Scuffed Noses and Scratched Legs

Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary

The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

The Infirmary is unusually quiet this time of day, and the healer on duty can be seen at the main desk, catching up on reports. Said healer does look up from time to time at the odd couple near the supply cabinets from time to time, however. One is Tenebrous, looking through the shelves with a slightly panicked look on his face, and the other is a bent, uncomfortable-looking old woman, sturdy walking staff firmly in hand.

Hyrlon pokes his head into the infirmary, not noticing Fetch at first, he glances up at the healer-on-duty, "Ummm… I'm looking for some numbweed… Hysk stubbed his nose yesterday and he won't stop whining about it." The wherhandler does look worried, for all he pretends not to be.

It seems like right on Hyrlon's heels, that Janelle makes her way into the infirmary herself, limping slightly, favouring her right leg (though she's tyring to hide it, and not show much.) Her pants, however, have some pretty nasty scuffs to it, a healer could imagine what might be left of hte skin beneath it. For th emoment, she says nothing, however.

The healer at the desk offers, "Numbweed? There's some in the…" Then she looks over at the hurried form of Tenebrous and finishes lamely, "-supply cabinet." At those words, the older woman turns a little, the butt of her staff grinding on the floor. "Patients, boy," she states, her voice low and cool. She rattles off a word with close to fifteen sylables. "You should have some fresh stock."

Tenebrous stops his search for just a moment, looking over at the old woman. "Numbweed." HIs face looks a little hurt. "Of course I have fresh stock, master. You sent me to fetch it yesterday…" Then he turns to look at the two newcomers, and his mouth makes a little 'ooooh'. The cabinets are closed almost hurridly, and he turns towards the two newcomers. Those eyes of his go unfocused for a moment before he starts forward, casually slipping out of his hide coat and letting it flop over onto the ground. This reveals a satchel, still strapped over one shoulder, but normally hidden, and a crudely bandaged forearm of his own, the cloth lightly stained with blood. "Sir. Ma'am."

Janelle closes her eyes briefly, "Janelle." She really is too young to be a Ma'am. "Jansk and I were doing some training in the mines last night, when I slipped and fell a bit. Tried to sleep it off, but I think something's amiss with it."

Hyrlon nods, reaching up to grab a pot of numbweed before his brain processes what all's going on. The first thing he blurts out is the, "Hyrlon. I'm no sir." reminder, then he's glancing at Janelle's leg, "You went down there alone?"

Almost automatically, the healer on duty stands up, but even before she can open her mouth, the old woman barks, "Keep your seat, miss." To Hyrlon, she grumbles, "Hands off the medicine, young rocksmith. Y' let those qualified dispense it or your puppy's liable to end up with more problems than a bent nose." Charming woman.

Tenebrous winces a little when Master Fraille speaks, but then turns to Janelle more fully. "Come and sit down." Almost timidly, he offers her a hand. "Do you need help up onto…" Then he swallows and glances at one of the exam beds.

Janelle shakes her head in denial, rather quickly, "I wouldn't do that, Hyr.. I went with a Journeyman." a different one, apparantly. "Just so I wasn't alone." Glancing a sharp but silent look at the old woman, she gladly takes Fetch's hand, though tries to avoid placing much pressure. She's a Miner, tough as rock! See? oops, don't look.. she's wincing with that step. "I can get up.." And so she does, using muscled arms to lift herself onto the bed before rolling her pantleg up. And then back to the other miner: "And besides, we didn't go farther than the first tunnel."

Hyrlon just kind of stares at the master healer, stuttering, "M- ma'am. I've b- been applying n- numbweed since I was 5. A- and Hysk's a wher, n- not a dog." He takes a deep breath, calming himself, "And I can't bring him out in the light. Anything even a little hot hurts his eyes." Hyrlon watches Janelle's progress with slightly worried eyes. Eyes that grow wider when she finally rolls back her pant leg to reveal the damage. He's at her side relatively quickly, peering at the wound, "You just fell? And the journeyman who went with you didn't check it before you went to bed?" There's more grumbling, but exact intent is lost in it

The exposed knee provides a few scratches, one minorly-deep gash, and plenty of swelling. Chances are, the most trouble is from the swelling, product of bruises.

Master Fraille glances over at Hyrlon, offering only the briefest nod of agreement on his objections about the Journeyman's negligence. "Boy! A runner's bag. I assume you have one on you." It's a statement with a dangerous edge to it, directed at Tenebrous.

Tenebrous's lips set into a thin line when he looks down at Janelle's injury. Rather than moving to the supply cabinets, however, he simply swings that satchel of his around to his side, and reaches into it. From it, he pulls a stump of plant, chalky white in consistency and then looks up at Janelle. "This will sting a little," he offers quietly. "I'm afraid that's not to be helped." When Fraille calls to him, he simply transfers the plant to his other hand and reaches into his satchel again. "Yes, Master. As you instruct, I always carry one." Said hand comes up with a soft square of off-white fabric, one corner gromited for easy handling.

