"I've Got You Now"

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Xanadu Weyr - Siebith's Weyrbarn

The space over all is well lacking in decor. There's the standard kitchenette, table and chairs, couch and that sharding other table and well.. that's about it other than the ladder like stairs that lead to a curtained off loft over the human sized living portion. There is however, a feminine touch found in a vase of flowers on the table.

Morning comes all too soon it would seem. Sun breaking through the heavy veil of fog that shadowed Xanadu the previous night. Light peeking through the cracks in the shades. Within the weyrbarn things remain still. Quiet. Arms of the Weyrsecond still twined around the junior, sleep begins to fade. Deep breaths pull that soapy jasmine scent from her hair as he begins to stir.

Thea's deeply asleep, her head has somehow turned in the night to snuggle under the Weyrsecond's chin, pillowed on his chest. A slumber lulled perhaps deeper by the steady beat under her ear. His stirrings are not enough to wake her, although her arms tighten and she murmurs something in her sleep.

D'had is not alone, that much becomes clear quickly enough. … And for a moment he freezes in that 'what happened' second of uncertainty and panic. Eyes crack open in attempt to peer down at the woman beside him. An attempt followed by another, this one to free the arm that's around her. The challenge to hopefully not wake her.

That movement is enough to lift Thea from the depths of her dreams to a nearly-wakening sleep. Her head moves, shifting her cheek to a more comfortable spot near his shoulder. She mumbles something; it's not clearly spoken. One hand pats his back gently, eyelids flicker for a moment, then open. She's awake and not at the same time as she lifts a hand to brush at the tears that dampen her lashes. "Hmm? What'd you say?" It's a groggy question, formed by lips that stumble over the words.

Well shards! So much for that. "Nothin'.." D'had murmurs in reply. Maybe, hopefully, she's still enough on the verge of sleep that she'll go back. The one arm isn't so hard to find, the other - well that one is a bit harder to disentangle being that she's laying on it.

Yes, she is and probably has cut off the blood supply to it, too. That answer, though has Thea blinking fully awake. Her hand slides up his back, across his shoulder to pat his cheek and then freezes right there, fingers seem surprised to be touching stubble. Her head lifts to peer at him, pale green blinks at dark eyes in a drowsy sleep-hazed lack of focus until… ah yes! She remembers! She's going to have some explaining to do. But right now? She's too tired. So she gives him a slow smile, "Morning." Her voice is sleep-furred as she says it before she just plops her head back on his chest and snuggles in just-wakened languor.

D'had chuckles, something about her reaction found amusing - or perhaps just lacking any other reaction of his own. "Not complainin' but wasn't expectin' ta see you here," he comments, hooking his chin back down on top of her head.

Thea yawns. "Hmm. Suppose ya are." Thea can imagine. Does she enlighten him? Nah. Meanwhile her arm shifts back to drape over his waist again. "Sleep okay then?" She's sounding like she could go back to it. But then… she was awake while walking, so.

D'had considers the answer for a second before he nods lightly, "Yeah." Beat. "Did you?" Well at least she's awake and not running for the hills? That's a good sign for him. Right?

Thea shifts her head back to where she can see his face and still leave it pillowed, the spot winding up somewhere near the shoulder of that arm she's lying on. Her answer comes out in a long sigh, "Hmm, yeah." She stretches indolently, then relaxes once more. "Suppose you're wondering how we ended up here."

D'had mms, "Yeah, I'll live without knowing though," he adds, a touch of uncertainty there. Does he really want to know? "Happy if you are."

Thea shrugs as if it's not a big deal to her, "You were sleepwalking out there." At least… she thinks he was? "I didn't want to wake you out there." She laughs softly. "My da, he woke Tharen up once when he was sleepwalking and he was so totally confused, he babbled and made no sense, got upset with us for laughing and punched the wall. Put his fist right through it." She's grinning at the memory. Happy? She nods, "Happy anytime I'm with you."

"Oh," D'had's reply is short and simple. "And you stayed?" That part still has him confused though there's a chuckle for the story of her brother. "This Tharen.. uncle?" He's guessing here.

"My younger brother." Thea explains. She doesn't answer his question about staying right away. Perhaps picking up on that confusion in his tone, she answers cautiously, "Yeah, I stayed. Fell asleep." She doesn't sound worried at all about having spent now… two? nights there. "You don't mind do you?"

D'had ahhs, nodding just a bit. "Makes sense," he replies to both explanations at once. "Course I don't mind. Surprised, yeah, but ain't a bad surprise," he assures, giving a light squeeze. "Think ya might have killed my arm though…"

Thea's shifting at that. His poor arm! But given there isn't really anywhere else to shift to, it winds up being more on him for the moment it takes him to move that arm so she can roll back after it is out from underneath her. "Surprised? Why's that?"

D'had chuckles, pulling arm free and tucking the hand attached to it behind his head. "Not exactly the most comfortable place," he notes. The couch that is, though its comfy enough - she slept on it once before even - but its not exactly very much room for two people. "Don't you worry about it."

"But you are here and that makes it comfortable enough for me," Thea points out as she moves back to the spot his arm vacated. She's meanwhile pulled hers out from under him to prop her head up, "Don't… worrry…about…?" Someone's not following.

"Arm," D'had chuckles, "Think it can be saved," he teases, "And bein' here. Like I said, ain't a bad surprise. Though…" he pauses, thinking for a second, "If you're gonna keep doin that should find more space hmm.."

Thea grins, lifts her hand and pokes with one finger at the arm he's got behind his head. "Can ya feel that?" His other words cause her to blink in surprise before a slow smile replaces that, "You don't sleep up there, huh?" She points in the direction of that loft. She leaves him to think on that topic. There's something else forming in her mind, "Last night you were talking to Tailea." Although it's a casually-worded statement, she watches his face carefully.

D'had chuckles, wincing just a bit as the touch causes the tingle that's finally starting to subside to spike momentarily. "Nah," he replies with half a glance towards the loft. "That's Hali's space," he explains. That next comment of her's has him setting his gaze back on her. She didn't just say what he thinks she did. Did she? "… And .. you're still here?"

Thea's merely shrugging about the loft; her focus is elsewhere. She nods to his question simply, "Yes., /I/ am." She meets his gaze with a clear one rather than a troubled one. "Hmm. You said 'sorry' to her and 'forgive me' and said you needed to wake up." If it's making sense to her, she doesn't say, "You seemed… sad. I couldn't leave you like that."

"Woulda been alright," D'had attempts to assure. "And well…" he continues, pausing s eyes close. Perhaps to collect his thoughts more easily, perhaps so he doesn't have to look at her will doing so, or perhaps a bit of both. "Miss her babe, but you're here now," As they've already confirmed. That said as if it should make everything clear.

Thea leans in to peer into those dark eyes, "No… no you wouldn't have been alright. I think you've been alone for far too long with all this." When his eyes close she leans back, listens. He can't see the pained look that flares in her eyes at his sadness. It's brief, however as she shifts to lie beside him once more, her arm slides back around him. "I know you do." Acceptance, that. "I am here for you as long as you need me."

"What's one more night," D'had comments for being alone. "But you're right, need to let her go." He might be putting words in her mouth there, but that's what he says nonetheless. "I've got you now."

Thea laughs softly from somewhere near his neck, "You do." Whether it is to the first comment, second or both, she doesn't say, "Had me the night you carried me across the Weyr in spite of me whapping you with my boot." She snickers just a bit more, "Lucky I came along last night, see? You didn't have to put your fist through a wall, either."

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