Inquiring Minds

Xanadu Weyr - Candidate Barracks
A long, low ceiling room opens off the entrance hall to the arena, one wall slightly curved as it is set against the outer wall of the arena itself. Cots are set evenly the length of the room, in two rows, each with its own small press at the foot, for personal belongings. Wide windows are spaced along the outside wall, letting sunlight in, while other lights are available for the night time hours.

Idrissa peers around the room as she is making her way on into the barracks. Sori already helped get her few things here, and she was off to spend some time with Asher though now she is back! Willow is curled upon her right shoulder, seemingly dozing off at the moment. "What you think Willow?" This questioned to the green that tiredly chirrups out. "Nice answer.." Is murmured to the lizard.

ka-el wasn't able to help out with bringing Idrissa's things here, what with some other chores he had to do. And when he /did/ get back, he saw Idrissa's stuff already situated, which clued him in that he's too late. Well.. what can he do? Nothing but wait! One bunk still has his trunk on it, saving a spot for Soriana even though she has yet to get a white knot. He still has faith! Right now he's laid out on his cot, settled on his back with his arms behind his head. Alloy is here, taking a nap from all of the play from today. Hearing someone arrive, he turns his head and grins, eyes alighting on Idrissa. "Heeey .. sorry for missin' out on all the work."

Idrissa catches sight of Kale and smirks slightly while she moves along on over to where he is. "Sure… You got all busy at the right time didn't you?" She questions with an amused tone. Willow flutters off her shoulder and moves on over to Alloy where she lands next to him with a chitter! Rissa sits down upon her cot. "So how much of this place did you check out?"

"Is it /my/ fault that I have so much to do in a day all the time?" he says, pressing a hand to his chest while putting on an innocent face. "I can't help it. I would've helped….if I could." Kale grins as he sits up a little, pressing his back against his pillows. "Looks like you got everything over though, right? You an' Soriana didn't even need me. I probably would've just been in the way." Alloy continues to sleep, twitching a little as he hears a chitter. "Mm…let's see. Saw the observation level, the foyer….an' that's it really," he admits. "Couldn't go on the sands. I think the dragons would've eaten me anyway."

Idrissa chuckles softly and shakes her head. "Right, sure." She says with an amused tone. "Ya, like I said I didn't have much." Well she didn't have much to bring with her to the weyr and she still doesn't have much since being here. She peers over at Willow and Alloy watching the two a moment. "It's pretty cool what I've been able to see." Willow chirrups and soon nips at Alloy, hah, no sleeping allowed!

"Oh, look at this." Kale rolls off of his cot just as Alloy makes an indignant growl at being jolted from his sleep so suddenly. The bronze's eyes partially open, sending a long look to his green clutch mate. His tail lashes out, not at her but merely in general, before it wraps around him again. Stare stare. "Ah, scorch it Alloy. Y'need to wake up anyway, else you'll be botherin' me all night." He heads on down the line of cots til he reaches the bulletin boards. He presses a finger against the cork. "Look. /Chores/" he says, brows lifting. "I wonder what kind've chores Candidates do. E'gin said that Thea doesn't have us who're apprentices do menial things…but what are /non/ menial chores?"

Willow bounces a few times on her paws and chirrups up at the larger bronze. Yes a certain green is very playful at the moment it seems. "As if you never did chores before." Idrissa says with a soft chuckle before she shrugs. "Dono, bet we'll find out soon enough though." Her bright green gaze slowly drifts around the room and up across the walls and the like, taking everything in.

From outside the barracks a voice can be heard. "Aye, let 'em go for lunch and some time to study up on Weyr structure some more." There's a murmured response and then a laugh follows "Well, one can only hope." And then walks in Keziah, assistant to the Weyrlingmaster. She looks around the barracks a moment and then her eyes shift towards Kale and his question "Typically yer doin' craft stuff. Course sometimes we'll ask ya to run important messages. But usually means ya ain't stuck washin' people’s privvies."

Meh, fine, he's up, he's up! Alloy reluctantly uncurls from his ball of sleep to stretch, wings spreading, one of which knocks the green right in the face! Total accident, if he was asked. Kale, who is still contemplating that chore chart, soon has his attention turning to another arrival. A relatively unknown face that seems to have all the answers. His brows rise, straightening a little. "…Really? Is that /really/ what candidates do?" Can he imagine himself touching other people's…unmentionables? He makes a slight face, shuddering. "Makes me even gladder that I'm in a craft!"

