A Phy-licious Moment

Healer Hall - Library

This large room, almost square, holds most of the Healer and Harper Halls' records and instructional texts. An effort has been made to arrange them in a logical fashion and the shelves on the walls are arranged according to subject and complexity. Rectangular tables with chairs are placed throughout the room, providing study areas.

In one corner, an area has been partitioned off where several computers sit, four in all. The computers are hardly ever left alone. The main entrance, in the northern part of the eastern wall, leads to the hospital hallway, while a pair of doors in the western side of the library hide behind them a large lecture hall. In the southwest corner, a small spiral staircase leads down to the archives which the harpers still maintain. A small, open archway to the north leads to the back hallway.

It is a little after the lunch hour when a now well-recognized brownrider from Xanadu makes his way down the halls. He had the piece of paper that stated this expressly as free time for Phylicia and he didn't have duties, so he intended to make the best of it. It had been weeks since he'd last seen her, after all. The library being where he'd found her last time, was where he looked first, his somewhat disheveled head appearing around the door frame stealthily, as if afraid a librarian would throw a book at him.

Phylicia is seated in one of the big fluffy chair, her chin resting on her chest as she takes a quick nap before her meeting time with M'nol. She meant to be reading, but instead the reading-break turned into a napping-break. She's wrapped up lightly in a blanket, unlike last time where she was a giant catapiller. The librarian's head cants up at the sound of M'nol approaching, and a scathing look is given, before he returns to whatever it was he was doing.

M'nol returns the scathing look, then creeps stealthily towards the chair Phy is occupying. He carefully eases himself in next to her, the advantage of them both being small, and wraps an arm over her shoulders, the other hand moving to softly pull her bangs from her face.

Phylicia gives a little start as a body slides into the chair with her, making itself comfortable and familiar with her. Chocolate eyes shoot open and look sidelong before realizing who it is. Upon waking her body had gone tense, but now it relaxes as she scooches a few inches over to let M'nol sit a little easier, but just as close. "Hey, I fell asleep, didn't I?" She asks sheepishly, smiling. "Afternoon." She says softly in way of greeting, placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

M'nol nods, smiling big, "Just a little. I think you're at your most serene when you're asleep." He pecks her on the cheek as well, lingering just a tad over the contact.

Phylicia giggles softly, minding to keep her voice low while they're in the library, shifting the blanket around enough to include M'nol under it so she can really get comfortable against his side. "Would hope so, since I'm not worrying about anything then." Or at least not actively. She snuggles into his side, resting her head on his shoulder. "How has your day been so far?"

M'nol shrugs a little, "Well enough. Some sweeps, but not too many." He snuggles against her beneath the now-shared blanket, "Sorry you couldn't come to the festival last night. I came to get you, but they said you were in class…" he affects a haughty voice, "She's nawt ta be disturbed."

Phylicia blinks belatedly for a moment. "Festival…?" She murmurs quietly trying to think of what was going on the previous night. "Wow. My memory must be going, with all these classes and the information they're shoving into my head." She chuckles softly. "Augh. You ran into Arias. She's a bit of a … snob." She pauses, thinking about that statement. "To say the very, very least about that personality of hers."

M'nol chuckles, "I've met my fair share of those myself, but yeah, the Connell Festival thing. It was really crowded."

Phylicia lifts her shoulders in as much of a shrug as she can manage, which isn't a huge one. "Well, I would've used the festival to spend time with you anyhow, so here we are, yah?" She states with a quiet but happy smile. "If it was that crowded, I likely would've left early. Crowds /that/ big make me … nervous?"

M'nol nods, a silly little smile spreading across his face, "I wanted to spend it with you, too… ended up watching Xhaine try to court 3 girls at once and getting a little tipsy." He shrugs, "Any idea when you'll be back? Did you get my note about R'zel?"

Phylicia chuckles. "How people manage to even try that…" And she pauses. "And why the girls even /allow/ it without decking the guy…" She lifts her shoulders in another small shrug. "I certainly wouldn't stand for it, if I were serious about a person." Let that note be flagged for M'nol as a blantant hint of what NOT to do. Ever. But she smiles then. "I think things might be wrapping up. I'm not called away nearly as much for random little things which I want to flog them for now."

M'nol chuckles, "I don't know, I would certainly never do such a thing." He snugs her shoulders, "I'm a one-woman kind of guy. I told you about the only other one, and that was more Farry's doing than mine. I can't stop that." He looks truly remorseful about it, too… though that might be the next-morning interactions. His smile widens when she says she might be back soon, "That's great!" he announces a tad too loudly and gets shushed, so more quietly he adds, "R'zel said he'd paint your portrait for free, if you're interested."

Phylicia doesn't pull away or anything of the sort, a small smile on her face. "We've already been through that discussion." She says as if that's enough, which it is for her. She'll deal with Farry winning flights, but Faranth help M'nol if she catches his attention elsewhere anytime else. And then her face breaks into a flush. "Why would he do such a thing? I'm not one to paint portraits of!" Her voice doesn't raise in volume, though there's some sort of strained quality to it. Nope. She's not used to compliments at all.

M'nol smiles softly, "Because, beautiful, it would be a weyrwarming gift for me." He tweaks her nose gently, then, gently turning her face, kisses her full on the mouth.

Phylicia's flush only deepens, but she does return the kiss enthusiastically. "If you /really/ want such a thing, I can sit for it." She manages to say, her face seriously getting red. Though another passing apprentice doesn't help it as she bends over to comment to them "Get a room!" To which Phylicia only smiles sweetly, her cheeks still heavily flushed. "We already have one, thanks." But her attention returns to M'nol then.

