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Xanadu Weyr - Infirmary
The infirmary here is intended for human care. It is spotless and smells of disinfectant, cots are lined up against one wall, a curtain can be pulled to give some privacy to the occupants of the cots if they so desire. A cabinet stands off against another wall, instruments and medications stored against when they will be needed. A couple of curtained off beds are used for examinations of patients and the treatment of minor injuries which won't require long term care. A desk with chair is just off of the doorway for the healer to sit and catch up on record keeping after a long days work.

Even if she seems to be having a few issues with some of the apprentices in the dorms, Kera still has one or two that will switch duties shifts with her. Expecially if they don't have to be up all night. A few dim lights luminate the infirmary as several patients rest comfortably, some snoring deeply. The temperature in the infirmary is quite warm, none the less, a bundle up figure is seated at the check in desk. The deep hood is pulled up, hiding most of the apprentice's face. Unfortunately, she can't write properly wearing gloves, so her purple-hued hands might be easily seen even from a distance as she writes. Her firelizard Minimur is curled up on a battered old pillow on the nearby perch.

M'kal strides into the infirmary looking ungodly awake for this hour of the night. Pausing to let his eyes adjust to the dim light he spies the bundled up figure first and heads that way first then. The purple-hued hands get a curious look as he says. "Pardon but perhaps you can help me?"

Kera glances back and forth among the lists in front of her on the desk and continues her scribbling. At the question, she doesn't recognize M'kal's voice right off and looks up quickly. Dislodging the hood a her bound up hair peeking out. Her very bright purple hair that is. Not to mention her face, which shows signs of vigorous scrubbing in an effort to remove the colorful hue. She's basically purple from the top of her head and down, in various shades. Quickly peering back down and hurriedly tugging the hood forward again. "G'evening M'kal, How can I help you this evening?" One hand automatically starts adding the rider's name to the infirmary activity report.

M'kal arches a brow in surprise as he takes in the purple hues over her head and face. "Oh my…you fall into a vat of the clothing dyes?" he asks, teasing in his tone.

"Might as well have." is muttered from under the hood before said hood shakes back and forth a time or two. "A couple of apprentice's thought it would be hilarious to play with the sands I use on my hair. Unfortunately, my hair was all lathered up and the pool water very purple before I realized anything was amiss." Finished filling in the time and name slot of the sign in sheet she peeks up a bit, doing her best to hide while peering at the rider. "It could have been worse though. It could have been some awful eye wrenching shade of yellow, or.. orange." She cringes over that.

"Apprentices eh? Healer craft or other crafts then?" he asks, amusement still tinging his tone as his arms cross over his chest. "It'll fade eventually I'm sure. Any reason why you got chosen?"

Kera eyes the back of her hands with a sigh. "I hope, nothing I've tried will make it come off." At the question of which apprentices she shrugs "It was probably Sheiri, girl in weavecraft, but no way to prove it so nothing to be done about it." Nibbling her lower lip a bit the girl finally breaks into a little grin. "It may be some of them didn't appreciate my efforts to brighten the dorms up with some color."

M'kal chuckles a bit at that. "Seems they took your efforts to brighten up things and brightened you up?" his head shakes a bit. Reaching to grab a chair he spins it around to straddle it resting his arms on the back of the chair. "So how goes your healer studies?"

Kera smirks. "Perhaps, but, did they have to mess with my hair?" She lifts a colorful hand to pushback the hood somewhat to show the bright and vivid mane that replaced her normal brown shade. Then with an amused huff, she tugs the hood back in place. Her expression brightens at the inquiry about her studies, sitting a bit straighter. "Very well. I was recalled back to the Hall for a couple of days a a few sevenweeks ago. I thought for sure I had done horrible, with the delay in finding out how I did. As it turns out, I've been promoted to Senior Apprentice!" The girl can't help but bounce a bit in her seat, the hooded robe moving accordingly.

"Oh hey! That's awesome." M'kal says quickly, eyes brightening with the news. "I've finally got settled into a routine, I was hoping to get some books to study to work on my own promotion within the Healer hall."

Kera nods with a smile "Thanks." Her brown firelizard stirs from his food induced coma and stretches out his wings and neck slowly with a lazy chitter by way of greeting. Kera glances up to the little perch and grins before looking back to the rider. "Ahh. Hmm." Flashing a distracted gaze around the nearby shelves briefly before leaning to open a couple of the desk drawers. "I'm not seeing any manuals right off hand. But I can get you a full set from the complex when my shift ends. I can either have them waiting for you here tomorrow, or drop them off at your Weyr." Getting the small notepad, she starts making a note to herself to gather the manuals and books.

M'kal's head bobs a bit in agreement. "I'd appreciate that very much. You can drop 'em off at my weyr if you want." his fingers tap idly on the back of the chair. "What all did you have to do to get your promotion? Tests or anything?"

Kera 's lips move as she finishes the note to herself and reaches up to tuck it under Minimur so she won't forget it. The brown firelizard snuffling the bit of paper curiously before plopping down on it and curling his tail around himself. The apprentice chuckles at the young brown before leaning back her seat and considering M'kal's question. Finally, her shoulder's lift with a shrug "I did have some tests. Some written, some hands-on procedures. Demonstrating proper use of tools." She snaps her fingers "And the Dummy! You need to 'revive' the dummy. So don't forget about that." She gestures around the cavern "Then working your duty shifts and learning by observing the Journeyman's examples." Kera trails off with another shrug "We could study together sometimes. Show you better what I remember being on the tests."

M'kal glances around the room briefly then back to Kera. "I'll have to see what's different about duty shifts since I've so much other work within the wing." at the offer to study together though he smiles. "Hey that'd be cool. I'd love to study together sometime."

Kera smiles agreeably "I'm not sure how it'll work with you being a rider, maybe your Wing duties will accepted. If for nothing else the first hand experiance you get in the field. But you'll need to find that out." Another quick nod offered "Whenever you feel up for it bring your books on over. Probably find me here or in the complex more likely than not."

"First hand experience. That should help me get promoted as well.." M'kal says cheerfully as he stands. "Now to figure out who exactly to talk to about that. I'll let you get back to your lists or work." he grins down at her. "Good to see you again. Thanks Kera."

Kera nods "It should, you sorta get just as much experiance in your wing duties as I do here." She gestures to the curtained bays receding into the dimness. "Just a differant type." Wiggling purple fingers to the bluerider "Good to see you as well M'kal, You're welcome."

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