It's a Blue Sort of Day

Xanadu Weyr - Clearing
A wide clearing stretches from east to west, the ground packed hard although grass grows across most of it. Trees are strictly forbidden in this space, their danger to the constant draconic traffic reason enough to banish them to the forest that creates a border to the north. Where the ground is less trampled, tiny flowers poke their delicate heads out from their shaded hiding places with upturned petals to wave to whoever may be looking.

The cliff looms imposingly on three sides, stretching upwards all the way up the side of the rock edifice where, high above on Xanadu's Star Stones, the ever-present watchdragon sits on the lonely peak. Directly south is the hatching arena, the large round complex taking up a large portion of the perimeter, a line of trees visible beyond it. Southeast are wide steps leading up to the caverns and eastwards is the large entrance to the Infirmary. Somewhat north of the infirmary is a human-sized archway that has a frequent quantity of traffic — it leads to the Wandering Wherry Tavern. Tucked neatly under the arch, to one side is a tiny wood-frame shop bearing the name 'Petals and Pots Garden Shop'. Southwest lies cliffs where windows for the administrative offices have been cut. Underneath them are the entrances to the crafters complex and the resident's cavern while north and west along the cliff's base, a broad path leads to the feeding grounds. Due north is the spacious trail that leads to the rest of the Weyr - the meadow, the forest beyond.

An unfamiliar blue dragon, rider atop, is circling through the afternoon sky. There are clouds overcasting the weyr, but the blue doesn't mind. Slowly, with the air of being in no rush, he circles closer and closer to the ground, finally landing with a lazy 'thump'. His rider slips down and pats the dragon with one hand, since the other hand is holding a large envelope.

Another unfamiliar blue appears from Between as well, cerulean hide hard to miss in the overcast sky as he folds his wings and takes a steeper dive down towards the clearing. At one point though, they flare again as though his mind (or his rider's) has changed and he wheels around in a wide arcing turn before resuming his downwards descent. Landing well enough from the other blue, Ujinath turns his head and rumbles in a welcoming way to his fellow kin while his rider works on unbuckling herself from the straps and dismounting without much lady-like grace. Reaching up to give her blue an affectionate pat, Kiena then turns her head to regard the clearing with the avid interest of a first-time visitor.

Overcast days are beginning to be the norm as autumn goes on. Not that ka-el minds. With long trousers and tunic with bellowing sleeves, coupled with the amount of manual labor he's tasked with daily, usually within the fiery confines of the forges, the chilly breeze is usually a welcomed thing! And it's from the depths of the forges that the youngster has recently departed, a large and seemingly weighty satchel hefted over his back. Behind him, a young, yet large, firelizard follows, the bronze easily distracted by the swaying of the grass or any little thing that flutters by in the wind. "C'mon, c'mon," he urges without having to look behind him, though his attention is turned from the not quite hatchling to the newly arrived blue. No wait, blues! He pauses, eyes peering up as dragons and riders land. He hesitates a moment, but soon changes direction and begins to approach all four of them. "Hello" he offers, lifting his free hand to wave.

J'esh pauses for a moment to watch the 2nd blue, while his dragon croons a welcome. Furgath settles on the rock, quite content to sit lazily instead of going up to the reaches. J'esh sighs, rolling his eyes with amusement, then starts toward the weyr. He pauses again at the arrival of Kale and waves a hand. "Hello! Perhaps you could help me. I have a package, special delivery, for J'euend of Xanadu. Would you happen to know where I could find him?"

Ujinath doesn't take wing either for the ledges or higher heights, not with Furgath crooning his welcome. The blue, though a little wary at first of the older dragon, seems to linger in the hopes of some socialization. Awkwardly. Kiena, pulled from her brief observation of the clearing, turns her blue eyes towards J'esh and then likewise Kale as the apprentice smithcrafter approaches as well. Dressed in a set of riding leathers, there isn't much remarkable of her clothing, all dyed black and grey. Her hair though, once free of her flight helmet, is a wild tangle of wavy auburn curls, hastily braided though many strands have worked free and now frames her young features. "Hey," she says in a drawling tone to Kale, giving him a long look before her gaze darts to J'esh and similarly his knot as well as the other bluerider questions the apprentice. She however, remains quiet for now.

"J'euend?" Kale echoes the name and furrows his brows, going thorugh his mental repertoire of names and faces that he knows or has heard of. "Ah. He might be….wait, no, that's J'unaeu," he says, slowing when near. "No, sorry, I don' know. Special delivery, though? Maybe you can ask around the Cavern. S'where most everyone ends up eventually," he offers helpfully, gesturing a ways where the caverns are located. His hefty load is soon deposited on the ground with a slight grunt and a metallic clanging sound from within. With it off, his white candidate's knot is revealed from beneath. Alloy, the aforementioned bronze firelizard, soon moves up to his side, eyeing the dragons with a tipped head and chirrup. "I'm Kale," he offers as introduction. "Kale Crestwood. Your dragons are amazin' lookin'."