Idrissa shakes her head slightly before looking up at the voice. She stands up and offers a smile along with a slight wave. "Hello…" And she is ok with doing her craft stuffs! She peers over at Kale and grins a bit. "Well, we gotta do what we're told, so I imagine if they told us to we would have ta." Willow chitters out and bounces away right after getting smacked across the face with the wing. Really, did he just do that? Willow turns and tries to tackle Alloy. HA she'll teach him a thing or three! Rissa blinks and looks over at the two shaking her head slightly. As long they don't get to noisy it should be alright..maybe?

Keziah watches the reactions and smiles "Well, sometimes though even with a craft ya may get stuck bathin' some old uncle, just because it needs to be done. I had ta." She shakes her head a little. "And an old auntie. That was actually more shocking really. For the most part chores are there to keep idle hands busy. As a crafter, you already have things to keep you busy."

Kale turns from the chore chart to better look at Keziah. Well, not truly at /her/, but at her knot to decipher. If there's one thing Kale has learned it's this: It is important to know who people are and where they fall on that ladder of important people. Especially now, being a candidate and all. And so as he eyes that knot, he tries to remember just what title goes with it. "I'm Kale," he offers as introduction. "Kale Crestwood, who really hopes no old biddie asks for a washin' anytime soon," he says, trying to banish thoughts of wrinkly…parts away. Aah! The noise caused by the firelizards warrants a stern look to which Alloy pauses and perks, lifting a clawed foot in a stance of confused innocence, head tilt and all. Who me? Nuh uh, it was all her!

Idrissa make a slight face at the thought of washing an old auntie, on dear. She could handle the washing part actually, it would be the stories, and the nagging and anything along those lines that would really get to her. "I bet they’d pick a right special one for you Kale." This said while she grins at her friend. Idle hands? Rissa is never idle, half the time she forgets to eat because she is keeping herself busy! Willow chirrups out at Alloy and hops along until the end of the cot where she perches her tail slowly snakes about in a slow sway.

Keziah gives a nod of her head. "Pleasure to meet you Kale, rider of green Alosynth and assistant to the Weyrlingmaster. Which means, if you Impress, you'll be seeing a lot more of me." she smiles oh so sweetly. "In a way though, washing the old ones can be quite helpful, because then you learn what it means to get in all the little nooks and crannies that you didn't realize existed. You get to listen to endless complaints or praises. And you get to listen to 'helpful suggestions' Any of which you might get from a young dragon. It teaches patience. Something that is really needed." she notes and then she glances over at the firelizards "And these little cousins can be helpful too, you learn to control and teach them. You can learn how to control and teach a dragon. Course they're also useful in helping you clean a dragon, providing your dragon doesn't take offense at them."

Assistant Weyrlingmaster! It was on the tip of his brain. Another five seconds and he likely would’ve remembered! Now at least there's no doubt in his mind, and now he knows for sure. He grins broadly at the woman, bobbing his head to her. "Well met, an' I hope I /do/ see more've you. The more I think about candidacy 'n what it means, the more excited I'm gettin'. I mean … I was already excited before, when I was first searched, but now… now that I'm here?" He grins, spreading his arms a bit. "S'like it's real now, y'know?" Blue eyes slide to Idrissa a moment, arms dropping, and he makes a slight face at her before grinning at her tease. But wait, nooks and crannies? Cue another slight shudder. "Hopefully we can get all've those piece've advice…without the washin'." A pause. "Oh! I've a question. Do you take questions, ooor are they saved for an official question takin' time?"

Idrissa ponders what is said from Keziah. Well doesn't that make all manner of sense! A soft oh escapes her. One could almost imagine Rissa tucking that away for later knowledge it would seem. A slight nod is seen and she soon looks over to Willow whom is sitting all nice and pretty now. See, she didn't do a thing! "I've… Never had a firelizard before. I'm still working at getting use to it. I've mostly dealt with runners, and canine's and a few caprine's." Though she gets the feeling she's said this before she slips quiet. Her bright gaze turns back to Keziah once more. "Ah… Are we supposed to call you by a specific title?" Question time, question time! Well if Keziah allows it that is.

