Go Gathering

Ista Weyr - Gather Meadow
Rough and amorphous, this clearing has been constructed to give optimum space while still keeping it relatively sheltered from the plateau and weyr beyond. The treeline has been trimmed back to give a clear view of the skies above, but daintily-cared-for saplings have been planted here and there throughout, one day promising plenty of shade. Pebble pathways wind amongst them from the forest's edge and have been formed betwixt skeletal stalls that are almost completely occupied on market and gather days.
Each path eventually leads to a huge, circular patch of gravel. Tables and food carts ring its edge, wine and alcohol predictably given a few of the choice spots. A large, festively-decorated gazebo has been erected at the far end, populaced with chairs and stands for Harpers and impromptu musicians. Tables are situated nearby, and a large wooden platform seems perfect for dancing. Otherwise, grassy meadowland prevails, perfect for picnics and playtime regardless of the season.

Night has fallen over Ista and it has been some time since the firework display dazzled those attending the Gather. Now most have wandered back to the feasting and to the dance floors again and the atmosphere is a relaxed and joyous one as many come together to ring in another Turn. Th'ero is, of all places, on the dance floor and with a Western bluerider as his partner, which to some would be no surprise at all. The Fortian Weyrleader looks relaxed and in good spirits, if a little reserved still but perhaps that's only because he's concentrating so on not stepping all over Kimmila's toes. He's dressed in very formal attire, none of which seems to restrict him as he leads her across the floor as the slow dance continues. "I'm not sure," he murmurs to her, allowing her to reach up and brush back some of his hair. "Do you have anything in mind? We /could/ go for the wine, you know." He muses.

Kimmila is dressed in a rather striking blue gown, halter top with a v-neck, gathered into an empire waist and then hugging her curves all the way down to the ground, with a slit up one side of the skirt to reveal a little leg. She dances with only a few fumbles, clearly not experienced but enjoying herself just the same. At her partner's words she laughs, slowing her steps until she stops. "The wine sounds great. Why don't you go do that? I need to go visit the lady's room and check on Varmiroth. You stay, I'll be back," she assures, standing on her tiptoes to give him a little kiss. It's quick, though. PDA = eww. Then she's sweeping off the dance floor, leaving poor Th'ero to navigate the social situation on his own.

Some time has passed since Datsun has arrived via an unfamiliar green dragon, hidden inside the Tanner Craft's tent conducting business. At its conclusion, the teenager comes out into the throng of the Gather, pushing aside the tent flap with a large container held under one arm. His shoulders are bare, bearing no knot, but he wears a royal blue tunic with midnight black trousers and his usual heavy boots and an ornamental knife on his belt, its hilt carved with various imagery and polished to a fine sheen. After a moment's pause to ready himself, Datsun enters the crowd, mixing into the traffic.

Arriving from another part of the Weyr, the Istan born lad turned Healer apprentice mills about in the crowds. Mikal stops to chat with some residents of the weyr he knows from his time here in the past.

Technically, Thessily has been here since well before the fireworks, which were /why/ she was here; something about a mission to gain test material for a new type of color film the Techcraft is cautiously experimenting in. Cameras and other gadgets are nowhere to be seen on her person now, though. A slight figure in a simple and tasteful rose-hued dress, she's on the edge of the dance floor, in the midst of a quiet conversation with a girl her own age. Both have Tech knots, though Thessily - for some reason - also has a journeyman Woodcrafter knot hanging from a fashionably wide belt. Not subtly attached, either: it's hanging there like a Terran war goddess might display a human ear. A /trophy/, if you will. "- So the heat dissipation's well troubling," she's telling her comrade, "though it'll be looking like we've got it working, now. Well, they, you know that'll not be my /field/ exactly…"

Tsenik makes his way in from the bowl, still pulling off the jacket that he had worn between. Today, he is sans-flowers, neither holding a basket or a bouquet. In place of the flowers, however, are leaflest that are tucked under one arm. So today is yet another day that the florist is dedicating to promoting his new shop. He pauses once or twice to pass out a leaflet, "Come visit my shop in Xanadu, got lots of product to sell! Best floral arrangements you'll find!"

For those just joining the Gather, a few minor details. Stalls have been erected in neat rows. Capping one is the Baker pavillion, which has been doing a lively trade since the Gather opened, second only to the Vinter, who's serving up excellent vintages. Round globes of light are strung up in lines, making a canopy over the lanes between vendors and keeping everything lit well for browsing. The same strands of globes criss cross over the more dimply lit dancing square, and the Harpers are still strumming and singing away for the pleasure of the dancers there, as well as the people seated at tables all around the square, eating, drinking, watching, flirting, as befits such an event.