J'esh sighs. "I can never find these people." He admits. "Perhaps delivery isn't for us." Furgath croons happily behind him and the bluerider waves a hand. "Yes, yes, he called you amazing. Get over it." But the blue preens, stretching his neck over to the candidate, chin on the rock. "I'm J'esh, and this hunk of junk is Furgath." Despite the introduction, J'esh is smiling. "Thanks for the hint. I Might have to try the caverns. Find the headlady, maybe…" He trails off in thought.

Kiena will be of no help either with the names or finding the elusive J'euend, so the bluerider remains quiet on the matter, instead listening in on the conversation shared between J'esh and Kale with a distracted interest. Once the apprentice has shifted what he was carrying, that metallic clanging sound has her interest zeroing in almost at once and her mouth opens to likely (and rudely) ask him what is inside before she catches herself and hastily coughs softly to cover her mistake. Right. Good behavior. "Kiena, and Ujinath's rider." And she gestures with a jutted thumb over her shoulder to her blue, who is now likely settling himself comfortably and looking a little smug for the comment. "Uh… thanks." She replies awkwardly, giving him a strange look and then fidgeting a bit. Awkward. "So Xanadu is in Search then?" she asks tentatively, after spying that all too familiar white knot.

"But I bet y'get to go to a lot of places," remarks Kale to J'esh in regards to delivery. "I've been nowhere really. Well…I did get a chance to go to Ista for their Turnover gather for a day. T'was fun, an' it was my first time on a dragon's back. But other'n that, I haven't seen much've anything. I figure bein' in Delivery, there'd be no place you haven't been at least once. But..aye. Findin' folk you've never met in your life? That'd be tough, but I guess it'd be somewhat like tryin' to solve a mystery." He grins respectfully at the man. "Can I touch'm?" he asks, inching closer to the blue even as his eyes now turn to Kiena. "Well met, Kiena an' Ujinath," he offers, bobbing his head and apparently mindless of any awkwardness risen by his comment. "Search? Oh! Yeah," he confirms, nodding as he glances to his new knot. "Yumeth's eggs are on the sands. She was caught by a dragon with a very difficult name that I can't remember, an' now there are white knots bein' passed out everywhere." He grins. "S'my first time bein' searched, and I feel like I know nothin' at all."

J'esh has also spied the white knot, but ignored it. News was that Xanadu was on Search, after all. "Pleasure to meet you," He says to Kiena. "I can't help but see your Ujinath is young - are you out of weyrlinghood?" It's not meant as an insult - his tone is genuinely curious. He turns to Kale as the teenager speaks, listening carefully. "We've been a few places," He admits. "And of course you can touch him. He's been begging from the beginning. Congratulations on being Searched. You must be a good boy."

News that Kiena has likely missed or temporarily forgotten, so when she's informed helpfully by Kale, the young bluerider flushes a bit. Oh right, she /had/ heard of that. For a girl who's older brother is Fort's Weyrleader, you'd think she'd be better in the loop. Even then, her ignorance on Xanadu's current news could /almost/ be considered a not intentional slight. "S'how I felt," she drawls with a crooked half smile. "When I was Searched. Conflicted and a little overwhelmed. Worse I suppose cause I weren't weyrbred like most of the lot of Candidates I was with." She shrugs then and gives a brisk nod, "You can see Ujinath if you'd like. He don't mind the attention, though you'll wanna go slow about it." Turning then to J'esh, Kiena gives him the same half-smile and a polite enough nod. "Same to you," she says and then blinks. "Uh… yeah, we are. That obvious, huh?" Never mind her behavior speaks volumes. "Been barely a month in as a Wingrider in Western. Not delivery though. Search and Rescue. Figured I'd see Xanadu since I heard they have forges here too…" And another shrug then. Speaks for itself?

Alloy seems not too interested in the blue dragons, especially as Kale seems to be so intrigued by them. That's /his/ boy, dragons! Don't you go getting any wacky ideas! And so he sits stubbornly by while Kale approaches Furgath, going at it slowly even though there was no warning from J'esh that such precaution is needed. No matter. With dragons, caution is probably the best route anyway! "Hello Furgath," he offers before his fingers are pressed against the dragon's neck to graze along. To his rider, the youngster offers a crooked grin. A good boy? "Most times, I guess," he answers, laughing after. "If you'd ask the journeymen, I think they'd give ya conflictin' opinions." He continues to rub the blue while glancing over to Kiena, perking. "Neither am I. Weyr born, I mean. I come from a hold an' a family that…eh, well..dragons weren't really spoken highly of." He smirks a bit. "But I can't wait to see all what comes with bein' a Candidate. An' I wish to see Yumeth's eggs too, but I've heard she's been a bit testy. Don' blame her, really. And…" he pauses, perking a bit. "You work with the forges?"

