards the beach at a jog that slows to a walk when the loose sand is reached. Seeing a jacket on the ground she lets the basket down near it and looks around. Mur'dah is spotted and she moves to catch up. Seeing what he's up to "Need some help?"

Beach time! Ka'el and Soriana obviously have made a pitstop at Ka'el's weyr to secure marshmallows. They're important to this little random shindig, you know. As are sticks. Luckily Ka'el lives in the forest, and twigs aren't exctly difficult to come by. And neither is firestone, which he only took a miniscule piece of to slide into his pocket. And last but not least, Alloy! The bronze firelizard is easy to summon, thankfully /not/ chasing after some random glowy green for once. Sticks have been given to Sori to carry back. Ka'el's in charge of marshmallows. And Alloy is just happy to be along.

That's right. Soriana's got the sticks! Fetching and carrying pieces of wood is… not paperwork or watching eggs on the sands. She's good with it. She waves a handful of sticks to Mur'dah and Kera as they approach the beach, looking for the firepit of choice. And she can just eat marshmallows for dinner, to go with her bite of lemon square and cookie.

Mur'dah turns to smile at Kera, "Sure, just looking for some wood. About this big," gesture, "and this big around, maybe? Like those," he says, pointing to the few he's already gathered. Waving back to Ka'el and Soriana, he points to the fire pit he claimed.

Kera slows back down when she catches up with the brownrider. Nodding at what he points out, "Alrighty, think I can manage that." with a chuckle she proceeds to pick up a few peices when she sees them. Spotting Ka'el and Soriana, she waves "Soriana, there's a couple of sandwiches and jugs of klah in that basket there." She points to said basket near Mur'dah's jacket.

Marshmallows are a part of a well balanced meal. Soriana will be just fine. "Hey guys!" Ka'el waves a marshmallow-weilding hand towards Kera and Mur'dah, spotting them getting the pit ready. Alloy flies ahead and circles the pit before landing on the sand. He knows what to do. He's done this plenty of times! He chitters and chirps and rars! Where's the chewy stone, huh? Ka'el reaches into his pocket and pulls out the pea-sized slither of firestone and offers to to Soriana. "If you want, you can give this to Al and get the fire started with Kera." And possibly eat something that's not made purely with sugar? Maybe! He tries catching eyes with Mur'dah to gesture him over.

Exactly! So well-balanced, one tiny marshmallow can balance an entire meal of actual nutritious content. Soriana nods to Mur'dah indication, then blinks to Kera. Basket? Oh! Another blink, and then a, "Thanks!" before she heads to the fire to get it started. Ka'el's making her complicit in the firelizard firestarting? …okay, just this once, because she's not on duty. And so she does! And picks up food to eat, but then… she gets the distant look. The dragon-talking look. The… "Shards and shells, really?" look. Sigh. "I'll…" frown "…be back. Later." Dragons. Worst. Appointmentbooks. Ever. Because you can't leave them behind. She turns (taking the basket with her) and heads off again.

Mur'dah catches Ka'el's gesture and glances at Kera. "Right. Thanks." And, abandoning her to do all the work, he strides off to join Ka'el, tossing a wave after Sori. "Sucks to be a goldrider sometimes," he says in sympathy. "So what's up?"

Kera watches Soriana a moment til she crouches down and starts attacking the basket. Looking back to Mur'dah as he dumps the twigs he holds on the sand and excuses himself to go talk to Ka'el. Peering after him with a confused frown, she crouches to a gather the twigs up just as Soriana rushes off. With kindling in arm, she goes and drops them in the firepit, leaving them however they fall. She doubt the fire loving riders will have trouble getting a spark.

Soriana is leaving? Ka'el knows that look, and he wrinkles his nose a little as she has to move off. "I'll save marshmallows!" he promises, waving a hand. "Hey Kera, will you make sure that the only thing he burns is wood?" he says, eyeing the now unattended Alloy who is happily chewing on that firestone that'll be swallowed….now. Gulp! He chirps up at Kera. Give him a minute… Ka'el turns back to Mur'dah, keeping himself close as he picks up wood just for show. "Hey. You've got to do better, man," he says before his voice lowers a notch.