Th'ero comes to a stop shortly after Kimmila and then leads her carefully to the sidelines to allow the other dancers to move past. The slow song is wrapping up now, the Harpers taking a brief break before they likely break into a livelier set next. "Of course, Wingmate," The Fortian Weyrleader murmurs to her, kissing back in the brief and rare show of affection to his Weyrmate in public and though he looks reluctant to have her go, he lets his hold on her slip free and then he's left to his own devices. The wine will have to wait, but for now he seems content to simply observe, dark gaze scanning the crowds of people perhaps for a familiar face or just out of idle curiosity. It's not often so many from different parts of Pern converge together and so peacefully.

New places and new faces! This turnover is turning out to be one the best yet in Kale's opinion! After rocking it out at home, luck and a few marks has warranted him and a few others a ride over to Ista, because really…why should the party die just because it's over at one place? If not the sound of music, laughter, and otherwise utmost cheer, the tempting aroma of food surely would have led the way upon landing. He and a few other youths who hitched a ride over are now arriving, a grin on his face as he takes in the scene as a whole from lights to tents. "Wicked.. Ah, look!" a finger is pointed to the climbing wall, eyes alighting with obvious interest.

Idrissa is following along a few steps after Kale as she was thinking the rider whom gave them a ride over to Ista. Which as she recalls was just as much fun as the first time she got to ride a dragon! "An't you glad I talekd you into coming?" This said to Kale with an amused tone while shey wandering on through the place, her bright gaze drifting over everything and she looks at the climbing wall curiously. "You gona climb it?"

Datsun notes a certain Techcrafter discussing boring subjects with an unknown girl and angles himself until he's coming up behind Thessily. The knotless teenager doesn't bother to cover his footsteps with so many people around, tapping one shoulder before swiftly moving to the other side then tapping Thessily's opposite shoulder, again moving to the opposite side.

What was that, Th'ero? A peaceful convergence? We'll see about that. Though Thessily is over the age of five and thus ought to know better, Datsun's trick works neatly on her: she's looking over her shoulder in annoyed confusion after the first tap, and then over the other at the next, each time just slow enough to miss Datsun where he looms behind her. Her compatriot is not so boggled: the other Techcrafter, a pretty redhead, watches the spectacle with raised eyebrows, mouth half opening to say something before she opts in favor of spectating, an anticipatory edge to the way her posture shifts.

Tsenik wanders through the crowd, passing out fliers as he does and spots a couple people from Xanadu that are familiar. However, he pauses, watching for a moment before shaking his head. Better not to bother them. Instead, the florist looks around for a moment longer and sighs in frustration. "Well, this wasn't a good idea," He murmurs half to himself, glancing around the festivities in a thoughtful manner.

"Yeah yeah, I'm glad," relents Kale, smirking as he turns around, braving to walk backwards a while. "/And/ I'll even admit that the ride wasn't as..uh .. horrifically terrible as I thought it was gonna be." He glances over his shoulder and sidesteps a little boy, narrowly avoiding a collision. "Maybe heights are my thing. Never knew as I never tried!" He grins and turns back around, coming face to face with a bearded man, bumping chests. "Er..sorry!" Duck and walk away! Now, as for that wall. "Yes, now that I know that I fear no height, it'd be a waste if I didn't. An' you?" he glances to one side, catching a drifting voice. Eyes narrow a bit. "I thought I heard … was someone shoutin' about Xanadu?"

Idrissa laughs as she hears Kale. "Oh come on, it was great getting to ride the dragon don't you think?" Her gaze drifts over the mane that Kale nearly ran into and she blinks. "Well I liked it at elast." There is a pause and she peers one way then another. "I didn't hear it… Who would be shouting 'bout Xanadu?" As for the wall climb. "I'd climb it, no problem at all!" Someone sounds rather sure of herself.

Datsun taps Thessily's opposite shoulder once more before moving again, but this time it's to the side of the pretty redhead girl's side, beaming a winning smile at her. "I always did like redheads. We're one of a kind." Placing his free arm around the redhead girl's shoulder, Datsun turns to face Thessily, giving her a broad smile, that large container still under his other arm. "You owe me my knot."