J'esh directs his attention to Kiena with a smile. "Young dragon, that’ :s all." He assures, "Nothing against you." He does move over slowly to pat the blue's leg, but as Furgath grumbles, he steps back, rolling his eyes. "Possessive, this one is." He flings his thumb behind his shoulder at Furgath. As the boy approaches, Furgath wiggles closer, clearly enjoying the attention. He even makes a rumbling purr sound. At the talk of forges, he stays quiet, amused but obviously clueless.

Ujinath waits his turn, craning his head a little to watch as Kale steps up to Furgath, looking a little wary of the young candidate but curious too. If the older blue doesn't protest though, the young one will remain calm and likely far more accepting. Kiena may not have been entirely truthful on her lifemate's mannerisms, but for now her focus is caught between J'esh and Kale. "Nah, didn't take it as insult. Just… Shards, was hopin' we weren't so obvious." She mumbles to the other bluerider, and then glances sharply to the candidate. "Holdbred then, huh? So am I." And there's a knowing smirk then, as close as she'll be to sympathetic or understanding to a boy she's just met. "Some folk just have a backwards way of thinking," she drawls with obvious harshness to her tone. Maybe her family was similar? "Sort've. Still an apprentice Smithcrafter, since I just got into the position months before I was Searched. And well…" And she jerks her head sharply back to where Ujinath still rests. "Rest is obvious. Still studying when I can though. You a smithcrafter then? Or… were?"

Wakua comes walking into the clearing from the meadow and she is walking with Seryic, "The Cavern is right over there." She continues to point out places, "And the Garden Shop is over there. Then there is tavern and the hatching arena." She sees the other in the clearing and she gives a friendly wave to the trio, "Hello."

Kale can't help but grin at Furgath's reaction, and so he doubles his efforts, using both hands to rub at his tough exterior. And, being an equal opportunity attention giver, his blue eyes flit to the other dragon, Ujinath. Hey, he survived one blue, which means this other one likely won't chomp an arm off, right? Right! "Ujinath, right?" he says, though it isn't clear if he's talking to rider or dragon. He inches his way over to the other blue, a hand outstretched towards him. All the while he's listening to Kiena, and gradually his eyes stray from dragon to instead settle on his rider. "Backwards is one way of puttin' it," he answers, nodding once. "An' I /am/ a smithcrafter," he confirms, "an' I will be til if I'm impressed. An' if I'm impressed, I'd still study an' practice when I can. M'not where I'd like to be yet, an' I don't wish to end it now. I think, if I'm good enough, metal craftin' will be a grand skill to have in search an' rescue." By now, he's near enough to Ujinath to touch, which he does.

Seryic makes his ways slowly along next to Wakua and smiles, "Thanks for the dirrections, he glances about at the others here as the walk.

Furgath is clearly enjoying the attention, although he slowly swings his head towards the newcomers. He emits a low creel that could be considered "curious". More people to pet him, perhaps? He stretches his neck out towards Seyric and Wakua. J'esh sighs, "Darling, not everyone wants to pet you." He admonishes, but his expression is amused. "Excuse me!" He says to the newcomers. "You don't happen to know where I can find J'euend?"

Kiena doesn't flinch or recoil from that outstretched hand, but it takes a few moments before the blue relaxes enough and after giving Kale another long and thorough stare and glance over, he lowers his muzzle down close enough for the boy to reach. Kiena is momentarily distracted, blue eyes darting sideways as she observes the exchange and likely chides her lifemate into relaxing already. As J'esh moves off, his comment on Furgath's hopes has the new bluerider chuckling under her breath and then she turns back to Kale. "Seem then you're on the same path as I was and am now. You pick a specialty yet then?" At the mention of it befitting Search and Rescue, the girl snorts. "Perhaps. I had actually considered weapon smithing, but… kind of doesn't match now does it?" Nope. Definitely does not. To be honest, Kiena hardly looks strong enough to wield the tools necessary for such work… but don't tell her that!

Wakua smiles at Seyric, "You are welcome." She looks to J'esh and she shakes her head, "Sorry I've been in the forge all day long. The only thing I've seen is hammers, tongs and anvils." She hmms at the bluerider, "You are a smith too? I'm Wakua, apprentice smith, it's nice to meet you. This is Seryic he's new to Xanadu and visiting for a couple days I'm just showing him the way to the caverns."