M'nol chuckles, blushing somewhat at the other apprentice's comment as well, "I do. Very much." He strokes her hair gently, daring any of the onlookers to tell him he can't, then asks, softly, "We do?" His fingertips linger along the sides of her face, "Does that mean…?"

Phylicia is generally making herself comfortable, using M'nol as her pillow. As she rests her head on his shoulder, she throws her legs over his, effectively restraining him to the chair until she's ready to move unless he cares to try and carry her. "A few." She says teasingly. "We've this one right here. Or we could go kidnap a guest room again. Also got your weyr." And she pauses. "How is the weyr?" She realizes that she doesn't know if its been built or is being built.

M'nol smiles as she adjusts herself to keep him down, as if he'd leave for anything less than a Weyr emergency while he was with her, "It's pretty plain right now. Didn't know what you might want to decorate with." He grins sheepishly, "didn't know what you liked for such things."

Well, the adjusting was more for Phylicia's benefit of comfort than to actually pin M'nol down. And she can't help but laughing a little bit. "You haven't done anything at all?" She chides gently without meaning it. "Men!" And she shakes her head now, before resting it on his shoulder again. "You better at least have curtains to block out the sun in the morning."

M'nol shrugs, chuckling, "I got a couple things up, yeah. Sheets on the bed, curtains on the windows. The portrait R'zel drew of my family hangin' on the wall. My miner's knot's hangin' next to it. But nothing too fancy."

Phylicia chuckles softly, amused. "No, you really don't have much of anything done, do you?" But its not like she's scolding him or anything, just re-inforcing what he's been saying. "Well, you do need a little bit of help then, don't you?"

M'nol nods and taps her gently on the nose, "If you're willing to help, I'd be glad of it. I've no hand for decorating."

Phylicia mmm's softly and smiles to the wall, comfy as she is with her head on his shoulder. "And you think I've got a hand for decorating?" She withholds a giggle barely. "It's not a girl-born trait, y'know."

M'nol chuckles softly, "Can't be any worse'n me. You let me decorate and you'll get nothing but browns, blacks, and whites."

Phylicia does giggle now. "Oh, now that /is/ boring, M'nol." She says lightly. "I suppose I'll have to decorate your place if just to add a bit more color in your life." She really does seem to be content to stay just right where and how she is.

M'nol chuckles and nods, "After all, I'm just a poor miner boy. The rocks're all I know." He winks at her then gently strokes her hair, "Think you'd at least try to enjoy it? The weyr's really pretty. It's a big old hollow tree with a dragon couch in its trunk."

Phylicia pauses to think for a moment. "That must be a monstrous tree!" She exclaims softly, just loud enough to earn a shhht! "To house a dragon the size of Faraeth? /Huge/." But that doesn't seem to phase her a whole lot. "I don't knock things down without trying them first, normally."

M'nol chuckles, "It is. It's huge. The actual weyr is up in the branches. Plenty of room inside and a nice big hollow place for sitting out if you want to, too."

Phylicia would cant her head to the side if it weren't resting on his shoulder. "So, being up in the brances, does it still get a lot of light, or is it a bit darker?" She sounds genuinely interested.

M'nol hmmms softly, "A bit of both, I guess. The light's all dappled, bright and dark, like on the forest floor. Rarely too bright or too dark."

Phylicia shifts just a little bit. "Well, it sounds like a project for a small army of people." She murmurs.

M'nol chuckles, shifting a little underneath her, "Well, we're both small… does two count as an army?"

Phylicia smiles, snuggling herself into his side a little more firmly. "I suppose in this case it might just be able to count."

M'nol smiles down at her, holding her close to his chest, "Great. My personal little army?" He grins and leans in to kiss her again.

Phylicia returns the kiss and giggles. "Your personal little army, healer included."

M'nol giggles as well, face flushing a light pink, "No army's complete without a healer."

Phylicia manages not to shade herself pink again just yet, but a silly grin does come over her face. "The healers are necessary to keep the rest of the army whole," she pauses a moment to pull his face down to hers for a kiss, "and happy."

M'nol smiles, wrapping her up in a big wet kiss, "You definitely keep me happy, beautiful."

Phylicia squeaks as softly as she can, since she wasn't expecting one so wet. "I only return the favor, dear."

M'nol smiles, "Hope you keep doin' so forever." His eyes glaze over for a moment, then, "Faraeth says to say Hi."

Phylicia smiles back. "Did you just remember?" She teases gently, "Or did it just take him this long?" Its obvious that she's teasing the pair, about the lateness of Faraeth's greeting.

M'nol chuckles, "He's been sunning on the ledge. Fell asleep not long after we got here. Don't think he expected my hunt for you to be fruitful. Silly dragon, shoulda known I always find my quarry."

Phylicia stays still for a few moments longer, before she kisses the side of M'nol's neck, and then bolts out of the chair, taking the blanket with her. "And what if your quarry is hard to catch?" She asks, projecting her voice as softly as she can. She may like her fun, but she's still respectful of others study time.

M'nol giggles, blushing deeply as her movement reveals just how… attracted… he is to her for all to see, even through his pants. Still he stands after her, moving to catch up, "Then I keep chasing it 'til it's mine."

"Well," Phylicia says, drawing the blanket around her shoulders as she backs out of the library doors. "You better start chasing." Is all the warning M'nol gets before she takes down the hallway at a dead run, gigging now that she's out of the quiet area.

M'nol dashes after her, giggling loudly, "I'll get you yet, you beautiful thing you."

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