"Questions cost a quarter-mark." Keziah states with a grin. "Not really, but feel free to ask. Hazards are, if you've a question on it, someone else does as well. More often than not you'll find that asking questions is quite acceptable. We'd rather you ask than end up doing something stupid." she notes. She shakes her head at Rissa "No need to be callin' me by any special title. Kez or Kezi works just fine. And you don't have to be Ma'aming or Sirring me either. I work for a livin'." She glances back at Kale "Oh, it's always real, but thrust me, you don't know it's for real until that first time you take a dragon Between and come out the other end alive."

"A quarter mark, eh?" Kale hmmms and digs a hand into the pocket of his trousers. Dig, dig, rummage. "Ah ha!" he pull out a bit of lint and grins crookedly. "S'all I have. Will it be enough?" The lint is (thankfully) not given to the assistant werylingmaster and instead re-pocketed for…later use. Or later trashing. Or to be forgotten in the world of pocket lint. "Alright! It may be a stupid one, but I suppose I'll figure that out once it's asked. A dragon's name…is it for us to come up with, or is it given at the time've hatching by…" he trails off, not knowing really what could end that sentence. A Master Dragonnamer, perhaps?

Idrissa ahs softly at the talk of the marks for the answers to questions. Oh dear, with all the questions rolling around in her head she will never have enough! A soft breath escapes her seeing how it is only a job. "Well that is what I've always been told, 'bout questions I mean. Glad to know I can ask bunches." And not get strange looks like she normally does? Possible! At the question from Kale she ponders a moment. "Don't…they have their own name?" She smiles and nods to Keziah about what to call her, she just wants to make sure she uses the right title if she is supposed to!

Keziah smiles at Kale, even though she eyes that bit of lint with an odd look. "A dragon is born knowing their name, and they will let you know what it is." she notes quietly. "In fact, when you Impress, they speak directly to you." she grins at Rissa "How can you learn if you never question?" she asks with a sweet smile.

"Really?" says Kale, brows lifting in obvious surprise. So much he doesn't know! He's never had anyone really to /ask/ about such things, or if he did, the questions were never thought to be asked. "That's how it works? I hadn't known. I knew…or, sort of knew they spoke to you straight off, but I didn't know they spoke their name already." He grins, shaking his head. "Good thing I haven't started a list've them then, eh? It've been a waste!" That's one question…dare he another? "How long before they can fly? I mean, Alloy /sort've/ could fly after hatching. Not well, but he knew what his wings were for. Do the young dragons fly? An' how soon can a rider ride'm? Are there classes to take for riding with books and such, or is it more've a…get on and try?" Hm. Was that one more question, or four?

Idrissa is quiet for a moment at the bit about learning and questions. Oh she never has a problem asking them though she was at times told 'not' to ask so many by her dear mother. "I know… I just worry about asking too many sometimes." Like when she gets nervous. Willow hops up and soon settles upon Rissa's shoulder, a soft coooo escaping the green. Hearing Kale she grins and chuckles softly. Hey he is asking all the questions at the moment so she'll just let him do it and listen for answers it seems. She ponders a moment, thinking back to Jessi and Aisu. "It takes 'em a while…" Cause 'a while' is totally an answer! Her bright gaze drifts to Kez for the reason answer.

There's a little nod. "Really." Kezi states as she smiles "They've had some time to think about it while in the egg." She notes with a grin. "Well, dragons don't start flying right off, by the time they're eight months or so they'll take their first flight. Unmanned. Before that there are classes and you will actually practice formations while mounted on the ground when they are around seven months. There is more mass to a dragon than there is a firelizard, thus the risk of muscle strain is stronger." She glances over at Rissa "I have a child who is almost four. Trust me. You can't ask anywhere near as many questions as she can," she notes as she rolls her eye at the thought of her daughter.

Tsenik makes his way into the barracks, looking rather exhausted. It's clear that working the shop and doing candidate chores is taking its toll on the florist as dark circles line his eyes. He lets out a quiet yawn as he stumbles inside, slowing as he notes the greenrider and the candidates around her. "Did I miss something? Was I supposed to be here? Sorry…I've been busy."