Well, a man can hope, right? Th'ero hasn't moved much from his position along the sidelines, standing as he is with his hands clasped behind his back and his dark gaze watching the milling crowds and the dancers. Really, he should be getting that wine he promised Kimmila, but the Fortian Weyrleader seems reluctant to move. That's when he starts to spy a few Xanadu knots among the throngs and that has him focusing in. Few he recognizes, save for perhaps Idrissa if he could catch a clear enough glimpse of her. But for now he leaves them all be and soon his attentions are pulled away briefly as he's approached by a Lord and Lady Holder and Th'ero is caught up once more in the social tide and doing his best not to awkwardly fumble his way through it or accidentally cause offence with his taciturn nature.

"I dunno. A Xanadu lovin' crier?" suggests Kale, that same crooked grin on his face. "Maybe I'm goin' deaf. Or a bug flew in my ear on the ride over." He gives his left ear a rub, tugging on his earlobe, tipping his head to one side as if expecting something to fall out. Anything? Anything? Nope, all clear. "C'mon, let's do it before the line gets too long. Bet I can beat you to the top!" Apparently he hasn't learned his lesson when it comes to wagering. But maybe…fifth (sixth?) time's the charm! Reaching for her hand, he guides her to the popular looking climbing wall, bypassing faces, all which seem unfamiliar, though briefly meeting the eyes of the Fortian weyrleader, recognizing him. Hey, he's come out for fun too? That's good. Being a leader /must/ be a stressful job.

"What." The Techcraft apprentice shifts to accommodate the continued movement behind her, looking annoyed to have to do it. And then… /more/ annoyed when she spots the reason for the disturbance of her nice, nerdy distraction from all the fun and frolic around. "You," the girl says, managing to look down her nose while looking up, "be owing /me/ a jacket, so don't well start acting like I'll be feeling obliged to you." A protective hand hovers over the stolen knot. Her redheaded compatriot looks over at Datsun's arm across her shoulder with an amused expression, but doesn't shrug him off, and remains a silent, interested spectator.

Idrissa shakes her head slightly. "Maybe Alloy nipped your ear so much your losing your hearing now?" Well it's a thought, his firelizard is so diferent from her own. A faint eep escapes her as her hand is grabbed and she follows after Kale towards the climbing wall. "How many times are you gona really wager with me before you learn your lesson anywho?" She looks over the area while following after Kale, catching sight of a certain weyrleader, someone she hasn't seen since that whole Laris searching bit. A slight wave and friendly smile is seen for a moment, which may be overlooked as Th'ero is busy doing the social bit at the moment.

"Well, you do know that I have a knife, however decorative it is, it still has a sharp blade. I could always cut your belt off to get my knot…" Datsun answers Thessily, smirking lightly. Catching sight of Tsenik over Thessily's miniature head, he calls out, "Oi, Tsenik! C'mon over here." His free hand waves the florist over, the arm still remaining around the redhead girl.

Th'ero has been rather busy since that event and even when he was grounded in Xanadu for that sevenday for whatever reason. And it is stressful work, the Fortian Weyrleader learned that very early on but it's not without it's perks. None of which seem present at the moment and as the Lord and Lady look on, it takes all his resolve not to look immensely relieved. Maybe he'll need that wine sooner rather then later. Kale's brief glance is missed, though Idrissa's slight waves is caught and returned with a brisk nod and faint smile that likely extends to Kale as well now that he puts two and two together.

Tsenik blinks as he hears his name, his head craning towards the sound, and then he's spotting Datsun and…Thessily? This gets an amused grin from the florist and he pads over. "Well, now this is an interesting sight." He says with a wide grin as he looks from Datsun and then Thessily, "How are you two doing? I don't seem to be getting many bites today." A nod to the crowd and then he glances at the fliers. "Maybe I'll just give up and try to have some fun." Fun? What's that? Apparently Tsen doesn't know.

Kale nods in agreement. "That must be it, aye," he remarks as they inch through the line at the wall. "I swear my left ear's a bit shorter than my right now," he says, lifting a hand to rub at the edge of his ear. Bite marks? Nope, but he can always pretend! "An' I'll be wagerin' til I win, thank you." And in no time, they're up! He peeeers up at the incline, cracking knuckles in preparation just before they're geared up and roped and all that great stuff that makes sure they won't go breaking their necks. He reaches up for a handhold, glancing over to Idrissa. "Ready?"