Ka'el mutters to Mur'dah, "… stop… of…"
Ka'el whispers, "You know she likes you, right? You've got to stop talkin' about other girls in front of her." to Mur'dah.

Mur'dah blinks at Ka'el, standing there stupidly. Because he's stupid. "What?"

Kera glances up to Ka'el, nodding "Sure, no problem." Watching the bronze work the little stone "Hello little dude." She starts mounding sand up in a ring as she shifts around the pit "Go ahead Alloy. Light it up." Luckily, the healer leans back from the pit before the infirno starts.

Little dude! That's him. Alloy chirps and rars! happily at the attention, wings fanning out a little. But oh! His belly is bubbly and gassy, and taht must mean that he's ready to make some fire! The bronze moves to the pit that Kera has set up, circling around it, looking for the perfect spot. No, not here. Not there either. but.. yes! This is perfect. He situates things in his belly, pauses, takes in a breath, then… "Raaar!" Like a mini flamethrower, fire shoots from his mouth onto the wood. Light my fire, baby! Knowing that Soriana is gone which leaves poor Kera by herself other than Alloy for company, Ka'el must make this quick! He continues to speak to Mur'dah in low tones.

Ka'el mutters to Mur'dah, "… I… the… auntie… sits… the… of… is… Mur'dah. She likes you. She… shardin' firelizard… you… So… give her… time… let… down… Either… her…. sensitive."
You whisper "Seriously. I think the blind auntie who sits in the corner of the caverns is aware, Mur'dah. She *likes* you. She named her shardin' firelizard after you, you git! So either give her the time of day, or let her down easy. Either way be careful what you say around her. Girls are .. sensitive." to Mur'dah.

Mur'dah blinks again, his dark eyes flitting towards Kera and then back to Ka'el. And then it's Mur'dah's turn to whisper.

Mur'dah mutters to Ka'el, "She… We… to… time… really…. like… with… I'm… her. How… let… easy like… You… help me…."
Mur'dah whispers "She likes me? We seem to fight every time we're together! I…um. I'm not interested, really. I like hanging out with her but I'm not…uh. Attracted to her. How do you let a girl down easy like /that/? You have to help me. What do I do?"

Kera takes another step back at the amount of flame that Alloy produces. "Not too much, whoa whoawhoa." Chuckling at the bronze's enthusiam for his task, she glances towards the water a few minutes before peering back to the growing flame and letting herself flop back onto the sand. A quick little wiggle to make the sandy seat more comfortable, then she reaches over to pick out one of the melting branches.

Alloy is a professional fire starter! Look how much fire he made! Kera's prompting does have him closing his mouth though, and the firewood remains ignited brightly. Churr! He burps a minor flame and makes a pleased sound as he walks around the pit to examine his work. Ka'el glances at the fire, then puts a hand on Mur'dah's shoulder as he leans in to him.

Ka'el mutters to Mur'dah, "You… sure… so… to… something…. is… Let's…"
Ka'el whispers, "You have to tell her straight out. Make sure you're clear so she's not, y'know, clinging to hope or something. I'll help. Not tonight. Tonight is marshmallows! Let's go." to Mur'dah.

Mur'dah just shakes his head, frowning and trying to say something else, but he stops himself and instead just sighs, trailing after Ka'el. By the time they get to the fire, he's got a smile back on. "Hey, nice job you two."

Kera grins as the lizard circles his creation then sits back to admire it proudly. "Well done Alloy." Working to not start giggling at the bronze, her curious gaze drifts around the beach worriedly before Mur'dah's voice draws her attention. "It was Alloy that did it. Big huge flames..weren't they Alloy." This said indulgantly grin to the bronze of coarse before looking between Ka'el and Mur'dah. "I'm surprised Mini isn't around. Then again, he's rather stuffed." Her gaze drifts between the riders "Look, if you two need to discuss rider stuff, I can head back."