Kale glances to Idrissa as she begins to answer. A while? Luckily, Keziah adds more detail to that answer. Months. He nods, mentally recording that. He'll need another notebook. One for dragon info only! Her latter comment on her daughter has him grinning, a bit sheepishly at that. "Good to know that I'm not /quite/ at the level of a four turn old," he says, sounding amused. "Perhaps…one more? Have y'ever had a candidate or .. weryling that was afraid've heights?" After having met E'gin, his curiosity of odd fears has piqued! Though perhaps not four, Kale does have the inquisitive mind (and eagerness!) of a youngster experiencing something for the first time. "I'm not," he assures. "I've ridden a dragon jus' once before an' wasn't afraid." … Ok, not too afraid. Being hundreds of feet up for the first time could be a little unsettling for anyone, right? He glances one way, offering a wave to Tsenik. "Hey…oy, you look tired. No, you haven't missed anything other'n Idrissa movin' in."

Idrissa smiles to Kez and nods a moment. "I'll remember that.." This said softly about the whole question bit. She peers over at Kale at the whole afraid of heights bit, a soft oh escaping her. Well that would be a bad thing! Seeing how dragons are supposed to fly. She waits for an answer to that before asking one of her own. "I know the whole link from rider to dragon is different than with a firelizard… But are there any tips you can maybe give to help train with them?" Them being the firelizard she has at the moment. Willow chirrups out and peers up from her half preening job across a wing as she felt something itchy there. "And is it sorta like how one would train on the link with a dragon or are they way different?" Rissa looks over to Tsenik and offers him a wave.

Keziah shakes her head at Tsenik "Nah, I just dropped in to have a look-see at the new blood. After all, I'll likely be training a number of you." she notes. As to the questions at hand "Well, I knew one that had issues with heights, they did work it out, so it likely wasn't a severe phobia. Just as likely that a dragon may not just a person with a sever phobia like that. However, they do spend more time grounded and all in the crafters wing working. For most it seems just a matter of training." She hmms a little at Rissa "Well, being firm and consistent is a good start. In some ways it's no different than training a canine. Firelizards are more visual creatures than dragons are. Picture in your mind what you would like. It's easier with the metallics. Blues and greens can sometimes be too flighty. And as with teaching a canine tricks. Play on what they do naturally."

Tsenik yawns loudly as he wanders over towards the grouping and plops heavily into a seat. He offers a faint smile to the other candidates, "Mmm, been busy in the shop today, running all over the place making deliveries. This is the first chance I've been able to sit all day long." A hand idly rubs at his eyes before he listens to Keziah, "how about if you decide not to stand on the sands? I heard if you decide not to stand you might still impress if you are in the galleries. Does that sort of thing happen often?" He asks as he leans forward to survey the teenagers, probably feeling just a little left out that he's so much older than everyone else.

"Makes sense…" answers Kale. "Figure a dragon knows what he wants or doesn' want in a partner. A dragon that's never flown's bound to be beyond bored." Not to mention…left to feel a bit useless! A nod is offered over to Idrissa. Good question! His attention shifts to Alloy, who has settled himself on the cot that's been claimed for the both of them. He grins slightly. "I've seen that with Alloy. I've been tryin' to train him to carry things. Mostly when I'm makin' deliveries, but sometimes around the forges too. Tellin' him gets me nowhere, but if I think on it…er, imagine him doin' it, then…sometimes he gets it." Eyes drift to Tsenik as he speaks, nodding a bit. "Tsenik's gettin' cold feet about the hot sands," he supplies to the woman as he moves to lightly lean upon a windowsill.

Idrissa ohs softly and nods while looking to Willow whom perks up and chirrrups out. Her, flighty? Never! Alright so she is a rather bouncy playful green but still.. "I'll be sure to remember that." She says softly to the pointers that Kez gives for dealing with dragons and firelizards on the idea. "An work at it with Willow here for sure." She blinks hearing Tsenik and glances over to him curiously a moment as he goes on talking about not standing and so forth.