"You'll be needing to catch me, first." Thessily has drawn herself up to her full height (such as it is), oozing umbrage from every pore. "I very well told you, journeyman, s' a /hostage/." The hovering hand is protecting clenching it, now. "You'll be getting me a new jacket to make up for the one you /ruined/ dumping that poor hussy, or /no/ knot." Her redheaded cohort is scowled at for her placid disinterest in intervention, but the other girl only shrugs, clearly amused. Thessily is slow to notice Tsenik's arrival, but nods distractedly at him in greeting. "Sands project," she says, simply. "Busy."

Idrissa does catch the nod from the busy weyrleader, though her attention is quickly back to the climbing wall as she hears Kale. "Right, so you just keep on losing to me and it'll be great how's that?" She grins while pulling out a mark from a pocket and puts it into the donation box. Might as well make nice with giving the marks! "So what happens when I win again?" This offered to Kale while she works on getting said gear on as she rather likes not having broken bones. Once that is done she takes hold of a handhold and eyes Kale playful like while she grins. To bad she doesn't hear the conversation going on over with Datsun, Thessily and Tsenik.

Datsun keeps one eye on Thessily as Tsenik approaches, lifting his chin up in greeting, "Just fine. Thessily's upset because I have a date and she doesn't." The redhead gets a squeeze from his arm around her before she's released by him. Thessily is simply eyed for her comments, not bothering to dignify her with a response. "You should've brought your flowers, Tsen. I see a few people on dates. I'm sure they would've liked a corsage or a flower pin… like those two." He thumbs over at Kale and Idrissa before turning back to the subject of Thessily, "I want you to act as middleman. I give you her new jacket…" He pats the large container, "She gives you my knot at the same time, then you give her this and give me my knot. Okay?"

"Once /I/ win," says Kale, gripping at a foothold, "…uh, winner's choice!" Because of course he has nothing in mind right now this minute, and he hasn't time to think about it…unless he wants a handful of impatient soon to be wall climbers on his back! "But it has to be somethin' here tonight, deal?" He's sure he'll find some mischief to get her into once he undoubtedly wins this climbing race. A smirk is sent her way before he looks up. Geeze, this is a high wall! "On the count of three then?"

Tsenik arches a brow as he looks from Thessily to Datsun and then back again. He doesn't say anything, shrugging, "The flowers wouldn't have lasted between, I was thinking about it though." His eyes flicker around the crowd, "There are quite a lot of people on dates, I suppose it was a missed opportunity. Oh well. Next time, maybe I could figure out something I could use to transport flowers between without killing them. That's my next project, I think, now that I have firelizard oil figured out." This is given a nod as he listens to Datsun, "Uh, okay, sure, I'll do it for you two. I take the jacket and the knot and switch them, and you both get your objects back."

Idrissa chuckles softly while she looks up at the wall and grins as she hears Kale. "Alright, winner's choice then." She offers with an amused tone. "Count of three.." She waits as the numbers are counted off and is then climbing up the wall as quick as she possible can. Her fingers gripping at the holds that are to be found and so far she is doing rather well! Ha, get her into mischief? Yes her dear friends would do that, they strive at getting her in some form of trouble when ever she is around. Sneaky little friend things.

"One … twothreego!" Up, up, and away! .. ok, not quite /flying/ but Kale does start a'climbing! Finding handgrips and footholes, he hoists himself up higher and higher upon the wall, glancing down briefly here and there only to secure a foot. Not that falling would be too big of an issue with the safety ropes and such, but falling would seriously put a damper on his whole "I'm gonna win!" mentality. Though his pace is sort of scrambling at first, the higher he climbs he begins to slow down, making sure that his grip holds before pulling himself up. He glances sidelong at Idrissa, seemingly neck and neck with her.

All around, there are people having good times: rock climbing, shopping, drinking, flirting. Five feet to Thessily's left there are even people dancing! And there there's the Techcraft apprentice, playing the black hole of Gather spirit as she scowls in silent fury at Datsun. For a moment, Tsenik and the unnamed redhead get skull eyed, too, before she hisses between her teeth and reaches down to start removing the stolen knot. Intricately tied, it takes a good half minute for her to free it and thrust it towards the flower seller. Meanwhile, at the opposite end of the mood scale, the pretty redheaded apprentice looks even more amused at Datsun proclaiming her his date, but continues to merely stand there and watch, an amicable mystery.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot about between. Hm, maybe soak the flowers in something that's hard to freeze, like oil before you go between?" Datsun considers, nodding, "Sounds like you're on top of things… That's it." Thessily is eyed, squinting as he slowly hands the container over to Tsenik, never taking his eyes off the Senior Apprentice Techcrafter. Only once his knot is finally handed over to Tsenik does Datsun let go of the container.