Idrissa is making her way on out from the cavern, a half yawn escaping her while she goes, someone is a bit tired it seems! She pulls her coat around her a bit more while she make her way further out from the cavern humming a faint tune to herself. Willow, a little green firelizard is settled upon her right shoulder, the little green is chirruping and chittering about the weather, well at least that is the general idea! Voices catch Rissa's attention though and she peers around before turning to catch sight of the few over there and moves along towards them while smiling. A wave is soon seen. "Hello.." Oh dragon's too busy place at the moment!

Seryic smiles and nods moving along with Wakua nodding to those that she introduces him too, "Hello.' he says softly. shifting a large duffel bag on his back.

The palm of Kale's hand is gently pressed against the blue's muzzle, his smile warm and happy. Good experience with dragons can only help boost his own confidence, right? If the dragons of others can tolerate him, perhaps maybe one of those little dragonlets will see past his holdbornness and, who knows, impress? Maybe! To Kiena, he slightly raises his brows, and a curious look is sent her way. "I think it matches perfectly," he says. "Weapons smithing is what I'd like to specialize in, aye, an' weapons an' rescue go hand 'n hand. Er…at least, I think so." He grins a bit, hand falling from the dragon's nose. "I mean…our search an' rescue wing has been busy for a while now, an' from what I've gathered, they sometimes go up against some bad fellows. Figure it'd be a good thing to make weapons an' armor that'll help protect'm when they're out against the really bad types, y'know? You should do it!" So encouraging, this one. His eyes shift to Wakua as she speaks, giving a near imperceptible nod, then continue to Idrissa who receives a wave and grin.

J'esh lets out a sigh as another person has no idea where his query is. "I guess I'll go check out the caverns. Apparently this is important stuff." He reaches over to pat Furgath. "Go on up to the heights, lazy bum. I'll call when I need you." THe blue grumbles, but takes off gently towards the heights. "If you'll excuse me, I have a rider to find." J'esh says dryly. He bows slightly to all assembled before making his way off towards the caverns.

Good experiences do help and Ujinath learns a little too by accepting Kale's touch. Mostly that folk in other Weyrs mean him no harm either so his suspiciousness is unfounded. So far. Kiena brightens a bit when Kale agrees with her and perhaps the bluerider has had a hard time finding folk who share the same opinion, "It does! And exactly my point! Some of the tools required for Search and Rescue require specific knives and blades. So why not be trained in weaponry or tools? Not like they all have bad uses." She adds with a grin that while vague, seems genuine at least. "And I plan to! Ain't about to let folks squash what /I/ think is correct after all. So you gonna do the same then? Even if ya don't Impress? They'll likely need your wares regardless if you're a rider or not." As more folk arrive, the Western bluerider pauses to take in each new face with the same curious but suspicious air that J'esh and Kale received earlier, followed by a nod and faint smile to all. To Wakua's query, Kiena bobs her head in a brisk nod, "I am. Sort've. Could say I'm a smithcrafter part-time as it were."

Wakua gives a very slight nod of her head to Kale and she gives a wave to Idrissa, "Hello Idrissa how are you doing?" She waves to the rider, "See you later, I hope you find who you are looking for. It was nice to meet you." She looks over towards Kiena, "That's great to hear, so that brings you over to Xanadu Weyr? You have a handsome blue dragon. What's his name?"

Idrissa waves after whomever is leaving before letting her attention turn back to the ones here while she pauses next to Kale, as she knows him. Her bright gaze drifts up to the dragon that is front of her friend and she offers him a smile and slight nod. "I'm alright Wakua, yourself?" Willow hops about on her shoulder and chirrups out at the large blue dragon that is there. Her bright gaze turns back to Kiena as the rider speaks with the others and she hangs back quietly for the moment, not wanting to jump into the conversation before she listens in on what he conversation is about.

Seryic stops along side Wakua and glances between those assembled, not really knowing anyone and not one for idle conversation, he just watches and listens as others approach the smithcrafter. He does set he duffle aside and pull out a small pad though and begins to sketch idly in it.

Kale nods in agreement to Kiena. "I am. At least, that's my plan. Still apprenticing for now, but…I figure maybe in another turn or so, I'll be a Senior Apprentice an' start specializing. I already know it's what I want to do. Guess I"ll jus' have to prove I'm ready, eh?" He grins. Not often he finds such a kindred spirit! "I think it's a grand idea, anyway. Where are you posted? Maybe, if I'm Impressed, I could visit ya, or you me, or whichever. Y'know, swap ideas an' blueprints? We'll be workin' for the same cause. Even if I'm /not/ Impressed, I think it'd still be nice to see each other." He grins over to Idrissa, and gets introductions done. "Idrissa, this is Kiena an' her dragon Ujinath. An' this is Idrissa."