Keziah looks curiously at Tsenik. "Well, Standing is very much a choice. It isn't something for everyone, no matter what others may want for us," she notes quietly. "There is no shame in deciding that dragonriding is not for you. You have the potential for a dragon, but that doesn't always mean that there is a dragon. Course, that itself doesn't mean that there isn't. I myself stood several times before Alosynth hatched. We don't see very many gallery impressions, mainly because we try very hard to give the dragons a large choice. Can it happen? Yes. If you're worried about it, then its okay to visit somewhere else." she notes and then nods to the firelizards "Just remember with anything, it takes time and patience."

"And leave the shop?" Tsenik asks and sighs softly, "I'll stick it out." He looks over his shoulder, pursing his lips tightly and falling silent to let the younger crowd speak. After, all, he'd just ruin everyone's excitement anyway.

"You should hire an assistant," chimes in Kale, snapping his fingers in inspiration. "Y'know, someone to handle stuff for ya. Even if you aren't Impressed, there still might be times where you might have to be away. Could be some sort've emergency comes up. Or, like durin' Turnover where we all went to Ista? Someone could've watched your shop then an' you wouldnt've had to close it for the day. Or..y'never know. Western or someplace might want to order a dragonload've special seeds or somethin' from you, an' you'd have to fly over there, which might take a while. An assistant could stay behind." Kale grins, hands lightly gripping the sill. "An' if you /are/ Impressed, it'd work out great. You wouldn't be near as tired as y'look now with someone else handlin' half the work. You'll just have to find somebody who's good with plants an' stuff and isn't a candidate or apprentice." Pause. "Well. Maybe a farm apprentice would work.." A helpful smile is offered to him before his attention drifts back to Keziah. "…Kez? If we are Impressed and when we graduate, do we choose where we'd like to work? Say…for instance..somebody'd like to help with Search an' Rescue…"

Idrissa smiles and nods to Keziah. "Sure, I understand the time and patience bit. I have plenty of patience." Which any that knows Rissa would agree to that. A soft hum escapes her, pondering a moment. "So… If we don't impress a dragon this time, and we're picked again we can stand more than once?" This questioned with a curious tone. A soft ah escapes her once Kale goes about asking about the different wings, well in a manner of speaking. Willow hunkers down upon Rissa's shoulder, half curling up while her eyes swirl happily, seems she is finally content to stay put.

Keziah smiles at Tsenik "I admire your courage." she notes softly. Course that smile fades just for the briefest of moments that perhaps it didn't fade at all at the mention of the Search n' Rescue wing. "Well, you can certainly put in a preference for which wing you prefer. I would certainly encourage you to talk with the riders of the wings that interest you so that you can learn more about them and make sure that is what you want. And as a weyrling, you'll get a chance to shadow with a rider as well." she then nods to Rissa "Once Searched, you'll always have to opportunity to stand, less you've done something terribly wrong which gets you banished from the sands."

"Except that I don't really want an assistant." Tsenik mumbles, "If I get an assistant, then I have to give up control of the shop, and I don't want to do that." Tsen purses his lips tightly, "I've been contemplating finding someone to help me run the shop, but I haven't found anyone that meets my qualifications quite yet." Tsen shrugs simply as he prods at his lap, "It's not so bad, I get to run the shop and I get the chance to stand on the sands even if I have my reservations about it." At the part about continuing to be a candidate Tsen's head lifts up, "so even if we don't impress we can still stand on the sands? Maybe if I don't impress I'll try again someday, once the shop settles down…"

Kale definitely needs to jot this wealth of knowledge down! And so, pushing away from the window, he moves to the nearest bed, which happens to have his trunk right on top. He pulls the lid open and, after only a brief bit of rummaging, pulls out his handy notebook. He plops down, retrieves a pen from within the spiraling, and begins to jot: 'Search and Rescue - FIND RIDERS! Dragons know names already. Kez - Assistant to Weyrlingmaster. Weyrlingmaster - ???' Hm. That's probably something he should know, yes? He'll save that question for friends only. And last but not least 'Get new notebook'. "Has anyone ever been banished before?" he asks inquisitively. That'd certainly be a tale! To Tsenik's latter words, he nods. "Might be better for you, later on," he agrees, smirking a bit. He jots, 'Stand again if I suck this time'. That causes a pause. "The next time…if we don't get impressed, will we have to be searched again before we can stand?"