Idrissa doesn't look over at Kale while she works on climbing up the wall, have to beat him, have to get to the top! This is about all she is thinking at the moment whie she continues to climb. She gets a bit ahead of Kale and then her fingers slip on a hold, a half surprized sound escapes her but she doesn't lose her grip. It takes her a moment before she is able to continue which means Kale is ahead of her now!

Tsenik just shakes his head as he looks between the two, "Or some sort of container to protect it from the cold, but I'm not even sure what would work in that sort of situation," Tsenik mutters quietly. And then he's being handed things. He sighs softly and switches the two, handing the jacket to Thessily and the knot to Datsun. "Now, you two play nice, alright? No more fighting. And don't hiss at me, I'm not the one who did anything wrong." Poor Tsen, he's getting the brunt of it.

He heard that sound, and likely he even saw Idrissa slip! It's not as if Kale doesn't care about her well being. Of course not! He's just opportunistic and doesn't slow as she falters. He doesn't even glance back to check on her or see how far ahead he may be. His head is in the game! … Plus, there's no real danger here, which makes it a bit easier for him to keep his head in said game. Huff, grunt, climb! Nearly there! In this physical challenge, there's no holding back! Despite how careful he's being, he indeed picks up the pace a little.

Thessily clutches her new jacket to her scrawny chest, scowling at Datsun with all her power. But she does grit out a "Thank you," so that's… something, right? Tiff technically settled, the apprentice draws herself up to her full unimpressive height and half turns away, eyeing the dance floor for a moment with a sour look. She's still looking that way when she murmurs, in a comparatively pleasant tone, "It be sounding to me like you'll be looking for an insulated box, Tsenik. Wouldn't well be hard to make, assuming of course the right materials…"

Idrissa grumbles as she continues to follow up the rock wall, she can't lose! Though Kale is getting closer and closer to the top, and now he is even picking up the pace. She is just about there, catching up and then… Her hand slips again and this time she isn't able to keep hold of the wall. Thank goodness for the ropes as she is about all that keeps her from kissing ground at the moment. For a moment she is hanging there, grumbling madly while she scrambles to try and get hold of the wall, but thus it is just out of reach. Her arms cross in front of her and she glowers up at Kale a moment before getting eased back to the ground. Kale didn't really beat her, she totally slipped you see..

Datsun says, "That would work too, I guess, maybe. I wouldn't use an expensive flower for the tests. Something common. Like… uh…" It takes the teenager a moment to think of something, "dandelion?" A shrug, taking back his Journeyman Woodcrafter knot, donning it to the place where it belongs, his shoulder. Straightening it and brushing the knot off, the now official Woodcrafter cants his head at Thessily, "You know, you could look at it. I actually put thought into it for you." is commented about the jacket.

Tsenik peeks over to Thessily, "An insulated box?" this has Tsenik's interests, "Could you make something like that or would I go elsewhere, and about how much would it cost to get such a thing to be made, is it expensive?" Someone's excited about the prospect of making more marks. "You're right, Datsun, maybe take some weeds in it or a dandelion or something and see how it fairs. And if fairs well, then I could expand my shop more." 1-800-Flowers here he comes!

Th'ero has been here all along but simply swept up in the tides that Gather's usually produce. At one point he had vanished from his vantage point by the dance floors, likely to snare some wine as promised what seemed so long ago. Perhaps he's getting worried over his Weyrmate's prolonged absence and goes in search of her, but why would the Weyrleader do that when a simple silent question to his bronze would remedy that quick enough. Soon though Th'ero emerges from the crowds again and he has, in fact, gone for some wine — a whole bottle of it. Hasn't he learned the lesson of /sharing/? On his route back to the dancing pavilion, he pauses to glance over to the climbing walls, unaware of the competition between Kale and Idrissa and simply intrigued only because he hadn't noticed them before.