Kiena is not used to being so social and among such forward and openly friendly folk! Which is a very good thing, but it startles the young teen bluerider and she comes off as a little uncertain and aloof among so many strangers. Ujinath on the other hand has gained confidence from his little meet and greet with Kale, so the blue whuffles in obvious good cheer to Wakua's compliment. "Ah, yes… thank you. His name is Ujinath and we're here because I had heard talk of Xanadu's forges. Western's are rather small, so I figured I'd come and see. It's also an excuse to visit a part of Pern I've never before stepped foot on." She remarks with a bit of wry humor. It's the truth! So she's here part on duty, part pleasure. Noticing Idrissa standing there now as well, Kiena almost seems to fidget and hastily adds on a rather hurried compliment, "It's… nice here. Different!" Though she's only seen the clearing up close! "Good way to go about it," That is directed to Kale, far more relaxed then her awkwardness in being social with the others. Poor girl has no skills. "I'm posted in Western, since that's where I Impressed Ujinath and where we decided to stay." For many reasons. At the offer, Kiena seems a little surprised and blinks, hesitating a moment before laughing gruffly and softly, "Yeah, we could do that. I notice you got a firelizard? You can use him to reach us then. I ain't always by the forges though. Duties first as a rider, Craft is second." When she's introduced, Idrissa gets another brisk nod. "Pleasure," she murmurs.

Wakua grins brightly, "It's nice to meet you Ujinath. And you have come to the right place than we have the best forges in all of the Southern Continent. I doubt you'll be watching for long I'm sure Jounreyman Otto will be putting you right to work with the rest of us. Are you into making weapons like Kale is? I myself want to learn how to make art from metal."

Seryic blinks as he spots Kiena and frowns just a bit at spotting the westerner, having abandoned his post at the weyr he turns slightly away and glances about and says "You said the cavern was over that way right." he asks Wakua.

Idrissa blinks at Kale and hehs softly, a slight wave is offered to the rider and dragon pair. "Nice to meet you Kiena, Ujinath." She offers a friendly, yet somewhat shy smile at the moment. Willow chirrups and soon settled down upon Rissa's shoulder figuring she has made her presence know it seems!

"Ah, yeah. Alloy," Kale says, glancing over to the bronze who doesn't seem very inclined to get closer to anyone, even going so far as to turning his head away. "Moody one he is, sometimes," he says, smirking vaguely. "We've only been together a month or so. Still gettin' used to how feelings an' such are shared. It's … different," he says, chuckling as he echoes her former statement. "To say the very least. Can only /imagine/ how it'd be with a dragon. An' if you think this is nice, you should see the woods, s'pecially this time've year. The beach is nicer when it's warm. There's plenty to see at Xanadu, an' even more to do."

It has been awhile since Kiena last saw Seyric and so the bluerider doesn't recognize him, though she does glance his way briefly. Her attention though is readily divided between Kale, Idrissa and Wakua and the young teen almost finds herself tripping over her replies she's trying so hard to answer everyone and still keep her temper and behavior in check. "Firelizards are pretty close to dragons, though the bond is much much deeper. Good startin' step though to kind of know what yer in for if it's fate to be on the Sands come Hatching time." As Wakua describes the forges, Kiena takes the other's word for it and nods, "I don't doubt they are, since I ain't seen 'em yet and can't rightly comment." Kiena murmurs with a smirk and then shrugs, "Sort of. Seems we both have similar ideas and are of same opinions! We'll see, then, eh if we cannot collaborate?" Ujinath is rumbling then, his head craning skywards and Kiena's eyes unfocus. The bluerider then sighs, already beginning to refasten her riding jacket. "And thus the Weyr summons us and so I'll have to explore another day I guess. Nice meeting you all!" With pleasantries done, Kiena hastily waves and then trots over to where her blue is now stretching out. Grabbing the straps, she hoists herself up and buckles in and then the pair are aloft, darting up into the sky and then gone.

Wakua gives a wave to Kiena as she takes off and she hmms a little bit. "It was good to see you and Kale again." She tells to Idrissa and she moves back over to Seryic, "Sorry about that. Come on I'll show you where the caverns are and you can get something to eat. I noticed you drawing. Just practicing or see something interesting?"

Seryic smile and says softly, "I was sketching her blue real quick like." he shows the sketch pad, "I was thinking of maybe starting to try to paint portraits of dragons for their riders.

