Fresh Bandages.

Xanadu Weyr - Weyrling Barracks
A long and roughly oblong cavern. About a third of the space is open, used for classes or chores as required. The rest of the space is filled with couches of varying sizes, all with plenty of space between them. Some couches are obviously intended for the very young weyrlings while the largest ones at the back are for the older weyrlings
There are supplies for the care of dragons tucked back against the walls. A barrel of oil sits with scrub brushes and soft clothes, and a thick hardwood table is used to prepare meat in bite-sized pieces for the young dragons. There's also a few supplies for the weyrling humans, like bedding for cots or extra pillows for those sleeping on their lifemate's couch.

Kera strolls into the barracks, pausing to knock a bit of sand from her floppy sandals, before the flappy sounds announce that she's on the move again. A young bronze flitter is perched on her shoulder and she has a hard cased med kit clutched in her hand. A bit of coaxing and Weasty is convinced to settle on a shelf while Kera is busy. Stopping at the first occupied couch, where a weyrling is just sitting up from a nap. "Well g'afternoon. Smart of you to catch sleep when your dragonmate does." The awlm keeps her voice low so as not to wake sleeping young dragons or their tired future riders. A couple of minutes and a quick bandage change as Kera is looking about for anyone else that needs fresh bandages.

Q'll might not be getting any sleep, but Qhynn certainly is. The bronze is curled up into a neat ball on his couch, while Q'll leans up against him, half-tucked under one wing as he reads through a book. At the quiet sound of Kera's voice though, he marks his page and gently wriggles away from his lifemate, standing up to poke his head out to where he can see the greenrider. After a salute, he steps out into the barracks proper, arms crossed lightly over his chest. "Hi. Looking for awake weyrlings to have fun with?"

Kera pauses to give Weasty a chin scritch on his shelf perch and continues on. She eyes one young girl's mostly healed over scratches and rifles through her case a moment. Handing over a small jar. "That's healed enough now so you can leave it open to fresh air. Put a little of this on to help for itching and reduce scarring." Gaze darting over the sleeping green that stirs a little in her sleep. "Be sure to spot oil her a soon as she wake. I see a couple of dry patches along her neck and shoulder there." Pointing the areas out toe the young greenling, Kera stands again and turns to spot Q'll stepping away from his dragonmate's couch. Her eyes look the young bronze over before grinning back to the weyrling. "Depends on your definition of fun." She waggles her med case for emphasis. "A quick gestures around "Wanted to freshen the bandages on some of the worst of the injuries. Thankfully, most are well healed by now." Head cants at the young ling "And how about you Q'll. Managing to get some sleep in between your new duties?"

Kera's explanation of what she's doing makes Q'll blush. "You, uh, need to see mine, too?" He drops his crossed-arm stance, lowering hands down in front of his crotch and biting his lip, if only briefly. "I know you're a Healer and all, but, uh… it's kind of an embarrassing spot to examine. It all feels fine, if that's any help?" Qhynnveslacth gently stirs, and Q'll instantly looks over his shoulder to the young bronze, checking on him. When nothing else happens, he pulls his gaze away to settle it back on Kera. "We're actually sleeping quite a lot. More than some, anyway. Qhynn tires himself out stretching his wings and everything else, and he's positive that sleep makes us both… well, he likes sleep. He likes me to sleep. So yeah, we're good with that."

Kera waves a negligent hand to Q'll, well used to dealing with embarrassing injuries and stubborn men/weyrfolk. "I remember your injury, .." Not that she tended it herself, but she was present when it occurred and helped tend the weyrlings in general since then. " ..just be sure to keep the injury clean and treated. Fresh bandages and take the mixtures you were given. Do that and you shouldn't have any trouble. If it does act up, then I /will/ be sending you to the infirmary to see a Journeyman." She could care less about his embarrassment in that department. He should be more worried about infection and anything falling off. Glancing to the sleeping bronze, she nods agreeably with Q'll "That's good. Right now you need to catch every little bit of rest you can when they are down. IT may not seem like it, but this…" she gestures around to where the weyrlings have spent the last couple of sevendays learning to prepare dragonette sized meat chunks, mucking after the young ones, sleeping, feeding dragons again and so on "This is the easy part. Right now it's your dragons gaining strength and growing. In a couple of sevendays, it'll be you running many, MANY circuits along the paths with a fifty pound satchel strapped to your back." Kera gives an amused little wink, so glad it isn't her having to do it. "So it will serve you very well to be able to grab sleep whenever he does." She gestures to Qhynnveslacth before lowering her voice a bit more and add. "Between you and me, I hated those blasted weight satchels."