Janelle nods a little, "I just fell.. it's Alright, Hyrlon.." she shrugs back a bit, "And I.. well, I wouldn't let him get a good look. But it wasn't so swollen then!" She nods to Tenebrous's warning, "A little stinging won't kill me."

Hyrlon's eyes still look worried, as he stares at the bruising and gash on Janelle's leg, "It's not nothing. All it would take would be a little lichen and that could get really badly infected. You're search and rescue, you of all people should know to get every wound checked right away."

Moria approaches the infirmary, ducking her head in and knocking on the door as she peers about, checking to see who is about. "Hello and good morning," she calls in her slightly rough voice, stepping in after a moment. "Is anyone free for a few moments?"

Master Fraille juts her chin towards the small pouch that Tenebrous holds in his free hand, and then nods to Hyrlon. "You're liable to find that more useful for your little friend than a jar of the weed itself, young miner. A few pats on the snout will do anything good." When Moria arrives, Fraille gives the Healer on duty another sharp look. "Well?!" To this, the Healer blinks. "Sit down, stand up," she mutters. Then she starts over to Moria. "What seems to be the problem?"

Tenebrous sets the runner's bag down on the bed next to the one he's currently working at and then focuses wholly on Janelle's knee. With an almost feather-light touch, he begins rubbing the chalky plant over the open patches of flesh, being as liberal as possible without pressing down hard. He glances up at Janelle's face occasionally as he does so, and when finished, simply wraps the plant back up and tucks it away into his satchel again. "Once the burning stops, the pain should numb a little," he murmurs. "I need to test your flexion, ma'am," he offers, a note of apology in hsi voice.

Hyrlon eyes the root in Fetch's hand dubiously, "What is it?"

Moria seems taken aback by Fraille's sharp manner, but as the healer's irritation isn't directed at her, she stands her ground. "I was asked to pick up supplies for the first aid kits for the craft workrooms," she says, guesturing to her knot. "There was supposed to be a list sent over a few days ago, to be ready by today. Do you know if it was received?"

Master Fraille listens to Moria for only a moment before dismissing what she's after and returning her hard gaze to Tenebrous' doings. "It's a runner's bag," she says again, this time a bit more slowly. "Young people…always tryin' to use something big to do a small job." She turns to face Hyrlon more fully. "A thin material serves as a permiable layer between fresh numbweed and the affected area. A few bats on the location allows the plant's essense to soak through to the injury, preserving the plant longer and making sure you don't accidentally overdose your 'not a dog'. Hold it by the gromit or you'll look even more the fool."

The healer ahhs quietly at Moria's words. "Yes, actually, it was. After yesterday morning's check in, as a matter of fact." She pads over to one of the supply cabinets and opens it carefully. One by one, she begins ferrying over bundles wrapped in simple white cloth to her desk. "Give me another few moments, and I'll get a box to carry them in."

Tenebrous finishes with whatever he was doing to Janelle's knee and lays her back onto the bed with a murmured, "Just rest." Then he straightens and turns to look at the newcomer. His face relaxes just a little when he sees who it is. Or perhaps more importantly, who it isn't.

Hyrlon shrugs, "It's just a tiny scrape, ma'am. Barely noticable. Why use the big guns when the usual will do?"

Moria's lip twitch toward a scowl at Fraille's dismissive act, but she quickly schools her features smooth again. Nodding attentively to the on-duty healer, Moria steps away from the doorway so she is not blocking it. "Thank you. Can I help at all?" she offers, obviously uncomfortable just waiting for the supplies.

Master Fraille grunts once. "Precisely. A light cure for a light problem." Then she's looking over at Tenebrous again. "Your bedside manner is lacking, boy. It's a wonder that even Flop tolerates you." Then she shakes her head. "Find your lost paper and be off. Yours is a full day."

Tenebrous picks up the runner's bag gingerly, walking over to Hyrlon and offering it to him by the corner. "It's fresh," he mumbles. "Should keep for weeks." Then he nods to Fraille with another, "Yes, Master."

The On Duty healer returns with the last few bundles. "Oh, it's no trouble. You can help me load them once I get a box though, if you're of a mind."

Hyrlon looks surprised, but takes the odd plant from Fetch, "I just…" he waves it futilely, "rub it on?"

Moria watches the other interact as she nods to the healer and moves over to the cabinet. "Gladly," she answers, smiling. "And, do you have the list so I can show the masters that everything asked for is present? Otherwise, someone is sure to think they asked for something that wasn't on the list and thus, isn't here," she adds, voice rueful. "It's happened before."

Master Fraille rolls one eye, which might be insulting if it wasn't a little grotesque to watch, but remains otherwise silent.