Idrissa glances over to where Alloy is and ponders before she looks back to rider and ohs before a smile and nod is seen. "Well, take care." A slight wave is seen after the leaving pair before she looks over to Kale. "So why is Alloy grumpy?" Willow chirrups and hops up fluttering over to where the bronze is and tilts her head before nipping out at the other firelizard. She sends images for him to not be so grumpy!

Speaking of the caverns, there's someone coming out from that direction. On closer inspection, it proves to be a Soriana. She waves cheerfully, heading toward the rest. Well, mostly towards Kale and Rissa, when it comes to the point when the path to various people must diverge, but Wakua and the unknown were included in the wave.

Kale takes a slight step back as Kiena mounts her blue. One last nose rub is given before the dragon lifts his regal head too high for him to reach. He lifts a hand to shield his eyes from and debris that may be kicked up from flapped wings, and then…. up, up, and away she goes. Grinning a bit, he lifts an arm to wave to the departing rider, allowing it to drop once she's too far up to been seen. "That's awesome," he says over to Idrissa. "She's a smith crafter. Well..was, I guess, but still is. I haven't met a dragon rider that was in the same craft as me. If I have, they haven't told me about it." He smirks, though the look falters as he eyes his sulky lizard, who grumpily nips back at his clutchmate. "Uh…" He pauses, focusing on the bronze with a look of concentration. Can…read…minds…sorta. "Blue dragon." It's all he's picked up. "Aw, what, you're jealous?" Ha! It tickles him for whatever reason, and can only laugh and continues to do so as Soriana joins them.

Wakua nods as she looks at the sketch and smiles, "That's very good." She hmms and points out the others for Seryic, "That's Idrissa, Soriana and Kale. Hey guys this is Seryic, he's visiting from Eastern to find some pigments and do some paintings if you want."

Idrissa smirks as she hears Kale and shakes her head. "Well he'll be alright I'm sure. And that is cool. I bet it'll be good to talk to other smiths from different Weyrs to see what they all are doing ya?" Well it's an idea! She looks to Wakua and Seryic and offers both a smile and slight nod. "Nice to meet you." Willow bounces around Alloy and soon nips out at him to try and get some sort of reaction it seems!

The unknown is made known, and Soriana gives the additional wave of greeting. "Heya," she says with a smile, then peers at the laughing Kale and sulky Alloy. Riiiight. She'll just try talking to Seryic, then. "There's painting classes with the Harpers sometimes… maybe someone there would know about getting the pigments you want."

Seryic blushes and says, "Not really from eastern, just sorta traveling about, sorta working out of eastern right now cause of their gather coming up.." nods nod to Idrissa and says, "Nice to meet you too ma'am." he smiles and nods to Sorianna and says, 'Thanks I will ask about, my mentor was a harper before he impressed, I am sure he would know just the right thing."

Soriana nods to Seryic. "Craftcavern's over thataway…" she say helpfully. "Wakua can show you." Sori grins, and waves again, this one a farewell. "Maybe I'll see you around." Kale and Idrissa get a cheerful back-thump apiece, and then she's off across the meadow again. No break to chat for her. Onwards!

Alloy does /not/ appreciate being /laughed/ at, thank you very much! What in the world. He's King, darn it! He should be treated with more respec- Ow! Ok, it's getting increasingly hard for him to stay in a bad mood with Kale in such a good mood and with Willow being so playful. So he soon relents and chases after her. Rar! Snicker snicker. "That was quick mood change," remarks Kale, grinning. "He's over it," he assures Idrissa, chuckling just as he glances over to Wakua, hearing his name. "Hello," he offers to Seryic, bobbing his head once to him.

Wakua waves to Soriana, "That's a good idea I suggested that he go to Tsenik and get some flowers to use a pigments." She hears a creeling and she takes out a rather small green firelizard, "It's okay Bria." She gently pets the green and reaches into one of her pouches and takes out a small meatroll to break it up and feed it to Bria.

Willow chirrups out again while she is bouncing around and then squeals as Alloy chases after her. The green skitters off and jumps into the air fluttering about to escape the bronze. Idrissa grins while she watches the two play and shakes her head slightly. "They’re funny like that an't they? Willow was pouting earlier cause I was busy and when I finally gave her attention she did pretty much what Alloy did." She glances back to Seryic and offers a friendly smile. "I bet Tsenik could help you out rather well with stuff like that."

Seryic nods and says, "I will have to try and meet him while I am here then, I only have a couple of days before I need to start heading back though. hope I can find everything I need, I was told this is the place to come..'

Kale nods in response to Idrissa. "M'learnin' more and more about them each day because've Alloy. Like…for once, I never realized how large a bronze could get, an' so fast. Even Willow's gotten so big an' in only a month's time." He shakes his head, watching as Alloy takes to the air too, wings spreading wide and making him appear even larger! Kale snickers then looks back to Seryic and Wakua, nodding to Seryic. "Yeah. Xanadu has a lot've things, that's for sure. You likely won't have to hard've a time findin' what you need. You're here from Eastern? Are you a harper then, what with the painting and all?"