Chirp chirp! Happy picture thoughts! Alloy is content to lay down near Kera because his human partner is busy and this human, although not his partner, is particularly nice. Ka'el watches after Mur'dah for a moment before he follows back to the firepit, lifting up his plastic bag of marshmallows. "Marshmallows are ready!" he proclaims, tossing them down near the sticks for skewering. He plops down on the sand, gives Alloy's back a scratch, then goes about getting a stick for himself and poking a few marshmallows through. "Stop trying to dismiss yourself, Kera," he says as he works. "You're not going anywhere. It's roasting time."

Mur'dah laughs, shaking his head at Kera. "Why do you keep trying to get out of your own relaxing?" he teases her. "Are the manuals really /that/ interesting?" Flopping down, he grabs a stick and skewers a marshmallow, offering that one to Kera because he's a nice guy - maybe. Then he makes one for himself.

Kera watches Alloy settle in the sand near here and chuckles when she points the side of the fire where the wood hasn't caught yet "I think you missed a little spot Alloy." Canting her head at Ka'el "Dismiss? Nah, it just seemed like you had something important o discuss so.." She shrugs it off though and smiles to Mur'dah when he offers her a ready-skewed stick. "Thanks." The brownrider's question does give her something to think about though "I'm not sure. I guess it just seems if I have too much time to relax, then something will happen to coun ter it, and not in a good way." Flashing a glance around the riders, she smirks "To me they are. And I just got new ones with my promotion soo…." Her gaze darts to Ka'el "You seemed very glad to get those new smithy manuals when you were supposed to be relaxing in the infirmary…remember?"

Ka'el shakes his head. "Nah, it can wait. We came here for this, anyway," he says, grinning as he shakes his marshmallow stick. He has three on his! Optimum roasting number. Or .. he's just a greed fiend. He hovers the marshmallows near the fire to brown, leaning forward a little and draping an arm over an upturned knee. "You got a promotion?" He lifts a brow, looking at her. "Shards, has it been that long since we spoke last? Congratulations!" He snickers at the mentioning of his smithing books. "Hey, that was different. I was injured and stuck in bed for days and days and sevens. 'Relaxing' and 'Recovering' are different!"

Mur'dah has two on his, because two is the best number for roasting. Obviously. And he's that guy that sticks the marshmallows into the fire and lets them burst into flames just so he has the joy of blowing them out, and picking at the charred bits to get to the gooey inside. "Promotion? Yeah, congrats, Kera!"

Kera holds her mellows near the fire. "You're gonna burn them." This to Mur'dah before flashing a grin and nodding to both "Yep!" she pops the p in a cheeky manner. "Thanks." this to both riders before she goes on. "I was recalled back to the Hall over a month ago…right at the beginning of Fort's Winter Festival. Thought I was in trouble, but I had to take a bunch of test. I must have tested better than I thought." A happy shrug given as she turns her stick slowly. A nod sent to Ka'el "Yea, well, you all've been busy, what with the clutch, and being laid up." A quick glance is given to the brownrider "And well, everyone's just been busy." Her mellow catches flame and she start blowing it quickly.

Ka'el digs a hand into the marshmallow bag and tosses one to Alloy. Nomnom sticky sticky! He eyes Mur'dah's preferred way of roasting, looking amused. He eyes his own. Just a liiittle loner to get a little more brown around the sides. No fireball marshmallows yet from him. "Well shells, now I feel bad," he says as he listens to Kera. "A promotion deserves some recognition. What's your rank now? Not Journeyman. … Senior apprentice, then?" He can't help but grin and laugh as her marshmallow turns into a fireball.

Mur'dah nods, "I like them burned," he says with a grin. "Well congrats on the promotion and all, Kera, that's really great. See, Ka'el? That's how you're /supposed/ to roast marshmallows. None of that slow and patient, evenly browned sh - crap." But he's teasing, honestly, he doesn't care.