"Yeeeah, I'd being pretty meticulous with it." Because the last thing Q'll wants is problems down there. "Will I actually get a Healer pass to do all that running? It still hurts when I walk, let alone run…" He doesn't seem too keen on the thought of doing himself more damage. "It'd be nice to get running again, though. I think the last time I went was before you dumped us all on that Faranth-forsaken island." At least his sunburn and all that peeling skin's cleared up by now!

Kera grins "You've still a couple of sevenday til that stage of your lessons sneak up on you. Don't go and do something silly to reinjure yourself in the meantime. By then we'll revisit the topic and get a Journeyman's recommendation on your injury. Worst case scenario, you can do other training at that point. There's more than just running yourself to exhaustion to your weyrlinghood. There's manuals you'll need to learn and get very familiar with, proper etiquette when addressing Lord Holders and such." Kera chuckles and grins cheekily. "Oh, and not to mention, the dance lessons. So don't worry, you're gonna get your exercise one way or the other."

Q'll looks over his shoulder to the book he abandoned on the edge of Qhynn's couch. "Yeah, I'm reading through some stuff now. Wing exercises. Qhynnveslacth's determined he'll be first to fly and he thinks he knows best already when it comes to exercising, so I'm reading up a bit to make sure he's doing it right. I don't care about me overworking myself, it's him I'm worried about." He frowns a little at his dragon - a look of concern, of course, then shrugs as he looks back at Kera. "How old will they be when they get to fly for the first time?"

Kera looks back to the still sleeping bronze, "Good to be skimming ahead already. But don't to much about him over doing himself. You'll feel it if he starts pushing himself to much. Stretching his wings out is good, but pretty much just let him enjoy himself for a bit. Playing with his clutch siblings will help hone his muscles and balance." Tilting her gaze back to the bronzling "It'll be a few more months before they are ready to fly. Best not to rush that part of training.They all need to grow and build up their muscles before even attempting to fly. He could seriously hurt himself if he tries to fly too soon, before his wings are strong enough to get him off the ground and keep him up. Maybe even permanently grounding himself before he can even learn to fly properly. It's your job to make sure he stay on the ground til flight class comes around." Not that the dragon is anywhere near ready to leap into the sky.

"Yeah, he's not going to play rough'n'tumble with the others. Stretching and getting ahead is his fun." From the expression Q'll pulls, that's not something that he can fully understand. "When he's awake, all he wants is for us to train, to learn, to get better. He wants to be the first to fly, and he's determined he will be. I'm not going to let him hurt himself, Kera, but how long will it be before he can fly? For the sake of me knowing how long I need to tell him he can't?"

Kera grins at Q'll brief insight into his dragon's way of thinking and nods approvingly. "Nothing wrong with him wanting to be the best. And I know you aren't going to let him hurt himself. Our dragonmates can be very stubborn at times. You'll learn that more and more each day." A grins is flashed and she repeats "It'll be a couple of months at least before the Weyrlingmaster will start first flights. For /all/ of the dragons. For now they need to grow, get stronger and then we'll get them up there."

Q'll nods, slipping his hands into his pockets and leaning against the wall with a huff. "It's going to be a long few months until that happens, then." A long battle of wills, perhaps? He sighs softly, then looks up from his toes to the greenrider. "Is there anything we can let him be first in? Before flying? Anything. It'll really help… oh, he's starting to wake up." Q'll straightens himself up, looking from Kera to Qhynn. "If you can think of anything, can you let me know? But only when he's asleep. I don't want him to know I'm setting it up for him…"

Kera gives a sympathetic nod. "It'll be for his own good to keep him grounded, even if he's grumpy about it. Considering the question quickly enough, she glances around as the young dragonet begins to stir, head tilting to the bronzling. "Perhaps having his talons and paws checked. They each need that done." As she talks, she reaches into her shoulder satchel and tugs out a little notebook, scribbling a few words across the little page before handing it over to Q'll. ~ Maybe the first hunt in a couple of sevendays. ~ Stuffing things back in her satchel, she gathers up her med case "You're about to get busy. From the size of him, I'd say you have a hard time cutting the meat up fast enough." A soft chuckle and she wags fingers "Don't cut yourself." With that, she starts back off, collecting her young lizard on the way out.

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