Idrissa glances over to Tsenik curiously, he keeps changing his mind on the subject of standing or well not standing. Her attention is soon back on Keziah though. "What…sort of thing would get someone banished from the sands?" She doesn't think she could do anything so wrong, or bad for that to happen but better off asking to make sure she stays farfarfar away from such things! She peers over to Kale, leaning slightly to try and see what he might be scribbling down on the notebook. At the question on being researched she looks back to Kez.

Keziah nods a little to Kale "Oh yes." she glances at them all "Thinks like harming others can get you permanently banished, others like getting pregnant can get you temporarily removed from the sands. We don't hold with thieving and the like, and doing anything to harm the eggs or the dragons is bad as well." she notes quietly. "In general, once you've been Searched, a dragon doesn't have to reconfirm it. You can ask to stand again, some do like having a dragon sniff them out again. Many times a rider will simply ask." she notes. There's a glance at Tsenik and a soft smile "Indeed, if you don't Impress, you will still have this experience to draw on. And one never knows. Also, for some once they start touching the eggs it decides them then and there if they want to continue or not." She then lets out a sigh "As much fun as this has been, I really should go draw up the roster for some of that wing shadowing I was mentioning." And with that, the small rider turns and heads out the door.

So what if Tsenik is a little conflicted, he has the right to waver back and forth on his decision! It's a tough one after all! "Yeah, might be better, just haven't found anyone who'd I'd want running the shop. They'd have to be just as passionate about it as I am for me to even consider it." His lips purse tightly as he listens to the conversation, nodding. "Well, maybe later if I don't impress I'll think about standing again. It's just exhausting doing both at once, can't imagine trying to do this with a dragon."

Even more relevant information! 'Can stand again. No new search.' Kale glances at the peeking Idrissa and playfully hunkers over his work for a moment, as if it was something super secret! But he relents with a grin and uncovers it, allowing her to glance over his jotted thoughts. "Good evenin' to ya, Miss-..uh, Keziah!" he says in departure, offering a wave. "Wow…that's a lot to know. I didn't know that if ya stood once an' weren't chosen, that you can stand again without havin' a dragon search for you. Guess that means whatever the dragon saw in ya the first time isn't somethin' that just…goes away." he taps his pen against the pages, grinning to himself. "So it won't be so bad if I'm not chosen. I can always try again." He smirks over to Idrissa. "You heard her. No mualin', maimin', killin', or gettin' pregnant," he teases, eyes drifting to Tsenik. "That goes for you too!"

Idrissa nods to Tsenik while she moves over to sit on her cot, still peering at Kale and grins as he hunkers down trying to hide what he has written it seems. "Ya I didn't know that either." This said with a soft tone, seeming rather surprised over this thought. "I sorta thought the dragon had to find you each time and so forth." Willow chitters out happily and scampers down from her owner's shoulder and is peeking over Kale's shoulder pondering what he is doing now as well. Rissa blinks and peers at Kale and smirks before shaking her head. "Ya cause that is what I was totally going to do… Not.." She offers softly with a roll of her eyes. "Go for you as well Kale." This said with a grin.

Tsenik laughs abruptly, "Right, because I totally was thinking about doing all of those things." Tsenik says with a hint of amusement, "Just what I was going to do, darn it!" He chuckles as he flops backwards to sit somewhere. "I wish I could be carefree about the whole thing and enjoy it."

Kale reaches over to gently scritch at Willow's chin before closing his notebook and tossing it on his cot. "Dang it all, I had plans! Don' you think this is a good look for me?" He scampers to the head of the bed, pulls his pillow out of place, and slips it beneath his tunic. Pregnant Kale! He arches his back a little and pats both hands on his belly. Hmm .. pregnant Kale or … very fat Kale! Either way, he finds the joke funny. "T'was to be a son, you know. His name was to be…uh…Kiefer. Now what am I to do?" He flashes a grin over to Tsenik. See? Enjoy!

Idrissa grins and nods to Tsenik and then peers over to Kale eyeing him a few moments. She rolls her eyes at this. "Oh you’re funny.. So who is the father?" This questioned with an amused tone while she sits back while crossing her legs. Willow scampers down to the cot and then flutters over to Willow chittering and chirruping at him. "She thinks you’re being silly." So says all the images of silly things she is getting at the moment!