Tenebrous offers that quivering little half-smile of his. "No. Don't rub. Pat. Rubbing will irritate the wound and create un-necessary friction. The whole point of the runner's bag is that you can work a small injury with it, or rub a larger area, like the bottom of a foot if you're not woried about abrasion." He leans in a little, the other corner of his mouth pulling up in a child-like smile. "That close to a wher's mouth, I worry about abrasion."

Hyrlon nods slowly, listening to Fetch's instructions carefully, "Makes sense… thanks…"

The On Duty nods once. "Of course. We usually send orders out with the manifest to make sure supplies are tracked the way they should be." She rummages around a little more before finding a suitable box. "We didn't used to be this strict about manifests, but several years ago, some searchies made off with a small batch of Meadowsweet buds." She giggles. "It was fun to watch though."

Moria blinks in confusion, not understanding the reference to meadowsweet, but nods anyway. "Thank you. What should go where?" she asks, guesturing to the medicines. "I don't know what's fragile and what shouldn't be near each other," she explains before glancing once again toward the others. In a lower voice she asks, "Is she always so abrubt?" with a jerk of her chin toward Master Fraille.

Tenebrous nods once to Hyrlon. "No problem. Try to keep it out of his eyes, if you can. It's not harmful, it's just…odd." Then he glances once around the room to make sure there's nothign left to do. A few curt steps take him to his long coat, and he pulls it on easily.

Master Fraille nods ever so slightly at Tenebrous' words, apparently pleased with his application of knowledge. The Healer smiles. "Don't worry about what to keep where. Each bundle has been tagged, and there wasn't anything on the list that was volatile. DOn't let the medication get too hot or too cold. In general, if you're uncomfortable with the temparature, so are the meds."

Moria smiles, shaking her head slightly. "Well, I guess that's why they keep the medicines out the the glass shops," she says. "It is certainly overly warm there. I always wondered why they were just outside the workroom instead of being inside like in most of the other shops."

Hyrlon notices Moria for what's really the first time, but nods, "Yeah… medicines are delicate…"

Master Fraille does speak up then. "They don't keep them in the glass houses because some of the salves will boil, girl." As Tenebrous begins to make his way, she follows. "And even if they don't, some of them will metamorphse in the heat. The acid will rise out of the mixture, and then you've got poison, rather than medicine that you're rubbing all over your body…" She grunts once at something and continues on her way towards the door.

Tenebrous passes out of the room without further comment, though he does give the On Duty a curious look as he does so.

The On Duty watches Tenebrous leave with a mixed expression on her face and then lowers her own voice. "The answer to your question is 'Yes.'" she mumbles to Moria.

Moria has to think for a moment to figure out what the on duty healer is talking about, then blushes briefly before nodding. To Fraille she says, "Thank you for explaining that, masterhealer. I'll be sure to keep any medicines out of the glass shops." She glances to Hyrlon. "Did I hear correctly you're wher was injured? I'm sorry, if that's so. I hope the medicine helps."

Hyrlon chuckles, tucking the runners bag away as well as scooping up the pot of numbweed he'd originally grabbed, "He just ran his nose into the wall. He'll be fine. It just reminded me that I should have some stuff on hand just in case something more serious does happen." He glances at the box of medicines and salves, "You're a glasscrafter? Do you want a hand with that stuff? I'm pretty strong, after all."

Master Fraille hrumphs once as she ambles out the door. "And they say the dragon puppies are supposed to be able to see in the dark…"

Moria smiles as Hyrlon explains, and nods at his offer. "I'm glad…" she pauses and glances over Hyrlon until she spots his knot before continuing. "Glad he's okay. And I wouldn't mind a hand. I'd rather not drop anything." She nods her thanks again to the on duty healer, who has moved away after indicating everything is packed properly.

Hyrlon sticks his own acquisitions into his bag, then holds out his arms, "Load me up." He grins, "That bulbous thing'll be fine."

Moria transfers one of the larger medicine boxes and the bulbous bag into Hyrlon's arms, settling the box snugly against his chest to prevent wobbling and looping the sack's carry handles over a wrist. "That work?" she asks, raising a brow. "Or is it too uneven?" She rearranges the remaining items in the big box so tehy are evenly spread, and tests the weight of the box. "I should be able ot carry the rest of this, it you're good."

Hyrlon shifts his shoulders some, then nods, "Should be fine so long as we're not walking across Pern itself." He chuckles, "uneven load's the most common, anyway."

Moria smiles again and hefts the box, squaring it against her body for a moment and sidling one arm beneath the box to carry it better. "It's not far. Across the clearing to the workshops is all." Since the door is still open, she nods toward it. "Do you know the way to the crafthall?"

Hyrlon nods, moving towards the door, "Yeah, I was in the craft complex when I first transferred in. Before Hysk." He grins, "You many have to tell me which door to go through once I'm there, though."

Moria nods and follows Hyrlon out, explaining where in the complex they are supposed to deliver the supplies.

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