Kale totally beat her. He clambers to the top, touching the highest climbable portion with a triumphant "Woooot!" from the precipice of the wall. He looks down in time enough to see Idrissa being lowered back down, and her glower is met with a wide grin before he pushes away from the wall and spreads his arms, eyes up on the sky as he too is gently guided back down. Eventually, he rights himself, boots hitting the ground. He's unstrapped and untethered, and once he's free he gives his arms a little shake and deposits coinage in the donation box. Totally worth it. "I'll give it to ya though," is said to Idrissa once she's free of ropes and such too, "you were a worthy opponent!" He extends a hand to her for shaking. Such a show of sportsmanship!

Thessily scowls at Datsun, but what else is new, so let's breeze past that to the part where she actually unfolds the jacket and takes a look at it. She is, for quite a long moment, silent. And then, quietly, she manages an only slightly pained "… S' really nice. You well didn't have to spend so many marks on it, s' only replacing my old coat." The tech-talk line Tsenik has thrown her is grasped with great speed and relief. "Ah, s' not my strong suit, but I know who you /could/ be talking to, if you're looking for one…" She frowns, though this time in consideration, not ire. "Price'll determine on how big, I'll be thinking, and whether you'll be needing it so it'll hold water." Unnoticed, the redheaded apprentice slips off to join the crowd on the dance floor, still smiling her silent smile.

Idrissa goes about undoing the ropes once she is back on firm ground. She hears Kale 'woooting' well an't that nice, show off! She thanks the rider that is in control of the climbing wall stuffs while she waits for Kale to get himself down and this go about rubbing in fact that he won it seems. Her bright green gaze settles on Kale, a soft laugh escaping her. "You won, no reason to rub it in yes?" A faint glance is sent to his hand, and she ponders before slowly taking hold of it, pondering what he might do now it seems. Evil boys an all!

Datsun's eyes wanders over to where he last saw Kale and Idrissa, seeing Idrissa coming down on the climbing wall before noting Kale at the top. Raising his voice to a shout so he can be heard over the Gather's noise and be heard at the height Kale is at, "Oi! Kale Crestwood! That's /not/ how you treat your date! You're supposed to let /her/ win!" He points at Idrissa before dropping his attention back to Thessily and Tsenik, "Glad to help. Expanding is always great." The Crafter fully knows the values of getting more marks, looking at Thessily pointedly. "That's what I do for my friends. My marks pouch was overflowing from the bonus I got from the Weyrwoman for the Sands project. Maybe you'll surprise me and be nicer to me."

Tsenik nods his head, "Well, I'll prod you about it later, when it's not a gather. Just figured I'd hand these out," He wiggles the fliers in his hand, "Maybe get more people to my shop. But if I can get something that'll at least protect the flowers from between, then I could deliver anywhere. Course, I'd need more people for that and hire some riders, and that'd be sharding expensive. I think I'll wait to see if the shop really takes off at Xanadu before that. As Datsun shouts across the crowd, Tsenik looks over his shoulder at the climbing rock, wincing, "Well, I don't really think that's a good way to go about winning yourself a girl."

"Hey, how is this rubbing it in?" says Kale, looking wholeheartedly put out that his hand wasn't shaken. But, ah ha! There's the shake. His woebegone face brightens as his hand grips hers and he gives her arm a few pumps. See? No dastardly deed or trickeration on his mind…for once. Before her hand is released though, his attention is caught by, surprisingly, the sound of his own name. Blinking, he glances to and fro til blue eyes alight on, not one, but two and a half familiar faces! How can a face be half familiar, you may ask? Well, it can if you've only beheld that face just once! That is Thessily. "Hey!" he shouts across the way, waving his free arm to the three of them. "An' she's not my da.." Hm. Hold that thought. He glances over to Idrissa, a crooked, near sheepish grin on his face. "Well..I guess maybe you are. C'mon, let's see what they're up to." A pause "And don't think I'd /let/ you win anything." A bet's a bet!

Idrissa shakes her head slightly and is about to say something until she hears Datsun… Wait is that Datsun? Her bright gaze flicks around a moment, while her cheeks flush at this comment of her being Kale's date. She looks back to Kale watching him a moment as he goes about starting to say she 'isn't' his date. Well she didn't think it was really a date, though it would have been a nice thought. An then Kale goes on, a soft chuckle escapes her. "Oh, you /guess/ huh? Gee, an't that nice. Alright, let's go see what there doing. An I never-ever thought that you'd let me win in the least."