Wakua nods, "The best place to do that would be to go to his shop. If he'll be anywhere he'll be there.." She continues to feed her green as she watches the other two play, "How long are Willow and Alloy? I haven't had a chance to measure Bria yet."

Seryic shakes his head, "I was an apprentice beastcrafter, but was training in art on the side under a harper… Some things happened and I had ta leave western…" he shakes his head slowly, " Lets just say there was a girl involved and leave it at that.." as she speaks a tiny green peaks up from his duffle and chirps at the other lizzards.

Idrissa ohs and looks over to Seryic curiously. "Really? I'm a beastcraft apprentice." Another lizard, there all over! Willow chirrrups as she flutters one way and then another before dashing back towards the people. At the chirp of a new lizard she tilts her head and cooos out at the new green. "Oh, Willow is well.." She peers at her green. "I'll have to measure her, I think she grew since I last did.."

"It isn't easy to measure Alloy. He isn't always the most patient." Much like Kale himself! And measuring must be a boy thing, for Kale likes to measure his almost every day! "In centimeters, he's about twenty. Can't get'm to spread his wings enough to measure those though, an' I don' know how big he's supposed to get." His eyes shift to Seryic as he answers, and he nods at the craft talk, but lifts a brow at the mentioning of having to leave Western. "Leave…like, forever? Must've been some girl.." he remarks, glancing to the newly emerged green. Greens all over!

Wakua grins, "So two beastcraft apprentices walk into a tavern and meet two smithcraft apprentices." She teases as she finishes feeding Bria and she lets her firelizard go, "Go play with the others and make friends." She looks over at Kale, "Well you and Alloy should be used to being outnumbered by girls. You are always hanging out with Idrissa and Soriana."

Seryic says softly, "Well I thought I loved her and she me… Until she stood then everything changed.." he shakes his head and says, "I had to get away." He nods to Idrissa and says, "Runner specialty. Was working with the breeding program at western before I left.

Idrissa ponders the whole girl making Seryic leave part but she doesn't question it as Kale has sorta done that already! Willow bounces over to the new person and peers up at him with a chittering chirp escaping her in the process. A soft ah escapes her. "Willow, is curious about your green it seems." Her gaze turns back to Seryic and she ohs and nods a moment. "I see.. Well I'm doing the same, well runners mostly bout all I've figured out yet."

Ah. Love! How it complicates things, apparently. Kale cannot say that he knows how the other fellow feels, not having the experience with such incredibly deep feelings, but he can at least sympathize! "Sorry man," he says. "Well … at least you're away an' I bet Xanadu'll take your mind off things," he says chipperly. He glances to Wakua. "Or, they're always hangin' out with me," he says, sending a smirk to Idrissa. "Idrissa's the queen of runners around here," he offers to Seryic. "Don't let her modesty fool ya."

Wakua looks to Seryic, "I'm sorry to hear about that. I hope your able to continue being an apprentice beastcrafter if that's what you want to do." Her green is curious too and lands lightly on the back of the dufflebag to chirrup to the green. Wakua hmms, "Maybe, you are around metals all day maybe you are becoming magnetic?" She teases lightly.

Seryic smiles to and nods, 'Well it is a pleasure to meet you all. I am really just tryin to figure out what to do next, and well I got this talent for painting, and folks seem to be willing to pay for them so they are sorta supporting me while I figure things out."

Idrissa blinks at Kale and a soft ah escapes her while she lifts a hand to scratch at the back of her neck a moment, blushing a few moments even. Willow eyes Bria and lets out a soft chittering hiss towards the green. She was totally here first! With a blink Rissa looks over towards her lizard. "Willow, be nice." She looks back to Seryic and nods, a slight smile seen. "Well I hope you find what you looking for then."

Oh what's this? New faces! Alloy trots over to the other greens. Two of which are clutchmates, one who is not. For now, the bronze just watches, wings folded neatly. Kale smirks a bit to Seryic, head slightly tilting. "Well if they're good enough to give marks for, then they must really be somethin' to see. Ever thought've changin' your craft?" he asks. "If you're good at it, you can only get even better with the proper trainin'. Jus' think've all the marks you could make." He eyes the hissing Willow, then Wakua. Her joke earns a faint smirk.