Kera huffs at her tiny flaming torch a couple of times til it's out. Sliding off the blackened coating, she plops it in her mouth. Working to cool it, soon Kera is able to enjoy the marshy goodness. "Mm, that's good." Lifting her stick in salute "Twas a good idea Ka'el." Waving off his concern, "No need to feel bad." Her head shakes, then nods along with the Bronzer. "Yea. Senior Apprentice." Sitting a bit straighter at that, she grins at Mur'dah's teasing of his friend. "Hmm, maybe we can convert him to like then overdone?" Her gaze drifts to Allow curiously "Is it alright for him to be eating these?"

"Mmm, don't be jealous that I'm the only one here who knows how to properly roast a marshmallow," says Ka'el with a grin, eyes on his work. Not too close to the fire, but not too far. They're getting brown. Browner. "This is a skill that most don't have, y'know? It took me tu- ah!" Fire! A marshmallow is on fire! He pulls his stick back and blows at the bottom marshmallow, now blackened like theirs. "… I meant for that to happen." He laughs and picks off a gooey charred bit to eat. Yum! Kera's question of Alloy gets him laughing. "Oh he's had worse. He has a steel stomach, don't you boy?" Another marshmallow is tossed.

Mur'dah snorts, "Oh yeah, I'm /so/ jealous of you," Mur'dah says with a drawling sarcasm, but it's funny because he /has/ been jealous of Ka'el in the past. "HA!" Point and LAUGH.

Kera doesn't even try to hide her snickering when Ka'el starts a small wildfire when he barely finishes boasting how he won't. "Uh huh." is her only response to the lame excuse. All three sit by the fire, all three have burned their marshy goodness, and Alloy is stuffing himself with raw fluffs of sugar. Kera watches said lizard making quick work of his mellows. A few seconds go by and she shrugs her shoulders to Mur'dah. "If anything, he should be jealous. Afterall, he took the longest to toast his right?"

"You should be jealous. All of you…" Hm. One. Two people. "Both of you," Ka'el amends with a grin, eyeing his two nicely browned marshmallows and his one charcoaled one, which he's picking apart stickily now to eat. As if he hasn't had enough sugar for one day! "So what does a senior healer apprentice do then, Kera?" he asks as he suckles one of his fingers. "Will you be the one performin' surgeries now? Stitching me up the next time I fall off a rock face?"

Mur'dah stabs two more marshmallows onto his stick and shoves them into the flames, leaning back and grinning at Kera. "Exactly." And then Ka'el asks a good question, so the brownrider quiets to hear the answer.

Kera looks to Ka'el, then to Mur'dah, then around the beach for /all/ these people that should be jealous. Another glance given to Mur'dah before she turns and amused grin to Ka'el. "ALL of us are just green with envy over your mellow blackening prowess oh master of mellow toasting." Eating the last mellow she has cooked, Kera proceeds to reload. The inquiry of her duties draws a quick gaze up from her task. "Oh nono. I can assist journeymen in surgery. But we're recalled back to the Hall for…certain tasks. But I can stitch you up a straight line." Leaning her skewered fluffs towards the fire "New subjects to study, deeper study of old subjects." A quick shrug lifts her fingers as she glances between the two riders "How about yourselves? I spoke with M'kal, he came askin for new books to pick his studies back up." This mainly to Ka'el but she includes Mur'dah "What will ya both do now that you're settled in your Wings routines?"

Ka'el is the slowest marshmallow eater in the world, apparently. He's just now finishing that torched one and now pulls one of the browned treats from the stick to bite into. Nuuuum! Gooey sticky awesomeness! "You can stitch me up anytime," he offers. "I'd rather you sew me up than some stranger. Figure you'll feel more guilty if you botch it with someone you know, so you're more likely be careful." Another gooey bite is taken. His brows raise at the mentioning of his wingmate, and hd nods thoughtfully. "Makes sense. He did like healing before. Mm. Other'n those books you gave me an' a few personal projects here n' there, I haven't done much with smithing. Not as much as I had hoped. But, I like Search so can't really complain."

Mur'dah chuckles, and then grins at Kera. "More wing stuff I guess. Don't really have many hobbies that are productive. Just hanging out." Listening to Ka'el, the brownrider nods. "No real deadline for things, which is kind of nice. You can do what you want when you have the time."