"Maybe she'll not be minding he won," Thessily inputs, though she's not putting the force behind her contrary comment she usually does. Tsenik gets a crisp and businesslike nod in return, the apprentice promising, "I be willing to help when you're ready. Aamily, she'll be one of t'other Techcraft apprentices at Xanadu, she's well clever at that sort of thing." Kale's shout gets her attention, and she glances his way, though says nothing and doesn't wave. She does give the tiniest nod that likely won't translate across the crowd, though.

Th'ero's wait for Kimmila won't be much longer it seems as just as he finishes watching the match between Kale and Idrissa (if that is what it was!) on the climbing slope, the bluerider is rejoining him by his side. The two murmur among themselves for a moment and then the Fortian Weyrleader is taking her arm in his, shifting the wine to the other hand and leading her away. So much for social mingling! Granted, the bronzerider has been at it since prior the fireworks and every man has his limits. So off the pair go, quietly slipping away among the crowds as they head back towards the plateau. Home, perhaps or further into Ista Weyr.

Datsun shrugs, "Wood's not very good for keeping the Between cold out. I defer to the Techcrafters for your needs, Tsenik. Though I suggest you at least try it." A friendly hand aims to deliver a pat on Tsenik's shoulder, "Exactly. Not very chivalrous." is his agreement about Kale and Idrissa, glancing up at Kale's shout, shaking his head and grinning. Thessily's comment gets a glance, but as she didn't respond to his comments, he says nothing.

"Later," Tsenik says with a grin to Thessily, "I think I give up on business tonight, not enough people interested." The papers are shoved into a bag so he can have his hands free instead. "Eh, it's okay Dat, maybe I'll have you make me some wooden pots or some additional shelves. I wouldn't mind some carved pots with some designs on 'em, now that'd be interesting." He nods at the thought, "Could do so something like that?" Another glance to the rock climbers, "Well, if it were me up there with someone I like, I think I'd want to climb together. You know, accidentally put my hand on theirs, or maybe accidently put my hand on their leg…" Or elsewhere.

So say two guys /without/ girlfriends! Er, not that he has one…well…not officially..*cough* Kale, who indeed does not have eyes keen enough to have picked up the miniscule nod given by Thessily, approaches the Xanadu group with Idrissa, grinning at her latter comment. "Look at us. A family reunion," he laughs upon reaching the other three. "Well, a weyr reunion, I suppose. This is grand! I love Turnover. S'the only time goin' weyr hopping is possible for non riders an' crafters, an' it's one festival after another." He bobs his head to everyone in belated greeting, eyes turning to Thessily. "An' you made it too. S'good to see you."

Idrissa has no idea what is going through Kale's mind at the moment. Girlfriend, wut?! She offers a smile over to the three, a slight wave seen. "Hello guys." Her gaze turns to Thessily curiously a moment as she can't recall this one's name, perhaps that is because they haven't met before? "Don't think I've met you yet. I'm Idrissa, nice meet someone else from Xanadu… Even though we're not there at the moment." She peers around a moment wondering how many other teens from Xanadu have made it over to Ista it seems.

Thessily has nothing to say to Datsun, it's true. But she does keep looking down at the coat in barely repressed fascination, so… take what you can get? She does have something to say to Kale, who gets her attention after she nods professionally at Tsenik. "I came to take pictures," the apprentice says, with a shrug. "Be heading back, soon, I think." Because she doesn't really do fun. Prompted by Idrissa's good manners, the name "Thessily" is provided, with a small nod. "Well met."

As Thessily continues to not say anything to him, Datsun soon loses interest in her, focusing his attention on the others. "Good idea. 'Course I can, I can do anything with wood you want." is his answer to Tsenik, grinning at his words, "You've obviously put some thought into that." Certainly more than himself, in any case. "Take notes from him, Kale." lightly teased to Kale, "Aye, and I haven't been to Ista yet. I plan on staying the night and seeing Ista in the daylight."

Tsenik may not have a girlfriend, but that doesn't mean anything! Tsenik watches Idrissa and Kale with a little smile and he offers a nod in greeting, "Hey guys," Tsen greets with a little wave, "Did you have fun climbing? I was thinking of maybe giving it a try, but I'd probably end up looking like an idiot more than anything else." His eyes consider the wall in a thoughtful manner, "Well, putting thought into it, and actually doing it are two different things. I'm not going to have anyone to do it with, so why not at least entertain the idea in my head? At least that way, maybe it won't feel so bad being by myself, eh?" He winks playfully over at Datsun, "Besides, I watch people quite a bit, you kinda have to pick up on that sorta stuff when you're in my sorta business. People ask me for advice all the time, gotta know something about it, right?" Or he just guesses. "Pictures? With a camera? What sort of pictures?"