Tsenik just stares as Kale grabs a pillow, shaking his head slowly as he rubs at his face. He makes his way over towards his cot and curls up, letting the two teens have their fun.

Kale rubs his inflated stomach as he walks around, cradling it so that the pillow doesn't fall out, which only helps his 'I'm pregnant!' act. Alloy blinks from where he lays. What happened!? One moment his mate was regular sized, now he's bloated! Too much food, probably. Silly boy. He chitters, setting his head back down. "Silly? You think so, Willow? There's nothin' silly about bein' a father at fifteen in the middle've candidacy!" he wails, pressing his hand against his head. Woe! He sniffles hugely, looking at Idrissa. "That's the worst part. I…I..oh, I'm so ashamed t'even say! I'm not…sure. There've been so many. I can't help that I'm so dashing." He chortles back a laugh before looking to Tsenik. His pillow is then pulled out from beneath his stomach and thrown at him.

Idrissa rolls her eyes while she flops back down so settle upon her back and stretches out, a yawn escaping her. Eh when did she get so tired? Willow chirrrups out and flutters around Kale a few times in quick circles before moving to land down next to Alloy and nips at her clutchmate's wing a few times. "Geez Kale, you sleep around that much huh?" She questions while flicking a glance over towards him while she grins."

"So, does that mean you’re gay, Kale?" Tsenik asks, lifting up his head with a slight grin, "Cause I don't think Idrissa here'd take too kindly to hear that." Tsen laughs quietly, lifting a hand to block the pillow as its thrown at him. Ack!

"Yes, but it isn't my fault!" woes Kale to Idrissa, trying to suppress his grin as Willow flies over. "They can't help my good looks, y'know? And.." Snerk. Ok, so he /can't/ keep up the facade, but it was good while it lasted! His eyes dart to Tsenik and he grins widely, patting his now flat stomach. "I'd be less worried about that n' more worried about the baby in my belly!" He moves towards his cot to retrieve his pillow, only to lift it up and try to swing it at him again. Mwuaha! Alloy blinks at the nip received and he nips her back. Rar! Nip nip! Image flash of big-belly Kale.

Idrissa tilts her head and snickers out softly while she settles upon her side curling up there while watching the two start a pillow fight it seems! Willow chitters out and bounces about before batbatbating at Alloy. She'll teach him a thing or two! "Well.. Ya I guess that would be a for sure thing to worry about Kale." This said with a grin.

Tsenik wraps his arms about his head as he's pelted with the pillow, "Okay, that does it, you wanna attack me, you're gonna get some!" Tsen laughs as he snags a pillow and leaps off of his bed to launch a counter-attack against Kale. Tsen laughs quietly, "Nah, I don't think you two have anything to worry about on that part."

Kale skitters away from Tsen, taking his pillow back with him, but he's not quite fast enough to avoid his pillow attack. "Ah!" *floomph!* pillow to his head! Laughing, he raises one arm trying to block while the other swings his pillow back at him. Pillow fight, indeed! Boys will be boys afterall, yes? Alloy is happy to batbat right back at Willow, playing with his clutchmate.

Idrissa half watches the two as they start to have a pillow fight it seems. Though she is soon falling asleep. Willow hops about and escapes Alloy before fluttering over and lands next to Rissa and curls up cuddling against the girl. "Thanks Willow." Is murmured out to the green softly while she hugs the firelizard. "Don't get hurt or anything you two.." This is about all she can say while she falls asleep rather quickly it seems.

As Idrissa heads to bed, Tsen lets the pillow he'd been holding fall to his side. There's a soft sigh and the tiredness returns back to his eyes. "We shouldn't keep her up." Tsen says softly turning towards Kale, "I know I certainly could use a nap myself so I think I'm going to lay down as well. Have a good night, Kale."

Kale grins as he ducks again, though it seems as if he needn't as the battle is over. He tosses his pillow on his bed, only now noticing that Idrissa has fallen asleep. "She has a knack for that," he says with a chuckle, watching her a moment before looking back to Tsenik. "You too, eh?" He glances to the window. She sun has set. Evening. Eyes fall upon another cot just below the window. Not his own, although his trunk has been set upon it. "Alright," he says, nodding gently. "Good night to you too." He smiles to the older man before he moves off, not to sleep, but instead out of the barracks with Alloy right behind him.

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