Kera lifts a brow at Ka'el's offer to be stitched up. "Well, let's hope it doesn't come to that." She's pleased with the sentiment however. "Just keep in mind that a friend may smack the back of your head if it was stupidty that got ya stitched up to begin with." She jabs her marshy stick in Ka'el's direction before going back to turning the stick slowly near the flames. Considering Mur'dah out of the corner of her eye, Kera glances his way thoughtfully. "Ya need a hobby. Everyone should have a hobby."

"I think you just like hitting me.." remarks Ka'el to Kera's smacked head comment. "You've smacked me before … I forget why. All this bein' hit in the head is starting to effect my memory." He points his single marshmallow stick right back at her, eyes narrowed with blame but his act is quick to melt away with a grin. "I do like not havin' deadlines," he remarks to Mur'dah, nodding. "Takin' my time on things. Making what I want to make. An' you're only being modest. You have a hobby that you practice on occasion. Weren't you goin' on before about how good you are with your hands?" A brow arches, but at least there's a smirk to go with it this time around.

Mur'dah has a hobby. It's flirting with girls, but he can't SAY that. (Thanks, Ka'el). So the brownrider just shrugs. "Maybe I'll take up runner riding again…" And then - THEN - Ka'el is saying THAT, and Mur'dah doesn't really know what he's talking about, but of course his teenage mind goes right to the gutter and he /stares/ at the bronzerider. "Kalsuoth is calling me. I have to go." Lame excuse. Blame it on the dragon.

Kera 's eyes widen in mock indignation "You were cheating at kickball, and using that huge wagon ya call a dragon to do it." Cracking into a smirk quickly, "I'm only kidding, about the wagon part." Then she test her marshy fluffs and pops one in her mouth before Ka'el's comments has her nearly choking. When she manages to breath again, Mur'dah's leaving again. She sends a quick wave to his back "G'night Mur'dah…" then cants a disappointed look to her browning mellow.

"Using my resources effectively, y'mean," counters Ka'el with playful smugness, words directed to Kera. But aw. Mur'dah is leaving? "Well, alright. But remember we're gonna talk some more about things," he says to the brown rider as he pulls off the last of his marshmallows from his stick. "Soon," is added as an afterthought once his eyes turn back to Kera, who gazes at her roasting treat. The edges of his lips downturn briefly before being replaced by a smile. "Looks like it's just you and me, huh? And I'm gonna have to go before long .. but not yet. Was this a mission accomplished? Did you have at little fun, at least?"

Kera looks up from mellow and plucks off the end one when it gets gooey. A little smile is given to Ka'el "Well, you're forgetting your fluff stuffed little firestarter here." Her fingers flick to Alloy with her smile growing a little bit more and nods agreeably "Yea, it's been some fun." Eating one of the gooey treats, she ends up nibbling on her finger a few seconds to get a stubborn sticky bit thats stuck to her. "I know you and Soriana are right about me studying. But sometimes books are preferable to some people." Thus the purple skin and hair for a few sevendays. She shrugs it off though and nods to Ka'el "You go ahead and go check on Soriana." Something makes her frown thoughtfully "Ya should make sure she eats. And not pure sweets either." Gesturing to the fire "I'll put this out when I go."

Chirp chirp. Yes, don't forget about meee! Luckily, Alloy is stuffed with marshmallows, and a stuffed firelizard is a happy and quiet firelizard. He's nestled himself on the sand to lounge near the fire. Ka'el chuckles and nods at the mentioning of him. "Don't worry. He won't allow me to forget him for long," he assures in a humored tone. He pokes his stick in the fire and lets it burn, apparently done with sweets for the evening. "Hopefully I'm not 'some people'," he replies, looking at her questioningly. "I'd like to think my company is better than a book's on any day. And I don't need to check on Soriana." He waves that off. "She doesn't need me as much as you think. … How about instead, we stay til the fire dies. I have at least that much time left before I should turn in."

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