Seryic nods and says, "I have considerd it, My mentor on it was a harper himself before he impressed, T'burk over at western." he says, "He said something about maybe sending me to the hall for a bit but…"

Wakua nods, "That could be something you could look into Seryic if you are good at it. New place and new craft, might be something to consider." Her green gives a hiss back and stands her ground as she's not going to let anyone intimidate her…well almost anyone. Wakua give a sharp look to he green, "Be nice to your clutchsister or else." She looks back to Seryic, "Well maybe you can combine the two. I know our smith books have illustrations in them, do beastcraft books have illustrations too?"

Idrissa tilts her head pondering it seems while a slight nod is soon seen. "Well, I imagine going to the hall would be a good place.. If your interested in doing that stuff of course." Willow seems to blink at her clutch mate, no she didn't! Another hiss escapes her and she trots forward, tail lashing about while a faint growl escapes her. Oh dear..! "Willow…" Rissa mutters out as she watches unsure what has caused all this to happen.

Kale points to the two quarreling green sisters. "See? Girls are trouble, human or no." He shakes his head a little and glances to Idrissa, then over to Seryic. "You should go. If artistry is really what y'like. I mean, s'what we're all here for, right? To do what it is that makes us happy 'n all?" Alloy, who is just quietly watching, rumbles buuut otherwise stays out of it. Smart bronze, he is!

Seryic nods to Wakua and says, "The are illistrated and I have though abotu doing that. Just needed some time to think you know." he smiles and says, "Anyways, enough about me." as he speaks his green makes her appearnce and tilts her head looking at the really little ones.

Wakua nods, "Well don't think too long about it." She hears the hissing from the greens and her green spreads her wings out and rises up a little bit with her tail lashing back and froth. Bria is trying to make herself look bigger and the little green hisses back. Come on and bring it. Wakua frowns, "Hey cut it out, you are gonna scare Seryic's green, behave." She scolds the green firelizard.

Willow doesn't look at all scared of Bria, she bobs her head a few times, her own wings open, tail lashing a few times while she hisses out once more. Idrissa moves over and scoops up her green rather easily. "Gee, thanks Kale." She says while eyeing him. Oh she'll so remember that!

"What?" remarks Kale to Idrissa, looking innocent. "Oh I don't mean /you/." He grins, head lightly shaking as at least one of the snarky greens is taken up before a fight breaks out! Alloy flies up and lands on his shoulder, and Kale lightly rubs beneath his chin. "M'sure Alloy would do the same if there were any other bronzes about. Buut we haven't run into any. Yet."

Seryic says softly, "And Kale, Girls aren't trouble, everyone can be. She just changed when she was left on the sands over there.." he shakes his head, as he watches the green's, Mossy for her part just looks curiously to them not seeming disturbed by there displays at all.

Wakua goes to pick up her green as well, "Sorry about that Idrissa." She pets Bria's back to try to calm her down, "You need to get along with her sister." The green gives a huff and headbutts Wakua's hand as she tries to pet her. She keeps her opinion about trouble to herself.

Idrissa shakes her head slightly as she hears Kale. "Right.." She says before looking at Willow whom still hisses at Bria before clambering up onto her owner's shoulder. "It's alright. They just need to figure stuff out I suppose." Not like she knows a lot about firelizards really.

"If you say so," replies Kale who just seems happy that Alloy is a boy. And now that he firelizard drama is being dissolved, he glances back to his forgotten back of stuff that was supposed to be delivered to the caverns like … a while ago. "Ah, shards…" Why is he so /easily/ distracted! Dragons and friends..gah! "Heey, so I was supposed to deliver these new utensils to the kitchens…a while ago," he says, eyeing the cloudy sky as if to gague the time. He probably should've accepted that timepiece from the clockmaster when he was working with him. "The lot of you want to get a bite?"

Seryic glances to Wakua before saying, "Well this nice lady was showin me around so if she wants to go I am game, I will have to figure out where I am going to be crashing before to late though.."

Wakua smiles, "Sure something to eat sounds good to me. Do you need some help with those Kale?" She looks to Seryic, "Just ask an assistant headwoman I'm sure she'll find a spot for you in the resident cavern." She continues to pet her green who gives another hiss at Willow and looks up at Wakua, she started it.

Idrissa ohs and glances to Kale. "Ya sure, I could do that.." She nods to Wakua. "Ya that's about right. She'll help you find a place for sure, or just go o the dorms really." Willow eyes Bria and snarls out now, she may have started it but she won't let her dear clutchsister finish it!

"No," answers Kale to Wakua as he moves back to reclaim the package he was supposed to deliver, hefting the bag over his shoulder with the obvious clanging of metal against metal heard from within. "An' yeah, findin' a bunk won't be hard. People come in all the time." He offers a smile to the older teen before he, trailed by Alloy, begin to head off.

Seryic nods and says, "I will check that out after dinner I guess then.”

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