"Ah right," says Kale, snapping his fingers. "Picture takin'. Er…photography. I bet you've grand ones from here. They'll be great to show to all've those that couldn't come and'll be memories for all've us who did. But you're leavin' already?" He truly has no idea how long Thessily has already been here. For all he knows, hours upon hours could've passed since her arrival. Or days. "Have you tried the rock climb? Or a dance? Their harpers are good, but they don' hold a candle to Xanadu's," he remarks, his grin playful. He looks over to Idrissa, brows raising. "Did Soriana say she was goin' to come?" he asks curiously. With so many people from home here, she may be amongst the crowd and they don't know it! Datsun's advice is taken with a smirk, and he eyes Tsenik after. "Loads of fun. Y'can see the whole grounds from up there, an' when you're done, it's almost like flying. Or, floating." He sighs. "I wish I could stay to see Ista. I've never been so far from home before. The Journeymen would have my hide if I wasn't back in the morning, though."

"I be coming here to work," Thessily tells Kale, with a shrug. "And it'll be getting well dark soon, not good for pictures." Idrissa gets a nod in turn, "Aye, Techcraft. Photography's my specialty. And it was pictures of t'gather, and fireworks." Her nose wrinkles a little on that last one. "Not sure how them last 'uns'll turn out, but it be an experiment, idin't." She glances musingly at the dance floor for a moment, before apparently deciding against frolic. "Iffin you all will excuse me…" There's a slight pause, her eyebrows working under her bangs as she looks towards Datsun. Reluctantly: "Sorry I took your knot. Thank you for the coat, 'twas more than I needed." No time to respond, because she's walking briskly away as soon as she's said it.

Idrissa makes a slight face at the talk of climbing. "Oh it was all fun and games until well the end." You know when she slipped and thus Kale won! A glance is sent towards Kale as he talks about how it is at the top. "Better sights from riding a dragon I think then up on some wall." At the talk fo Soriana coming a faint ah escapes her. "I dono if she is coming or not. Didn't talk to her today." She looks back to Thessily and she smiles. "Thessily, alright ah have a good night an all!" This said while she waves after the girl before she peers at Datsun and grins a moment. "Find a new friend?…" This said once the techcrafter is walking off all brisk like.

Tsenik looks over his shoulders and sighs quietly, "I'm going to be heading out myself, no sense in staying here if there's not much profit to be made." Poor Tsen, that's really all he does think about lately. "Maybe I'll try it some other time when I'm not so busy." He tells kale and peeks over at Datsun, "Maybe wooden pots with flowers on them?" He offers, "Anyway, gonna head back home, maybe think up something else. Oh, and before I go, I've recently started making firelizard oil, the hatching the other night got me thinking about it."

Datsun nods at Tsenik, "You make sense. I can see why you know more about that sorta stuff. I can carve flowers, dragons, naked women, anything, Tsen." A grin, looking at Kale, "I would've danced, but that redhead girl ran off." A shrug, smirking at his last comment, "That's one of the perks of being a Journeyman. You can give yourself more time off. Or make an excuse you need to find out more about a certain wood. You have my sympathy, Apprentices." The last is extended to all of the others who are Apprentices, raising an eyebrow at Thessily, watching her with silent eyes, and as she walks off briskly, silent lips. That raised eyebrow is turned on Idrissa, "Who knows?" A shake of his head and a shrug, looking at the others, "If I'm going to make the most of my day tomorrow, I'd best sleep early so I can get up at first light."

"Good eve to ya then," Kale offers to Thessily, as she moves off, giving a curious look to Datsun afterward. His knot? Well, it looks properly in place now, so he doesn't bother asking. "Oh, see you Tsenik!" he offers to the florist before he gets too far off! He's a quick one, that Tsenik. "Firelizard oil, huh? He stays busy," he says with a shake to his head. And as Datsun also speaks of leaving, he can only nod to him too. "Sympathy's appreciated," he remarks, half smirking. "Good evenin'. If you see anything worthwhile, make sure you take notes!" Finally, his attention returns to Idrissa. "Didn't talk to her today at all? S'probably the first that's happened since the two've you got here, huh?" He grins a bit. "And you're likely right about the view from a dragon. But I like knowin' I got so high on my own. Anyhow…care to dance?"

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